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1 Man Killed, 8 Injured in City Riot

Six servicemen were shot, one fatally, a civilian was wounded by a bullet, and two other soldiers were injured when servicemen  

rioted at the corner of Creek and Adelaide Street last night. The disturbance began when military police attempted to take a soldier in charge. Other soldiers are alleged to have inter- fered, and they claimed that one of their number was struck with a baton. Soldiers tried to force an entry into a canteen. Police were called from all station and off leave, and the Police Commissioner took charge. The shooting occurred when soldiers rushed military police carrying riot guns while they were on duty outside a canteen. One soldier, wounded in the chest, died in a military hospital. Those wounded were: — Private Kenneth Christopher Henkel, bullet wound in right cheek and left forearm. Private Ian Tieman, 19, punc- tured wound on the right side of the chest. Private Frank Corrie, 25, bullet in left thigh. Joseph Hanlon, 38, single, Bruns- wick Street, Valley, gunshot wound in right leg. Private Richard Ledson, 35, single, compound fracture left ankle, gunshot wound left thigh, gunshot wound left hand, and shock.

Private Walter Maidment, 18, single, punctured wound, and bullet embedded in right leg. Private Edward French, 37, mar- ried, laceration on head and shock. Private Ronald Cameron, 30, single, laceration on back on head. Ledson and Tieman are seriously ill in a military hospital. Lasted Three Hours The disturbance lasted for three hours. Pieces of timber and stones were hurled at the canteen windows, smashing the glass. Civil and military ambulances treated the wounded and took them to hospital. A number of soldiers were taken into custody by military police. Early in the brawl there fire engines and the fire chief were called, and the crowd, expecting that the firemen were going to turn the hoses on them, broke quickly, but the firemen returned to the station.