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ACADEMY OF 11 Visitors to the Academy of Music last night, on the occasion of the introduc tion of a further complete change, must have been impressed with the even qua lity of a programme in which there is not one weak subject. The series may be said to be renmsrkable from sove ral points of view, and the pictures had an esthusiantic reception at the hands of a highly appreciative audience of large proportions. Graphically telling of the power and strength of friendship between man and beast, "Two Old Pals," by the masterful Selig company, is one of the most interesting and instructive dramatic pictures of modern times, and is interesting largely because of its glimpses of circus life. Another strik ing subject is the Vitagraph drama, "The llind Miner," a. strong, appealing mining story of heroism, pathos, and sacrifice. Amongst other attractive dra matic pictures are "The Prospector's Legacy" (a thrilling Essanay western story), "Lone Star's Return" (Bison In dian featuro film), and "Little Marion" (a story of the Italian-Turkish war). Comedies and conmicts include Inch divert ing features as "'Filly asd the Dogs," "The Lost Address," "Bill's Bunch of Flowers," "Presents for Her Husband," and "The -Colonel's Canary;" and educa tional and scientific subjects embrace "Blowing Bubbles," and a coloured Gan mont study of "Butterflies." As a spe cial attraction for Friday the manage ment has secured the sole Tasmanian rights of the masterpiece Australian pic ture, "Breaking the News," a grapam story of mining life in Australia. This remarkable picture drama was suggest ed by Mr. John Longstaff's painting, which earned for him one of the first tnmvelling seholasmhips bestowed by the National Gallery, Melbourne. The sub ject matter is purely original, and will be found to be replete with a succes sion of some of the most thrilling epi sodes andi situations ever devised in dra ocatic form.