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THERE is still a good dea to be done by the people of Australia before it can u said with all honesty. »wo w

B.ven tne natives a 'fair go.'' ° I visited some of the fine Gn» ernment schools in the interior I? this State, where three puplk oS of ten are full-blooded abbrK children, and another small m? centage consists of half-ca^' J^ ab°riBl«»l children are m denied any privilege enjoyed hi the average white boy and V/ They play together, share thi same benches, study together «n P°aBir!'er Slng- --Advance Australia The headmaster of the Govern ment school at St. George tow me the average native and' ha» caste student absorbs as much and as well as the average whiti boy or girl, and in some S proved themselves more intellieen and successful than the others'. OLYMPIC HOPE ? At the time I was touring that area, a 14-year-old aborigine gir was creating a lot of interest Thl girl had taken first place In mo sports. A white woman said to me: 'This girl should be ken under close supervision and train ing. Why, you never know, shj might some day represent Austra. lia in the Olympic Games!' All Albert Namatjira, the full blooded aborigine artist, wants la the chance to settle down amone the white people in a small Aus tralian town. In a little house he will spend the rest of his life painting. His paintings will go abroad, and Namatjira will b« referred to as 'the Australian painter.'

This Australian native (morj Australian by right than the de scendants of the settlers from the British Isles) has more rights to a home among the whites, than many of our own number who ion't contribute to Art and Culture, out merely vegetate unproductive!?, Namatjira deserves more than what he humbly seeks. Let him have it! Then, only then, you may heartily and sincerely sing, 'Advance, Australia Fair!'— Doa Carlos Roque, Edward Street, Bris bane. ? Shire roads CINCE the Government sp. proved of the amalgamate of certain shires about two yea ago, what services have the rate payers received in that portion ol the Highfield Shire that was tata over by the Gatton Shire Council The few miles of road in thlj area are in a neglected and dan gerous condition, and are traffic able only under great difficulty. No road repairs nor road construction has been carried out in this area since the amalgamation. Reques for relief, petitions, and complatatj from ratepayers have failed to relieve the position.— 'Interested,' Murphy's Creek. [State Local Government Do pattment Director (Mr. J. A. Sewell) taid last night that l/ii matttc Wat under inveitigation fol lowing an earlier complaint.] ? 'Fair' rents ? TSN'T it time the Hanlon Gov x ernment ceased using the name Fair Rents for its rem&l control department? It Is pub licly known by a name which m truthfully descriptive. »sn& fair rents.' — 'Lover of Truth, | Coorparoo. ? Gambling at fete T AST Saturday week I a^ ?*-' tended a fete in New Fan* lniPaTnot against gambling; « any person likes to risk theli money it is his or her own con* Sm but I do not think chiton should be allowed to participate as was the case on Saturday* quite young ones were placln their oenny bets on under am Over, and several other forms 0 b Thifform of money making J quite popular, and I thinK tna if It fa permissible for one seeUn of the community to turn . N« Farm Park or any other WW place into a gambling place, the rTghtthe5oPtehreSO^mWngh% ?£nfct.L«°Seff 'MS Park. ?