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l Thursday evening. Bank Deposit Rates Reduced.

We understand that the principal bai in New South Wales and Victoria he decided to adopt (throughout the Cc monwealtb) the following rates for fis


2 per cent, per annum for six months 3 per cent, per annum for tivd


3¿ per cent, per annum for twenty-fc

months. , -

Silver and 'Gold Exports.

The mail steamer took no gold from A< laide to-day, Tmt a silver export was mai consisting of 98 bars, valued at £11,8 and destined for Calcutta. The Victoi has no gold on Melbourne account, but 1 Sydney shipment totals £18,887, of whi £8,885 is for London and £10,002 f Indian ports. Other gold shipments di ing the week have been by the Moldav from Fremantle, £20,050 for Bombay;

the Changsha, from Sydney, £1,700; and ' the Eastern, also from Sydney, £13,5"; both amounts being for Hongkong. T. following are the approximate gold shi ments from Melbourne, Sydney, and Fi mantle, and Adelaide from January 1 i to the present date:- «

From Melbourne. £231,326

From Svdney and Brisbane .. .. G63,14p _ From Fremantle. 1,933,287 From Adelaide..... ' 11,250

Total ....,,.,'.... ;. £2,839,012 ' . Tallow.

The London tallow market has not shov

any increased activity since the hohdaj and when the weekly auction sales we resumed on Tuesday last the demand w only of a moderate character, sales beb comparatively light, wich values showing i change. The total offerings amounted 1.800 casks, of which 750 casks were sol the balance of 1,050 casks being passed i No detailed prices are cabled, but rates a stated to be on the basis of values rulii at the previous sale, held on April l8, wh< the quotations were given as follows: Fine mutton, 28/9 per cwt.; medium mu ton, 25/6 per cwt.; fine beef, 25/9 per cwt and medium beef, 24/ per cwt. Impor and deliveries of tallow nearly balance last month, being respectively 5,999 an 5,825 casks, an increase in exports of 11 casks, stocks on May 1 standing i 9,479 casks. The following have been ti ruling prices for medium mutton and be< tallow, together with the quantities offers and sold at the London auctions on ti dates mentioned:

Caslcs Casks Medium Meähl offered, sold. mutton. beef

Per cwt. Per cw & s. d. & s. i

January 4.1,546 565 16 0 16 February 7 .... 681,356 15 6 14 March 7.1,325 482 1 5 0 13 April 4.1,571 Ï69 15 0 13 April l8.,1,7761,085 15 6 14 May ,2.1,800 750 15 6 14

Messrs. Anning & Cobb, in their weekl report of the London tallow market, wri ing on March 22, say:-"At auction to-da 1,202 casks of Australasian tallow were oí fered and 516 casks sold without any quoi able change. The present quotations for sort are:-Australasian Mutton-Fine, 29/ to 30/ fair to good, 25/6 to 28/; common t middling, 24/ to 25/; low and inferior, 22/ to 23/. Australasian Beef-Fine, 25/ to 25/6 fair to good, 24/ to 25/; common t middling, 23/ to 23/6; low and inferior, 22 to 22/6. Australasian mixed, fair to good 23/6 to 25/; do. common to middling 22, to 23/.

.^English Wine Trade.

In making reference to the condition c the English wine and spirit markets Messrs. Brown & Pank, writing on Marci 5, say:-"There are at' last symptoms of . general revival in trade, borne out by th Board of Trade returns, but at present thi has not extended to the wine and spiri trade, which shows for January* a declin in consumption as compared with last yeai The chief reduction is in French wines and thja may to some extent be due to thi very severe weather experienced last month The reduction in exports was, however, mere iy nominal. Australian wines-Tüere was a decline in arrivals of 35,219 gallons, bu the home consumption for January showet an increase of 93,436. The demand fo: these wines throughout the country is stea dily increasing, hut we should like to se«

more matured wines sent home. Auctiot sales of South Australian wines of late have been heavy, and stocks are large ii bond. 'It looks as if future supplies wen likely to exceed the demand, which is al wayB damaging to a business. The 190Í 'Victorian wines, of which.there waa not Í large stock, have pretty well :been all ship ped home. Their 1903's" were poor ir quality and small in quantity, but in Souti Australia that vintage was a heavy one Shipments are just arriving here, and it h impossible at present to report upon the quality of their wine."

Breadstuffa. v

The wheat market continues quiet, and business is 'of a most limited description. London values are unchanged, with a re- ported absence of operators. South. Aus- tralian May'cargoes are nominally 31/ to 31/3 per quarter. On the spot there are few buyers with, on the other hand, only limited offerings. Shipping parcels, Lo.b., Port Adelaide, are understood to be sale- able at 3/3 to 3/3J per bushel, while far- mers' lots are fixed at 3/2 per bushel, on trucks, Port Adelaide, and 3/li per bushel, on trucks, at outports. Flour is unchang- ed, the demand being still of a limited character. Leading brands are quoted by millers at £7 15/ to £8 per ton. The offal market is fairly, active, but holders'are not inclined to do much business except at an advance on late rates, and the market generally exhibits a firm tone, both bran and pollard being strongly quoted by first hands at 12d. per bushel. Messrs. W. Weddel and Co., in their produce markets report, dated London, March 24, refer to the condition of the wheat market in that centre as follows:-"The market has been dull and inactive during the past fortnight, and prices may be quoted'3d. to Cd. per quarter lower for distant arrivals. In car- goes and parcels near at hand there is very Ettie change. There has been some pres- sure to sell cargoes afloat, but there is no speculation, buyers holding aloof in view of the abundant supplies on the water for the United Kingdom. The Argentine is now shipping very heavily, and this is the principal factor in preventing any improve- ment, in values. Reports regarding the crop in India are still unsatisfactory as re- gards certain districts, and prices of that description have hardened during the past fortnight. In fact, .within the past few days there have been few, if any, offers in the market, and some contracts have been cancelled by shippers. These in some cases have cost up to 2/ per quarter to cancel. This will give some idea as to the position in India. At the present time there is very,, little demand for Australian cargoes for shipment,, shippers generally holding above buyers' ideas. Russian supplies are still comin¿ forward freely, and there is no immediate prospect of these being curtail-

ed. The weather last week was extreme- ly showery and dull, succeeded this week by brilliant spring weather, so that the con- ditions for the young wheat plant are. nowj very satisfactory." " |

General Merchandise.

The import markets are steadily ac- tive, and a good ordinary business con- tinues to be done. There is, how- ever, little enquiry for parcels, and while the general turnover shows a steady increase there is little to report in large business. Latest London mail advices refer to the market for canned salmon in that . centre as follows:-"The trade in salmon is somewhat disappointing, with the exception of the best quality Alaska fish, which is relatively cheap as compared with Fraser or the commoner grades of the same district. The extreme price of Puget Sound, outside rivers, and Fraser, as com- pared with fine Alaska, is beginning to tell, and there are already indications of easier prices in the qualities represented by river inlet fish, which, for all intents and pur- poses, are no better than fine Alaska qua- lity. It must not be forgotten' that the percentage of fine quality Alaska is not large, and a good deal has already been ab- sorbed to take the place of the better grades. In the near future it is possible that a scarcity will begin to be felt, and fine fish of tins description will, conse- quently, improve in value. On the other band, it would not be surprising to find that the Fraser grades liad reached a higher level than was warranted, and some reduction in this direction is not impossible."

Produce Exports.

The following quantities of wheat, flour, and butter were exported from Port Ade- laide to oversea ports during the week end- ed May 4:-Ebling--For Java, 1 bag wheat, 693 tons flour for Sumatra, 5 tons flour; for Singapore, 125 tons flour, 21 boxes butter. Kyarra-For New Zealand, 2\ tons flour. Waipara-For London, 1,264" bags wheat, 7851 tons flour; for Durban, 360 tons flour. From Port Pirie-50 tons bran to Port Ade


Wheat, Feed Grains, &c.

Wheat.-Farmers* lots, 3/2 on trucks, Port Adelaide, and 3/1J on trucks at outports; ahip Dintr parcels. 3/3 to 3/3è, f.o.b.. Port Adelaide.

Flour.-£8 per ton-for leading brands. Bran.-12d. per bushel

Poflard.-12d. per buen«» -?-- ,


¡Oats.-<Locall.v grown), Algerian, 1/11 to 2/2 per «bushel.; white, 2/3 to 2/4 per bushel.

Hay.-40/ to 42/0 per ton for best wheaten êheavcd, delivered in Adelaide.'

Chaff.-Local trade, 42/6 per ton, bags extra« expert, 60/ to 62/6. bags included. ' '

Potatoes.- £6 to £7, delivered. Onions.-£11 to £12, nominal.

Me6Iew& Adams SSVfSa AS

Brcokman's Building, Grenfell-st, P340aiu:338


Melbourne, May 4.

Breadstuffs.-Wheat was fairly active to- day. About 4,000 bags sold at 3/3 ex store. and 3/3 alongside ship, sellers asking up to 3/2J for parcels. Flour was quiet up to £7

Produce.-Bran ,was firm at lOSd. to lid. Pollard, 1/- Prime malting barley, up to 4/. English feed. 2/2. Cape barley, 2/1 to 2/6. Algerian oats firm; medium to good milling, 1/7A to 1/8; prime. 1/8A; feed, 1/7 to 1/7J; prime seed, II. Maize, 2/8, ex store. "Chaff, 40/ to 60/. Victorian pota- toes, £4 to £5 10/; Tasmanian, up to £6. Onions, £9 to £9 10/; choice, £9 15/. Peas,

3/, 3/1.

General Merchandise.-Business in tea covers 160 packages. Ceylon up to 10d.; 50 chests Indian, and a small line S.O« pekoe. Currants are in steady demand; 200 half-cases cleared. Pairas sold at 4d.; imported sultanas, 53d. to 6Jd.; Mildura sultanas and lexias firm, with fair distri- buting demand. Continental 95 deg. cream of tartar sold at 9d. Cornsacks, on spot, 6/2. Fair business was done for next sea- son at 5/7, delivered. Branbags, 4/, ex For tunatus. About 100-bales wool packs sold, to arrive, at 2/2 each. Fencing wire-15 tons sold. American galvanized wire-^50 tons were placed. Cement on spot sold at


Sydney, May 4.

Breadstuffs.-The - market was dull. Wheat, 3/2 to,3/2è. Flour, £7 to £7 15/; concessions being given, for shippers' par-


General Merchandise.-Private sales of tea included about 200 packages, chiefly Cey- lons, at 6ijd." to' 1/lfc, and kooloos at 8Ad. About 4,000 drums of linseed oil changed on spot, also .business to' arrive. Dried fruits were in request. A parcel of currants sold at 3|d., and sulcanas at 5gd. Mildura varie- ties commanded more money. Sacks were in active demand for forward seaeon's re- quirements at 5/8. Metals were unchanged.


May 3.

Mr. George Laughton reports:-Dairy and other cattle-Another rough yarding of milkers; 33 form- ing the Vveek's supply. I offered l8 and sold 13. Bidding was very dull. Prices lower. Inferior sorts were almost unsaleable. Springs also were cheaper. Dry and fat cows-182 yarded. I offered 23 and sold 15. Dry cows did not sell too well, but fats were very dear. I sold best milkers, £8 10/ to £9 5/; good, £6 17/6 to £7 12/6; medium, £5 11/ to £6 2/6; heifers, £5 5/ to £5 17/6; backward springers. £3 2/ to £4 10/; dry coivs, £2 10/ to £3 5/; fat cows, £5 10/ to £10 10/; poddies, 17/ to 30/; heifers, £2 13/. Fat Cattle. Monday, May 1-508 yarded. Prices still high. Prime oxen to £14; extra to £17; good to £10 10/; medium to £7 10/; prime cows to £11; extra to £13; good to £8; medium, £5 10/. Calves 167 in. I sold 80. Prices were extraordinarily dear for all useful sorts. Very few prime in. I sold prime vealers, 44/ to 48/; good to 40/; medium. 14/ to 26/; very inferior from 4/3. Sheep-Only 4,249 penned. I sold 136. Prices very high. I sold good store Merino wethers, 16/6 to 19/; poorer from 12/6. Lambs-2,059 penned. I sold 201. Prices still excessive. I sold prime lambs, 10/C to 21/; good, 13/2 to 15/; medium, 11/11; stores, 8/3 to 11/; very small, 7/11. Pigs-609 in. I sold 185. Prime pigs were well represented, especially in bacon lines. Curers were not eager for heavy sorts, and for these prices dropped. Prime light weights, however, were better competed for, and realised late rates. Shop porkers improved as sales progressed, and closed at firmer values. No stores yarded. Choppers were in oveTSüpply, and low in proportion; I sold prims light baconera, 26/ to 30/; medium, 34/ to 87/; heavy, 42/ to 46/; medium choppers, 49/ to 55/; heavy, 66/ to 82/6; prime light porkers, 15/ to 18/; medium to heavy, 20/ to 26/. Poultrv-Fowls, lOd. to 2/; ducks, l'/4 to 1/11; geese, 2/5 and 2/9 each.


ADELAIDE LITE STOCK MARKET REPORT. Official Report by Adelaide Stock Salesmen's


Pat Cattle.-203 were yarded, consisting of 150 from Queensland, 52 from Victoria, 246 from the north of this State, 34 from the lakes district, and 26 from local paddocks. With the exception of a few lots of choice heavy sorts, the supply was mainly composed of moderate weight cattle, ranging from medium to good and prime order. Competition was well sustained throughout the sale, particularly on the better classes, and late values were readily secured. Shippers and grazier3 were unable to operate. Quotations:-Prime bul- locks, £12 to £14; extra prime and weighty, £15 to £16 10/; odd beasts, up to £17 7/6; good, £8 10/ to £10 10/; useful, £6 10/ to £7 10/; inferior, lower; prime cows, £9 10/ to £11; extra prime and weighty, £12 to £13; odd beast, to £14; good, £7 to £8; medium, £5 to £6; old and inferior, lower. The following are the averages of the principal lots, E. & 0. E. : -16, Allan McFarlane, Wellington Lodge, £15 19/9 (bullocks); 7, A. S. Browne, Booborowie, .£14 13/6 (bullocks), £10 5/ (cows); 8, Thomas ©odd, Mitcham, £13 5/7 (bullocks); l8, J. P. Ryder, Meningie, £13 4/3 (bullocks), £7 8/1 (cows); 52, Richardson & Cameron (Victoria), £10 16/9 (bullocks), £9 5/ (cows); 142, J. A. Breaden, Henbury, £9 15/ (bullocks); 150, S. Kidman, Annandale station, £9 (bullocks); £7 (cows); 56, S. Kidman, Coongy station, £8 18/4 (bullocks), £7 10/ (cows); 41, \V. R. Cave and Co. (Macumba station), £8 8/3 (bullocks). Bagot, Shakes, & Lewis sold 109 cattle; Barker Brothers, 161; Bennett & Fisher, 205; Elder, Smith, & Co., 26; E. Laughton & Co., a draft.

Sheep.-Another light yarding, viz., 4,249, in- cluding a small draft from Victoria, and also a nice line of wethers from the north-east, besides some prime lots of crossbreds from the south. The quality was well up to the mark, as, with the exception of a few small consignments, the bulk of the supply was in splendid trade order. The demand was again exceptionally strong, and last week's excessive values^were more than main- tained on best classes, whilst other descriptions were also dear, although towards the close of the maiiset competition slackened slightly. Graziers obtained 195, whilst 174 were withdrawn from sale. «Quotations:-Prime Merino wethers, 25/ to 26/G; extra prime and weighty, 27/6 (a few higher); good, 21/6 to 23/; useful, 18/ to 20/; others, lower; Merino ewes, none penned; prime crossbred wethers, 26/; extra prime and weighty, 27/ to 28/6; good, 22/ to 24/6; prime crossbred ewes, 22/6 to 25/ (a few higher); good, 19/ to 21/; use-

ful, 16/ to IS/. Bagot, Shakes, & Lewis sold 241 sheep; Barker Brothers," 616; Bennett & Fisher, 432; William Dean & Son, 292; Elder. Smith, and Co., 1,591; E. Laughton & Co., 720; G. Laughton, 137; Paltridge & Co., a draft.

Lambs.-A much heavier yarding than for some time past, 2,059 coming to hand, including several nice drafts. In consequence of the scarcity of mutton there was brisk competition for the larger and better descriptions at nearly late high prices,

but rates for other kinds eased to a considerable extent, especially towards the close of the market, the number penned being beyond the requirements of the trade. Graziers and dealers assisted by pur- chasing 327, and the yards were cleared. Quota- tions-Prime lambs, 16/ to 18/; «tra prime and weighty, 13/ to 23/ ; a few 2-tooths higher; useful, 13/ to 15/; good stores, from 10/6 upwards. Bagot, Shakes, & Lewis sold 94 lambs; Barker Brothers, 300; Bennett & Fisher, 223; Wm. Daan & Son; 68; Elder, Smith, & Co., 857; E. Laughton and Co., 156; G. laughton, 201; Paltridge & Co., 110.

Calves.-167 was this week's yarding, consisting chiefly of plain and medium sorts. A splendid de- mand eristed throughout, and prices, thoughlower than last week, were very satisfactory to sellers. (Quotations-Good station yearlings, 68/ to 78/; medium, 50/ to 63/; plain, 35/ to 45/; prime me- dium, weight vealers,, 38/ to 50/; useful, 27/ to 35/; plain, 15/6 to 25/; small and inferior, 5/ to


Pigs.-609 came forward for sale, the quality throughout being veiy good. The market opened to a splendid attendance of buyers, and with brisk competition late rates were well maintained. Owing to buyers' requirements being limited, the demand at closing sales was less keen, and values showed a downward tendency, (¡¡notations-Prime heavy choppers, 58/ to (58/ (one exceptionally heavy pig £5 12/6); good, 47/ to 55/; plain, 30/ to 40/; prime heavy baconers, 43/ to 50/ (one choice pen 60/); good, 37/ to 42/; medium, 33/ to 36/; prime heavy porkers, 27/ to 32/; good, 23/ to 26/; me- dium, 15/6 to 21/; small sorts, 10/ to 14/.

Dairy Cows.-Again a short supply, viz., 39 head, quality being poorly represented. Competi- tion lacked animation, and values continue low. Quotations-Best milkers, £7 10/ to £10; medium, £5 10/ to £6 17/6; other sorts, £2 15/ to £5.

Quiet Farm-bred Cattle.-182 to hand. The de- mand for young cattle and beefy sorts waa much keener than of late, and a considerable advance on last week's rates was noticeable. «Quotations -Fat cows, £6 10/ to £8 10/; fat steers, £6 to £8 7/6; store steers, 2 and 3 years, in lines, to £4 5/; store heifers, 1J years, to £3 8/; aged cows, to £2 15/; poddies, to 25/.

Private Sales.-Elder. Smith, & Co. have to re- port the following private sales this week:-2,080 4-y«ir Menno wethers, for Mr. C. Cameron, Mount Mcintyre, South-East; 1,620 Merino sheep, com- prising 1,000 wethers, 401 ewes, and 219 lambs, for Mr. George Miller, Redan, Broken Hill; 800 Merino wethers, in good forward condition, for Mr. Edwin Crozier, Bimbowrie station; 541 weaners, for Mr. M. P. Hogan, Millicent; 500 aged ewes, for Mr. E. Andrews, Tandora, New South Wales; 357 crossbred ewes, for Mr. A. F. Telfer, Tantanoola; 310 comeback weaners, for Mr. W. Varcoe, Millicent; 279 sheep, for Mr. E. Stanley, Wandearah; 156 crossbred ewes and lambs, .for Mr. H. Hiifgins, Currency Creek; 143 two-year ewes, in lamb, for Messrs. H. & H. O. Scott, Pul- para; 138 ewes, for Mr. F. W. Hitch, Whyte-Yar cowie; 130 three and four-year comeback ewes, in lamb, for Mr. .John Cowan, Glen Lossie, Murray Bridge; UC ewes and lambs, for Mr. N. MeKu> non, Mount Gambier; 113 weaners, for Mr. W. Mott, Tantanoola; 90 ewes, for Mr. W. Sharrad, Bordertown; 70 fat wethers and lambs, for Mr. M. Hehir, Lochiel* 41 wethers, for Mr. W. Dren- nan, Wilmington; 36 crossbred wethers, for Mr. A. J. Milton, Mount Gambier; 45 pigs, for Mr. A. Gordon, Finniss; 50 cattle, for Mr. John Sin- clair, Rocky River; 26 steers, for Mr. F. W. Hitch, Why te-Yarcowie; 21 bullocks, for Mr. John Lewis, The Olives, Edwardstown; 19 head of cattle, for Air. D. Major, Millicent; 17 head of cattle, for Mr. Alick J. Murray, Mount Crawford; 17 cows,' for Mr. James Ellery, Morgan; 10 bullocks and 1 cow, for Clifton Hills station, Queensland; 15 bul- locks, for Messrs. Horn & Harvey, Tintinallogy, New South Wales; 10 working bullocks and 7 heifers, for Messrs. S. J: T. Cozens, Yatina; 8 milk- ing cows, for Mr. C. Tiller, Meningie; 7 cows, for Mr. A. T. Laidlaw, Wanda Vale, New South Wales; 8 horses, on account of various owners; 6 working bullocks, for Mr. R. Kavanagh, Echunga; 1 pair carriage horses, for Mr. J. Brook,

Dutton. '

Pure Stock.-Elder. Smith, & Co. have sold: 100 Merino rams of the 1904 drop; also 1 selected Merino ram, 2 years, and 4 selected Merino ewes, 1 year, for estate late W. Duffield, Koonoona; 5 selected Merino rams. I year, and 4 selected Merino ewes, 1 year, for Mr. A. Gebhardt, Mac- kerode, Kooringa (to a Western Australian boyer) ; 1 Jersey bull, 14 months, by Sir Christopher Colum- bus (imp.)-Queen May (imp.), for the Hon. W. B. Rounsevell, Plympton; 1 Jersey cow, just 4 vears, Gipsy Queen DX, by Defender's King -Gipsy Queen; also 1 Jersey heiler, by Dsfendex's

King-Gipsy Queen IIL, for Mrs. J. G. Dawkins, Paradise; 1 pure Arab yearling stallion, Morad, by Faroun (imp.)-Reheilet, for Sir James P. Bou- caut, Quambie, Mount Barker Springs: 1 draught stallion, Cannon, rising 4 years, by Balloehnr/le II.-Jess, for Mr. Jonathan Prior, Gladstone; 1 draught colt, for Mr. M. A Allan. Strathalbyn.


Coles & Thomas held their Saddleworth monthly market on Tuesday last. The attendance was smaller than usual on account of seeding opera- tions, but buyers were present for all classes of stock, and a very satisfactory sale took place. Tlicy report aa follows:-Sheep-There was a short supply of fats. Best wethers, 18/ to 20/; a line of 900 well-bred, full-mouth wethers in forward condition, made 16/2; sound-mouthed ewes, to lamb, brought up to IS/, store wether weaners, 11/6; 1,060 sold. Cattle-74 head were yarded, chiefly farm-bred steers and heifers. Eight head of station-bred bullocks, medium quality, on ac- count of Mr. S. Kidman, averaged £9 3/9; good value was obtainable for «almost all descriptions, and excepting two pens of low-conditioned dairy cattle, the yards were cleared; 64 head sold. Pig» -Fat pigs showed a further slight improvement in value, but stores were obtainable at last month's prices; 74 sold. Horses-Very few useful stamps were yarded, and only 9 head were disposed of. Land sale-They also report having sold, in con- junction with C. H. Richardson, on account of the trustees late IL Richardson, section 420, hundred of Saddleworth, and allotments 33, 45, 46, and 47, Saddleworth, containing together 34 acres 2 roods 7 perche«;, to Mr. G. A. Winkler; price, i £352. Clearing sale-Coles & Thomas report hav- ing conducted a well-attended clearing sale on ac- count of Mr. Walter Oates, at Kangaroo Flat, on 1st inst., of farm stock, implements, &c.