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BOHEMIA IN DIMbAAWIC COMPANY. The romantic and sensational American mining drama, "A Woman's Honor," was revived by the Bohemian Dramatic Com pany at the Albert Hall last night in the presence of an enthusiastic audience. "A Woman's Honbur" is a moral play. Jack Clayton and Ned Denver are mates in a gold-mining claim in the back blocks of America. Ned is the polished scion of a noble house, whilst Jack. his mate, is a rough diamond. The bond of friendship 'between the two is very great. and it is over the bad luck of both men falling in love with the same girl that the story hinges. Noah Dobbs murders Ned Den ver, and fastens the crime on to Clayton, but, owing to the sagacity of a Chinese servant, wrho is just in time to eircum vent the villain at the critical moment, Jack's life is saved, and Hobbs meets with his deserts. The Ned .Denver of Edgar Kenna -was a convincing study. As Jack Clayton (the rough diamond) Mr. Frank Mills had plenty of room for scope, and he made good use of it, de rpicting the character in a capital manner. As Ruth Miller, Miss Vene Linden was thoroughly artistic. Other good work was done by Mr. Jack McGowan, Roy Herbert, Frank Cole, Role Cole, and Misses Alice Ride, Belle Cole, and Amy Sherwood. To-night the Australian !bushranging drama "Ned Kelly and his Gang" will be produced, and for the ma 'tines on Saturday and at night an en tirely now drama to Lannceston entitled "Pearl, the Circus Girl."