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Supplies By Air To Stranded Buses

Many cattle and sheep stations in the Far North and North-East are cut off from mails and fresh food supplies by sodden roads and creeks still runnina stronalv

after last week s rains.

Messages from station manager* over a wide ar«a yesterday indicated, how i'ver. that food is not a seri ous problem, as reserve* canned provisions are adequate All were jubilant about the prospects of one of the best sea sons on record. Arrangements have been, made for a drilling party cat off hear lake Frame, and passengers in two stranded bases at Coombah, on the Mildara road, to receive supplies by air from Broken HiTl. The bus travellers have Deen flood-bound since Saturday. Mail contractors at Broken Hill do not expect to be able to get through to stations for an other two or three days. The White Cliffs and Tibooburra mails have been held up since Friday. Broken Hill's chiel benefit from the rain has been a rise of over 7 feet in the Umberum berka reservoir and over 4 feet in the Stephens Creek reser voir. The supply is now esti mated to be enough to last un til September. 1951 Bridge And Rail Repairs

At Mingary, near Coek l)imi, on the main road to Broken Hill, 14 cars have been counted stuck in the mud. Repairs to the ap proaches to the Mingary bridge are under way, but it is ex pected that the road will be impassable for another two or three days.

Reporting from Port Augusta ?esterday, the Commonwealth lailways Chief Traffic Manager Mr. P. O. Skinner) said that epairs to the Central, Austra ian line could not be completed wfore Thursday night at the larliest. The first food train is not ex lected to reach Leigh Creek be ore Friday. The main food hortages at Leigh Creek are mtter. fruit and vegetables. - The chief engineer and gene al manager of the Electricity mist (Mr. R. H. M. tea) said ?esterday that these and other -rovisions would be flown to the ield if hardship threatened. The registration at Leigh 3reek was 3} inches, but only me day's work was lost Seven Inches At Angorichina The only telephone line itill out of ord«r is a spur ine from Parachilna to FSIinman. First news since the Hoods from Angorichina Hostel, between Blinman and Para :hilna, was In a telegram yes terday to the secretary of the rubercular Soldiers' Aid So ciety (Miss E. Cleggett). The message stated that seven inches were recorded at the hostel in 48 hoars. It added that 'all was well.' Speaking from Macumba station, near Oodnadatta. the manager (Mr. E. Kempe) sai- that two native stockmen had attempted to cross Macumba Creek yesterday morning, but gave up after a horse had been swept downstream. The creek was about a quarter of a mile wide, and had been half a mile wide near the homestead. ? River Murray fruitgrowers' estimates ?on the extent of rain damage to currants varied yes terday between' 20 and 50 p.c Hnndreds homeless in NSW floods. Page 3. Stock agents' reports. Page 5