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''??] ;,Vr ?'!».?-,- SHIPPING. ? _ __ ; i-i-itj^s^uj L. '^0R jlELBOURNE.— The fast '-fcUiJHf^.'' t1 and powerful Steamer MftSfofl^L COORONG, «?S3Sfe Captain McLean, will «»?}«? Melbourne, carrying passengers for New Zealand, on Monday, the 11th instant, at 4 p.m. . .Passengers byJijWTra^ Aggr * ' I23'3I J. PAR WENT, Grenfell-Btreet . -,,- ; CTEAM TO MELBOURNE ^aJ^K O AND SYDNEY.-The A.S.N. ?SSsSKlF^. Co.'s lioyul Mail Steamship -?-5'^£jto' CITY OP MELBOURNE, D Walker, ?commander, will be dispatched as above on or about the 13th instant. For freicht or passage, apply to G ' A. & H: B ARTLEET, Grcnfell-street ; or to J. RAWUNGS, Fort. 126':fi ? \*; mcPAND FROM KADINA mkn&3Nv 1 Via CLINTON.-The M$3fcJKg^- YOUNG AUSTRALIAN Ttt-tiwUliSaj Captain Wills, will proceed as usual to Clinton e very - Monday. Wednesday, and Friday.' starting upon arrival of first train. ' Conveyances .will, be in attendance to carry passengers to and froin Kadina. Fares paid on board. To Kadina and Clinton— . Cabin... ? .:. ...£2 2 0 , Fore Cabin ... ? 1 12 0 J. T. CRE3WELL, Agent. Port. . N.B.— All Parcels must be Prepaid. 124mwfc SPECIAL NOTICE' i Tv?k CTEAM BETWEEN PORT -qUMs, Jo ADELAIDE, GUICHEN A/ft^f^. AND MACDONNELL BAYS. ftSy5t*BjBfa The Steamer ANT. Fred. P.Snewin, master, will leave Port Adelaide at noon on TUESDAY, 12th MAY. Passengers by 9.15 train from Adelaide. All Cargo to be taken froui alongside at Mac Donnell Bay at »)onsijmees' risk and expense. W»C YOUNGHUSBAND, JUN., & CO., 118-'32 - Town and Port. ? 4*lv^ rriHE Stern- Wheel Steamer m&aOT^ 1 LADY DALY, yfvHVK^. now plying on the RIVER DAR 'ij-'J^iELfru LING, will continue to navigate that River during the season. ...... . 125c J. PAR-WENT, Grenfell-strcet, Agent. ' i 'Tkjfc. ?\TOTICE.-Steamer ALBURY. ^rtJEKT^v JLi —AH goods shut out of this ^y-JtMJv^- steamer are requested to be for ~^'- ajO«35^ warded by the Gem, sailing on Wednesday next, the 13th instant, for Port Elliot when the same through freights up the River will ^m-r1 JOSEPH STILLING & C0._ -Ct*. ' l^Oli LONDON, Via SWANSEA. Jj^SSKv X1 —The fine fast-sailing Al new ffjjgjgg S 'P WALLAROO. 600 tons register. W. H. Spurrell, Esq., commander, wil] be 'dispatched as above about the 15tu of June next. , Her arrangements for Cabin Passengers are of the newest and most commodious description, aiid well suited for the convenience of families. For rate 'of passage, or freight of light cargo, apply to Capt. Spurrell, onboard; or to ? 12Smwfc ELDER, STIRLING, & CO. -vi-x H/rESSRS. MONEY WIGRAM and *M$*v iTl SONS' LINE OF PACKETS Wg&&- fromHOBSON'SBAYto LONDON 'vt-ffiiT DIRECT.— The renowned clipper Ship o KENT. M. T. Clayton, commander, will be dispatched, as above, on the 2lst May. For freight or pass^g-plrto^^ 110mwf33 ? Grcnfell-street. -Tv. TJLACKWALL LINE OF itW^ Xj packets from hob-son's tKbsIXSBAY TO LONDON DIRECT. eS=Kan»MeHsra- Green scelcbrated clipper Ship '?''~ ANGLKSEY, 1200 tons, Al at Lloyd's. M. H. Smith, com mander, will be dispatched as above on the 6'th June. . 119mh45'7 Grenfcll-strcet. ' -v- |70R DUNEDIN WHARF J^fgfc^ £- DIRECT.— The fine Schooner Wffi&* WAKOOL. TfPrti&Gi* James Ritchie, master, will sail from PORT ELLIOT about the 12th instant. For freight, apply to ,12(!c WM. ISBISTER, 5, Currie-street. -*Tfck T71OR WALLAROD.— The Schooner ?*t3?«i\ JL1 . ECLAIR, y^TWW C. Heath, master, hourly expected, jr^rmm*- will have immediate dispatch. ?For freight or nittsafrc. apply to 131'3 CLELAND, PAGE. & CO., Port. ~~HT T7I0R RAPID BAY AND CAPE -*-®S\ MJ JERVIS.-The Cutter }iffi8£- ENDEAVOUR *%£&?»£ will sail as above This Day (Monday), May II. Cargo must be nlongside by 4 p.m. Forfreightorpassag^ply^^ ^ -ivk*. TT0R PORT ELLIOT.— The ]$%#$$& E. Jenkins, will sail on Wednesday, iftU?i5s5» 13th inst. Applyt° J. DARWENT, Town; 131--3 ? K. & R. MAIN, Port. -v_ Tj^OR FREIGHT OR CHARTER.— -*SF*\. J? The A 1 Barque 1h0kM& forses, -^Sfc 293 tons register. Apply to Capt. Wrangles, onboard; or t-- 12-fc ,T. DARWENT. Grenfell-street SHIPS' POSTERS and EVERY DESCRIPTION of PRINTING got ; out on the shortest notice, and MOST REASONABLE PERMS Ahrge^ipplyof COLOURED PAPER. COLOURED INKS, and NEW TYPE. Orders received at the Revhtcr General Printing pihee, Jrenfell-street, Adelaide ; and by the Shipping Reporters at the Port. ? 'cv MERCHANDISE. ? ON SALE, now Landing ex Saugcen and Mngdalen— tU.V.C. Brandy, in case C.V.C. ditto, ditto U. V.C. ditto, qr.-easks. Pale and Dark ! Ginger Wine in cases, fancy bottles ?Whisky in cases, fancy bottles iAVhisky, qr.-casks and octaves Jamaica Rum, in cases Demerara Rum, 10 o.p., qr.-caska 'Gin, Lowndes', in cases Ale. Bass's No. 3, casks Isinglass .-Port and Sherry, qr.-casks Twisted Tobacco Victoria Aleand^r.^^^^ 131-»6 ' ? Grenfell-street. \\T HIT BREAD'S STOUT i V Bass's and Ind, Coope, & Co.'s Ale 'Wine in quarter-casks . Harper, Boulton, & Co.'s Bottled Ale Ind, Coopc, & Co.'s do. do. Oils and Pickles. Corn-Flnur ' Starch, Whiting, Colza Oil Candles, Essence of Anchovy Liverpool Salt. Sardines Currants, Scented Soap, &c. Boots and Shoes. Kent Hops Ransnme's Ploughs and Harrows Cut Floor Brads^ Stereoscopes Writing. Printing and Tea Paper Brewers' Spiles. Tinplates, -'ireliriclcs, Books, Playing Cards . Axles and Springs, Iron Bedsteads Flooring'Tiies, Cement, &c. On Sale ^j^^ ^^ & S0NS( 112mwfcvS ? Blyth-street f^ALVANIZED IRON.— ON SALE, vX . by the tmdersignejl— Morewood's Galvanized Iron, tinned and un , tinned Tupner's ditto Scotch ditto ' . Also Piping, Gnttcnng, Ridge-Capping Nails. Strew* Rivets. ^^^ & CQ Oawlcr-piace, : ; ? Mlmwfc ON SALE, 34, King William-street— HARNESS— Best Carriage, jig, and Buggy HamessT-Sprins-Cart, Cart, and Plough Saihlles— Ens;iLsh-raade,: in great variety Saddles— Colonial-made, and warranted And every kind of Colonial-made Saddlery, ' Harness, Bridles, &&, always on hand PJtehtLeather.' Coach Fittings, &c. 3580 v :; JAMES 'A. HOLDEN & CO. N SALE-EENCINQ WIRE, Ox or Earth Scoops^ Baker's Patent Mangles,' &c., and every description of Faiming Implements. JO3STE3 BROTHERSi Importers. 112cV :'; ' Waymouth-street Adelaide. OALS- COALS. COALS, T. E. Bl/RY, Gresham-cliambers, 86176;, ?' ' ?''?? King William-street piOALS.— Best English and Newcastle \J N.S.W.) Coals can be ha 1 in any quantity, at fL SIMPSON'S Coal-yard, Port Adelaide: or J). KRICWIOK'S. Grenfell--itreet. lr. HOUSE COALS.— Any quantity from one cwf upwards. Five- cwts. delivered in town free, of eartace. ? ; ?? ! ??-? - ' . WILLIAM W. BLYTH. : -.. i . 127-'65 ?'',;. Coal Yard, North-terrace. rj-10 * CHAFF-DEALERS AND FAR 1 ? MERS.^ON SALE. HORSE-POWERS and laree-size CHAFFCUTTERS, »t ^^7^. 'Atones brothers; ','.', , importereiofPria Implements, . n9''%|3' r : n ;', ?VVaymputh-^toeet, Adelaide. SAXOL1NE andPARAFFINE OILS, Fineil? On'alitici ON^ALE by . . ' ' . , 122'ai2? l^W5L ISBISTER, 5. Cnrrie-street. .-'. 'PXPECT^I)' DAILY, and ON SALE 'iM T^Fnfwi^NAtBbmpi^^ G. A. & H. BARTLEET. Jby8,1863. . 129c

. BUSnTESS KOIICES, ..??,., , rpHE PURESTcC.ON-F-EGTIONS, X. ?''?'? Which can be made pre , ' .WOTHERSPOON'S VICTORIA LOZENGES. ; in every variety of seasoning, -such as'Peppenhint, ; Rose, Cinnamon, Lemon,. &c. . ?l) -,....?? These- Lozenges are free from coldur, of an improved ? shape, , and being ; manufactured by Patent Steam Machinery, ajl working of . the Sugar by the hands is avoided,' and : the most perfect cleanliness ensured. ? ? '. ; .:. ? The Manufacturer's name being on every packet, ensures purcliasers-'of obtaining Genuine' Goods ''? Soidby Grocers,' Druggists, and Confectioners. Ask for ? ' ?'?* ? i ?*? ? {'.,-? WOTHERSPOONS'S VICTORIA LOZENGES. W0THEBSPOON& CO., 69mc Glasgow and London. TtO MOTHERS, SURGEONS, and i- NURSES.- CEOATOER'S PURE FLUID MAGNESIA, warranted superior in quality to any imported, and sold retail by' most Druggists and Storekeepers, in botttles at ls.y 2s, and 3s. 6d. each and wholesale at the Manufactory, Franklin-street. ?. , ?-.: - ? - ?-? -?????'- ?- -2mh365^ TTOMCEOPATHIC *DISPENSARY. XI E. S.WIGG haying received large supplies of Homoeopathic Medicines is; now. prepared to supply the Profession and the Public with Meat cines in TINCTURES, GLOBULESV* PILULES; and TRITURATIONS, of, any degree of Btrcngth and in any quantities. -' ?___ „_„ . Also,VBTERINAKYTINCTUBESand TRITU RATIONS, In large or small cases, or in separate Also, CASES for DOMESTIC USE, in wood leather, of Tihctures, Pilules, or Globules, from l.fa. to seven guineas each case, in' great tariety 0A?so,nanou?500 DOMESTIC GUIDE BOOKS, including Laurie, Thomas, Epps, Patte, &c, from Is. 3d. each and upwards. Also, MATERIA MEDICAS and other AVorlts Buited to Medical Practitioners; Controversia « Works, &c. A Catalogue of about 70 of these Books can be had on application to E. S. Wigg, 12 Rundle-street. . . , N.B.— A fresh lot of Cocoa jus landed. NOTICE. — GEXERAL . PUINTJ^G OFFICES.— Letterpress and Copperplate Printing of every description executed in the most superior stvle, and on the most reasonable terms, at the REGISTER and OBSERVER Gent.ual PunfTixc Offices, Grenfell-street. Fancy Print* ing in Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Inks of any and every colour, and on any Coloured Paper or Card. Posting and Hand Bills got out on the Shortest Notice and in the most Showy Style. Concert and other Programmes executed ? promptly and cheaply. Books, Forms, and all the work required by District Councils, Agricultural and all other Societies, executed with promptitude and on reasonable terms. Bill Heads, Mill and Cart Note?, Business and Address Cards, Circulars, Cheques, Chemists' and other Lalwls, Magazines, Periodicals. Music, Catalogues. Mercantile Price Currents, Pamphlets, Deeds with Plans of Pro perty.aml BOOK WORK and JOB PRINTING iy GENERAL. SPECIMENS OF PBINTING of every descrip tion can l-e seen by apDlyinz at the above offices. Orders received at the offices in Grenfell-street, by the Shipping Reporter at the Port, and by the. various Agents . of the Register and Observer ,'va. , town and country. ' ? .????? The possession of the Most Extensive; and Com plete Printing Establishment' in South Australia, and the engagement only of the most skilful workmen, will enable the Proprietors to execute, work in a style not to be surpassed, with the utmost expedition, and on the cheapest terms. PAS-FITTINGS.— G. RHODES hud VJT SON have Just Opened a LARGE and VARIED STOCK of the above, selected with great care from the best English makers, which they will offer at reasonable prices. An inspection of the3e Fittings is invited, as they will be found suited to the varied requirements of persons having the Gas laid on. G. K. & S., having engaged experienced Gas fitters, are prepared at once to undertake the FITTING-UPof PUBLIC BUILDINGS. SHOPS, and PRIVATE HOUSES. ? ? ? * ? i No. 9, Rundle-street. near the corner of King I William-street. ? 125' 55 G~AS. — W: NITSCHKE, COPPER SMITH, 110, Hindley-street, having burnt pas of his own manufacture for a considerable time in Adelaide, is prepared to MAKE and FIX UA.S-F1TT1NOS. (fas Illuminators, Illuminated j Letters, Ace, at the must reasonable rates. 12S)''32 GAS. GAS. GAS.— The luidersigned is prepared to receive ORDERS for the IXTKRIOK FITTINGS of P1PKS. CHANDE LIERS, &c, for the above, and has now open for inspection a choice selection. ROBERT DODGSON. Leigh-street, April 21. 115c XTEW PATENT GAS-FITTING.— li W. C. BUIK will shortly be prepared to FIT UP SHOPS and PUBLIC BUILDINGS with quite i new principle in GAS-FITTINGS, by which the light is increased threefold and safety from lire guaranteed. N.B.— Parties requiring their Premises fitted up will please make early application. 128imrfc VfEVV WINTER GOODS.— Now xm i- ' packing, ex Saiigeen and other recent ar rivals. BOOT 6 and SHOES of every description, in Gentlemen's, Ladies', and Children's, suited for the present season, and made to tlie order of the undersigned, which for Quality and Price will bear comparison. Also, Gentlemen's French Screwed lionUi. A call solicited at . 129tli24 J. M. STACY'S, Rundle-street. ADELAIDE CHAMPION PLOUGHING MATCH for the Year 1S62. -MESSRS. TUXFORD have the great gratifica tion to announce to their manv Agricultural Friend? 'hat the FIRST, SECOND, and THIliD PRIZES nave this day been AWARDED to PLOUGHS at Work, Imported, and Supplied by the Messrs. TUXFORD at the above great Match Prize Implement Jwtalilishinent, Nonli-terrace. August 7, 18t-2. ? 220mfcv AKE YOUR OWN SOAP.— HARPER TWELVETREES' GLYCERIN! SOAP POWDER makes its own Soap, and saves one-half of time, two- thirds of soap, and threc i fourths of labour. A Penny Packet will make a Pound of Glycerine Washing Soap, possessing extraordinary lathering and detergent qualities. Patentee, Harper TwelvetreeS, Bromley-bv-Bow, London. Sole Wholesale Agents for South Aus tralia-Messrs. G. A. & H. Bartleet, merchants, Adelaide. ? 82mlu2*lvM \fUSrCAL.— The Largest, Cheapest, I » I most Varied, and best Selected Stock of MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS of every descrip tion in South Australia is at R. Clisby's Musical Repository, ti8, Rundle-street. 73mwfc O M (E O P A T H *Y.— Just Received CASES of TINCTURES from Lkatii A: Ross, London. 31q ? PLATTg, Adelaide. -J AFETY FROM FIRE.— Bryant and ^J May's. Special Safety Match isnites only on the prepared surface of the Box. Each box has 9 dozen Matches. Price Is. 4d. per dozen boxes. Stores supplied. 4Uq E. S. WIGG. 12, Rundle-street. ?PHOTOGRAPHIC ARTICLES at X ' MUMilE &' BRANDENBURG'S, ? Leigh -street. N.B.— Orders executed at the shortest notice. ? , lainiwfc PEACOCK & CO., PIANOFORTE 1 and CABINET MAKERS,' UPHOL STEREKS. and (7KDERT AKERS, 52, Rdotle street, opposite Ganler-placc. Pianofortes, Organs, and Harmoniums Tuned and Itcpaired by skilful workmen, under the super intendence of Mr. R. D.uvs. 02c 'PARCELS. PARCELS. PARCELS. JL All descriptions of GOODS and PARCELS forwarded by the PARCELS DELIVERY COMPANY! . with safety and dispatch. Rates in South Ade laide, -3d. per 28 lbs.; to five miles from the General Post-Office, Bd. ? I2o'2It- rPO TOXOPHILITES.— Just Arrived -L per Wellington, and will shortly be im packen, a Superior Assortment of Archery, con sisting, of Ladies' and Gentlemen's Bows and Arrows. Quivers, Finger-tips, Arm-Guards lac. PLATTS'S SHOW ROOMS, Corner Hindley and King William streets. 121(i Established 183S). O COACH BUILDERS.— ASH, HICKORY, and OAK PLANKS, Buggy Shafts. Nave Bands, Bnck Lights, Linings, Nails Clips, Spoken Rims, Patent Axles, Nut Axles, Ash FCHoeS,IronbarkSpokesb^TpEiiRYi 72mwfl63 . Iti7, Russell-street, Melbourne. COLONIAL WINES. COLONIAL \J WLNES.-Superior HARVEST and TABLE WINES, at PITT & SONS' Cellars, No. 34, King William-street.' .? a-7cv T S. SANDERS, WHOLESALE ?J. GROQER, 70L ^INDLEY-STRKET,' and RETAIL BRANCH E3TABLISH51ENT,. 139, RUNDLE-STREET.-Stores' and Families sup plied with the.Best Goods on the most Reasonable terms, and Delivered Daily. . ., , i21c T?REDERIC SAMS, Blytli's-bnildingBj -L Hindley-street.— Wholesale Exporter of South Australian:Provisions; and Importer of Melbourne Manufactures; . - ?? ,- f. . t;-'.\. \ 17ct,,;1 WHITE & GOODCHilLD; GENERAL AUCTIONEEES and STOCK SALESMEN, ' '.' ' ;, . KAPUNDA and.GAWLER TOWN. 23cv ANTED, aBOrLER(NeworSecond -. handX capable of working up to 10 horse power. , , . . , ? . .....?.?'?? 131'3 .MARTIN & LOUTIT, Gawler.' LOTT, NIGHTMAN. Price, per Closet, £lto jEISs.' Francis Lott, Acland-'street. ' : '?'?' '- ' -?'?'? &tawfl52 ^PRINTING INKS:— FOR SALE,: st JL .'? the Hcgtitersud Observer General Printing .Office, Grenfell-street, the folio wing Printing Inks, at English prices:— ;? .; ' -1 ' ? . ;. ? ? :;- .? Black, at 23.00^,3^,48.. 5s., and ? ? .;., Dark-Blue,' at3s;' 'J -- '? -? '? ? ,: : , Cobalt Blue, at 3s. 6d. .. .:- Bed,at5s. Green, at 3

? PBAPEEY AM) CWIETH&/ I (?i 4 R. ; WI^LS: &' : CCy W, *°i! VT« inform the Trade' that they are NOW i OPENING 213 Cases of WINTER!DBAPEBDj3 ex Saugeen, and 2UI Packages ex F. E.. Althausse. An earlycall isresjiectfully requested. ,: - .-'. . , ? Rnndle-atreet, May 8,'18a3. ? ' ' ,;xnawf ? BLACK' BROADCLOTHS, DOE-; bKINS; and TWEEDS, Newest Patterns, .. MUMME & BRANDENBURG'S, ' ? . 'Leigh-street.' ' - ' ? N.B.— Patterns forwarded to any part of the country. :.,'? ' '??'; 12lmwfc ER OVERLAND MAIL:^ JOHN H0DGKIS3 & CO. 'Bave JUST RECEIVED, per February: Mail ' Steamer, a CHOICE SELECTiaN of SILK DRESSES, in cluaing all the New and Fashionable Colou^which are now Open for inspection in then- NEW' SHOW ROOM; also, a large Assortment of iAdiea and - 20and28,Eundle-streeL ' Terms-rCash on delivery, or interest on approved accounts at 15 per cent, per annum. . :;, ? 107cv. TVr OTIC E . — JAMES CHAPMAN'S IX * OLD-ESTABLISHED \ . ', . B\BY UNEN AND UNDI5RCLOTHING ' . WAREHOUSE ... ; is still -'???..? ;- 102, BUNDLE-STREET. N:B.— No Connection with any other House. ? -??''' ? ' ' ''?-'??' ' '' 92cv ' N;6tice of removal.— COUNSELL & Co. beg to tender their thanks to tJi6 PHBlie' for Hie support they have received during. the time they have been in Rundle streeti'and to inform them that. they areBE LINQUISHING the 11ETAIL BRANCH of thdr BUSINESS, and are REMOVING to 22, CURRIE; STREET, where they will CONTINUE their WHOLESALE TRADE under the firm of WHYTE. CO.UNSELU & CO. Adelaide, April 28, 1813. ? lHtev TOHN HODGKISS (fc CO. have now ?J open for inspection a large assortment of BALL DRESSES of the newest and most fashion able description ;also a choice selection of Wreaths^ Head-Dresses, Feathers, flowers, &c., just received I)erMar-rSliephJI01HN HODGKISS & CO., 12Sc ' ? £(j ami 28, Rundle-street. PETER CUMMING & SONS beg to | -C intimate that in consequence of their Mr.j JAMES GUMMING retiring from the business j they have determined to SELL OF I? a large por tion of their STOCK. Sale to commence 1st May. '''?-.?' The assortment of goods in the various depart ments is very complete. The goods are now .being remarked, and at sucLprices as we have no doubt will effect a speedy clearance. LIST Ob' DEPARTMENTS. . Blankets.- Coburgs ' Mantles, dp. Flannels Alpacas Dress ;Sdk, Sheetings Mohairs ? do. Calicoes Lustres Ribbons Winceys Tiveeds Flowers (Moths Doeskins Velvets Hosiery Gloves Vestings French Me- Shawls, in Trimmings rinoes greatvarietv &c.,'&c.' READY-MADE CLOTHING, in Coats White and Cri- Hats and Caps Vests - mean Wool do. Collars Trousers White Wool and Braces. White and Re- Merino Drawers pitta Shirts . . The MILLINERY DEPARTMENT is well sorted in all the newt styles in Bonnets, Hats, Head Dresses, Caps, Flowers, &c. CARPETS in great variety, Hearthrugs, Door Mats, &c. ? also. Ladies' and Children's BOOTS and SH0E3 of superior qualities arid very low prices, i Sale to commence on Friday, 1st Mity. 117cv ? pEORGE SINCLAIR, TAILOR, \JC CLOTHIER, &c, Commercial.road, PORT ADELAIDE, continues to supply FIRST-CLASS GOODS at his usual Low Charges, which, for quality and workmanship combined, cannot be surpassed. He' is also prepared to compete with any House in the Trade, both in Town and Port, for the undermentioned articles:— ! - TAILORING DEPARTMENT.' ' ' d'ood Black Coat, any shape ...j£2 25 0 Do. do. Dress Trousers ...ISO i Do. do. do. Vest ? 0 15 0 Do. Tweed Suits ... ? 10 0 REARY-MADE DEPARTMENT. Good Black Sacs, from ? XI 4 0 Do. do. Trousers ? 10 0 Do. do. Vests ? 0 D 0 Do. Tweed Suits, from ? 112 0 '? N.B.— Opposite Custom-IIouse, and next door to D. & J. Wald's, chrouometer, watch, and clock makers. ...... ? .. .- 12Se . ADVANCE, ADVANCE, AUSTRA -Ix. LLV.— R. JURY feels proud to acknowledge that his endeavours to supply the Gentlemen of Adelaide with iirst-class Clothing, which for style and workmanship few can equal, but hone excel, at the price of London-made Slops, has* proved a perfect success, and lie will still continue to manu facture them at the following prices :— Superfine Black Coat, any shape ...£3. 15 0 Do. do. Dress Trousers ... 18 0 Do. ' do. Vest ? 0 15 0 Stout Fancy Doe Trousers ... ... 1 5 0 Suit of Tweed ? 2 15 0. N.B.— A Suit made on six hours' notice. T-- prevent mistakes the terms are-cash on de livery. R. JURY, 49c1 Opposite Bunn's Exchange, Hindley-street rPENDERS for the DRAPERY STOCK X of Messrs. POWELL, PRICE, & CO. will be received by the undersigned up to Friday, 15th inst., at 4 p.m. The Stock will be daily open for inspection from lotuu. ? — ?-?? R. A. TARLTON, Trustee to the Estate. ? May 11. 18Si. ? ._ ? 131°5 WO DRAPERS.— Bill-Heads, Hand JL Bills, Posters, and every other description of Printing executed on the cheapest terms, at the Register and Observer Gtneral Printing Office Grenfnll-«!trPPt. ' Adelaide. April 27 1803 ? PROFESSIONAL. VACCINATION. — YATALA DIS V TRICT.-Mr. R. T. WYLDE. District Vac cinator, will Vaccinate at his resilience, Archer street, North Adelaide, every Tuesday, at 2 o'clock p.m. ? U2mwf:-8 RH. EDMUNDS, LICENSED . SURVEYOljV late of the Survey Depart ment. Address C. E. Tidemann, Currie-street: ? ? . ? 7Sicy il/fR. HENRY , PLUMSTEAD, 1*1 TEACHER of the PIANOFORTE, SING ING, and HARMONIUM, and PIANOFORTE. ? TUNER. Margaret-street, North Adelaide, adjoin ing Mr. Vt-ysey's. Mr. Plumstead is open to engagement as a first ; class Organist. 117''46 EMPLOYMENT WANTED. ' MR. .H. VON SCHLEINITZ, for several years Clerk to Mr. C. Schilling, Licensed Landbroker, wishes to meet with any ENGAGEMENT where trust and confidence are required. Address care of Mr. C. Schilling, Gawler-placc. '? ' 125fm31 T~~O CORNFACTORS, MERCHANTS, &c.-W ANTED by the Undersigned,' a SITUATION as WHEAT-BUYER or STORE I MAN in a Warehouse. Six years' first-class re ference as wheat-buyer. . Can speak both English and German. Address F. Fronkel. Gawler. 13f'3 TO STOCKHOLDERS, «fcc— WANTED, a SITUATION on a Sheep or Cattle Station, by a Yonng Man who has had 20 years' experience in the colony: would take charge of stock to stock new run. Can be well recom . mended. Address A. B., Pqst-Oflice, Echunca. ' : .. ? 121mwf33y WASHING taken in on the lowest terms at the Eeforniatory. Apply to the Secretary. Miss Bridgmah.'Morphctt-street.' ' : , 126mw215- PERSONS WANTED.-,, CITY OF ADELAIDE. — PUBLIC POUND, NORTH ADELAIDE. - Appli I cations will be received by the City Council, up to j Monday, the 11th instant, at i o'clock, from ! Persons desirous of filling the office of POUND KEEPER,' in place of Mr. James Crabbe, juij., resigned. ..?'?;. Particulars as to duties, &c. can be had on ap plication at the City Surveyor's Office. By order, .. ?. ' UW.'A. HUGHES, Toini'Clerk. : Town Clerk's Office, May (5,. 1883. 127fm31 TJEWCASTLE COAL AND COPPER xi COMPANY.— WANTED. 'a; competent Person Conversant with Coal ' Mining in all its branrheMo Superintend the Working of the Com pany's Coal Mines at Newcastle. . Applications will Iw-received to 18th June, atthe office of the Company, Sydney. Salarj'i £230 per annum, and a residence. ? ? - JOHN P. PERRY. Secretary. ' f Sydney, AprU 24, 1S63. ?-, - '.-A -, ? , 129'3h ?' WANTED, a MILLINER ?;? also- a* . ASSISTANT DRESSMAKER. . T. Wm.i Mitchell, 65, Rundle-street. , . 129cv. , W' kNTEp,'a Young MAN, that can! ' Eidewell. for'a Station.' A'p'ply to Tliorhas3 Poddy Jork Stables. ,.»?., ... , ... ^ 131cf : TITANTED;' for ? Lacepede Bay- and j TJ! . other places. SER7A NTS forHotelsand .Private Families. ' Apply at Morcom'si ? x' ; -I- ;£0ST.-Ain)F0irND; T'OST, a : DIAMOND ' EING. The | JLJ finder will be rewarded on delivery at the I pfljee of this paper. ? i )29Jai , .J. OST, - on Sunday evening, whilst ''111 walking from Pirie-street by Waymouth ? street to Westterrace.and North-terrace, thence by ?Pulteney-street to . Eundle-street, Gawler place; 'and' Pine-street, a Lady's Chased Gold Geneva- WATCR-and Chain, with .Locket -and Key attached. Whoever will find and return same to the Police Office shall be rewarded. z

'Aw*?' .^:'^ -TENDERS' :- ???:,? ?;;'..-; j SOUTH : A USTR ALI AN '? GASi ' COMPANY.-TENDERS will beMreceived: luptdnoonof Monday next, thellth instant, for. a WEIGHBRIDGE to weirfrup to 5tons;.and. for SUPPLYING and FIXING PUMPS at .the ; ; Works. ' ' ?' . , 'a« '? ? Particulars to be had at the Company's1 Offices, .73; King William-street.1 .''??.?? ? ; The Directors do not bind themselves to accept theJowestor any Tender/ - ?„ _ ; ; . ; R. B. COLLEY, Secretary. ' - -May 4,-1863. ? ? 125'31 - GITY OF A'DELAiDE.— TENDERS :'wn1Jbe received' By the Council until Mon- 1 daj- Tiext, 11th May,-t 2 o'clock, for executing the following, Works;— . ' / ?„, , .- - -_.? . No. 17: Readvertfsement.— For Making Wake fieldstreet-road east. * ? ? ' No. 18.-For Providing. 50. cwt. Blacklron Wire (So: 4). . , . No. 19.— For Digging Tree Holes in various City Plantations. - : - ,. : The Specifications.can be seen and furUier par ticulats obtained at, the City Surveyor's Office. ?» _1 ? '. ? -- W.CA.- HUGHES, Town Clerk. Town Clerk's Office. May 5, 1863. ' , 126ftn'31' ' nno; BUILDERS.— TENDERS ivill be JL; receiieil by the undersigned until noon on Thursday, th« 14th instant, from persons who may be willing to contract for the ERECTION of a WABEHOUSE at Port Adelaide. : ,'. ,; 'Plans and specifications at this office. . ' ! No lender- necessarily accepted. . V : EDMUNDW. WRIGHT,' UrchitectB. - EDWARD WOODS, JArcaitects. Imperial Fire Ottice,. Adelaide, ' ' '-'--i May 5, 1863. ?? ' 126fm31 TO BUILDERS.— TENDERS will be received by the undersigned, until Saturday, the 17th instant, at noon, from persons who may bewilllugto'Contract for an ADDITION to ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH, MITCHAM,.. PlanR, &c.; at this office. . ' No Tender necessarily accepted. .. edmund w. Wright, \ . _.T,?f/W, ? ' EDWARD WOODS, J Architects. 'Imperial Fife Office, Adelaide, May 7. A ..:: ?;??!/ ii ?-.:?-- ?:????? 128mw33 , '?? ?' ' Engineer arid ^Architect's Office, ? Adelaide, May fl, 18G3. Renders for bulljding new X POLICESTATIONatNORTHrADELAIDfii will be received until noon of Monday, 25th inst., at this Office,' where drawings and specification can be seen. , ???.'?; ? ? Neither the lowest nor any tender will neces sarily be accepted. ? - 1 ? - ,? . ...??: . . i ?! W. HANSON. I3lmh-ll ; Engineer and Architect. ? — — — ^-! ? » ' _?? .r ? . ? ) Engineer and Architect's Offioe, . , ? ' , i Adelaide, May 3. 1863. ? RENDERS for BUILDING SIGNAL X AlAN'S RESIDENCE onWest-terrace will1 be received until noon of Thursday, -14th instant, at this office, where Drawings and Specification can be seen. i ? ? ' Neither the lowest nor any tender will neces sarily be accepted. ? ??' . W. HANSON, 124mwf33 Enguicer and Architect. Engineer and 'Architect's Office,' . i. Adelaide; May 271863. LENDERS for DRAINAGE WORKS, JL New Water Closet v&c, at 'the Custom House, Port Adelaide, will be received until noon of Thursday, 14th instant. Drawings and Speci fications can be seen at this office and at the Policc-Station, Port Adelaide. ''' ' Neither the lowest nor any tender will neces sarily be accepted. ; - W. HANSON, . 124mwr:J3 , Engineer and Architect. TENDERS FOR NEW TOWN HALL.. X: -TO ARCHITECTS. BUILDERS. CON TRACTORS, AND OTHERS.-Mr. McEWIN l-egs to intimate to the above that he has made an. opening in his QUARRY at GLEN EWIN. and from which an' unlimited supply, of the FINEST FREESTONE for building purposes can be ob-i tained. Mr. McEwiii will be. glad to forward samples of the stone on application, or .to treat with parties for its supply. , ' GlenEwin, May 8, iya. ? 129-'3&ni-j f I ^O QUARIIY.OWNERS,— The under- X signed being about to . build the superstruc- ? t'ire of the National' Biink, Imperial Fire Office, and Town Hall, will feel obliged to owners of Freestone Quarries around Adelaide for information as to the Prices at which they could SUPPLY STONE for these works stating probable sizes, in which the blocks cgti be obtained, whetherquantjty is limited or not, ami any other particulars peculiar to the material. Samples are particularly re quested. ' j EDMUND W. WRIGHT, Va«.mL*« EDWARD WOOD.-. ';| Architects. t ?Imperial FireOffice, May 9, 1863. . 131c PUBLICATIONS AKD STATIOITERY; T EISURE HOUR, SUNDAY AT ?LA HOME, and GOOD WORDS for 1802. 12% HOWELL, 4, Rundle-Btreet. pORNHILL MAGAZINE, uew vol. Vy Kingston's Annual for Boys Dictionary of Useful Knowledge, vol. 4 ' All tho Year' Round, new voL ;l2Q-i . ,. HOWELL. 4, Ruadlerstreet. : rpWO THOUSAND PIECES of NEW, X MUSIC, just unpacked, at / '40q E. S. WIGG'S, 12. Biindle-Btreet PROSPEGTER'S HANDBOOK of X MINERALS, by Brough Smyth. Price Is. 6d. W. a BIGBY. ,90q ? 53, Hindley-street. HOME NEWS.^-Mr. Platta is' ap^ pointed by Messrs. Grindlay & Co^, the Proprietors of ? the Some News, their SOLE AGF.NT forth Sale of the paper 342q Now Ready. T EISURE HOUR. 1862,: New Yol. Xi Sunday at Home, do., do., cloth 6s., half Imund !)s. each ; Good Words, 1862, new vol., doth, 8s. 6d. Child's Companion. 1S62, new vol., cloth, Is. 6d. W. C. RIGBY, Iraporterr 73q ?,???':,'.? 53.. Hindley-street. / ^ EOLOGICAL OBSERVATIONS IN VT SOUTH AUSTRALIA, by the Bev. J. E. AVoods, C.C., Penola. Price, 17s. 6d.; per post, 20s. W. C. BIGBY. Importer, l-37q 53. Hiudlp'-street. PELIGIOUS TRACT SOCIETY'S XL PUBLICATIONS. -Another large ship ment (the third in a few months) now unpacking ;at; ' ' ,' .-. ?? . ... ',i . .-: ? ... .-, n... - : ??? 4Qq ; . E. 3. WIGG'S, 12, Rundle-street. NOW READY, nPHE SUNDAY' AT HOME. — A J- , Family. Magazine for Sabbath reading,' embellished with superior engravings. Cloth, Itoards, 6s. Extra cloth, gilt edges, 7s. 64 - Half calf, marble edges, 0s. ' The Sunday at Home' is a book at once cheap and artistically attractive. ; '? -ALSO. ??- .,.:??? THE LEISURE HOUR. A Family Journal of Instruction and Recreation, embellished with superior engravings by eminent artists. Cloth, boards, 6s. , Extra cloth, gilt edges, 7s. 6d. . Half calf, marble edges, 9a. 'Behold in these, what leisure hours demand, amusement and true knowledge hand in hand.'1 — Cowper. ? ' ;', = :. : PLATTS. . . Corner Hindley and King William streets. : 121q ;,.;.; ?;.' ,;' ?,- .Established 183ft; . .y, -.. Ne w b: 6 o k . , s.— Bishop Colenso on the Pentateuch, second volume, just received i ' ' : - ' -Moses Right and Colenso Wrong, four Tracts, bv Dr. Cumming , ;?:,.-, - ??-; :' . ? Judge Thery's Thirty Years' Residence in New South Wales and Victoria r- . Lyell's Geological Evidences of the Antiquity ? of Man' i ; '. , ? . .. : ? Wills's Exploration of Australia.. from'Mel ? botirne, to, the Gulf of Carpentaria .-?' ; : yanderkiste's'Lost in the Australian Mountain Regions, ?? . ?-. ':??? . . Retribution, by Balfour ' : The Sharper Detected, by Robert Houdin The Desert Pathway,, byifiobertsoni- ' ?'?; Tiillock'a Beginning Life ; .?.-. ' ... Trol|opc'sTalesof,AHCoimtribs I ? Builders': Price Book for 1 8B3.' ?-? l(Bq'- , .; j H.OWELIa 4,Ruitdlc-s;treet. : U LI NDE R S :i LAND and' STURT JL LAND, by Jessup; ? ? ; ' ;' ?'» Olive Blakef«6ood Jeafrerson' . , Great Expectations, by Dickens Townsend's Manual of Dates ' ' ~ '.' ' . The Book of Dates, comprising the Principal Events of all Ages - ??'?'*'?? '?''?'?' McDuft!s Sunset in the Hebrew Mountains And ai; huge variety of Books contained in the. last two Book Circulars and Genera '??'??'' , Catalogue and Supplement to do. ? ??' ' ^ ...'..» W. a RIGBY. Importer. 90q - ... ... - ?'-£{. Hindiey-street^ XTEWL. BOOKS PER, FEBRUARY '?^IG r Z .. r.m.s.s ? *-?;-' ? :?- :o-f Freeman's History of Federal Government r Wills's Successful Exploration of Australia ' '-'':t- Latham's .Nationalities of Europe , '; ' - , L\j Therry's Reminiscences of New South Wales . and Victoria. ? :'li :i '?'?X '???' '? Tarrar'sBarapton Lectures— 'Critical History : of Free Thought '. ; , ? : ! ? Intellectual Repository, 1S62 i ri .-.-... : Blanch's Volunteers' Book of Facts, 1SG3 ' Trollope:s Tales of All (tountries Salem Chapel Chronicles of Carlingford : - ? Houdin's.Thc Sharper Detected and Exposed Vanderkiste's Lost hut not for Ever A'Beckett's (Sir William) the Earl's Choice, &c. -. Portraits of H.R.H. Rrincess of Denmark and H.R.H. Prince of Wales. ',?? W. C. BIGBY, Importer, 105q ? . ? 53. Hindley-stTeet. , AGENTS IN MELBOURNE.— Messrs. (JORDON & GOTCH, of Collins street west, Melbourne, - have l«en appointed AGENTS in Victoria for the Reois'er and Obterrer Newspapers, and are authoruwd to collect Accounts -due. Advertisementa and Subscribers'- name§ will be received by them, and will meet with prompt attention,

?.»^j ,-« PUBLIC HOTICES. /CRIMINAL SITTINGS OP THE \J .-;rl-v. SUPREME COURT. ? - , : : .Sheriff's Office, Adelaide, April 29. 1863. In pursuance of a Writ of our Lady the Queen,''- under the seal of the Supreme Court of this Province, to me directed. I do hereby givenotice that the said Court will sit as a Court of Oyerand Terminer and General Gaol Delivery for the Province and its dependencies, on Monday, the eleventh day of May next, 1S6':J; at the Supreme; Court-House, Victoria-square, Adelaide, at 10 o clock of the forenoon ; and all parties bound to prosecute and give evidence, and all Justices, Coronere, Constables, and Bailiffs, and all Jurors summoned, and all others having business at the said Court, are required to attend the sittings thereof; and the order of such business will be as follows:— x. ? ?'???;??' Mootay, Math. i 1. Johann Joachim Classom, forgery; committed : at Adelaide February 10, 1863. In Gaol. . 2. Mary Jane Williams, larceny; committed at Adelaide March 14, 1883. In Gaol. 3: Heihrich Heyer, larceny: committed at Ade laide March 27, 1863. In Gaol. -- ' 4. James White, aftas Whitehead, larceny; com mitted at Adelaide April 15, 1863. In GaoL1 5 and 6. Louisa Merritt and Ellen Kent, larceny from the person; committed at Adelaide AprU 17, I 1883. In Gaol. ? ? Tuesday, Mat 12. ? . ! ? ' - 9. Johanna VVainwright, Kosa Wain and -Mary Wainwright,- larceny: com mitted at Adelaide February 1(5, 1863. On bail. . 10. Antonia Martel, alias ;Richard' WilliamB, larceny: committed at Fort Adelaide March 10, 18GJ. in Gaol ? ' ?: 11.' John Wills, felonious shooting:' committed at Gawler March 27. 1863. 'In Gaol; 12^-Mary Potter,: larceny in a dwelling-house; cominitted at Port Adelaide April 1,' 1883. On baiL f;l' Wednesday, Mat 13. ' ?13. Hearv Wlson, false pretences; committed at Kadina February 11, 18«3. ' On baiL 14. Frederick Atkins, -larceny.; committed at Kadina February 24, 1863. In Gaol. . . ISTWilliam Bennett Edmonds, embezzlement; committed at Kadina February 26. 1863. In Gaol. 16 and 17. John Gorman and Richard Bosance, forging and uttering; committed at Kadina March 18,1863.' In Gaol. .; THUH8DAT, hUX 14. 18. Henrietta Dilr. larceny from the person; committed at Adelaide February 17, IStti. On Ml. 19. John Smith, larceny in a dwellins-house; Gomuiitted a.t Mount Remarkable March 25, 1863. 20. Reihbold Schqltz,1 forgery; committed at Angaston April 4, 1863.- In Gaol. , 21. Charles Roberts, false pretences ; committed atAngastonAprilll,18ts3.- On bail i ?. ??? ? ? Friday, Mat 15. 22. Alfred Phelps Jones, false pretences ; com mitted at Redruth February 12, 1S61 In GaoL 23. Richard Fox, unlawfully wounding two horses; committed atCla.rerid.ork February H l^i On ball. .:;... ! ,24. .William Marshall, false pretences; com mitted at Redruth March 10, 1863.' In Gaol. 25. Francis Turner, indecent assault; committed at Clare April 2, 1S63. On bail. s Tuesday, Mvt 19. ^ : 20 and 27. Tarryuka and Warrangarina, abori ginal natives, manslaughter; committed at Wel lington February 15, 1863.: In Gaol. : ,. : . 2S. Patrick O'Brien, larceny; committed at Ade laide MarSh 14, 1803. Qn bail, ' 29. George Gould, arson ; committed at v Jould's Creek March 31. 1803. In Gaol. Wednesday, /Mat, 20. ' 30. Frederick Cor, perjury; committed at Nor wood March 2. 1883, In GaoL 31. Frederick Morphett, larceny; committed at Port Elliot March 13. 18(3. In Gaol. - :32.- Samuel Armstrong, perjury; committed at Gawler April 17. 18«3. In Gaol. Thuksdat, May 21. 33 and 31. Henry Roberts and Henry Taylpr, forgery j coirimittou at Kapuhda February 20, 1863. In Gaol; The case of any prisoner who may have been committed to prison, or held to for (rial at the said sittings, and not named alwve, will betaken on Thursilay, the twenty-first day of Mav, next, and all prosecutors and witnesses in such cases must Iks iu attendance at the sitting of the Court on that day. ; Parties bound by recogniiinces to prosecute oi give evidence, or who maybe subpoenaed on the part of the Crown or of any prisoner, afe required to attend the Court at 10 o clock on the, morning. of1 the day appointed for the trial of,, each. case respectively, nut not earlier. The remuneration allowed by jaw for loss of time to proseoutors and witnesses will only be calculated from, and to in clude, the day for which the trial for each case is fixed— except where any prosecutor or ~Hness resides more than twelve miles from Adelaide, who are hereby required to be in Adelaide on the even ing'of the day previous, and who will have an allowance for time accordingly. ' Parties out on bail must surrender in Court at 10 o'clock on the morning of the day fixed as abovenamed for their respective trials, but. not 'earlier; if they' dp not appear when then called upon, their recognizances and those of their bail ffill'be estreateiL 1 By order of the Judges, .WILLIAM R. BOOTHBY, 122-fomwf3l ? ; Sheriff. GO L D-P ROSPECTING SUBSCRIPTION ASSOCIATION, FOR THE PURPOSE OF OBTAINING THE GOVERNMENT REWARD OF 'i&OOO.-It is proposed to send out a Party of Five Good Practical Miners to search for Gold, the expense 'of wiich is estimated at £250. Subscriptions to meet, the - abovo will be received from parties desirous to join in the undertaking, in sums of not less than' £1 each,' and the lienefits derived will be divided pro rata; according to the amounts paid by Subscribers, . ? On the requisite amount being subscribed for, a meeting will be convened at the Offices of J.B. Neales, Esq., for the purpose of electing a Com mittee anil giving the necessary instructions to the N.B. —Mr. Neales has- conrented to act as Irea-* surer and other gentlemen as Collectors. A sub scription-list lies on the table at Green's Exchange. W. S. WHITINGTON, Aotins Secretary. Adelaide. May 7, 18(3. ? I2Sin31v NOTICE is hereby given : that the 1 PARTNERSHIP heretofore subsisting be tween the- uhdemnied,' Under the Finn of DURYEA BROTHERS, Photographists, is this day DISSOLVED by mutual consent. All parties indebted to the said Firm are respectfully re quested to settle their accounts prior to the 1st of June. Any accounts remaiuing unpaid after that date will be placed in the hands of a solicitor for collection. ? : The Business in future wjll be carried on by T. Duryea,' who will pay and receive all accounts due by and to the late Fh-m. , SANFORD DURYEA. TOWNSEND DURYEA. Witness— G. Harding. April 25. 1863. ? »7mws36 TNthe MATTER of the ASSIGNMENT X ;0f -Mr. JOHN BAKER, of Hindley-street.— NOTICE is .hereby given that all Parties Indebted to the above Estate are required to pay the amount of their respective Debts forthwith to me or to Mr. Baker; -whose' receipt will' be a sufficient discharge; and all parties having' Claims upon the Estate are requested to 'send in the same for examination, anil to attend, and execute the Deed of Assign ment'. ?. ??' v H. W. PARKER, Solicitor. / 'May5,18C3. - ' 126'39 ., \\ YOLTTflTEER NOTICES. .. FREK_ RIFLES.— CLASS-FIRING i will be continued on Wednesday next, the 13th inst., First Class commencing at 8.30 a.m., Second Class at 10 a.m. . , ? .? r j By order, - ; x WM. HY. TRIMMER, Capt. Free Rifles. , ??;?:???*- msyso ironcEs ^PHE DURYEA - MINIKG COM X PANY,- LIMITED.-NOTiCE is hereby given that a FIFTH CALL1 of Two Shillings ami Sixpence per- Share has This Day1 been made, and is required to be raid to the .Secretary, at the Offices of the Company, Adelaide, on or before: Friday, the 15th May, 1863. ' ? _Tliu attention of Shaieholders is called to the 45th clause of the.Deedof Settlement, which will be strictly enforcer!.- - ? :,??'. Bated the:29th April, 1863. ' ,- ; .'-i JAS. 8. SCOTT, Secretary. Offices of the Duryea Mining Company, Limited, ! King William-street, Adelaide. I ;.'« r'-f. ;:- j ; ^ T 122mwfcl?i9 ' EARKARILLA MINING COMl PANY.— At a Special General Meeting of the Karkarilla Mining Company, held on the eighth day of May, 1S63. the following resolution was^nanimpusly carried:— 4, ?; : . ='-' That' iu.' lieu of tlie twa Special. Calls which , were infonrialb1 made, by (Urectionpf the -General Meeting held on the 14th' day of April last, the Directors be empowered to make one*Special Call of 'I5rd' ShillingsT per sliiue, payable on the 9th of- June next.'! ?, ? ? ' .. u r .'?... ? 'Nptice Is hereby* given that the above Special Call will bepayable at the Office of the Company. 90, King William-street, on the 9th day of June next. '? z: ?.'.??' ?? By order of the Board. . .-.-? i JOHN THUKGARLAND, Sec. ? Adelaide, May 8,' 1863. '^ '; x WEST XANMANTOO MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. ,.;.;.. Capital £16.000, in lli.000 Shares of £1 each, payable a3 follows:— 5s. on application, 5s. on Allotment, and the remainder, if required.' m Calk Of 2s. &L per Share, at interval^ of nQt.less than thieempptbs.. - ?. , .?. , :: ?/, t : : ; ' : ... ,:vfl- 'PBOVBIOlfAI' COHMItTE*. : '' :: W. W:Tuxf6rd * B. J.Price0 ? ''T.J^Goode ,- ;^_ ? H. Appelkamp , j BAWKEnS^-Bank of 'Australasia. ? Solicitor— Hon. R. L Stow. . : i Secbctary pro tem.—J. Hamlin. This Property is offered to the Public bv the Promoters for Six Thousand Pounds, Three Thousand of which is to be paid in cash, ? and the rdmairtderm Shares of the Company of lOs. paid. Applications for Shares to be made to ' .7 J. HAMLIN, Stephens-place, and ' . ' ' J. F. ROSS, Green's Exchange. 1 For further particulars and Captain's Report, see RegiMcr of March 19. ? 124mc rplLISKER MINING COMPANY, X ICAPE JEP.VIS.-WANTED, TENDEES for CRUSHING and DRESSING SILVER-LEAD ORES, at the Taliskcr Dressing Worke, Cape Jervi*, for three months from 20th instant. Sealed Tenders, addressed to the Chairman of Board of Directors, to be in by the 15th' of the month. ; I2frc32r3S B. M. TAPLEY, Secretary.

CPMPASIES A2T3) SOCIEtlES, PASTORALASSOCIATION.— MEET. X- lNGyat--AJdriagc'8ltobmsTO-DAY,Y»t 2 o'clock. ' '-- t ' ??; ????';? - x : ' : ; aSABINE. SOUTH' AUSTRALIAN GAS , COMPANY.-NOTICE is Hereby given that the Directors have fixed the PRICE of GAS at Tl?ENTY-]ONE SHILLINGS per Thousand Cubic Fek .and are prepared to .LAY ON, SERVICE PIPES for supply of tlie same. Applications will be attended to in order as received. v ? R. B. COLLEY, Secretary. . N.B.— Forms of Application may be had at the Office of the Company. ' '.,..??? ?: 73, King William-street, April 20, 1S63. 118c SUN BUILDING SOCIETY. —The u ADJOURNED HALF-YEARLY MEETING of the above Society .will be held at the Society's Office, King William-stre«r, ? on Tuesday evening; May 12, at 7 o'clock, to receive the Balance-Sheet and Auditors' Report thereon. -? ' t 131'2 - ,; ^OBT. HAWK1-S. Secretary. -. ' V. -INSTOAlfCENOTldES. f IMPERIAL FIRE INSURANCE X U '-'COMPANY. -Capital, JE1,690,000. ' ' Insurances effected at Current REDUCED Rates All Claims Bettled in Adelaide on proof of Jofes. The whole Subscribed anQ Invested Capital oi this Company, iJnounting . to One Million Six Hundred and Ninety Thousand Pounds, is avail - abia. in settlement of losses, irrespective of and in addition to the Liability of the Shareholders. - - r BDMUND W. WRIGHT, Agent , King William-street. Adelaide. l211mwfcT POENWALL FIRE AND MARINE V INSURANCETCOMPANY.LAUNCESTON ,. , (Establislied in 1S41. ' Agents at Hobart Town, Melbourne, Geelong and River Mersey.' . Agent a*. Adelaide. - . ABRAHAM SCOTT, Blyth-street. 3mhcv JA31ES AIICEN'IIEAD Secretary Queen~fire'and life' INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital,- Oxk Million1. ? All Claims settled in the colonv. WM. YOUNGHUSBAND, JUN.,' Ac CO., 126j ? Agents for South AUstmlia. T IVERPOOL AND LONDON FIRE XJ AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Capital Two Millions. RISKS acoepted t the REDUCED SCALE of Premiums, - :?? ! FIKBDEPARTSlBNT-JamesMacgeorge,Esq., Surveyor. Llb'E ' DEPARTMENT-Dr. Wood fonle, Medica1 Referee. , - CLAIMS Promptly Sealed in the Colony. ,36cy i- . F..J. BKCK&OO. AeenH. ' MAPJNK INSUltANUK A DELA1DE LLOYD'S ASSOCIA xi. : ? TION OF UNDERWRITERS. , Hos. Wh. Pbacock, Chairman. Thos. Graves, Esq., Deputy Chairman. Marine Risks taken at current rates; and iwlicies issued immediately on account of tlie same. CLAIMS FOR LOSSES promptly settled in cash without deduction. 1 . ? ; IL C0W1E, Broker- to the Association. : .Taniiary. 1ftH-. t . 44mwfc THE COLONIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF VICTORIA. Head pfliccs, No. 4, Collins-street West, Melbourne. FOR FIRE INSURANCE, LIFE INSURANCE, '; AND .FIDELITY GUARANTEE. Camtal,,i3M000.— Liability Unlimited. This Company Insures against Loss by Fire at the lowest current rates of premium, an on con ditions framed with the greatest liberality. ? , i. i .LIFE ASSURANCES are effected at English rates, and lives slightly diseased accepted on equitable terms. ., . , FIDELITY in situations . of trust guaranteed at moderate premiums from 15s. per cent, per annum upwards, with reductions on succeeding yeah for first-class risks.; * ' By combination of Life Assurance with Fidelity Guarantee, a very material reduction may be effected, . CHARLES J. LUCAS, Secretary. Full particulars and forms of proposals of ? -. ABRAHAMS & THOMPSON, Agents, — 269mwff211 Adelaide. PACIFIC FIRE AND MARINE . . INSURANCK COMPANY. ; ? ? -Tapital. £500,000; Unlimited Liability. Head Oflice— Pitt-street, Sydney. .. , C. M. Smith, Esq., Manager. The' undersigned having been APPOINTED AGENTS In South Australia for the alwve Oifice. are prepared to receive Proposals for Fire and Marine Kisks ut the current rates' of premium, and will Issue Policies at once in terms thereof. , Claims in cither department settled here imm diatcly, on proof of loss. ' ' Vessels insured on tim policies, or otherwise on liberal terms. ? ' . 274c G. A. & H. BARTLEET. Grenfell-street. HER WENT AND TAMAR MARINE Lf AND FIRE ASSURANCE COMPANY. ? Cailitiil, £100,000.-Established 1838. Head Office; Macquariestroet, Hobart Towd. ADELAIDE BRANCH: Agout, W. Samson, ? Office : 5. Currie-street- v*' 'Marine and Fire Risks are accepted by the Agent, without reference to the Head Oifice, at the lowest rates, and Losses promptly settled. Marine losses maybe made payable in London if required. ?-'.'' '',-,. 40c N.ORTHERN FIRE -fe LILE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Oifice, Grenfell-street. . _, 108tl07 G. VON DER HEYDE. Secretary. ^rfoBART TOWN and LAUNCESTON IX I'LARINE INSURANCE COMPANY. \ .- ? (Established 1836. MAHINE SDKVEYOR AT POKT ADELAIDE: : ? Captain H. Simpson. The undersigned accept Marine Risks at current rates. - F. J. BECK & CO.. AcenU. 87cv- Adelaide and Port. COUTH AUSTRALIAN INSURANCE O; COMPANY, LIMITED. King William-street Adelaide, For effecting Insurances at REDUCED KATES against FIRE, Agencies at every township in the colony. ? Chairman', J.'M. Linklatsr, Esq. Deputy-Chairman, R. G. -Bowes, Esq. Money Lent on tgage at 10 per sent. lev it E. TAPLEY Secretary. OY'AL FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY. Capital, i2,000,000. Apnual Revenue, nearly £500.000. Increase of Fire Business last year 50 per cen ' more than that of any office in Great Britain. FIRE BRANCH.-Insurances granted at re duced premiums.;' Claims settled in the colony immediately on proof of loss'. ? , ; LIFE BRANCH.— English rates of premium only charged, and conditions on Policies extremely liberaL Bonus' at recent divisions of profits, 2 per cent.' per annum on amount of Policies. ' ''Exahplk: Policy dated Dec. 1, 1845 (sum assured) £L 000 Increased by oonus to Due, I860, to ... 1,279 Total premiums paid being ... .„ ... :jC4 Meilical Refer^-R. W. Moore, Esq., Colonial Surgeon. . ACRAJLAN MAIN, LINDSAY. & CO., lOcv ! i ( Agents. INSOLYEyCY NOTICES. fN THE COURT' OF INSOLVENCY X South Australia.— WHEREAS Adjudications in Insolvency liave been made against the under mentioned, persons. Notice is hereby given that the Commissioner has appointed the followingdays for Meetings in each Estate to be held at the Local Uourt-Hmme, Victoria-square, Adelaide; at the first of which meetings the Insolvent* are required to surrender and make sclosure of their estate and effects, and the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and ote in the choice of an Assignee or Assignees, and at the last sitting the Insolvents are to finish their examinations:— THOMAS MAYO, of Hahndoif, Storekeeper, on Monday, the thirteenth day of April, and on Mon dav. the eleventh day of May, at eleven. o'clock. ' . WILLIAM HOSRIN, of Kercoonda; anear Auburn, Farmer, on Tuesday, the fourteenth day of April, and on Tuesday, the twelfth day of. May, at eleven o'clock. _: WILLIAM .HENRY; BAYE, of Coromandel Valley. Farmer, on ^Friday, the seventeenth day of April, and on Friday, the fifteenth day of May, at eleven o'clock. ,-...., ' ? ? ; ..' JAMtS MACGEORGE. of Adelaide. Archi tect, on Fiiday, the seventeenth day of April, and on Friday,'* the' fifteenth day of May,- at twelve o'clock. ? - ? ? i ??. ' ?- ? ? ? i ? .. HERMANN THEEM, of Bagot's Flagstaff, near Kapunda, fanner, on r Monday, the twentieth day. of April, and on Monday, tht eighteenth day of May, at eleVeh o'clock. . .- JOHANN , CHRISTIAN} TERLICH, and GOTTLIELTEELICH. both' of Belvidere. near Kapunda, Fanricrs, on Monday, the twentieth day of April, and -on Monday, the eighteenth, day of May, at twelve' o'clock. ?- /? - ; :.....'. CHARLES 5UCHAEL' WARE, of Bridgewaier. Licensed. Yictuallehon Friday, the twenty-fourth day of April , and, on Friday, the twenty-second day of May, at eleven o'clock. : -.??-? _ CARL GllSTAyE AI)i)LPH MIETIIKE, of Blurdberg. Kirriier, on Friday, the. twenty-fourth day of-_Aprii, and -pn Friday, the twenty-second day of Mas', at twelve o'clock. . ; . . . ROBEliT, BBOUGHTONi and, SAMUEL BROUGHTON. of MacUuen .Vale, jFarmers, on Friday, thetwenty-fourth day ot April, and on ,F,ridav, the twenty-second day of May, at two ' ROGER SEAE30N, of Aldinsa, Farmer, on Friday, the, twenty-fourth day of- April ana on Friday, the twenty-second day of May, at three o'clock. * ..-..-? . SAMUEL INGLIS, of Adelaide, Miller, on Tuesday, the fifth, day of May: and on Tuesday, the second day of June, at twelve o'clock. MICHAEL CURRAN, of Hindlcy-street, Ade laide, Licensed Victualler, on Friday, the eighth day of May, and on Friday, the fifth day of June, at eleven o clock. ' ??;??:.? PATRICK McENHILL. of Oilbert-street, Ade laide, Contract'!', onJIonday, the eleventh day of May, and on Monday, the eighth day of Junej at ?leven o'clock. CHARLES SEMPR0NIU3WYER,.of Elim beth-street, North Adelaide, Licensed Victualler, on Tuesday, the twelfth day of May, and on Tuesday, the ninth day of June, at eleven o'clock. ; JOHN mSPENUiS Official Am^KC.

GOYEBlTMElfT ADVERTISEMENTS ,? * A DELAIDE WATERWORKS, j iX '-NOTICE is hereby given that MAINS j for the Supply of Water have l-een LAID in the i undermentioned Streets, and that the WATER is now BEADY for DISTRIBUTION :- ' Nouth Adelaide. Jeffcott-street, opposite Acres 900, 925, and 938. . Hill-street, between Barnard-street and south side of Acre 930. , Buiton-streer, between Jcffcott and Hill streets. ' ' Molesworth-street, between Wellington-square and Hill-street . .', , ' ' ' SbuiH Adelaide; . * = Russell-street, Acre 451. . ; liverpool-streeti Acres 558, 559. Mill-street, Acre 530. . Norman-street, Acre 532. ' ; . Little Wright-street, and private street off Wright-street, Acre 459. - Private street off Gflles-street, Acre 603, . ?'. Bewesstreet, Acres 417, 414. ? ' ?- ? ? ? ? St. -Vincent-street, Acres 656, 657. .- ^ , . By order of the Commissioner, - , = . . -, B.iBOOTHBY, Manager. . Waterworks Office. May (yl883. ? : 128mw3:ik TMiVIIGRATlON FROM; IRELAND. A ,' Crown Lands and Immigration Office,' April 30. 18KI. . In consequence^ of the continual applications that are made at this office for ASSISTED PAS SAGE CEKTIFICATESon behalf of persons from Ireland, notice is iheieby given tint such certifi cates willbe issued on application at this qtrice, and that such certificates will have- priority in the order of their presentation to -the Agent in England ; and in the event of two or more .certifi cates being simultaneously presented, then to the certificate having the lowest colonial number. Applicants are, - however, rouiindcd that the. rate of lujuiiKrationnnd the proportion of nationalities is controlled by the Legislature, and are, informed that at the present time a very large number of certificates on behalf of persons from -Ireland are still outstanding. Should, however, the Agent in England be imame to grant a passage in respect of any certificate from any cause beyond the con trol of the applicant or the immigrant, the cur rency of any such certificate can be extended by the Commissioner, on application.'- ? H. B. T. STRANGWAYS, ,, ? Commissioner of Crown Lands and 122-9jrmwf3a , ? .. : Immigration. . ^ TMPORTATION OF SHEEP. X South' Aostbalta, to wit. ) PROCLAMATION by Sir Dominick Dalt, Knight, Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief in and over Her Majesty's Province of South Aus tralia and the Dependencies . thereof, and Vice Aumiral of thesame, &c -N:ft. &c,- Whereas by an Act passed in the twenty-fourth and twenty-fifth years of the reign of Her Majesty, intituled 'An Act to enable the Governor to pre vent the Importation of .Cattle into South Australia under certain circumstances, and for other pur-' pose?,' it was enacted Unit it should l-c lawful for the Governor, from tiiuu to time, and at anytimo thereafter, with the advice and consont of the Exccutuc Council, by Proclamation, in the South Australian Oomnmcnl Gazette, to prohibit the introduction or importation of any cattle, or any particular description of cattle, into the .said Pro vinca from such places and during such. time as should be set forth in sudi Proclamation : Now, therefore, I, the said (lovernor, in putsuancc of the said authority, and of all other powers me enabling, with the advice and , consent of the Exe cutive Council, do hereby pro.-laim, order, and direct that from the day of the date hereof no sheep, except such its l)eihg free from tho disease known as ''Scab,'! shall be authorized to lie im ported, under a permission jn writing, signed by the Commissioner of Crown Lands, shall lie intro duced or imported into the' Province of South Australia, from either of the Colonies of New South Wales or .Victoria:- And I do also proclnim. orjer, and direct, that this my Proclamation shall continue in full force and effect until the same revoked Uv Proclamation in; the South Australian Government Gazette. . ' Given under my hand and the public seal of tho said Province, at Adelaide, this seventh day of May, in the year of our Lorn one thousand eight hundred and sixty-throe, and in the twenty-sixth year of Her Majesty's reign. By command, . O. M. WATERHOUSE, Chief Secretary. ? . God save the Queen ! 129-50jrmt33 IMPORTATION ~OF SHEEP. X. . , Crown Lands nnd Immigration Office, Adelaide, May 7, 18ta. The Public are informed that Mr. H.T.Morris, Chief lnsiHJctor of Sheep. Mr. Watson,1- Sul-- Inspector, aiid Mr. Glenuic, Suburban Inspector, have beon authorised -to carry out the provi sions of the Proclamation under Act No. 12 of 18(11, dated the 7th instant, and that all applica tions for permits to introduce Sheep iuto this Pro vjneu from Victoria or New South Wales must be made to one of those Officers. . , , H. B. I. STRANGWAYS, Commissioner of Crown Lands and 129-FOjrmUB, , ,. Immigration... FkEPASTURING LICENCES. X/ * Crown Lands and Immigration Office, Adelaide, April 8. W-X NOTICE is hereby given that LICENCES to DEPASTURE CATTLE on the Grown Lands in those Hundieds which do not come under the operation of the District Councils. Act, will Iks issued in terms of the Regulations of the 3rd April, 18(8. . ? . Application for Licences must l-c sent in not later than the 1st June next, and must be made to this office, with the exception of those for tlie Hundreds of Port Lincoln and Louth, which will lie received by. the Government Resident at Port Lincoln. . . . ' '? ? Forms of applications can l-e obtained at this office, and from the Crown Lands Rangers. H. B. T. STRANGWAYS, Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration. I01-50rmwf52 AN N U A L LEAS E S. Crown Lands and Immigration Office, . i Adelaide, March IS, 18KJ. j. All Applications for ANN UAL PASTURAGE LEASES for the year 18U3-4 must be sent in to the office, of the Survevor-Gencral on or before 1st June next, in terms of Regulations of 3rd April, 1SU2. as no Leases will be issued unless duly ap plied for previously to that date. II. B. T. STBANGWAYS. Commissioner of Crown Lands and Immigration. . ? , ^_ ? 101-50rmwf52 \TOT1CE TO LESSEES OF CROWN ±\r : LANDS. Crown Lands and Immigration Office, ; . '.- Adelaide,' 'May 8,''18B3. *?'??' Tlie attention of Lessees of Pastoral Lands is called to the Notification in the Gazette of the 7th inst., respecting the issue of the New Leases under the Assessment on Stock Act, and the Payments by certain dates of the various Balances due. ? H. B. T. STRANGWAYS, Commissioner of Crown Lands and 122-'50rmwfr-2 . Immigration.. TWO HUNDRED POUNDS RE WARD.-MAIL ROBBEBY.-A Reward of Two Hundred Pounds will 1* given to any person or persons affording such information to the Police as shall lead to the conviction of the Serson or persons who did, on the 27th day' of larch inst.. Attack and Rob the Adelaide and Mount Gambier Mail. In addition, a Free Pardon will be granted to any Accomplice, not being the actual perpetrator of the robbery, who may afford such information. . . . . -:. : . ? . ? G. M. WATERHOUSE, . Chief Secretary. Chief Secretary's Office, Adelaide, ; , March 31/ltXft- ? 91cv .''IT ? AMUSEMENTS.' VICTORIA T:HEATRE. f , ., Lessee-Mr. A. J. Solomon. ? . Alanager -Mr. B. M. Nathak. i Stage Manager— Mr. J. R. Gbeville. Continued Chance of Programme. ! . . TWO NEW P1ECK3. ' First production this season of the Drama BELPHEGOK THE MOTJNTEBANK, ? ' ' ? and the I^a ghable Farce of ' : -:1 GRJM3HAW, BAGSHAW, AND BRADSHAW, Mr. Holloway in his great character oi ' ' ' Belnhegor. Mr. Greville as Fanfonnade and Grimshaw. THIS EVENING (Monday), May 11, the Performance will commence with the beautiful . Drama in three sets, taken from the French, BELPHEGOR THE MOUNTEBANK. ?? Selections from ' Lucia di Lammermoor,' by tin ' . ., Orchestra. * : To conclude with Morton's Laughable Farce, ? GBIMSHAW. BAGSHAW..AND BRADSHAW, ' Look out for Esdymiok. ? ? \ r PHILHARMONIC SOCIETY.— X HANDEL'S ORATORIO 'SAMSON' will be performed on Wednesday evening next, 13th May, at Aldrid?e's Assembly Booms. To commence at 8 o'clock. ? ?' ? ? '? - Principul Vocalists ? .- ; ' ' ? Mrs. Fox, Mrs. Smart, Mr. OelilmaHn, and Mr. Ball. Conductor— Mr. Linlv Norman. ? '?'' ,? ' Reserved Seats, 4«. ; Back Scats, 2*. Cd. : ' ? ? .. Byorder, ??? : ! '' iaoT32. 0 jJNO. HATCHKTT, Hoft; See.: ? FOUR CORNERS. FOUR CORNERS. ?: - VOVR CORNERS. . ' . ' MAID AND MAGPIE, Stepney. . r . ROBERT GEORGE LAWRANCE, the Land lord of this pleasantly-situated suburban Inn, in returning thanks for the extensive ptronage he has received during his ra»nagenient, bejn to in-, form the public that lie has just added to ; his list of Amusements the old English Game of Four Corners, whicli, with the Quoits, Billiards, Baga telle, good Cricket-ground Gymnasium,- and, fine. Skittle-alley now provided, will be a furthtr in ducement to pleasure-seekers andfpajscrs-by to pav him an occasional visit. ? , ' -.' ?;?;';' . ' '; '..'' The choicest of Wines, Spirits, Malt Lirnion, &-i, always on hand. Good Stabling and Paddockink atthe lowest rates. Hay boagnt and, sold.. Onao-. rille parties and Dinners promptly arranged for. Shootins. Cricket, and Ninepto matches carefully carried out. ' ? ?- ' '' ??'?--?*?'??? ;? For Schools and Club, fetes the tea gardens and grounds are always open free of charge. ' ' Having 'just added several new rooms to the building, he is now .prepared 'to accommodate coilntryvisjtors during their stay in town, Omni buses passing the door to and from Town every five minutes, fare 3d. ??? 110mws38 J~7AST'ADELAlbE ASSEMBLY J ROOMS (TIVOLI HOTEIA-SOIREE DANSANTR THIS EVENING, tn commence at 9 o'clock precisely. Admission. 2s. 6J. ' JOSmlic rpRADES'' HOLIDAY' — QUEEN'S X BIRTHDAY celebrated on WHTTlffOir DAY. 25th May. First day of G AWIiER RACES. EXCURSION to GAWLER. Full particulars in a few days. 123c j

Q B B E N & 'if A D UAM'8 ' NEXT MONTHLY' LAND A TJ 0 T I O N S Al B will be held in the ' , , r! LAND MART - ?-'?' os ,., ,. ?-, June5. FRIDAY, JuneS. V, i Parties are reiiuested to forward partlcnlani ot rroperties intended for this Auction Sale' on of x;fore the 21st inst 129ct LAND AND HQUSEsT ^'~ KEEN A W A D H AM, LAND AGENTS ; AKD LAND AUCTIONEKRa. LANDED PROPERTIES ? VALUED. ???? ^Tr^yIE111123 Du'MaiSt^MSS1!^ ihroughout the COLONY always open for Inspw uon* HOUSES. STORES. LAND3 ' ? SECTlONsT&a, LET or LEASED. , ,. ,„. EXCHANGE ' ? LAND MART, And Land Offices Kins WUliam-strett. ' LAND, LOAN, ,..?'? AND ' GENERAL COMMISSION OFFICES. 1OVKRJJMRNT ) Purchased In acconlance -with SECTIONS \ the mstructions of Ipartiet , «r,\ ! absent from Adelaide. UOVERNMENT \PurcliaswJand Let on Leasa SECTIONS / with liight of Purchase. v SPECIAL NOTICE. GREEN & WADHAM'S ADVERTISEMBNTb ippear in the 'REGISTER' Newspaper on fsk^ERav«^ anj » ???*?; lev GREEN & WADHAM, Land Agenta. .., I70R SALE, a Firat-rato RUN at th» 1- Soutli. known as BINNIE'S LOOK-OUT. ?onsiitiiiK of 37 fkiuiire Miles, situate 32 miles from tt elhngton, good open healthy country with ' erassy flats, well of Water 54 feet deep, together ' with troughlng, and has watered 3J0OO Bheep ilunng the summer; also, two Native Welln, two ? Huts and Yards, capital -Woolshed and Yards, tor further particulars apply to . - - JNO. R1CHAKDSON, ; I21mwfcv King William-street, Adelaide. rFO bo SOLD by Privuto Contract, J- nil that capital Stone-built Dwelling-house »mi Premises lately known as the NOUTH STAR INN, MOUNT kKMAUKAULR consisting of 19 ttooius, together with a Six-stalled Stable, Two Horse-boxes, Large Yard, Garden, and Stockyard, lately occupied by Mr. George Causby. Also, Two .'??ottages and a Shop on the same Allotment, and rhree Roods of Land. The Premises will mjuire -ut a moderate repair to aifswer tho requirements ? )f a Public House. The cost of transfer will be Titling, as the Property has been passed under the Real Property Act. * : . . ? ; f ?: i Also, ALLOTMENT No. 2 in the same TOWN- ' Hflp, and contiguous to the before-mentioned [?remises. Three extremely neat Stone-built Jottages, with Vcmudaha in front, now letting rom 7s. to 8s. per week each, together with Three . Itoods Twenty Perches of most excellent Garden Ground lielonirinjf. The whole is substantially ? Fenced in, and fronting the main »trcct in the nost commanding position iu tho Township of Melroie. ??.-?.?'. A part or all the above may be dealt for. For particulars, apply to Mr. J. G. Walkington. Mclrose, Mount Remarkable: or Messrs. Cullen uid Wiglcy: Solicitors, Adelaide. . Melrose, Mount Remarkable, May4,lf(O. ? 128-'41v8t r MOUNT BARKER.— FOR IMME DIATE- BALE, upon EASY TERMS, . U)W'S1NN, situate in the Main Street of Mount Barker: ialso, COTTAGE and large Garden, and BUTCHER'S SHOP. Apply to ANDREWS & UONNIN, : 119cv ?' Gl, King William-street. :. I70R '^ALE, 1^645~AcreR of LAND, , - , situate at WATTLE GROVE, splendidly Timbered, with large Dam capable of watering 1,5(1!) Sliccp, Hut, Shecpynrds, &c. Apply to U2mwfcv JQ1IK DAY, Wattle Grove. WILL ASTON HOTEL TO bo LET. Apply to H. Avers, Esq. ; or to R. T. Pooh?, ? 887cv T'O be LET, tho GLOBE flOTEL, WALLAROO BAY. Apply to Mr. Bqu'nre, on tlie Premises. 127c T~~6~be'L¥T, a Six-Roomed HOUSET in Ward-street, NORTH ADELAIDE; Stable and Large Garden : water laid on. Apply to Mr. G. F. Hussey, O'Connell-street, or at the house. 12tirawfc A STORE TO be LET, adjoining th» Register Office. ApiJy to J. Crimp, Gren fcll-strecU 117c ^FO bo LET, at NEW GLENELG, a JL COTTAGE, with Paddock and Stable. Apply to Joshua Gurr, Currie-street. 122c MONEY. WANTED, immediately, Twenty NATIONAL BANK SHARES. Apply, staling lowest cash price, to J. A. Bruce, Kapunda. ? 12S'31 SOUTH AUSTRALIAN GAS COM PANY.-SHARES FOR BALE in this Company. Apply to g&mcv . 11. B. COLLEY. Secretary. JV1ONEY TO LEND. LOANS NEGOTIATED. CASH ADVANCED, Iu large or small sums. GREEN & WADHAM. Exchange Land Offices, King William-street. ? ; ? Icy MONEY to LEND, on Property under TorrenB's Act, or on Deposit of Title Deeds. MOULDEN, 71mwfcv 68, K3nx William-street, Adelaide. MONETlENT iifSums of £5, £I(\ £15, and £20, on Personal Becurity, or Deposit ofTitlo Deeds, at the ADELAIDE LOAN OFFICE. 1{I8, Hindley-street. Otwn from 10 to 4. 3mwflK2 SAMUEL PEARCE, Manager. MONEY TO LEND on Freelioldu, Mortgage or Deposit, at moderate rates. 5crmc BOBT. HAWKES, King Williain-street. MONEY . TO LEND.-^Sums of One Hundred Pounds and upwards, *t from 10 per cent, interest. .' ' GREEN * WADHAlff, Land AgenU i Exchange Land Offices, King William-street. ; ; ^mhcT MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security. , ' i ' ANDREWS &BONNIN, ;, 85cv , (il. King William-Btrect. MONEY TO LEND at the Lowest Rate of Interest. ' . : . ?! GILES & HATCHETT^ 108cv 71, King William-street. BOABD AND LODODTQ. ~ TETTY-HOUSE, GLENELG, withiu ?J 60 yards of the Pier.-BOABD and BES1- ? DENCK-Parties visiting the Bay will find su perior . accommodation and attendance at the above house, whether for the day, week,. or month; also; a, Furnished fcfousu to J/cc. Apply, on the premises, to J. Comtek. ' 6t!mwf236 rp,W0 BETROOMS^anT^PARLOUB X .TO be LET. Furnished or Unfurnished, with or without Board or Attendance. Mrs. G. Keams, Wiltshire-buildings, corner of Wellington square, North Adelaide. . x ROOMS for two Gentlemen, with , : Bedrooms. No. 6, Dorsetta-terrace. 12b'31 ? HOTELS ATO LIVERY STAPLES. SIR JOHN BARLEYCORN HOTEL land CITY DINING ROOMS. 81. RUNDLE STREET, ADELAIDE.-THOMA8 UPTON begi to inform the public in general that he has RETURNED to the altovc Hotel, and hopes Di strict attention to business to merit a sliare of public support, . ? , N.U.— Horses and Carnages on the premises. ' ,. . _. ._. , /t 1 ?-: ? lg»-'35v50j JOHN COLLINS, EAGLE TAVERN, toNDLEY-STBEET. Only two minutes' walk from the Railway Station.* ORDINARY daily, Irani half-past 12 til! 2, la, ..?'. ; ??- ?? '?? - ??'- , ;; :,; ;... ni-43 HOBSE8. CAYTL'E, VEHICLES. &o tJ'OR SALE, a Superior ENTIRE ? C DRAUGHT COLT, three years old. 16 hands hiRh, stanch to collar, bv Noble out of an imported ' - marc. Apply to James Broadsiock, Baliabury. _ - t ? .-??'?:?? 'j;-' , 131e 'PURE ALPACAS.— PRELIMINARY XT ANNOUNCEMENT. -Importation into Australia of Pure. Alpacas, -congijrned to J. H. Clough&Co., Woolbrokerg, Mellwurne. : J. H. CLOUGH & CO. have the honour to ? inform the public that they have been- instructed by .Mr. . DuUifild, who '4ias just arrived from Europe by the mail steamer Madras, to annobace. the early-expected arrival of -- ?? '??? '??'?'-? : 650 PURE ALPACAS. : - shipped by that gentleman' direct from South America, consisting of 460 Females and 100 Males, of which about 25 per cent, are Pure Whites. *- They haye been shipped in the Julia Farmer far the Port of- Melbourne. - .'? ... ?!?*;. In reference to the disposal' of this important Stock,* particulars will be duly published; at nn earljdate.:j ?: ;: ' ' .:)'' ... * ? ' -?? '? ??)?' J. H. CLOUGH& CO.. Wool. Tallow; and Hide BroWtrs, : I19mw8c Collins-gtreet west. Meltonrne. \TOTICE.— A : Pair of Good PLOUGH 1- HORSES FOB SALE. Enquire of Mr. Randall, John Bull Inn, Currie-street, Adelaide.