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First Vessel for London. For London Direct. ^ The fine new fast-sailing barque j/Bsf/S*jfc^ 357 tons per register, Henry Edwards, OTKjIlllfp'^ commander, is now on the berth for the ^jHgHHaJgp above port, and having a large portion of her cargo engaged, will meet with quick despatch. For freight or passage, apply on board ; or to A. L. ELDER & CO., Grenfell-street. For Port Phillip and London. -crpgjL. The fine new A 1 ship '^ffixSmu 10°0 tons- Thomas Pain, commander, 4»ia£*ay§' will proceed to Port Phillip immediately upon discharging her inward cargo, and is open to take from 200 to 300 tons of dead weight to London, at a moderate freight. For freight or passage apply to Capt. Pain, on board, or, to CHAS. & F. J. BECK. Hindley-street, Aug. 27, 1849. N.B ? Capt Pain will not be answerable for any debts contracted by the crew. Notice to Consignees per ' Eliza/' from London. rflTF Consignees by the above vessel are requested JjgljgE to make immediate arrangements for receiv ing their goods. CHAS. & F. J. BECK, Agents. Hindley-street, August 27, 1849. Bills of Lading. BILLS OF LADING on sale at the Offices of the South Australian Register and Adelaide Observer, Sleeting of Passengers per 'Indian.' A MEETING of the Passengers by the above ship, with a view to memorialize the Colonial and Home Governments upon circumstances connected with their voyage to this colony, will be held on Thursday evening next, August 50th, at Mr George Ottaway's, *? Norfolk Arms,' Rundlo-street, on which occasion E. L. Grundy Esq., of Adelaide, has been invited to preside. G. WILSON, North Adelaide. On Sale, ex 'Augustus.' ff*(% f\(\f\ FEET of Tweed Cedar. Also, 100,000 *J£i,\J UV of nve and 6ix feet y. D. L. paling ; 60.000 feet of Timber, various; 100,000 Laths; 70,000 fifteen-inch Shingles ; 30,000 two-feet do. ; 2,000 nine by three Deals ; 200 Battens (seven by two^and a half ; 10,000 Posts and Rails. P. B. COGL1N, Timber Merchant, King 'William-street. August 28th, 1849. Ship Biscuit THE undersigned begs respectfully to inform cap tains and agents, that he has always on hand a good supply of. kiln-dried biscuit, which he will dispose of at the lowest possible prices. N.B. On hand, and ready for shipment, six tons of first-rate bread. KOBERT BIRRELL. (Late G. Taylor), Grenfell-street. August 21st, 1049. To be Sold, TOWN ALLOTMENTS, -a valuable piece of land a short distance from Adelaide, a debt secured on land of ample value, and several freehold and leasehold houses. Working bullocks, cait horses, and house tim ber taken in part payment. Intending buyers should no longer evince a temporis ing disposition, but seize the present golden opportunity and immediately effecttheirpurchases; forere€'£/ie Cali fornian mania, alias phantom? shall have passed away, SOUTH AUSTRALIA will shine forth in matchless splendour, and become the favourite field of operation for the enterprising capitalist, whilst countless thou sands of the hardy sons of toil will hasten to throng her thrice happy shores, and combine to raise this highly-favoured country to that prosperons state as shall leave her without a parallel in the annals of colonial history. Applications from principals, by letter (only), pre-paid, addressed to Mr G. Prentice, Land and House Agent, will receive attention. North-terrace, August 25, 1849. To Stonemasons. fpENDERS will be received by W. Weir, architect, I ? up to the 7th September next, from stonemasons ?filling to contract for the masonry of a large building in the Pine Forest, about three miles from Adelaide. To Contractors, SEALED tenders will be received by W. Weir, archi tect, up to Friday, the 7th September, from parties willing to contract for the erection of a parsonage at Port Adelaide. Plans and specifications may be perused and other information obtained by application to the architect, next door to the Exchange, upstairs. CHURCH OF ENGLAND ASSURANCE INSTI TUTION, v F LONDON. SUBSCRIBED CAPITAL — ONE MILLION STEELING. Empowered by Special Act of Parliament, 4 $? 5 Fie, cap. xciL A BRANCH of the above Institution is established in Adelaide for the INSURANCE OF LIVES. . LOCAL COMMITTEE: The Hon. Jacob Hagen, M.L.C. Chas. B. Newenham, Esq., Sheriff .?-., F. S. Dutton, Esq., J.P. $ .?. Charles Beck, Esq. R. Davenport, Esq., J.P. J. Henderson, Esq. Tables of Rates have been, constructed to meet every event subject to the contingency of human life, either for the whole duration of life, or for short periods for tempo Tary purposes, on equal, increasing, or decreasing rates ; also for Reversionary Annuities and Survivorships. The increasing rates will be found to possess all the advantages of the system of ' a portion of the premiums remaining on credit :' and premiums on Insurances for the whole term uf life may be paid either annually, half yearly, or quarterly, at the option of the assured. SPECIMEN OF RATES. EQ1T4L fcATSfl. SHORT TERMS. : i A«. ? ' ? A0E- One Year. Seven Years. Whole Life. Premium. Annual Prem. 20 1 13 11 20 1 I 0 11 9 30 2 2 7 30 1 3 1 13 7 40 2 17 8 40 1 6 1 1 8 2 50- 4 4 11 50 1 16 11 2 3 1 60 6 14 2 60 3 6 4 4 0 9 ?For Prospectuses and other information, apply at the offices of Crane & Co., 3, Clari's Buildings* Hind ley-street. ' \V. C. CRANE, Agent.

Adelaide Marine Insurance Company. NOTICE is hereby given, that the business of this Company will commence on the 1st September next. FRANCIS S. DUTTON, Honorary Secretary. Exchange Chambers, August 20, 1849. Enterprise Mining Company. . NOTICE. THE New Shares are now ready for issuing. Pro prietors to apply at the Office of the Company, between 1 1 and 1 o'clock, daily, as follows :— . Until the 18th August next, holders of Two Shares and upwards Until the 3rd September next, holders of One Share only Until the 17th September next, holders of an odd Share. The present Scrips must be produced, which will be exchanged without charge. The first instalment of £1 per share must be paid on each New Share claimed by the present holders of Scrip. JOHN W. F. DALTON, Secretary. 1, Peacock's Buildings, 6th July, 1S49. Upper Wakcfleld Special Survey. On tlic New Road from the J3urra to the Neiv Shipping Place at the Head of St. Vincent's Gulf. THE proprietor is disposed to sell portions of this fine survey, aud has instructed Mr Jacob to make the necessary surveys ; and Mr Jacob, when on the Survey, will mark out what may be required by dif ferent purchasers at the proprietor's expense. All parties wishing to purchase land are requested to apply to Mr Young or Mr Oakden, on the Survey ; Mr John Saunders, at the Burra ; Mr Jacob, Moorooroo, or, in j Adelaide, to Mr H. GILBERT, Solicitor ; Or Mr G. F. ANDREWS, Land Agent. A township will be laid out in the most commanding and eligible situation. There is abundance of feed for bullocks, and also of water. Wheal Maria Mining Company. NOTICE.— The certificates of shares will be ready ior issuing on the 1st of September next in ex change for deposit receipts ; the first insialment of four shillings per share must be paid at the same time, and if not paid within three days from that date will be subject to a fine of four shillings per share. JOHN W. F. DALTONT, Secretary. Adelaide, 24th August, 1849. SURVEYS and Plans of Mines, Estates, Town ships, or Runs. Lands containing, or supposed to contain, Metalli ferous Minerals, examined and reported upon. The Analyses of, or Assays of, Metalliferous Minerals, and Agencies undertaken by ' THOMAS BURR, Exchange Buildings, Adelaide. North Arm. FOR SALE, in allotments, portions of Section G., near the proposed Railway Terminus. Apply to Mr T. B. Strangways, at the Exchange, either personally or by letter. Adelaide, July 27, 1849. FOR SALE, four and a-half Acres of Land at Glenelg, with two cottages thereon. For particu lars, apply by letter, post-paid, to Mr J. W. Anthony, Port Adelaide. August 21, 1849. .' . New music, at the Adelaide Bazaar, Just received, front the Queen's Publisher. QUADRILLES, Strauss's Waltzes, Polkas, Italian Operas, &c, chiefly for the flute and violin and bass. A few choice Songs, of the latest publications. Roman Strings, Guitar and Violincello ditto. August 25, 1849. REDUCED HATES. IMPERIAL FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, Sun Court, and No. 16, Pall Mall, London, Instituted 1803. For Insuring houses and otner buildings, goods wares, merchandise, manufacturing and farming stock ships in port, harbour, or dock, and the cargoes of such ships; also, ships building and repairing; barges and other vessels on navigable rivers and canals, and goods on such vessels, throughout Great Britain and Ireland and in foreign countries from loss or dainage by fire. Subscribed and Invested Capital One Million Five Hundred Thousand Pounds. Directors ; Alexander Stewart, Esq , Chairman. Charles Cave, Esq., Deputy-Chairman. James C. C.Bell, Esq. Geo. Hibbert, Ksq. R. C. Lee Bevan, Esq. Samuel Hibbert, Esq. Michael Bland, Esq. Jas. G. Murdoch, Esq. C. Francis Cobb, Esq. Claud Neilson, Esq. Andrew Colville, Esq. J. Hofsley Palmer, Esq. Geo. H. Cutler, Esq. J. Pattison, Esq., M.P. Henry Davi/i6on, Esq. Henry Pearse, Esq. Jno. H. Deffell, Esq. H. J. Prescott, Esq. George Field, Esq.- Joseph Reid, Esq. ^ Newman Smith, Esq. Ex Directors: Arch. Hastle, Esq., M.P. George Reid, Esq. Wai; Lyall, Esq. W. R. Robinson, Esq. Daniel Mildred, Esq. Martin T. Smith, Esq. Auditors: T. G. Barclay, Esq. James Brand, Esq. A. H. Bosanquet, Esq. Joshua Lockwood, Esq. Charles Frederick Weber, Esq. RATES OF 1NSURANCB. (By recent advices, the agent is empowered to reduce the rates about one eighth.) 1st Class Buildings of Brick or Stone, with Roofs of Slate, Tile, or Metal, detached or separated by perfect party Walls and Parapet from adjoining. Buildings . ? ? '. ? - 15 0 ^cent. Increasing rates for additional risks 2 6 ' 2nd Class Buildings of Brick or Stone, ? with Roofs of Shingle or Broad Pal- ' ing, detached from all other Buildings of a similar character bv a distance of fifty feet ? 22 6 « Ditto adjoining Buildings of a like construction ? ....... 31 6 M . Increasing Rates for additional risks 5 0 ' All cases involving risks not comprised in the above Tables to be arranged by special agreement. Buildings where hazardous Trades are carried on, or in which hazardous Goods are deposited, will be subject to art additional Rate, according to theii Class. ? Hazardous Trades. — Bread and Biscuit Bakers. Carpenters, Chemists, Coachmakers, Coopers, Cabinet makers, Distillers, Liquor and Spirit Shops, Oilmen, Printers, Ship and Boatbuilders, Blacksmiths, and the like. Hazardous Goods.— Cotton, Hemp, Flax, Oil, Pitch, Tar, Rorr, Saltpetre/ Spirits, Tallow, Ttupen tine, and others of an equally dangerous character. Agent, JOHN MORPHETT, North-terrace.

NOTICE. rpHE undersigned have established, this day, a Port J_ Agency and Commission Business under the stjle and firm of Hoppe & Co. T. W. HOPPE. A. T1LEMANN. G. BERNHARD. Port Adelaide, Aug. 20, 1849. Notice of Removal. GEO. WHITE, Tailor, &c., has removed from Rundle-street to his new Establishment in King William-street, next to the ' Napoleon Buonaparte.' July 22, 1849. Pianofortes, Seraphines, and Harmoniums JDAWES, from London, Manufacturer of the ? alove-named Instruments, begs to inform the public that, from his practical and experimental know ledge of these instruments, those persons who favour him with their orders will meet with the utmost satis faction. Instruments tuned, repaired, and exchanged. Small Seraphines, £12 12s. Two Pianos, new and second hand, cheap. J. DAWES, Currie-street, Next door to Mr Nowland's timber-yard. npHE undersigned begs to inform his customers that JL he has received, per Warlock, a supply of Patent Axles, Springs, &c. A good second-hand Gig for sale. A. ARMOUR, Coachmaker, Franklin-street. Sawyers Wanted. GOOD Sawyers accustomed to the Tiers, wanted by theuudersigned,at' Hack's Bridge,' Onkaparinga River. JACOB PITMAN, Builder, &c. To Merchants and Storekeepers. A YOUNG MAN who writes a good hand, of per severing business habits, and several years' ac tive experience, is desirous of an engagement in any capacity where activity, sobriety, and unvarying in tegrity, will render his services worthy the confidence of his employer. Undoubted testimony of previous character from his last employer can be given. Address C. M., to the Office of this Paper. Newhaven, Port Adelaide. THE Proprietor otf the above Township has now the satisfaction ot stating that he has made the final arrangements with the three gentlemen who have under taken to act as Trustees of the Fund for effecting the general Improvement of the Township, viz., Mr Wm. Roberts, Mr John Dickin.%, and Mr J. W. Cole. The two latter gentlemen have requested Mr Roberts to act as receiver of the fund, which office Mr Roberts has ac cepted. The deed declaring the trusts under which they will act secures lo the Trustees one-third of all rents and purchase moneys for land leased or sold during the next twenty-one years, and the entire rental arising, during that period, from any reproductive improvements effected by means of the Improvement Fund, for expen diture in roads, sewers, wharfs, and buildings in con nexion therewith, the promotion of railway communi cation, or any other mode which may seem to them likely to conduce to the general advantage of the town ship, and as to which they will gladly receive any sug gestions from parties interested. The parties to whom the preliminary allotments have been secured may have their leases immediately, on ap plication to Mr J. Y. Ashton, Solicitor, Clark's Buildings Hindley-street, Adelaide, at whose offices the deed de claring the trusts of the Improvement Fund may be referred to. Adelaide, July 28, 1849. R. G. SYMONDS. Cheque Stolen. Australian Mining Company's Office, August 27, 1849. /CHEQUE No. 740, dated 3rd August, 1849, on the \J Bank of Australasia, in favour of B. T. Solly, endorsed to ? Goodman, for £9 lGs. 3d. Payment of the same has been stopped. LOST, A CASE with Surgical Instruments, between Ade laide and Salisbury. Whoever will deliver it at Dr. Bayer's, North-terrace, or at Lowe's Dispensary, shall be handsomely rewarded. Two Founds Reward. LOST, from the Dry Creek, August 4th, 1849 — One red and white bullock, WD off ribs, and one light red or yellow bullock, WD off ribs j both poleys, and very fat. Whoever will bring the same to Mr John Edwards, Dry Creek (late of Hindley-street), shall receive £1 per head reward. Entire Horse ' Sampson.' rilHIS celebrated entire horse will stand to serve a . JL limited number of mares only, at the ' Rose and Crown Inn,' Bowden, during the approaching season. Terms, two guineas, including groomage. Sampson is eight years old, was got by Lincoln, dam pure Lincoln breed. He is sixteen and a half hands high bay colour, with black points, a remarkably finetem pered horse, and a v,ery quick walker, and is not sur passed by any horse in the province for strength, bone, or symmetry. JOSEPH DIX. Bowden, 24th July, 1849. 'Merry Monarch.' TT\ HIS celebrated thorough-bred Horse, bred by Mr JL Baynton, of Van Diemen's Land, imported to South Australia by W. Van Sittart, Esq., got by Little John out of Miss Finn, by Peter Finn, her dam Curiosity by Buffalo, imported by the Cressy Horse Company to Van Diemen's Land, will stand this Season at Mr Wm. Malcolm's, the Reed Beds. Miss Finn is the dam of Termagant, winner of several races in Van Diemen's Land in 1841, also dam of Young Snoozer, winner of the Town Plate in Hobart Town in 1848. (Little John by Octavian, by Stripling, dam by Oberon, grandam, sister to Sharper, hyRanthos, Turners Sweepstakes, out of sister to Button's Careless. Stripling by Phenomenon, out of Laura, by Eclipse, Locust, Cade, Young Greyhound, Partner, #c. — Pick's Racing Calendar for 1815 J Has got more winners than any other horse ever imported to Van Diemen's Land. Merry Monarch is a bright bay, with black points, nearly sixteen hands high, and of the best possible temper and constitution. Terms— Three Pounds Ten Shillings per mare, groomage included. Weli-grassed and well-watered paddocks provided for mares at 3s. per Areek, where every care will be taken of them, but without responsibility. The owner of Merry JJonarch will give a cup, value £30, for two-year old colts, the produce of his stock ; geldings and fillies allowed 3 1b. Stock going to slart for the Merry Monarch Cup to be named atid registered when dropped. ' ? ; Adelaide, July 12th, 1849*

SALES BY PUBLIC AUCTION. Horses and Sundries. E. N. EMMETT & CO. WILL sell by public auction, at their rooms, This Day (Wednesday), August 29, at eleven pre cisely— ? Several useful Draught and Saddle Horses, and a variety of Goods, without reserve. North Adelaide Allotments. E. N. EMMETT & CO. WILL sell, at the corner of Jerningham and Finniss-streets, on Wednesday, 29th August — A great number of Building Allotments to suit purchasers. The Sale will commence at 11 for 12 o'clock precisely. LIBERAL CREDIT, And Title Unexceptionable. TOWN of BEVERLEY1, On the Port Road. E. N. EMMETT & CO. HA VE received positive instructions to sell by public aucttion — The remainder of the one-acre allotments in 'the Township of Beverley. The Town of Beverley adjoins Mr Grey's Halfway House to the Port. Amongst the advantages Beverley possesses as a town, may be mentioned the facts — Halfway between the Port and Adelaide Good water 11 1 ncomparable brick clay ' Agreeable aspect Reserves for places of Public Worship, schools, public squares, and extreme liberality of terms. Plans of this rapidly increasing township can be seen at Mr Grey's, ' Hallway House,' Port Road, and at the offices of E. N. Emmett & Co., Adeleide. The sale will take place at 1 1 for 12 o'clock, on Friday, the 31st August, 1849. Very long credit. Extensive and Liberal Land Sale, On the Road to the PORT. Mr Grey's 'Halfway-House' is on Part op the Land. E. N. EMMETT & CO. HAVE the pleasure to inform the public of South Australia, tlint they have been honoured with instructions to sell by public auction, at Mr Grey's ' Halfway House' to the Port, on Friday, the 7th Sep tember, at 1 1 o'clock for 12 — PRELIMINARY SECTION No. 394, conve niently sub-divided into allotments to suit purchasers. This splendid preliminary section of land, adjoining the Town of Beverley.- has a v;ist frontage on cither side to Mr Grey's, ' Halfway- House.' The Auctioneers beg to inform the public that this section has some of the best clay for building purposes in the colony, and fine soft water at h moderate depth. The terms will be a lengthened credit, named at the time of sale, and the title is undoubted. Lunch on table at 1 1 o'clock. Further particulars in a future advertisement. To be Sold at Last! 500 ALLOTMENTS OF LAND IN GAWLER TOWN. THE GREAT KEY OF THE NORTH, Without any Reserve whatever. E. N. EMMETT & CO. HAVE been honoured with instructions from William Paxton, Esq., to sell by public auction, at Gawler Town, on Thursday, the 13th September, at 11 o'clock for 12— 500 ALLOTMENTS OF LAND, Averaging from a Quarter to Five Acres each. E. N. Emmett & Co. have much pleasure in being enabled to offer to the public of South Australia, by UNRESERVED competition, the valuable property in and contiguous to Gawler Town, late the property of MESSRS. JERMINGHAM AND WRIGHT; and their pleasure is also enhanced by knowing that they will be the channel through which fortunate pur chasers may become possessed of undoubted Titles to Freeholds of Land, which, from BUSINESS POSITION and beauty, are acknowledged to be unequalled in the Province of South Australia. The Auctioneer, after selling some ONE OR TWO HUNDRED Allotments in the immediate vicinity of Mine Host Calton's, ' The Old Spot,' will proceed to dispose of the One and Five-Acre plots adjoining, which are pe culiarly adapted by NATURE to the eye, as sites -for pleasure and retirement. ? The Auctioneers will only add that they sincerely regret sufficient time has not been allowed' them to nominate agents of this extensive sale throughout the Province, more particularly ns the PROPRIETOR has determined to give all and every one a chance by a LENGTHENED CREDIT. The Plans of this splendid Property can be seen and all further particulars obtained from Francis Duval, Esq., Gawler Town, or of E. N. EMMETT & CO., Auctioneers, Adelaide. A tent will be erected at the rear of Mr Cal ton's Hotel, and a good Old English Lunch will be provided at the proprietor's expense. Burnside the Beautiful! NATHANIEL HAILES FEELS real pleasure in introducing to the notice of all who value HEALTH, FERTILITY, AND BEAUTY, Preliminary Section No. 320, situated one mile above Kensington, at the foot of the most PICTURESQUE MOUNTAIN of the whole magnificent range nearest Adelaide. EXCELLENT ROADS surround the Section on all sides. A LIMPID AND OVERFLOWING STREAM meanders through it, producing luxuriant, diversified, and PERENNIAL VERDURE. Amid the wattle and other native flowering shrubs appear (the result of cultivation in the 'olden time') the gorgeous rose, the cliuging honeysuckle, the flower ing currant, the fragrant brier, geraniums in rich pro fusion, nasturtions, sweet-peas, garden herb3 of every species, a forest of Cape gooseberries, tho wayward strawberry, figs, peaches, nectarines, vines of choicest varieties, apples, oranges, plums, almonds, pome granates, and even the weeping willow inclines its graceful form,, and. extend* its valedictory armi over

the stream which has nurtured it since the foundation, of the colony. ?-, '- New. Colonists should visit the spot before they send home their** first impressions ;' and Old Colonists will do well to become acquainted with a scene of beauty whose existence is unsuspeeted by most of them. The Sea Views are only bounded by the shores of the gulf or the ho rizon, and the neighbouring walks are romantic in the extreme. The sale will take place on - ~ ? Thursday, 6th September, at Noon. ' y Refreshments will be provided on the land* Terms liberal. N.B. Plans maybe inspected at the Office of th- Auctioneer, who, prior to the sale, will feel pleasure in accompanying parties of intending purchasers to tha spot. Leigh-street Auction Mart. Friday Next, Slst August. First Auction Sale at the New Auction Mart, Leigh street. IN consequence of these premises being yet unfinished,. THOMAS ANSLOW . has postponed the First Sale at the New Auotion Mart to Friday the 3lst, at TEN, ?; when he will knock down to the highest bidder, without regard to price— 45 boxes best Packet Tea 24 dozen bottled fruits 84 jars Hobart Town made jams, preserved with lump sugar (raspberry, green 'gage,, and damson) 27 dozen i-lb. bottles mustard Single and double-barrelled guns- and pistobj. 2 cases American clocks 48 doz. Wilkinson's sheepshears 13 doz. Sorby's do. 1 doz. Sorby's haudsaws 5 sets papier-mach6 trays 200 printed cambric dresses. 1 case saddlery AND 18 dozen Oporto Port. SALE AT LITTLE SALISBURY. - First Morning of the Salisbury Races, at Eleven: o'Clock, on tho Ground, situated opposite Wright'* Hotel. THOMAS' ANSLOW HAS received instructions to sell by' auction, without reserve — '. . ' Twenty half-acre allotments in the flourishing town ship of SALISBURY, close to the spot selected for the Cathedral. ♦'Salisbury on the Plain' and ' Salisbury on tho Pretty' have both been duly introduced to the notice of the public. . Little Salisbury has equal claim to their respective advantages and merits. It is excellently well situated for commercial purposes, being on the Main North Road, and adjoining the new Government Bridge on the Little Para River, the great thoroughfare for all the traffic to and from the North — the Burra Burra, Clare, Penioorlham, Gawler Town, #c., fyc. — being the» best and shortest road to and from the metropolis. Want of space will not allow the auctioneer to des cant further upon the innumerable advantages to. holders or purchasers of Freeholds in Little Salisbury He hopes to meet a good company, to combine Profit with Pleasure on the day of sale, and will knock the allotments down to the highest bidder. Terms— One-fifth cash, tho residue at three, six, mn» and twelve months. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. (Successors to Mr John Bentham Neales) BEG leave to announce to the public the following sales — This Day (Wednesday), August 29— Land in Gouger street, adjoining Mr Drummond's Chapel, in lots to suit purchasers. To-morrow (Thursday), August 30— Remainder of Mr Lumlev's books, 250 volumes, of novels, Murray's Guides, and other popular woiks, library chairs, canary cage, &c. ...... Also, on the same day, by order of the Sheriff, at Port Adelaide, the stock in trade, effects, &c, of Messrs Mattinson and Giles. On Saturday next, September 1st— 10 boxes of tea, for the benefit of whom it may concern, iron bedsteads, patent axles, &c. On Monday, September 3rd.— The slud of Mr George Watts, at Norwood, at 12 o'claek precisely. On Tuesday, September 4th.— Land in Kingston and Mann-terraces, by order of Mr Pavelin, who provide* a good lunch. , . On Wednesday, September 5th.— Newhaven. On Thursday, September 6th.— Hops, saddlery,, raisins, jams, port wine, sherry, whiskey, brandy, brandy in cases, tobacco. The Government Auctioneer will sell a variety of jewellery, &c, same day, at 12; o'clock, by order of the Official Assignee. On Saturday, September 15th, immediately after the Government Auctioneer's sale. — Merchandise in great variety. On Wednesday, August 19th.— By order of thfr mortgagees the house lately occupied by Mr Thomas Shayle, in South-terrace, also, the reherche' household furniture. Early in September, the Stafford Estate and various, landed properties. FREEHOLDS. SAMSON, WICKSTEED, & CO. (Successors to Mr John Bentham Neales) WILL sell, on the ground, This Day (Wednesday), August 29, 184U, at twelve o'clock precisely— Frontages to Gouger-streer, being part of town acra No. 331, adjoining Mr Drummond's Chapel. Lots I to 14, each 20 feet frontage to California street. . Lots 15 to 20, frontages to Gouger-s tree t. The terms will be remarkably easy, being £1 deposit,, and £ 1 per month ior each lot until the whole is paid. A glance at the map will show, what no puffing can,, that this is the most desirably situated property that has hitherto been divided into small lots. The progress of ' the Government Offices hourly adds to the value of the premises. The proprietor has ic-fused the most magni ficent offers from wealthy men, who unscrupulously wish to deprive the labourer of a shaie in the soil, which is rendered profitable only by the sweat of his brow, and has determined to sell to poor people only. Let no Millionaire venture on the ground. In order to prevent the slightest doubt as to the cer tainty of purchasers obtaining an undeniable title to the property when paid for, he has actually invested the fee Bimple of the estate in the Auctioneers, who will convey, on payment of the balance of the purchase