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Sunday, September 9 — The cutter Jane Flaxman, from Port Lincoln,   with 7 passengers. No cargo. Same day -The brigantine Amicus, 150 tons, Arthur, master, from Guernsey and the Cape of Good Hope. Passengers— Messrs Gill, Carre, Le Page, Hooper, Pearce, and Studman.

Monday, September 10— The barque Caspar, 403 tons, Eldred, master, from London and Plymouth 2nd June. Passengers— Mr Robt. Daniels, John Ritchie, Mr John Daniels, Mr John Cowper, surgeon, and Mr Henry Latham, in the cabin ; Wm Waters, Wm Brown, David Farge, Henry Cottam, Lewis Keely wife and three children, Henry Jordan, Walter Leonard and three children, Henry Pyman, Henry   Lees, John Beate and son, Henry Young, George Young, George Jordan, Eliza Jordan, Thomas Jordan, Mary Jordan and son, Edward Narborough, Henry Jordan, Edward Fudge, William Lee, William White, William Heggs and three children. William Thorpe, Charles   Thaffield, Philly Messant, John Bennett, Theodore Mohn, Robert Raff     wife and child, Henry A Garrard, William Griffin, Charles Seal, Walter   Seal, Richard Martell, Martha Collins, Lucy Collins, Eliza Browning, Richard Cook, Daniel Sergeant and wife, George Sockey, John Harral,   Francis O'Neill and daughter, William Whitehouse, Thomas Potter, Albert Potter, Stephen Hubbard, George Everard, George Morris wife   and child, William Osborne, James Quelch and wife, William Jones wife and four children. Graham Cade and wife, Jane Osborne, Jane Saunders and daughter, Thomas Lort, Roland Graham, Samuel Wells, Henry Sanaford, James Adams, Emma Collings, Clara White. Sebina Lee and daughter, William Stance and wife, J W Tantstall, A B Bennet, George Ransom wife and five children. Thomas Walter, Henry Stanes and wife, R G Mould, Benjamin Moreland, William Long wife and child, and John Richards, in the steerage. Same day— The ship Australia, W. H. Steebom, master, from Hamburg 2nd May, and Rio de Janeiro 23rd July. Passengers— E A Matthew, Theodor Damann, Mrs Meyer, W Huchsing, M Allemicht, in the cabin: A Huchting, S Albrecht, Mad C Abeyer, T H Bufe, T G Bufe, C Weber, A H C Rubini wife and child, F Rubini, G A Kopcke, R Knoll wife and two children, A E C Tiemann and wife, C H Winkler, L R Lobeck, E F Muller, C W Hentschell, H L Hents- chell, T H W Niebuhr and wife, W Schmahl wife five adults and one child, H Ekermann wife and three children, T Ekermann, F T Pahl, F F Blucher, T C Dahlenburg, H Dahlenburg, C Koster wife and child, T Hoklas, Lena Ekermann, H Schoman and wife, T Steben, F Schmal, H H Reimers wife and three adults, A H W Meyer and wife, A Wehneke wife and child, L H F Cheli, F T Muller, W Beyer, L A Zapf, C H Lehmann, T Lienapius, H Driemel, B von Schkopp, H Koops wife and two children, H Schonrogg wife and four children, T H Hardegen, H Vithosius, D E Kroncken, C Meinch wife and one  

child, C A Patzel, T H Zirck, C G Frey, A Noack, Christ H Ullmann,   Charls H Ullmann, O Goldammer, T G Grafe wife and two children, A Schlegel and wife, T Muller and wife, A Freitag and wife, C Ruth- mann and wife, Kieselbach and wife, Burg Kerdt wife and child, G A Helberg, G Bongardt, M Weidenbach, Blumner, Hertel, F Hahn, WAT Bethge wife and one adult, L Weichard, W Fickert wife one adult and three children, G Opitz wife and two children, S Gathan, T Borgmann, T Schuldt, C T Krause wife and three adults, Wilhelmine Muller, S Isaacson and wife, F Thiele, W Able, W Hartmeyer, R Bing, T H Schlemilch, C Reinhard, C T Theile and wife, I C Sicker, I C Handel, G Winsker and one child, I Eckert, F C Mertens wife one adult and one child, A Sckerl, W Lecher and wife, A Schultz, C Simpsch, Adele Schnepper, Kallank wife and three children, C Rodig, Mrs Babig and two children, C R Klette, O Wild, E W Graunitz, Ottomar Thorn, E E Edler, I T Rasch, C F W Hompach, Driller, H Hirsch, I G Rossler, C W Lowe, F Schneider wife and one adult, F Janssen and wife, I H Koithan wife and two children, C Thanert wife and three adults, H Muller wife one adult and two children, Geier wife and three adults, Widow Uhn, I Bock, F Vollmer, H Gerhardin wife and two adults, B Kuschmann and one child, Agnes Zabel, G Nieschke wife two adults and two children, A Schaller wife two adults and two children, H Topperwein and wife, C Wellner wife and child, G Leopoldt and wife, T Matthies, G Krigg wife and four children, I I Kreiss wife and three children, Stintze Balls, Claus Kohn, H Kohns, I C Hansen, P Potter, H Matfeldt, I A Liedler, W S von St Nicolay, G G Steinthal, ETC Bohme, T Kiesel and wife, Paul Toertsch, E E Pallman and wife, E T Eimbeke, I Meyer, Bertha Schmidt (left be hind), I E Hannecke wife and child. Same day— The barque Elgin, 548 tons, Burns, master, from Liver- pool and Plymouth. Passengers—William Hewer, Surgeon Superin-   dent, in the cabin, and the following Government emigrants :— Ellen Duffey, Patrick Fitzpatrick wife and two children, Ann Fitzpatrick, Michael Ganley wife and one child, Honora Ganley, Bridget Ganley, Albert R. Loxton wife and two children, Thomas O'Loughlin wife and two children, Jos. O'Shaughnessy wife and one child, Jas. O'Sullivan   wife and two children, Alice Cope, Charlotte Cope, Mary O'Leary, Mary Shea, Julia Walsh ; and the following female orphans :— Honora Glanton, Ann Leary, Catherine McDonnel, Honora McDonnel, Mary Shee, Mary McCarthy, Mary Keary, Mary Camell, Margaret Donohue, Mary Parry, Ellen Connelly, Jane Hall, Ellen Cunningham, Ellen   Donovan, Mary Haggerty, Johannah Haley, Mary Donovan, Margaret Sullivan, Catherine McCarthy, Mary Browne, Catherine McCarthy, Johannah Mill, Katherine Healle, Julia Donegan, Honora Null, Mary Donovan, Bridget Talbot, Catherine McCarthy, Mary Ryan, Bridget Foley, Ellen Leary, Sally Raycroft, Catherine Buckley, Mary Cun ningham, Mary Donovan, Mary Daley, Mary Downey, Jane Lordon, Johanna Donovan, Mary Kelly, Peggy Donovan, Johanna McCarthy, Catherine Bany, Johanna Smyth, Johanna Sullivan, Johanna Hayes, Jane Mahony, Ann Ryan, Catherine Murphy, Mary Hegarthy, Bessey McCarth. Margaret Hahgathy, Johanna Donnovan, Honora McCarthy, Margaret Sullivan, Jane Ward, Catherine Sunnin, Mary Coot, Ellen Sullivan, Catherine Connor, Margaret Sullivan, Catherine McCarthy, Margaret Sullivan, Jane Bany, Johanna Donavan, Ann Sbeehan, Mary Raycroft, Mary Ledry, Mary Hayes, Mary McCarthy, Johanna Ryan, Catherine Donovan, Mary Horan, Catherine Haggarty. Cathe rine Eller, Mary Haggarty, Mary Barry, Eliza Hayes, Sally Talbot, Ellen Mahony, Mary Coveny, Honora Driscoll, Mary Driscoll, Norry Buckley, Mary Held, Catherine McCarthy, Mary Healey, Ellen Leary, Johanna Donnahoe (died at sea), Mary Fitzgerald, Mary Grady, Honora Doherty. Mary Condar. Johanna Condar, Judy Condar. Ellen Sullivan, Honora Murphy, Johannah Moriarty, Mary Fitzgerald, Ellen Lynch, Ellen Costello, Martha Prenterville, Biddy Crummin, Mary Dwane, Judy Brian. Mary Donohue, Bessy Donovan, Mary McCarthy, Mary Sullivan, Ellen Riordan, Ellen Powell, Margaret Costello, Mary Sullivan, Honora Daly, Catherine Sullivan, Mary Mahony, Ca therine Fanshaw, Margaret Fanshaw, Julia Fanshaw, Catherine Sullivan, Bridget Cotter, Ellen Bullman, Margaret Ryan, Mary Hill, Mary Fitzgerald, Susan Killett, Margaret Ford, Honora Mangan, Mary Reynolds, Ellen Byrnes, Mary Trapp, Johanna Ryan,

Bridget Garde, Mary Creed, Johanna Troy, Mary A Ryan, Bridget   Mahony, Eliza Quinlan, Ellen Dalton, Johanna Hogan, Ellen Flynn,   Bridget Condon, Honora Lynch, Mary Cahill, Mary Ryan, Mary Baker, Margaret Pyne, Peggy Condon, Margaret Amorris, Bridget Amorris Jane Parrel, Johanna Sherridan, Cathe Shendon, Mary Sullivan,   Cathe Sullivan, Alice Reordan, Mary Reordan, Mary Walsh, Margaret Nagle, Bridget Crawley, Mary Kennedy, Honora Henly, Mary Condon, Cathe Cunningham, Margaret Creely, Ellen Brien, Bridget Barry, Julia Condon, Margaret Cleary, Bridget Daly, Margaret   Connell, Alice Smeddy, Mary Smeddy, Mary Moore, Margaret Moore, Bridget Farrel, Alice Crotty, Judith Crotty, Mary Crimman, Johanna Simack, Mary Crotty, Bridget Fitzgibbon, Mary Kennedy, Ann Williams, Ellen Tobin, Ellen Casey, Cathe Ryan, Margaret Lewis, Elizabeth Cotten, Mary Doody, Ellen Welsh, Mary Healey, Sarah Thornton, Mary Maxwell, and Hannah Lucy. Tuesday, September 11 — The schooner Souvenir, 61 tons, Skey, master, from Launceston. Passengers — Mr W Veatch, Mr H Napier,   Mr Phillips, John Ferguson, John Crunn, and Charles Phillips. Same day — The schooner Champion, Lieutenant llelpman, from Fremantle. Passengers — Mr Skolls wife and four children, and eight others. CLEARED OUT. Sunday, September 9 — The brig Phantom. Fox, master, for Sydney. Passengers— Mr M. Featherstone two daughters and one son, Miss Latta, Mr and Mrs Jones, Mr Dunn, George Bingley, Mrs Merrall two children and one servant, John Harper, John Balfe, Richard Pick, Mr Hancock, Mr Wilson, and Richard Cundy. Same day — The schooner Ida, 50 tons, Robertson, master, for Laun ceston, in ballast. Tuesday, September 11 — The schooner Margaret, 50 tons, Robertson, master, for Circular Head, in ballast. Same day— The ship Inconstant, 588 tons, Culliton, master, for Callao, in ballast. Passengers — Messrs Hoare, Constable, Moore, and Heirsch. IMPORTS. Cargo of the Amicus— 15 casks cider, 21 ditto brandy, 4 pipes geneva, 40 cases bottled fruits, 80 cases olive oil, 1 case brandy, 4 casks plaister, 70 casks vinegar, 70 boxes dried apples, 72 casks wine, 1 case sardines, 8 pkgs woollens, 13 casks currants, 45 drums figs, 8 boxes almonds, 3 casks nuts, 13 pkgs apothecary's wares, 1 case window frames, 1 case paper hangings, 1 cases snuff, 6 casks vinegar, 10 cannisters confectionary. 4 pipes vinegar, 8 cases confectionary, 6 cases gin, 10 barrels split peas, 100 bags salt, 20 barrels cement, 2 barrels almonds, 8 casks lime juice, 69 pkgs paper, 10 cases flint glass ware, 2 cases toys and baskets, 1 case artificial flowers, 2 bales corks, 180 cases window glass, 2 cases soap, 49 deals, 510 bundles laths, 71 flooring boards, 12 pkgs reeds, 4 cases drapery and silks, 1 case sardines, 17 pkgs groceries, 5 chests tea, 1 bag coffee, 2 bags almonds, 6 cases wine, 7 dozen cordials, D P Valrent; 21 barrels vinegar, 7 bags walnuts, 54 hhds beer, 1 case cooking apparatus, 30 kegs tobacco, 1 1 cases wine, from the Cape. Cargo of the Caspar— 15 hhds, W Rundell ; 1 case, John Stephens; 7 cases. Rev A Morison; 6 cases, D Long; 24 cases.G Prince; 50 cases, Moutefiore & Co ; 2 cases, Order ; 9 cases, 6 boxes, C & F J Beck ; 1 bale, J Heathcote ; 1 plough, 1 cask, Order ; 1 case, E Stephens; 2 cases, Mclearoy; 1 case, Williams; 1 case, C Coles; 1 box J Peusby; 8 cases, Jordon; 25 hhds., 10 cases, 20 cases, 30 bundles, 100 casks. A L Elder & Co ; 1 case. Portberry ; 18 bales, 8 cases, McNicoll & Young; 10 hhds, Younghusband; 14 hhds., 21 qr .-casks, 200 casks, 1 pipe, 1 butt, Order; 11 bales, 16 cases, S Hart; 2S0 kegs, 2 hhds., Capt Eldred; 2 cases, W Rowe ; 3 casks, R Haw kins : 5 cases. D Thomas ; 1 case, R Hawkes ; 2 crates, Mrs Paynter ;

3 packages, 2 casks, 6 cases, Berger ; 5 packages, H Paddon ; l case Rev J Long ; 2 packages, Demming. Cargo of the Elgin— 15 crates, 212 tons coals. Order ; 20 barrels fuses, 6 tierces hams, Younghusband & Co; 1 box wearing apparel,   H Jackson; 5 bags nails, 4 casks crucibles, 13 packages machinery, South Australian Mining Association. EXPORTS. Cargo of the Souvenir— 5 cases slops, 2 bales merchandise, 50 bags flour, 116 cases apples, 94 bags oats, 10 casks apples, 1 case skins, 4 bags carrots, Order; 34 tons potatoes, 500 paling, J F Bennett. .Cargo of the Phantom— 1373 ingots and 89 tiles copper, Yatala Smelting Company ; 1 case part of original cargo. ^ VESSELS IN HARBOUR. Alice (ship), 302 tons. Wilson, master, taking in cargo for Swansea— Younghusband & Co., agents. Alpha (barque), 305 tons, Edwards, master, laid on for London— C. & F.J. Beck, agents. Amicus (brigantine), 150 tons, Arthur, master, discharging from Guernsey and the Cape— P. D. P. Valrent, agent. Appleton (brig), 290 tons. Hullin, master, loading coals for the Copper Company — J C Coke, agent. Australia (ship), 750 tons, W H Steebom, master, just arrived from Hamburg— C & F J Beck, agents. Caroline (ship), 330 tons. Perry, master, discharging cargo, from Lon don— C & F J Beck, agents. Camilla (brigantine), 200 tons, Bickers, master, discharging cargo from Hobart Town— A L Elder, agent.   Caspar (barque), 403 tons, Eldred, master, discharging cargo from London— A Thompson, agent. Champion (schooner). 96 tons, Lieut. Helpman, master, just arrived from Fremantle— E G Collinson, agent. Dorset (brig), 82 tons, Walsh, master, about to sail for Hobart Town — J F Bennett, agent. Duncan (barque), 355 tons, Reed, master, master, discharging cargo from Leith— A L Elder & Co., agents. Elgin (barque), 548 tons, Burns, master, just arrived with female Orphans— C & F J Beck, agents. Eliza (barque), 912 tons. Pain, master, discharging from London— A. L. Elder and Co., agent. Emily (barque), 580 tons, Wilson, master, discharging from London and Plymouth— C. & F- J. Beck, agents. Hydaspes (barque), 595 tons, Stewart, master, discharging from Liverpool and Melbourne— Younghusband & Co., agents Inconstant (barque), 601 tons, Culliton, master, about to sail for Callao   — J Newman, agent. Indian, (barque), 591 tons, English, master, discharging from London — C. & F. J. Beck, agents. Louiss Baillie (ship), 412 tons, Roxby, master, discharging from Lon don—A Thomson, agent. Margaret (schooner), 50 tons, Robertson, master, about to sail for Circular Head— Younghusband and Co., agents. Margaret Brock (barque), 245 tons, Saunders, master, discharging from Hobart Town — J. Newman, agent. Mary Clarke (brig), 180 tens, Colbeck, master, discharging cargo from Liverpool and the Cape— G. Hall, agent. Souvenir (schooner), G4 tons, Skey, master, discharging cargo from Launceston — J N ewman, agent. Warlock (barque), 330 tons, Pagan, master, laid on for Batavia— C. and F. J. Beck, agent. Wilhelmine Marie (barque), 326 tons, Roysen, master, discharging passengers from Hamburg— H. C. Stakemann, agent.