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FUNERAL FURNISHERS, ETC. 5 ARTHUR E. DAVIES AND COMPANY (Walace A. . Green. Geo. B. Cockerill). Funeral and Cremation Directors. PRE MANTLE. 85 Market-st. 1-222 PERTH. crner Beaufort and Bulwer stat B9400: Claremont. P217. (N.B.-Our only office - in the Clarenont-Cottesloe district is op AY AND NIHT SERVICE. e ARTHUR 3. Pmsralowe and C. Bead Office. 20 Agove-t North Perth. Phone B2469. Branches: 664 Newcastle-street. LIederiO?lle Guildford; 289 Albany-road Victoria Park. BOWE? and O'DEA, Undertakers, a Emalmers and General PuneralgFur shers. Moderate charges. Addres. 195 Pier? Perth. Tel 4308. Private tele- 1 Phone 3337e W2603. C. H. SMITH and CO.. 281 Newale- 1 ft Perth. TeL B3308. M1345. Branh Office. 175 Albany-rd-. Victoria Park. BORA SE . GREEN. Strlng-highwy. Claremont; Stirling-highway. Cottesloe. Tel. 1F68L Day and Night Service. PERTH Funeral Directors, Ltd., 379 as. Perth (near Vidtoria-avenue). ertaers and Embalmers. TeL 616. Private B8623. T5496. PBOSSER. SCOTT AND -CO.. LIS. Undertakers and Certified tEmbalmera. 315-7 Hay-st. Subiaco. B1804; 628 New-E castle-st.. Leedervie; B3399; 37 Ade laide-st. Prenantle. L2662; 585 Stirling highway. Cottesloe. P1066. DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE. Floral Tributes. 3 A.A.A.-AND FOR TEE LOVELIEST Plowers in FUNERAL EMBLEMS which c are distinctive and dignified and a ser lice which delivers on time: The - PLOWERSHOP OP DAWSON HARRISON. 1 LIMITED. 109 Barrack-street. Telephones B2131 (2 linea). L WAYS Telephone B8903. Flue Flor is 907 Hay-st.. Perth. for beautiful Floral Tribute Orders delivered. INGLEWOOD Florists, 850a Beauf?rt St. Wreaths from 7/6. Wedding Bou quets from £1. Lawn Mowers over hauled from 8/6. We collect and de liver. Phone U32028. THE Linden Rnista for a beauntful floral tribute. 203 Oxford-st, Leederville. Phone 85238. SHIPPING. BLUE FUNNEL AND SHAW SAVILL JOINT SERVICE ABERDEEN and COMMONWEALTH LINE AUSTIRALIA and/or NEW ZEALAND to SOUTH ?'PICA and UNITED KINGDOG Pull particulars from DALGETY and COaM PANY. LifTED: GEORGE WILLS and CO. r LTD.; SHAW SAVILL and ALBIONc CO.. LTD: FEAK CAD Cmpany, Limited, Customs, rhipping and Forwarding Agets (Storage and Baggage Agents). Phone Perth 52126; Praem aunt I3L. ORIENT Line Royal Masi Steamers. I D. A. air. Branch Manager. Orientd.N. Wll am-at. Tel 35691 (3 lines). P. and 0. Royal Mail Steamers. Mac donald. EHamlton and Co.. agents. 40-42 WlllRam-st.. Perth. Tel. B9767. PASSPORT Photos? 7-day Ser~vice. see Hollywood Studios. 191 Murray-' at. Opp. Boans. No waiting. TRAVELLERS BY AIR.. SEA OR of all kinds of Travel and Fancy Leather Goods. -Truks. Solid Leather and Pibre Suit Cases Attache- Casesa Shopping Baas. Hit Bas. Music Cases. We make ta ge range of ladles' Handbags. Estab. ov45- ea ?h Address. WCi.amst. Tel. (2 otInrse. AVIATION. PARTIES CaN CHANUR PLUS r Or ANY PART OF AUSTRALIA. ilanes Available Have Capacity 3. 11.or ,21 Seats. 194 St. Geore's-terrace Perth. Phone 59518. AUSTeALIANtr NATIONAL AIRWAYS. TOI MELBOURNE IN ONE DAY, via KAL?GOnORI. and ADELAIDE, by DOUGLAS AIRLINER LEAVING GUILD FORD SOUTH AIRPORT at 7 a.m. DAILY. Connecting at Adelaide and Melbourne for Sydney and Bribane. etc. Coach leav Orient Line Office at 6.15 akm, Principal Agents: OEINT STEM SNAVIGATIN COMPANY. LIMITED (Ine Rg) 5. 6 William-st. Tel B5691 (3 l uli-nealarre e )nr;s-ret Calls Only AIRLENES (W.A) WBUED. PASSENGER AND FREIGHT SERVICES. PORT ]BELAND: Via Yalgo, 2Meeka Dthaer Bog HIl N 4llagine and Marble Bar on Mondays. PORT BEDLAND: Via Mullewa, Minnie th?ar. Wittenoom and Marble Bar en Thursdays. WILUNA: Via Mt. Magnet and Cue only. and Meekatharra. on FrIdays. WILUI(A: Via Norseman Kalgoorlie. on5 new and Mt. Sir Semnel. EALGOORLIE: On Sundays. Tuesday?. Wednesdays and hursda CE.·C On Saturdays and Smn das. ,Sbject to ffLent hooking. Por further- artlunlars apply MAC IDONALD -HAMILTON -and -0.. 40 Wil l .am-at. Perth ( .367 3 lines) AFTER HOSE -MUIS6l or focal Agent. AIM -T,.. aTrip Sand. Period 'Poliies availabl e from Ear I ,g Tri -r(A,,a. Limited. Oren Line 81Y ides Hrlim ait Pth. en As fAs nt-M `N 26. r95. the Perth Of ce bif lbe ?ltated at York Mislvada aerodromes for the follow-ng . N.W. and IT. aiarport. Coastng Hai?r?a ?leek.-Ord Rlver. Arele i Slion 'Wadha. -Wave HI Station. Victoria River -Downs. ate-rne and 6 a.m. on - Sundarnornlo and calling ble?'ln?r r eek. HaaItpa Creek. Passene.- mais and relc carrinted - AA. SCA?BOROUGHBEAC. ? d? SATURDAY: Depart Perth. -15 to 30 i minute'aerlne. from 6.40 am. to 12.15 am. Depar Beach: .5 to 30 minu.e service from 6.10 a.m. to 12.15 am SUNDAY. Depart -oPrth. 15 to 30 minute eice -from 9.15 am. to L3 p~m Depart Bmech. 15 to 30 minute er'viee from 8.45 am. to ,1.45 pm. Phone B7,53. BEAM - TRANSPORT LINm I. 9.45. -10. 115.a 10.3.a.1. - L30 12.0, 1.10. 1.40, 2.0. 3.0,-3.20 3.50. 4.40. 5.10. ,.30. 6.20.- 7.5. so. -J.30. 19.30. Depart-Premalleta: 7.10 7.38. 8.15, 845. 910. 10.0. 10,30, ILO, 15?t. 12.. 2.0. 2.30. 3.0. 3.50. 4.15. p.m- and 6.30 p1m. 5SERVIE. e MONDAY. JANUARY 28. Irst coach from lremantle. 550 am. 9 Pleat coach from Perth. 6.30 am. and at 20-minute ntervals until 8 an?m and t ! ,-D Cvice thereafter. Last coach from Perth. 12 midnight. - coach from Premantle. 12.20 am. COT'EBLOE SERVICE VIA SBIACO. a Ordinary week-day service as per Lprinted timetable. BEAM TRANSPORT LISMITED, f 44 Mount's B?y-rd, Perth. Phone B5625. b-FREMANTLE--XANDUEI? RUS i SERVICE. Depart Mandurah: 830 a. Depart Perth: 10 am. Depart Premantle: 10.45 a?m. 4 p?m. SPECIAL NOTE. 0-ing to limited transport, allseat on the sbove trips from Perth and P5-! nnmatle must be booked at the Com-i e pany's Office. 44 Mount's Bay-rd.. Perth.! a Phone 35629. MNDt-DRAH-PINJAB.RA ROUTE. HOLIDAY SERVICE. - MODAY. JANUARY 28. - Depart Mndnrah: 8.10 a"m. L Depart Piniarra: 10.45 a.m. BEAM TRANSPORT LIMFIND.

MOTOR CONVEYANCES. FREMAXTLE-MANDURAH BUS SER VICE. TIMETABLE. Monday-Friday: Depart Mandurah 830 a.m., 3 p.m. De part Railway Station. Fremantle. 10.45 a.m., 5 p.m. Saturday only: Depart B Mandurah and 1.10 p.m. De part Railway Station. Premantle. 10.45 a a.m., 3.15 p.m. Sunday only: Depart 1 RaL.wa Station. Fremantle. 10.45 a.m. Depart MIandurah. 5.30 pm. SPECIAL NOTE.-Al seats on Sundays and hoti days from Fremantle must be booked. i For bookings and Information apply at Company's Office. 44 Mount's Bay-rd., Perth. 85629. BEAM TRANSPORT. METROPOLITAN OMNIBUS COMPANY. LIMITED. 1 TRAFFIC ARRANGEMENTS. AUSTRALIA DAY. JANUARY 2. 1946. PERTH-FREMANTLE. SPECIAL SERVICE WILL OPERATE. First bus ex Fremantle via Nedlands: 7 am.; via Karrakatta. 6.45 am. First bus ex Perth via Nediands: 6.50 am; via Karrakatte 6.45 m. B Last bus ex Fremantle via Nedlads 12.5 am.; via Karrkatta. 11.30 p.m. Last bus ex Perth via Nedlands: 12.15 m.; via Karrakatta. 12.5 .m. C EAST FREMANTLE-PERTE. SPECIAL TIMETABLE WILL OPERATE. C First bus ex Perth: 7.35A a.m.; ax Petra-st.. 655A am 4 Pera-s.. 11.30 p m. (A) Via Applecross. MT. PLEASANT-PERTM. Ext Mt. Pleasant: 7.15 p.m. EO Perth: 11.15 p.m. ANRMADALE-PERTE. Sunday Service Will Operate with the e - Following Additions: . Ex Armadale: 6.50 nm.. 7.25 nm. 7.50 a.m.. 4.30 p.m., 11.15 p.m ?x Perth: o a.m.. 8.45 am.. 5.15 p.m.. 5.30 p.m BOLBYSTONE-PERTH Ex Roleystone: 9 a.m. 6 p.m. ,. Perth: 10.15 a.m., 4.30 p.m.. 7.30 JARRAIDA.LE-PERTH. Sunday Service Will Operate. NORTH BEACH AND WATERIMAN'S Bay. Buses leave as follows: aturdaays, I 1 WellingtPon and Queen sin.: 7.15. 8.40. - 9.35. 10.30 and 130 an.m., 12.15 1245 1.. 1.25. 2 every 40 min. till 8. 9. 10. 15 and 12.15 pm unday x Perth: p Every 20 min from 8.50 a.m. till 830 p.m. then 9.10, 9.50, 10.30 and 11.10 p.m. E W. Bay?: a8.10. 8.50. 9.3. then evy 20 6 in till 9.30 pm. then 10.10 pm. last s bus Week days, ex Perth: 7.15, 8.10, 8.40, 9.35, 10.30 and 11.30 am.. 1230, 13.0, 230 3.30. 4.5. 4.30, 5.0. 5.17 5.25. 5.35. 5.50, 6.10. 6.25. 7.30, 830, 9.30. ? 11.5 and 11.30 p.m. Phones B5831 3597. MONDAY. 28th. ex Perth: 7.15. 8.30, h every 20 min. till 8.30 p.m. then 9.10. 9.50, 1L5s 11.30. and 12.15. Er W. Bay: 6.20. 7.30. 8.10. 8.50 9.30, every 20 Din. IeVA8eA-MAnDUB. A -BUS SERVICE. o TIETAB3IE. o MONDAY TO FRIDAY: Depart Man- f, dureh 8.10 a.m. 4 pm. Depart Ptinarra a 10.45 om. 5.20 pm .t RSATRDAT: Depart MandrSah 8.1? a.m.. 4.30 p.m. Depart PrinJarr 10.45 A.m. 5.20 p.m. rJ FPARE: SINGLE 2/. RETRN 3/6. a YUNDERUP-PINJAB.RA BUS SERVICE. COMMJICG DECEMBER IL TUESDAY AND FRIDAY ONLY: De- p part Yuaderup 830 an.m Depart Pin larra 520 p.m. a FABES: SIIGLE 2/. RETURN 3/6. For further information see bus driver 9 or Beam Transport Ltd. 44 Mount~'s Bay-rd.. Perth. Phone B5629. ROC GRA : SAE I TY BAhY, S FELMSANTEL E. AUSTRALIA DAY. JAreUAtRY 28. 1946. Ex Safety Bay: 8a30 .m. 11.15 am 5.15 p.m. 7.15 p.m. EB Rocki2nham: 8.45 n.m.. 11.30 a.m. 5.30 pm. 7.30 p.m. Ex Fremantle: 10 am.. 4.15 p.m, 6.15 p.m. Ex Perth: 930 nm. METROPOLITAN OMBUS COMPAbNY. L~IITSD. L32109. 1186. SAFETY BAY - BOCKINGAM - FRE sANTLa SUMMER TIMETABLE. To operate as from Sunday. December 9. until further notice. WEEK DAYS.E R Er iSaety Bay: 7.30 am. 830 an. i 10.15 am.. 2.15 pm.. 3.45 p.m., 4.45 p.m. hEx Roae klneh: 7.45 amn. 8.45 a.m.. 10.30 a.m.. 2.30 p.m, 4.0 p.m., 5.0 pm. Ex Fremaitle: 9 a.m.. 10 am., 11.30 SATURDAYS Ex Safety Bay: 730 am. 8230 a.m AS10.4 am.. 121.5 p.m. 4.45 pm, 6.0 pbm. Er Rockingham e 7.45 am.. 8.45 am.. 11.0 am.. 12.30 p.m. 5.0 p.m.. 6.15 p.m. Ex Fremantle: 90 a.m.. 10.0 a. 1.30L p.m., 2.30 p.m.. 6.15 p.m. .45 p.m. SUNDAYS. Er Safety Bay: 1L15 am., 5.15 pm.. 7.15 pm . Ex Rocklnaham: 11.30 n.m. 5.0 p.m., 730 p m. Ex Fremantle: 10.0 m., 4.15 p.m., -6.15 pm. E PErerth:9.30 am. METROPOLITAN OBQB COMPANY. Newspaper House. St George's-ter.. I S Short-st? , Ynantle. 1186.lS DRESS AND FASHION. A.AA.-MODEENE Tarkiak Bathe.. Medical Proess. 7810. OddIleap Building 224 St. George's-ter. AUDR Lg l Suits Frck, i variety. epa I. ppoflsk. 3r4p tior. Gleddtit t4 il a DAINTY Blouses.L BLa ihties and 'Jeaas. p made from your own materials. 30 Stanley-at, M. Law- I ley. a LADIES I S1 RAVE AN OIL PEM AT the Vogue BSalon. Soft natural waves. No ifrgu Also hair vitalizer. cream shampoo for dandruff. For appointment Binr B4870. aopp. Bon Marche. 577 Hay-st. SAITEENIKT WEAR: ?ATEBT STELES now showing. featring our mart clever non-wrap and new back-f?stening in 6l the latest styles, asizes and colours. We also stock homse amocks. THE GEORG ETTE. SpecialIsts in MATERNITY wEAR. 672 Hay-st. Perth. PHOTOGRAFHY: Ladles. bo "Glam - orlsed" by "Holyood Stdio??" 30a Murray-st. next to Electricity Photos in 14 das. Phone 38293. the West. "~olly?ood Studios" 191 Muray-s. p. Bans. Speedy Service Photos in 14 days Phone 38293. - Electrolysati also AlIwin Method Rome Treatment i Satisfactin uaran teed. Personal attention. 20 years" ex perence. MISS NELE. Speiast, p staIrs. Centra Arcade. a -at. 36981. SIPIFEBF/OUS HAIRS REMOVED BY E r Guaranteed pra atten Itrn cxlS. M6 SHARL.aND. SpecalIst Cl l years experiencel. Consultation free. Phone B72I. 1st Floor. Levinson's BLda Hay-at. B722L SUPEFLUOU8 Har Removed by Elect . The permanent method. SFloor. ledden Buildrngs 37455. Consl tatIons free.. TENDERS. 1 - wood Tennis Co'uris Phone P. LIst and nn, U-157, 1.8 Second-ave., Mt. lmwley. we av ne a diesel Powr roller for the rrjal. edadLamI -mveeflak -Hats and Mie. Brers. Pod-. m allons in your own -home or in our Chambers. Remlts ua-ranteed. Advice l B. -M.eDTS "ESTAEBLISE OVER 40 years). .Manaclrer of Safes. Strongrooma Doors. Collapsible Gates. ,8tc ?A Vwenrndah A?___gs and ,Baldn . Moderate charges. 20-26 Coolmardiet.. West Perth. L BUR DENS: 'BUILISlG STONES FOR L Sale: ",aying foundaton, labour and y material : _sl_ _ "ed r -.",in g"apn L field-st., . M.Hathorn, 34780, after 6 p SBUmDENS: Per lmemet ABd eficient dlr o Bricks. Sand and Metal for_?! dames of blrmmn onslroctlona l arid rep?irs. Phone 32"o2. 8 Tenth -.ave. - ,Maylands, SOFP FEMANT?r. FALTH ?CPr?n .to ,radtia. i the Stale of Western ?nn r Iralla e areIned 4 ? m designs m'or the New H'ealth -enr C nditios governing the comp4ttton 5 are available at th Office of the under a signed. Sregister thir n?amre in wnritln not later S than 12 noon on Tuesday. the 26th Feb a mary. 1946. I. SHEPHERD. . COaMONWEL., OF a-"oo a. r ir OEPn?-Adfld?t OFTOx ArN L .RIID.'-- closng -wl& th Wors , Director. Allied W6ea_-ConcLl. G.P.O. .Perth. are iitedefor oellowrin aer RETURNABLE AT NOON. 2. •/ A. Minister for Works and Hoosamn COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. DEPARTMENT OF SUPPLY AND SHIPPING. Tenders are invited and "will close at Sthe O~e of the secretary. District Con tract .Board. 3rd Floor, Commonwealth Sank Building Perth. at 2 p.m. on Thes day. February 12. 1946. for the purchase as they lie at 3 C.R.E. Works. Karra katta of 31-300 cubic feet capac.ty .Tender" orm may be obtained on ap 5 plication at the abovementloned ·once. COMNMONWEALTH FOOD CONTROL. TED?RS addressed to the Deputy Director of service Foodstfs. Akroyd BuldinK. 34 ing-strt. Perth. will be received up till 2 P.m. on-the respective dates shown for the supply of the fol lowing commodities for the Services: HONEY for India. 1-2-40; COCOA for Ans. 5-2-46. Tender forms and full 1aticulars and avstiable on application at the ab se adresa. No tender neces dae? excavating. levelling 1.200 c. yds. land StirLing-[ighway. Particulars by1 appointment. F2122. F1974. Tenders close noon February 4 next. No tender necessarily accepted.

TENDERS. COIMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. DEPARTMENT OF SUPPLY AND re SHIPPING. TENDERS far the supply of:- - BADGES EMBROIDERED &Closing date: 51 February 1. 1946); at and far the purchase of:- ta i-No. WINCH 5-ton Double Drul (Clos- i log date: February 22. 1946). Will be received until 2 yin. on the dates indicated at the omce of the Dis- at trict Contract Board. 3rd Floor. Corm- d monweaith Bank Buildings. Perth. where Lt Tender Forms and particulars may be I3 obtained by application. - COMMONWEALTIH DISPOSALS COM- or MISSION. cc FOR SALE BY TENDER. te IVORY NUT POWDER - MAGNESIUM - POWDER AMINIUM ?LLOY BAR. These goods are offered for overseas and local purchase. TENDERS close at 2 p.m. on February L 25. 1946. at the office of the R ecretar. m Contract Board Chancery House. 48 8a Bourke-street. MELBOURNE. and ri t the ti District Contract Board in all States. where Tender Forms and schedules are obtainable giving ful partIculars. COMMONWEALTH RAILWAYS. - Tendes addresed to the Seuee tars. Commonealth Railways. 623 Collins-at., Melbourne. C.l. will be received up to 4 p.m. on 12/2/46 for: _ HEWN OR SAWN BRIDGE TRANSOM?.?N General conditions and epecificationst N are available for issue at the offices of the Commonwealth ail?a?s. Melbourne B and of the Works Directors at Sydney. B Adelaide and Perth. Envelopes enclosing tenders should be endorsed Tender for Bride Tranom." - DISPOSAL CAN-rFN EQUIPMENT AND P4 FTITINGS. bi VWMEN'S VOLUNTARY CANTEEN. is _A.N.r HOUSE. ST. GEORR E'S-TERRTACE. P OFFERS are invited tor the FUR- Ci CHaSbi of MEC aNlI.AL APPLdLNCLS. r envelopes. addressed to e FRE JACOBY. F A.N.A House. St. George's-ter. Pa Inspection only. Tuesday. Janur?r 29 PbCE owanted for erectif three- r roomed Brick House. cons, at Double it View. Particulars 1Z49. this office, B Perth P'ICE to boilS Briek Lavatory and P Septic Tank Insttalation. Willis. Cook- t st. Hamlton BHL 3 SROBERT V. BlatchLotd, A-N.h-LA.. Architect. 15 Howard-st.. o6880, invites a Tenders. clong noon. Feb. 5. for adds- b, tions to a Perth Bakery. plans and h specifications obtainable at above ofce. No Tender necessarily accepted. TENDERS -FOR HOTEL LEASE. " Tenders are invited and will be e ceived by the rndersigned UP to 12 noon V on ThurpdA. February 14. 1946. for e the purchase of the Balance of the lease of the Capel Inn, Capel, for the period from midnight on April 27. 1946, toCl midniht on June 30. ipsi together with 9 the f ,r?ture, plant and chattels in and about the Hotel The rent at present payable by the owner of the lease of the Hotel and 10 acres of land on which it is soituated i A £9/10/ per week. f Full particulars with conditions o? Tender obtainable from the undersIgned. 1 The highest or any tender not neces sarily accepted. All Tenoers must be made on forms iT which are obtainable at the under-8h mentioned o?ice. Tenders must be accompanied by a bank marked che?ue representing 10 per v cent of the amount of the Tender. The balance due'bY the esuceseesf t endere is to be paid in five equal instalments, the first to be made on July 1. 1946. and annually thereafter. n The sale is subject to National Secur- b ity Ragclations. Dated this Twenty-second Day oi January. 1946. 0. L. RINES and COMPANY. Chart ered Accounts (Australia), 89 St George's ter.. Perth. TENDERS ARE INVITED FOR THE - purchase for removal of Packing Shed Buildings (formerly the P Dehydrator). situated at Kendenup (12 miles North of Mt. Barker and rclose to Siding). Building comprises Brick Walls, mostlyP double T. and G. Flooring. Steel prin cidpals. . C. Iron roof. 15ft. Verandah Lean-to's and quantlty Windows doors r and tanks. a STENDERS close Box 5. Mt. Barker. - Tuesday, February 5. 1946. Highest tender not necessarily acceted. _ For further particulars apply: MT..BARKER CO-OPERATIVE. p LIMITEDL. TENDERS RETURNAB 4 P.M. FEB RUARS , to Brigadier Ingls. Salvation Army. Pier-st.. are Invited for Construc tion of lIoft. span Timber Bridge over the Canning River at Seaford Home, Golillao Plans and specifications may s be aeen at Pier-at, or at Sea?orth Home. GoanellS Lowest or any tender uot s necessarily accepted.- E. A. GORHA. - Engineer and Surveyor. Albany-rd.. , Kelmsott. iPhone 40. TENDERS ARE CALLED FOR THE r Mowing once only. Reilly. Oval (the Snall oval).on University Grounds. The oval can lie Inspected atany time. Ten- - ders close -aon Friday. February L with the Secretary, University Sports Conrm oil The lowest or any tender not neces arY accepted. .P - BMSARE WANTED UP TO lt eberuary. -1946. to Build Brick Kit en. Lau and Bathroom. Two Brr.ick it?lart o3 vedP tices. and Sewerage a Reni ovetintp o Premises. ApplyrA.m Li nley. 169 James -seet. Cnuil. - t - CErt deL OF . rPSe i.-EDre t r ieinvited . and will he receitved ueaSi 1 4o bElatee Fteodery. 4'194. rmut b irn a or a ftor the roetrok Bonf dor at ner Sanitary Site Victoria Park. Plans and specifications may be obtainede t the I city Building Surveyor's Office. eIar-' ray-street. upon payment of adeposit n of £eL A receipt from the City Tresa surer covering such preliminaryl deposit - as is speelfid in the General Conditions . of Contract must accompany ender and a further deoost as required therein I must be lodged with the City Treasurer upon acceptance -of tender. Deposits must be in Cash or Bank marked cheque. Sealed Tenders addressed to 1 the Town Clerk and endorsed Fender c for ERECTION OF BUILDIGS AT NEW a SANTARY SITEt" must be deposited in - the Tender Bdx at the Citr Engineers cessarily accepted. W. A. McL GREEN. _ Town Clerk. BU ILDERS. TO TENDERS.are invited for tp mn )Addtions n and n.Sletells o o pre mises. Prentre. for Messr? Tende MAoLNd and NICHOLAS. I.R.-LA.. TO No ii rg5"?I, n eremant5le. -rBUILDERS. TO BUIL eay r? t29th nst. for- o r for Fremantle Road Board. e e chite?aw . . Hr o HkenR-t.. n retantle. I Wt. FRE BIADES BOAD. TENDERSB are n reted for the mann facte ors end suplfor twelve (121 0O0S hPETITION HYJARAN. Plans and spedo- ? tion to the Chief Ofcr Headouarters Fie Station. Peth. end the District Of oer. Kalgooe rs Fire Station- Tnders;l - lose with the ndersigned at o mlm. entender necessari accepted S. P. PBOIE. I Sae ied ocretherv Ir in-?treet. Perth. - BWRELAM BHOS. 2n Sutseer l?nd-s. Perth sand, gaoel and metal a0ppier. Prompt delveries. Tel. 3823 TENDERS r arein for eeorec?iton and completion of the following WarN thBrick Hose onU Lot 95. The Grove.' SBf tHoe On LHot 1cor. Gallop-RD .SEWRAUG E INSTL?TIN:T ...dNDEoB marked -wth a reference ta i the ?ork tendered for. ArE REITRN the30th JANUARY. 1e46 the onces a he of O J BOthe W S .5 iRABTHM ABUIDINGS. St. George's eritie jobs cary a2ta ririty and 1 e possIble assadence wilt be given -tthe sDccessfl fende-er In regard- to man powerand materals o The lowest or any sander not neest sarily a3cptd. t - a Vt. O. BOND. -bTaiSDERS~era invited for the erection -nd completon of the followping War arI HOldE?e i o ?t 90b. Bridges road. Melville. THi DERST markedwithm a reference to the work tendered for ARE etREsLN a ABLE UNTIL, OOlt on WEDNESDAY. -the 6th FEBRUA?? . 1946. at the Omces r of the WORKERls' HOtnS BOARD. -BTEE JOBS CARRY A.2or . PRORT and every Dptble asoist0nce will be. " Paer pOt. r *nd materials. sarily accented. Hro o. BOND. r me"Secretary. ASTHMAod-D Mt.CATRB SUFFERE88. ! SIt against Asthma. Catarr o and Hay heatm ent " r eO? Druvpls "ieting-l, In lectiona . Read fo yourself what I P DR has done or hundreds ofone-time ufrars. Write (wit-hout - obtain enptnes from r pateua ro years older. Get rid of hoy my perfect Det.8 Post Offce Bob. North Sydney.

MONEY, MORTGAGES, ETC. FOR Mortgage Loans at 4¾ per cent.. repayable by irstalments if desired, see Walters. Limited. 131 William-st. 5 . W. BEVILAQUA, LTD. (Est. [9I1 , 51 St. George's-ter.. Perth. Mort.saeus arranged. Home purchasers assisted. De tails readily given. Current rates. Fuude invested. Call or ring B9480. HOME Buyers, Mortgage money avail able at low interest rates. fixed or re ducible. Consult National Service Co., Ltd., 2nd floor, A.M.P. Chambers, H5647. without obligation. SMALL or large sums, 4%? per cent., on fixed or reducible mortgage; no pro curation fee. Boultbee. 66 St. George's ter. B8222. WANTED. £500 on first mortgage; good security. RX4. this omfce, Perth. WEST AUST rALL!N FI.ANCE. LIMITED: Funds available for Iuvest ment on approved securities, reversion ary interests, mortgages or other securi ties purchased. Apply to Secretary. 101 St. George's-ter.. Perth. LOST AND FOUND. Animals, Birds, Etc. FOUND, Grey Angora Rabbit. Collect before 10 or after 4 p.m. 83 London-t., North Perth. IMPOUNDED Maddington Pound. Brown Gelding,. shod, branded like 1.&.0. Bay Gelding blaze, one hind, one front. white, branded 6.H.L. Dean. Pound keeper. IMPOUNDED City of Perth No. I Pound. Lord-at., 1 Bay Mare, no visible brand, 15.2 hands. 4 white points, blare lace. unshod. E. Gra. Potundkeeper. LOST, Thursday, Chestnut Brown Pekinese Male Dog, answers name Chans. children's pet. Reward. Re turn 19 Teovil-eres.. Bicton. LOST from Soblaco Yards, yesterday, one brown heifer, branded 26 near rump. Fnder communicate with Elder. Smith, Perth or Subiaco. LOST, Small Cream Short-haired Dog, answers to Toby. Please return t 193 Churchill-ave., Subieco. Re ward. LOST. Friday, Mt. Lawler. Fox Terrier Pup, answers Paddy, white, black and tan head last seen 19 terminus. Reward. 3 outhview-rd. Phone U180. STRATED INTO MY GARDEN. ONE. y Stallion white face, two white feet back; one small bay Flly, two white bind legs; one medium bay Mare, two white hind legs; one chestnut Mare star on forehead, strap on front foot, no visible brand. If not clamied withm the period allowed by law wll be sold to pay e?penses, S. DONATTL ar grave-rd.. Osborne Park. STRAYED FROM SUBIACO 4-TEAR. OLD Pacing Bay Mare. branded A on side 9E, not shod. Any information of whereabouts kindly ring W2418. £2 reward. STRATED FROM MT PROPERTY. Armadale. one bay Mare. white star on forehead, saddle marks; last seen at Nlcholson-rd., Jandakot. Reward. Ring 143 rmadale. , Courtney. STRAYED. Black and 'White Part Foe Terrier Puppy. no collar long tail. Would finder please rinr U201a 68 Clotllde-st.. Mt. Lawley. Reward. STRAYED from Adelaide-st., Maida Vale. Smell Cow, branded 3 G.L. on rump, flash of white on right flank. Dcubikin. Reward. STRAYED on my property, Black Mare, no visible brand. If not claimed will be sold to cover eXpenses. Jakens Maids Vale. STRAYED into 40 Stoneham-street, soondana, Red Setter. female, no lie ence. General. DIAMOND Broaeh lost Perth, Jan S. Perscn who found please return 22 Dyer's-rd.. West Midland. Good reward. FOUND, "Health Without DrTss." Rear "Diana." Free! (See Meetings,. B7607 for consultations. FOUND, North Cottesloe, in sea. Uppner Dental Plate two front teeth. 2 Torrens avenue. North Cottesloe. FOUND Two Panes of Glass in eam. Ring MUie096. FOUND. Would K. Thomas call 108 Roseberry.-st., Bedford Park. FOUND, Jan. 4, Man's Plain Signet. Hughes. W2235, Saturday morning. LO)ST, BLACK 1ID HANDBAG, ON TAoINING bankbook, clothing ration card. small purse containing notes and silver, between Red Cross Transport of fice and Boans. Reward. 16 McKenzie st.. Wembley. LOST. I Pair Lady's Black Rid Gaunt 'let Gloves, left In 7.15 p.m. train ex Midland Junction.or Bayswater on Wed nesday, 23rd. Reward on returning Mrs. W H. Pettit, 21 Padbury-terrace. Mid land Junction. SLOST, Monday. Lady's Gold Watch, betwee. Perth and Mt. Lawley, keep s~ake. Finder write or please return to 34 Gardlner-street. Mt. Lawley. Re ward. LOST. Gent's Wrist WatS.h Thursday morning between Galwea. Bourke and Palmerson ate., or 7.30 a.m. tram. Re ward on returning to 33 Galwey-stroet. Leederville. LOST, between b and 5.0 .. tram ram cdlaals- -Moaday-coght,.m Single Reward. A. Wilsmon, 24 t V Grove. Sherton Park, or ring I LOST Lady' Handb In Barracksa., abetween Murray Rod Trouchet corner. containing clothing coupon books, bank Ibook and personal belongings. Please re turn to 120 StIrling-stL,. Perth. Reward. LOST, Mman'a Coat, between Osborne 1Park garage and Metreiolitan Markets, spectacles, ration books, driver's licence. Reward. Return to Osborne Park Gar rage. 1 LOST Mosman Park, between tt. Leonard'-et, and chopping centre. Lady's Gold Wrist watch with white strap, keep sake. Phone P100o7. Reward. SLOST. Wallet. In Commonwealth Bank, by ex-serviceman, owner's address on Ipapers which are badly needed. Good reward. XUL. this office, Perth. UObST, Thors. Pair Spctacle, i u and Pank case, between Ingle. wood and East Perth. Reward. - Timr Iewsasgency, 01311. LOST, Small Blue-grey Purse, contain ing money and two keys. Finder lease ru Badleir, Howard-street. Perth. DST, Red Leather Pcrse, between Ellzabeth-st, and Eric-st. bridge, Gottes. - loe, containing money and bus tickets. Phone P1391. OST. pair Mhaoon Bsthang Trunks, with Life-Saving badge attached. Re ward on returning 222 Cannlng-hIghwy-. East remantle. LOST. Smal Slack Eitp Purse, Thora, afternoon, counter at Carters. Finder rtng 01055 or return 27 Fres-ave, Mt. LIOST In V?ntral Block. Perth, I Lady's Gold Watch. slightly damaged. Owner, - 73 Hampshire-ct.. VictorIa Park. Re ward otered. ST, Tuseday, i Leather Attehe C eotaining oroceries, between Perth nsd Walllston,. Reward.J. Turner. Wa! I LOST ,Saail Rd ,Black Money Purse, vcinity Stirllng-hIghway. Claremont. Re ward. Ring P?334. LOST, Brown Pomfanian. collar, I -llcences. North Premantle. Reward. 41 De Lisle-sct. North Premantle. I.313. LOST. Petra-at. bus atop. Leather Purse - containing 13/ silver. Reward on re turninr to 22 Duke-st.. East Fremantle. r LOST, Pair Speetaeles in ase, between Belmont and Rivervale. Drags. Hardr rd.. Belmont. LOST. Lady's Sllver Watch, engaved - 17-6-42. keepsake. Reward. XZSO. this offce. Perth. LOST onie ballooner of capslied ? acht in Nedlands Bay. Reward. Mount'e By Sailing Club. LOST from Lorry, Metro area, large atarpauln, marked Sadleir. Ring 1.2137. WILL person who found a Cycle, raft way gates. Queen's Park. Thursday even ing. kindly return. Cycle belongs to over seas soldier shortly returning. £1 re ward for information leading to recovery. lRossiter, Whor-st. £2 REWARD lost, Thoraday, Mid land Abattoirs, 2 £10 War Bonds. Con I struction Foreman, Abattoirs. Midland. BENOL Shampoo Powders add CLfe, -nshutre and Loveliness to your hair. ADVERTISING RATES. s For Classified AdverFtisements. Amusements; Auctions; Dress and Fashion; Educational; Elections; Funeral - Furnl?bera; Licensing Notices; Matri monial; Meetings; Medical; Milnng; 0 Money; Motor Conveyances; Municipal - Notices; Naturalisations; Public Notices; Road Board Notices; Tenders; Itulinesses, 5 Parinerships; Farms and Counir, Pro I. pertles; For Exchange; Por Bale; Fur nlture and Furnishings: Frernantle ilhcic ping; 3?ouses and Land for Sale; Houses f and Land Wanted: tlivestoc. Vehicles: t Lost and Pound; Machinery and Oil d Engines; Motors and BicyPles; Mslisfcal Instruments; Personal; Pooltreg. DoEs, - Cats. Rabbits; Professions and Trades; Wanted to Buy; Wanted to Rent; Wire less; Gas Producers: Charltis Consulta tions; Garden Seeds, Fruit and Veg:- I (Sd Per line. Minimunm harge: 5 lines, 2/S. Chereb Notices. d per Ilne Minimum charge. 2 lines, 2/.) 1! Board and Residence: Hollday Resorts; - Rooms and Plats: y (Id per line. Minimum charge. 2 lines, IH ouses, etc.. to Let; Situations Vacant; i[ (Sd pe line Mi?murm charge. 2 lines. It Situations Wanted:- - (2 (ines, I/; Iaeh succeeding line. ee.' o I?OTLICE TO CLA-SSIFIED ADVERTISERS. - ALL SPACE RESTRICTIONS :5 CLASSIFIED COLUMNS itAnl|ouncements of 7 lines and over may 4[now he spaced to the size desired by iJs the advertiser.