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Last respects to Queen Mary


T ONDON, March 29 (AAP) — Crowds massed 10 deep down the Mall and Whitehall to see the coffin of Queen Mary carried from Marlborouqh House to Westminster Hall this

afternoon. Footguards in their long grey coats and bear skins stood with bayonets Fixed in close formation aver both sides of the route. Only wreath on the coffin ;vas from the Queen and the Ouke of Edinburgh. The body will lie-in-State in Westminster Hall until ruesday morning. The Coronation stands ivere filled, even at points which did not overlook the route. There were breaks in the clouds and at times the sun shone brightly. Special service Shortly before noon the Queen, the Duke of Edin burgh, the Queen Mother, nnd other members of the Royal Family drove to Buckingham Palace from Marlborough House where ;hey had attended a short service conducted by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The small chapel, with its ?reen and sold wood carv ing, was lit by eight handles. Two were on the altar, and six flanked the Royal coffin, which stood an the catafalque draped with Queen Mary's per sonal standard before the altar. - Other members of the Royal Family present were Princess Margaret, the Duke if Windsor, the Princess Royal, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duchess of Kent with the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra, and the Earl and Countess of Harewood. Members of Queen Mary's household and staff also at tended the service. 'Devoted Lilibet' Placed on the coffin was the Queen's wreath bearing a card inscribed 'In lovine memory, from her devoted Lilibet and Philip.' The wreath was comoosed of condiflorum lilies, lilies of the Valley, cream and whitr

freesias. golden roses and vhite carnations. At the head of the coffin vas the wreath of the Queen Mother and Princess Mar ?aret. It bore a card in icribed 'With love and de rotion from Elizabeth and Margaret.' 'Loving memory' The other wreath at the foot of the coffin at the pase of the catafalque was Tom Queen Mary's sons and laughter and daughtersin aw. The card was inscribed 'In loving memory from her ievoted children, David, Mary, Harry, and Alice and Marina' (the Duke of Windsor, the Princess Royal, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester and the Duchess Df Kent). Behind the troops and Dands in the solemn proces sion the coffin was pre ceded by two of Queen Mary's footmen, followed by :wo pages, and her steward. King's troop The gun carriage drawn by :he King's troop of the *oyal Artillery was flanked -.v the pallbearers, Colonels )f Queen Mary's regiments. After them, walking in line., were the Duke of Kent, aueen Mary's grandson, the Duke of Gloucester, the Duke of Windsor and the Duke of Edinburgh. A guard of honour of the grenadier Guards received ;he coffin at Westminster rlall where the Queen. Queen Mother,, Princess Royal and Princess Margaret were waiting.