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Saturday, September 22— The barque Lady Deniton, 189 tons, Bowden, master, from Hobart Town. Passengers— Mrs Bowden one eon and one daughter, John O'Callaghie, Miss Williamson, J Jones, and Master Williamson.

.Monday, September 24— The barque Grecian. b\% tons,. Hyde, master, from London, 13th June. Passengers— Miss Wigley, Miss Gliddon, Mr and Mrs T Thacker and two children, Mr Babbage, Mr Warrener, Mr Alderson, Mr W Gilbert, Mr Henderson, Mr P Pol hill, and Mrs Hyde, in the cabin; Miss Hardin, Miss Jacobs, Mr Johnson. Mr Galiraore, Mr Berwash, and Mr Friend, in the interme diate; Mr and Mrs Calf and child, Mr and Mrs Hummel and child, Mr and Mrs Stokes and child, Mr Barnsley, Miss Howden, Mr Hail stone, Mr Cullerue, Mr and Mis Radcliff and child, and Mr Gillespie, in the steerage. Same day— The schooner Harlequin, 137 tons, McCrochen, master, from Oporto. Tuesday, September 25— The brigantine Timbo, 123 tons, Hill, master, from Hobart Town. Passengers— Mr Charles McGreve and Robert Wickers. CLEARED OUT. Tuesday, September 23— The barque Duncan, 255 tons, Reid, master, for Melbourne. Passengers— Mrs Reid and child, Mr and Mrs Crombie, Messrs Nicoll, Reid, Yellowles, Henderson, Robson, and Miss Andrews. Same day— The cutter Jane and Emma, 32 tons, Roberts, master, for Rivoli and Guichen Bays. Passengers— Mr and Mrs Hollaud, and two Reaves. Cargo— 3 casks, 2 cases, o bags salt. T Reynolds ; 1 case, 1 small bale, A and A Jaffray ; 3 bundles, b bars iron, 1 bag, 1 keg nails, BIyth Brothers ; 1 hhd beer, 1 pair wheels and axle, E J Craw ford ; 6 bag3 flour, 45 wool packs, 2 bags sugar, 1 box tea, 1 parcel shears, John Hart ; 1 bale woolpacks, 2 baskets sugar, 1 box soap, 1 box sundries, 1 box tea, Younghusband and Co. IMPORTS. Cargo of the Lady Denison—23 cases jam, 1 cases boots, 1 package ditto, 1 bale leather, 2 cases blocks. Captain Bowden ; 6 pkgs furni ture. Miss Williamson ; %S bags oats, 8 ,000 feet timber, 8000 palings 150,000 laths, 5 cases hats, Order ; 48 coses apples, Padman ; 3 cases bonnets, L Joseph ; 1 bundle leather, Kidge ; 10 cases boots and shoes, Order. « Cargo of the Harleqnin — 720 qr-casks, 200 cases, 50 hhds, 200 oc taves, A L Elder and Co Cargo of the Grecian— 20 cases, 40 boxes, J B Neales; lease, CH Chippendale ; 1 case, Miss Chulliner ; 1 hhd, 1 qr-cask, Order ; 1 cask. Order ; 2 cases, 93 casks, 15 kegs, 134 cases, 1 bos, A Thomson : 50 hhds, 2 cases, Charles Crace , 18 barrels, 18 hhds, It Parker ; 12 cases, 2 bales, G M Waterhouse ; 24 hhds, 90 casks, 50 cases, 28 boxes, A Thomson; 4 boxes, A L Elder and Co ; 2 ca?e3, Order ; 12 hhds, 8 qr casks, 80 cases, 54 qr-casks, 60 casks, 17 cases, 1 box I hamper, 30 cUests, 8 casks, 4 kegs, 8 crates, A Thomson ; 10 tons iron, 400 bundles, 2 casks, 20 hhds, 20 qr-casks, Order; 37 barrels, 45 bags, 3 casks, 3 cases, 10 boxes, 320 bas»3 salt, Order; 63 tons coals, 220 deals, John Morphett ; 130 hhds, A Thomson ; 2 hhds, 8 qr-casks, 176 cases, Monte fiore and Co; 3 cases, R F Macgeorge ; 10 cases, 4 casks, 2 bundles, 10 cases, J F Bennett; 7 bales, J H Angas ; 20 cases, 1 box, Order; 50 cases, P LeBair ; 6 cases, Robert Stuckey ; 1 bale, I case, Miller and Lucking; 20 cases, 1 bale, McNicol and Young; 12 boxes, 1 ca3e, E Stephens; 1 box, Order; 2 cases, Order; 1 case, W A Maturin; 2 cases, 13 casks, 5 hhds, John Morphett; 17 packages, 2 boxes, 2 cases, 20!) bricks, Henry Alderson ; 160 kegs, 1 case, Blyth Brothers; 1 case, John Itailey; 1 case, Order; 3 boxes, Order; 7 cases, 2 chests, 1 box, 3 bales, John Morphett ; 5 cases, 1 bale, Robert Stuckey ; 5 bales, 1 cases, McNicol and Young; 1 case, Order; 1 case, R B Lucas. Cargo of the Timbo— 2 cases lamps, 2 dozen cattle bells, 3 bales, 30 packages merchandise, 2 kegs tobacco, 1 half-tierce ditto, 1 tierce ditto, 10 packages hardware, 13 boxes tin, 23 grindstones, 6 basket stores, 2 packages furniture, 38,313 feet sawn timber, 24,000 shingles, 7125 palings, 66,000 laths, Dickenson Brothers; 5 cases jam, J Jones; 1 case boots, 1 case shoes, T Padman j 1 case merchandise, McEHister ; 6 cases fruit, 8 casks ditto, J Maclin. EXPORTS. Cargo of the Duncan — Part of original cargo from Leith ? 50 lialf barrels, 78 boxes, 4 bales, 1 mattress, 2 bundles, 17 casks. 13 half barrels, 19 anchors, 1 box, 63 coils, 1 box, 1 cask, 6 hhds, 2 boxes, 28 qr-casks vinegar, 20 qr-casks, 4 hhds, 100 kegs salt, 2G casks, 1 hhd, 14 cases, 2 bundles, 2 boxes, 32 barrels, 6 ingots, 1 crate, 00 jars, 6 qr casks, 1 case, 7 ingots, 3 boxes, 1 parcel, 56 packages. Transhipped from the Australian — 1 box apparel. VESSELS IN HARBOUR. Aden (ship), 433 tons, Baker, master, discharging from Loudon— C. and F. J. Beck, agents. Alice (ship), 302 tons. Wilson, master, taking in cargo for Swansea— Younghusband & Co., agents. Aloha (barque), 305 tons, Edwards, master, taking in copper ore for London— C. & F. J. Beck, agents. Amicut (brigantine), 150 tous, Arthur, master, discharging from Guernsey and the Cape— P. D. P. Valrent, agent. Australia (ship), 750 tons, W H. Steebom, master, discharging from Hamburg— C & F J Beck, agents. Caroline (ship), 330 tons. Perry, master, discharging cargo from Lon don— C & K J Beck, agents. Camilla (brigantine). 200 tons. Bickers, master, about to sail for Hobart Town— A L Elder, agent. Caspar (barque), 403 tons, Eldred, master, discharging cargo from London — A Thompson, agent. Champion (schooner), 96 tons, Lieut. Helpman, master, lying in the stream — E G Collinson, agent. Duke of Bronte (ship), 423 tons, Barclay, master, discharging cargo from London— C, and J. Beck, agents. Duncan ( barque J, 355 tons. Reed, master, master, about to sail for Melbourne— A L Elder & Co., agents. E'ein (barque), 548 tons, Burns, master, landing Female Orphans — C & F J Beck, agents. Eliza (barque), 912 tons, Pain, master, discharging from London— A. L. Elder and Co., agent. Emily (barque), 580 tons, Wilson, master, lying in the stream — C. and F.J. Beck, agents. Emu (schooner), 30 tons, Kemp, master, discharging cargo from King George's Sound. Grecian (barque), 518 tons, Hyde, master, discharging cargo from London — John Newman, agent. Harlequin (schooner), 137 tons, McChrochen, master, just arrived from Oporto— A L Elder, agent. Henrietta (schooner), 101 tons, Whitmore. master, discharging from London and Swan River— C. and F. J. Beck, agents. Hydaspa (barque), 5'J5 tons, Stewart, master, lying in the stream— Vounghusband & Co., agents Indian, (barque), 5U1 tons, English, master, destination unknown — C. & P. J. Keck, agents. John Munn (ship), 637 tons, Pearson, master, discharging cargo from London— C. and b'. J. Beck, agents. Lady Denison (barque), ^189 tons, Bowden, master, discharging from Hobart Town— J K Uennett, agent. Louts-i Baillie (ship), 412 tons, lioxby, master, discharging from Lon don—A Thomson, agent. Mary Clarke (brig), isO tons, Colbect, master, loading for the Cape — G. Hall, agent. . Ocean (ship), 423 tons, Fokkes master, discharging from Hamburg— H. C. Stakemann, agent. Procidence 302 tons, Popham, master, discharging from Swansea— G. S. Walters, agent. Timbo (brigantine), 123 tons. Hill, master, just arrived from Hobart Town— J F Bennett, agent. William Wilton (barque), 407 tons, Gibbs, master, discharging from London — John Hart, agent. VESSELS EXPECTED FROM BRITAIN. Laid on for Port Adelaide Direct. Dxtke of Wellington, 650 tons, R M Miller, master, to leave 5th July. William Jar dine left Plymouth on the 30th May. Himalaya, 653 tons, R Langford, master, to leave London 9th and Plymouth on the 19th July. Sultana, 349 tons, Richard Langford, master, to leave London 14th June. John Bartlett, 381 tons, William Woodward, master, to leave 1st July. , Benjamin Elkin, 430 tons, D. McGrath, master, to sail in July. Macedon, 528 tons, O. F. A. Edwards, master, with emigrants was to leave Plymouth on the Itith June. Competitor, 390 tons, Michael Young, master, to leave London 13th August. Trafalgar, 800 tons, Wright, master, to leave London on the 20th June, and Plymouth on the 28th. Ccrromandet, 700 tons, W. U. Norman, master, to leave 20th June. Cheapride, 621 tons, D. Lewis, master, with emigrants, to leave London 20th June. Robert Henderson, 368 tons, Todhunter, master, to leave on the 20th June. Gratitude, 400 tons, John Smith, master, to Bail 21st June from Swansea. ' For Port Adelaide and Port Phillip. Anna Maria, 750 tons, E. M. Smith, master, with emigrants to leavo London on the 15th, and Plymouth on the 25th June. ' Senator, 600 tons, Burrell, master, to leave London 27th June. Royal George, 750 tons, T. Grieves, master, to leave London 1st July and Plymouth on the 1 1th. Abberton, 700 tons, W. Carr, master, was to leave London on the 20th, and Plymouth on the 30th June. Hooghly, 700 tons, W. Henry, master, to leave London on the 15th and Plymouth on the 25th July. Brightman, 600 tons, C G Cowley, master, to leave London 25th June. Naoarino, 650 tons, R. C. Paige, master, to laave London on the 20th and Plymouth 30th June. Augusta, 500 tons, E. Duncan, master, to leave Plymouth 21st May. For Port Adelaide, Port Phillip, and Sydney. Isabella Hercus, 619 tons, P Houston, master, to leave London 25th June, and Plymouth 5th July (in place of the Bolton, whose sailing was deferred;. ? _. Bolton, 541 tons, J. H. Young, master, t« leave London on the 25th June, and Plymouth on the bth August. Au'a, 9*8 tons, J Roskell, master, to leave London on 15th August, aud Plymouth on the 25th. Frincets Royal, 543 tons, J 9 Younghusband, master, to leave London on the 15th and Plymouth on the 25th September. For Port Adelaide and Sydney, late, 1000 tons, D. Smith, master, with emigrants, to leave London on the 1st, and Plymouth on the Uth June. . Orator, 650 tons, Tay, master, left Deal on the I Oth June. VESSELS EXPECTED FROM GERMANY; ? For Port Adelaide Direct. The Cronstait, Captain Schlcebohm, was to sail from Hamburgh of Adelaide on the 30th April. - ~ Tha Duna, Captain Boysen, sailed from Hamburg on tha Slu April. MISCELLANEOUS SHIPPING. The Grecian spoke the Entnore on the 12th of August, seventy days out from Swansea, bound to China. The Grecian encountered some very heavy weather from the 24th of August to the 10th September, during which time she lost her life-boat and part of her starboard bulwarks. However, the passage from Gravesend Pier to the anchorage at the Port was ac complished in 102 days. A party of young men, it is said, is now forming in New York, to go in search of Sir John Franklin, being alike induced by a love of adventure and a hope of obtaining the munificent reward offered by the British Government.