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ARRIVED. I Per Magnetic Telegraph.] Friday. February 27.

COORONG, steamer, 221 tons, Wm. McLean, master, from Melbourne Feb. 25. J. Darwent, Town; J.' Fprnibv, Port, agents. Passengers— Messrs. William Thomas. R. (iiirnev Wooldridsc.

Kelly, Uarlin, Jattrey, English, Taylor, Waiiar, Buchanan, Hon. E. and Sirs. Stirling, and Miss Stewart, in the cabiu; and XI in the steerage. ARRIVED COASTWISE. Friday, Febhuarv 27. ANT, steamer, 149 ton3, F. P. Snewin, master, from Port-MacDonnell and Port Robe. Passengers —Messrs. Love, Kivaz, Meer, Morton. \\ . Dale, and Kearney, in the cabin ; and 2S in the steerage. Cargo- 7 bales, 7 bdls. sheepskins, 1 bale wool.. 39 hides. 1 calfskin, 1 lilul. tallow, it pkgs. sundries, 12 empty hhds., Order. KANGAROO, cutter, 36 tons. T. Cheeseman. master, from Cape Jervis. Kangaroo Island, anil Yankalilla. Cargo-:*'} tons silver-lead ore, Talisker Mining Company: 30 bags barley, Le Messurier; 82 do. wheat, 25 do. barley, Order. CLEARED OUT. Friday, February 27. HARWICH, ship, 015 tons, (i. Franklin, master, for London. Passengers— Mrs. and Miss Franklin, Mr. and Mrs. Tyrell and three children, Mr.. Mrs., and Misses (2) De Mole, Mrs. Rows thorae and three children, and Mr. Curtis, in the cabin. _ PROJECTED DEPARTURE!. LONDON— Harwich, early. From Guichen Bay: Aurora Australia, early. 1 COLOMBO-Venilia, early. MKLBOUKNE-Coorong, March 3; Havilah, March 5. 3YDNKY— Sorata, Adelaide, Fanny Fisher, Florida, Stately, early. NEW ZEALAND-St Dunstan, Aquitaine, ^frlCHEN AND MACDONNELL BAY8 Ant, March 2. PfiRT LINCOLN AND PORT AUGUSTA Lubra, this day. EXPORTS. HARWICH, for London— 1,192 bags copper ore. Proprietors Matta Mines; 511 cakes copper, Pro prietors Moonta Mines; 1,080 do. do. Proprietors Wallaroo Mines; 555 do. do., E. and A. Copper Company; 785 do., 2,172 ingots do., Kapunda Mining Company; 1,209 bales wool, Elder. Stirling, and Co.; 81 do. do., W. Finke; 9i do. do., Dale, fuller, and Co.; K» do. do., Cleland, Page, and Co. ; 103 do. do., J. Stilling and Co. ; 9 do. do.. J. Davenport; 18 do. do., TV Orchard; 34 do. do., Heriot, Fuilarton, and Co.: 5 do. do., W. J. and J. H. Browne; 17 do. do., Giles and Smith; 34 do. do., L. (Hyde; 3 do. do., Uoode and Cussen; 58 do. do., 50 bales 420 bags bark, W. Peacock and Son : 30 bales wooL 4 do. leather, E. J. Speuce ; 30 ilo. wool, 1 bdl. skins, R. B. Lucas and Co.; Oil bales wool, 5 do. leather, W. Younghusband, jun., and Co. ; 25 bales rajs, 01 tons bones, T. Sowerby ; 14 casks honey, 3 do. beeswax, F. H. Faulding and Co.; 14 drums honey, 20 cases gum, 1 cask wine, J. and G. Wilcox; 2 cases books, P. Wells; 4 quarter-casks wine. G. W. Davis; 1 case, J. Rawlings; 4 casks crucibles, Proprietors Wallaroo Mines. _ MISCELLANEOUS. The Coorong arrived at a late hour last evening, after a favourable run from Melbourne. The particulars of cargo will be given in our next issue. VESSELS IN HARBOUR ADELAIDE, barque (British), 331 tons, T. Mus jjrave, master, from Sydney. W. Younghusband and Co., agents. In the Stream. ALBURY, steamer (British), HO tons, Johnstone, master, from Ooolwa. J. Formby, Port, agent. In the Stream. ANT, steamer (British), 149 tons, F. P. Snewin, master, from Port MacDonnell and Port Robe. W. Younghusband and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. AQUITAINE, ship (French). 491 tons, A. Duteis. master, from Sydney. Philip Levi and Co., agents. Company's Wharf. CECELIA, ship (Swedish), 450 tons, Svendsen. master, from Gottenburg. Elder, Stirling, and Co.. agents. Company's Basin. COORONG, steamer (British), 221 tons, McLean, master, from Melbourne. J. Darwent, Town; J. Formby, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. DKVA. brig (British), 244 tons, C. Laverty, master, from Newcastle. J. Rawlings, agent Queen's Wharf. EDITH SMITH, brig (British), 171 tons, Watts, master, from Mauritius. Elder, Stirling, and Co., agents. Queen's Wharf. FLORIDA, barque (American), 522 tons, Wm. S. Arthur, master, from Teckelet. J. Stilling and Co., Town; J. Formby, Port, agents Company's Basin. FREEBRIDGE, schooner (British), S2 tons, T. Langridge. master, from Franklin Harbour. Itobm and Le Messurier, agents. Company's Wharf. HARWICH, ship (British). 615 tons. G. Franklin, master, from London. Elder, Stirling, and Co. agents. Prince's Wharf. ISERBROOK, brig (Hamburg). 160 tons, Schinkel. master, from Port Louis. J. Darwent, Town; J. Newman and Son, Port, agents. Queen's AVharf. KANGAROO, cutterfBritish), 36 tons, Cheeseman. master, from Cape Jervis. Kangaroo Island, and Yankalilla. Queen's Wharf. LIBERATOR, ship (British). (»5tons, G. H. Vollar, master, from London. E. J. Spence, Town; P. and R. Main, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. I.UBRA, steamer (British), 220 tons, H. Ward. master, from Portj Augusta, Wallaroo, and Port Lincoln. J. Darwent, Town; J. Stilling and Co.. agents. Company's Wharf. 'MANDARIN, barque (British). 331 tons, A. Drys dale, master, from Newcastle, N.S.W. E. and A. Copper Company agents. Copper Com pany's Wharf. MET ABB, barque (British), 344 tons, J. Bicknell, master, from MellMurne. E. J. Spence, Town ; ' R. and R. Main, Port, agents. 'MORNING STAR, ship (British), l,2ai tons. C. Matthews, master, from Liverpool. Philip Levi and Co., agents. In the Stream. OSCAR I., ship (Swedish), (CU tuns, F. Larsson, master, from llu.-uim, Baltic Sea. Elder, Stir ling, and Co., agents. Company's Basin. SETTLER, steamer (British), 200 tons, Jackson, master, rom Port Elliot. J. Darwent, Town; J. Newman anil Son, Port, agents. In the Stream. SORATA, barque (British). 373 tons. Jack, master, from Sydney. John Newman and Son, agents. Prince's Wharf. ST. DUNSTAN, barque (British), 4il torn*, J. Wynn, master, from London. Uarrold Brothers, Town: Cleland, Page, and Co., agents. Levi's Wharf. BTURT, steamer (British), 96 tons, Luxon, master, from Port Arthur. Acraraan, Main, Lindsay, and Co., Town; R. and R. Main, Port, agents. Fletcher's Slip VENILIA, ship (British). 646 tons, Paige, master. from London. J. Stilling ami .Co., Town; Formby, Port, agents. Company's Wharf. VERITAS. barqe (Swedish), 53S tons, L. G. Brodie, master, from Lulia and Copenhagen. Prince's Wharf. FOUNG AUSTRALIAN, steamer (British). 96 t-vis, W. Well*, master, from Port Arthur. J. T. Creswell, Port, agent. At the Lightship. ANN SANDERSON, brig (British), 250 tons. Barton, master, for Port Elliot. Giles and Smith, agents. BOOMERANG, brigantine (British). 175 tons, J. Quested, master, f or Invercargill, N.Z. Acraman, Main, Lindsay, and Co., agents. PROVINCIE DRENTHE, barque (Dutch). 617 tons, P. Hockstra, master, for Guam. Elder, Stirliag, and Co., agents. VESSELS EXPECTED. From London. ANNE FORSTER, Clarke, master, loading Dec. 29. COREA, Smith, master, sailed in November. F. G. ATHAUSSE, Pasley, master, loading Dec 29. LASS OF GAWLER, Rickaby, master, loading Dec. 29. MARY SHEPHERD, Budge, master, sailed Dec 8. . PRECURSOR, Thompson, master, loading Dec 29. RENOWN, Wclbury, master, sailed from the Downs Nov. 22. SANGEEN, Knight master, loading Dec 29. STAR OF VICTORIA, Tulloch, master, loading Dec. 29. STRATHALLAN. loading Dec 29. WELLINGTON, Maley, master. loading Dec. 29. WYCLIFFE, Ahier, master, loading Dec 29. From Lkith. MAGDALEN, Andrews, master, loading Dec 29. From Colombo. ELIZA CORRY, brig, sailed December 24. From Mauritius. ECLIPTIC, loading January 10. From Sydney. FANNY FISHER, barque. SARAH, brig. Firth, master. FORTUNE, brig, sailed February 23. From Newcastle, N.S.W. ADELAIDE, brig, sailed February 24. OMAGH, barque, sailed February 24.