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Smiles-on-sticks-just for a giggle

. Pink mod gear will be the uniform for eight pretty teenagers who are usherettes at Sydney University's annual revue, "First, No Pinky."

LL students, the girls have designed and made their own -£*-dresses - in different styles, materials, and tones of pink.

"We thought of the pink theme from the revue's title and all the girls were very enthusiastic about it," said Colleen Oliffe, publicity officer for the show. "One of the girls, Toni Rendall, even put a pink water rinse in the fur of her Afghan hound, Loki, and we're training him to walk on stage during the show."

The revue (April 21 to May 15) was written by students and the money raised will go to the University Theatre Council.

"It's a number of short, f.unny scripts and the title really hasn't got anything to do with the revue," said Colleen. " 'First, No Pinky' is just a mad name someone thought to call it and is actually a term used in the game of marbles. ,

" 'Pinky' is the term used when all the players flick a marble into the ring and the person whose marble goes nearest to the kitty (group of marbles in the centre of the ring) goes first in the actual game.

"But sometimes a player is quick enough to call 'First, no pinky' before they start the play-off and he automatically wins first turn in that game, and there's no need for a 'pinky'.

"And as the little boy who is cunning enough to call 'no pinky' usually wears a big, triumphant grin," said Colleen, "we're giving everyone who comes to the show a smile-on-a-stick - just for a giggle."


PRETTY Anou Küster sewed more than 50 tiny pink lace flowers on the deep pink stockings she'll wear with her short, short mod dress. The dress, of pale pink flannelette, cost Anou about 8/- to make.


LOKI, with a pink rinse in his fur, is an elegant fashion accessory for Toni Rendait (above, left) in gay bell bottomed slacks and frilly blouse and Janelle Cooper in a bright pink dress and white ribbed stockings.

CRAZY pink stockings team well with Diana Harris' strawberry-pink suit (below, left) and Edwina Robert- son's paler pink dress. Edwina's simple cotton dress with a scooped neckline cost her about 9/- to make.