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  • Spearth 9 Feb 2013 at 14:08
    Removed added [sic] from corrected text to conform with Trove Text Correction Guidelines.

    For Stoneyfell read Stonyfell

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August 13.-Present-The President (Mr. Thomas Rhodes in the chair), Lady Bonython, Lady Way. Mrs Brown, Mrs. McAree, Miss Clark, Miss Spence, and the Hon. P.McM. Glynn, M.H.R.

The President said he had just received Miss Clark's resignation. He greatly regretted that   Miss Clark should, have felt compelled to resign, but she thought her advanced age and growing disabilities compelled her in her own interests to relinquish the position, the council ought not to press her to retain it at the risk of her comfort. He fully appreciated' the great value of her past   services. He would have liked, if it had been possible, Miss Clark to remain a life mcmber of   the council with a right to attend when she could, but wlth no sense of responsibility or obligation to vote. Miss Spence joined in expressions of appreciation of the value of Miss Clark's services. She woüld like to see her sister (Mrs. Crompton. of Stoneyfell) take Miss Clark's place if it could be so arranged. Mrs. Crompton's sympathies were   all in the ríght direction. She knew much of the work, and had enjoyed much of the society of Miss Clark, Mr. Glynn expressed the highest   esteem for Miss Clark, and appreciation for her   work, both from what he had heard and seen of it. He shared the wish of the president that some official connection could be maintained   between Miss Clark and the council, but he feared, it could not be legally done. The council might however, welcome Mies Clark to its meet ings, and he hoped she might be able to sometimes attend.    

The council resolved "That the resignation of Miss Caroline Emily Clark be accepted with the   deepest regret for the cause, and the greatest gratitude, for past services."

The secretary's report showed: Admissions.-To the Industrial School-New, 15; from service, 12;   from enbsidy, 7; from hospital, 2; from abscond- ing 1; To Redruth Reformatory-from abscond- ing 1; from the Girls' Probationary School, 1.   To the Boys' Reformatory School, Magill-New, To the Brooklyn Park Boys' Reformatory-New, 2. To Boys' Probationary School, Mount Barker From service, 1. Dismissals-To subsidy, 23; to service, 22; on petition, 10; term expired, 3; ab- sconded, 3; on probation, 2. Transfers-From sub-   sidy to service, 8; subsidy to subsidy, 4; service   to service, 2; and 1 each on probation to sub- sidy on probation to service, subsidy to hospital, hospital to Estcourt House, Blind School to hos- pital, subsidy to hospital, and subsidy to adoption. The council approved three lying-in home licenses, four foster mothers, declined three applications, and extended the sentence of one boy one month for absconding. There were 11 applications for the release of children, two were granted, and nine were declined. The council made rules respecting the issue of certificates of good conduct to State

children, on their passing from control.