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"Happiest trota a ti in world"

TWO men whose names were romantically linked with Merle Oberon

Joseph Schenck (left) and young David Niven.

By Beam Wireless from MARY ST. CLAIRE,

Our Special Representative in England.

"I om the happiest woman in the world, for I married the finest man in the world. What more can I say?"

Australia's radiant film star, Merle Oberon, said that last week, after her . surprise marriage to famous

film producer Alexander


"Alex and I have been friends for a long while. Friendship just grew into love. It was the natural sequel," she added.

SO Merle, the little girl from

Tasmania, born Estelle O'Brien Thompson 28 years ago, has found her leading man in the 46-year-old


Merle is now on her honeymoon at Antibes. Riviera, where she and Korda were married on June 3, in the Town Hall, with a simple civil


Clad in a blue swimsuit, Merle came og the diving board at the Antibes swimming pool to talk to me.

Then deciding to finish her swim, Merle returned to the diving board, and put on a diving exhibition, from Jack-knife to swallow dives.

' The star, disappearing into her

irming cabin, emerged again Portly wearing pale green shorts

> «wi sun blouse.

Round her slim, tanned throat was j fie triple pearl necklace which had i ten a wedding gift from her hus-


Wedding frock

I JpRLE'S wedding frock was white

crepe-de-chine printed in a

fesign of blue flowers, and a white

j **w hat trimmed with navy-blue, j «ie same color scheme was carried I JJJt in her white sandals, piped with j Defying convention, the star was I Alter the ceremony the couple

motored to a restaurant near Nice, .here they dined together.

I This is Merle's first marriage, and

r "Orda's second.

In August, 1934, Merle an- nounced her engagement to foseph Schenck, veteran head °* 20th Century-Fox. She wore *i engagement - ring, an emerald, valued at £2000.

Three months later Merle decided *»t she would not give up her film

2few. The engagement was broken


In 1936 Merle's engagement to Divld Niven, popular young Holly *ood actor-and since well on the ".d to fame himself-was an ac

¡¿¡Jkd thing. Their romance lasted * nearly two years-but Korda wa«

BEAUTIFUL MERLE OBERON. Marriage won't end her career.

ALEXANDER KORDA, now definitely leading man in Merle's life.

always in the background. Now he

has won her.

"Does it surprise you that screen artiste actually seek to evade pub- licity for a few moments?" said Merle, commenting on her almost secret wedding.

"When we finally decided to marry we sought out every plan for secrecy, as we wanted an intimate


"We came here to Antibes, and saw the Mayor. We arranged the latest possible hour for our marriage -but the secret leaked out."

Perfect weather on the Riviera in- duced the happy pair to prolong their honeymoon until June 10.

"Marriage will not interfere with

my career," said the star simply. "No! We are simply going to join our lives, and make a success of both careers-I as a screen artist, and my husband as a producer."

Her home

YTERLE'S next picture, to be made

in England under Korda, is a film version of "Manon Lescaut," written by R. C. Sherriff, the author of the famous "Journey's End."

"I will start work on this film in a few weeks. Alex and I are both so busy that we will be unable to make plans for a visit to America or Australia."

Their romance began seven years ago in London, when Merle was an unknown, and Korda was just about to form London Films.

Korda saw the little Australian girl sitting in a London restaurant and was struck by her beauty. He introduced himself, and offered her a role in his first film with his own company.

The first picture for Korda was called, appropriately enough, "Wed- ding Rehearsal."

Since then, Merle has appeared for Korda in "The Private Life of Henry VIII," "The Scarlet Pim- pernel," and "The Divorce of Lady X." Her Hollywood film career is a direct result of Korda's guidance.

Her film contracts enable her to make pictures both in America and England. Korda is now a head of Merle's American studio, United Artists.

The couple are expected to live in Merle's beautiful Regency house overlooking Regent's Park, London, and near the mansion built by the Countess Haugwitz-RevenUow.

Merle herself evolved new and original color schemes for her home, and sought out antique pieces of Regency furniture.

The reception rooms are decorated in tones of duck-egg blue and dusty pink; the dining-room is white and fawn.

Shades of white and moss-green distinguish the bedroom, which runs the whole length of the house. Its furniture is upholstered in green satin, and the bed-canopy and cur

tains of white are embroidered ia sea-green.

An amusing bathroom for the guests is designed like a red-and1 white striped tent.

The star's own bathroom is the last word in luxury. Mirrored walls conceal cosmetic cupboards. The bath is sunken, and a separate shower is encased in a glass cabinet»

The all-electric kitchen . has a bright red floor, and white cabinets with red handles.