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SPORTING. TURF GOSSIP. (By "Pa?leha.") FIXTURBI . To-day.-TASMANIAN TURF CLUB. Today.-DERBY TRO(TTING CLUB. Dec. 2S.-NEWN.A.M A-MCING Uu0-. Jan 1.--A.)NGFuRD RACING CLUB. Weights, Dec. 30. Jan. .-ST. !ALARYS dIAG. AND TROT. TING CLUB. Jan. 1.--BRIGUiT'ON JOCIKEY CLUB Jan. 4.-DEVONPIORT RACING CLUB. Nominations, Dec. 24; weights, Dec. 31. Jan. 11.-T.A.J.C. (Elwick). Nomina. tions, Jan. 2; weights, Jan, G. Jan. 29 and 30 and IFeb. 1.-TAS\MAN I"AN RACING CLUB. Nominations, Jan. 14. \Veights-Oup, Jan. 20; other events, Jan. 22. Feb 5, 6, 8.-TAS.MLANIAN TURF CLUB Nomnnations, Jan. 14. Weights Cup, Jan. 31; other races, Feb. 3. A striking example of how handicap pers in Trnmania differ is afforded by the weights for the Jumpers' 1lats at Mowuranv to-day and Brigtonon New Year's bay. MIr. P'arker !nas staited off wilh R.D.T. at 11.8, while Mr. Weaver's assessmcnt is 11.2. The for mer gives Light Dragoon 10.0, while the southerner awards this horse 11.0, a difference of 121b. compared with R.D.T. at 2lMowbray. The Lyre has 10.3 at M3osbray, but 41b. more at Brighton, vwhile Knight of the Spear, in at 0.4 this afternoon, has been weighted at 0.12 at Brighton. This i a difference of 1G?1. in favour of 1LD.T. at Brighton. B?oth handicappers have given Irao 0.0, and the minimum is 8.0 in each case. Jaeatra is on the latter mark at Mowbray, hut hie is asked to carry 71b, more at Brigh ton.

Jack Law, who has S.11 in the Trial this afternoon, derives his nane from t popular stable lad attached to W. Sul livan's stable. At several meetings this season a fair amount of money has been shutI out at the totalisator, and it has .been suggested that some arrangement should be made to hold the horses at the start until the money is put 'ao In most cases it is the fault of backer:, many of whom wait until the last min. ute, and the longer the field is kept it'* longer will bon'ls spacalators delay their hive.tria.ts. It seems unfair to keep the field waiting too long,;except, of course, under certain circumstances. The Summer Cup, one mile and five furlongs, will be run at Sandwich this afternoon. VWeghts':-Bursar,. 9.7; Lidgle, '9.0; Gadabout, 9.0; Karanaud King, 8.3; Arch MIarella, 18.2; East court, 8.2; Eastcouirt, 8.2; Bee. 7.13; Sydney Damsel, 7.11; First Lesson, 7.11; Two Blues, 7,10; Garibaldi,: 7.4; Gar rue, 7.4; Scout*sater, 7.2p;!Lady Boni form, 7.0; Red Cardinal, 7.0;. CampOut, 7.0; Bartelle, 7.0; Greg, 6.11; Tresauly Maid, 4.7; Every Day, G.7. Gadabout or Arch Marella may score. At Caulfield to-day the racing will be of special interest to Tasmanians, as Ordella is in the lKoornang Wel ter seven furlongs and, judging. by her finrst run on Saturday, she should be well up. The two-year-old Liberty Loan is in the Juvenile Stakes at 8.0. With Light Action a few mornings ago he strolle over three furlongs in 3Ssec., which, is pretty good going. lloprig (10.5) and Pistolatire (9.13) are top weights in the Christmas Han. dicap to be run at Port Adelaide this afternoon. Enigmatical, engaged on Saturday at Motebray, at Caulfield just before leav. ing ran half a mile in 54see. In view of what has happened in three of the four steepleehases this season, it would appear that the ex amination of gear prior to jumping races is desirable. In one case it made no difference, but in the otaer it landed, hackers, some of whom saw breakages on the saime horse twice running. At Mentono on Saturday Ordella has 8.5, and Queen Battery 8.3 in the Plate, six furlongs; Ordella 7.11 and Carlaverock 7.5 in the Handicap, one mile; and Booran Lass SA1 in the Purse, seven furlongs, Broadbeam has been scratched for the Juvenile Stakes at the V.A.T.C. Boxing Day meeting. The now electric totallsator which has been installed at Ellerslie, New Zea land, will be partly staffed by girt clerks. This experiment worked success fully at iRandwick. 1.r Corbiere, who is a member of the E1rench Commission, which was recently in Australia, is an authority on breed ing and racing i lPrance. HIe has been greatly impressed with the popularity of racing in Australia, and the excel. lent appoinltments on the leading race Sasanof. who has won just 50 aovs. short of 10,000 sovs. in stakes, cost 400 guineas as a yearling. Some fine prices wore realised for blood stock in England recently. Excel. leta, 4yra., by Dark Ronald-Excellence,.. covered 'by Willonyx, brought 3500 gns.; Jack Point, 3yrs., by .wyntord-Popinjay (darn of Magpie). was sold for 8001) gus.; br yearling.filly by SUn'star-Glass Doll, for 2000 gens.; br yearling filly uy Black Jester from Bright (sister to Sun. stair), for 2300 gns.; and Saint Agnes, ?lfyrs., by St. Prus?uln--Ethel Agnes, covered tby Smnstar, for 1650 gas. There wves a sensational happening in the sale ring at Newmarket, England, a few weeks ago. Among the lots otfered. was the two-year-old colt. The Panther. by Tracey from Countess Zia. The Parrther, it is said, rnUy possibly be the best of hias age in England. Th1i colt had started three times when offered. At his first essay he ran second in Nor. folk Two-year-old Plate, anul he then won, pulling up, in a field of l1, starting at 11 to 10 on, Bartlow Two-year-old Plate; and in Autums Stakes beat another strong field, hard held. The P.nther was put urp at the reserve of 40,000 graineas. and, though the an nouncencent was greeted with much laughter, it was assumed that, had the reserve not been announced, an offer of 20,000 guineas mighlt have been had. Needless to say, that in the cireum stances there was not any bidding for 'The Panther. fiancy Light will not io a rumnner in ce Dcnby Uhisa efternoon. 'This lilly has not vet enndo .her a?ppearance i. public as a three-yeaf-old. Tite Tasmanian Derby m!ll be decide l this afternoon. It will be the fourth race since this classic was revived, and tle race to-day promises to ib one of, if ,not the best of the serica. Derbies have ben rutn Ja Tasmania at various times, anml only the other day the writer lu?ppened across a couple of interoesting progon?.mh s. For the )Deloraine Tlrf Olub's-meeting on Janst.ry 1, 1693, the following ap7rars il the list:-Deloraine Derby, of dO so?rs., for tlhree-yer-olds. Weights, colts 8.10 fillies, 8.3. Seco-nd horse, 5 soov,. Distance, one mile and a. half. Some 21 years igo, on December 8, as.s run the evethl 1 T.11.0.. Derby, at hEl wick It was worth 100 sovs., 'with 20 sovs. for f'lbe second horse, and the ron. ners hlad to be the produce of Tasmanian owned sires. Silver\ohl, a colt by from ilverlthreal. owned by the late Mr. Lt. O'Connor, an li ridden by the late "irailny' Istehii'.i:gs. 110 won easily trom Mr. Al. Dbyle's 1 g Lord Gorm:n •ton (hby 'Ithe Ansyriaz), wshila AMr. J. B. tiurran's Noval (?Lo by The A!nyrian) ws' trhird. 'iThe last-named wa3 riddeni by W. Ncsoin, who is now lIcensee .o tse Racecourise Ils1eL l'revious winners Agine-'s Cloldean ISSD--hfLr. C. S. A.nonw's Chaldeau; 180-Mr. C. 5. Agnew's; 19SI-Alr. 3L. )evihs' (the present Mowbrayv raincr) hlope tsaun; IS91-.Mr. F W. Krushka's ilsine. diA 1892-~ri , J. GaCacy' Sr.ahsiaan;

and IS13--Mr. W. Clares Mlluski. IIt to. daiy's race Mr. Clare is the only one in terested in a runner. For the 1' L5 Derby there were .10 horses noxmic:ted, and some of the owners were llons. T. teli hboy and A. l. Lord Meo. ar. 13. J. Par kor (present T.T.C. inicaied,.pper), S. M. \\il on, T. M. Synlunns, C. S. Agnew, J. .'r Lord, E. Kltarney, ft. . 'albot, J. i. (aries, R O''Connor IV W V. Field. G. 1W. Field, W. Nercon, M. Gu.son, and !aris. Kralhk.a. Few of them are with ,. to-day. This ailecnoon's field should number anboult seven, and 'this is quite utp to the average. The prdbable rIunner? are as follow: C. N. Gunn' e. c JLaird, by Wallace -Ka bin?a .8.5 J. J. G-atenbv's b g Broodseinde, by Shimon of the Spear--,Atta.t 8.5 A. F. A. O'Connor's b g Pangoonehi, by Chiron--Bo Pe- p .. . 8,5 lThmas Lyons' b f Princees Vimy, by White Star--Otkdene 3.0 Geo. Bennett's br f Paanope, by Pis tol-Zoraya X. .. 8.0 C. A. II. Yoal's b f Lady of Dreams, by OCrman-Titania il(. Dunn) 8.0 C. A. B. Youl's br f Pharisair, by Pistol--.Bridge of Roses . 8.0 On paper it looks as thought it will be an interesting race. Four of them have won this season--Laird, Princess Vimy, Broodseinde (twice), and Lady of Dreams. Laird is ,the popular choice for the race, with Princess Vimy and Brood seinde sext, 0altihoug' so far there his been little speculat?ion. Tihe only one to ,win over a. mile is Ltird, when 'ie beat Diomedon nicely at Deloraine, but both Broodcseide and Jrineess Vimy.have won over seven lmrlongs., the latter very rasily. The winnner \,1ill probably come from laird and Princess Viny. Yesterday's rain 'will do the Movhbray courise an imtmensse amollnlt of good, and this afternoon it should be at its best. tI nce lnst meeting the ranger Sias been engaged renovating various appoint I mnots, ieul with the prospect of good fields thltre should be some tine racing. Dividend-payers may include: Hurdle.-The Clan or Jacatra. Tro-Year-Old Stakel.-'lhstltttL or Thrapple. r Trial lHandicap.--Owon's Rose or Vad. rie?. Christmas Handliep.-Clare's ele;t or Felim. Jumpers' l?at.-Knight of the Spear or Creaeydale. 'ilyýi" Handllcap.-Diomedon or Myiss t'?uplicvy. War restrictions on .acing were lifted from yesterday. I1 Launceston three more meetings may be held under the State Act, iad ,it is not improbable that the list will be increased Ceu?itry clubs can now resume their pre-war activities. Oharlie Fraser, who is in the Brush Steepleehase on Satirday, came north on Tuesday ni ht. Tom Splendor, who was recently brought trom Sydney, where lie was in P. J. 'Uarsden's team, -will have his first outing in Tasmania at tlsowbray this afternoon. Prenana has not done so well at his owner would have 'wishedl, and cones quently lie will not *be a runner in the Derby this afteroon. M:1r. Sidebottom provided the 'lhird horse OCarv On, in the first year. Presan will prob?b?ly have a run in the Trial Prince hfoeraki, Sartolera, Tom Splen dor, Palamona, Clharlie Fraser, and Prin cess Vimy, who have engagements at tlowbray, reached Il?uneeeston from Ho. bart on Tuesday night. SThe Hobart rurf Club provides tile attraction at the capital this afternoon. Belgium Girl, Koagara, and Credhnarda were sent dusowa from L lunceston on Tuesday evernng. The two-year-old Sybavis will probably have his first outing in public a.t Mow bray to-day. Diomedon, hi the mine stable, will also be given a run. The pair and Prea? will be ridden by J. Davis. BRaving starts at Mowbray at 1 o'clock this afternoon, and thle seven event pro grammne will be concluded at 5.55. If Lite standard of racing in tiads state is to be maintained it is clear that more attention lhould be paid by those in aln. thiority to those elements ahioal are like ly to detract from it. The season is not very far advanced, but at least a couple of dsplays of ]orsenshpitv1i /a:-dtgp-Wr osf displays of horsemanship that have been wltnessed appeared to call for somie thing more than "explanation accepl.el." Both incidents were pretty notle, able, and were not altogetiher appreciated by sportsmen. Of one. of the most recent feats a wouthern writer says: -"The rider nans cautioned, l.nt it looked as if it 'were more an error of judgment." Belle Louise, Captivatdon, and Tan. man's Sister haave been scratched for the 1)emby. In tlhe list of p?evious winnern of the Deriby appearing in the oli iad programme the tane credited to l:niler in 1016 is 2min. 15 l-5see. This edould be 2rmin. 12 1-5sec. The Caulflield horseiman J. I. Larkins Is expected to reach Launceston by the Loongans this morning. le was to hare come on Tuesday, but failed to secure a berth. He can go to scale at about 7.11.