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SALES BY PUBLIC AUCTION. : . This Day (WinnesdayJ, February 7 - SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO.. ? ? (Successors to Mr John Bentham Nealea,) 'TTT'ILL tell by auction, at eleven o'clock — TT The following goods, le/tnnsold on Thursday last, ex Oak — P No. 1 — 1 case fancy stationery P No. 1 — 1 case school-books, song-booki, novtls, &c. also, .84 boxes crown glass. ALSO, A case of fine engravings, ex Trafalgar, eompriiinff— The Last of the McDonald's The Rescue The Beauties of England The Way to Happiness The Marys at the Sepulchre 'Christ in the Garden 'Visit of Affection &c, &c, &c. To-Morrow (Thursday), February I,. 1849. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO., : (Successors to Mr John Bentham Neales,) HAVE received instructions to sell, at the Mart — Pincers, gate-hasps, compasses, hammer-heads, hatchets, axes, hinges, locks, assorted. ALSO, Planes, mason's trowels, pencils, toys, fishing-lines, books, sand-paper, hinges, looks, tacks, (locks, with one. key, &a, &c.) Also, ex Souvenir — '4 tierces English loaf sugar, and 6 crates earthenware, the latter consisting of Chamber sets, various Cheese- stands ?Basins, various Arcadi?. blue striped cups and saucers ?White and blue edged plates White and blue basins, &c, &c. Also, for the benefit of whom it may concern — 100 hams, ex Oak, more or less damrged. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO., (Successors to Mr John Bemham Neales,) BEG to announce ? hat on Wednesday, the 14th Febru ary, they will offer for sale by auction, the house hold furniture, we'l selected library, &c, &c, the property of J. M. -Phillipson, Esq., consisting of ? One of Collard & Co.'s best pianofortes, quite new ; Spanish mahogany wardrobe, dining tables, and chairs ; glass, kitchen utensils, iron bedstead and bidding, large ernamental marble clock, &c, &c. Among the books will be found — The Penny Cyclopaedia, 9 rols. -' Wandering Jew, I voL ' Library of Entertaining Knowledge, 43 vols Robertson's Works, 10 vols. Husbandry, by the Society of Useful Knowledge, 2 vol.*. Michelet's Priests, Women, and Families, 1 rol. Johnson's Works, 6 vols. JBoswell's Life of Johnson, 4 vols. History of Civilisation (Guizot), 2 volt. Lady Montagu's Works, 5 vols. Byron's Works, 17 vols. Russel's Modern Kurope, 10 vols. Coleridge'H Works, 1 vol. Hume and Smollet's History of England, 1 vol. Shakspeare's Works, 1 vol. Lock's Essays, 1 vol. Rollin's Ancient History, 6 vols. .French Works — Marmontel, Racine's, Moliere's, Montaigne's, Montesquieu's complete works ?Schiller's Works, in German And many others, too numerous to particularise in an advertisement. Further particulars hereafter. On Monday, February 12, 1849. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO., (Successors to Mr John Beniham Neales,) ARE instructed t-- sell by public auction, at the Mart, the following valuable freehold properties at Gawler Town and Glenelg — ? 1— The fee simple of that half-acre, No. 56, whereon is erected the valuable steam flour mill, at Gawler Town, at present in the occupation of Mr Walter Duffield, and producing a rental of two hundred pounds per annum ; six years of his lease being unexpired. , 2— The half- acre, No. 75, immediately opposite, -whereon is built a substantial stone house, let to the same gentleman for £15 per annum for the same term. So desirable an opportunity as the above for the investment of trust-moneys seldom occurs. The following valuable half-acre allotments : — J8o. 38 — Corner of Dundas and Tod-streets. No. 58 — Corner of Jacobs, Finniss, and Cameron .atreets. No. 118— Stubbs-street. No. 136— Frontage to Cowan and Sutton-streets. JNo.142 — Ditto to Thomas-terrace and Sutton- street. No. 141 — Ditto ditto ditto (three frontages). No. 162— Ditto to Howard and Wright-streets. No. 155 — Jerringham-street No. 163— Wright-street. No. 164— Three frontages to Victoria-place and Terrace, and Wright-street. No. 166 — Ditto ditto to Howard-street and ditto. Tjie following suburban lots in the Gawler Special Survey : — No.' 2 1—75 acres on the North Para. No. 22— 63 ditto ditto ditto On the latter there is a spring of fresh water. Also, the following half-acre allotments in the marine town of Glenelg, viz. : — Nos. 8, 13, 14, and 15. A Plan of these Properties can be seen at the Mart On Monday, February 12, 1849. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO., (Successors to Mr John Bentham Neales,) WILL sell by auction, positively without reserve — All that piece or portion of land situate in Gouger-street, adjoining Mr Drummond's chapel, and occupying a space of 90 feet by 210, being part of town acre 381, substantially fenced with close paling. AFTER WHICH, That excellent residence, containing seven rooms, with cellar, stable, well of excellent water, situate in Ker mode-street, North Adelaide, formerly occupied by Captain Webster, and now by Adam Lymburner, Esq. It is substantially built of brick and stone. Also, unless previously disposed of by private contract, All that convenient freehold estate at WALKERVILLE, comprising about one and a-quarter acres of land, well, fenced, and planted with fruit-trees, with a malt-house thereon capable of doing about 100 bushels per week; and that convenient four-roomed brick cottage at present occupied by James Thomson, junr. Application to be made to Mr Thomson, at the ' Sussex Arms.' Walkerville, or to the Auctioneers. MAY FOR SALE. . PI VE stacks of hay to be sold in five lots to suit purchasers, estimated at II, 14, 17, 18, and 22 toas, respectively. May be viewed, within a mile from ,to'wn, at the section adjoining the Company's Steam Mill— Millbank, on the Torrens. The hay may remain three months after the day of sale, at the risk of the purchaser. The above will be sold on Saturday, February 10, at PXB o'clock, at the Auction Mart, by SAMSON, WICKSTEED, &. CO.

?? ?? -;.;-,. ' ^*~~ ? ? — : ? t~~- ? ? — '?— - .On Saturday, February 1 0. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO., .(Successors. to Mr John Bentham Neales,) A RE instructed to sell CX. A Picolo piano, by Kirkman & Son, ,of Soho iquare— a genuine article, £ne toned, in a rosewood :ase. . 1 share each in the Adelaide and Enterprise Mining Companies. Cargo of the ' Mazeppa.' SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO., (Successors to Mr John Bentham Neales,) A RE instructed to offer for sale, immediately on ar XJL rival— The entire cargo of the above regular trader, expected in about a fortnight, and consisting of — Teas, sugars coffee, peppers, sago, rice, Manila cigars, and sundries, elected with great care. In a Few Days* SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO., (Successors to Mr John Bentham Nealei,) HAVE been honoured with instructions from Capt. Frorae to offer for sale by auction— The whole of his genuine household furniture, plate, china, glass, books, 50 to 100 doz. very snpericrwine im ported by himself, his well-known carriage and pair of horses, gig, chaise cart, &c, &c. Further particulars in a future advertisement. By order of B. W. Phillips, Esq., Lloyd's Agent. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO , (Successors to Mr John Bentham Neales,) A RE instrncled to sell, at the stores of A. L. Elder, f\ Esq., on Friday, February 9, at twelve precisely, E (within triangle) A 37 and 34—2 bales, each 400 corn bags 46,48,49—3 ditto ditto 900 ore bags Ex Rajah, Ferguson, from London. This day, Wednesday, at Eleven. NATHANIEL HAILES WILL hold at his mart, his weekly MEDLEY SALE, including— A GOOD HORSE SPRING CART AND HARNESS, Drapery, patent waterpots, 10 bags sugar (white) ; tea, in chests half-chests, and boxe3; 10 bales sole leather, boos and shoes, sperm candles, 400 gross ginger-beer bottles, mustard in lbs. and half-lbs 15 boxes raisins; furniture, including bronze fenders, chests drawers, chairs, tables, washstands, and table lamps ; 14 coils rope, 5 boxes sperm candles, pickles, ironmongery in great variety, French wines, 1 bag ginger, saddlery, Spanish onions, &c, &c, &c, On Saturday IQth February. NATHANIEL HAILES WILL commence his usual sale of MEilCHANDISE AND MISCELLANIES at his Mart, Hindley-street, opposite Leigh-street, at eleven instead of one, and he hereby informs the Public, that all HORSES AND VEHICLES intended to be sold by him, must he on view On the Auctioneer's Premises, by half-past ten, as the salo of such lot* will precede the general auction. The Sea Breeze, or Adeloide Dust f On Monday, February 12th, at noon NATHANIEL HAILES WILL sell by auction, on the land, 30 Freeholds, each of one acre or less, situated m the very best parts of BRIGHTON AND ITS NEIGHBOURHOOD. Buyers are requested to assemble at the ' Thatched Cottage Tavern,' at half- past eleven. College Town, adjoining Hackney. Preliminary Advertisement. On Monday, 19th February, at twelve. NATHANIEL HAILES WILL sell by auction, on the land, 24 Villa Allot ments, of spacious dimensions, nearly adjoin ing the COMPANY'S MILL, commanding views of the PARK LAND and North Adelaide ; and being closely adjacent to THE COLLEGE, the first stone of which will be laid immediately. EXCELLENT WATER is obtainable at depths of from 18 to 20 feet, and THE RIVER TORRENS flows past. Immediate communication with North Adelaide is obtained by means of the COMPANY'S BRIDGE, and a walk of a few minutes, through delightful scenery, leads to the fragrant and beautiful HACKNEY GARDENS, wherein, in the same soil, Mr. Bailey has naturalized the choicest productious of Pomona, and Flora from all quarters of the globe. THE PUBLIC OFFICES, and all othei business sites in South Adelaide may be reached in from ten to twenty minutes. Further particulars hereafter. Terms liberal. Unsold and Forfeited Freehold*. Positively without reserve. On Tuesday, 13th inst., at twelve, NATHANIEL HAILES TTTILL sell by auction, on the land, the following YV. freeholds, in various parts of North Adelaide, some of them forfeited by non-fulfilment of contract. The Auctioneer is instructed to offer LIAERAL TERMS ; but also to invite cash purchasers, to whom an UNDENXAALE TITLE will be instantly given. Cash only can be received for Deposits. The following is a list of the loti for sale, the num bers having reference to original plans — On Acre 1040. No. 1. — 45 feet to Mann Terrace, by depth of 52 feet 6 inches 3. — 45 feet to ditto, by 52 feet 6 inthes, to Francis ? street 4.— 52J feet to Kingston Terrace, by 45 feet to M&nn Terrace (both park frontages) 5.— 52| feet to Francis -street, depth 90 feet 6. — 52| feet to Kingston-terrace, by same to Francis street 7. — 52£ feet to Francis-street depth 90 feet 8.— 52£ feet to Kingston-terrace, and ditto 9. — a similar allotment 10.— 52£ feet to Kingston-terrace, same to Francis street, depth 90 feet On Acre 1042. No. 1. — 52J feet to Kingston-terrace, by 45 feet to Park land (both park frontages) .2.-45 feet to Park land, 52J to Francis-street 5.— 52J feet to Kingston-terrace, same to Francis .;,.? street, depth 90 feet 6.— 52J feet to Francis street, depth 90 feet On Acre 905. No. 6.— 50 feet to Tower-street, depth 90 feet 5.-56 feet to Fenchurch-street, ditto On Aere92O. .'; .No. 5.-50 feet to Tower-street, depth, 90 feet ,7.-90 feet to Lombard-street, 50 feet to Tower* street

1. N. EMMETT & CO. WILL sell by public auction in the inside of their Rooms, this day (Wednesday) — TWO SPENDID CART HORSES X ditto ditto Mare AFTER WHICH s L variety of goods, including — 100 bushels maize 1 ton flour 1 ' sharps Handsome dinner-service Assortment of saddlery Tea and wrapping paper Patent skins Damaged canvass Case China chimney ornament* Gold watch Clocks Guns, &c, &c. E. N. EMMETT & CO. WILL sell by public auction at their rooms, without reserve, on Saturday next, commencing at 1 1 o'clock precisely. Half the brick wall facing Hindley-street ; from their premises, the timber of a three-stalled stable, doors and racks complete j a pair of splendid gate posts and hinges. The whole to be removed within 4 days after sale. Immediately after which, in the inside of their Rooms, Several very fine broken in horses and mares Concluding with an immense variety of goods, amongst which will be found 1 8 silver tea-spoons 4 ditto salt ditto 2 ditto sugar ton^s 1 ditto butter knife Knife rests and forks A fine portrait of the Queen, on account of whom it may concern, And to close consignments, A quantity of sawn timber. No horse will be sold without having been registered at least one hour before the sale TWO FOUNDS REWARD. LOST from Kensington about four weeks since, a dark brown mare, almost black, about fourteen hands high, seven years old, branded M on the near 2 shoulder, and a feather tail, has no white marks on her, and is very narrow behind. Whoever will bring her to Mr Hutchins, grocer, Hindley-street, will receive the above reward. February 6th, 1849. TWO FOUNDS REWARD. LOST, a black horse, short switch tail, a great many white marks on its back, marked on the near shoulder, JB, lost from Brighton on the night of the lOthof January, 1849. Whoever will bring the same to the office of this paper, shall receive the above reward. TWO FOUNDS REWARD. LOST, from Adelaide, one brown bullock, cocked horns, branded T near ribs, B near rump; one OO red bullock, large cocked horns, JT off rump, part of hind legs white; one yel'ow-sided bullock, white back, strawberry face, JMK (conjoined) near rump ; one red bullock, white back, belly, and legs, one horn partly broken off. Whoever will deliver the same to Mr Blacklmm, at Platts's Library ; or Albert Biackham, on the Little Para, shall receive the above reward. TWC FOUSTDS REWARD. X OST, last Thursday, the 4th instant, on the Burra JLj Road, near the Black Springs, a receipt for car riage of a load of iron, 36^ cwr.., an order for £10 on the Patent Copper Company , and a 10s Burra order. The above reward payable on delivery of the same at Mr Griffin's, watchmaker, Hindley-street. N.B.— Payment of the above orders have been stopped. TWO POUNDS REWARD. T OST in the neighbourhood of Gfiwler Town a ches JLj nut horse, white face, white hind feet, branded JM near shoulder, D off shoulder. Also a mouse co loured horse, K on each shoulder, with a short tail. Whoever will bring the above horses to Mr Thomas Ragless, Gawler River, shall receive the above reward. February 6th, 1849 TWO FOUNDS REWARD. STRAYED, from Lyndoch Valley, about six months since, a small well-bred eniire colt — bay with black points, not branded, and about sixteen months old. Any person giving information which will lead to his recovery to Nicholas Johns, Lyndoch Valley, or to John Coulls, Blacksmith, Adelaide, shall receive the above reward. CNE FOUND REWARD. LOST, from the Dry Creek, about the 20th ult,, a light cream-coloured mare, stands about 12 hands high, branded V on off rump, had a tether-rope on. was in good condition when lost. Whoever will bring her to Gepps' Cross, Dry Creek, shall receive the above re ward. HENRY SAVAGE. February 3, 1849. ONE POUND REWARD. LOST, a yellow and white spotted bullock, branded JKh on the off rump, 2 off hip. Whoever will deliver the above to Mr James Kentish, River Torrens or Mr David Kentish, Black Forest, shall receive the above reward. LOST, a black pocket-booic, containing sundry me moranda of no value to any person but the owner. Whoever has found the same, and will bring it to the Observer office shall be rewarded. TOILET SERVICES. EX 'OAK,' &C. Ifl A T0ILET SERVICES, with soap and brush -*-'' trays, in marble; blue, green, brown, and drab, &c, comprising all the newest styles, shapes, and patterns, at prices defying competition. Also, a splendid assortment of fancy jugs. The above goods are expressly to order, from one of the first houses in England, and well worthy of early inspection, being, beyond doubt, the finest collection ever imported W. FOOT, Hindley-street, Near the ' Royal Admiral.' A BARGAIN. TO BE SOLD, a superior set of assay tools, with -a guide for assaying. To be seen at S. H. Hos king's, Pirie-street, opposite the '? Freemasons' Tavern,' Adelaide. Notice of Removal ? THEODORE CLODIUS, late of Rundle street I grocer, dealer in teas, Italian, crockery, and other wares, in returning his best thanks to his friends anc the public in general for the liberal support bestowed upon him since he has been in business in the abov- line, begs to inform them that his business is now car ried on in the premises lately known as Coppin's Billiard Room, King William-street, where !he hopes to meet with a continuance of the favours already con' ferred upon him.

STOREXTCAN WANTED. WANTED, a strong active man as Porter in a Store, and to make himself generally useful. An unexceptionable character will be required. Addtess, (free) P., at the office of this paper. MINER ALOGICAL surveys of tracts of land; also, analysis of ores, or other minerals; will be undertaken and completed with secrecy and despatch, on terms to be agreed upon. Apply, by letter, addressed to H. H. H., at the office of this paper. PARTIES desirous to invest about four hundred pounds (£400) in separate hundred?, at a good rate of interest, for a period lot from five to seven year* certain, the interest payable quarterly, are requested to apply by letter, addressed to Sub Sole, at the office of this paper. FORT LINCOLN MINING COMPANY. mAKE NOTICE, that an adjourned Half-yearly X General Meeting. of the Shareholders in this Company will be held at ' Coppin's Hotel,' (this day) at four o'clock in the afternoon precisely, for the purpose of receiving the Directors' Report and Balance Sheet, and also for the sale of forty reserved shares. Voting certificates can be obtained on the day previous, on application to J. E. BARNARD, Secretary. ON SALE BY PRIVATE BARGAIN, AT REDUCED PRICES, At Fox's Auction and Commission Booms, Rundle-street. CAMP ovens, iron pots with lids Bed screws 7 inch welded heads Boilers, ketiles, saucepans Ale in hhds. Dish covers in setts Brass candlesticks, shoe brushes Hinges of every description Bail handles, garden rakes Patent and other nails Chain of all sizes Ship scrapers, shackles Rudder irons, boat-hooks Chairs, beech, cane-seated Superior packet tea Su^ar from £19 per ton India matting, coloured and white Canvass in bolts A ship's medicine chest completely fitted up &c, &c, &c, And numerous other articles too tedious to enumerate [a card.] MR JAMES PHILLIPS, from Redruth, Cornwall, and late Surgeon-Supsrintendent of the Samuel Boddington, begs to announce to his former patients from Cornvyall and the inhabitants of Adelaide, that he has settled iD the city as a general practitioner. North-terrace, January 31, 1849. BOOTS AND SHOES. L JOSEPH has just received and will unpack ? This Day, six trunks of boots and shoes from the celebrated house of Curtis & Hardy, Regent-street, amongst Avlrich will be tound — Ladies' cloth and Paramatta boots Ladies' kid and patent leather shoes Lasung and prunella do. Girls' black and coloured boots Children's shoes of every description Gents' Oxonians and Albert cloth boot3 1,000 India brab hats from 3s. 6d. 1,500 real Manilla hats, made expressly for this market 2,000 mntts, each measuring 1J yards in length, at Is. Si), each. Adelaide Emporium, Hindley-street, ) February 7th, 1849. J ADELAIDE RACES. ALL those interested are requested to attend at the ?« Golden Fleece,' Currie-street, to-morrow the 8th instaut, to finally arrange all matters connected with the above Races. Time, 8 p.m., precisely. D. M'LEOD, Secretary. Adelaide, Feb. 5th, 1849. THE TOWNSHIP OF STOCKPGRT, On the Gilbert Plains, 18 miles from Gawler Town and the new Township of Willeslon. MR PRICE begs to inform intending purchasers of land at the above place, that he exceedingly re grets, in consequence of the numerous previous applica tions for the sale of lands in other places, that he will be unable to attend at the ?? Gilbert Arms,'-' in the said township, for a few days : full notice of the time of his visit will be forwarded without delay. To master teamsters, this township is particularly recommended, as there are two water-holes in the town ship — one never-failing— which will be reserved for the benefit of the public. January 3 1st, 1849. This day is published, at this office, price 2s 6d, THE ROYAL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BOOK ALMANACK, FOR 1849. This Almanack, of which the twelfth volume is now issuing, has acquired a just celebritynot only in this colony, but in England, on the continent of Europe, and elsewhere; and the proprietor feels much pleasure in the assurance that this publication will not only bear com parison with any of its predecessors, but exhibit indu bitable evidences of the march of improvement. Nothing having been spared in its compilation, it is hoped that the driest details will at least ensure the smile of approbation. Just Published, and on Sale at the office of this pa.per, price 6d, nnHE ROYAL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN SHEET X ALMANACK for 1849. Containing List oi Government offices ; Justices of the Peace; Banks, Bank hours and holidays ; Law Terms ; Post offices, Post masters, hours of departure and rates of postage ; Fixed and Moveable Festivals, Eclipses, &c, &c ,and tke cods of Signals in use at West-terrace, coloured. The New South Australian Tariff ON SALE, at the office of this paper, in a neat form on bank post folio for ransmission through the Post, or for the Country-house. SANATORY REFORM.     A LECTURE on Sanatory Reform, as especially applicable to the present condition of this City and its Suburbs, will be delivered on the evening of Tuesday the 13th instant, at the New Queen's Theatre   by Mr John Stephens.   The doors Trill be opened at half-past 7 o'clock, and the Lecture will be commenced at 8 o'clock precisely.   N.B. — As the lecturer intends to discuss thi« im portant subject in all its bearings, and in doing so   call things by their right names, persons whose fas- tidious delicacy is apt to render them politely regardless   of matters seriously affecting health and longevity, or who sluggishly endure dangerous nuisances because   they will not tolerate an unmistakeable definition in   public, or assist in devising effectual means for the re   moval of acknowledged evils, are not invited to atteui the lecture.   Admission by tickets only, ?which will bo gratuitotuli distributed.