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J. A^AMMOTHw|TiîR|l;g§


The great .enterprise which. .Messrs. Fti/t ?. and Gibson* have embarked upon in then? i -' huge block of buldmgB in Rundle-streeG ' will \bo inaugurated on ' Monday morning

next with a fair, which will carry them. full bläst into the hurly-burly of their com- mercial career m this city. The palatial dimensions of the premises would bewilder the casual customer had the various floors' not been divided into 21 departments,/ which embrace everything'in the market: ¡required for personal wear and for use Mik

the household. The store carries ai,«m>v Versal provider's outfit-clothes, groceries^. hardware, fancy"/ goods, 'furniture, antis glassware-and ia replete with conven* enees,'* tea and refreshment rooms being furnished ont the gallery floor, and electrio

safety rlifta .communicating with the vannai, " intones. "> >f * i f * V,«í

A walk round the store reveals what.tOK . 'tremendous collection of goods the. propne-#, > tors are. offering1! to/the Adelaide »public.* Everything that is dainty and .becoming -in,>* ladies' garments apd bt?W>»5,4^»yed\ï'?,. the latest fashions »nd "colors* ;Ihbbonari*:* piles are offereel at pricesv which arrest at-**

tention. The , iMjkhSty ïhey&viïteJ

other goods, were landed before the tariffs-. levied higher duties. * AU patteinsof Jw****

all styles of youths' r*ats,vties,'*bootsik«i'|i-l. shoes, workers' garnients.--bla^ketiT,^Jti«|4ir hnens and towels, art pím*mM»ApMtAís-£ frames, and all kinds of fancy gotfa\w£* , offered m profusion. In the' furnishing afr^í partments the newest and neatest ¿ndjft I handsomest, articles in china, gl8ss,J.andiîY 'earthenware are conspicuous bargains.-Ftir»^YJ raturer in, old and new styles, fromffijji.^î cheapest kitchen tabla, to the moat.artiste'> j.dining-room suite, vies in its, quality and Y 'quantity with-art'' carpets,and linoleum»,

bndt matting désignai11? floorcloth's. Every« ('acquisition ¿, in' taDlej.furnitnre^and toilet-,

¡warotin handsome! and .enticing variety at«

tracts the'eye. «The products, of Ail*»tw.hv\ H Europe,w and^'Ammoaj fill >('the .grocew n, shelves, and -confectionery-ia;í m¿ .infiniti "

variety. « .í-2»-»rüS.,,v-~^ Wèiï^Y

The stoofcis mexhapwbltv^y-WWkt^síí'i íp. in the market can be gproetoed s*iFoy?«t and Gibson's, be it the nrodttôtMif thâ^pà-à most regions of the earth.* «^'Pntíeff fo^thoVg fair are specially ^loW tp ~ghmAtHé >gKat;i5 business,an- auspicious send Off,¿andYtlîa^'f patronage of ladies' sndgénttóttenfali^ki, is invited. The WOstractiorFofVw|jm<'Y 'mense building has * given 'theYproprie\tort M every satisfaction, thV'whc^^oïrib^la^W having been supplied sbjf So^ithAnatraïiamFV Quite an army of men has been .eirigsgra^jp in the wörE-öf equipping4he. stote/froWy the w'iarf'laborer at-'Port^ Adelaîde/i'#r*ï ", railway porter on tfe*'<uhe»t\tb«J^troöy*i * driver nt the city,the excavating ]aX&et4t>Y% and' » 'hostr of othenr?- iñdtta^c*ri#ltV¿v makers, bricklayers, plasterers, carpenter»,"? -" foundry ? men, steel <'*#©rlr^c3tengiheerfó,~ brassfounders, glaziers, rimlMrYmflRm«!;^ " cabinetmakere,« art*Htót*l?¡Wortórsí glsjäers)Yi glass sirrererapléncm^t¿m«Utei^!Tl^

electricians, ^gi^tX^^^tíMit^ft0a^ roofers.'5 TBer« Uiptotxaat^j^jmtimßx of^nistomersM Mflad^ktaM-litelS^Wiwiy >ntfmif%4af$fcfrs¡^^