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First baby for the

.1 oh liny Devlins

Kirsten Ward

. Congratulations to the Johnny Devlins! Johnny and his wife, Carol, are expecting a baby - their first - in January. Carol looked an angel in a pale blue cotton embroidered mock when she and Johnny were shopping in a Sydney

Legacy babywear shop recently.

THE Devlins say they

don't care if it's a boy or a girl. They hope to be in tl ir new home in Ryde by then. Carol designed the

house -? and there's a nur- ser) or the baby and a "den foi Johnny.

Thr baby won't be lackina atteni in. Johnny comes from a fan: v of five boys, and Carol from '>ne of two boys and four girls.

Joh.:ny hasn't decided yet whet!. T to have an operation on his hand, which was injured severa years ago. A specialist has i' i him there's only a 50

50 ch. nee of success.

Johnny can play the guitar now, 'it not a piano. If the opera: m failed he might not be abi to play either.

Johnny hopes to do a two week riety tour of New Zea- land in February. He'll be paid £500 week, plus all expenses.

TW tars are shining bright

in willowy Laurel Lea's gre\ s. She's been singing since e was a little girl. She left - iol at 15 to join the touri: tent show run by her father v'on Lianos, and for the past v years has appeared in TV si 'ws regularly.

She wasn't seen for about six mont!, at the end of last year. She'd >roken her jaw in a fall from ladder and could hardly talk. \: : alone sing!

LAUREL LEA -her stars

look bright.

Recently, however, she was signed to make records for Lee don - and Laurel says it won't be long now before her first one

will be released.

She used to sing wild, way out rock, but is slowing down a bit now. Not from old age, how- ever, for she is only 18.

Laurel will also appear regu- larly on Johnny O'Keefe's new

TV show.

Laurel's brother is that dash-

ing drummer Little Rock Billy -and she let out his big secret by telling me his real name is Doug.


is doing so well with his singing he's had to give up his job in a Sydney shoe store and

work full time at his entertain-

ment career.

?pHE apple of Nat "King"

Cole's eye is his teenage daughter, Sweetie Pie, so when she begged him to record some rock-'n-roll songs instead of his usual romantic ballads, he gave in. He's working on a few now, and one number will be called "Sweetie Pie."

^HERE'S a rumor that Edd

"Kookie" Byrnes may be secretly married to a girl called Asa Maynor. His close friends think so, but Edd denies it. If it's true, he's denying it be- cause (like fellow Warner Bros. star Connie Stevens) there's a clause in his contract which says he cannot marry for an indefin- ite length of time.

pOP singer Patsy Ann Noble,

this week's cover pin-up, has given us her favorite recipe for Lemon Cheese Cake. Here it is:

Take half-pound semi-sweet biscuits, J cup butter, ljlb. cream cheese, 1 cup sugar, 2 egg's, 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, 1 teaspoon grated lemon rind, whipped cream.

Crush biscuits into fine crumbs, melt butter, add to bis- cuits, and mix well. Grease or lightly oil a fancy mould pan, press mixture into tin over base and sides. Chill in refrigerator while making filling.

Cream cheese and sugar to- gether until soft and fluffy, add eggs one at a time, beating well

after each. Add vanilla and

lemon peel and heat.

Pour into crumb-lined tin and hake in a slow oven for 40 to 45 minutes. Turn off oven and leave in oven till cold. Re- frigerate for at least two hours.

When ready to serve, loosen sides of mould and turn on to

serving plate. Cut into slices and serve with whipped, sweet-

ened cream.

THEY'RE still after the

elusive Presley in Britain. Birmingham promoter Brian Delarme offered Elvis about

£100,000 for one appearance in England, plus jet transport to ensure the famous hip-swinger would not be away from Holly-

wood for more than 24 hours.

But Elvis' manager turned thc offer down, saying that when Elvis WAS free to visit Britain, first consideration would be given to the pro- moters who tried to book him four years ago.

OUT SHOPPING for babywear - Mr. and Mrs. Johnny

Devlin. The baby is expected in the middle of January.

Local taäent: Johnny Devlin's voice and presentation are fine on his new (Festival 45) "Hey Little Angel," but the words and tune are just a pot- pourri of all the other songs of the past year. Sorry, Johnny, I know you wrote it-but I do like your singing.

JJARDLY anyone could go

wrong with the lovely "Greensleeves," and the David Fuller Trio (on W & G 45) doesn't either.

JT'S a wonder our household

isn't sick to the back teeth

of Bryan Davies' "Five Foot Two" (H.M.V. 45). My young sister has been playing it all week and regards the record and Bryan's pin-up among her


,fp HERE'S something in-

triguing about Barry Stan-

ton's smooth rock number

"Begging On My Knees" (Lee don 45). Rock is growing old -but Barry's song does it grace- fully.

JN classical, plaintive ballad

style, the Howard Morrison Quintet pours out the story of the "Lonesome Traveller" (W & G 45). But it's a sweet sor-


Pops:' Seen Cliff Richard and The Shadows yet? Like

them.J You can "Listen to Cliff" and "The Shadows" - both on Columbia LPs.

'J'HE Twist is a variation of

jive and rock dancing in America, and a record by that name was a big hit for Chubby Checker. On Columbia LP he sings a series of songs "For

Twisters Only." I think he makes a horrible noise, but granted it would liven the kids up at a teenage party.

^HERE'S a new LP, "The

Sensational Lloyd Price," out from the man who made

"Personality" famous (Ampar).

WHETHER Brenda Lee is

a 16-year old veteran or a 32-year-old midget or just the confident young miss she seemed in Australia, there's no doubt she puts her songs over well. There are four good* ones on "Let's Jump Thc Broomstick" (Festival E.P.).