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Auckland, February 28. ^

The captain and crew of the Norwegian ahip Montgomeryshire have arrived here bj) the Navua, and report that the vessel, when bound from South America to Syd« 1 ney, in ballast, waa wrecked at Tonga oa February 12. The vessel was struck by . heavy squall, and missed stays when at» , tempting to go about. She was then drive«

on top of the reef a short distance from the shore. It was high water at the time, and consequently impossible to float thai ship. The weather was fine for som« days, and the crew were landed safely. Tib) wreck was purchased by the Tongan G» vernment for £83 on Saturday, and a gala* on the following Tuesday caused a heavy, break on the reef and made short work of the hull. Very little waa saved from thaj


The Montgomeryshire was an iron ahiT>, and originallv sailed under the British flag. Her dimensions were:-Length, '235~ft. 9 in.; beam, 38 ft. 1 in.; and depth, 23 ft. Sh-4 was owned by a Norwegian company.,.

Captain Torneasen, of the Montgomery« shire, knew by the reckoning that he wai

close to the group, but the weather waa M thick that it was impossible to sec any of. the islands. About 3 o'clock on the norn« ing of February 11 the lookout reported land ahead, and at the sanie moment . rocky coast a mile off was seen.

The captain gave orders for the ship tor be put about,- but it was too late. Strone

currents caught her, and despite the eiort* of the crew the vessel was slowly .cairicdP on to the rocks. Several times the/ali io nearly brought round, but just 4a the<)t*çr began to hope for success the current swung her round in the opposite direction. It was a. gloomy morning, and there waa a

heavy fog. through which the ¡aland aft- ' peared a faint outline. The heavy raja tended to add to the despair of the crew,

for that the vessel was doomed waa H« longer a matter of conjecture.

About 6.30 a.m.--three and a half boori after sighting the ¡aland-the vessel bumped hard and heeled over. It waa seen thal she had struck a reef, and she was making water fast. The boats were lowered,, ana the crew got safely ashore. The place where the vessel was wrecked is Fatuma, 14 mile« south of Nukualofa. The men wer« hospitably treated by the natives. Snbae* quently they made their way to Nukualofa, where they remained until the Navua


A few articles were saved from the wreck, but on the following Tuesday a heavy southerly gale sprang up. The vessel with» stood the battering for a time, and then commenced to go to pieces. ' On Friday last the hull split in two.

AU that now remains of the ship ia & heap of scrap iron.