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SOUTIHEIlNT GROSS OVtRDUE OJL?HARRD WEXI 0CKA CE FOUN). - lNDICATIONS OF DISASTFIR. IIOBA.RT, Thursday. A inessage was to-day received by wireless from the '?Mercury's" King Is land correspondent stating that consider able wreckage huad been found north of the Grassy River on Wednesday, includ ing the side of a sailing vessel thirty feet long, painted white; a broken oar, branded D.R.C.; a case of benzine, a bit of furniture, and a piece of case branded ttdbart, apparently burned. The Navy Department at Hipbart also received a similar mesage from King Island. It is not delinitely known to what vessel this wreckage belonged, but some fears hate been entertained as to the whereabouts of the barqueentino Sou thern Cross, which left MelI'ourne for Hobart with general cargo and about 1000 cases boenzine on September 11, and is now 1f days out. The fact that the wrcckage has been washed up near Grassy River, whidc is on the south-eastern coast of King Is land, indicates that the vessel, wuhat ever it was, was probalbly coming to Hobart via the West Coast, which is the course usually taken by the Southern Cross from Melbourne. The vessel car ried a deck cargo of benzine and a cou signmient of oars for the Derwent Row ing Club branded DJ1.C. The Southern Cross is conusanded by Captain Hodgman, and carries a crew of 11. The Koomeela, which was to arrive at Burnie to-night, is to commence a search of the is&nds for any trace of survivors.