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VICTOR HARBOR, December 3L-The artillery had their final practice on Mon- day, and were engaged m shell practice, according to the new instructions.-On Monday evening a Continental was held at the camp on the island, and after a week's strenuous artillery work the men entered into the enjoyment of the enter- tainment with zest. There was an enor

jmous attendance, nearly 2,000 being pre- ssent, showing clearly the ever-increasing .popularity of this summer resort, and the /interest taken in military matters. Captain Hanson was in charge of the concert.

The band, under Sergeant Maley, played I selections, while members of the battery, in proper barrack-room style, mounted the table and sang comic songs, gave humor- ous recitations, and indulged iu Bword and bayonet exercises. Messrs. R. Short hose, R. Chaplin, and Bombardier Heward gave an excellent horizontal bar display, and the two first-named a clever tumbling exhibition. Gunner McKinna danced the Highland fling and the sword dance. Camp was struck to-day, and the men leave by the midday train. The band played a farewell march through the street. All of the men seemed to have had an instructive and enjoyable time.


PORT ELLIOT, December 30.-The an- nual sports were held to-day. With a strong and active committee, and with such

secretaries as Messrs. F. C. Assheton and W. J. Dodd, everything was done to en- sure success. Special trains from strath- albyn and Victor Harbor were taxed _ for accommodation. The conjeourse of visitors was the largest for some years past. The bicycle track was in good order after, the late rains. Messrs. Grundy and Golding acted as judges. The following weae the results of the chief events:

Boys, under 10-A. McArthur, H. Dodd, Steele. Men'« Sheffield Handicap, 135 yards-U.. Harker and if. J. Warren ran a dead hfat, and divided the first and second prizes, with P. A. Coonan third. One-mile Blcvcle Race-A. T. Snnonds, F. Iloep ner. Quoit Match-G. A. Boxall, J. Tufrweli. One-mile District Bicycle Hace (Iii mile radius) S. G. Werry, A. Williamson. Log-chopping Com- petition-Ivan Eatts, Vi. Heath. Mile and a half Bicycle Race-L. A. Elliott, W. Gilbert, D. Hann. 150 yards Hurdle Race-J. Symonds, P. A. Coonan. C. P. Kearns. IVo-mile Bicycle Race-L. A. Elliott, P. Hocpner, D. Hann. Bowling Contest (single stump)-Roberts, Harding, Landcake, and Coonan divided second and third. Kunine; High Jump-Payne, Kearns. One-mile Flat Race-D ' Rankine, R. G. Trelcavcn, S. Binning. Hop. Step, and Jump-J. Katta, Payne. Drop-kick Football -Moule, McRae.

The annual bazaar of the Congregational Church was held in the Public Institute. The attendance waa quite up to previous years. Brisk 'business was done at the luncheon and tea stalls. In the evening there was a concert, the chief contributors being the Misses Stella Hall, Olive Brown Anstey (2), Mather, N. Colman, Blomhpld, LeLevre, Walker, B.So., and the Messrs. M. Wilkinson, Ribbcck and party, Forsaith.

and Steel. The Institute was crowded with

.an appreciative audience.

ALDINGA, December 31.-On Monday afternoon William Bishop, eldest son ot Mr. H. Bishop, was manghng some clothes, when two of his fingers were caught in the rollers and crushed to a pulp. His father had to take him to Willunga, where he was attended by Dr. Evans.

BENDLEBY, December 30.-On the break up of the local school for the holi- days the residents gave the teacher (Miss N. A. Knightly), who has been in charge of the school for nearly four years, a social, and a nice gold pendant and chain as a token of esteem. Several spoke in eulo- gistic terms of Miss Knigntly as

teacher. _ A pleasant evening was spent with music, both vocal and instrumental, and recitations, followed by a supper.

CRYSTAL BROOK, December 26.-The

Girls' Church Aid Society's annual fair wa» opened yesterday by Mr. R. Pavy, and proved a great success. Competitions iii singing and reciting were held. Mi. Claridge offered prizes for the rendering ->f Stainer's "Seven-fold amen," for which three companies of eight each competed. Miss Melcer's company was judçed the winner, and Miss li ox's second with two points less. Miss Maggie Frith obtained first prize in the stalls competition. Miss May Frith's cool drinks stall was second. The stallholders were:-Fancy worlc, Misses Claridge (convener), Symmons, 13. Close, Story (2). and E. Fox; sweets (Home, Sweet Home), Misses Maggie Frith (convener), Hewett, and M. Yenning; flowers (daffodils). Misses Fox (com'ener). Tucker, Taylor, M. Robinson, lula Law- son, E. Fox, and Olive Sargent: cool drinks (The Lattice), Misses May Frith (con- vener), Stella Robinson, Olive Nancarrow, R. Cottle, and A. Forgan: cake (The But- terfly), Misses Melcer (convener), Strud- wick, Gilbert, W. Main, E. Johnson, and May Flavel; post-office and postcards (peach blossom). Misses G. Mercer (con- vener), Pegeie Close, R. Saint and R. Nan- carrow.' The following were the results of the competitions:- '

Dressed doll, Doris Saint; nightdress, Mrs. F. Saint;

pinafore. May Fergusson; pillowcase and handker- ' chief, O. Cook; buttonholes. Marjorie Bennett; ' fancy tablccover, Ena Wood; fancy traycloth, Miss

dandee; montmcllick, C. D. Bell; Ivory work, . Ena Wood; drawnthread. May Fergusson; corte celli. Miss Claridge; doylcyi, crochet. Misa Peake; collection postcards, V. Huberts; addressed enve- lope. Lilla Flavel; ironed shirt, Mrs. A. A. Smith; blackened boots, E. Robinson; spelling bee, Mr. Johnson; scones, Mrs. Johnson; tarts, Mrs. F. Saint; ribbon cake. Miss L. Taylor; iced cake, Mrs. F. Saint; cream puffs, Mrs. Johnson; coffee

cake, Mrs. Smith. The judges were Mesdames j Q. M. Davidson and E. R. Hicks; fancy-work, |

Mesdames Claridge and R. J. Carter, cookery;

Mr. F. Klemann, postcards; Mr. H. H. Sadler, ' miscellaneous; Mr. A. F. Check, singing; and Mr. A. Billinjrhurst, spelling. The singing re-

sulted as follows:--Solo, men, Mr. R. Wilkinson, ' Mr. Cowled; ladies. Miss Tucker, Miss Peake. Duct, Misses Johnson and Tucker, Messrs. Wilkin- son and Robson; quartet, Misses Fergusson and Bell, Messrs. Cowled and Cottled.

About £28 was taken. The president (Mrs. Smith) presented Miss Symmons with a silver serviette ring on a stand in recognition of her good services in con- nection with the society.

EDITHBURGH, December 27.-A man named Chandler, whilst taking part in the

greasy pole competition on Christmas Day,. got his foot caught in the chain attached , to the pole, and as a consequence his ankle

was broken.

ECHUNGA, December 3o!-On Saturday

the Echunga cricket team played against Macclesfield on the Macclesfield Oval. The game was a draw. Echunga, 9S; Maccles- field, 45 fox nine wickets. On Monday a

cricket match was played on the Recreation

Oval between the Glen Osmond cricket team and the local club. The visitors were defeated. Echunga making 150; W. Smith 57, W. Woodgate 52. Glen Osmand scored


FRANCES, December 2S.-A well

attended meeting was held on Wed-1 nesday night For ' the purpose ot forming a cricket club at Frances. Mr. A. J. Carracher occupied the chair. It was unanimously decided to reform the old club, and the following officers were elected for the ensuing year:-President, Mr. W. Tompkins; vice-president, Mr. S. Gânson; match and general committee. Messrs. L. Krahnert, S. Johnson, J. McDonald, W. Tompkins, and A. J. Carracher; joint sec- retaries and treasurers, Messrs. A. J. Car- racher and W. Tompkins. Nearly 20 members were enrolled and paid up at the meeting. Sir. Carracher offered a valu- able trophy for the player who effected; the most catches during the season. It was decided to hold a nail in aid of the club's funds on an early date to be fixed The club sent a team to Mimimay (Vic.) on Boxing Day to play the annual inter- state match with that club, but owing to ¿be, heavy min..the match had to4»-o«mr

doned. The Mimimay team will visit here on January 12. John McDonald, a mem- ber of the Frances team that visited Mimi- may, met with a severe accident just as the team was starting for home. He was standing at the back of the buggy, when the horses plunged before he could get seated, and he was thrown over the back of the trap. He landed with his full weight on one foot, which twisted under him, sprain- ing the ankle very badly.

HERGOTT SPRINGS, December 28. The annual athletic sports were' held on Christmas Day, and passed off successfully. Great amusement was caused by the in- clusion of a coat race in the programme, and seven, animals faced the starter. Apo- logue, owned and trained by Master Shaw, was a warm'jfavorite, and, ably ridden, he managed to win the first beat, but on a protest being entered the committee de- cided that the race should be run again. The second event was won by Master Footer's Blueleap, with Apologue a good second--On Thursday a storm passed over the district, but little rain fell.-Mr. S. Kid- man is sending a special train with store

cattle from his Mundowdna station to Peake station.-Stock of all descriptions are losing condition, and rain is badly needed.

LAMEROO, December 26.-A successful picnic was held in Mr. Sinclair's paddock on Christmas Day, there being a good at- tendance-Stripping will be stopped for a few dap by the rain. Wheat is coming in freely, and the station-yard has a busy


MOUNT BRYAN, December 30.-The annual children's tea meeting in cotfnection I with the Sunday-school was held on «Christ- mas Day. A pleasant day was followed by a publio meeting. Mr. R. Gully, superin- tendent of the school, presided. "Miss Alice M. Edwards, secretary of the school, read a report of the year's hard work, showing the school to be in a satisfactory condi- tion. Addresses were delivered by' Messrs.

Holmes, R. Gully, and J. Beckwith. Reci-' tations were given by the Misses S. Hather ley and Murtle Wardle. Special ringing was rendered by the children; Mr. Hanley Wardle, a solo; Mrs. Frank P. Pearce and Miss Dorcas Smelt, a dnet. The waitresses were Misses NI Edwards, N. A. Thomas, Alice_ M. Edwards, Dorcas Smelt, E. Hera merling, and Mrs. L. Smelt, assisted bv Messrs. Parker. Wardle, L.'J. Price, S. Wardle H. R. Edwards, H. Hatherley. and W. Sharley.

MILANG. December 30.-A combined social by the football and cricket clubs was held in the Institute on Friday even | ing, and was largely attended. It was ar- ranged for the purpose of welcoming Mr. Mcl'arlane (lately of the post-office here, but now occupying a position in the water- works' office at Crystal Brook), and of malting him a presentation, which for the want_ of time could not be made on the j occasion of his departure from Milang. Mr. 1 D. H. Griffin', who presided, extended a

hearty welcome to Mr. McFarlane, re- ferred to b13 services to the cricket, foot- ball, and tennis clubs, and to the literary society, in all of which Mr. McFarlane took a prominent part, and presented him with a tennis racquet. On the same occasion

the chairman also presented Mr. Oakley ¡ with a case of_ pipes for his services to the football club in the capacity of 'goal um- pire. Refreshments were handed round, and a programme of songs, games, and

dancing was carried out. Mr. W*. Hoare |

waa M.C.

MOUNT TORRENS, December 30.-I Commemoration Day pas«d off very quietly | here, as a great_ number of the residents spent the day in neighboring township«

where sports were being held. Those' that I remained behind indulged in games such as tennis, &c. A little excitement was caused soon after midday by a bush fire breaking out about two miles from the township. About 25 men and lads turned out, and after a short battle the flames were 6ubdued. The fire covered several acres, but beyond burn- ing the feed the damage sustained was very little. How the fire originated has not

been ascertained. This is the second small i | bush fire that has occurred here this sea

MENINGIE, December 30.-The annual cake fair and Christmas tree in connection with St. John's Anglican Church was held on Christmas Eve. There was a very large attendance. Musical items were rendered by Misses Melrose, C. and M. Myren, and a recitation by Mr. Smith. Carols were sung by the church choir. The stallholders were:-Fancy, Mesdames Dodd, Williams, and Miss Melrose; cake, Mrs. H. H. Botten; lollies, Mrs. W. Botten; fruit, Mesdames Sabey, Pollard, and Hiscock; Christmas tree, the Misses Williams, Miss Malone, and Miss D. Hiscock; bran-pie, Mrs. H. May; cool drinks, Messrs. A. Bottcher and B. Francis; buttonholes, Master H. Botten; refreshments, Mesdames Linn, Griffin, New son, V. Ayres, and Miss Hiscock; post office, Mr. Smith and Miss Sabey. Mr. P. F. Browne, catechist, who is leaving for Denial Bay, was presented with a travelling bag, dressing-case, and valise. The follow- ing representative gentlemen spoke in high terms of Mr. Browne's work:-Messrs. W.

H. Botten (for the church), Rev. J. Milling- ton (Methodist), Mr. H. B. Hacket (insti- tute), and Mounted-Constable Smith for the townspeople. Mr. Browne's absence will be much regretted in the district. Mr. O. A. Witt (teacher) was given a testi-

monial on behalf of the Lake Albert A. and H. Society for his services as secretary. It took the form of a handsome silver tray, suitably engraved. 1908

MINTARO, December 31.-A meeting of the local branch of the Farmers' and 1'ro ducers' Political Union was held last even-

ing. Mr. A. T. Brown presided over a large attendance. The following resolution was unanimously carried-"That this meet- ing expresses its hearty appreciation of the service rendered to popular representation by Mr. J. Vardon's splendid fight in the Senate case, and pledges its loyal support to Mr. Vardon at the forthcoming election."

PETERSBURG, December 30.-This evening a social and presentation were ten- dered Sub-Inspector Orr on the eve of his departure for Port Pirie by the local jus- tices and prominent townsmen. The Mayor (Mr. S. W. Dickson) occupied the chair, and spoke in eulogistic terms of the many good qualities of the departing officer, congratu- lating him on his well-deserved promotion, and at the same time handing him, as a token of esteem, a silver-mounted dressing case, suitably inscribed. The Mayor also proposed the health of the sub-inspector, Airs. Orr, and family. The toast waa sup- ported by Councillors A. Jamieson and Hil- ditch, and Messrs. G. W. Halcombe, B.A., R. Heithersay, J. G. Sweeney, and W. Renk. The sub-inspector, in acknowledging the toast, gave some interesting experiences during his 39 years' service.

WILLOWIE, December 29.-À social was

held last week at -Booleroo Whim to bay

farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Ottoway prior to their departure from the district. Mr. Ottoway has had charge of that school for some time. The Rev. W. A. Millican pre- sided, and on behalf of the residents and the Church expressed great regret at their guests' departure. Mr. B. Pilcher also spoke, endorsing all that the chairman hntf said, and voicing the high esteem in which Mr. and Mrs. Ottoway were held by all the


YORKETOWN, December 30.-Mr. Mar- tin Kossatz, a farmer near Edithburgh, and a very old resident of the Peninsula, died last night at the residence of his brother in-law, in Yorketown, of cancer. He was 45 years_ of age, and left a widow with seven children. This is _ the second death

from this dread disease within a short time in the town.-The cold and wet change in the weather since Christmas has had a de- terrent effect on harvesting operations, and has stopped work temporarily on some of the smaller lakes, although the extra wet- ting will have a beneficial effect when ii dries off, owing to the increased quantity of salt deposited.-Passengers across the gulf experienced a variety of weather on Thurs- day. When leaving port and until nearly halfway over the heat was oppressive, then a terrific squall, with heavy rain was met with, which completely altered the condi- tions. It is said that several lady excur sioinists, who came away in summer attire, presented a sad spectacle when the steamer arrived at Edithburgh. There was a big crowd on board.

Among birds the swan Eves to be the oldest, in extreme cases reaching 300 years. The falcon has been known to live over 16J


Elephants have only eight teeth. All young elephants' teeth fall out when the animal is about 14 years old, and a new set


A natural curiosity of Japan is the "in- sect bell." It is a black beetle, which emits harmonious sounds, like those of a

little silver bell.