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    Richard Strout and Sarah Ann Cocking marriage
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    BEARE, Thomas Hudson
    b. 30 Dec 1792
    Winchester, Hampshire, England
    d. 06 Nov 1861
    Myponga, SA
    e. Baptism
    31 Dec 1792
    St.Maurice Church, Winchester, Hampshire, England
    e. Immigration
    27 Jul 1836
    Duke of York
    e. Description
    Jul 1838
    severed connections with SA Company
    e. Burial
    Myponga, SA
    m. LOOSE, Lucy A.

    d. 03 Sep 1837
    m. BULL, Lucy
    24 Oct 1840
    d. 16 Sep 1887


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BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. BIRTHS. ADAMSON. —On the 21st November, at Han- son-street, Mrs. J. B. Adamson, of a daughter. ADDISON. —On the 24th November, the wife of Mr. James Addison, of King William-street, of a daughter. ANGUS. —On the 14th November, at Gouger- street, the wife of Mr. W. J. Angus, of a daughter. ANNELLS. —On the 15th November, at Gawler, the wife of John Annells, of a son. BAILEY. —On the 1st November, at her resi- dence, Reedbeds-road, the wife of Mr. John H. Bailey, of a son. BAWDEN. —On the 2nd November, at the resi- dence of Mr. Arthur Sanders, Waterloo Plains, the wife of Mr. R. W. Bawden, of a daughter. BENHAM. —On the 22nd November, at   Kapunda, the wife Mr. W. H. Benham, of a son. BLACKHAM. —On the 25th October, at her residence, King William-street, Mrs. Richard Blackham jun., of a daughter. BREWER. —On the 9th November, at North Adelaide, Mrs. W. Brewer, of a son. BROWN. —On the 22nd October, at Cudnowie, Mount Arden, the wife of Mr. Thomas Brown, of a son. BURFORD. —On the 16th November, at Port Adelaide, the wife of S. A. Burford, of a son. ELLERSHAW. —On the 12th November, at North Kensington, Mrs. Ellershaw, of a son. GRAY. —On the 3rd November, at the Reedbeds, the wife of W. H. Gray, Esq., of a daughter. HARCUS. —On the 28th October, at Norwood, the wife of the Rev. W. Harcus, of a daughter. HILLIER. —On the 29th October, in Sturt-street, Mrs. Thomas Hillier, of a daughter. JOHNSTON. —On the 14th November, at Glen Osmond, Mrs. John Johnston, of a son.   JONES. —On the 20th November, the wife of Mr. John S. Jones, of the Meadows, of a son. KAUFFMANN. —On the 11th November, at   Truro, the wife of Mr. Alexander Kauffmann, of a daughter, stillborn.   KRUGER. —On the 25th October, at Daveyston, the wife of Mr. H. F. A. Kruger. of a son. LESTER.-0n the 30th October, at the Com mercial Hotel, Wallaroo Bay, the wife of Mr. Henry Lester, of a son.   LELLMANN. —On the 9th November, at Tynte street, North Adelaide, Mrs. E. Lellmann, of a son. LISTER. —On the 19th November, at O'Connell street, North Adelaide, Mrs. W. Lister, of a daughter. MARDON. —On the 16th November, at Koo- ringa, the wife of Mr. Geo. B. Mardon, of a son. McCORD. —On Monday, November 18, at Port Gawler, Mrs. W. McCord, of a daughter. MORTON. —On the 4th November, at her resi- dence. No. 1, Wesley-terrace, Parade, Norwood, the, wife of Mr. Thomas O. Morton, of a daughter. NAIRNE. —On the 13th November, at Gresham street, Mrs. Robert Nairne, of a son.   ORCHARD. —On the 24th October, at Bassett Town, Gawler, the wife of Mr. Hannibal Orchard,   of a son.

PRINDIVILLE. —On the 26th October, at Gawler Town, Elizabeth, the wife of Mr. John Prindiville, of a son. RIX. —On the 25th October, at St. Vincent street, Port Adelaide; Mrs. Frederick H. Rix, of a son.   SALTER. —On the 3rd November, at Manoora, Mrs. W. T. Salter, of a son. SANDERS. —On the 22nd November, at Hindley street, Mrs. John Stuart Sanders, of a son. SANSOM. —On the 8th November, the wife of Mr. William Sansom, plasterer, Bowden, of a daughter. SAMPSON. —On the 9th November, the wife of     Mr. John Sampson, jun., Kooringa, of a son. SCAMMELL. —On the 24th October, at Hackney, Mrs. L. Scammell, of a son. SCOTT.—On the 25th October, at Rundle-street,   Adelaide, Mrs. William Scott, of a daughter. SEAMS. —On the 9th October, at Stirling, the wife of George Seams, mason, of a son. SMITH. —On the 11th November, at Woodland Farm, Mount Gambier, Mrs. C. G. Smith, of a son. SQUARE. —On the 19th November, at Wallaroo, Mrs. W. Square, of a son. STIRLING. —On the 7th November, at Hawk head Mains, Sheaoak Log, the wife of Mr. John Stirling, of a son.   WARD. —On the 2nd November, at Barnard- street, North Adelaide, the wife of Edward Grant Ward, of a son. WEHRSTEDT. —On 23rd November, at Gawler, the wife of Mr. Oscar Wehrstedt, of a son.   WENLOCK. —On the 8th November, at O'Con- nell-street, North Adelaide, Mrs. Henry Wenlock, of a daughter. WILLIAMS. —On the 6th November, at the Wesleyan Mission- House, Norwood, the wife of the Rev. Spencer Williams, of a daughter. MARRIAGES. ABBOTT—YELLAND. —On the 30th October,   in the Bible Christian Chapel, Castle Range, by special licence, by the Rev. C. Hodge, Mr. Matthew Abbott, son of Mr. Giles Abbott, of Burton Bews, near Port Elliot, to Miss Harriet Ann Yelland, daughter of Mr. Joseph Yelland, Castle Range.   ALLEN—TOLLEY. —On the 14th November, at   Willunga, by the Rev. T. R. Neville, John Arthur, son of Edward Allen Esq., Kerry, Montgomery- shire, to Mary Jones, daughter of the late Thomas Tolley, Esq., Buckland, Herefordshire, England. ANDERSON—STEVENS. —On the 2nd Novem-   ber, at Christchurch, North Adelaide, by the Rev. W. Woodcock, Joseph Anderson, of South Ade- laide, to Esther Carolina Hadden Stevens, of North Adelaide, eldest daughter of George Stevens, late of Rotherhithe, Surrey. BRIGGS—LEWIS. —On the 5th November, by the Rev. C. Marryat, at the residence of the bride's father, Queenstown, Captain Briggs, of the Victory, to Elizabeth Lewis, relict of the late Charles Monkhouse Lewis, of Adelaide. BURFORD-MESSENT.-On the 31st October, by the Rev. George Stonehouse, Baptist minister, W. H. Burford, Adelaide, to Mary Ann Messent, second daughter of Samuel Messent, of Adelaide, late of St. George's, East, London. CHESSON-LADNER.— On the 7th November, by licence, by the Rev. S. Keen, William Chessou, to Josepha Ladner. CLOUGH-CLARKE.-On the 23rd October, by licence, in the United Presbyterian Church, Stirling, Port Augusta, by the Rev. Alexander Law, James Clough, to Ann Clarke, Warrikimbo. COCK -WILLIAMS.— On the 4th October, at Bryukir, the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. H. T. Burgess, Mr. James Cock, to Miss Magdalene Williams, both of Mount Gambier. DAWKINS-WILKINSON.-On the 30th Oc- tober, at Gawler Town, by the Rev. Thos. Lloyd, Mr. Samuel Letts Dawkins, eldest son of Mr. John Dawkins, of Leam Farm, Gawler River, to Miss Rebekah Wilkinson, second daughter of Mr. John Wilkinson, of Gawler Town. DUNSTAN— TOY.— On the 16th November, at his residence, Rundle-strcet, by the Rev. W. Butters, Wesleyan minister, Mr. Walter Dunstan, to Eliza, fourth daughter of Mr. Samuel Toy, of Porkellis, Cornwall, England. FELDHEIM— HART.— On the 20th November, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Isaac Feldheim, merchant, of Melbourne, to Rachel Harriet, eldest daughter of Samuel Hart, Esq., 205, Hindley-street west. FIDGE - BALLARD - On the 24th October, at the residence of bride's father, by the Rev. H.   T. Burgess, Mr. Thomas Fidge, of O. B. Flat, to Susan Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. John Ballard, Mt Gambier. FREEBAIRN-McDONALD.-On the 27th   September, at Adelaide, by licence, by the Rev. Robert Haining, Mr. John Yul Freebairn, farmer, Alma Plains, second son of Mr. James Freebairn, O'Halloran Hill, to Euphemia, fourth daughter of the late Mr. Archibald McDonald, Tyree, Argyle- shire, Scotland.         HADDY— CAWKER.— On the 6th November, at Port Adelaide, by special licence, by the Rev. M. H. Hodge, at the residence of the bridegroom's   father, Thomas Joseph, second son of Mr. Stephen Haddy, Port Adelaide, to Phoebe Ann Garnaut, eldest daughter of the late Samuel Cawker, of Swansea.       HADDY-CHESTER.-On the 6th November, at Port Adelaide, by the Rev. M. H. Hodge, William Henry, third son of Mr. Stephen Haddy, Port Adelaide, to Mary Ann, eldest, daughter of Mr. Richard Chester, of Queenstown. HOSKIN-EDWARDS.-By licence, at the resi- dence of Mr. William Bone, near Auburn, by Mr. T. Hillman, Bible Christian minister, Mr. William Hoskin, of Wallaroo, to Miss Matilda Edwards, of Skillogolee Creek.   HUNT— DOYLE. — On the 22nd October, by licence, in the United Presbyterian Church, Stir- ling, Port Augusta, by the Rev. Alexander Law, Henrv Norton Hunt, to Esther Doyle, Saltia. HUSSEY— NEILL.— On the 11th November, at       Hackney, by Mr. T. Playford, Henry Hussey, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Mr. Thos. Neill.   IDE— BOLTE. — On the 14th November, at Blakiston, by the Rev. W. B. Andrews, by licence, Thomas Ide, to Matilda Bolte, both of Hahndorf. JONES-CHRISTIE. -On the 13th November,   at the Wesleyan Chapel, Glenburn, by the Rev.   Charles H. Goldsmith, Mr. George Jones, of Light- wood Hill, farmer, to Agnes, eldest daughter of Mr. Alexander Christie, ot Springbank Farm, both of Glenburn, Rapid Bay. JOYCE-BIRD.— On the 13th November, by the Rev. Mr. Wilson, by licence, in the Wesleyan Chapel, Kersbrook, Mr. John Joyce, to Miss Bird, both of Chain of Ponds. KING— BUIK. — On the 10th November, at Port Wallaroo, by the Rev. J. Tallack, Mr. Henry King, farmer, Allen's Creek, to Miss Ellen Buik, of Kapunda. KRETSCHMER-HAMLEY.-On the 31st Oc- tober, at the Wesleyan Chapel, North Adelaide, by the Rev. J. B. Waterhouse, Mr. W. Kretchmer, to Sarah, daughter of Mr. John Hamley, both of North Adelaide. LOW — URE — On 9th November, at Kooringa, by licence, by the Rev. William David- son, Mr. John Low, Black Springs, to Mary Ure, Hillside.   McKAY— YEO.-On the 7th November, at the residence of the bridegroom's father, by the Rev. M. H. Hodge, George McKay, Esq., of Port Ade- laide, to Elizabeth, third daughter of Mr. Yeo, Torrens Island. McMARTIN-KELLY.-On the 7th November,   in the Kapunda Wesleyan Chapel, by the Rev. Charles Colwell, Mr. Peter McMartin, jun., of Lochy Vale Farm, Macaw Creek, to Miss Helen Gordon Kelly, of Macaw Creek.     MACQUARRIE - DIXON — On 13th Novem- ber, in the Willunga Wesleyan Chapel, by the Rev.    Robert C. Flockart, Robert Macquarrie, to Grace Dixon, both of Willunga. PERRYMAN— ELLIOTT.— On the 7th Novem- ber, at Christchurch, Kapunda, by the Rev. T. Sabine, Mr. T. Perryman, of Rock View Farm, Kapunda, to Alice Symons, youngest daughter of Mr. Jeff'rey Elliott, yeoman, Torbryan, Devonshire, England. PLAISTED-TURNER.-On the 8th October, at the Baptist Chapel, Lonsdale-street, Melbourne, by the father of the bride, Thomas Plaisted, Esq., of H.M. Treasury, Melbourne, to Louisa Lucy, eldest daughter of the Rev. John Turner, Baptist minister, Condell- street, Fitzroy. POPHAM— TULLY.— On the 29th October, at St. Luke's Adelaide, by the Rev. James Pollitt,   W. Home Popham, Esq., M.D., to Martha, relict of the late Mr. Arthur J. Tully, of Gawler. PORTER - HOLLINGSWORTH. - On the 28th October, near Athelstone, by licence, by Mr. W. R. Squibb, officiating minister, George, son of Thomas Porter, Esq., of Norwich, England, to Christian, relict of the late Peter Hollingsworth, of Hope Valley.   RAMSAY— SWEET.— At the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. John Anderson, Mr. John Ramsay, Meadows, to Catherine, second daughter of Mr. Robert Sweet, farmer, Bremer. REHDER— STOBIE.— On the 24th October, at Kapunda, by the Rev. Morgan Williams, Mr. August Rehder, Farmer, Tothill's Creek, to Miss Agnes, fourth daughter of Mr. James Stobie, Fife- shire, Scotland. ROBERTS-CHILMAN.— On the 21st Novem- ber, by licence, by the Rev. J. Warner, at the residence of the bride's father, Mr. Frederick Roberts, of Gawler Plains, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph Chilman, of Gawler Plains.     SMYTH - SEMINEUS — On 3rd November,

at Kooringa, by the Rev. Canon Fulford, Mr. Peter     Smyth, of Alma Plains, to Miss Martha   Semineus, of Kooringa. SMYTH-McCALLUM.-On the 7th November, at High Farm, Gawler Hills, by the Rev. Robert Haining, Mr. John Smyth, Son of Robert Smyth, Esq., Bloomfield, to Sarah Campbell, second    daughter of late Captain D. McCallum, Oban,   Argyleshire, Scotland. STROUT - COCKING.- On the 31st October, at the Primitive Methodist Chapel, Strout's Place, near Willunga, by licence, by the Rev. W. Whitefield,   Mr. Richard Strout, eldest son of Mr. Richard Strout, Farmer, near Willunga, to Miss Sarah Ann Cocking, daughter of Mr. William Cocking, of   Kooringa. STRUDEWICK - HEWITT.- On the 14th November at the Wesleyan Chapel, Normanville, by the   Rev. Charles H. Goldsmith, Mr. George William   Strudewick, of Prospect Farm, to Rhoda Augusta Northumberland, third daughter of Charles Thomas Hewitt Esq., of Myponga.   THOMAS— BONNIN.— On the 24th October, at Glenelg, by the Rev. Henry Chester, of Mount Barker, Mr. M. Thomas, of Callington, to Susannah, youngest daughter of the late James Bonnin, Esq., of Brompton, England. TURNER-TOWNSEND.-On the 28th October, at the residence of the bridegroom, by the Rev. H. Cole, Mr. James Turner, farmer, of New Hamburg, to Miss Anne, second daughter of Mr. William Townsend, of Mitcham. VERNER-FOX.-On the 24th October, at the Wesleyan Chapel, North Adelaide, by the Rev. Thomas Lloyd, Mr. William Verner, of Port Gawler, to Miss Catherine Fox, of North Adelaide, and both late of County Tyrone, Ireland. WELLINGTON — WILLIAMS.-On the 2nd     November, in the Wesleyan Chapel, Strathalbyn Mines, by Rev. Henry Bath, Mr. John Welling-   ton, jun, to Ellen, eldest daughter of Mr. Thomas   Williams, farmer. WILLIAMS-MOYLE.— On thc 24th October, by licence, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev. Charles Colwell, Mary Bonnars, second daughter of Mr. John P. Moyle, to Mr. Edward Williams, both of Kapunda.     YETMAN-SINKASON.-On the 28th October, at St. George's Church, Mount Torrens, by the Rev. Mr. Boake, Mr. Simeon Yetman, to Miss Elizabeth Sinkason, both of Mount Torrens. YOUNG-RICHMAN.-On the 24th October, at St. Mark's, Penwortham, by Rev. W. Wood,       Gavin D. Young, Esq., Wallaroo, to Frances, daughter of J. H. Richman, Esq., of Warnbunga. DEATHS.   BABBAGE - On the 5th November, Ellen Susannah, the beloved wife of O. A. Babbage, of   Sydenham Road, Norwood, aged 29 years.   BARBERRY — On 27th October, at Walker-     ville, Mr. William Barberry, aged 40 years.           BARRANS - On the 21st November, at his resi- dence, Mitcham, Mr. Jonathan Barrens, aged 63 years, much respected. BATTYE - On the 28th October, at the residence of her grandfather, John Taylor, Thebarton, of   brain fever, Martha Alice, the eldest daughter   of Ezra and Hannah Battye, of Robe Town, aged five years & nine months.    

BEARE.— On the 7th November, at his residence, Myponga, Mr. Thomas Hudson Beare, aged 63 years, brother to Mrs. Samuel Stephens, The deceased was the first storekeeper and general manager to the South Australian Company at Kangaroo Island. He was one of the pioneers of the colony, having landed at Kangaroo Island in the Duke of York in July, 1836, in company with his brother-in-law, Samuel Stephens, Esq., the first manager of the South Australian Company in Adelaide. BOWDEN.—On the 18th November, Ann, the beloved wife of Jacob Bowden, Gilles-street, of fever and effusion on the brain, aged 49 years. Her end was peace. BOWLEY. — On the 24th October, at Port Elliot,   the beloved wife of Mr. James Bowley, after a long and painful illness, deeply regretted by a numerous circle of friends.     BRUCE.— On the 2nd November, at Norwood, William Leslie, infant son and only child of Talbot     Taines Bruce, Esq.   BURROWES.—On the 25th October, at Nor- wood, Lucy, infant daughter of John and Eliza-   beth Burrowes, aged six months. CAYLY.-On the 24th October, at Adelaide, of diphtheria, Ellen Neame, only child of Mr. and Mrs. Cayly, late of Glen Osmond, aged three years and four months. COBBIN.— On the 2nd November, at Stepney, of inflammation of the lungs, after a short illness,   Jessie Adelaide, the beloved daughter of Jessie and John Cobbin, late Port Adelaide, aged one     year and ten months.   COHEN.- On the 4th November, in Sydney, Samuel Cohen, Esq., M.L.A. for Maryborough, N. S. W., brother-in-Law of Burnett Nathan, of this city. CRAWFORD.-On the 16th September, at Fiji, Mary Ann, wife of Henry S. Crawford, Esq., late of Adelaide. DALE.-On the 28th October, at her residence, North Terrace, Fanny Robinson, relict of the late Mr.? Geo. Dale, chemist, Hindley-street.     DANIELS. --On the 4th November, of typhoid fever, at Melbourne, Victoria, Lucy, aged six years,     and Isabella, aged three years, the beloved chil- dren of John and Rose Daniels.       DIMENT. -On the 9th November, at Gawler   Plains, near Salisbury, of teething and convulsions, after a day's illness, John, the beloved son of Wil- liam and Jane Diment, aged one year.     DINGLE.— On the 16th October, at Campbell's Creek, Victoria, Mary, the beloved wife of John   Dingle, and second daughter of Mr. Philip Davies, of Raleigh. near Helston. DUNN.—On the 21st November, of measles,         Spencer Allen, second son of John and Elizabeth       Dunn, of Mount Barker, aged 14 months.   FLOCKART.—On the 22nd November, at Wil-         lunga, the infant son of the Rev. R. C. Flockart.       GRAHAM.—On the 10th October, at Gawler,       Mr. John Graham, late of Larbert, Stirlingshire,   Scotland, aged 38. HAY.—On the 1st November, at Linden, near     Adelaide, of measles, Helen, youngest daughter of     Alexander Hay, aged 3 years and 9 months.     HERGOLT.—On the 17th October, at Mel-     bourne, in the 36th year of his age, David Hergolt, artist, naturalist, &c. The deceased was   a native of Bavaria; but was thoroughly conver- sant with French and English, as to locality, manners, and language. His general attainments     in the arts and sciences were of no ordinary character, and he has left behind him many a trace     of his mastery in nature and art. As a citizen of     the world, he was just, frank, manly ; as a friend, he         was intelligent, generous, kind; and his premature     exit into the spirit world is deplored by a large   circle of friends, both German and English.     HEWETT.—On the 4th November, at Port   Elliot, after eight days' illness, Priscilla Myra,     eldest surviving daughter of the late Mrs. Hewett,   aged 21 years. The flower fadeth. HOOPER.— On the 21st November, at his resi- dence, Mount Barker, Mr. Henry Hooper, aged 34 years. INNES.—On the 31st of October, at Innesfield, of dysentery, Charlotte Jane, third daughter of William and Ann Innes, aged one year and ten months.       LASSAU. —On the 28th October, of diphtheria,       Emma Maria, second and beloved daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lassau, aged six years and seven months. McCARTHY. —On the 31st October, of measles, in North-terrace, Adelaide, Mary McCarthy, late of     Carha, County of Clare, Ireland, for several years     a faithful servant of Sir J. H. Fisher. McLEAN.— On the 30th October, at Wallaroo   Mine, after five days' illness, of dysentery, Alex- ander James McLean, the eldest and beloved son James and Jane McLean, aged eight years.   MATTHEWS.-On the 14th November, at North      Adelaide, Mrs. L. B. Matthews, aged 27 years, after   a long and patiently endured illness.   MORETON.— On the 20th November at his re-     sidence, Nailsworth, G. F. Moreton, M.D., in the     43rd year of his age.   PARKER.— On the 21st November, from dysen-       tery, John, only son of Wm. and Grace Parker, Beulah-road, Norwood, aged 6½ years.   REEDMAN.—On the 20th November, at Beulah- road, Norwood, the only daughter of Mr?. E. M.       Reedman, aged one year and seven months.     RICHARDSON.-On the 31st October, at her   residence, Mrs. Mary Smith Richardson, relict of         the late William Horsman Richardson, formerly of   Rotherhithe, Surrey, England, aged 50 years. ROSS.— On the 4th November, at Gum Creek, of inflammation of the lungs, Donald Ross, aged 46 years. SHUTE. — On the 18th October, at Tilley's Swamp, Mr. Henry Shute of Basin Hill Farm, Woodside, aged 50. SPICER.— On the 4th November, suddenly,   through the bursting of a blood-vessel, at the resi-   dence of his brother, William C. Spicer, Brinn- comb, near Auburn, Edward Spicer, aged 29 years, late of Kyneton, Victoria. THOMPSON. — On the 14th November, of apoplexy, William Thompson, Esq., (of the firm of   Abrahams & Thompson), aged 27 years, deeply   regretted by a large circle of friends.     WEEDON.— On the 20th October, at Carrington-          street Emily Mary, the beloved child of James     and Ethel Weedon, aged seven years and nine   months.   WESTROP.— On the 5th Novemter, at the     residence of his brother, Stepney, Mr. Thomas   Westrop, after a long and painful illness of disease   of the heart, aged 21 years.     WILLIAMS.— On the 29th October, Jane, the         youngest daughter of Mr. Thomas Williams, of     the Blenheim Hotel, aged 14 months.   WOOD.-On the 3rd November, at 198, Rundle- street, of congestion of the brain, Grace Jessie,     the beloved daughter of Gilbert and Ann Wood,   aged two years and four months. SHIPPING. f'MBER nF INTWtU'LoNIAL Ai:KIV.\LS . -id Deiiarunes , f Vi-stels ;»t \\ V .'-.i\'.v..dc the rubl'tsiilo!) of cur !;u-f S; ji.nairy. A:;i:iv.\i^. . liri'Aimn:-. 1:'. 15. xlKACOLoNIAL AKKIVALS AND DEPAR- | ?tires of Vcs.e!:- :.'. I'-u Adelaide nun OckUt t -t: to Novell. !t : --'i. uu h sive. j t'I(.T. AlMiiVAiS. I'KINCF/A. Ml.ositr, !!1 t« i!?, C. S::;^-!,ui, ! from i'vit L--r.:-. No jhi.-m.-i -\r-. I'arfo j . TUBAL TAJN, -h*i.. .T4 tons, C. (:;:;!., fiom ; Lri'tk'i!. Mo ia.-t«.n^cis. lieiuial ' air^o. ??'?eiulter. DAVID Mt!VEF, sl.ip, M*S t. -v.r. V. Ihillic, ; from I.titli. Imh ia.-ti:i:c:s. Mif-.-cI- ' laiicoiiM'sr^'t. . WFSTBU1-N. fhij-. '!« trr«. A. Prae, fji m i Loi.i'.oi-. One ra::ii;cr. C;i:^o- Mis cellai mis'.l.amliM-. . bTARUUHT. A\--\-. !.'52 tt:is. 1 .. Ht.wes. from Pi'j:et -'? m:d. Ore i.;'s-env:tr. I (V.!j.'n-T?:rlir. ' i . - : RECIAN I'l'l- 1 N. i ri -, 17- tor.?. ( .:. !h:,,e!!, : fr* in Pi.-'.t Losus. No ;?;-..- tjirCis. (.Y.r/o . :. :-Iu\MA-N:s''j'.r.-!DF. ship. :.*?; to;s. A. I). \ Wyiiih:), f:o!'i iJ.'i;:.':i :.^. 0-:^ !?;.--; soi.u»r. yii-u-':!] i'i i s cii-o. ' . LAKL OP HAJ.T-WH-Kf*. I:;;., -2i7w:if. T). : Smith. ;':' in l-\ «? chin r\ o. No p«s- ? senders. 1';-t:--'1\:-. . hKL'DA FHYIFIAKA, Irr'.re r,f«ttn.sO. ' L. L:;i^« -oj fn m r.oiici:!::;-.-'. No pas- i sender'. I'ari.').— Timber ar:.i iron. ' ' ?i-er. Diiv.'MiKKs. | . IX DOKADO, I^.[H', :c;i ten.-, flcrric, for : C'oiolll'.-O. Nil l.S'J-rC'.:-'( T-. C;;V.O— | Canva-. ;?;::; i-ai: of cano iroiu ' Liveri«M-l. ' ' '? I.IVlNi:yioNF. -i ?;?». ;:^ tens. J. Iryn:i, for i Lr.Tjdoi:. \l;-. Vn: ].';. If. Nof-j.^eiift-rs. | Cargo- t'oj i-.-r (-re, !e.:i!, b;;;d: . z:ul, \c. ' ?.'kINI)E1:1.»I.:K. bar«.r.e,!;i7tnn.--, Z^iuuburjr, ? for Ifeiriiv.a. No j ::s-i-i.,ur-. Cnr^t- . Cnw-, ilirr, ainl fait of' civrhuil turgo ' from i.'nt;t:il:r.i^. ' i -. SEA STAK, ship, o'A tons, A. Loutir, for I.on- ! don. T\M) i=i;.--t-ii^i-is. r;;r;.o--V.iH)l, i bores, tallow, copper, (v:;nt'--ue, ic, ! ?'. I'KEST OF THE WA\ K ship. 77 (* tons, J. i W. Elvc. for Lir.iion. No i-s^tL;:cts. | Caruo— W»oi and i op; cr « re. ' I ;. PRINCEZA. schooner, HI f. :-i;ieidon, j for Ouam. No j-.sjsr.en: crs. (V.riro— Cere:;]? and leather. ???'. LADY HAVELOCK. brir, 227 tons, Rithards, for Low'on. No r.a.'suiijicrs. Carj-'O - Flour, timlier, wool, ami kirk. ?ARGOES LADEN AT POUT ADELAIDE FOR ; LONL( -N. I ORIENT, clearc-1 ort November I-I5arl; 14! ? 'is, bones and hoofs 7 ton-., copper 2,ii;0cwt., ! ^igs 3 pkns.. flour 7t'»I tuns, jn;m 7fit'.vt., ph:e- ! . .ires Whales, hardware 2 j)kj:s., bides 4;-7, horns ' -JO, leather 311* cwt., rejaifus J;.' tons, thecj.- j .ir.s 7 bales, sjiecime:-:s Si eases, tallow .-? cv.t., ' inl)er 2fi pieces 1 J-k2., ur.enr.n crated t' j kpt, ! h^at 2Sqrs., wine (colonial) 1O falls., vi i'rXiM; ! ' : .-Vs, 2 cases. Total deolateil value, i,»7.r»75. I ' 'REST OF THE WAV!-; cleared out Novciu1k.t \ Copper ore 241'J tons, wool 2.S0 hales. Toial I -'ared value, £4t!.is2. SEA STAR, cleared out November 5 B nes 11'? ?::-, brandy 7bV calls., copper 2,i-s:'cv.f, copper iclotous, drajiety 3 ca.-es J'our i'2-t tons, hides ? 4. ieatherC2 cut., manufactuies 1 pk^r., si echuens i.Lj.'., tallow 2C tvt., wine 2N jralls., wheat 2j urs., ?t)i 2.14II bales. Total declared % aluf, £4ti,7-'7. iADY HAVELCjClv, cleared out No'.einber 22 - Bark 17 tons, ;kiiir2oH tour., timber h~o pieces, .- -jo) 75 bales. Total declared val ue, £4, 1 S2. AM1CUS, \'ia Port Augusta, clciicd out October :-(,'opper ore ll-li tens. Value, £i,HU. lilELEFELD, via Port Aupu.-tP. cleared out November 2- Copper ore, 5u:cns. Va'ue, £SGO. LIVINGSTONE, via Port Rote, cleared out i scuiber 2(5— Black sand 5 kesp, copper ore 4y tens, :e;a 375 cwt, regulus !!?] tons, scrap iron 20 tons. Value. £2,550. Note.— Tlie three last-named vessels are loading v^ool at the jwrts mentionetl.