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CLAMOUR OF. THE SOUTH SEAS Aus.trlian Movie Co. in. Fiji ,Hollywood Stars Arrive' (By Percy L. Curtis). Steel guitars were strumming their .ascinatlllg tunes sugýestlng tile solt c.rlcs of tile Pacitic C reeze, Mid the dreamy nlugllS on the velvet seas that wash the snores of the bouth dci lbes. Thlie pantlve fl nutes of their lilauntillg melody rang out appeaiingly, then uied lazily away as if brusheu by the night wind on Its cul, sequestLred.courhse. Is land of swaying almus and dusky: mai dens, where the very music sounds the lure and appeal of the tropics.. It was the e\,eninag of Normlaun Dawn's arrival in Suva, Fiji, to flin "Conn of the-Coral Seas," the title of which has been de finitely changed to "The Adorable Out cast," as "Conn" was accepted merely for a working title until something was found to more romantically suggest the theme of the picture. The company were glad to set feet on terra firma after live sailing days from Sydney. They are all Australians, and delighted with anticipation of their .six weeks' stay on this location. It is new to most of them, and of consequent interest to anyone making a first acquaintance with the langourous beauty and roman tic appeal which have always been asso ciated with the tropics. The screen is making folk familiar 'with the beauties of strange lands, and the customs and mannerisms of distant peoples. Its popularity rivals literature with: the masses, and with picturesque celluloid glimpses of colourful sunset and moon light shining down into silvery seas, the movies have certainly done their share of adding to the stranger's long iug to see the Pacific. Dawn's players should appreciate the opportunity which their work has provided on this 'trip to satiate the curiosity which literature and the screen have stimulated. On arrival evening they had the novelty of being entertained at a Sa moan wedding feast, and strange were the costumes worn, while natives went through a series of grotesque dances which absorbed much of the performer's physical energy. A long feast tollowed, the menu including pigs, roasted whole, Taro (breadfruit), and many other appetising dishes which the company ate more for fear of offending. The novelty of acting for the movies is spreading to prominent personages. Twenty-five of Suva's wealthy com mercial magnates took part as. beach combers in a wild chase through tropical palm groves on a recent Sunday. Each one signed for his day's pay as an "ex tra." and collectively they handed over the total of their earnings to the Suva O!l Men's HFme, which benefited 'by £25. Strangely enough one of the I ~chrcmb rs3 was a cousin to authoress Bet trice Grimshaw, from whose story the film is being adapted. The natives as weil as the whites at Fiji aia fol lowing the companiy's movements each day on location, despite Dawn's last minute secrecy as to their destination. This is being observed so that the company may proceed with the shoot ing of scenes without the players' at tention being abstracted by crowds of curious onlookers apt to get in the way and hinder the producer's progress. There is little time to listen to the music of the surf breaking on the coral reefs while they are workng from day light to dark, Sundays included. Glimpses of Fiji's varied scenic at tractions will make a beautiful back ground to surround the dramatic and comedy elements of the pictures.' On their way to shoot one of the big scenes they passed through the finest drive out from Suva to the look-out at Taniavua village and Sawani Road, from which is seen a magnificent panorama of land and sea extending from Mavua to Na kulau. The company are happily sta tioned at the Grand Pacific Hotel, set in spacious grounds where huge palms stir lazily In the tropic breeze. The "Matt. Gabbett" of "The Term" has an other man-eating role as that of the cannibal chief in "The Adorable Out cast," and the art of make-up has work ed transformation in appearance which is hard to penetrate. Edith Roberts. Edmund Burns, and Walter Long, three stars from Hlolly wood under engagement to AustralasiLn Films Ltd. arrived at Suva by the Sonoma on May 17, and com pleted the personnel of the com pany. Throngs greeted them at the wharf. where Miss Reoerts, I beautifully frocked in Fifth Avenue's latest style, became the centre of in terest with women folk. The dainty. star was born and schooled in New York City, and commenced her movie career at the age of ten years, playing "little girl" parts with Universal Films. Her first leading role came at the ten dler age of thirteen. For the past four years she has been free-lancing very profltably. and her pr-sent engagement to Australian Film 1.3 by arrangement with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Unlike many other stars, when sh' comes to Sydney next month, she will be In the zenith of her career. Among many pictures In which film fans have seen her either starred or co-starred are in eluded "On Thin Tee." with Tom Moore: "Seven Keys to Baldpate." with' Doug Ins McT.ean; "The Age of Tnnocence," with Elliott Dexter: "There You Are," with Conrad Nan ;: ""'wenty Dollars Per Week." with Ronanld Colman onn George Arllss: and Cecil B. Do Mille's Imcs spectnsiular pro' stion "Srtinrday hS-llt." Per role in the picture whlih has necessitated ler visit to Anstrslia wlll be that of "Luya." an adorable outcanst. Eddie Burns is the real matinee idol type, winning the affeeion In the flap per's heart. which the late Wallie Reed enjoyedl. Burns has a fine and hand some otheletic appearance, and stnareed a genuine first-class thrill as the' "Son onia" pulled into th1 wharf at Suva. In a fashionnblle Hlollywood bathing cos tume he di\vedl overboard and proceed ed to s?im to the wharf before .the bIoat tied up, despite the fact that the witers are I:nown to be heavlh infested ivith sharks. An 'tly Providence 'nktes care of tile daring, nevertheless he wa's hauled hack under instruectinns from the captnin. and apneai'dr grlevel ut the intervention for hii sanet'. Burns 's a Philadelphinn. and wni a member of the Philadelnhln Steorc tompanv before he went into the ll'ulnId game. To ihas Opnored in many wonnterfill screen roles. among the moat memornable bein his part, opnosite Gloria Swanson In "The IT-mmine Blru " with M?ne .Itur -nv in ".Tnzanmsnla" opnsOite Constnnre Tlmndlge in "Eest Ts West." with Behe antels in "'Thle Tanicure Girl." and hisq wn'crlt'l oh'nenterusatlon In i nne Grev's "Forlorn River." The Holly wood Athletlc Club, of which he is a member, claims him as a hlorseman, swimmer, and a golfer of note. His nreesent enngenmen' In Dawn's local pro auc1tlon is by specrinal arranement with YWrminvoin* P T?itrb11in m mnnmnttnn. Walter Long, Cecil B. De MIlle's lentr ilg character man, and a real deep-eyed screen vlllalin, steplped off the boat in a vivid coloured shirt and a huge hat intended to beat off a tropic sun. Born in New HIampshlie, he is of English descent, his ancestors nu.nmbering among the first settlers of Massachusett.s Eighteen years it Is since his first screen vehicle, prior to which he played on the 'legitlinate stage with Holbrook Bllnn and B. B. WVarner. Long has the advantage over man actors in having worked under the direction of the screen's nost successful directors, including D. W. Grifmth, Cecil B. De Mille, Fred Niblo, James Cruze, Eric von Strohelm,. King Vidor, and others, while he has played also with Film dom's greatest stars, naming Mary Plickford, Douglans 1ai' as ts, Gloria SWanson, the late Rudolph Valeitino, Colleen More, Lillian lGish, and Thomas Telighan. Ini March of ' is year he was snowbound tor two weeks in the Sierra Nevada Mountn'' " California, fifty miles from the nearest town, wilile making the picture "lack to 'God's Country," the screen version ofit James Oliver Curwood story starring Rten Adoree, .It Is. clalmed, that ..tle ...ex, nameU br rbik~l dh Waheai~ Anaor

endured through this trip temporarily unhinged his mind. Lynn Reynolds was the director who,. suicide occurred the night the .omppny returned home from location, and Irving Whllatt had to finish directing the picture. Follow-., lag this tragic fatality, Long relinl tluished a long-term contract (of which only eighteen months was completed) to accept the pait of "Fu..ey" in the second celluloid entertainment which Dawn is makin f ior Australasian Films, and his appearance in the cast of "The Adorable Outcast" is by an .rrangement with Cecil P. De Mil)'1. Immediately the,s t .rs had got their land legs again; Producer Dawn took his company to Bau. the old capital of Fiji, where King Ratu Popl assem bled three thousand natives to dance in full war dress, and stage a big na tive .battle in which ihue sets eighty feet high were to be burned 'own for a spectacular scene in the picture.