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? FLORISTS ? BERMUDA, bouquets, wreaths, 329 Adelaide St. BG16I. night JW2O70. CLEMENTS ART FLORISTS. Ar tistic floral designs. 131 Stanley St.. near Bridge. .12408, all hours. IRIS, Isles Lane. Bouquets, wreaths. FA1385: night XL35C5. MONUMENTAL ANDREW ti. PETRIE, Monumental Sculptor, Cemetery Oatcs, Too wong. U3844. U3960. ? CARDS, INVITATIONS. ETC. WEDDINGS. 21st birthday Invita tions printed. Samples, prices sent on lequest. H. R. Percy. 6th Floor. A.M.P Bldg.. Brisbane. B4536. ? PERSONAL ? A. Plnfcerton's Investigations, Wool worth's Bides.. 129 Adelaide St. Divorce and all inquiries. B38O2. ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, Write Box 192SW. G.P.O. A. Spinster de6ires meet well dressed gent, of position. Intro., O.K.C. Club, 117 Queen St. ABSOLUTE Privacy guaranteed at Emma Smith's Matrimonial Bureau. 117 Wharf St., near Fir* Station. Hours, dally 2-4.30, Tues day, Friday nights, 7-8: Sat. morn ings 10.30-12. Call, write, ph. B8103. A TTRACTTVE war widow, om -ti. child, wishes meet gentleman at Smith's. A Wealthy grazier. 38, wishes meet laay, housekeeper, v.m. Personal introductions this week. Smith's. TTJIVORCE evidence collected, con yj fidcntlal enquires effected. Universal Investigators (Regd.), ;c)lic chambers, 246A George Street. LONELY Bachelor, Good home, wishes correspond with lonely country young lady. 21 to 28. v.m. 1 suitable. CLZ26. Courlcr-Mall. TITALE, an. wishes contact persoi. t'X interested contemporary writing. K. Mansfield, Kafka, others. Box CLZS4. Courier-Mall. ?PROFESSIONAL. middle - aeetl C gentleman invites correspondence unencumbered lady, artistic pur suits. Box CR45. Courier-Mall. \XrORKING gem.. teetotaller t T. thoughtlul, neat appearance, value nice pleasant lady friend. 40 45, completely free, v.m., confiden tial. Box CR28. Courier-Mall. TXTOULD Sidney Vlctry Uren write 'J urgently J. Hutchtusou, post Office, Kensington, N.S.W. WOULD gentleman who spoke tc lady sitting In cur which had been in accident, Ipswich Road, An nerley on 13tlt June, please contacl Wilson. JW3255?

REFRIGERATORS AN outstanding choice ol scaled unit refrigerators. Incl. PREST COLD, PRESIDENT, CROSLEY. AIR STREAM, etc.. after sules service assured al BUSH & CO.. 506 Queen St.. opp. National Hotel. A FTER Sales service Is Important -iAivhen you buy a Refrigerator! With every ELECTRICS sold goes the guarantee of prompt, efficient attention to all servicing or repairs. In addition, Howards. Ltd.. will ser vice or repair ANY make of Re frigerator. HOWARDS, LTD.. 311 Adelaide Street. Brisbane. /'1ROSLEY Quick Freeze Units and 'o Refrigerators, immed. del., easj terms. BUSH & CO., 605 Queen St. qpp. National Hotel. li'OK. sale, stient Knight househulc J- refrigerator, perfect order, £4t or offer. Phone J1719. /Outstanding value in luiiy re \J conditioned domestic relrtgera tors, as new. Electric element oi Kerosene models. Both silent li operation. Only a lew available al special price. £65. Tcrmt- available Buzacotts (O ), Ltd.. Adelaide St. or ut Goodwin St.. Kangaroo Pt. QELL Silent Knight, excellent con SO dlCion, £40. XU2838. ELL Silent Knight refrigerator 1 very sood order and condition £48/10/; also new English cname cast Iron bath, price £15. Can bi inspected 303 Lutwycho Road, Wind sor. 17 tram slop. QELL Kerosene Refrigerator cheap 0 B0067. TRADE In refrigerators. Ice chests on any new refrigerator; easlcs terms. Hlchest allowances given Phone L1846. 6CU. FT. Gas President. 8 cu. tt sealed unit, electric Presldeni 8!i cu. It. Coldstrcam unit, 6 cu ft. English electric Rltemp bcalee unit. Immediate delivery. KinK'i Music House. 77 Queen St.. Bris hnnc. B3711. ? OPTOMETRISTS ? AW. CARLTON-SM1TH. B9267. Highest English Diplomas by Exam. 1?7 Queen Street. H. W. Kllgour, Optometrist. Com. -Bank,Chs.. 231 Albert St.. be tween Queen -fc Adelaide Sis. B0646. T LOYD G. WORFOLD. 1 i Ground Floor. 275 to 277 Bruns wick St.. Valley Corner. VrUNDAH OPTOMETRIST. It c/- Wurfold. Jewelier. STACEY k. STACEY, OPTOMET RISTS. 142 Adelaide St. B2353 Also TownsvMle and Pnulhpurt THOS. GAMIN. Optometrist. 3n Floor, A.M.P. BldB. B5C45 Mr J. 8. Codiranc In attendance. WYNNUM OPTOMETRIST, Worfold. c/- Curtis, Chemist. W. J. DOBBYN personally visiu invalids, aged. Bowman Kse. cr. Adelaide and Edward St-s. B86B5

LOST AND FOUND BLACK Kelpie dog, from Henry St., Wynnum Cent., two collars, answers to 'NId.' Reward. Apply Wlllctt. Henry St., Wynnum Cent. BLACK Scotch 'lcrrler, named Bonnie, lost near Stafford School. Contact K. A. Smith. Balal Street, or phone LM4410. Reward. 71OUND Exhibition, gold wrist JU watch and band. Saturday. Owner BPPly II Elver Street. Bulimba. .1OUHD. wallet. Exhibition - Ground. Ring XU2304, iiOUND. Ipswich train, Tuesday i- night, pay envelope. Owner, claim, 192 Vemey Road, East Grace ville. Thursday. ? Have you tried this column for your advertisement? All you have to do Is to Ring FA01U and ask Jor 'Classified Ads.' We do the, rest — and you pay when you come lo town. Country readers! Send us your advertisement: We will Insert It snd send you an account. - OST, lady's gold wristlet watch, J at Exhibition. Balurday night. 'vnaiure1.Pt'Se«°»?d.l5a^W168f.C't'meOlal OST. small brown overnight bag, -I Ferny Orovo train, 6.30 p.m., Friday. Ring LL1C25. OoT. between Sherwood and i-l MontroBe Home. Corinda, gold wristlet watch. Reward. Ph. UXU41. OST. Oxlcy. Wlre-halrcd Terrier -Lj pup. answers Bonnie. UX2215. Reward. LOST, lady's gold wristlet watch, City. Reward. .13666. LOST, musical saw. between Nar angba. and Ellmbah or Upper Caboolture and Ellmbah, last month. Reward. C. McConnell, Ellmbah. [ EFT. Ascot taxi. 4th August, U walking slick. Good reward. B8216. [ OST. parcel drcus material, In J-/ Adelaide Street. Reward. 155 EUdon Rd.. Windsor. r OST, Foxle pup. 54 Park Rd. ??J West. Dutton Park. Reward. 1OST. Ycronga, Sunday, half J Persian female cat. Reward. Ring JW1O63. LOST, Cameo ear-ring, front of or In City Hall. Saturday night. Reward. Ring MU2608. r OST beUccn Brisbane and Mur \.J wlllumbah. Approval plate. Q.T.G.O44O. Phone B2000. LOST, new Couway Stewart pen. between city and Coorparoo. Ring XU1097. Reward. LOST, in Nudgee Road, Doombcn, small black purse, containing £5 note and grocery list. Finder, please ring MW1572. LOST, Chermsiac trnm, Tuesday afternoon, small port, contain ing bank books, watch, etc. Re ward. Phone LU1226. MRS. Hlnklns, who had her ears pierced by E. H. stalncs yes terday, is advised that her lost parcel awaits her at the 'Cave of Ocmc.' flowes Bids., Edward St. PERSON called at 17 Gregory Ter race. Ring B0183 re skirt, uo trace of skirt. WOULD person who found brown leather bag In taxi Saturday night, please return 86 Maync Avenue, Wllcton? Reward. ? BUILDING MATERIALS,^ A. All classes sand, gravel, ashes, filling, granite, soil. LM5542. ASHES, breeze, 9 yds. 45/, 12 yds. 55/. MW 1386. MW1B21. ALL GRADE GRAVEL, SAND, SOIL. S.S. GRAVEL PTY.. LTD.. Albany Creek, Ph. 27, Strathplne. A SHES. Sand, Gravel, Soil. Top JX. dressing, general carrying. Prompt attention. XL3429. ASHES, 10 yds. £2, sawdust 10 yds. £2. Prompt. UX3314. ASHES, breczF. cement, sand, gravel, filling, soil. Prompt de livery. XL1312. ASHES. BREEZE DELIVERY. 13 yds. £3. 9 yds. £2/5 . Same day delivery anywhere. Reduction large fill:. ? JW1057. LM5552. R. Michel. AVAILABLE IMMEDIATE DELIVERY: HARDBOARD. All Sizes. THREE-PLY. 6x3. FLOORING, Dry, Select Qualltj. MOULDINGS. All Sizes. SCANTLINGS, Trailer Loads. PALINGS. All Sizes. EAST COAST TIMBERS, PTY., LTD.. 99 Milton Road. MILTON. Tram Stop 5, Toowong Line. Phone FM3719. FM5631. A. Immediate delivery, corrugated Iron, i,i' to 2' wire netting, and barb wire, V to V/t' piping, all rain water goods. BO230. Mann, Monro Street, Kelvin Grove. ARE you mixing concrete, Hire a 'LIGHTNING' 3'i C. ft. Power Mixer. Builders' Barrows also available. We deliver. RING LIGHTBURN, B8314 (After lira. M3138.). A Large quantity of steel fencing posts, barbed wire netting, wire '/z Inch to 2 Inch. Also '2 inch to l'.i inch galvanized piping'. B0239. BALMORAL Hardware. Pint. 3 ply In 6 x 3 and 7x3, from 11/ sheet. Flbro, 3/7 per so., yard. Factotlle tlleboard. in cream and green, 22/ per sq. yard. All builders and painters' requisites, at competi tive prices. Phone XL32B7. We de liver C.O.D. BALMORAL HARDWARE, pine 3 ply In G and 7x3. flbro. 3/7 square yard. 'Factotllc' tlleboard. C.S.R. hardboard In 6 and 8 x 4' 6. also limited stock 'Prlmccote' Masonltc. Phone XL3397. We deliver C.O.D. BR1CKMAKING machine. 'Rapid', almost new. go to Isles Love Auction, next Friday. BEST quality house stumps. 2,6 per foot, delivered. Ph. XY6353. /'1HAIN wire, 10, 12. 14 gauge, any \.J height or length, direct from manufacturer, H. F. Lovelock, Break fast Creek Road, Ncwstead. L2900. /1ASEMENTS, flush doors, sinks. Kj baths, basins, Cooper louvres, and glass cut to any size. Taub mans and T.B. paints, lead, and zinc In oil. Trade supplied. Phone XL3297. Balmoral Hardware, Tram stop 34. CEMENT. Imported, any quantity. Ring XL12C6, all hours. ? CORRUGATED IRON. IMMEDIATE DELIVERY. Imported galvanised, 6, 1, and 8fl. lengths. 2Gg., 6 and 8ft. lengths, 24s.. suitable for tank making, flat 24 and 26g. Galvanised spring head nails. Also Jolt head and flat head nails, panel pins, wall board, plywood. wire, barbed wire, netting, steel rods, fence posts, angles, etc. WHITECHAPEL TRADING CO., PTY., LTD., 161 Stanley St.. sth. Brisbane. J1601 (2 lines'). Or XU3246, after hours. HAIN WIRE, 50' X 3$ X 4' mesh. 10 gauge, at £2. suitable pig netting. H. F. Lovelock, 80 Break fast creek Road. Newstcad. L2900 C1YCLONES I Almost any rooting J tile will act as a shade irom the sun. but ft takes an ANN ZAT ROOF to Insure asatnst Cyclones. ANN ZAT ROOFING TILES, 'THE CROWNING GLORY OF YOUR HOME.' Factories throughout the State. For Immediate service phone Rcdcliffe 235 or, Bfter hours. Rcd cllffe 455. See them being made at thp T?xhlhltlnn. St. Paul's pntrance.

DWYER'S HARDWARE. 1B2 Roma Street, City. Phone B9438, have for Immediate Delivery: 7ft., 8ft. Galv. 26 gauge Roofing Iron. Dog Netting, 38 x 3 x 17 gauge. Rabbit Netting, 42 x 1 ? i x 17 gauge; Rabbit Netting. 42 x l'».. xlo gauge; 8 and 10 and 12 gauge Plain Wire. German, Belgian, French Barb Wire. Baths, English, all colours. 72 x 2 .\ 19 gauge Poultry Netllng. Til ing and Panel Board Hardboard. Tank Iron, 26 and 24 gauge. Flat Iron.. DWYER'S have arriving In 4 to 6 weeks, 6. 7, 8tt. Jap. Roof ing Iron, at New Reduced Prices. DWYER'S MANUFACTURING. WARWICK, for Irrigation Plants Bnd Irrigation Equipment, Gates, Laundry Trolleys. Order at 182 Roma St.,' City. DOORS. CASEMENTS, and WIN DOWS, any design, in Maple. Oak, or Softwoods. Quotation.', given for any Quantities, type, and design, unglazcd. Inquiries solici ted. T. W. Wlnkworth Pty.. Ltd., P.O. Box 819. Cairns. N.Q. . ITiLATTENED Drum Iron, 2/6 per - sheet, 2nd hand. HV and 3' black piping, open top drums, suit able farmers. 160 Cavendish Rd., Coorparoo. XU1209. FANCY plywooa available In rea sonable quantities, also all Join ery and- builders' hardware. Town -t Country Joinery Works Pty., Ltd.. Commercial Road, Valley. L1585. FOR sale. E.C., good order. Phone JW3408. ? ' GARAGES. FARM SHEDS. ETC. Standard Frames Pre-cut and clearly marked for case ot erection. Prices from £27. Phone J3202. ATES, stock size, immediate dc llvcrj'. all other sizes made to order, direct from manufacturers. H. F. Lovelock, Breakfast Creek Road. Newstcad. GATES, steel or wire, Immed. de liv., chain wire available, any length. Munt. GO Wharf St. B8G82. GERMAN talv. lenclng wire, it gauge, £83: 14 gauge. £80: 13 gauge, £77 per ton. Dyinc Pro ducts. Albion. Phone M6408. HOME Builders. Save Money I Let us quote for your house frame and roof. Econo-Stcel Coy., 177 Ann St.. Brisbane. B3873. ? Have you tried this column lor your ndvertiscmeuty All you have to do Is to Ring FA0111 and ask for 'Classlilcd Ads.' We do the rest— aud vou pay when you come to town. Country readers! Send us your advertisement: We will insert it and send you an account. TMMEDIATE DELIVERY. ! X IMPORTED GALVANISED PIPING. 25.000 feet min., 1/6 foot. 10,000 feet, l'/^ln., 3/3 foot 5.000 feet, 2in., 5/7 foot FARM TECHNICAL SERVICES. LTD.. Box 834L. G.P.O.. Brisbane. T AMINEX, FORMICA. -Ij Cut to your size or shape ana fitted II required. All colours avail able. TRADE SUPPLIED. SIDCO, 332-8 Old Cleveland Road. COORPAROO. XU4701. T AMINEX or Formica cut to size, 1j «nd fixing service. Do not be without this marvellous top on your tables and cupboards. Terms can be arranged. Whlinp, 53 Munitions Area, Salisbury. JW2C73.

BUILDING MATERIALS r USTRETILE for bathrooms. ?i Cream and Green. Also three ily, now available at EXTONS. Vlckliam St., Valley, and at 280 Sueen Btreet. JOGS wanted, on rail or at Mill. J Morrison Sawmills, Cr:bb Street, Million. VTACO Acrylic Sink. 4ft. 6ln.. com ~ plele wllh cabinet. ' £10/10/. 3RETTS. Grey Street. Sth. Brli.bane. NEW timber, hardwood, enough lor heavy truck tray body. MIHJ1. VTACO Louvre fittings and figured Ll glass Louvre Blades. Brett A; :o.. Grey St., South Brisbane. AREGON and New Zealand, pine. 17 dry cut to sizes suit Joinery and urnlture manufacturers. iiIfo North Jucensland furniture Umbers, rotary ,nd sliced plywoods. Motion A- Co. 'ty. Ltd.. Melbourne Street, South irlsbanc. ? PINE. Rough and Dressed Pino Motor Car Ca;cs. Timber for the Handy Man, Half Price. Railage or cartage arranged, any part ol Elate. Country clients catered lor. Call and inspect. C. W. LUTTON PTY.. LTD.. 116-132 Montague Road. South Brlsbine. Or Phone J5851 (5 lines). LANS. Specillcations prepared. Basement, 300 Queen St. B7843. PALINGS, all sizes, for Immed. delivery, at wholesale prices. Simpsons Sawmills, Chermslde. LX1083. 1JLANS from £5/5/. house, shop, . factory. Permits obtained. BG180. J2244. QTEP ladders, lock Joint hinges. O strongly made. 6ft., 6(/6; 7ft.. Ul/6. at Ironmongeries, Pty.. Ltd.. 152 Queen Street. Brisbane. ? CJTEEL FENCING POSTS. O STEEL REINFORCING RODS. Immediate Delivery. WHITECHAPEL TRADING CO., PTY.. LTD.. . 161-163 Stanley St., South Brisbane. J1691— J1081. OELL quantity Hat flbto ana super O six, below cost. XW203C. CELL 10 sheeti flbro roofing. 7ft. O lengths. Marsh 315 Boundary Rond. Coorparon. CELL scrubwood cabinet logs 4oyKlty O outright, close Brls. Box CR23, Courier-Mall. CELL 2 colls barbed wire. £10. S3 O Old Cleveland Road, Stone's Cor QELL 12 sheets 8ft. galvanised Iron. O new, £12 the lot. 93 Old Cleve land Road, Stone's Corner. rpiMBER. -L- 6' chamfer boards. 6' T. and G. flooring, In seasoned. Qld. pine step timber. W.B.. and all size scantlings, now available all llrst class timber, in yard. Call and In spect at Stone's Corner Timber Yard, Junction St., beyond Palm Car Sales. Open Saturdays, phone XU1561. miLES. £35 '10/ thousand, de J- livcred. Excelsior Tiles. Paten Street. Milton. FM3958. TITAN guaranteed chisels. lull range stocked. Socket 1' bevel edge 8/7. Three foot rules 9/G each. At Ironmongeries. Pty., Lid.. 152 Queen Street. Brisbane. rilAUBMANS PLASTIC CEMENT. -I For the tradesman and house holder. Excellent results on wood, metal, paper, cloth, glass, china, leather. &c. Obtainable at all stores. USE TAUBMANS PAINTS. Obtainable at all Stores. VENETIAN and uwmng blinds sup plied by J. M. Hamilton. 4b Edward St.. near Gardens. B3601. WE restump houses. Robinson Bros. XU1731. ? WANTED CYPRESS PINE FLOOR ING Sawn Boards and Scantling. Price lo J. W. Patmorr. c- Cum berland Timber Industries Ply., Ltd., Victoria Road. Parramatta. N.S.W. WINDOW sasliet. ooors. tec.-naiia \ - fanlights. Inquiries. 41G Vulture St.. Sth. Brisbane ? . WIRE NETTING. Immediate Deliver}'. 36 x V-i x 22 Bird Netllng. 72 x 2 x 19 Poultry Netting. 12 and 42 x lVi x 17 Rabbit Netting. Also Fencing and Barb Wire and Steel Fencing Posts. WHITECHAPEL TRAD1NO CO.. PTY .L.TD., 161 Stanley St.. Sth. Brisbane. J1691 (2 lines). Or XU324G, after hours.

BUILDING MATERIALS WANTED quantity of G.W.I, pipe-, VV l'i' and 2'., Australian. XL141I. WANTED hire two painter's VV trestles. Ring FM3O58. YOUR HOME.' A New Book of House Plans by O. Meek, ivailab'.e Rt all book stores. Prlco 3/. postage 3d. PRE-FAB. CONSTRUCTION BARKER LEE READY CUT HOUSE FRAMES, Weatherboard and Fleming, Pine Jamb Flooring. Immediate Delivery. FINANCE ARRANGED. FINANCE ARRANGED. ilO IPSWICH ROAD. MOOROOKA, Tramp Stop 31. Phone .1W2619. After hours LU1155. UCLL Kcady-lo-erect Kheci, ano O Temp. Dwelling, from £80. itn nedlBtc delivery, workmanship guar anteed. Write, call, or phone Hughe:. 5: Co.. Eowmlllers. Builders. Stralh plne. ? MACHINERY, TOOLS A. W. PRYOR VISIT OUR DISPLAY AT THE SHOW, and INSPECT THE LARGE RANGE OF INDUSTRIAL EQUIP MENT, including the Famous DANARM Portable Power-driven Chain Saws. Including 18 models. The outstanding 320 and 420 c.c. B.S.A. Industrial Engines, 6-8 and 8-10 h.p. C.l.P. Diesel Engines made by B.S.A. Home Lighting Equipment and Pumping Units. The DANARM can be seen under actual working conditions. Both the petrol and electric models are being operated at our display. THE BRITISH DANARM IS THE WORLD'S RENOWNED CHAIN - 6AW. FIRST IN THE FIELD AND THERE TO STAY. DANARM The Portable B.S.A. Industrial Engine has 101 applications, includ ing power for centrifugal pumps, compressors, market garden trac tions, circular saws, shearing, and. In fact, wherever portable power Is required up to 8 b.n.p. A. W. PRYOR. 56-66 Logan Road. South Brisbane. Phone X328I-6. U8TRALIA'S best value In dlesel engines— the 'Southern cross,' 2-i h.p. £123, 4 h.p. £175, 10 h.p. £254, 20 h.p. £450, 30 h.p. £615, and 40 h.p. £840. Farm Sup plies Pty., Ltd.. upstairs. B.A.F.S. Chambers. W'gabba. X3464. ? A A A CANADIAN SAW CARRIAGE. Immediate Delivery: New. Price £460. rails Included. ^ Ganged Heads. Fitted with Independent Control Mechanism and Precision sizing Gauge. NEWTOWN ENGINEERING CO., for Inspection. NY lathe work, repairs, new parts precisely and quickly done. Continental experts. Wclsz & Engel, 8 Little Edward St. B8285. AUTOMATIC saw-sharpening machine lor sale, will sharpen hand-saws. bnnd-saws. circular saws Garlon and Waddcll, 130 Ade luldc Street. Brisbane. ATTENTION log haulers, new double drum IorrIiik winches available early delivery. Ph. J3369.

MACHINERY, TOOLS A .8. A. Farm Machinery Ply., Ltd., 74 Eagle Street, have something new of Interest to all on the land at our display In the Motor Section nt I he Royal Show. The latest ad ditions to the Howard Rotary Family, the 'DH226' 25/35 H.P. Auio Rotary Hoc, and the 3'j H.P. 'Terrier' 12-inch and 14-Inch cut. Exhaustive tests have proved these Mill be welcome additions to Rotary Tillage. Don'i mlse seeing theif and the complete Howard Rotary Hoe Family, from 'Cubs' to OU. Trnlllng Hoes, also G.V.B. Mllker-i. Wolscley Engines, and Home Light Ing Plants. A IR compressor, 35 c. ft. per A minute. 6 h.p. motor, with twitch. Modern Brakes. 377 Stanley St. J5437. ALUMINIUM, brasr.. copper, gun metal, lead, radiators, old bat itrlcs, cast Iron purchased lor cash. Abrahams k Williams, cr. Montague Rd. and Stanley St.. South Bris bane. Open Saturday morning. ALL new cawmllllnc equipment, early delivery. Call, write or Phone Newtown Eng. Co.. 573 Stanley Street. South Brisbane. J33C9. ALLIS Chalmers Model M Crawler Tmctor. 32 H.P.. for rale, com plete with Hystcr Logging Winch and Bobtail .linker. In very good condition. Will sell separately. Apply Box CLT3B. Courier-Mall. ? A.C.F.C. 'BELorUMi, THREE-PHASE ELECTRIC MOTORS HIGH TORQUE. DRIP-PROOF. TYPES AV. 1022-3044. WITH THE FOLLOWING SPECIAL FEATURES;— 1. High Starting Torque. 2. Low Starting Current. 3. High Efficiency and Power Factor. «. Small physical size for given 5. Standard and Roller Bearings. 6. High Quality Workmanship. 7. Special Types for All Purposes. 8. Precise Construction— all parts Interchangeable. Also totally enclosed types AK 244 to AK 844. Speed and Range. From Stock Deliveries. 3000 r.p.m., 1.35 to 40 h. 1600 r.p.m., .85 to 27 h.p. 1000 r.p.m. .55 to 17.5 h.p. 750 r.p.m., 4.1 to 12.2 h.p. Fractional single-phase and up to 1 h.p. from stock. Other tj-pes and sizes up to 1000 h.p. on application. MOFFATT CONSTRUCTION CO.. 123 BARRY PARADE. BRISBANE. Sole Agents for Queensland, North ern Rivers of N.S.W., and New Eng land. We Invite applications for sub agents in the above areas. Telephone L4358. P.O. Box 3C0E, Brisbane. Telegraphic address: MOFCON. BRISBANE. RASS repetition work manuiac tured on modern Capstan lathes. Best prices quoted. P. M. Dalton. Annie St.. K. Pt. X3184. BORE pumphead wanted, any con dition. Also 2' piping. MU2517. BRITSTAND RIPPERS. auto matic, cable, hydraulic. suit tractors, 25 to 130 h.p., now avail able. Full details on request. U.K. A: DOMINION MOTORS. 275 Wlckham Btreet, Valley. Phone L1761. B.M.B. Light British Tractors 'pay their way every day.' l-i h.p. Hoematc. 3 h.p. Cultlmate. 6 h.p. Plowmate. and 10 h.p. Presi dent. Farmer's Eng. Agency, Box 639H, Phone B8034. or XU2549. BORING. Sanding, Polishing, Grinding. 'Morrlsflex' flexible shaft machines, electric or petrol driven. Call or write for catalogue and price lists, William Adams & Company, Limited, Stanley St., Sth. Brisbane. Tel. J1357. BLUE Streak Minor chain saw for sale. Ring UX3203. BORE Jack Pumu wanted. Anj condition. MU2517 BROOKS fully enclosed 40 horse power motor, done nine weeks' work. E. A. Knowics. FW2194. BREAKING-DOWN frame required. Quote on rail. Details, Morrison Sawmills. Crlbb St.. Milton. BLACKSTONE British Diesel en gines. 10 h.p. to 37 h.p. hori zontal type, ex stock. Gibson. Battle & Co.. Ltd.. 635 Kent St.. Sydney. CARPENTERS, woodworkers' comb outfits, planes, saws, rabbets, bores, mortlcer, tenons. makes mouldings. £22'10.': Jigsaws, lathes, £22 10/: spindle moulders. £13/10/, Woodmachlnco. rear of 96 Grej Street. J1716

MACHINERY. TOOLS COUNTRY VISITORS. We cordially Invite you to Inspect our flrcflght ing. Jetting, orchard, and power spray equipment, spray booms, fruil uroderB. ueedlcldes, and Insecticides ut our office. 300 ADELAIDE BTREET. BRISBANE. POPE, MAYNE. Al SOUTHERDEN, PTY.. LTD. The Billy Bolls at 10 a.m. aud 'i p.m.. Join us In a cuppa. r-lARHENTERS' 3!t. ruicZ l'zln. Kj width, larcc hinges, price 0/0; six-hole revolving leather punches at 11,3 each, at Ironmongeries. Pty.. Ltd.. 102 Queen Street. Brisbane. fiATT. 30 Crawler Tractor. Good. Kj Proctor. Sawmlller. Ashcrovc. Brttbnne. FW2665. riASH. CASH. CABH. Old car *_' batteries bought. Abrahams and Williams, cnr. Montague Road and Stanley Street. South Brisbane. Open Haturrlav mornings. riATERPILLAR 30. In good work v-' Ing condition, no work since ex tensive overhaul. Price £825. Box 52 Chlldcrs. or Phone 120. ? EXCAVATORS 2 Only BUCYRUS ERIE 20-B li yd. Excavators, with Crowd Attachment, Powered with 5 L. W. GARDNER DIESEL ENGINE. Reason for selling: Replacing with new. Can be Inspected In work at Yallourn North (Vic.) Quarry. Apply MOBILE QUARRIES PTY., LTD., 14 Irving Street, Footscray. Vic. . Phone MW4375. EXCAVATOR— BUCYRUS ERIE. 15- B 'i yd. Excavator. With Crowd Attachment. Powered with 4 L. W. GARDNER DIESEL ENGINE. Can be Inspected In work at Quarry near Geelong (Vic. p. Reason for selling— replacing with Apply MOBILE QUARRIES PTY., LTD , H Irving street, Foolscray, Vic. Phono— MW4375. EXCAVATOR— BUCKEYE. =(4 yd. Excavator. With Crowd Attachment. Powered with G.M. DIESEL ENGINE. Reason for selling— replacing with Can be Inspected at Depot. MOBILE QUARRIES PTY., LTD., 14 Irving Street, Footscray, Vic. Phone— MW4375. X^OK sale, complete fencing out X.' fit. most modern machinery pro curable. Including mobile motor driven posthole digger, self-propelled, motor-driven borer, drilling all holes In one operation, chain saw, hand tools, complete camping gear, tar paulins and tcntage, etc., Chevrolet 4x4 truck, well shod, in very good order. For quick sale. Ring M196E or write 27 Maygar Street, Windsor. IT'LECTRIC motors, all sizes. T. H. V-i Cock. 521 Lutwyche Rd. M3403. TT'OR sale. 3-ton Mobile Crane, 3 -L yard Brltstand hydraulic scoop, 2-j-ard Britstand hydraulic slit scoop. 2 only 14 x 6 Colonial type boilers. 1351b. pressure. J. J. Bloomer, Boundary Street, near Montague Road. South Brisbane. FOR sale, one Barker 20 Inch Saw Bench, with 3 h.p. motor und boring attachment, £160. Inspection Invited Application to Secretary. Metropolitan Fire Brigades Board, Whart Street. Brisbane. 171REE spooling tlmDer winch, ap . prox. 30011. rope. 1st class order, £80 lot: also 5 blitz tyres wheels, and tubes. £50. B60G0.

MACHINERY, TOOLS I7»OR sale. 3000' of 2',i' and 6' - galv. piping, 6 h.p. Ronaldson fc Tippet. 10 h.p. McDonald, nnd 10 h.p. Southern Cross Diesel en slne, 9' centre lathe. 0' hacksaw, -aw fplndlcs. bench rollers, wheels, ind axles, and machinery of every Inscription. J. J. Bloomer. Boundary Street, near Montague Road, South Brlj-bunc. IjiOR fialn. new 'AI!nV sled dl.'C ' type production pipe-culling ma ^hlnp, motorized, complete with ac Lcworlcs and demurring conical reuiner. Capacity -2in. lo Gin. dia meter. In boiler tube, price appro::. £400. Apply K. C. Winning. JW4004. IfOR Mile, large quantity of nm monla colls. J. J. Bloomer, loundary street, near Montague rtoiid, South Brisbane. I^OIl sine, motor grids, 10' x 6', made from steel, J. J. Bloomer, ioundary street, near Montague Road, South Brisbane. i;iARM Supplies Pty. Ltd., for -L 'Southern Cross' dlcscla. wind mills, pumps, irrigation plants, etc. The best for less. Upstairs, B.A.F.S. Chambers, neur P.O., W'gabba. X3464. tfOR sale, Marshall portable steam JO boiler and engine, registered. Apply Box 82 Post Office, Roma. Ij^OR sale, Allls Chalmers HD10 - Tractor. Baker angle blade. Tutt Bryant logging winch, and FCU -.let I logging JInker. £4000. JW2855. fi EAR and Oear Cutting. We y~* manufacture all types of spui spirals and helical worm and worm wheels, . straight .tooth crown wheels and pinions, level and Instrument gearing generated by Sunderland Fellows, Power Hobblng, and Glca son bevel process. We will gener ate your blanks. Mars Machine Tool Manf. Co., Pty., Ltd., Brldgo Street. Valley. L1655. HYDRAULIC Tilt blade pump, brackets, TD14, as new. £850. M1760. ? Have you tried I Ills column lor your advertisement? All you have lo do Is to fting PA0111 and ask for 'Classified Ads.' We do the rest— and y..u pay when you come to town. Country readers! Send us your advertisement: We will Insert it and send you an account. 'INTERNATIONAL TD14 Tractor, J- 2000 hours, fitted D.D.. P.C.U., Dozer equipment optional. Box CN90. Courier-Mail. LATHE, 6',j Mars, motorlscd. 2 chucks. all accessories, with steel stand. Modern Brakes, 377 Stanley St. J6437. T IOHTING plant, suitable country i-j home or caravan. Ring B8100. Vf UST sell tractor, fitted wllh ?ktj dozer blades. 3yd. scoop. 30cwt. ripper. £2500. Box CR53. Courlcr 'JV'EW 1 h.p. single phase, also 1 11 h.p. petrol motor. Box CR48, Courler-Mril. f »NE Mot rue post borer, as new. Bwhiff. ?^?eedRUH'a'd». R'tV''!' Paul Cx Gray Pty. Ltd. SHOW VISITORS ARE INVITED TO INSPECT OUR RANGE OF MACHINERY: Pumps, Irrigation Equipment, Engineers1 Supplies. Paints, and Ship's Chandlery. ? 82-88 EAGLE STREET. BRISBANE. B2255. IUMPJACKS. clecTrTc motors and engines In stock. Farm Eup plles Ply.. Ltd., W'gabba. X3464. PAUL & GRAY PTY., LTD. Shaping machine— high speed, 21 inch. Invicla power hacksaw— Ronat & Velox, 9 Inch capacity. Bench and pedestal drills, up to 1!'» Inch capacity. Diesel engine— Sentinel, 4 cylinder, 65 h.p.. horizontal type, fitted for Industrial application. 82-88 Eagle Street. B2255. models, In good order aud condition LIGHTBURN & CO.. LIMITED? A?A ,M'fnr('1 St.. Brisbane. BB314. CELL 0' Mars Lathe. 200 Amp. O Lincoln welder, G' Power Saw Condition as new. 50 Branyau St.. Bundabcrg. Phone 1355. CELL, one DDH Oliver Cletrac »p Crawler tractor, with LDi Brit stnnd Hell P.c.U. Good condition. Can be Inspected working. Westln Mo'ors. Clcrmont. phone 112. ? SAVE £200. DEFINITELY BRAND NEW RENAULT TRACTOR. RUBBER TYRES. LIGHTS. BELT PULLEY. KERO. OPERATED, 22 h.p. £200 UNDER LIST PRICE AT £075. TERMS ARRANGED. SYDNEY MOTORS, 125 Old Cleveland Road. Camp Hill. XW2409. XW2736. CELL l.E.L. power chain saw. 5' J bar. reconditioned, good order. ti&i Qumn? bBSS. 'e arrani:Cd S'fcWSS?1*, pBn^k »'-*I'«- UELL molorised 2 drum sparrow y sanding machine, new condition, ilso aurnitly sheet copper. XW1446. Bi-.\ CLZ54. Courlcr-Mall. CELL low pressure spray pbnt. k~l-?,lrb)-' Wavcrlcy Kd.. Tarliina. SLLL new steel No. 1 bench Kcar r, ,.??-«? saws. £150. JW3260. (JliLL, 5-ton double purchase l.B.C. O winch. £50. JW3269. ? TRACTORS. Caterpillar D-8. Caterpillar D-C. EXCAVATORS. Osgood Model 300. ly-cu. yd. capacity. Dragline Crane. GENERATING SETS 15—100 k.v.a. COMPRESSOR. vram.*''' MISCELLANEOUS. Booms. Buckets, Falrleads. Cmmihclis Shove] Fronts. SPARE PARTS FOR ALL EQUIPMENT. INSPECT NOW— Heavy Equipment PTY., LTD „ Falrflcld Road. ' YccionBPllly, Brisbane. Phono JY4177. Tel. Hevcqulp. T DTl4 Hdy. Bull Dozer, and 3-i rknK™''^ e°°d C0Ut'' rpHREE gross m x -(, s.A.E. right Phone^l-Sw ^ 6'CWS '?°tll'''ed- VSrATER Pumps, double acllng, ^felit S°SUotuhth?r1ntba'cCross » ' most sizes now available Fnvni Supplies Pty. Ltd., upstairs, B A F S \\7ifesW'«^^«worlllr(:d; ? ' tioiib made to order J'l^fin WANTED Hydraulic Pump, 'suit- »♦ able lor Farmall H Inter national Tractor. Specifications and Price should be submitted to the Australian Sugar Producers' Associa n \ ^?,. Creek Slrect, Brisbane tPost Olflcc Box 608J) VyERNER Machinery Co.. Grcv ' ' and Russell Sts., for Silt » Ea'Sh Sc-«-P8- Road Ploughs, Disc rniti Pf'lps'^ ,Oft6,et Tandem W^TEDaXo,S.E:-naner^dlCarrS: s\i,. n aC, murir Sal' 16tn- Auction W'Rabba Ullg' 'D'^1' Rd.. ? ELECTRICAL, GAS ATijaiw'&,5?sb'ga7^taiiggss y,'''''': £-?1/7/6. immediate de sr-B.ae?ffioHou5e-77Qu(:ea ????».?, lm'',er5llU Plu'c, English make. £w .'H-'r'- Rcd'ced to £60. Avail §u Kt5 ''J&T0-'' ™ Q^» TJRIGHTER COLOURS. ?»-» WHITER WHITES! When vou wash with an ELECTRICE Clothes Washer. ^.r10..'-6 Agitator Action Its the way most American J-1 daily demonstrations 011 Huuver, KS&. 'S?sy 'Ter'ms Wa?^''s '{'M- XU279B. XU1328 a'tt'J'' CONSULT us regarding hot water y system and bath heaters, 'ev- I^Oll sale. Hoover vacuum cleaner, t^l PlSne Jwf,47a' ?'''*'»'»'? Have, you tried this column for Jour advertisement? FAnn°iU ''\vc l,° rt0 ls t0 K1»8 Ads' wB,''h °?f £or 'OiMUled Ads. We do the lest— and yuu uuy when you come to town. Country readers! Send us your advertisement: We will Insert U and scud you mi account. S^Jn ' 'Miff* ''*e--n-e°' hair dryer ^^w^o^e€S|3oC

MOTOR REPAIRS, PARTS AT MITCHELL'S Car Renovations, Amelia Btreet. Valley. L2950. A. Radiators repaired und cleaned out, new cores ilttcd. prompt service. The orlglnnl radiator spc clnllsts 111 Q'land. estab. 1912. Fin ays, GH3 Ann St.. Valley. L2008. A BOILING and leaking ladlators iV cleaned and repaired, new cores mted In all models, same day ser vice, 25 years' c;;pcrlenic, personal attention. Vnllcy nadlulor Works. 57-63 Brunsnltl: St., Vhllev. L2787. ALLANS, all parts, Chcv. and Ford 4X4 blllz. L15H5. ALa^4VnnVntva,.e^l5P9r A- m-.»a-u5:.n*!2£B: SOUTH BRISBANE. For All Your Parts Inquiries. Automotive and Marine. Phono X3281-2-3 or J3425. A. G. and L. H. BARRETT. 201 Grey St., Sth. Brls. JI423. Re conditioned Ford and Chevrolet en gines available on exchange service. Rcborlng, reslceving, bearing rc mctalllng, line boring, car repairs. ATLAS BATTERIES. 15 mths' guarantee, Ov.. 13 plate, 85/; Ov. 15 plate, 05/; 13v. 0 plate, £5/15/, plus tax. We allow you on your old battery, 450 Boun dary St., City. Phono B5867. Open Saturday morning till 11 o'clock. BUS OWNERS. Selling for cost, 05 h.p. Sentinel Horizontal type Diesel engine, complete with radia tor, oil coollnfe. and all electrical equipment, PAUL & GRAY, 82-88 Eagle St. B2255. BIO stocks of used motor parts for hundreds of cars and trucks, old and new models. Complete en gines, etc. Denradlo Industries, .155 Adelaide Btreet, Maryborough. CAR door locks and handles, boot hinges repaired and fitted. SKELTON & CO.. Newslead. EiISMANTMNCi '3B Chrysler,. '3o ' Ford. -38 Chew. '29 Chcv., '20 Dodge. '27 Olds.. '33 C. Bcacou. '28 A. blddclcy. '30 Graham Paige. Ring Jim aianurd, r'lvtwojo Albion. Day M40G3. Alter houi'k MY&213. JTiOR prompt service to radiators, - repairs, and cleaning, new cores In stock for ail models. Call at Aldrldgc & Richardson, Garage, Ipswich Road. Moorooka. JW3034. 171OR perfect balance, heaviest X' tread. Panther retreads or re caps. Jennings Rubber Co., Wlck ham Street. Valley. L2611. MODERN BRAKES. For All Youl . Requirements, two Big City Brake Stations, 377 Stanley Street, and Tribune Street, 380 Wlckham Street. Valley, Same day Service by Appointment. Phone J5436. L2195. XTU-METAL saves rebore, petrol, ill four cylinders 40/, six 60/. Cohens, 30 Duncllan St., Grccnslopcs. XU4G60. PANEL beating and body repairs performed by experts. . First-class Job Guaranteed. ANNAND At THOMPSON, ? Newslead. ? THOUSANDS OF UiJED RETREADED AND RECAPPED CAR, TRUCK. AND TRACIOR TYRES. AVAILABLE 3N MOST SIZES AT SCOTT'S, 203 LOGAN RD. STH. BRISBANE. PHONE X2412. COUNTRY INQUIRIES WELCOMED. VALLEY SPARE PARTS. Have a comprehensive range 0! parts for most makes, models. 788 90 Ann St.. Brisbane. Phone L2214 and L4139. ?fXTHEEL alignment, wheel baianc -- ing, also ti-ont curpenslon and shock absorbers expertlv recon ditioned by FRANK PEARCE. Shock Absorber Specialist, Stanley St . S.B Phone J5541. Same day service WANTED Second Gearbox, suit heavy truck. Cyril E. Gold Ing, 185 Oaka St.. Gladstone WHEELS rcspoked. Gray's, Bruns ,,„. S'ck Street, Valley, Brisbane \lfANTED used garage equipment. » » reamers, valve scat cutlers, stocks and dies, oxy-torch nnd gauges, electric drill. Box CLZ03 Courier-Mail. MOTOR CYCLES. BICYCLES A. W. PRYOR 1950 Dominator Norton. 1049 Matchless, good DC°' £1''5 appearance . Dcp. £75 1946 Royal Enfield, 1048 ™oC- Triumph.' C'Sh £45 sprung hub. . Deo £65 1052 Sun Auto Cycle. Dep.' £45 1940 Matchless. 500 o.h.v ? Dep. £32 AND MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM. While at the Royal National Show visit our Display in the Motor Cycle Hall. A. W. PRYOR. STH. BRIS. PhonettX328l' (6 line?). A ;50 Domiuator, £175: '51 Maich rT^s 5!'.f2f5: 'conditioned Harlcy. %} ,i . .Harlc-' 'n-l Eidcbox. £140: ^Matchless, £120: '49 B.S.A.. 3'i, £100: '60 James S/F. 2 h.p.. £95 48 Mac Velo. £92/10/; '47 Mntch ,ess, a\t, £87/10'; MC Enflcld. 3.h.v.. £46; Excelsior. o.h.v. £27/10/. Stan Luptoas. 202 Grcv Street South Brisbane -'-.''» A ^.Vn1?'?1^!.300 c'c- Springer. ?£-»- excellent condition and aupcar '»«? Prl« £120. Iting M2122 A BIEL '1 win, sprur.u. cxccllcut or ncrle1'' £1'5' 9 Torrens sl- Au' A.J.S. 350 o.h.v.. cood condition, £80 cash. JX1342. ? IT'OR ?olc' sent.'s bicycle, generator A\llKhI. £13. Ring FW2354. X10R sale, 1950 B.S.A. 3'i h.p.. J- sprung heel, thoroughly over hauled throughout, cash £170. In spect same, IB Merrel St., Booval, Sat. and Sunday. T AMBRETTA. model C, pillion, ?Lr&mfi?- ''fcct co'''- Markwell Brothers 1961 MATCHLESS Twin DeD £111 1951 MATCHLESS. 500 c.c. 2000 mis., us new Den £iln 1051 MATCHLESS, 500 cc sprung Irame. dual scat, latety bars. 7000 1950 PANTHER. 2M) c.c. Dep' £42 1936 HARLEY- DAVIDSON and Sldebox. 10-12 h.p.. X owner, any 1950 pruCH. sprung heel Dep' £5S 1940 AMBASSADOR 200 ? 1046 ARIEL square 4 ulp' £73 ,04™^,,,^ C&£» BROTHERS, PTY.. LTD.. VICTORIA PLACE. J3571. STH. BRISBANE. J2672. AND 4T GLENDON ST.. KINGAROY UST sell by Friday. 1050 Thundcrblrd. Good condition, cheap J3264 SELL 1942 B.S.A. motor cycle beau tiful condition. £75. 93 Old Clevc 'nnd Rd.. Stone's Corner. QELL TOO. 500 c.c. 1838 Triumph. (-- Ring L4085. CJELL. 600 springer A.J.S., £160. k.1 Terms L. Dlxon. opp. garage. Asplev WANTED machine for wrecking. CRASHED. BURNT. DAM AGED, or UNSERVICEABLE Motor SKSi *l\mike or Inodel iWt WANTED late inodel motor cycle, cash immediately Rim: M3257 1950 Dominator. £150. offer. 28 1. Skew St.. next Heildon Spa. CAMPING, CARAVANS A new Idea. Rather than spenc 5tun5iTlShSlffl.I1S.,1'w.dl.'SM«K! tWweS W; KkJ?X: li%oCjyiAVANS FOR COST AND LESS THAN COST PRICE. Where MHISSaOUT.blir8ainS afe' D0N'r CHESNEY CARAVANLYCOY., Tram Stop 37. Chermslde, LX1787. I^OR Sale; Carapurk 'Lltewatc' -J berth model with canvas 'lean- lo. used one month only, registered, reasonably priced. Inspect at Cara van Park, Abbotsford Road, Mayne. JPOUR-BERTH, fully furnished. Pour-berth light weight with lean-to. Hunter Minor, slightly used. Cosh or Terms. Caravan Park Ltd., 1252 Abbotslord Road. Maync. ^OR quick sale coutacl Caravan ? Sales (Pty.). Coronation Drive, Milton. B8784. Buyers waiting, satis iBction assured. /?-. SMITH PTY., LTD.. 82-84 VT Ami street, for tents, tarpau u R10101' cove/a, mall bags, beach umbrellas, caravan lean-to tents. Have you tried this column for your advertisement? All you have to do is to Ring FA0111 and ask for 'Classified Ads. we do the rest— and you pay when you come to town. Country readers I Send us your advertisement: We will Insert It and scud you an account. IOHTING plant, suitable country _ 'SJSSoS' CRravau. Ring B8109. A/1 OTOR1SED caravan, 4-berth. XiJ very good appointments. Fur »»« Particulars ring MU3244. CEE the 1B52 Luxury CLIPPER, fp shower, toilet, etc.. also one 15' shell, available now. 30 Howie St. taglc Junction. LU1870. rpRAIL-A-HOME. Australia's super t 1 Can'viui. Trall-n-Homcs I01 friendly service at competitive prices. BANTAM WEIGHT Caravans from i.475. Trude-Iii caravans from £25u. Caravan kerosene refrigerators, uuar autecd 5 yer.rs. £80/12/6. Quality caravan lean-to's, from £19/18/4. Power vacuum brake specialists. Look for the Trall-A-Homes Sign. ?iMim°!\i?Sho5re8 ttd' chBrra TIRAILEBS for light cars. Inspect B30(,Mastercraft. 118 Elizabeth St. \\T ANTED Hire 6 months, 4 berth M Caravan, suit 10 h.p. car. mid October on. G. Barrcroft. Yalu Sawmill, Lae. T. New Guinea. AXTANTED large caravan, with or -V without wheels, interior condi tion not Important. Phone J3239.

BOATS. MARINE sTTpdJJP A. W. PRYOR Brisbane's Marine House VV.i^°RSsALLATINVTTfE VSR '0 NATIONAL SHOW, h the'0,'!*'' Opposite Austrnl Mm,,,. ~ H11; We have on Dlspiav ml ln(D '?!' and Outboard Motors m,',,'1*1'! wssorlct. Ship's Chandler? cn *=? »'d ever; thing ,1m s'n%^. i?OEUSF*RE0ndBZSvfe, '**« ?Hh the Marm|cJ,dX B?**} On Display, Qae r|iVao7UWe V»ri,',eI0-£ «*? CLAE'S nvailablc for rL'uii.X01?' boats from 10 lo M IS ?' Power hi boats to'iof'''' Make It your bUElucss to Insow. .1 SET a 3'PrHtCp Out,b0»'S MoSe Brisbane's Marine House. ' BOATS Here arc some of the »-iae .... ,„,, „ available: r'!! 14ft. Drop Bow Sharpie, of b, 5S KK'V,'S 'fife rigged and ready for outside 'I'' ing. For the man who wanti u ..„ only 70 hours from brand iifi' £'' Sn^^wan'^l^V^VS There pro many others vie «.j« like to show you, to conic tn i' to 66-68 LOGAN RD.. or t£k ii over with representatives at our V hiblt at the Eho«- ' A ^nVUn^orTpoS *' MARINE ENGINES Reconditioned 3U h p PENGUIN ? .. * rjj.,,, Reconditioned 3 h.p. TAS- '! '' MAN .. . rsrin, Late Model 3-i hD BLAXLAND , P' «,,,., SIMS 3 *»?? '''? ' Marine Engine end re verse gear, In exception ally good order pm RD4 Heavy Duty -cy! S THORNYCROFT, operates on Kerosene. Install in s. 30-3B footer . £223 THERE ARE MANY OTHERS SO PLEASE COME AND SEE THE? Have you a Boat or Enjint Hi you wish to sell. We are in'' estcd. so please contact us at X''S' and results are guaranteed. ? A. W. PRYOR A A. Blanc's. Woolloongabin Hais' ware. JI749. slock rncSn rao'tary'um°psPer 1'''5' ''' ^ Have you tried this column Ic your adrcrtbcmcnl? All you have to do is to Rrt rAOlll and ask lor 'Cteilw Ad?..' We do the rest— and m paj' wncn vou come to town Country readers! Send u; t™ advertisement: we will la-ert It and send you an account. 'HIBISCUS' SPECIAL PRAM DINGHY. Flat bottom, bonduood wi dinghy. 8' 6'. senti 5. but iVi-j only 601b. Complete with cars l'i rowlocks. £23. 12 loot dlughy. £33 Folding Boat (£19 '10 1 and r.K about Launch. £90. All In stock for immediate del'ten MARINE ENGINES- BEST MAKE' Agents for Pensuln, Allsa-Cralf. ir.J Anzalil Engines 0! all trpfi. ALL TYPES CANVAS GOODS K[ 'DIRECT FROM FACTORV' PRICES. QUEENSLAND PASTORAL SUPPLIES PTY.. LTD. MORE Power. mbre~punch «t.b 1 'Southern Crops' Marine Dlwl. Built lor hnrd work. 20. 30. -ci 40 h.p. Also 2',i h.p. stat. dlfstl for auxiliaries Farm Supplies P*i. Ltd., upstairs. B.A.KS. Chamferi W'gabb::. X3464. 'iVI'ORRIS 'Sen Lord:1 41) bO fcj. 1YI dlesel. direct drive or 2-1 :l ductlon. hand and electric ttartiri. Immediate delivery. See FilneRi Motors Ltd.. 457 Adelaide Street, e at the Exhibition. MARINO. The Flcxlvane Pu=p wns designed and built lor irs cooling of marine engines. I! Mtdi no attention und no lubrication. A'. ivaj-s teir-priming. Why have iiu than the best In your boat? Mann Products Pty.. Ltd.. Barry Paradi Brisbane. MARINO. The Chapman 'Pua' 11 Australia's best tmall bb-v.t because It ls made better. Wrj cpend more money (or less tfcu the best? Marir.u Products. 81:11 Parade. Brisbane. CELL or exchange 43' Cata 0 Cruiser. Fully equipped. Unot 6ale. Best offer. MKP8 QELL 3f auxiliary deepsea futxi Oboat, dlciel motor. JW3103. filHORNYCROFT. 'RNR'6' M 0: A 3-1 reduction, hydraulic. m(M. 90 b.h.p. at 1600 r.p.m. lmlr.m:i,( delivery, bee Flinders Mo;»ri, v.i. 157 Adelaide SI., or their dljpiar il (he Exhibition. \XT ANTED boats uJid gear, KsMI -- o'clock Auction Salt. AleL YounK, Tt»w!'-- P.t1.. W'CBbba. 1 6FT. bondwood boat. 4 lio.-« CiM 1 Marine, -.\ccl!ejit conciix Nearcsl ultcr £S0. Aiipiy ctinsti'i. North Quay B0251. 33FT. Launch, carvel, really sxt, urgent sale, £ 350. M6C32. Printed ' uud PubllEhcd for Qutea land Newspapers. Ply.. Uo.. 13 Benjamin Robert 13ird. Nflss Street, Eagle Junction. Bnsbw at theOlllcesol Ihe Courier-Mii 288-298 Queen glreft. Bmaarj . CLASS JFI EDS The Courier-Moil Clossifieii arc read by more people, ond arc read from daylight on. Agencies. Paruicrships ? '- Bcauly salons. ? , Bereavement Notices ? JJ Births . ? '! Hoard and Residence ? ' Boats. Martuc Supplies ? j BulldlllB Material ? J Business Inveitments ? JJ Camping, Caravans ? ? Cards. lnvltatloiiE. etc ? ? Chiropodist!, ? ? - JJ Classes and Tuition ? - ' Clothing and Accessories ? - - 8S&g« ?. *BIL :...:.. :::::: j Deaths ? '! Dentists ? ? ' Dressmaking, Apparel .... — ' Drj' Cleaning. Laundry ? - - A Electrical. Qas ? - ; Employment Wanted ? i Engasemems ? - ,, Excursions, Travel ? - ! Farms, Pastoral ? ;! Plats and Rooms ? - Florists ? -- : Fuel and Stoves ? Funerals. Cremations ? - ', Funeral Notices ? i Furniture. Machines ? ', GardennlB. Mowers ? .! Oencral Employment ? Holiday Resorts ? Hospital Vacancies ? --. } Hotels; Sale. Wanted ? - J House, Home Repairs ? Houses; Sale. Wanted ? - ! Houses to Let. wanted ? - ! In Memorlnm ? ? - , Junior Employment ? .'? Lnnd for Sale, Wanted .... - ? '} Legni Notices ? J Livestock, Vehicles ? ,! Lost and Found ? 11 Machinerj'. Tools ? - - Medical ? - ! Marriage ? , Miscellaneous ? ! Mining Notices ? i- Money. Gold, Jewellery ? ? - j! Monumental ? ? ? ' u Motor Cars. Trucks ? - ij Motor Repairs, Parts ? - i Motor Cycles, ulcyclcs ? - ', Office Equipment ? - » Optometrists ? - ] Personal .. ? j Photographic ? ' ij Pianos, instruments ? - Plans, Surveying ? ?? - J| Positions Vacant ? ' 1 Poultry. Dogs, Birds ? - ,. Prefab. Construction : ? - u Pre-marrtage ? j Professional Services ? 11 Pioperiy Exchange ? - 1 Records ? ' 33 Refrigcritors ? 11 Remlvuls. Transport ? - u Roll- of Honour ? - u Seeds, Plants. Bulbs ? - '( Sporting ? 11 Shops, Offices ? - - || Silver Wedding ? ' 1) Taxation Consultants ? - | Tenders , ? ' 11 Trade Work Wanted ? ' u Wireless nequlsilfs ? ' « Withdrawn from Sale ? - .

Ring FA. 01 11 («£.) To-day Pay when you . come to town. J