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? .; ?? :Aircgjjjra ? ABSTRACT .otrSALES by AUCTION THIS DAT. D. W. Melycj— At Ma Mart, at ten— Unredeemed Fledges ; at Sturt-street west, at eleven— Butcher's Bequirements, Furniture, Ac. Johnson A Co.— At their Salerooms, at eleven— Fancy Goods. J. H.: Parr.— At Boaae'a Bazaar, at two— Horses, .Vehicles, Harness, Ac Hide and Kangaroo-skins Sales.— At half-past nine— E. B: Priestly A Co., B. J. Coombs A Co., Elder's Wool and Produce Co., Luxmoore A Co. E; M. Bagot.— At the Corporation, Yards, at half past eleven— Cattle. Babkbb. A Chambers.— At the Corporation Yards, at half-past eleven— Cattle. CBkkkett & Co.— At the Corporation Yards, at twelve— Cattle. „ , W. Dean A Son.— At the Corporation Yards, at half-past eleven— Cattle. Elder's Wool and Produce Co.— At tha cor poration Yards, at half-past eleven— Cattle. ? TT IDE SALES. THIS DAY. K B. PRIESTLY A CO., 9.30. B J. COOMBS & CO. ELDER'S WOOL AND PRODUCE COMPANY, LIMITED. ? LUXMOOBE A CO., LIMITED. KANGAROO-SKINS. XUXMOOBE -£ CO., LIMITED; ELDER'S WOOL AND PBODTJCK COMPANY, LIMITED. E. J. COOMBS & CO. E. B. PBIESTLY & CO. THIS DAY (Monday), February 1, at 11.30. AT TTTR CORPORATION YARDS. 100 PBIME FAT CATTLE. ELDER'S WOOL'AND PRODTJCB COMPANY, LIMITED, willsell, aa above— 60 Head Very Prime BULLOCKS, from Lake Albert AND 10 prime Bullock3, from the Paddocks. First Sale. 30-2v On FRIDAY, February 12, at 11 o'clock. AT KINGSFORD, BETWEEN' GAWLEB AND EOSEWORTHY. 1,000 EWES WITH 400 LAMBS. 200 EWE HOGGETS, &c, &c. ELDER'S WOOL~AND PRODUCE COMPANY, LIMITED, are instructed by W. T. Foster, Eaq.,to sell, as above, oh bis Kingsford Estate — 1,000 EWES with 400 Lamb3 200 Ewe Hoegets 6 Bams, 3 Shorthorn Pedigree Bolls, Entire Prince (bred by Chambers), 6 years old, 8 Medium Draught Colts and Fillies, 2 and 3 years, 4 Heavy Draught Horses and Mares, Treble and Donble Furrow Ploughs, sets of 4 Harrows, 2 Reapers, Scarifiers, Spring-Dray, 100 Sawn Sleepers, Wool Table, Winnower, Tank, Pmrp and Piping-, 2 Cows ana Calves, Peacocks, and Sundries. Terms at Sale. 29,32,9,4S-3v THIS DAY (Monday), February 1, at 11.30 a.m. AT THE CORPORATION YARDS. PRIME FAT CATTLE. EM. BAGOT will sell by auction, aa ? above— 80 Prime Paddock-fattened CATTLE. THIS DAT (Monday), February I, at 11.30 a.m. sharp. AT THE CORPORATION YARDS. WE DEAN & SON are instructed by the Willowie Pastoral Company to sell by auction Prime and Weighty FAT BULLOCKS. 80*2v ILL I AM DEAN & SON, STOCK AND STATION SALESMEN, AUCTIONEERS AND COMMISSION AGENTS, 65, KING WILLIAM-STREET, ADELAIDE, Hold Weekly Sales of Fat and Store Stock at the Corporation Yards, Adelaide. Account Sales promptly rendered, with Cash Battlement. ? gcvd THIS DAY (Monday), February 1, at 11.30 o'clock. CORPORATION YARDS. 1 00 PBIME FAT CATTLE. BAKKER & CHAMBERS are instructed to sell by auction— 100 Head FAT CATTLE, Including some prime quality from the paddocks. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), February 2, at 2 o'clock. JOHN BULL YARDS. 25 USEFUL HOBSES. BARKER & CHAMBERS are instructed by Messrs. Hailey and others to sell b? auction— ?5 HORSES, principally broken in and suited ? for all work. Some very Rood sorts. THIS DAY (Monday), February 1, at 12 o'clock. AT THE COBPOBATION CATILE-YABDS. PRIME PADDOCK CATTLE. G BENNETT & CO. have received ? instructions to sell by auction On account J. L. Stirling, Esq.— 40 Head Extra-prime Paddock CATTLE. On account M. N. Davies, Esq.— 20 head prime Paddock Cattle. On account J. Grnndy, jun., Esq.— 30 head prime Paddock Cattle. On account E. Russell, Esq.— 30 head Cattle from Mundowdna. 30*2 THIS DAY (Monday). February 1, at 2 o'clock. AT BOASE'S BAZAAR. BI-WEEKLY SALE. HORSES, VEHICLES, HARNESS, Ac. PARR, JAMES H., will sell, as above— HORSES, VEHICLES, HARNESS, Ac. On another account — Handsome pair of Bay Ponies (both geldings), 3 and 4 years old, Rood in doable and single harness, 13 hands high, very showy. Entries till hour of Sale. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), February 2, at 2 o'clock. AT THE MILE-END YABDS. SPLENDID FAT CATTLE. ELAUGHTON & CO. are instructed ? to sell, as above— 200 Head FAT CATTLE, including a number very choice from Paddocks. 30*3v LATJG H T ON & CO., ? ADELAIDE, SALESMEN OF WOOL, HIDES, SHEEP, AND OTHER SKINS, AND TALLOW. Auction Sales held every Tuesday, Thursday, asd Saturday, at 10.30. Prompt Accounts and Cash Settlement, cvd DAIRY PRODUCE SALES. At half -past Ten sharp TO-MORROW (Tuesday), 2nd inat AT THEIR BOOMS, 21, CUBBIE-SIBEET. AW. SANDFORD & CO. t will hold their usual Sale of Farm and Dairy Produce, and will offer in Trade Lots— BUTTER, Fresh and Potted, from Rood dairies Eggs, new laid, from regular consignors Cheese, Prime, from Victoria, New Zealand, and local makers Bacon, Factory and Farm cured Honey, fine Burden sorts Lard, in bladders and tins Poultry— a quantity Farm-reared Poultry. 32-3 TO-MORROW (Tuesday), February 2, at 12 noon. ON THE PREMISES, FLINDERS-STBBET (Just West of Model School). FOR MB. GEO. HALL, THE WELL-KNOWN VIOLINIST, WHO IS LEAVING FOR SYDNEY. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS. PIANO AND VIOLIN. CHAS. LONG & CO. are instructed by Mr. Hall to sell by auction, as above— PIANO, Upright Grand, Tricori, Overstrung (John Biown) Handsome Suite, in rosewood and cretonne Music Canterbury, Carpets, Curtains, Ornaments Brass-mounted Extension-rail Half-tester Bed stead, Bedding Single Bedsteads. Cots, 4c. Chest Drawers, Maible top Washstand L&ree Cedar-legged Extension Dining Table (Oldings) Chairs, Dinner Set, Crockery, Cutlery And usual Kitchen Sundries. Without Reserve. 29#33 On FRIDAY, February 19, at 2.30. AT GARNER'S ASSEMBLY-ROOMS, KING WILLIAM-STREET, ADELAIDE. BY ORDER OF MR. HENRY MARSHMAN. IMPROVED FABM OF T49 ACaE3 HUNDRED OF DALKEY. WB. WILKINSON will sell by ? auction, as above— SECTIONS Nos. 26, 25, 3t, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, and 3S, HUNDRED of DaLKEY, containing 749 Acres of really good Agricultural and Pastoral Land. The Property is all fenced with posta and tw t and three wires, and subdivided into Five Paddocks. Other Improvement* comprise House of Three Booms, Stable*, Dair*-, Underground Tank, two Dams, and Well of good Water with Whim. Three hundred to 400 Acres were under crop last season, and 160 acres aie now fallow. The Land is all St for cultivation, and is situated 4.1 miles from Bilaklava Railway Station and Township. The Farm is for Positive Sale,- and nearly the whole of the purchase-money may remain on mort gage. For any further particulars apply to Mr. Arthur Boult, Way mouth-street ; or to the Auctioneer, 2, Pirie-street, Adelaide. 30-44r32 J W. G -L E E S O N, ? AUCTIONEER, 830CT ADELAIDE.

i' AffCTIOirS i TO-DAY (Monday),~February 1, at 10. THE CENTRAL AUCTION MART, t KINffWILLIAM-STREET. FOB MB. A. MYESS, PAWNBROKER, OF GOUGER-STREET. DW. M B ? L V I ? K ? is directed to sell— A VEBY LARGE NUMBER of Varied and Tamable UNREDEEMED PLEDGES— Ladies' and Gents' Superior and Modern Gold and Silver Watches, Alberta and Chains ladies' and Gents' Diamond, Gem, and other Jewellery in great variety :. Huon Mirror, Don Wardrobe with Duchess Suite, large new Carpet, Toilet-glasses, Perambulator Men's. Women's, Young Folks', and Infants' Clothing and Underclothing, Boots Illustrated Bibles, Albums, Firearms, Musical Instruments, Opera-gla3ses, Books, Tools, Bed and Table Linen, Blankets, Sewing Machines, Clocks, Musical Box, Electroplate, Cutlery, Glaziers' Diamonds, Surgical and Mathematical Instruments, Marble Clock, Harness. Saddle, &c, &e. Fully advertised last Wednesday. TO-DAY (Monday), February 1, at U. STURT-STJBEET WEST. UNDER REGISTERED BILL OF. SALE. DW. MELYIN will positively sell, ? on the premises of Mr. Jamss Reynolds— ' BAY HORSE. BUTCHER'S CiRT Sausage Rocker, Block, Grindstone, Sausage ' Filler, 3 Baskets, Scales, Tools, Pet Lamb Butcher's Sundries Tables, Bedsteads, Sofas, Chairs, Clock, Chest of Drawers, Washing Furnace, Washstand, Toilet-glasses and Ware, Oilcloth, Cooking Utensils, and general Household Effects, &c, &C..&C. NO RESERVE WHATEVER. TO-MORROW (Tuesday), February 2, at 11. THE CENTRAL AUCTION MART, KING WILLIAM-STREET. DW. MELYIN is directed to ? sell About 700 Pieces Assorted Excellent GILT WALL-PAPERS, new designs, lately imported 250 do. Common do. 10 tins C. Bichter's Valuable and Varied DYES 25 kegs UMBEB, &c, 5 kegs PAINTS Painter's Steps, Ladders, Board, Trestels, Ac. Grainer's and Badger Brushes, Writing Pencils. Hair, Shoe, Hat, Nail, Scrubbing, Stove, Oil, Whitening, and other Brushes, Hair and Bas3 Brooms, fie. N.B. Nearly every, line WITHOUT RESERVE. WEDNESDAY, February 3, at 10. THE CENTRAL AUCTION. MABT. THE MID-WEEKLY FURNITURE AND GENERAL SALE BY DW. M E L V I N. ? Details To-morrow. TO-MOBBOW (Tuesday}, February 2, at 2.30 sharp. AT NEW^THEBARTON, (next to Mr. Wellfs Royal Hotel). BRUCE, ALDRIDGE, & CO. are instructed by Mr. W. Edgeloe (who is leaving for Yorke's Peninsula) to sell by auction, as above — ? ? All his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, EFFECTS, and SUNDRIE3. Without any Reserve. On WEDNESDAY, February 3, at 11 o'clock. AT THE GRENFELL-STREET AUCTION MABT. TO SALVATION ABMIES, BBASS BANDS, AND OTHERS. COMPLETE SET BBASS BAND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, FURNITURE, Ac, UNDER INSTRUCTIONS FROM THE BEV. A. TURNBULL, Owing to prolonged seriou3 illness. REMOVED TO THE MART FOR CONVENIENCE OF SALE. BRUCE, ALDRIDGE, & CO. have received instructions to sell, as above Complete Set BRASS INSTRUMENTS, com prising— 2 Clarionettes 3 Tenor Horns, 2 Tenor Trombones 1 Tambours, 2 Baritones 3 Cornets, 1 Bombardion 2 Euphoniums, 1 Side Drum And 1 Bass Drum. ALSO, 250 Wood Chairs, lot Forms, Table, Collecting Boxes, Beading Desks, large Portable Plat form AND A lot of Sundries. OnTHUBSDAY, February 4, at 12 o'clock. AT THE GEENFELL-STBEET AUCTION MART. TO PARTIES IN SEARCH OF A COMFORT ABLE FAMILY RESIDENCE, LAND AGENTS, AND OTHEBS. ? TOUnr- ' UNLEY. THAT LARGE AND COMMODIOUS RESI- DENCE KNOWN AS MR. H. STAPLEDON'S, SITUATED AT UNLEY. BRUCE, ALDRIDGE, & CO. have received instructions to sell by auction as above — That Very Valuable and Commodious . PRO PERTY known as Mr. H. Stapledon's, situated at UNLEY, and having a frontage of 412 ft. 6 in. to Northgate-street by a depth of 292 ft. 4 in. along George-street and 292 feet along Belle Vue-terrace, substantially fenced and well laid out as a Fruit and Flower Garden, and containing in all 2 acres 3 roods 4 perches.   TOGETHER WITH A Well-built Family RESIDENCE of Ten Booms, Enclosed Verandah, and every convenience situated thereon. ...... Full particulars on application to the Auctioneers. KAPUNDA MONTHLY MARKET. TO-MOBBOW (Tuesday), February 2. McLAREN,~'wHITE, & CO. will sell by public auction, at 11 o'clock sharp — 50 Fat and Store PIGS. At half -past 1 o'clock— 6330 FAT ANB ST0EE SHEEP. 400 Kit Wethers, for Mr. W. H. Duncan 100 prime Fat do., for Mr. D. Shannon K'weTers }F-*T™teeslate D. Shannon 100 prime Fat Wethers, for Messrs. W. M: and J. K. Shannon 200 Fat Wethers, for another account 700 very Fat Ew63, for another account 700 Fat Wethers, for Mr. C. Pohlner 500 first-class large-framed Store Wethers, or Mr. R. T. Seymour 1,000 Merino Weaners, mixed sexes, for Mr. J. K. Wark 100 Fat Ewe3 \ Wn. w_ p M 200 good breeding Ewes in lamb I* °MarraV and in good condition ) *—*«.j 700 first-class Merino Ewes, mixed ages, in Iamb by stnd ranis to lamb in April, tor Mr. W. M. Shannon. SCO 6 and 8 tooth Store Wethers 320 2-tooth Canowie-bred Ewes, in Iamb to Canowie Rams, for Mr. J. Stone 500 Merino Ewes, in lamb to Lin-\ com rams, to lamb in April and I For Mr.Rd. BoTSrossbred Weaners, mixedl M™***1 38X68 52 FAT CATTLE. 16 Fat Cows, for Mr. C. Glasson 20 Fat Cattle, for Messrs. G. & H. Wilson 6 Fat Steers, for Mr. P. M. Murray. 10 Fat Cattle, for Mr. McMohon. HORSES and SUNDRIES. 28,32v BURBA MARKET. On FRIDAY, February S, at 2 o'clock. T ISTON, sllAKES, & CO. I i will sell, as above, at the Market Yards— gTQJ^ FAT AND STORE SHEEP. For Mr. Joseph Flowers— S0OLamb3 100 Hoggets. For Mr. Robert Stevens— 200 Hoggets, mixed sexes. For Mr. A. McDonald— 100 Ewes 70 Lambs. For Mr. J. Bailey, sea— 200 Fat Wethers. For Mr. D. McDonald — £00 Store Wethers. For Mr. A. McCulioch— 1,300 Store Wethers For another account SCO Store Sheep. For Booborowie Station SCO Prime Fat Wethers. For Mr. G. Finch— 1C0 Fat Wethers. For another account— 2E0 good Store Wethers. For Mr. Brogan— £00 Fat Crossbred Wethers. For Mr. J. J. Duncan— S63 4-tooth Ewes \To lamb in May 4SS 5-year-old Ewes ) and June For Mr. Thos. Horgan— l.CCO Fat Wethers. 109 FAT AND STORE CATTLE. For Mr. Jos. Ford — 10 Fat Cattle. For Mr. F. Mann— 7 Extra-prime Fat Bullocks. For Mr. T. McKeman— 30 Fat Cattle. For Mr. Jno. Brennan— £0 Fat Cattle from the North. For Mr. J. Brogan— 12 splendid Working Bullocks and Tackling. 20 HORSES. For various owners — £0 Horses, light, medium, and draught. vi32,3,5 On WEDNESDAY, February 8, at 12 o'clock. AT THE CORPORATION YABDS, NORTH TERRACE. PUREBRED ALDERNEYAND AYRSHIRE DAIRY CATTLE. GEORGE LAUGHTON has receive instructions from C. B. Hardy, Esq., to sell ^ * A Number of Pure-bred Alderney and Aynhin DAIRY COWS ; also, 1 pure-bred Alderne; ard 1 pedigree Ayrshire BulL ; Pedigrees at Sale or from the Auctioneer. GEORGE LAUGH TON LIVE STOCK AUCTIONEER, WOOL, HIDE, SKIN, AND TALLOW ??-??? SALESMAN, CUBBIE-STBEET ADELAIDE. 806c

; -;T -? -' : AUCTIONS -- -??? ' ~' - T J TO-MORROW (Tuesday). Febraaiy 2, at 11 o'clock, i | AT THE CITY AUCTION MART. | I . .. A SMALL CONSIGNMENT OF . i YBBY SUPERIOR PURE CHINKSE SILK. « HANDKERCHIEFS AND SILK PAJAMAS. ( JUST ARRIVED PER TORRES STRAITS MAIL ? ! FROM HONGKONG. ; ; ! TO DRAPERS, WAREHOUSEMEN, TAILORS, ! 1 CLOTHIERS, OUTFITTERS, ANO OTHEBS. i MAURICE SALOM & COMPS*., ', LIMITED, are instructed to sell by auction, j at their Mart, To morrow (Tuesday), February 2, at !? II o'clock— ;1 A Small Consignment of Very Superior PURE ( CHINESE SILK HANDKERCHIEFS ! AND ,- CHINESE SILK PAJAMAS. ?) Full particulars in To-morrow's issue. . j TO-MORROW (Tuesday), February 2, at 11 o'clock, j AT THE CITY AUCTION MART. ? 318 PIECES CHINESE SILK COATINGS. 17 PIECES BAMBOO CLOTH. 15 CASES PITH HELMETS. TO DRAPERS, OUTFITTERS, TAILORS, \ CLOTHING MANUFACTURERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., LIMITED, are instructed to- sell by auction, ; at their Mart, To-morrow (Tuesday), February 2, at '11 o'clock— ? : 819 Pieces CHINESE HEAVY SILK COAT INGS 17 do. Bamboo Cloth 5 cases Silk, Drill, and Lustre covered Helmets. On WEDNESDAY, February 10, at 12 o'clock. ; i AT THE C11Y AUCTION MABT. BY OBDEB OF THE MOBTGAQEES. ? VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES. HOUSE AND LAND, MILE-END, ON HENLEY ; BEACH-ROAD. iSHOP AND DWELLING AND COTTAGE AT i ! THEBABTON WEST. ? HOUSE AND LAND, WEST-TERRACE, CUT. 5 SECTIONS AND 5 ALLOTMENTS AT \ CRYSTAL BROOK. 2 COTTAGES AT REEPHAM, NORTH-ROAD. VILLA OF SIX ROOMS AT GOODWOOD. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., ' LIMITED, are instructed by the Mort gagees to sell by auction, at their Mart, on Wednes day, February 10, at 12 o'clock— : VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTIES, com piising— Lot L NEW SIX-ROOMED HOUSE at MILE END, on HENLEY BEACH-ROAD, with Stabling, Coachhouse, and Man's Boom, known as belonging to Mr. B. C. Bees. Lot 2. CORNER BLOCK of LAND at THBBAR TON WEST, with SHOP and DWELLING of FiveHooms andThree-Roomed COTTAGE attached. Lot 3. HOUSES and LAND at WEST-TERRACE, CITY OF ADELAIDE, Part Town Acre 393. Lot 4. SIX-BOOMED VILLA and 2 ALLOTMENT3 of LAND at GOODWOOD, known as the Property of Mr. O'ConnelL Lot 5. LAND and Two THREE -ROOMED CO1TAGES at REEPHAM, fronting the Main North-road. Lot 6. SECTIONS Nos. 286, 281, 262, 291, and 383, HUNDRED of NARRIDY, County of Victoria ; ALLOTMENT No. 19, 1 Acre, at CRYSTAL BROOK EAST; ALLOT MENTS Nos. 129 and 130, at CRYSTAL BROOK WEST ; and ALLOTMENTS Nos. C9 and 70, in the TOWNSHIP of NARRIDY. These Properties are known as Mr. John Sinclair's. For further particulars apply at the Office of the Auctioneers. ON AN EARLY DAY, AT THE CITY ATJCHON MART. AN EXTENSIVE SALE OF VEBY SUfEBIOB AMBBICAN BUGGIES, CARRIAGES, ; and BEST AMERICAN NICKELPLATED HARNESS. JUSTABBIFEDDIBECTFBOM NEW YORK. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., LIMITED, are instructed by the Con signees to sell by auction, on an early day at their Mart, as above. PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ON AN EARLY DAY AT GLANVILLE WHARF, PORT ADELAIDE. ENTIRE CARGO OF THE OLE SMITH PLONG, JUST ABBIVED FROM SANDAKAN, CON SISTING OF 93 LOGS NORTH BORNEO MAHOGANY AND 144 LOGS NORTH BORNEO CEDAR. SPECIAL NOTICE. TO TIMBER MEBCHANTS, MACHINISTS, COACHBUILDERS, CABINETMAKERS, CON TRACTOBS, BUILDEBS, TUBNEBS, SAW YERS, AND OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., LIMITED, are instructed by Messrs. W. B. Cave & Co., a3 Agents for Messrs. De Lissa and Dobson, of British North Borneo, to sell by auction, at Glanville Wharf, Port Adelaide, on an eirly day — The ENTIRE CARGO of the OLE SMITH PLONG, just arrived from Sandakan, con sisting of — 237 Logs Prime BORNEO CEDAB and MAHOGANY. The Auctioneers, in introducing the above, the first shipment of North Borneo Cedar and Mahogany, into this market, beg to intimate that the shippers are anxious to open a trade with our port. A good business is now being done with these timbers in the neighbouring colonies, and shipments have recently been quitted in Melbourne and Sydney at satisfactory prices, and they hope this venture will meet with same result here. The timber shows to fine effect in cabinet and panelling work, being handsomely grained, and superior to anything of the same sort obtained from the Queensland forests, in addition to which it is said to be impervious to the ravages of either land or water animalculse. The Trade are respectfully invited to inspect the Timber before Sale. ON AN EARLY DAY. AT THE CITY AUCTION MART. ENTIRE CARGO OF THE SIB HERBERT ,, MAXWELL, JUST ABBIVED FBOM-POBT NATAL. 3,573 POCKETS FINEST NEW-CBOP NATAL SUGABS. BY OBDEB OF MESSRS. GIBBS, BRIGHT, AND CO. TO GROCERS, JAMMAKEBS, BREWERS, CON FECTIONERS, MURRAY AND RIVERINE TBADEBS, STOREKEEPERS, AN J OTHERS. MAURICE SALOM & COMPY., LIMITED, are instructed by Messrs. Gibbs, Bright, & Co. to sell by auction, at their Mart, on an early day— ? The ENTIRE CARGO of the SIB HEBBERT MAXWELL, just arrived from Port Natal, consisting of 3,573 Pockets Finest New-crop NATAL SUGARS. ? On THURSDAY, February 4, at 12 o'clock. AT THE ' GOVERNMENT DOCKYARD, . GLANVILLE. BY OBDEB OF THE HON. THE TREASURES. THE STEAMTUG tS- STANLEY. -BH t& STANLEY. ?£* KB' STANLEY. -a Now lying at Port Adelaide, and lately used by the Marine Board Department for Towage in deepen ing operations. mHE GOVERNMENT AUCTIONEER JL has received instructions from the Hon. the Treasurer to sell, at the Government Dockyard, Glanville, on Thursday, February 4, at 12 o'clock — The Powerful. Strong, and Substantial Steam tug STANLEY, built on the Clyde in 1879 by the well-known firm of Messrs. J. Fullerton and Co., length 80 feet, breadth 17;2 feet, depth 8 6 feet, with pair of Diagonal (jet injection) Engines, Cylinders 22 inches x 42 inches stroke, Feathering Floats by the Towing Specialists, Messrs. Rankine & Blpckmore, of Greenock. The Engines are 32-horsepower. The Hull, Framing, and Keelsons are of Iron and very stionsly put together. There are two water tight Bulkheads, neatly fitted Cabin3, Fore - castle, large Forehold and small Afterhold, Steam Winches, Air Pumps, Donkey Pumps, Bepaiiing Tools, and everything that is neces sary to make her well found and ready for im mediate use. About four months ago the whole underwent a very thorough overhaul, entailing a special exami nation of every working and other joint, and it3 satisfactory condition was assured. Fall particulars can be obtained and inventory inspected at the Office of the Auctioneer. F. jTbOTIING, Government Auctioneer. ? On WEDNESDAY, February 12, at 12 o'clock. AT THE ADELAIDE AUCTION MABT. BY OBDER OF THE MORTGAGEES. VALUABLE CITY AND SUBURBAN PROPERTIES. FJ. BOT~T~ING & CO. ? have been favoured with instructions from the Mortgagees to sell, on Wednesday, February 12, at 12 o'clock lot 1. Portion of TOWN ACRE No. 40i, corner of Gonger and California streets, with a substan tially built Dwelling tbereon, lately occupied by John Channing, deceased. Lot 2. ALLOTMENTS Nos. 14? and 145, Augusta* street, MAYLANDS, each 80 feet x 200 feet. Title— Heal Property Act. ? BOASE'S BAZAAR WEDNESDAY, February S, at 2. S BARNARD & CO. will sell, aa ? above— From Blackwood— Light SPRING-VAN, Bay Mare and Harness. On another account Grey Mare, Pony Phaeton and Harness, Vic toria Phaeton, suitable for the stand, Hand some Bay Pony, quiet for children to ride and drive. For various owners— : A- large number of Horses to suit Mail Con tractors. Cabmen. Butchers, and others ; also a few HEAVY DBAUGHTS. Entries received either at our Offices or Boase's. E LAUGH TO IT & 0 0., ? STOCK AND STATION COMMISSION AGENTS, . .,.,_ ? — ? --? 4 nwr.-A Tratp--- --- ---?—??? '-*?-= : Sales of Fat aai Store Stock of afl Kndsxon. itantiy held. Prompt Accounts and Cash Settle ?meo» * ' ' ' ' '?'' ' V \, H'. ?'.:*?* , i ? ?? 1

r? „ - : AITCTIOlfg ,-.'., tr.i !0-M0BB0W (Tuesday), February 2, at 1 o'clock. : i; ON THE FARM, , . ARDEN VALE, NBAS QUORN. BY OBDEB OF MR. JOHN FRENCH (Who is leaving the District). MAGNIFICENT FARM OF 525 ACRES, - ; ? AND LLLTHE LIVE AND DEAD STOCK THEBEON. a/TOORE, WALLMANN, & CO. DLL have been favoured v/ith instructions from It. John French to sell, on the Farm, To-morrow Euesday), February 2, at 1 o'clock— . SECTIONS 112 and 114, HUNDBED YABBAH, antaining 625 Acres magnificent Agricultural jand, splendidly improved, having well-built and ubstantial HOUSE, Garden, Sheds, 2 good Dams ; s fenced and subdivided. Also, at same time and place— 8 splendid Draught Horses 8 good Milch Cows 12 Pigs Mower, Winnower, 3 Reapers Three and Four furrow Stump-jumper Ploughs (nearly new) - . 2200-gallonTanks - ? - Horse- Wagon - - ? ? - Buggy and Harness ' ' ASD All the Effects WITH ' Sundries innumerable. - 'Luncheon.-- - * Terms— Liberal, for Land; for Stock, approved icceptances. . On WEDjffBSDAY, February 3, at 1 o'clock. ? AT QUORN. fSf/l ACRES AND ALL LIVE AND DEAD 550 STOCK. IN RE D. W. RVANS, OF BOOLCUNDA. H/rOORE, WALLMANN, & CO. ixJL are directed to sell, at Quom, on Wednes lay, February 3, at 1 o'clock— LEASEHOLD SECTIONS Nos. 119/ 155, and .67s; HUNDBED of BOOLCUNDA, containing 560 tares,, all fenced and subdivided, and otherwise mproved. ALSO, All the LIVE and DEAD STOCK, comprising— Draught Horses Beaper Winnower Treble Plough Harrows, Scarifier Iron Tank, Meat Truck Lot Harness, &c, &c, 4c No Reserve. For Absolute Sale. Terms at Sale. On FRIDAY, February 5, at 1 o'clock. CLEARING-OUT SALE. FARM AND STOCK. ON THE FARM, COONATTO. UTOORE, WALLMANN, & CO. ilX have received instructions from Mr. W.J. Cox to sell, as above— lAftO ACRES LAND in COONATTO and X4tDO BURBLIA, comprised in Sections 30w, 63, and 13, Coonatto, and Section 57, Eurelia, having substantial Improvements thereon. TOGETHER WITH All the LIVE and DEAD STOCK of 16 very good Draught Horses 2 Reapers, Harrows Chaffcutter with Horseworks Winnower, Mower, Scarifier Double and Treble Ploughs Wagon, 2 Iron Tanks AND Innumerable Sundries. Luncheon. Terms— Easy for Land ; approved acceptances for Stock. ? . On TUESDAY, February 9, at 2.30 p.m. AT GARNER'S ASSEMBLY-ROOMS (late White's Booms). BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEE, AND WITH TB.E CONSENT OF THE TRUSTEES IN AN ASSIGNED ESTATE. VALUABLE PROPERTIES SITUATED IN KADINA TBROWIE TELOWTE * MILLICENT NOBTH PT. AUGUSTA WEST PORT GERM BIN NARRIDY EBA WAURALTEE ALEXANDRA PARK MOORE, WALLMANN & CD. have been favoured with instructions to sell, on .Tuesday, .February 9, at 2.30 p.m., at Garner's Assembly-rooms, the undermentioned Valuable Properties Lot No. 1. HUNDRED OF KADINA— Blocks Nos. 214 and 228, containing respectively 7J and 6J Acres. Suburban to Township of Kaflina. Well situated and should commend attention, as Peninsula Land will increase very much in value on completion Beetaloo Water Scheme. Lot No. 2. HUNDBED OF TELOWIE, Suburban to Port Germein— Blocks Nos. 287, 295, and 293, each containinins 9J Acrt&. These are fine blocks of land and close to the Township, which as a shipping place is becomin of great importance. Safe investment. Lot No. 3. PORT AUGUSTA WEST— SUBURB AN BLOCKS Nob. 41, 42, 131, and 132, containing altogether 12 Acres 1 Bood. Will be in a short period a very valuable property. . Lot No. 4. HUNDRED NARRIDY, Suburban to Township of Huddleston— Blocks Nos. 320 and 321, with areas respectively of 31 and 7i acres of good land, well adapted for almost any purpose, forming a handy little paddock. Lot No. 5. SECTIONS No. 176 and 177, 5 Acres each, SUB URBAN to YABCOWIE. in tha Hundred of Terowie— a good district. Lot No. 6. TOWNSHIP MILLICENT NOBTH— ALLOT- MENTS 107, 108, 109, 120, 121, 122, 123. The experiments now being carried on at the Drainage Works, which p.omise to be suc cessful, will materially enhance the value of land in the neighbourhood. Lot No. 7. TOWNSHIP PORT GEBMEIN— Those Valuable and Well-situated ALLOTMENTS numbered 114 and 127 in the above rising and im portant Seaport Town. Must prove an excellent speculation. Lot No. 8. HUNDBED OF EBA, Suburban to Township oi Morgan— BLOCKS No. 85 and 88, contain ing each 7} Acres. The Irrigation Works _ proposed to be carried on here will im mensely increase the price of land, and prove an incalculable boon to ill settlers and owners of properties throughout the district. Lot No. 9. HUNDBED OF WAUBALTEE.— SUBUBBAN BLOCKS Nos. 132 and 133, containing 1 Acres each, and occupying a fir3t-clasa position. Lot No. 10. TOWNSHIP OF ALEXANDRA PARK. ALLOTMENTS Nos. 100, 101, 102, 103, and 104, forming a superb block of land, with front : age to aydenham-terrace (or South-road) ol 140 feet by a depth of 250 feet this is one of the finest sites in the whole of the Estate, and f oi ms an attractive spot for the erection of a suburban villa. The soil Is exceedingly rich and fertile, and a beautiful gardes could be secured in a year or two. ALSO, 50 ADELAIDE AND GOODWOOD TRAM WAY SHARES, £3 paid. On TUESDAY, February 9, at 2.30 p.m. , AT GARNER'S ASSEMBLY-BOOMS (Late White's Booms). BY OBDER OF THE MORTGAGEE. tOA ACBES LAND, HUNDBED K0NDO J_O«/ PABINGA. , , MOORE, WALLMANN, & CO. have received instructions to sell, on Tues day, February 9, at 2.30 p.m-, at Garner's Assembly rooms (by order of the Mortgagee)— All those Sections of LAND, situated in tn- HUNDBED of KONDO PARING A, County o Hindmarsh, Numbered 2078, 2079, and 2080, contain ing in all 139 Acres. ; Terms at Sale. Fuller particulars on application to A. J. Barne: and Co., Agents, Waterhouse Chambers; or tin Auctioneers, Pirie-street, Adelaide. A BABE OPPORTUNITY. GRAND' CLEARING SALE. TO FABMEBS, HOTELKEBPEBS, BUSINESS ? ? Li ??-???.?' ?- -MEN, ? ..-?'-- ' - — and all those in search oi an investment which wD ensure a certain ? FORTUNE IN ASHOBT PEBIOD. , T- CLARK & CO.j.favonred ^wifch in Xl/« struciion3 from Mr. A. J. Fox, will sell b: public auction, on the premises- at' Goroke, oi Wednesday, February 3, at 11 am. punctually— The Whole of his well and favourably knowi Property, consisting of those Newly Erected Pro mises, the ?- '; ROYAL MAIL HOTEL, containing Ten Rooms, and attended by ever; convenience. ? „ . .. This Hotel is well built, and situated in the mos central position of the rising Township of Goroke and has well airanaed ana capacious Sheep Sale yards attached to the premises, also large Stabli and Cattle and Horse Yards. The Hotel has th- additional advantage of being the only house o accommodation between Natimuk and Apaley, ant is the stopping-place of the mail coaches, and i further the ' halfway house' between Horshan and the Border. ? Attached to the Hotel Premises is 319 Acres o the finest Agricultural Land in the Wimmera, we] Watered, Fenced, anl subdivided, having larg Frontage to Township of Goroke, which Frontag will all be saleable in a year or two a3 business sites Ihe Furniture and Stockin-Trade of tne Hotel t be taken at valuation. After the foregoing will be offered— 150 Sheep, 4 and 6 tooth, mixed sexes 4 Hoi ses, Cart, Dray. Buggy . .: . ? F ?? Horseworks, Stack of Hay 60 bags Oats. 3 Cows Plopghs, Harrows, Harness ' - ? . . And a number of Sundries too numerous t -mention. ?'?-?? The Auctioneers beg particularly to draw atter tion to this Property, as it is an opportunity wbic. occurs ence in a lifetime. The Business is a first-das one,- the Premises are sew, and the. Land is the pic of the Wimmera, and the whole is for positive salt ss Mr. Fox has determined to' retire from the bos ness. Inspection invited. ? : ? » Terms liberal, declared at Sale. . ' Further particulars can bs obtained from Mi Fox, or at the Office of the Auctioneers. 27,9,32t

i THIS DAY (Monday), February 1, at 11 o'clock. ? ! ! c' \ AT JOHNSON'S SALEROOMS. j LARGE SALS OF SUPERIOR FANCY GOODS. ; UNDBB INSTRUCTIONS FROM, THE LIQUI- t I DATOB OF THE LATE FIRM OF MBx&B, i ; -SCHBUCB. 4-00. I ' TQ HAWKERS, FANCY GOODS DEALERS, : ;???? AND OTHERS. j TOHNSON~&~ COMPANY AF ? are favoured with instructions from the. Liqui- i dator of Messrs. Meyer, Scheuch, & Co. to sell by ; auction for positive clearance — . A -Large and Varied Assortment of General ' FANCY GOODS, comprising — 1 Glass and other PINCUSHIONS in great variety, Pccketbooks, Needlecases, Scent bottles, Toilet Companions, large assortment of Purses, Penwipers, Cardcases (assorted), Workboxes, Cigarette-cases, Ladies' Hand bags in great variety, Scentstands, Jewel cases, Thimble-stands, Metal Paper Weights, Scented Oil, 48 dozen Metal Coatholders, Ink stands, Patent Bronze Candlesticks 61 dozen fiist-quality Linen Collars, assorted sizes 13 Cloth Hammocks, very superior 2J dozen Spades, Shovels, and Forks Albums in all sizes and designs Ladies' Mubjc Folios, Plated Albert Chains. TO-MOBBOW (Tuesday). February 2, at 11 o'clock. AT THE SOUTH AUSTBALIAN AUCTION ? MART, as- the -®% t& USUAL *^ . S3- WEEKLY *£* S3' FURNITURE 'S* SB1 AND -^ KB- GENERAL -£* tS' SALB. *S* A LARGE QUANTITY OF HOUSEHOLD i FUBMTUBE AND EFFECTS. BELONGING TO BIG aT DIFFERENT PRIVATE FAMILIES, i WHO ABE LEAVING THE COLONY. BBMOVED FROM GOODWOOD, NORWOOD, 1 AND HA1IFAX-STREET FOB CONVENI ENCE OF SALE. TO PRIVATE FAMILIES, PARTIES FUBNISH ING, NEW ARBIVALS, FUBNITUSE AND GENERAL DEALERS, AND OTHEBS. TOWNSEND & SON are favoured with instructions to sell by public auction, as above — An Unusually Large Quantity of Secondhand HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFjBCIS, comprising— Drawing-room Suite, Cedar Table, Cedar Loo Table, Cornice Pole and Rings, Curtains, Cane Rocker, Fender and Fireirons, Meat safe, iDeal Tables, A.B. Chairs, H.H. Chains, Incubator, Cedar and Huon Pine Washstands, Childs* Cots, Cornice Poles and Rings, Cedar and Huon Pine Chests Drawers, Towel horses, Half-tester, French, and Stump Bed steads, Bedding, TTair and Flock Mattresses, Cedar Sofas, Clocks, Carpet, Oilcloth, Mats, Patent Mangle, Portable Copper, Benches, Night Commode, Knives, Forks, Spoons, ToUet Services, Glassware, Crockery, Kitchen Utensils of every description, Dressing glasses, Pictures, Ornaments. ALSO, Blankets, Sheets, Counterpanes, Fiock Mattress, Straw Pallia ses. Feather Pillows, Bolsters, and other Bedding in great variety Dresspieces, Beady-made Clothing, Books Fancy Goods Japanese Wall Screens Verandah Sun Blinds AND Hawkei's Handcart AND Very large quantity of Sundries. yOTB. — THE AUCTIONEERS PLEDGE THEIR WORD THAT THERE IS NOT A SINGLE RESERVED LINE IN THIS SALE, AND THAT EVERY LOT OFFERED WICL POSITIVELY AND ABSOLUTELY BE QUITTED TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. JAMESTOWN MONTHLY MARKET. On WEDNESDAY, Februarys, at 2 o'clock. AT THE SHEEP AND CATTLE YARDS. QQAA FAT AND STORE SHEEP. U6FAT AND STOBE CATTLE. 22 HORSES, PIGS, IMPLEMENTS, &c. DEMPS E y7~W I L KINS ON, AND SANDLAND will sell by auction, as above On various accounts— 250 Prime FAT WETHERS 500 Fat Wethers 4CO good Fat Wethers 200 prime Fat Wethers 300 Maiden Ewes in lamb 2EO 4-tooth Wethers, forward condition 200 full-mouth Ewes 800 good Store Wethers 100 prime Fat Wethers 100 Half -fat Wethers 200 Ewes in lamb 34 head Fat Steers 60 head prime Fat Bullocks 2 head Fat Cows 10 head good f tore Cattle (some beef) 10 Bullocks with Wagon and Tackling, (a first class team) 20 head HOBSES. heavy and light 2 3-year-old Firelock Colts Express Buggy and Harness to Babbit-traps and 2 Dogtraps. Terms asusuaL On WEDNESDAY, February 3, at 11 a.m. ON THE PREMISES, ST. VINCENT-SIREEr, POBT ADELAIDE. BY OBDEB OF THE TRUSTEE IN MR. THOMAS BYE'S INSOLVENT ESTATE. SA U N D E R S B R O T H E R S nave received instructions from the Trustee to sell by auction — All the STOCK-IN-TRADE, PLANT, &c, of a : PAINTER and DECOBATOB. consisting of — Paints, Oils, Colours, Glass, Paperhangings, Varnish, Brushes, Tools, and all the usual Stock and Plant of a Painter and Glazier. ALSO, 2 Horses with Harness and Spring-Dray. On TflUBSDAY, February 4, at 2 p.m. All the SUPEBIOB HOUSEHOLD FUB1*! TUBEand EFFECTd, consisting of— Piano and Stool, Handsome Walnut Table Drawing-room Walnut Suite in blue rep, Pierglasses, Oil Paintings, Framed Engrav ings, Chromos, Oleographs, Bentwood furni ture, Card Table, Clocks, Ornaments, Chests of Drawers, Washatand, Mirrors, Chairs, Bath, Writing Desk, Carpet, Books, Glas3 Cases, Fender and Firelrois, large Iron Safe, Mangle, Washing Machine, Copper, and a large assortment of Household Requisites. All Without Reserve. Furniture on view on Wednesday, the 8rd inst, ' afterlla-m. 30,2-4 j FTHE ESTATE OF WILLIAM^ MALCOLM, INSOLVENT. , PRELIMINARY NOTICE. ; The attention of Capitalists, Millers, Farmers, and others is respectfully called to SALES by Auction' at early dates of LANDED PROPERTIES. STOCK, F ARM STOCK, IMPLEMENTS, &c, at GAWLEB, ; PETEBSBUBG, CBY.STAL BROOK, PORT BROUGHTON. and on the Farms. See fntnxe advertisements. vr32,4,6 , EM. OOLLEY & OO. * (B. N. CoUey and E. M. CoUey), | STOCK AND GENERAL STATION AGBNT3, ! MORIALTA CHAMBERS, , : YICTOEIA-SgUARE, ADELAIDE, : Bales of Station Properties and Store 8tock: legotiated. ! : Correspondents In an the Colonies. B22mwfcv j LAND AND HOUSES i WANTED immediately, a HOUSE of: Seven Booms, within quarter of mile of; I Supreme Court. State rent to A. L., this office, x WANTED, for a few weeks, COT-; TAGE in the wju'q ; easy access to Bail-' i ''ay. ? ? ? ? ? ? . ? , I --? ' LYONS & LEADEB, ! 324 Imperial Chambers) Adelaide. ? FARM of 430 Acres between Auburn and Manoora TO LET for three years, for . grazing only. Apply to J. E. Bleechmore & Son,1 ; Auctioneers, Auburn. - ? ? ' S2'7 j ENSINGTOK— TO LET, com f ortable Five-Boomed HOUSE ; Bath ; near, ,' Tram. Only 12s. per week. ' - ; KNOX BBOTHEBS, . 32'3 ? Victoria-square west. : OR SALE, SEMAPHORE, BeachJ ALLOTMENT, next Mr. Yeo's, with rightof ' way at tack. Very cheap. Apply Wallace and t MacDiannifl, Solicitors, Port Adelaide. 32c ULLARTON. — FISHER-STREET, TO LET, HOUSE of Seven Booms, Stable &c, Three Acres Land, Garden. Apply Fenn and ? Hardy Adelaide. a29*32 r . ? , TO LET, a Five-Roomed HOUSE and Stable, WBIGHT-isTBEET EAST; Bent l, low. Also, a Three-Boomed HOUSE and Bath, ? Hamilton-place, off Brown-street south. Apply C Kerr, Sturt-street east, second door from Hanton's Store. 30-3 r — LOBETHAL. — FOR SALE, well improved MARKET GARDEN and DAIRY 1 FARM, containing 103 Acres, with good Stone ' House and Burning Water. ? , ! W. B. WILKINSON, : ^ 29mwf 41 2, Pirie-street, Adelaide. ; | tnOR SALE, SECTION 259, HUN X? DRED of MATTLAND, containing 623 Acres. For further particulars apply to Mr. J. Whiddon, p MaiUand: or ; I t 365c ?? JAMES A. HOLDEN, Grenf ell-street | ETUNDRED TATIARA.— FOR ' JH SALE, first^Iasa IMPROVED FABM, 800 i ^ ^^wffil* THOMSON. \ - 248vr258c ? O'Halloran HttL O be LET, EAST ADELAIDE and STEPNEY, ssveral HOUSES, one Seven Boomed, one Six-Roomed, and one Five Rooms ; all in first-class order, and in convenient positions 5 near Tram. For particulars apply Buck's Head Hotel, Stepney. 290c j mo LET, BRrDGEWATER,BIRKEN^ 3 JL HEAD, Three-Roomed COTTAGES ; water j laid on ; rent, 8s. weekly. Wallace & MacDiarmid, i . Port Adelaide. ? 12c 0RW00D.— FOB, SALE, about Two Acres LAND, HOUSE Seven Booms, large '. Dry Cellar, Garden, &c; price, a bargain. Knox . Brothers, Yictoria-Bciuare west. , 20mwf32 . . j

LASD AITD HOUSES ] VALUABLE FARM- NEAR ADE LAIDS.— TENDERS will be received by the undersigned up to 12 noon on Monday, February 16, 1886, for the LEASE for a term of Seven Years from March 1, 1886, of the splendid FABM, known is Mr. Walden's, opposite the Stockade, and within 9 Miles of Adelaide. ;The Farm comprises 130 Acres at excellent land, with House and Farm Buildings. Further particulars on application. MOULDKN & SONS, 5Cmws7 Eagle Chambers, King William-street. FW. BULLOOK ? HAS TO LET, SHOPS, Ac. Large Factory, Waymouth-street, near gfag William-street. Allen's Corner, Kent Town, Arcade Shops, 8a. 6d. Warehouse, Two Flats, close G.P-O.; cheap rent. Rosina-street, Shop and Seven Booms, 18s. W. Office. York Chambers. Franklin-street, 6b , front. Franklin-street, Shop and Three Rooms, 25s. . DWELLINGS. Compton-street, close to Central Market, Flie Rooms, 15s. , Gouger-stTeet, Four Rooms, lls., central. Findon, House, Five Booms, Stable, Garden, and nearly Five Acres of Land. Bent, £52 Der annum. Apply to Mr. Bridgman, on. the premises; or to the undersigned. Childers-street, House, Five Booms and Stabllng.lSa. North-terrace. House. Seven Booms. Bent, 13s. Large Yard, Stabling, &c. Franklin-street, Harts Buildings, Six Booms, 24s. Franklin-fitreet, House Five Rooms, 17s. ; centr&L Liverpool-street, off North-terrace. Three Booms, 8a. F.encnurch-street, North Adelaide, Three Booms, 6s. Lombard-street, North Adelaide. Five Booms, lls. Stanley-street, Four Rooms, 9s., near Tram. Waymouth-street, Five Rooms, 18s., central. College Park, Marlborough-street, Superior House, ' Eight Booms, Cellar, and Bath. Bent £70. Parkside, St. Ann's-place 4 Booms, 123., detached, Passage, &c., close to Tram. Gilbarton, nice House, close to Tram, detached, Six Booms, I5s., on the Walkerville-road. Evandale, Morris-street, House, Seven Booms, Passage, Bath, &c, detached. Land, 50 x 150. 148. Norwood, Hall-street, House, Four Booms, 10s. 6d. FOB SALE, College Park, Two Houses, Seven and Eight Booms, Bath, &c FOR SALE, Medindie, magnificent Building Site, planted with orange and other fruit-trees bearing. Land, 85 x 820 feet frontages to Hawker and North East-road. Five minuter walk from tram. F. W. BULLOCK, Land and Estate Agent, 266o York Chambers, Franklin-street STILL FURTHER REDUCTIONS IN HOUSE RENTS. 7-Boomed House, Dunn-street, Semaphore, Bent £48_per annum. , 7-Roomed House, Bath, &c, Archer-street, North Adelaide, £52 per annum. . . 5-Roomed House, Carlisle-street, Glanville, 123. 6d. per week. 4-Boomed House, Russell-street, Glanville, 7s. 6d. per week. 4-Boomed House, Verandahs front and back, Peel-street, Yatala, 9s. per week. 4-Boomed House. Kingston, 10s. per week. Landlord pays all Bates. SIDNEY MALIN, 15mwfc St Vincent-street, Port Adelaide. OOQftftft T~O LEND db/VOvVV AT SIX PER CENT. FOB SALB. Superior RESIDENCE of Twelve Booms, Out buildings, large Garden and Yards, SOUTH TEBBACE, east of ^i'g William-street. HOUSE, Six Booms, Bath, and Stable, HALIFAX' STREET. ? SECTION No. 60, SOUTH-ROAD, containing 80 Acre!. GAVIN F. GARDNER, ? HOC .' ? n,y«nTianflt TO LET, in TAYISTOCK-STfiEET, off Bundle-street, an Eight Boomed COT TAGE, Bath and Pantry. Apply J. Asher, at Asher and King's, Industrial Buildings, King William-street. ? a26c TO LET, HOUSE at present occupied by C. T. Cowle, Esq. PENNINGTON TERRACE EAST, North Adelaide, AT A RE DUCED RENTAL. For cards to view and other particulars apply Mr. C. T. Ttowle, or Messrs. symon, Bake-well, & Symon. 25c TO LET, HOUSE Ten Rooms and 65 Acres LAND, at ISLINGTON, known aa Mr. T. Cowan's. Particulars at L. Grant & Co.'b, 142, Bundle-street ? 241msc O K/\ CASH or Land, balance 6 per 3&OU cent, K«w VILLA RESIDENCE near Tram J. Hogg, Bulldei, Kastwood (Parkf Ide). ? iW.Smwfo * mo LET, HACKNEY, Six-Roomed A BOUSE, Bath, Pantry, facing Botanic Park. F. Martin, G. Wills & Co., Greufell-street ' ? , ? a29,32,4 TO be LET, Two Six-Roomed HOUSES, Bathrooms, &c, Vanghan-terrace, KENT TOWN, three minutes' walk from East-End Market, on the tramline. D. Kekwick, Exchange, Pirie-street ? ; ? lmwfc MEDINDIE. —TO be LET, Furnished RESIDENCE; park frontage; every con venience. V WADHAM & CO., Land Agents, Adelaide. 361m wfc FOR SALE or TO LET, the HOUSE lately occupied by me at MEDINDIE, Eleven Booms, Three-stall Stable, two Loose Boxes, Coachhouse, and Outbuildings, with every con, venience, 2£ Acres of Garden. Apply Arthur Harvey Commercial Chambers, Gilbert-place. 339c DECORATED, Papered, and in first class order, Five-Boomed VILLA, with Bath and Pantry, FOB SALE, on easy weekly payments. Matters & Co., Victoria-Bqnare. 27,9,32 YOUR RENT will buy first-rate HOUSES of Five, Six, Seven, or Eight Booms, FOR SALE, on weekly terms. Call for particulars. Matters & Co., Victoria-square. 27,9,32 ST. LEONARDS, GLENELG.— TO LET, a comfortable COTTAGE of Six Rooms, with Acre of Ground and fine sea view. Apply to Alfred Spence, Alfred Chambeis, Currie-street, ? 25m46 SEMAPHORE.— TO LET, splendid position, New HOUSE, Nine Booms, specially adapted for Educational purposes or Boarders, having one Boom 3d x 17. Bent moderate. Posses sion about Christmas. W. L. Dickson, Port ? ? 341mwo. ST. LEONARDS, GLENELG.— FOR SALE or TO be LET for a term, the FAMILY RESIDENCE of the undersigned, to whom please apply. Samuel Cornish, Waymouth-street. 365mhc EAST ADELAIDE INVESTMENT COMPANY. HOUSE, Eight Booms, newly Decorated, Sixth' avenue : also, one of Seven Booms. Apply lie ABTHUB HABVEY, Gilbert-place. 0- LET, SEMAPHORE^ Three COTTAGES of Three Booms, Outroom, &c., in Vassal-street: rent, 10s. per week. Apply Wallace & MacDiarmid, Solicitors, Port Adelaide. ? 12c GRANGE.— TO LET, MARINE RESI DENCE on Esplanade. Apply 13c ARTHUB HABVEY, Gilbert-place. EASOH'S FARM, REEDBEDS, on the River Torrens, known as St James Park. —Lucerne-growers, Market Gardeners, and others can. now obtain, on easy terms, large or small Portions of th HSplendid Estate*by applying to 23c H. & F. RYMILL, Exchange. SHOPS, STORES, OFPICES, ftp. Ci ITY PROPERTY. TO LET, commodious SHOP in HINDLEY STREET, adjoining the Victoria Hotel. Bent very low. For particulars apply to LYONS & LEADER, 352mwfc Imperial Chambers, King William-street. O LET, my well-known BUSINESS PREMISES in GRENFELL-STREET, or . FOB SALB the LEASE of same. For further par-, Oculars apply to 865c JAMES A. HOLDEN, Grenf ell-street TO LET, large and convenient PRE MISES, 76, CURRIE-STREET, lately occu pled by L. Henn & Co., Printers. Very suitable for Boot or Clothing Factory. Apply Thomas Hardy, 78, Currie-street ? 209c SHOPS and OFFICES TO LET, PIB1E-STBEET. Apply to GAVIN F. GARDNER, aSOlc ' No. 21, Exchange, Pirie-street FFICES and STORAGE TO LET Register Buildings, Iipson-street, POBT. Bent Low. Apply to 208c . ? W. L. DICKSON. TO LET or FOR SALE, LEASE of PREMISES, newly built, suitable for GSNKBAL STOBE, with large enclosed Yard, well adapted and good opening for Wood and Coal Yard ; long or short term ; rent very low: S. Gully, jun , Licensed Land Broker, Melvin Chambers, King William-street. ? 27c QA YEA. R S' L E A S E. '?'''. FOB SALE, CHEAP, ; W A B E H O U 8 « : '..?? ' ??,'?-* ..''.-.'iii'..,. ':' ' .''. ..' ??'?'?'?' LEIGH. S TEE K T. Apply on premises. ; . .' BlOmwfc - ', : : ? THOS. ADCOCK. TO LET,' SHOP and Five Rooms, ? corner of BBOWN. and GOUGEB STREETS. Apply P. Healy, 51, Bundle-street. ? 27c ; O LET, UPPER KENSINGTON, STORE, with good DWELLING-HOUSE attached. Good opening for a Baker. Apply 15c ? H, HUGHES, Kensington. TO LET, Four Commodious SHOPS in HTNDLEY-STBEET. Fox particular! apply McLean Bros. Bigg, & Co. ? 840c OFFICES TO LET in INSURANCE CHAMBERS, lately in occupation of Messrs. L. Glyde & Son. Xhe South Australian Insurance Company, Limited. THOMAS D. J-& CEAN, 294c ? Secretary. TO LET, SHOPS In ADELAIDE ARCADE. Apply to Gavin F. Gardner, 21, Exchange, Pirie-street, or at the Office, Arcade. - ? . . ? 851c OFFICES TO LET. REGISTER CHAMBERS. 25 W. K. THOMAS A CO.

PTyBIICATIOggAJJBTATIOJlEY WORKS ON SPIRITUALISM, THEOSOPHY, &c The Virgin of the World of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus (now first translated by Edward Maitland and Anna Kingsfordj, 12s. Oxley's Egypt and the Wonders of the Land of the Pharaohs, 7s. Cd. Stewart and Tait's The Unseen Universe, 6s. Wallace's Miracles and Modern Spiritualism, 6s. Zollner's Transcendental Physics, is. Cox's The Mtcbanism of Man, 2 vols., 23s. Crooks's The Phenomena o( Spiritualism, 6s. Report on bpiritualiam of the London Dialectical bociety, 7s. 6d. Wolfe's Startling Facts in Modern Spiritualism, lls.6d. A Clergyman on Spiritualism, 8s. Gerald Massey Concerning Spiritaalism, Ss. Andrew Jackson Davis : Great Harmonia, 7 vols., . each 7s. 6d. Nature's Divine Revelations. Events hi the life of a Seer, 7s. 6d. Penetralia, 9s. Tale of a Physician, 5s. Death and the After life, 4s. Views of Our Heavenly Home, 4s. btellar Key to the Summer Land, 4s. Ihe Inner life, 7s. 6d. Autobioerapby, 9s. The Drakka and Their VIctimH, 2s. 6d. Denton's What Was He ? or Jeaus in the Light of the Nineteenth Century, 6s. 6d. Noel's Philosophy of Immortality, 8s. 6d. Spirit Identity (M.A. Oxon.). 6s. Biavatsky's Isis Unveiled, 2 vols., 45s. Olcott's People from the Other World, 5a. Olcotf s Philosophy, Beligion, and Occult Science, 8s. Cd. Sinnetf s Esoteric Buddhism, 7s. 6d. Drummond's Natural Law in the Spiritual World, 7Sv6d* w. a bio by, BOOKSELLEB, 74, King William-street. 25mwfc Es; ; w i g g ? AND SON'S SPECIALITIES. ILLUSTRATED CHRISTMAS NUMBER of the GRAPHIC contains two large Coloured Plates and ten Full-page Pictures, mostly in colour. Price posted, Is. 7d. E. a WIGG & SON, 12, Bundle-street /CHRISTMAS BOX is the cheapest vy Annual brought out this year ; the plates (seven in Dumber) are really works of art. Purchasers will be delighted with it. Price posted, Is. 4d. ' Harper's Magazine' Xmas Number.— This is the best Magazine published, and the engravings in it are superb. Price posted, Is. 6d. Double Number of the 'English Illustrated Magazine,' full of charming pictures, beautifully printed. Price posted, Is. 6d. Sporting and Dramatic Xmas Part, with large coloured plate, ' Bo-Peep.' Price posted, la. 7d. E. S. WIGG & SON, 12, Bundle-street. SHAWYER'S BOOK ALMANAC for 1886, and ' Gardeners' and Vignerons' Guide,' &c. Price posted, Is. 7d. E. S. WIGG & SON, 12, Bundle-street. ES. WIGG & SON'S SHEET ? ALMANAC. Price posted, 7d. 27mwfcv FRESH LITERATURE RECKIVKD uy GEOBGE BOBERTSON & CO. Ewing's (Mrs.) Life, Is. Proctor's The Seasons, 4to, 5s. Stockton's Rudder Grange, illustrated, 5s. Temple's Bampton Lectues, cheap edition, 6s. Chatterbox Christinas Box, coloured pictures, It. Murray's Imprisoned In a Spanish Convent, 103. 6d. Disestablishment, Imperial Parliament Series, Is. Grant (General), Memoirs of, 2 vols., 28s. Payn's Talk of tbe Town 8b. 6d. Birkbeck's Distribution of Land, 4s. 6d. Scott's New Waverley, Vols. 1 and 2, each 2s., or balf-bounti each Ss. Saunders's High Mills, 2s. National Temperance League Annual, 18S6, Is. Cronland's Co-operative Commonwealth, 2s. 6d. Leisute Hour, 1885, 7s., 8s. 6d., and 10i. 6d. Sunday at Home, 18S5, 7s , 8a. 6d-, and 10s. 6d. Boy's Own Paper, Christmas part, 6d. Girl's Own Paper, Christmas part, 6d. Ewing's Great Emergency, Is. Thomas Elwood, Morley's Library, Is. James's Stories Revised, 2 vols., 12s. Tinsley's Little Witness, Is. Household Words, Christmas part, 6d. Hockhig'b Cricket, a story, 2s. 6d. Verne's Archipelago on Fire, 7s. 6 d. New Shilling Novels, Christmas Annuals, &c, in great variety. . WHOLESALE AND BETAIL. 103, King William-street 25mhc AN IREN1CUM, consisting mainly of Extracts from some of our Great Theologians in which the Divine Bight of Particular Forms of Church Government is discussed and examined. Price 6d. 2932 GEOBGB BOBEBTSON & CO. JUST PUBLISHED—' THE FULL NESS OF THE BODILY GODHEAD ;' a Treatise on the Manner and Result of the Coming of the Christ, suggested by Judge Williams's Attack on ihe irinitarians. GEORGE ROBERTSON & CO. All Booksellers. ^ ? 1932 WB. STEPHENS, ? BOOK3ELLER, STATIONER, Ac., has OPENED ? ? those EXTENSIVE PREMISES, Corner of GBENFELL-STBEE1 AND GAWLEB-PLAC1 with a . CHOICE NEW STOCK of BOOKS, STATIONERY, AND FANCY GOODS. 89mwfo mHE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ?*? REGISTER. THE LABGEST AND BEST DAILY PAPEB IN SOUTH AUSTRALIA. PRICE TWOPENCE. Per Annum in Advance, £1 16s. Per Quarter in Advance, Ten Shillings. Postage, 2s. 6d. per Quarter, or 10s. per Annum extra. . ? ThaSOUTE AUSTRALIAN REGISTER(Eatab lished 1836) is the largest Daily Paper published In the Colony. It contains Eight Pages of Eight Columns each, the *niwiwmm daily publication thus consisting of SIXTYFOUR COLUMNS. Every day's Register contains an abstract of the News of tha World. In conjunction with the leading papers in the other Australian Colonies it obtains a Daily Service of Special Telegrams from London and other principal centres, which are recognised as being the most complete and trust worthy messages received from Europe. The Pro prietors also subscribe to Renter's Telegram Service, and publish the messages received by that organization daily. All tbe Important news of the othercoloniea, tadudlng the latest Shipping and Com mercial intelligence, is wired daily to the Register. ' The Local News of the day, Political, Commercial, Shipping, and General, is set forth in the pages of the Register, which also contains reviews of new books and magazines, special articles, dramatic and musical criticisms, letters from London and other leading capitals, &c, &c. Special attention Is directed to the fact that although the nominal price of the Register is 2d. the price to a subscriber who pays in advance is SLIGHTLY OVER ONE PENNY PEB COPY. THE 'ADELAIDE OBSERVER' PUBLISHED ON THIS DAY consists of - FORTY-EIGHT PAGES, . and contains LEADING ABTICLES. The Federal Council, political Crisis in Ekgland. Taxation and Depkession. An Old Colonist on the Colonies. Bbtbnue and Expenditure. Undeb-leadees on Cue rent TOPIC& THE MISCELLANY. Literature.— Our South African Empire. Tbe Tourist— In the South Seas. The Traveller.— The Land of the Golden Fleece, by G. A. Sala : XXII., The Hot Springs— Whakare- warewa to Wairoa. Political Economy.— Protection or Free Trade, by Henry George : XVIII., Protection and American Manufactures ; XIX., Protection and Wages. Scientific.— Science of the Day, by a B.Sc. Ladies' Column.— Our Ladies' Letter. Children's Column.— Tbe Legend of tbe Two RoHes. PoetTy.— Unforgotten Eve. Generalities. Chess. Tbe Riddler. The Novelist. — Kainbow Gold, by David Christie Murray: Prologue; Book I., How Hercule As modee Bonaventure Enlisted Job Bound — Chaps. L and 1L Adrian Vidal : Chap. VIEL, Cardrew. THE FARM, STATION, GARDEN, &c Farm and Garden Calendar for February. Our Wool Industry. Harvest Returns. Farming versus Whe&tgrowing. Rmal Notes and Comments. Mushroom Culture. A Drainage Area in South Australia. -Fanners' Association. Codlia Moth. Star Thistles. Tbe Wine Show of 1835-86. The Rabbit Plague. Useful Hints for the Garden Greenhouse, &c., for February. Horticultural and Floricultural Society. The Director of Kew Gardens. Some Qood Apples. Irrigation on the Adelaide Plains. SPOBT. Racing Fixtures. To Correspondents. Sporting Notes, by Trumpator. ' Carrietcn, Snowtown, and Orxoroo Races. Racing in Victoria, New South Wales, and Tas mania. Intercolonial Sporting News. Polo Match at Mount Barker. Fox-terrier Coursing Match. : Cricket Notes, by Point. Adelaide and Kensington Oval Matches. Intercolonial Match— Victoria v. New South Wales, Norwood Boating Club. Hcldfast Bay Yachting and Boating Club. GENERAL. Echoes and Re-echoes, Theatrical Critidsma and - Gossip, Crumbs, Telegraphic, Mail, and Genera) News of the Week, &c . : PRICE SIXPENCE. A LARGE Assortment of FANGS CABDS and PAPERS for Bail Programmes, Dinner Parties, &c, &c, bom the Best London Houses. W. K. THOMAS & CO., General Printers, Grenfell-rtreet. '\TEW MEMORIAM CARDS in greal -Ll variety at the Register General PrinOni Offices, Grenfell-street _ . Sfiizc

&QENTS FOR THE ^ A. ^REGlSTgR: ADELAIDE OBSERVER, ? ANI* EVENING JOUBNAL. s ? SOUTH AU8TBALIA. ADELAIDE— G. N. A W. H. Birks, Bundle-street W. A. Cawthorno, Frankllngtreet. ^^^ Eustis A Co , Railway Station. T. Green & Son, Hanson-street W. Goodfellow, Hlndleys reet C. Grodt, Pirie-stroet. W. C. Bigby, King Willlam-atreet. W. G. Roberts, do G. Robertson, do. C. Seymour, Hanson-street E. S. Wig* A Son, Bundle-street A. Wilton, Hutt-street. W. W. Win wood, Bundle street NOBTH ADELA1DB-A. E. Martin, O'Connell-it Mrs. Hawkes, O'Connellstreet. PORT ADELAIDE— Bianch Office, Upson-street ; Eustls & Co, Railway Btation; J. N. Birks and J. EL Sharpe, St. Vincent-street O. K. Horton, Commercial-road. Sem aphobb— 8. T. Hook, J. Warn, J. P. WrlghUon. Exeter— W. Haatie, Glanvillb— W. McKende Queenstown-M. Adam», W. J. Porter. HOSEWATER— W. Marston. ALBBETON-Mr. Watts. Woodville— A. Brown. ANGASTON— Mrs. S. Swann, H. Mansfield. ARDROSSAN— F. B. Peterson, D. Martin. ABEBDSEN-M. Bayner. AUBUBN-S. F. 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YABBOWIE— Manfield & Warren. YONGALA-F. Hodby, Laurent! & Basedow. YAKKALILLA— J. W. Clayton. ENGLISH AND INTEBCOLONIAL. ALBANY (W.A.)-Jno. Ince. BOUBKE (N.B.W.)— D. Gray. BIBDSVILLE— Burt & Co. BBISBANE— Gordon & Gotch. FREMANTLE (W.A.)— B. Myerscough. HOB SHAM (Victoria).— M. Rasmuasen. HOBABT— J. Walch & Son. KING GEORGE'S SOUND (W.A.)— J. M. Innes. LAUNCESTON (T.) -Walch Brothers and Burchall. LONDON— Gordon & Gotch, Ludgate- circus ; G Street & Co., Cornbill; F. H. B. PhlUlpt, Cornwall Buildlnes, 8fiD, Queen Victoria street ; Register Office, No 80, Fleet-st. MELBODRNE-Gordon & Gotch. MEN1NDIE (N.S.W.) -W. O. Young. MOUNT GIPPS (N.8.W.--F. Jones. NORMANTON (Queensland)-H. Warburton. PUBNAMOOTA (8flverton)-F. J. Smythe. PEBTH (W.A.)-B. Stein & Co , Stirling Bros. S1LVEBTON— Ground & HnowbalL bYDNEY— Gordon & Gotch. TIBOOBURBA-W. L. Downle. WENTWORTH (N.B.W.)-J. S. Upton. WILCANNIA (N.S.W.)— A. B. Barnet, J. T. Smith Printed and published dally by Robert Ktffim : Thomas, at tne Offices of tbe South Australian i Register, Evening Journal, and Adelaide Obtervtr, Drenfell-Btreet, Adelaide, when aavertlaemeatfc i orders, and cnrn'tT''n-CTtH''' an received. -