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More Street Disturbances

Further disturbances among servicemen occurred in the City last night, but did not assume auything like the proportions of

the previous night. The pre- paredness of the civil police, who kept the crowd continually on the move, averted ugly situations. Some servicemen received minor injuries in fights in the city, but were not treated by the ambu- lance. On the previous night in a riot in Creek Street one soldier was shot and killed and six others and a civilian received gunshot wounds. Several other servicemen were in- jured with batons and fists. The six soldiers and the civilian who were wounded were: — Private Kenneth Christopher Henkel, bullet wound in right cheek and left forearm. Private Ian Tieman, 19, punc- tured wound on the right side of the chest. Private Frank Corrie, 25, bullet in left thigh. Joseph Hanlon, 38, single, Bruns- wick Street, Valley, gunshot wound in right leg. Private Richard Ledson, 35, single, compound fracture left ankle gunshot wound left thigh. gunshot wound left hand, and shock. Private Walter Maidment, 18 single, punctured wound, and bullet embedded in right leg. Sapper de Vosso, shot wound in the thigh. Last night there were several concerted rushes by servicemen to various places, but prompt action by civil police prevented serious developments. Street lighting was restored in Adelaide Street shortly before midnight last night. During the afternoon a soldier was arrested after a window of a canteen had been broken, and early in the night a crowd gath- ered outside the canteen where Thursday night's trouble started.