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His Excellency the Governor will be present at the annual meeting of the   Y.M.C.A on Wednesday evening, and on Friday and Saturday he will attend the Kubelik concerts in the Town.Hall.  

Late last night there was no change in the condition of Canon Hopcraft, rector of St. John's Church. He is seriously ill.  

Mr. Alfred Hack, an old colonist, died at his residence, Miller-street, North Unley on Sunday morning at the age of 74 years. Mr Hack, who was the third son of the late Mr John Barton Hack, was born in Chichester, Sussex and arrived in South   Australia by the Isabella in 1837. He served his apprenticeship with Messrs. F.  

H. Faulding &. Co. as a chemist, but owing to ill-Health he engaged in auctioneering and farming in the district of Aldinga. For many years he was sanitary inspector of Adelaide. Mr. Hack left two sons Mr. J B. Hack of Unley Road, and Mr. Fred. T

Hack of Messrs. Hack & Pengilly, Flinders street. Messrs Bedford and Charles Hack are brothers.     Our .Perth, correspondent telegraphed last,   night that Mr. Charles Moore had given £1,000 towards the endowment of Children's   Hospital for that city.        

Mr. J. Scobie was a passenger by the Melbourne express on Saturday afternoon.

?;., Captain j... Fpw'lejr-, the headmastct,pj".fh?, Mount Gambier public school^ has^rèce'veçl. news of his transfer to Walkérv".lV.vVv, Mrr:j. Fow*leç .has been headmastpr .at^.the. Mount. Gambrer public schco1 for about; three y. ars¿ and will leave at the epÜ of this moiith.^'

The/Rev. Percival AVátsbn,''pastor of the. ?Henley Beach* Congregational Church,: has. received a call'to the paitorateof the Con-; 'gregatioiial; ^-Church'-'at v Hiridraarsh; 'jùsty 'vacated by^he Rev?'-T; Hbpo.'í v}'X'^X/-Q ' '^jîVlr.'JEdr^und ^Fi'sèer,1.'.^5l|îbpurne'managéT! of ..the. Sydney !.''^plleïîn,"^'ret^ -'.à' hôÛdayrfIyisit \ro;^"Epgland^ b¡£¿; íbe _é$eámerí Liorset, ' which .'arrived', at* PoriCAdelàîd^' btt' - Srad^^ojmng^.i.^.j'/j¿:¡v,í^'.)..; '.'.l','-^...;,

~ Mrs::;A;..''Brandoir;tóetóeij''.whd.-;;has-íbeén' seriously ;illnfór-;sbme'weeksi Í8Íprogr;ess'ng;' dávo:rabjy';fo%ard^

"' 'Our 'Perth SprresC^ondeb't^te'le^grapiied^Vesr ter'day that Dr. TV !H.j,^ve^oje,^pnnclpál 'meâical ;'ófficer,'^p^idënt''^of. ;;ihév'Central¡ Bpaftí of Health"; nhd'.pM

the 's^qpáraritírie of th"e:Staíe'óf .Western Âustrali^'^

serviceafter 41"years."in"bfft'cV.'?'. "'";'.'?,,!'>V*¿1:

v Staff-(&ptain:;Smith;:vyhp^ officer3'n'íchai^~Qfí¡th&..PrÍ8p^

of;ítíe^Salvatitín.-Ajmy icv§óuth ^Australia for theipMbjfiv¿iyears,-iba3^been>prpnipted to the -position-^ot.^oeälV^Becretai-y íof ' Queensland;,; He delivered" His -farevyèllyàd .drçsà ^ñ¿Sunday*e'senmgi.' âîidijwill leave for, his new post in,4.-^ew p^ys;'; : ~"v" ' ~ -Kvv

Mr. D. H.*Rols8,"1iheï Canadian represen^

tative in the .Commonwealth; is returning;, to 'Cäualto'Ffpr'i'a-lbrieiiperiqdJ; s';Mr. Rpssr

left Melbourne on Saturday by the expres^j for Sydney to jo'n the steamer Marama;; vi

? ?" ,. :'/J i " ;;'v '!...[ 1 ?-;-.; #,,-:|r,-.,""¡: "... ??-.,. ,1'..", .. Mr. J^R. Collins, accountant afc.the Fedë

.ral'-'Trea'siiry^-'who has been granted: Vslx; 'months' leave" of: absence ¡under tlre-ilength

of -servicié-: regulation .' fief tfilelbonnieiffpn: Saturday ¡for Sydney/r/;Mri^olÜnsi^tenel4'. to 'visit Ganada; and, the^ ühitedvStótés,: '.'. t,;; j Vi '?'?? ?"--.?"..' -;-v;^V-:-V':¿':.a.:t: