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NAZI BESTIALITY. Concentration Camp Horrors.

NUREMBERG, Jan. 30.— Nazi horrors ranging from emascula- tion of Catholic priests to the slaughter at Maidenek of 18,000 Jews in a single day were re- counted at the war crimes trial yesterday when the French prose- cution submitted a pile of sworn affidavits. Death inevitably fol- lowed the castrations, since lay- men performed the operations. The Nazis took away the priests' robes and gave them to prostitutes, used their prayer books for toilet paper and threw their rosaries in the dirt. The Nazis drowned the cries of the butchered Jews at Maidenek by blaring music from loud- speakers. Conditions everywhere were so bad that prisoners who still lived ate human flesh. The gaolers cut off the women's hair before their cremation and ship- ped it to Germany for use as up- holstery for aeroplanes and for the manufacture of clothing. One affidavit revealed that seven tons of women's hair was found at Auschwitz after the liberation. This corresponded to an estimated 140,000 female corpses. The American Associated Press correspondent says that much of the evidence was of such a dis-

gusting nature that its publica- tion would offend public decency. The S.S. Medical Corps at the Buchenwald and Dore concentration camps used internees as human guinea pigs, causing the death of hundreds, said M. Alfred Balachow- sky, chief of the Pasteur Laboratory in Paris. M. Balachowsky said that Russian prisoners were deliberately burnt with phosphorus with the ob- ject of testing methods of curing phosphorous burns. Bacteria taken from inmates dying from typhus were given by intravenous injections to healthy prisoners in inoculation experiments. Over 600 internees were literally murdered to maintain the different typhus strains. Artificial Impregnations. Another witness, Henry Gobstein, of Paris, said that artificial impreg- nations were practised on the most beautiful women arriving at Ausch- witz. The experiments did not suc- ceed and the victims were later gassed. M. Gobstein said that Dr. Mengele experimented with twins and dwarfs. Another witness, Max Warbler, said the ovens at the crematorium at Auschwitz were piled tightly with naked bodies. S.S. men seized chil- dren by the ankles, smashed their heads on stones and then tossed the corpses on to their parents' heads. The object was to asphyxiate the vic- tims first, then burn them. Quite often there was no gas and the flames were then aimed directly at the mass of living human beings.