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  • LorraeJ 15 Jun 2012 at 16:47
    Lorna Doris Kaddatz - daughter of August Erich Kaddatz & Gladys Isabell Gray
  • juliew77 5 Mar 2013 at 00:02
    Beatrice Baker and James Colquhoun are my Great GrandParents

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Family Notices

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? BIRTHS ? BENSON'.— At the District Hospital. Muniliibbo.-a. 12th April, to George and Pattie (nee Roselt)— a Daughter (Bernadctte Margaret), Sister for James CAMPBELL.— At the Dalby Hospital on March 25. to Colin and Thelma —a Son (Brendon David), a Brothcr for Grahame and Sandra. CASTLEDINE.— To Don and Flo (nee Haylock)— a Son. 6th April. CHAPLIN.— At Gymple General Hos pital on 31 3 52. to Bert and Helen (nee Peterscn)— a Daughter (Ellann Mary). CHEATHAM.— To Kevin John and Judith Anne Chcatham on April 17th st Women's Hospital, the gift of a Daughter (Kerris Louise). CHENOWETH.— At Women't Inter mediate. 14th April, to Dr. and Mrs. Norman Chcnowcth — a Son, still born. DIEFENBACH.— At Lismore Base Hospital on 11th April, to Ccd and Lilian (nee Chester*)— a Daugh ter (Rhonda Catherine). Both well. DIMMICK.— At Women's Intermedi ate on April 13th, lo Ray and Bar bara (nee Ellis) — a Daughter (Kay Barbara). Sister for Susan. rLETCHER.— On 16th April at Women's Intermediate, to Ruth and Tom — a Son (Paul Thomas Henry), Brother to Clifford and Christine. FLUGGE.— At the Women's Hospital on the 14th April, to Lit and Albert —a Daughter (stillborn). GRAHAM.— At Nundah Private Hos Silal, to Ken and Lorna (nee lanlels)— a Daughter (Beryl Judith), -ft Sister for Dennis. 11/4/52. HILLIER.— At Berllda Private Hos pital, Easter Monday, to Mr. and Mrs. D. J. Hllller (nee Lambert)— a Son (Stephen Pitman). HDGIIE8.— At Fermoy on 17th April, to Margaret (nee Hodcson) and Allan— a Daughter (Roslyn). KOUOTCOFF.— At Women's Inter mediate, April 10th, to Orace and Charles— a Daughter (Narelle Marie). Sister to Janlecc, Karen, and Bruce. I.tOTD-JONES.— At Nambour Gen eral Hospital on April 12th. to BUI and Ivy (nee Butler)— a Eon (Gary ?William). Both well. MEEK.— At the Roma District Hos Sltal on loth April, to Gwen and on— a Daughter (Elizabeth Sophie), ?Sister for Alan. HAMSEY.— To Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Ramsey. Dlbar St., Wynnum Cen tral, at Women's Hospital, 14th April— a Son I John Dawson). SEENEY.— At Southport Maternity Hospital. 14th April, to Geo. and VI.— a Daughter (Elva Annette), a ; Sister lor Kevin. Ross, and Peter. SMITH.— At Warwick Hospital, 4th April, to Arthur and Fay (nee Kll rnlnstcn — a Daughter (Therese Madeline), a Sister for Michael. TOPP.— On 10th April at Southport Intermediate Hospital, to Allan and Margaret I nee Williams)— a Daughter , (Margaret Llnd6ay). TROUT.— At Berilda Private Hospital on the 16th April, to Bill and Betty (nee Cowin) — a Son (Graham Ross).   WOODS.— To Bill and Rolle at the Women's Intermediate Hospital. 17th April. 1952— a Daughter, Eislcr for Bruce. Alexis. Ann.

COMING OF AGE NLXON. R/Sto. D. H.— Congratula- tions, love, mid best wishes from Mum. Dad. Wood. Wendell, Dazclaar. Shearer Families. ? ENGAGEMENTS ANDREW— BETZEL.— The engage ment Is announced of Mary Teresa, only Daughter of Mrs. M. Betzel, and the late William Norman Bet re!, ol BoBcn. to John Palrlclc, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Andrew. of Adelaide. BIRCH— McLEAN.— The engagement is announced of Jean Wilson, younger Daughter of Mrs. J. R. McLean and the late Mr. J. B. McLean, late of Highgate Hill, now of Mt. Gravatt, to Robert David, second Son of Mrs. D. Birch and the late Mr. A. V. Birch, of Cairns. COX—HIGGINS.— The engagement is announced of Monica Denise youngest Daughter of Mrs. T. Hig gins, Warwick, to Brian Hudson, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Cox, Bendigo. Vic. EAST— MITCHELL. — Mr. and Mrs. James Mitchell. 'Tevlot.' Wlnton. announce the engagement of their elder Daughter. Elinor Palrlna, to John Stanley, only Son ol Mr. and Mrc. G. T. East, 'Whyrallah,' Wln ton. EDWARDS— LAt'B. — The engage ment Is announced of Gloria Mary, only Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. J. Laub, Wooloowln. lo Leslie Allan, third Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Edwards. Gecbung. FEDOUNIAK— DOBSON.— The en gagement Is announced of Fay, younger Daughter ol L. J. Dobson, Kcnllworth, and E. R. Dobson. Lae, to Victor FcdornluU. Little Yabbn, late ol Borlslav. Ukraine. JEAYS— YOUNG. — The engagement is announced of Elaine, second Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Young, Wighton Street, Sandgate,   to Charles Albert, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Jeays. Albert Street,

Sandgate. KARGER— NOTT.— The engagement Is announced ol Shirley, only Daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Nott. of Wynnum. to Kevin, only Son of Mr. and Mrt. A. Kargcr, of Mornlng eldc. KENNY— BOOWNLEE.— Tho engage ment is announced of Beth Agnes, younger Daughter of Mrs. K. M. Brownlee. Gregory Terrace. Brisbane, and the late J. H. Brownlee, to James Pinlay, third Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Kenny, Mossman (N.Q.). LANGFORD— FIELDER. — The en gagement Is announced of Dorothy, only Daughter of Mr. end Mrs. W. Fielder Kallnga. to Patrick, twin 6on of MrE. J. Langford and the late Mr. J. Langlord. Lutwyche. LAVEL— WILSON ? The engagement is announced ol Neva Ruth, eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. Wil son, 32 Middle Street. Hlghgate Hill, to Douglas Graham, eldest Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Level. Crow's LIDDY— GRAIIAME. — The engage ment is announced of Margaret Jean, eldest Daughter o! Mr. mid Mrs H. G. Grahamc, of Chcimer Street. West Chelmcr. to Vivian Joseph. Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Llddy, of Hewby Street, Nundah. LYNCH— RYAN.— The engagement Is announced of Man* Ryan, eldest Daughter of Mr. Ryan, and the late Mrs. Ryan. Dorchester Street. High gate Hill, and Thomas Lynch, eldest Son of Doctor and Mrs. Lynch, Brunswick Street. New Farm. McGItATH— WAITE. — The engage ment Is announced of Joan Valerie, elder Daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. R. McGrath, ol Moorooka. to Cpl. Tom Waitc, R.A.A.F.. Amberle5;. METCALFE— CHAPMAN.— The on Kggemetit is announced of Dorothy Elizabeth, younger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Chapman, Auchcn Ilower to Robert Henry, elder Son of Mrs. D. Metcalte and the late C. H. Mctcalfe. Sydney. MULLEU — GIBSON. — The engagement

1e announced ol Alice Annie, yomigfi Daughter of Mr. T. Gibson, and the late Mrs. T. Glbton. Spring Creek. Clifton, to Philip Marshall, elder 6on of Mr. ami Mrs. P. Muller, Clifton. NOBLE— LAWRIE.— The engagement Is announced of Constance C. filth Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. Law rle 'Springburn.' Gnrfleld Drive. Paddtngton, to Ralph E.. only Son of Mr. and Mrs. I. M. Noble. 'Glcn- Elbon,' Isuac Street, Paddingtoii. PETTY— WHATI.ING.— The engage ment lb announced of Marie, only Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. What ling, Kelvin Grove, to Colin, only Bon of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Petty, Red Hill. POLLARD — VERRY, — Mr. and Mrs. A O. Verry, Charters Towers, an nounce with pleusurc the engage ment of their only Daughter, Val mal Betty, of 'Whytcclitfc,' Clay tield. to Geoffrey Braldwood, young est Son of Rev. J. G.. and Mrs. Pollard, of Jannall, New South Wales. nOBINSON— JOSEPH.— The engage ment Is announced of Sylvia, Daughter of Mr. A. Joseph nnd tho late Mrs. Joseph. LocUrosc, via For est Hill, to Kenneth Robert, young est Son of Mrs. M. Robinson and the late Mr. Robinson, Thinoomba, Gnyn dull Line. STAPLF.TON — SW1FTE. — The engage ment Is announced ol Phyllis Anne, only Daughter of Cupt. and Mrs. K. Swlfte. Holsworthy. New South Wales, to Brian, elder Son ol W. O. end Mrs. H. E. Staplcton. Welbeck . Street. Alderley. Brisbane. TEBBOTT— FOSTER. — The engage ment is announced of Ivy June, only Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. Foster. Roughen Street. Windsor, to Henry Ivan, second Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Tcbbutt. Gymplc. _^ VAN ITALLIE— GOSCHNICK. — The engagement is announced of Norma Joyce, only Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Goschnick. 8th Avenue. Kedron, formerly of Murgon, to Benjamin Marinus Van Itallie, eld est Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Van Itallie. of Blloela. WAIT— RIEK.— The engagement Is announced of June Margaret, young est Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Rlek. Hervey Street. Scarness. to Robert, fourth Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Wait. Mount Esk Pocket, via Esk. WARD— PILKINGTON.— The engage ment has been announced of Ellen May, only Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Pilkington of Whitmore Street, Taringa. to Harry Arthur, elder Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. Ward, of Rams gate. Sydney, and late of London, England. WINSTON— JAMES.— Mr. and Mrs D. T. James, of Murarrie, announce the engagement of their Daughter Megan to Geoffrey, second Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. 'Winston, of Kelvin Grove.

ENGAGEMENTS WOOLLEY— CRITTS.— The cngage ment Is announced of Evelyn, second youngest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 6. Crllts. 102 Vllllcrs Street, New rarm. Brisbane, to Kenneth Wool ley. Twin eon ol the late Mr. and M«- H. Woolley. 7 Drake Street, West. End. Brisbane. PRE-MARRIAGES

ACWORTH— COLLIER.— On the 19th April, at Kumbia Methodist Church, 11.30 a.m.. Harry Kenneth, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Acworth, of Hamilton, to Daphne May, younger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. Collier, of Kumbia. AYRE— TROTMAN. — On Saturday 18th April, at 3 p.m., at St. Augus tine's Church of England, Hamilton. Janice Mary, younger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. e. F. Trotman, Ash erovc. lo Neville James, elder Son °'or'ge and M'' F' J- Aj''' BKSHLTT— CORKING. — On 19th April, st 4 p.m., at Rosalie Sacred Heart Church, imelda, youngest P»u»» '°! Mrs. C. A. Oorrlng and he lute Mr Gorrlng, of Ralnworth. to James Thomas Bennett, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Bennett, of Toowoomba. BEL'TEL-HEERS. - On Saturday. April 18th. 5 p.m.. at St. Stephen's ?rKvbytercin Church. Ipswich, by r~?.y- °- °- Johnstone. Elms Eunice, younger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F' R/,,HMr^' National Bank. Lowood, to Allan Edgar, elder Son of Mr. i MrS. E. BeUtel. rhnrrh KtrA»i

BOND— IIEANEV. — In St. Paul's 'resbyterlnn Church, to-day, at 3.30 p,'m'. bi' R?v- R- E PMhcn. Ruth, eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. h. a. O. Hcaney. Albion, to Russell. second Son of Mr. L. H. Bond and the late Mrs. M. E. Bond, of Jack BUSBY— WINTERBOTTOM. — On Saturday, April 18th, h p.m., at Saint Andrew's C. of %.. Highgate ill, Margaret, Daughter of Mr. and I Mrs. J. WIMerbottom. Annerley, to Tom, only Son of Mr. and IiJrs. A. Busby, also of Annerley. COL— JARDINE.— On the l!)th April, at Holy Cross Church, Wooloowln. with Nuptial Macs, by Rev. Father Armstrong. Shirley, only Daughter of nr. and Mrs. J. Jordlne, Wooloowln. to Emonuel (Manny), youngest Son »! Mrs. E. and the late Alfred Coc. CUMMING— ASHLIN.— At St. John's Cathedral, Brisbane, Saturday, April 9th, 3 p.m., by Rev. H. R. Field, Vivian Lorraine, younger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Ashlin, Ash- grove, to Donald John, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Cumming, of Yeronga. DRUMMOND— PERCY.— At the Sher wood Methodist Church, on 19th April, at 3 p.m., Una Rosalind, only daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Percy, Corlnda. lo Geoffrey Bruce, younger Son of Dr. and Mrs. A. P. Jrummond. Bentlcigh. Melbourne. DUEL— CARDILE At Holy Trinity   Church. Valley, on Saturday. 19th April, at 6 p.m., Edna Florence, only Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Cardile Murarrie. to Eric James, second Son of Mr. and Mrs. R. Duel. Banyo. DUGGAN— SMOOTHY. — The mar- riage of Coralie. Daughter of Mrs. E. Smoothy, Willis St., Annerley, to Mr. Frank Alfred Duggan, Son of Mr. and Mrs. Duggan, Dulwich St., Yeronga, will take place at Mary Im- maculate Church, Ipswich Rd. An- nerley, on 19th. April, at 3 p.m. FANNING— MARTIN,— On Saturday, 10th April, at 3 p.m., at St. Stephen's Cathedral. Maureen Mabel, elder Daughter of Mr, and Mrs. G. A. Martin, Windsor, to James Bernard Fanning, younger Son of Mrs. J. Dur ham, Highgate Hill, and the late Mr. F. W. Fanning. FELMINGIIAM— MEYER.— On April 19th, at 3.30 p.m., at St. Stephen's Cathedral, by Rev. Fr. Nichol, Car men Annette, eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Meyer, Kangaroo Point, to Eric, second Son of Mr. and Mrs. B. Fclmlngham, Edmonton,

GIMPEL— PERRIN ? At the Church of Christ the King. Gracevllle. on Saturday. April 26th, Rita Clare, younger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. T. Perrln, of Cooium Road, Yan na. to Mervyn Andrew, fourth Son of the late Mr. J. Gimpel and Mrs. B. Gimpel, of MutdBpllly. via Har IMMMILL— KADDATZ.— On Satur day. 19th April, at The Little Flower Church. Kedron, Lorna Doris, eldest Daughter of Mrs. G. I. Kaddatz, Aspley, Brisbane, to Peter Francis Hnmmlll. youngest Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Hammill. Main Avenue, Vir ginia, Brisbane. HAZEL— DAVIS ? On Saturday, 19th April, at 3.30 p.m., at St. Johns Church of England. Plalba, Gloria Dawn, youngest Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. F. Davis, Urangan, to Toby, eldest Son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Haze). Boonpa. HERD— GREENING.— On the 19th April, at 8.30 a.m., at St. Ignatius' Church, Toowong. by Rev. Father Harper, Brian John, youngest Son of Mr. and Mrs. Herd, Denman St.. Grecnslopcs. to Valma Mary, third Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Green ing. Gregory St., Auchcnflowcr. HERMAN— BROWN.— On Saturday, 10th April, at St. Saviour's Church of England, Gladstone. Enid Isa bclle. only Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. R. Brown. Calliope, to Allan Geolgc. third Eon of Mr. and Mrs. G. Herman. P.eid Street. Petrlc. HOARE— WALL.— On 10th April, at 2 p.m.. at St. Stephen's Cathedral, the marriage of Maureen Veronica, only Daughter of Mr. i: Mre.W. Wall, ADncrlcy, to Jnmer. only Son of Mrs. B. Hoare. and the late Mr. M. Hoare, County Waterford. Ireland. HOBBINS— GORDON'.— At St. Bene dict's Church. East Brisbane. Satur day. 19th April. 3.45 p.m.. by Rev. Father Carey, Marie Jane, only child of Mr. and Mrs. T. Gordon. East Brisbane, with Thomas Anthony, youngest Son of Mr. J. and late Mrs. Hobblns. of Kangaroo Point. HODGSON— EVANS.— On 19th April, at 1 p.m., at St. John's C. of E.. Nambour, Myra Joan, only Daughter of Mrs. V. Evans, Nambour, to Mer vyn John, only Son of Mrs. N. S. Wright, Toowoomba. HUGHES— NOLAN.— On 19th April, at Holy Spirit Church. New Farm, with Nuntlal Mass. at 9 a.m.. by

Rev. Father Hogan, F.-I.t. Geoffrey Hughes. R.A.A.F.. Melbourne. to Margaret Josephine, second Daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Nolan. Ipswich. JKANES— FRANCIS.— On Saturday. I9th April, at 6.30 p.m., in the lapel. SI. Margaret's School. Albion. Jill, younger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I». G. Francis, of Bowcn Hills, to Peter, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. N. Jcanes, of Har row. England. KELLY— PAICE.— In the Holy Trin ity Church, Valley, at 4 p.m.', Mar garet, eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Paice. Nundah, to Frank. second Son of Mrs. Kelly and the late Mr. Kelly, Toombul. LESTER— HEAD.— On the 19th April, at Lutwyche Methodist Church, by the Rev. Holland. Wallace, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester, of West End, to Alleen Joyce, younger Daugh ter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Head, of Lutwyche. LEWIS— GOULD.— On Saturday, 19th April, at 5 p.m.. In Sainti Peter and Paul's Church. Balmoral. Hnze; Catherine, second Daughter of Mr. «(1 Mrs. A. Gould. Chemislde. lo Terry Lewis, only Son of Mrs. M. Cronenberg. Hawthorne. MACKKODT— NEWBERRY. — On Saturday, 19th April, at St. John's Church of England. Joan Emily, Twin Daughter of Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Newbcrry. Bexley Avenue. Bultmba. to Albert Carl Edwin, eldest Son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Mackrodt, Brown Street. Camp Hill. MATSEN— SAKR7.EWSKI.— On the 19th April, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church. Warren street. Valley, at 3 p.m.. Noela Mary, eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. V. Sakrzewskl, Ashgrovc. to Ivor Delwyn, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. Matsen, Red Hill. MAY— POWELL.— On Saturday. 19th April, at St. Andrew's Church of England. Lutwyche, 5 p.m.. Daphne, eldest Daughter o[ Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Powell. Kedron. to Eric, third

Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. D. May. Chermslde. McGIVATII— LOWIUF.. — At Albert Street Methodist Church, Saturday. 19th April. 3 p.m.. Ivy Beatrice Lowrle. Zlllmerc. to Leslie Charles McGrath, Chinchilla. McGRAW— BAUER.— On April 19th. 1952. at 8 a.m.. with Nuptial Mass, by Rev. Father Costcllo, at St. Patrick's Church. Valley. Carmel Teresa, younger Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Bauer, New Farm, to Robert John (Jack) McGraw. second Bon of Mr. and Mrs. E. V. McGraw. Tenerlffe. McLEAN— FRKTTINGHAM. — At St. Paul's Presbyterian Church, St. Paul's Terrace, 6 p.m., April 19th.. Mavis Beryl, third Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Erctttngham. Auchen f lower, to Ian Ranald, younger Eon of Mrs. s. P. Tnylor, South Bris McPHERSON— SIIANN.— On 19th April 4 p.m., at Holy Trinity Church, Woolloongabba, Constance Margaret Shnnn, Wynnum North (formerly stockport. England). to William Lawrence McPhcrson, Anner ley. MrVAY— 1UU» — At St. Ignatius' Church. Toowong. on 19th April, at 2.30 p.m.. Mnrjorlc. third Daughter of Mrs. L. J. Hill, 09 Mlskln Street. Toowong. to Hugh, eldest Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. McVay. 123 Pembroke Flofld. Coorpnroo. MOORE— HUME. — On the 19th April, at Holy Trinity Church. Val ley, at 2.30 p.m.. by the Rev. Canon Watkln, Malcolm Douglas Scott, youngest Son of Mrs. E. Moore, and the late Mr. J. Moore, of Toowong. to Jcf.n Mildred, youngest Daughter of Mrs. M. Humo and the late Mr. W. Hume, of For titude Valley. NEIL— WILLIAMS. — On Saturday. 19th April, at 4.30 p.m., at Nun dnh Presbyterian Church, Ruth Lil lian, eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Williams, Wavell Heights, to Mcrvyn William, second Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Nell, Haw thorne, PALMElt-JONRS — EI.llIUnnE — At

St. Luke's Church of England, Too woomba. at 2 p.m. on the 19th April, the marriage will be solemnised of Wendy Patricia Eldrldge to Roy Pal mer-Jones, the Rev. Canon Wamer Shand officiating. PIKE— BALDWIN.— On Saturday. 18th April, at St. John's Cathedral, at 4.30 p.m., Clnudette Fay. youngest Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. G. J. Baldwin. Bowen Terrace, New Farm, to Geoffrey, younger Son of Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Pike. Paddlngton. RADDATZ— SANDERSON.— On 19th April, at 6 p.m.. at St. James Cathe dral, Townsville. by Rev. Archdeacon Hohenhaus. Jean Margaret. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. C. Sanderson, Charters Towers, to Robert J. Rad- datz, Beerwah.

PRE-MARRIAGES SAY— WENZEL.— The marriage of Joan Mavis, youngest Daughter of Mr. arid Mrs. G. Wenzel, Myrtle, town, to Alfred Henry, second Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. 6ay. Eagle Ftrm, at Nundah Lutheran Church. 19th April. 3.30 p.m. SCHULL— WILLIS.— On Saturday, 19th April. 5.30 p.m.. at Holy Trln Ity Church, Wgabba. by Rev. Robert Mawson, Rita Joan, young est Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Willie, Moorooka. to Leslie, young, tst Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Schull, South Brisbane. SWENSON— SOFTLEY. — At Holy Trinity Church, Woolloongabba, on 19th April, at 3.16 p.m.. Valerie Softley. only Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Softley. of Woolloon- gabba, to Leslie Alfred Swenson, elder Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Swenson. of Newmarket. rE8SMA-'N— CUMMISKEY.— On 19th April, at 4 p.m.. In Lutheran Church, Klng&roy. Verna Irene Cummlskey. Nanango. to Arnold Tcismann. Coola hunla. TEH'— DENNIS.— On Saturday. April I9th. at 3.30 p.m.. pt Holy Spirit Church, New Farm, Brisbane. Juno Ursula youngest Dnughtcr of Mr. and the 'late Mrs. H. Dennis. Too woomba, to Desmond Murray, young est Son of Mr. and the late Mrs. A. Tew, Toowoomba. WOBCKE— FRASEIl— On the 19th April, at Holy Trinity Church. Wool loor.eobtj£. by the Rev. Mawron. Arthur, second Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wobckc. of Annerley. to Joyce, eldest Daughter ot Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Frnser. n'. Grrrnsinpc*. ZANDER— STOLLZNOW.— On April 19th. at 2.45 p.m.. at Nazareth Lutheran Church, Woolloongabba, by Rev. F. H. Schmidt, Joan, youngest Daughter of Mrs. M. Stolznow, 99 Juliette St., Annerley, Brisbane, and the late Mr. J. M. Stollznow, to Martin, only Son of Mr. and Mrs. O. A. Zander, Nambour. ZINN— HUCKER. — On Saturday. 19th April, at 4.15 p.m.. at SI. Andrew's Church of England. South Brisbane. Joy Ena. only Daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. F. Hucker. Hlgh eate Hill, to Maurice Henry, only Son of Mr. and Mr6. H. Zlnn. Chelmcr.

DIAMOND WEDDING COLQUHOUN — BAKER. —At Ma Ma Creek on April 20th. 1892. James Colquhoun. Woodlands, Gatton, to Beatrice Baker. Redbank Plains, Rev. J. B. Maule officiated. Present address 294 Oxley Avenue, Red- cliffe. DEATHS DAVIDSON.— At Brisbane on 17th April, after a short Illness, George Ernest Davidson, of 'Springfield.' North Tamborlne Mountains. Aged HUNTER, Henry Cecil Doloughan.— On 8th April, suddenly at Cunna mulla, beloved Husband of Mary Florence and Father of Jock, Douglas, Weston, and Pat.   JOHNSTON. Mnrgarct Man.— At Brisbane on 14th ADrll. 1952. lute of Snndgatr. previously Wooloosa. Mother of Osmond (deed.), Jim, Joe. and Jessie. KINGSFORD, Ethel Warwick. — Passed away 30-3 52. beloved Wife Herbert, loving Mother Dulcle and Marie. LOUTTIT, Mary, of 15 Harkins St. Gympie, Widow of the late Thomas Louttit, Mother of W. H., D. J., A. E. Louttit. and Mesdames A. McLeish. and D. Macintyre, Sister L. Wigger, on 9th ApriL 1952, at 'Glandore' Hospital. Gympie. SMITH, William John Robert (Bert).— At Murgon. 17th April, de voted Husband of Marjorle Mny. nnd dearest Daddy of Valllie and Mor STRANGE, Christopher Lawrence.— Infant Son of Joy and Lawrence, and beloved Grandson of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. C. Strange, and Mr. A. Thomas, at Children's Hospital, 9th April. Privately Interred.

IN MEMORIAM IBSOLUM. Alfred.— Treasured mem iries of my dear Husband, who lassed away April 19. 1950. Not one day do I forget you For true love never dies. Sadly missed by his loving Wife, LBSOLUM. Alfred.— In fond memory if our dear Father. Father-in-law, md Grandfather, who passed away 8th April. 1950. May he rest in peace eternal. Inserted by his Daughter, Sonm aw, and Granddaughters. IBSOLUM.— In loving memory oi 3ad. who passed away April 18th, 950. Not only to-day, but, every day. We remember. Inserted by his Son (John) and 3aughter-in-law (Myrtle). U1S0LUM.— In memory of my bi-- oved Father, who passed stray April .9th, 1050. Always in my heart Inserted by his Daughter (Eva) ind Son-in-law (Clinton). JASKERVILLE, Thomas William.— Treasured memories of my dear Hus iand and our Father, who was called ionic 19/4'51, to be with his Re Inserted by his loving Wife and ramlly. JEATTIE. William George.— In lov ng memory ol my dear Husband ind our Father Father-in-law, and jrandlather who passed away 10th kpril. 1951. Gods greatest gift: Remembrance. Inserted by his loving Wife and Tamils'. ?ERGUSON. Malsle. — In loving nemory of my Wife and our dear Uother, who passed away April 19. Inserted by her Husband and Daughters. Sylvia and Bunny. 'LITCROFT.— In loving memory ol Ion. who pnssed away April 20th, AlWBys remembered. Inserted by his fond Wife and Daughters. FLITCROFT.— In loving memory of 3ur dear Son. Ron. who passed away m April 20th. 1B51. Deeply mourned. Inserted by his loving Mother and Father. 3AIKO.— In loving memory of our lcar Sister. Ellen Mary, who passed iway the 20th April, 1949. Though absent, you are very near, Still loved, still missed, still very dear. Inserted by her loving Sisters. Ann ind Isabel. GRAHAM.— In loving memory of mj acar Husband Rnd our Father. Syd ney, who died 18th April. 1940. We miss you more as years go by. Inserted by Wife and Family. GRAHAM.— In loving memory of out Father. S.vd. died 19th April, 1949, A memory cherished lor evermore. Keith and Family. GREEN, Elizabeth Jane.— In lovlns memory of our dear Mother, wht passed away 20th April, 1951. Mum. we miss you. Inserted by her loving Daughters Ettie. Maud. Florrle. Phyllis. HAGE.— In ever loving memory o: our dear Brother, Brother-in-law and Uncle. Jack Hage. died cud' denJy April 20th, 1948. Beyond the Golden Sunset, Free from rorrow and pain, When this life Is ended, We will meet you once again. Inserted by his loving Sister Brother-in-law, Nlece6, and Nephews Norma. Mervyn, Shirley, Judith John, and Ronald. HARRIS, Owen David (Toby). Sacred to the memory of our be loved Son and Brother, who passei to the higher lite, April 20th, 1051 Age 31 years 11 months. There Is no death. What seems so is transition. This life of mortal breath. Is but a suburb of the Lite Elyslan Whose portal we call death. Remembered by Mother. Slstcrf and Brothers. HINSCHEN.— In loving memory o our dear little Nephew. Robert John Lovingly rcmembored. Inserted by Beryl and Doug. HOWIE.— In loving memory of ou dear Wife and Mother, Jane Eliza bcth. who passed away 19th April 1935. Her memory Is a» dear to-day, As in the hour she passed away. Inserted bv her loving Husband

daughters, Son, and Daughterln 'ac:KSON. Coralle Grace.— In loving nemory of our darling Infant Daugh er, who passed away 20th April. 946. To-day recalls sad memories. Inserted by Father. Mother, jrandparents. and Aunties. Uncles. IESSON, Joseph.— In loving memory -f my dear Husband, and our 'ather, Father-in-law, and Grand ather, who passed away April 19th, ' Inserted by his loving Wife, Sons, 'oscph, Frank. Leonard, and Harrte; Daughters, Ada and Daisy, Daugh ers-ln-law, Nellie, Laura, and May, md Grandsons. Noel, and Owen. JOHNSON - FLEMING. — Precious nemories of all my dear ones, my jeloved Husband, Charlie, suddenly ;alled home four years ago to-day; John. November. 22nd. 1945: Mary. August 23rd. 1944: Mother. May 17th. 1934; Dnd, July 29th, 1918. Until the day break. Myrtle. KERR.— In loving memory ot my dear Daughter and our sister. Vcnlc May, who passed away on April 19th, 1935. Thoughts remain of days now past. KIRBY, Elizabeth.— In loving mem ory ot my dear Mother. Motherin law, and Nonna, passed away 19 4 46. inserted by Ron, Jean, Dlan, and Stuart. LARSEN.— In loving memoir ot my dear Husband. Bruno (Ben), who passed away on 19th April. 1951. Also my dear Father, August Burow, on May 8th, 1951. Not lust to-day, but every day In silence I remember. Inserted by Sophia. MARTIN. James Frascr.— In sad and loving memory of my Son and our Brother, ?Fraser, accidentally killed at Sprlngsure 19th April. Inserted by his Father. Slstere. and Brothers. MARTIN.— In loving memory of our dear Brother, Brother-in-low, and Uncle, James Fraser, passed away 19th April. 1851. Always remembered. Inserted by Tom, Nell, and Family. MASTERS, Ellen Florence.— In lov ing memory' ot our dear Mother, who passed away 20th April, 1850. Her memory to us is a treasure, Her loss a lifetime regret. Always remembered by her loving Sons. Norman and Lionel. MASTERS, EDen Florence.— In lov ing memory ol our dear Mother, who. passed away 20th April, 1950. A wonderful Mother laid to rest, To all of us she did her best, Eer love was great; her heart was kind, A better mother would be hard to find. Always remembered by her loving Daughter and. Son-in-law, Thelma and Butch.

IN MEMORIAM PIASTERS, Ellen Florence.— In lov ng memory of my dear Mother, who -asted away 20th April, 1950. A wonderful Mother laid to rest. For each ot us she did her best. Inserted by her loving son Charlie. MABTORS. Ellen Florence. — In memory of our dear Mother, Mother .n~lftw, nnd Grandmother, who massed aw«y 20th April. 1050. Three little words— forget me not, They don't seem much, but mean a lot: lust a memory fond and true To lot you know 1 think ot you. Always remembered by her Dnugh :cr. Son-ln-lnw, and Grandchildren, .?ydla, Norman. Ronnld. Douglns, Dcsley. and Coral Mc.MI.L0P, Charles— In loving me.i.ory of my dear Son. Husband, father, Fflthrr-tn-lnw. find Grand father, who departed this lite 19th April, 1950. Thougn life's book has closed fond mcmoiicji rpmtiln. Inserted by his Mother. Wife. Pflmlly, Sons-in-Inw, and Grandsons. MURDOCH, Hazel Marguerite.— In fnnd and loving memory' of my dnrllng Dnughtcr and our denr Sister, SIster-ln-law, and Auntie, who passed away April 20th. 1850. There Is someone who misses you sadly, From the home where you used to be; There Is someone who wanted to But God willed It not to be. Inserted by l:cr ?orro«!njr Mo!hrr. Brothers, Sisters-in-law, Nieces, and Nephews. OATES, Elizabeth.— In loving memory of our dear Mother, who departed this life on April 20th. 1948. With a lost, farewell left unspoken. You softly pa.sstd away: Inserted by her loving 'Daughters, Sons-in-law, and Grandchildren. PRATT.— In affectionate and loving memory of our dear Father. Futhcr In-lKW. nnd Grandfather. David John Pratt, passed away 19th April, Inserted by his loving Son, Sperry. Daughtcr-tn-law, Eileen, Grand children. Jean. Shirley. Margaret. Brian, Carol. Lynettc and John. SCROGINGS. John Charles.— In lov ing memory ot my beloved Husband.

our Father, and Father-in-law, who passed away suddenly 20th April. 1951. Our hearts ache with sadness. Our eyes shed many a tear; For God alone knows how we miss you As it ends a sad and lonely year. Inserted by his loving wife and Family. SCROGINGS, John Charles.— In memory of our dear Brother, Brother-in-law, and Uncle, who de parted this life 20th April, 1951. Inserted by Tilly, Jack, and Shirl. SCROGINGS.— In loving memory ol our Son-in-law and Brother-in-law. Jack, who passed away April 20. 1951. Deep in our hearts we remember. Badly missed by all. Inserted by Mum. Herb.. Snow, and Myrtle. Don., and Von. SHORT. Frederick Alexander.— In loving memory of my dear Hus band, who departed this lite April 19. 1850. inserted by his loving Wife. SLACK, Margaret.— In loving memory of my dear Mother, who passed   away 20th April. 1951. R.I.P. Inserted by her loving Daughter Kitty. SLACK, Margaret.— In loving memory of my dear Sister, who passed   away 20th April. 1951. R.I.P. Inserted by her loving sister Norah. STALKER.— In loiing memorr of our Pal. Moca, passed away 19th April. 1949. Sadly missed and always in our thoughts. Inserted by Bell and Fred. STOCKER.— In loving memory of my dear Sister. Lillian Jean, who passed away suddenly 19th April. 1950. She left a beautiful memory; A sorrow too great to be told; But to those who loved and lost her. Memory will never grow old. Inserted by her Sister. VI, Lcs.

IN MEMORIAM I BTOCKER— In loving memory of our Hear Daughter and Sister, Lilly Too' dearly loved to ever be forgot ten by Mum. Dot, Jack, Joe. Glady. SJOKMONTII.— In loving memory oi our dear Son, Broihcr, Brothcrln I6w. nnd Uncle, John Kevin, who passed away 20ih April. 1951. Ewpel nrr our memories, Denr Is his name, Deep In our hearts lie will always rcmnln. Inserted by his loving I-nther and Mother nnd Family. THOMSON, Thursa.— In loving memory of my dfar Mother. Mother ln-!nw, nntl Grandmother, who passed n'.vny 19th April. 1848. Lovingly rnr,omb°red, Inserted by ' Allc, Waller, Stan, nnd Melvn, TOPI'.— In loving memory of Cllvf. who was accldcnmlly killed near his home. Burlclgh He.ndj. mi 20 4 46. Sadly mltscd by Mum, Dad. Sisters nnd Brothers. TUKNOR, Jnmr.s Thomns.— In loving memory of our dear Father, April 19th. 1850. in England. Mln. nnd John. Trxlvnir.Tir — In Invinp memnrv nf

our dnrllng Daughter. Bevcrley Anr. Eltle, who passed away 20th April, 1951, ngnd 12 yenrf. With tenrn we watched you sinking. We watched you lade nway. We tended you with every care But could not make you stay. V' vntchrd you by your tvdslde As the lonely hours passed: Our hearts were sad nnd broken As you brcatned your last. God bless and keep you, Bcverley. denr. Inserted by her loving MuiT-my and Daddy. TUXWORTH.— In loving memory of my dear Sister, Beve-Ann, who passed nwny 20th April. 1051. A thoughtful life, full of kind deed;: A helping hand to one in need; Always sincere in heart, and mind: Always so true. unncHlsh, and kind. Few in this world, her equal to find. There's none can fill my sister's place. Inserted by her loving Brother. Leslie. TUXWORTH.— In' loving memory of our darling Granddaughter. Bevcrles Ann Elslo. who passed away 20th April. 1951. aged 12 years. . Her nature you could not help loving, Her heart was purer than gold; Those who knew her loved her. Her memory will never grow old. Little we thought we would lose her Sweet' little' darling Just in bloom: Memory recalling In fancy retrace. Bcv Ann, our darling, jour sweet little face. Inserted by her loving Nane and TUXWORTH.— In loving memory ot our Niece and Cousin, Beverley, who departed this life 20th April, 1951. A tender chord of memory Is sadly touched to-day, Our thoughts of you, dear Beverley Will never fade away. Inserted by your Relatives of Cumlu. Bowen district.

ROLL OF HONOUR BRIGGS, Archie. Private.— In lov ing memory of my Son and Brother, killed near Tobruk. April 20. 1941. Cherished memories. Inserted by Mother and Jean. MIDDLETON — In loving memory ot Walter Ralph Mlddleton (late 2 't Field Co., 8th Dlv.). who passed away 18th April, 1045. Always in our thoughts. . Inserted by his loving Wife and MIDDLETON.— In loving memory of Walter Ralph, late 2-7--Fleld Co.. 9th Dlv.. who passed away 18th April, 1945. Lovingly remembered by Dobbic. Eric, and Cec. Werner and Family.

ROLL OF HONOUR 'AYLOR.— In loving memory' of our I cur Son, Brother, Brother-in-law. ; Ird. Mervyn Taylor, died of wounds n Greece, April 20th, 1B41. i Inserted b.v his loving Family. ; BEREAVEMENT NOTICES i MRS. M. EVANS. MR. and JRS. DARCY EVANS wish .to ?HANK Doctors; Sisters, and Stafl f Orecnslopes Hospital. Father 'orpy, Relatives. Neighbours, nnd I ?rlends for their kindness in ouri ad Iosp. The RELATIVES of the late Mrs. inrnh Lunt sincerely THANK, kind 'rlendi. and Neighbours for their lornl tributes, enrds. nnd messages if f.vmpnthy In sad bcrcave r.ent. Plcnse accept this as our pcr onnl thanks. B. Butncr. MRS. CHRISTINA MILLER nnd 'AMILY. 15 Leurn Terrace. Ilaw hornc, sincerely THANK Red Crosr looms. Relatives and Friends lor! their telegrams, letters. cBrds ol I rondolencc. and floral tributes they received In their sad bereavement In he loss of her beloved Iliwband Welly), their Father. Please accept his as our personal Thanks. The FAMILY ot the hue Mrs. Mary Beatrice Nnhrung desire to ?xpre.'s their sincere THANKS to all tlnd Relatives nnd Friends lor their :iornl tributes, Mnss cards, tclc ;rnms, cards, letters, and personnl :nessnges of sympathy In their rc :ent snd herenvpment. Please accept ! ;hls as our personal thanks. MR. and- MRS. SURAWSKI and FAMILY wish to THANK Father Costello, Doctors concerned. Sisters. »nd Nursing Etnff. Ward IF. Gene ral Hospital, kind Rclntlons anS Friends, for their attention and ex pression of sympathy In their recent Dereavement. MRS. E. M. TURK and EUNICE, of Oympic. wish to sincerely THANK nil Relatives. Friends tor telegrams, letters, and cards of sympathy In their recent tragic berrnvement of a bflovod Husband and Father. Please accept this ns our personal Thanks. FUNERAL NOTICES CLANCY, Mrs. Julia E.— The Reln tlvcs and Friends of Julia Esther Clancv. of Housing Commission, Holland Pork, beloved Wife ol Dan iel Clancy, and Mother of Kathleen and James, are invited to attend her Funeral, to leave the FuncrnI Chapel. 05 Wlckham Street, Valley, on Monday, nt 8.30 a.m., for Too wong Cemetery K. M. SMITH. L2031. COLEMAN— The Relatives nnd Friends of the late Sydney John Coleman, Solicitor, Lowood, are In vited to attend his Funeral, to leave St. Joseph's R.C. Church, North Ipswich, at 3.30, This (Saturday) Afternoon, for the Ipswich Cemetery. O. BOTTCHER & SON, Funeral Directors. Ipswich. MEE (formerly Overson).— The Rela tives and Friends of the lnte Mrs. Hannah Mee. of 42 McCullough Avenue, Margate, arc Invited to at tend her Funeral to move Itoth Alex Gow's Funersl Chapel, Petrie Bight. This (Saturdny) Morning, nt 10 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery. Service. 8.45 a.m. ALEX. GOW. Funeral Director. MILES.— The Funeral of the late Miss Jessie Miles, of 'Hampton Court.' Bowcn Terrace. New Farm, will move from Alex. Gow's Funeral Chapel, Petrlc Bight, Thin (Satur day) Morning, at 10.30 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery. Service, 10.15 a.m. Private Interment. ALEX. GOW. Funeral Director.

FUNERAL NOTICES IURRAY.— The Relatives and 'rlcnds of Mrs. R. Murray. Mr. and lira.. R. A. Harris and Family. Mr. nd Mrs. L. P. Noller and Family. 1r. nnd Mrs. J. C. Walker nnd ?nmlly. Mr. T. H. Murray. Miss M. : Murray nrc Invited to nttend the 'uncrnl of her beloved Husband, heir Fnther. Father-in-law. Grnnd nther. Wllllnm Dnvid Murray, ot 19 Inlg street. Clayflcld. to move trom ilex. go«'s Funeral Chapel, Pctrle Sight. This (Saturday I Afternoon, at j o'clock, for the Cremntorlum. Mt. 'hnmprou. Service. 1.45 p.m. ALEX. GOW Funeral Director. IURRAY.— Duke ol Edinburgh Lodgr ?'o. 33. M.U.I.O.O.F. : The Officers ind Members are invited to nttenn he Funeral of Bro. W. D. Murray, o move ns per Family Notice. By Order of the N.G. HURRAY.— Nundah Bowling Club: The Members nrc invited to attend he Funeral ot their lute Past Pre sident. W. D. Murray, to move as jer Fnmlly Notice. By Order of the President. 3'NEII.L.— The Relatives nnd Friends if ihe lntc Mrs. Cornelia O'Neill, ot 14 Dobson Street. Ascot, nrc Invited o attend her Funeral, to move from Mex. Gow's Funeral Chapel. Petrie Bight, Tills (Saturdnyi Morning, nt 11.15 o'clock, lor Ihe Lutwyche Cemetery. ALEX. GOW. Funeral Director. SII.SBY.— The Private FuncrnI ot the lnte William Sllsby. ot 12 Elliott street. Hawthorn:, beloved Hushur.d of Annie Fnther of Leslie nnd Doris. Fnther-ln-law of Harry. Grandfnthei of Betty. will move from Alex, Gow's FuncrnI Chapel. Petrlc Bight. This iSnturdny) Afternoon, ut a o'clock, (or the Cremntorlum. Mt Thompson. No flowers by request ALEX. GOW, FuncrnI Director. VIDUI.ICII.— The Relatives and Friends ot Mrs. N. Vldullch. nn( Family, and Mrs. E. M. Sliule ant Family, ot Flngal Street. Eklbln arc invited to attend the Funern' of her beloved Husband, and thei: Father, and Friend, Phll'lp Gcran Vldullch. to leave tho Mary Im maculate Church. Ipswich Rond. nl 10.30 To-dny (Saturdnyi, lor Mt Gravatt Cemetery. BRISBANE UNDERTAKERS PTV. GEO. HARTNETT, Funeral Director WALKER.— The Relatives and Friends of Elizabeth Wnlker. late ol 43 Spring St.. West End. arc In vited to attend the Funeral of thcli loved Sister. Sister-in-law, Aunt. Grand-aunt. Cousin, and Friend, tc leave the Funeral Parlour, 45 Ade lnlde St., City, This Saturdny Morn ing, after service commencing at 10.15 o'clock, tor the Crematorium Mt. Thompson. No flowers, by re ^CANNON k CRIPPS, LTD., FuncrnI Directors.