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Findlay's Pianos. High Quality. Low Prices. George-street, Easy Terms. Launceston.

We Stock Ronisch Pianos. Magnificent Tone and Lasting- . PI layP Qualities THE PIANO PEOPLE

Shipping. ~NION LINE OF STEAMERS. LAUNCESTON TO MELBOURNE. EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE. LOONGANA, Tuesday, Jan. 23, 4 p.m. LOONGANA, Hhursday, Jan. 25, 4 p.m. LOONGANA, Sat., Jan, 27. 4 p.m, LAUNCESTON TO SYDNEY, VIA EDEN. 3WAICA'IIPU, Wednesday, Jan. 24, 4 p.m. SNo cargo received on Wednesday. BUItNIE TO MELBOURNE. GONAD, every Wednesday and Saturday, 9.30 p.m. P.20 p.m. Train from Launceston connects. HODART TO NEW ZEALAND PORTS, VIA BLUFF. ,VARRIMOO, Friday, January 20. SYDNEY TO FIJI, SAMUA, TONGA, AND AUCKLAND, D01 VICE VERSA. From Sydney-Atua, Tuesday, Jan. 30. CANADA, AMERICA, LONDON, FROM SYDNEY, VIA AUCKLAND. FIJI, AND HONOLULU TO VANCOUVER. t.M.S. MAliKUIA, Monday, Fel,. 12. At.M.S. ZEALANDIA, Monday, March 11. *Ftt:t SYDNEY VIA WELLINGTON, IrtAIUTONGA, AND PAPEETE TO SAN' FRANCISCO. AORANGI, Saturday, February 3. '!'AiIITI, Saturday, March 2. ?-1UDDART-PARKER LINE LAUNCESTON TO MIELBOURNE. LOONGANA, Tuesday. Jan. 23, 4 p.m. LOONGANA, Hhursday Jan 25, 4 p.m. LOONGANA, Sat., Jan. 27. 4 p.m. Return Tickets available by Union Co.'s steamers. Passengers booked through to Sydney and all New Zealand, Queensland, and ,West Australian ports. *'TBHE TASMANIAN WOOLGKO WERS' AGENCY COMPANY, LIMITED, Agents. 1OLYMAN'S LINE OF STEAMERS. 1d4LBOURNE-LAUNCESTON - WAREA. '1 EA leaves Alelbourne Wednesday. Leaves Launceston, Saturday, 12 noon. :MIl?tOURNE-NOR'rH-WEST COAST - 1MAlRRAWAH leaves Melbourne Satur day, 2 p.m.; leaves Devonport Wednes day. 7 a.m.; Burnle, 2.30 'p.m. LAUNUESTON, STRAHAN, .VIA NORTH. .t ElST COAST PORTS-TOROA, Fri .iay noon. ILAUNUESTON TO HOBART, VIA ST HIELEN'S, SWANSEA, AND BICHENO. KOONOOKARRA, Thursday, 4 p.m. BOODtYALLA AND GLADSTONE - HEA T'lHER BELLE, Tuesday, 5 p.m.. K?ING ISLAND VIA BURNIE-WAUCHOPE leaves Launceston Monday, 29th, 3 p.m. FLINDERS ISLAND - WARRENTINNA leaves Launceston Friday, 4 p.m. &O CARGO RECEIVED WITHIN ONE HOUR OF ADVERTISED TIME OF DEPARTURE. ,M'ELBOURNE STEAMSHIP CO., LTD. FOR SYDNEY AND NEWCASTLE, VIA :EDEN (Return via Melbourne) S.S. SYDNEY leaves Stanley February ast, Burnie February 1st, Devonport Feb ruary 2nd, and fortnightly thereafter Saloon two-berth deck cabins amidships. For full particulars apply to Melbourne Steamship Company, Limited, Devonport, or Tasmanian Farmers' Association, HBr ale. :XOURSION TO GEORGE TOWN, VIA ALL RIVER PORTS. POPULAR S.S. ROWITTA; LEAVES THIS (TUIESDAY), 9.80 A.M. VEDNESDAY (CENTENARY DAY), 9 A.M. tReturning from George Town each day 3 p.m. THURSDAY, Leaves 10 a.m., Returning from George Town 8.30 a.m. Friday. Day Return Fares: Blackwall, 2s; Gravelly Beach, 2s Gd; George Town, 3s. Children, half. 0 BEACONSFIELD, GEORGE TOWN, VIA ALL PORTS. S.S. AGNES. From Launceston-Saturday and Mon. day, 2 p.m., Wednesday, 8.30 a.m. and 7 p.m.; Thursday and Friday, 2 p.m. From George Town--Saturday, 7 a.m.; slonday, 8 a.m., Tuesday, 7 a.m.; Wednes. day, 3 p.m., Thursday and Friday, 7 a.m. NOTE.- The Agnes will not leave on WTuesday at 2 p.m. as heretoforo. ROBERT GARDNER,. LTD., Agents. Cricket. 1NTERNATTONAL CRICKET. LAUNCESTON CRICKET GROUND. ENGLAND VERSUS TASMANIA. ENGLAND VERSUS TASMANIA. ENGLAND VERSUS TASMANIA. JANUARY 23, 24, 25. Wednesday, January 24 (Centenary lay) twill be obncr ied as a Public Hloliday W4AUE ito1 Ja 'kid. Eon.- .

Miscellaneous. M'KAY, SAMPSON, AND M'KINLAY'S BIG SALE BARGAINS At the Fancy Counter. ilacik, Cream, White, and Tussore Braids. Frogs and Ornaments, to clear, 1/6 doz. 21n. Torchon Lace, 1 2/0, now 1/9 doz. Black and all shades In Net Vellings 1/6, 1/3; price to clear, 2d yard. Black and Silver, Cream and Silver Egyptian Hand-oeaten Scarves, 25/6; now D 21/ Peter lan Collars, in cm- A broidery and gulpure, from 1/ Ladies' liandags, from 1/- . 39/6. N 4lin. Moire itib Velvets, all S shades, 1/2, now 4d. 181n. H.S s Shot Ninons, 1/6; now 6d yard. S Silver and Gold Sequin Nets, 7i1n., 3/6, now 1/3 White, Black, and Cream Tucred Chiffons, 2/11; now 1/- yard. White Imit Torchon Lace, Gin. wide, 4d yard in. Col oured Blonde Laces, 1/11; now Gd. Coloured Millinery Nets, 1/6; now 9d. 21/1n. Black and Gold Orien tal Insertion, 1/6; now Gd. Lea ther Belts, 1/-; now 6d, Brown m and Cream Silk Oriental Insertion, 4%/ln..wide, 7/11: now 2/.. 0-------- ---------O S IN THE FURNISHING DEPARTMENT O------ ----------0 Cream Madras Muslius, scalloped edges, 10!?d, 1/1. Cream and While Lace Curtains, 3/6, 3/11, 4/9, 5/3 pair Cream and White Notting ham Lace, special, 5d yard. Jute Stair Carpet, 7%/,d yard Tapestry ditto, 1/8. Jute Bedside Rugs, 1/3. Tapestry Hearthrugs, 3/3. Coloured Jap Mattings, 81Ad, 9'/d, special. Axminster Door Mats, V 1/6, 2/6. Mohair Door qJats, from 3/3, 3/11. Llnoleums, 2yds. wide, from 2/11 Tapestry Squares, 9 x 9, now 25/11; 9 x 12 ft., 35/6. Tapestry SofaRugs, now 10/11. Bamboo Curtain Poles, complete, 1/- 50ln. Printed Plushettes, for Curtains, now 3/6, 3/11. SOin. Sa- I tin Stripe Curtain Reppa, 3/9; now 3/3. Bordered Bolton Sheeting, 1/f., now 1/31/%. 0-------------------0 o o SGENTS' BARGAIN HATS. I 0- 0 Gents' Soft Felt Hats, in light and dark greys, the latest shapes, usual price 6/6, clearing price, 2/11. Gents' .Assorted Greys and Olive Soft Felt Hats, Folders and Pocket Felts, usual price 4/11 and '5/"; to be cleared 'at 3/11; sizes range 6%/ to 7 Gents' Straw Boat ers, olive and white mixed, usual price 4/11, 5/6; now 6d Boys' Imitation Panama HMts, suitable for school wear, us.iil price 2/9, 3/6; clearing price 1/6 Children's Pedal Straw Jack Tar and iMan o' War Hats, goods arrived too late in season. usual prices up to 5/6; now to clear, 1/6. Two dozen only Superior English-made Jack Tar Straw Hats, worth 5/11; now to clear at 2/6. O-- 0 BEST FOR BIG SALE I S BARGAINS. | O - 0----- M'KAY, SAMPSON, AND M'KINLAY'S. A MAN-His Wife, and Little Ones-.- ALL APPRECIATE CONGENIAL HOME SURROUNDINGS. The harmonious setting of the Drawing room, with its Furniture, Carpets, Cur tains, Rugs, all have their influence on home comforts. The great variety ot patterns, the exquisite colourings, and the fine quality of our stock of Drawing-room Carpets, Rugs, Hangings, Etc., Make at Irresistible appeal to those who can tell the difference between the good and the indifferent. Yet comparison will prove that our Prices are Lower on the better class of these goods than those, obtaining else where. The advantages of buying these goods now are Lower Prices and a Wider Range of Choice than you are likely to have later on. W. Coogan & Co., Brisbane-street, AND AT HOBART AND BURNIE. HARVEST, 1912. WE HAVE FOR SALE AND HIRE: Tarpaulins, All Sizes, Best Quality Canvas. Binder Twine. Our "Lion" Brand Binder Twine is abso Slutely the best value in the market. Broomby & Dent, George-st., I AUNCESTON. ONE of the most vital problems that an Advertiser has to solve is how to spend his Advertising Allowance to the best advantage. The publication with a ) circulation much lareer than that of ;iny 1 other Tasmaninn Dally Is th "EixamII:nr," .nd f.uoacuuontly. i the beot medlum ,,

Amusements. E C H A N I C S' INSTITUTE. FOR A SHORT SEASON, TO-NIGHT. MR. EDWARD BRANSCOMBE'S COSTUME COMEDY COMPANY THE SCARLET TROUBADOURS THE SCARLET TROUBADOURS THE SCARLET TROUBADOURS (From London). In Entirely New Programmes, emhrne i: : Comedy Sketches, Pantomime Burlesques, Farcical Comedy, Humorous Quartettes, Costume Scenas, And a Host of Sparkling Novelties. PRICES-3/-, 2/ and 1/ Box Plan at Fitzgerald's; Day Sales, Hazeldine's. CLAUDE HAIGH, Manager. PRINCESS THEATRE. Director ........ . ..0. SPENCER. Manager . ........ ALBERT CLARK5 NIGHTLY S. ----- MAT., SAT., 2.30 SPENCER'S The PICTURES. SPENCER'S World PICTURES. SPENCER'S in Motion. PICTURES. ACKNOWLEDGED "THE VERY BEST' ' TO-NIGHT, AT 8 O'CLOCK. COMPLETE NEW PROGRAMME. INCLUDES ANOTHER ATTRACTIVE Picture Play, full of Realism and Thrilling Incidents, With a Powerful Story of almost incredible Human Suffering and Wrong. THE LIFE OF RUFUS DAWES. "RUFUS DA\\WES." An Entirely New and "RUFUS DAWES." Original adaptation "RUFUS DAWES." from the late Mar "RUFUS DAWIES " cus Clarke's Cele "RUFUS DAWES." brated Realistic Io "RUFUS DAWES." mance. (The IElclusive Rights of Spencer's Pictures.) Produced from "Spencer's" Art Studios. I SYNO'SIS. ENGLAND.-Hampstead Heath-Sir Rich ard Devine slain by Rex-His Son Dick accused-Parson North denounces Rex. VAN DIEMEN'S LAND.-Convict Settle ment at Hell's Gate-Chain Gang-Gabbet's Escape and Capture-Chaplain North gives the Convicts Tobacco-Major Vickers announces the removal to Port Arthur-The Attack The Departure THE hUUTINY.-On Board the Osprey Captured by Convicts-The Mutineers Maroon Survivors. MAROONED.-Two weeks later-Rufus Dawes saved by Sylvia Vickers Three months later-Major Vickers' search for the Cast aways--Death of Mrs. Vickers Sylvia's memory lost through shock--Lieut. Frere accuses Rufus of the crime. PORt' ARTHUR.-Dawes escapes-Sylvia fails to recognise him-Her memory returning, she wishes to see him--Lady Devine arrives to see her son. THE END.-Convicts Confess, and Inno cence Proved, and Pardon Granted to "RIIUFUS DAWES," And the folloving Gems: '"THE BATTLE," "PATFhl' S GALZE't'TE," "THE HERO, "TILLY AND THE SMUGGLERS," "WATERFALLS OF MONASTERIO." AND BUDGET OF REFINED COMEDIES. Overture and Incidental Music by SPENCER'S SPECIALLI SELECTED ORCHESTRA. PRICES-D.C., 1/6; Stalls, 1/-; Pit, 6d. BOX PLAN AT HAZELDINE'S. THE ACADEMY THE ACADEMY. The Established Home of THE ENGLISH AMUSEMENT COMPANY. THREE NIGHTS RELAXATION.. RE-OPENING With Renewed Strength and Vigour. AT 8 - TO-MORROW AT S. AT 8 - TO-MORROW AT 8. With a MASTERLY HOLIDAY PROGRAMME. See the English Cricketers in the After noon, and the Academy Pictures at Night, 'and your day has been well Sspent SEE ! SEE ! ! SEE ! I ! THE GREY WOLVES, Magnificent Selng Drama. THE NEW YORK COWBOYi By Selig-It has no Rivall SHIPWRECKED Powerful Dramatic Story set In Sea-scapes of Impressive Grandeur. Vita - WOMAN'S WIT Vita. SHE CAME, SHE SAW, SHE CONQUERED And, thereafter, there was peace. Prices as usual. Book at Hazeldine's. 'Phone 597. C. S. TIMMINS, Manager. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. COMMENCING CUP NIGHT, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 31, THE LAUNCESTON OPERATIC SOCIETY. By Arrangement J. C. Williamson, Limited, Revive for Four Nights Only, "MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND." "MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND." "hISS HOOK OF HOLLAND." "MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND." "MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND." Prices: 3s, 2s, Is. Reserved Seats, is extra. Plans open Blrchall's 10 a.m. Fri day next SPECIAL TO MEMBERS. Full Rehearsal TO-NIGHT, 7.45. Important. Under Vice-Regal Patronage. WM ARE NOW SHOWING SOMr VERY FINE WORK IN ART PHOTOGRAPHE ETCHED ENLARGEMEN'TS, WVATER COLOUR PORTRAITS, AND CARBONS, FRAMED ENLARGEMENTS, from 25/-. Visitors are Invited to Inspect our Showroom. WHITELAW'S STUDIOS, 74 ST. JOHN-STREET. ARLY CLOSING Does NOT Prevent our Taking Portraits or Groups by the ZENITII LIGHT PORTRAIT INSTALLATION, Provided Our Customers Make Appointmntts. WE KNOW we can secure THE BEST Results with the Zenith, and what can he Sbetter than T'._AT? SPUItLING'S STUDIOS S (Two Doors from Quadrant), 52 BRISDANE-STREE'r, LAUNCESTON. 'fRLMASM ANIA'S PREMiIEr .I-..U l-RATrD j'- PUIBLICATIO ' T 1H ".WbI5EKLY

Amrusements. ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Direction of D. B. O'CONNOR AND GEO. CASTLES. TO-NIGHT (TUESDAY, 23rd). TO-NIGHT (TUESDAY, 23rd). TO-NIGHT (TUESDAY 23rd). THE MERRY WIDOW OPERA COMPANY In the Latest Amerloan Musical Comedy. "A CUBAN GIRL" .\t Present all the Rage of New York. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY TUESDAY, JANUARY 23. A CUBAN GIRL. BOX PLANS at Birchall's. Day Sales at Fitzgerald's, next Metropole; and Hazeldine's, Tobacconist. PRICES: D.C. and Reserved Stalls, 4/-; Stalls, 3/-; Back Seats, 2/-, after 7.45 One Shilling. ALBERT HALL. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 21. THE CATCH OF THE SEASON. T IIE ATTRACTION. THE ATTRACTION HE ATTRACTION. HE ATTRACTION TO-MORROW NIGHT. TO-MORROW NIGHT. MAMMOTH OPEN-AIR CARNIVAL. MAMMOTH OPEN-AIR CARNIVAL. MAMMOTH OPEN-AIR CARNIVAL. :lAT MrOTII OPEN-AIR CARNIVAL. CRICKET GROUND. CRICKET GROUND. CRICKET GROUND.. O.NI IHILLING No Extra to G. Stand. ONE SHILLING. Seating for Thousands. ONE SHILLING. Children, Half-Price. OURISTS' DRIVES DAILY. Tickets at Tourists' Bureau, opposite G.P.O. Hotels. CENTRAL. HOTEL. MODERATE TARIFF. J. T. SMITH, PROPRIETOR. Miscellaneous. HERE'S THE WAY! DAY'S Trade Palling- 'argains. Summer Sale Specials. OUR WONDERFUL TUSSORE SILK, 34in. wide, 1/11. PINK OR BLUE ZII'HYR CAMBRIC, 3Rd. OUR HEAVY FAST-DYE NAVY PRINTS, 7d and iRd yard; now 6d yard. CREAM SILK SI'ItlPE VOILE, 1/6. ALL-WOOL CREAM VOILE, 1/-. CREAM SICILIAN, 1/8, 1/0, 1/9. 36in. PURE CALICO, 3/11 dozen. DUCHESS SETS, 10%d, 1/2, 1/4, 1/6. EM.BROIoDElED TRAY CLOTHS, 10/ad, 1/2, 1/3, 1/6, 1/11, 2/3. WIDE ART MUSLINS, 2/11 dozen. FULL-SIZE I'ILLOV SLIPS, 41,d. FRILLED DITTO, 6d. 5lin. NURSES' APRON CLOTH, 101d. EMBROIDERED INSERTIONS, 2d, 2rd, 3rd, 4d. CALICO CiHEMS, 1/- A Bargain. LONG WHITE GLOVES, 1/-, 1/3, 1/6. LONG BLACK DITTO, 1/-, 1/3, 1/6, 2/-. WHITE KID GLOVES, 1/6, 1/11. TAN KID GLOVES, 1/6, 1/11, 2/6. NEW PURSES, with Cords or Straps, 101d, 1/-, 1/3, 1/6, 2/-, 2/3, 2/6, 2/11. LADIES' WHITE COSTUMES, Blouses or Skirts, all Reduced. WHITE MUSLIN APRONS, Trimmed Em broidery, Special, 1/- each. SPECIAL VALUE IN BLACK FANCY HOSIERY, 6d pair. BOYS' DRILL BLOUSES, all Reduced, and going to Olear at 1/-, 1/6, 1/9, 2/-, 2/3. MEN'S ALL-WOOL FLANNELS, 2/6. A NEW LOT OF OUR STRIPE TWEED DENIM TROUSERS, going at 2/6. Don't miss these. MEN'S PYJAMA SUITS, Our Own Make, 3/11, 4/11, 6/G, 6/11, 7/6, 8/6, 9/11, 10/6, S12/6. BARGAINS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. PARCEL SENT ANYWHERE, TOWN OR SUBURBS. DAY'S, 70-72 Wellington-st. MR. TASMAN PHILP, L.V. Sc., UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE. VETERINARY SURGEON. 43 PATTERSON-STREET, LAUNCESTON. Country Visits Arranged, Telephone 241. (By Special Appointment to His Excellency the Governor.) F. PAINE'S CARRIAGE AND MOTOR WORKS, 60 PATTERSON-STREET, We Strive to Give Satisfaction This is the reason of our Success during a quarter of a century of business expe rlence. Our Small Goods are reputed as being of the inest quality manufactured in the Com monwealth Our IHams and Bacon are mild Sugar Cured, and always give satitfaction. Our Dairy Produce Department is always busy buying and selling. We are the largest Manufacturers of Ice in Tasmania. We sell all lines wholesale or retail. Leonard Bender & Co. TO O RC II A RDISTS. APPLE-WRAI'PiNG PAPER. We have large supplies of best White Sulphite Paper for the coming season, and shall be pleased to quote Orchardists for either printed or plain. "THE EXAMINER" AND "COURIER" S. OFFICES, 73-75 Pstterson-street, Launceston. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES, RLECTTICAL, MIINING, AND GENEItAL MACHINERY'. SADLEIR AND KNIGHT, LAUNCESTON, Sole Agents WOEs DoRIS.' P., LD,, hEItlDQURPI~ -

Miscellaneous. Fruit Preserving. BEST JAM JARS. •b MASON'S PRESERVING BOTTLES PINTS, QUARTS, HALF-GALLONS. F T ENAMELLED PRESERVING PANS, FROM 4/6 UPWARDS. SPUN COPPER MASLIN PANS. WOOD SPOONS, RUBBER RINGS, ETC. Green, Ironmonger, MASSEY-HARRIS AGENT. SPECTACLE FRAMES In Rolled Gold. Very .Latest English Patterns. The Largest and Most Varied Stock in the City. At Low est Prices. In One Hour I can make up your Doctor's Prescription for Glasses.' Ac curacy Guaranteed. J. SPARROW, Ophthalmic Optician, 20 BrIs bane-street. At Private Resi dence only: Opposite Dr. Ilogg's. Taylor's, for GARDEN SEEDS, t GRASS SEEDS, ETC. MANGEL AND TURNIP. ARSENATE OF LEAP ETC. SPRAY PUMPS. FLORAL WORK. PLANTS. Granite Pillars, Launceston. LEMONADE CRYSTALS. There is no more Delightful Cooling Beverage than BECK'S LEMONADE. It contains Delicious and Health-giving Properties. As a Thirst-quencher its value is be coming well known. It is one "'of the Most Valuable and Agreeable Beverages at our command. Equally beneficial to, and liked by, both children and adults. You cannot be too careful what you drink In the summer. LEMONADE--2 Gallons for 5d. YOU CAN HAVE IT. JAMES BECK, Wholesale and Family Grocer. 141 CHARLES-STREET, LAUNCESTON, AND GILBERT-STREET, LATROBE.. CATTO'S HIGHLAND WHISKY. Ask for the GOLD LABEL, the came as supplied to the P and 0 Company. OBTAINABLE AT ALL HOTELS. JOHNSTONE AND WILMOT, LTD, Sole Wholesale Agents. TURNER & CO., 66 George Street. PERFUMERY LINES-ALL THE WELL KNOWN MAKERS. Rodger and Gallet's Velonte, all colours, 1/6; Butterfly, 1/6; Dragon Fly, 1/0; I Miss Flirt, 1/0; Jockey .Club, White Rose, All Maria Farina Eau-de-Colognes; Brlllantine, Od per bottle. Colgate's Powders, 1/- per tin. Colgate's Shlavng Sticks, 1/-. Colgate's Dental Ribbon, 1/-. 6olgate's Cashmere Bouquet Soap, Id and -1/a Yardley's Shaving Sticks, in gloss tube, a splendid Soap, 1/- each. Phulnana Soaps, Powder, and Perfume. Also in stock: Leather Goods, Watches, Clocks, Jewellery, Pipes, Tobacco, etc., etc., etc The Cheapest House in the City. Seasonable Goods. JUST LANDED, EX S.S. ARAWA. -Copper, Copper Sides and Bottoms, -and Tin Stove Kettles: E.P. Bread -Forks, Jam Spoons, Butter Knives, and --Pocket Cutlery U Japanned Oak Steel TRUNKS FROM 6/6 to 20/-, --ALSO,. FISHING TACKLE, B.L. GUNS, AM?MUNI of TION, CARPENTERS' TOOLS, ETC r- QUALITY AND PRICES RIGHT AT SAllen and Slater's, GOLDEN FLEECE BUILDINGS, Brisbane-street. 'Phone 226. Near Charles-st CRICKET MATCH. I You'll need something smart to wear On the 24th, As everybody will be there. We have The Best Stock, AND ALWAYS SOMETIING FRESH. T. W. Rule and Co., BOOT AN)D SIIOE IMI'ORTEIRS. TIl'E STRAND, 88 DItISBANE-S'rEl?T. 'Phone 52,

Miscellaneous. I THE REASON WHY Our Sales are so phenomenally successful is that at the back of all our advertising is the good name of the ILt The Golden Fleece pC For Goods of Repute. For over 50 years I The Golden Fleece has enjoyed the reputa tion of stocking the Best of Everything. pe "The Golden Fleeco if you want the best" has become an axiom in the drapery trade. oL When we step into the SALE ARENA. You know that the best of everything in Drapery is here for you to select from, and you buy all the time, an'd every time, Ih at to Genuine Bargain Rates. WE SUBMIT A FRESH LIST OF C' Bargain Specials. YOU MUST iBU TIIESE NOW. Underclothing oI All Kinds Specially Marked Down. Ribbed Cotton Vests, usual 9d, Sale i61. Ribbed White Cotton Vests, usual I/-; Sale d. n Ribbed White Cotton Vests, usual 1/6; Sale 1/-. t Ribbed fMercerised Cotton' Vests, usUal 2/9; 'Sale 1/11. Combinations. White Ribbed Cotton Combinations, usual t 2/3; Sale 1/11. White Ribbed Cotton Combinations, usual 2/6; Stle 1/6. White Ribbed Cotton Combinations, usual 2/11; Sale 2/8. White India Gauze Combinations, usual 3/11; Sale 2/11. Spencers and Bodices. White Ribbed Cotton Spencers, S.S., usual 1/6; Sale 1/-. White Ribbed Cotton Spencers, L.S., usual 1/6; Sale 1/ White Ribbed Cotton Spencers. L.S., usual 2/11; Sale 1/11 Camisoles Reduced as Under:1' 3/6, 2/6; 3/11, 2/11; 5/6, 3/11, 7/6, 5/11; 10/6, 7/11. NIGHTS, IN CALICO OR LONG CLOTH. 4/16, 2/6; 4/11, 3/11; 6/11, 5/11; 11/6. 8/11; 18/6, 13/0. Combs. - 3/11, 2/11; 5/11, 4/11; 7/11, 5/11; 8/11, , 6/11; 13/9, 8/11. A Few Lines Slightly Soiled. Speeially .Marlked Down. Blouses. White Muslin Blouses, fine organdie MIuslin, 5/11, 6/11,: all 3/11. White Merino Blouses, square neck, 6/11i; 4/11. White Merino Blouses, square neclk, 8/6; 5/11. White Silk Blouses, 10/6, 12/6, 15/6; 5/11, S/11, 7/11. Coloured' Net Blouses, 21/-, 10/6. White Net Blouses, 21/-, 15/6 Infants' Frocks and Pelisses. Slightly Soiled. Great Bargains. White Muslin Polisses, beautiful em broidery, 12/6, 6/11; 1/6, 7/11. Pique ditto, 12/6, 25/; 6/11, 9/11 White Muslin Frocks. 7/11, 4/11; 11/6, 5/11; 12/6, 7/11; 19/6, 8/11; 29/6, 14/6. White Silk Frocks. 11/6, 4/11; 15/6, 6/11; 16/6, d/l1; 27/6, 12/6. STRAWS up to 3/11 apiece; all 1/-. ODD CORSETS, up to 14/6; 2/11./ Some Notable Reductions in Our Silk Section. d 21in. Taffeta Chiffons, in green, hello, a amethyst, purple, and sky, usual prices 2/11 and 3/6; Sale price, 1/6 yard. 20in. SHANTUNG SILKS, in brown, hello and amethyst, usual price 2/11; Sale price 1/6. 271n. SHANTUNG SILKS, in brown, moss, and navy, usual price 3/6 yard; Sale price 1/11. SATIN SPOT FOULARD, navy and white. brown and white, black and white, usual price 2/6; Sale price 1/ P'ASTEL BLUE TAFFETA CHIFFON, usual price 2/11 yard, Sale price 1/ yard. PALE GREEN LOUISIENNE SILIK, usual price 2/11 yard; Sale price 1/0 yard. /6 The Golden Fleece Great Bargain Sale. R1EA])Y FOR PRESERVING TIME. We have Mason's Preserving Jars, as well as many other kinds ready for Pre serving time.---- - Do not forget this stock, nor what is more important--our prices. We have the Jars in all sizes-plenty of them-and all dependable. Those who in tend Preserving Fruit this season will find Sit a savlng to buy here. BATTENS BAZAAR, CItARLES AND ELIZABETH STREETS, 41 GEORGE-STREET, LAUNCESTO ON. NEVIN and HOWARD, S CARRIAGE DUILDERS. 166 AND 18 DB?.SB.AKI-,STPtJiET.