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Australian director may

return home

By cable from BILL STRUTTON in London

AUSTRALIAN Test cricketer Sid

Norman Von Nida have been tralian film director Bluey Hill by

Barnes and touring golf champion

repaying the hospitality of Aus making him homesick.

As 1 walked on to the set of

"Anna Karenina" to say hello to Vivien Leigh, Bluey tapped me on the shoulder, and said:

"Tell Vivien I'm thinking of going out to Australia with her and Larry as her manager. See what she says.''

Vivien and Bluey have been firm friends since they worked together on ' Caesar and Cleopatra."

Vivien's reply was, "That would be wonderful. Tell Bluey to make sure he is not tied up from January onwards, because we will be leaving at any time after that."

In between conferences on the neu film he is working on for Sir Alex- ander Korda, tall, muscular, live wire Bluey Hill organised a London Films Production cricket team which plays against rival studios and brings its own beer and sandwiches

The team is composed of stars technicians, extras, and Bluey, who took three wickets in one over recently. He says that his team is so good he won't be able to fit a Test batsman into the side unless he will agree to be twelfth man

? ? *

( )FF comes the famous Davia

Niven moustache. Fans may be alarmed, but this drastic operation is necessary in the interests of his- torical fact when David swaggers in the garb of "Bonnie Prince Charlie "

David is not so worried about this as he is by the wardrobe's intention to dress him up as a peasant girl The Bonnie Prince used the disguise for escape from the Roundheads, but David's male dignity is out- raged. He fears he might look 'tor sissy."

* * *

"YEW Irish star Kieron Moore, who

plays Vivien Leigh's lover. . Vronsky, in Korda's new version ot "Anna Karenina," tells me that he plans to marry star Barbara White as soon as he finishes this film.

"We are going to have our honey

moon In Italy. Everyone kids me about my passion for Italy, but I think it is about the most wonderful country in the world. '

Kieron also has a refreshing atti- tude towards his fans.

"The day I refuse to make a per- sonal appearance because I'm fright- ened of being torn to pieces, or re- fuse to sign any more autographs because I am frightened of getting writer's cramp, will be the day I'll be no longer entitled to be called a flm star "

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