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«I»p».fw f^v SHIPPINQ. ^^BB^.- ^ ALDINGA ,{i^-^nSBB» Steamship, the fastest and finest ' -VesS^nthe colonies, will sail for Melbourne on [:':.fp: : Wednesday next, the 9th instant, at 4 p.m., -'?' ! ' ' Her last voyage from Melbourne to Adelaide and r-i - : back, including detention in port, was accomplished in four and a half days ; a feat unprecedented. \\\ .'..': ApPly tO J. NEWMAN & SON. Port. V 2-9 J. DAK WENT, Grenfell-street . '',' . 'V ^iT^T tveduced rates to ^* ^SMfcl^v '*?*' MELBOURNE. '~ 'fct MMlitx^- The Eoyal Mail Steamship . ,. ~':%s3s32£5& BALCLUTHA, ' CaptainHarper, will sail about 12th January, ;—..? 'Saloon..^ ... ...... ...£3 3 0 ? , steerage ? 1 11 6 ' ? Apply to , -j . . ,: B. & R. MAIN, Port: orto ACBAMAN, MAIN, LINDSAY, & CO., - : ; !r ^-asytlgv ? Currie-streeL -:*,1 ;h-3, «^ . ? CHTEAM TO WALLAROO.— ~ Qj ?OSaaJtK^s. -O The Screw Steamer ' --'--'? gy^NBVfp^- MAID OF THE YAERA, .;? '* ' 'Sis»se53» Captain Ashton, wUl sail on Wed us .id; nesday next, the 9th instant, at 4 p.m. t - _ '. Apply to : . ? 1 '?- K. & E. MAIN, Port. ? *.S ;-8*9. ? J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. i 1 . . i *v ^ TJIOR DARLING JUNCTION - ---' «SWW^lr\ -T AND UPPER MURRAY.— ' *?' -V»vft\lv%. The Steamer ? « '??i-:i^ra^ will be dispatched from Goolwa X*-- en the 14th instant. ei -, ; Por freight, apply to . JAS. S. SCOTT, Cume-atreet; or - . v'ft;; ,-.. .: i . A. GRAHAM, Goolwa. j tiJ v:.... Cargo to be forwarded per SteamerSturt [Smwfc ?.???'-? -cL. rr\o follow the irene.— for -fcl**^ A LONDON, Callingat the CAPE '' c '~llZ&&P&t 0F GOOD HOPE.— The favourite ? :! -3ss££z^L Aberdeen Clipper ? - asiLMM^ WESTBURN, v. ; built in 1858, A 1, 593 tons register, A. Bruce, com ... mander. ,»v,iia -This Ship is well known in the China trade, and .. T ^.-celebrated for her passages and the order in which she delivers her cargoes. Her voyage out was 1 * ????-? accomplished in SI days from the Downs. She is ..-v i ,'le fastest ship of the season. The accommodation _ for Passengers is excellent, and provision will be * made on a most liberal scale. . \ She is now 'ready to receive cargo, and will be dispatched on the 20th of January. WSL YOUNGHUSBAND, JUN., & CO. JOSEPH STILLING & CO. ' 345c] EDWARD J. SPENCE. ? ? -*3tefc. T^OR LONDON DIRECT.-The Al ? ''-^-K *\ -T Ship for 13 years, ?ii- 3Hi^ HAMILLA MITCHELL, ??' Ti%v!mwtl. having just arrived from London, ? : ' wifl,'on the discharge of her inward cargo, take ? , - the berth as above, and meet with early dispatch, -j ;? ? For freight or passage, apply to I ? ^ 8cv JOSEPH STILLING & CO. J ?°'^1-. TC^OR LONDON DntECT-To leave Oi ? . J^a^v -T HOBSON'S BAY on the 15th w liESZ&dS JANUARY— Messrs. Money Wigram C ' ' r'iffil™ZczL and Sons' (of ?Blackwall Yard, Lon- Ct ?BBSKsxxsfsz- ^0Q^ gejgi^jjte,! dipper Ship in SOUTHAMPTON, ' 1,100 tons, Al at Lloyd's, B, Tonkin, commander, L . , JOHN NEWMAN tc SON, Port Adelaide. h- - ' J, DARWENT, Grenfell-street Adelaide. tb 3CGwfmllvl2 Si - ;-?* -Ovk T?0R SYDNEY DIRECT. -Th §j . , JtXSB&K X1 Barque £ 'j&Sm} MIAMI J l- '? uJ^ajlu.- 239 tons register, J. S. Edwards, will lo '?i . .-, sail in a few days. ' m , ' * For freight or cabin passage, apply to the Cap- hs i -' ? tain, onboard; or to ki '.-..- , ABRAHAM SCOTT, Adelaide. ir ? ' 4ctx CLELAND, PAGE, & CO., Port. cl ' ' -da. 'I7OR SYDNEY DIRECT~The f. ' iV'JtM&®\ -T Regular Trader ° ??:?'? i^K^ ^ANNY FISHER, $ ?tb^viJtor 250 tons, C. Smith, commander. . tl ''- l This vessel will sail on the 10th inst. Has excel- A] s lent acconiraodation for passengers. S For freight or passage, applv to T v ' T.K BURY, Town; or to tl .'/t 710 J. W. SMITH, Company's Wharf, Port. si -.*? .'--Ch*. 'OOB SYDNEY DIRECT.— The ^ - -^*K ^ JOHN ORMEROD, s i''f lhe&®*& Captain T. J. Sivier. This regular ti - ? u^K^ffl& ^v011'1.6 trader, so well known for . * L ,., the uniformity of her voyages, will \ £?'? have immediate dispatch for the above port. For freight or passage, apply to Captain Sivier, i onboard; orto J 3Sfcv RICHARD J. WRIGHT. Gabert-place. s ilii^Lv TTIOR MELBOURNE, SYDNEY, ,j^|\ X and NEWCASTLE.— The clipper t] KM i*^ Barque ? „ *sl Inflm^ AIKtiVlUA, g: . .Captain Bond, will sail for the above ports on a * ''Saturday next, the 12th instant. p iir.r. : ??-? Ireights to Melbourne, 10s. per ton. p . ' Sydney, 15s. ' ' . c -*? ? ' Newcastle, 15s. ' a Apply to ? a J. NEWMAN & SON, Port. f .«'- 7'12 J. DARM'ENT, GrenfeU-street. \ *;?:?: '^ri 'C1OR 3LVCDONNELL~BAY.— The 3i£ -j^^v J? MARY STEWART, v - i*i JwaliM& J- 'Wright, master, will sail for the t ' wSwowe- above port on Thursday, the 10th r ia inst. c i., For freight or passage, apply to Captain, on r *a' board; orto t ir.y,' 310, HUNTER, STEVENSON, & CO. Jf.'.fii-l-. T70R PORT ELLIOT AND EN- ] -^^. J? COUNTER BAY.-The Cutter J t ? : uCESw^' E. Jenkins, master, will sail for the t f j above ports on Thursday, January 10. j Apply to ? . i . :i;c:. :-?-. ? J. DARWENT, Town; orto 1 ' . v.; &1Q ? R. &R. MAIN, Port. ? ' hIx T?or FfiEIGHT OR CHARTER.- y . J^a^aXs. M- The clipper Schooner 1 ''° :1M$$& REINDEER, 1 j I'-lwwto Captain Young, daily expected from I ' rHobartTown. This Vessel has been refitted and i ^ 'riewfr coppered, and is now prepared to take in a - ?'? dry Cargo. ' ? ... BURNETT NATHAN, Hindley-street. -?- « ^ ^Adelaide, January 7, 1S61. 8c 1 ' ^'^BJSIGHT TO POliTLAND.— ? r»iSj? ''WANTED, FREIGHT to the above port for ' rt'r 12 Machines. Enquire of I w« ? JOSEPH MELLOR, « 1* 7#10v Morphett and Franklin streets. j w WHIPS' POSTERS and EVERY ' ?t'.O-'. DESCRIPTION of PRINTINGgot out on 1 ,[ the,shortest notice, and MOST REASONABLE ^'TERMS. Alanrc Supply of COLOURED PAPER, ! ? ,? COLOURED l5frS, and NEW TYPE. Orders : 'received at the. EeaUter General Printing Office, . -rGrenfell-street, Adelaide; and by the Shipping ' .-Reporters at the Port. ? lev ^~fX-' rn MlRCHAinPISE. « ;i T70R SALE, at the Storea of the under- \ f-J?1 signed- - ?'? Yi !it%U.V.C. BRANDY, Pale and Dark, in hhds. i andqrs. i ?&n *-'W.L Rum, 30 o.n., in hds. and qrs. i Gin, Booth's and other brands, perfectly white, ? in hhds. and qrs. n '?K'Whisky, Islay and Campbellton, in hhds. and u ' Pale Brandy in cases, U.V.C. and other brands e': .'i Whisky in cases, Campbellton, Thin's, &c ,. Gin in cases. Booth's Old Tom, Pigeon's Cream, «=.*? Burnett's, &c. . Geneva ?' Port Wine, Omey's, 4 and 5 grape, &c. / ? Sherries, finest qualities, in hhds., qrs., and . -j -cases ? - hf'' Good sound Port, in hhds., qrs., and cases, at 'S* 'very low rates „ i , GuigerBrandy . 8 T .' Ginger Wine rK- Raspberry Balm ', g( Orange Vinegar, a delicious summer drink *l* Champagne .; S Claret L Hock 'r' Seltzerwater e ?£ Manila Cheroots Truman's XX Stout 1 W. Bass's No. 3 Burton Ale , i i fit Bottled Ale and Porter. Bvass's and Dunbar s. JOHNSTON, FURNISS, & BLAKEWAY. . *fcG:renfell-street, October 6, I860. 312mwcv ^ fXK SALE, by the undersigned — J ' \J SUGAR— Mauritius, assorted, dark, medium, w ,. . . Ifcht ? ? Tea, chests, half-chests, boxes, Congou, Orange f Pekoe - y ?? , Bice, prime Java and Patna. in small bags, Sago Soap, best Sydney, Colonial, Belmont Candles T Pepper, White and Black, Cloves, Tapioca ' ? '. Arrowroot, Maccaroni, Blacking, Pitch ' Blue, Starch, Mustard (best Colman's) t- -. - Sardines, Herrings, Bloaters, Mackerel ? * - Soda Crystals, Hops, Prunes, Cornbags v ' ' Zinc, Dates, Pig Iron, Water-Tanks ? I'Barry du Barry's Revalenta Arabica, 1, 2, 5, . * ' ? and 10 1b. tins K ' ? Brandv, U.V.C, C.V.C, case and bulk, Dumas', -, - Old Pale, in qr.-casks, Champagne, &c- ' ' Rum, W.L, hhils., qr.-casks, 30 and 107 o.p., \' caseJamaice Gin, Booth's and Pigeon's, case and bulk, Geneva . . , . , ? Whisky, Stewart's, Mackenzie's, in case and . f, . bulk ^ ? - - - Gmgerwine, Stewart's, Thompson's Port Wine, hhds., qr.-casks, cases, Gmger Brandy „, „ , ♦ i Sherry, qr.-casks, cases, Claret, Zeltorwater -r -l Hock and Moselle, sparlding and stilL Boom ? kamp Bitters ? . , Cigars, Manila, Havana, Velvet Ribbons, &c. - Ale and Porter, Byass's, pints and quarts, ?? Truman's. ? ?v.lShrscv MARTIN, G AEDECHENS, & CO. T70R SALET^ine MOSELLE WINE, Ji. 32s. to 56s. per dozen. ? MUiDIE & BRANDENBURG, 353c. 73, King William-street^ PORTLAND CEMENT^Knight, jL Bevan, & Sturce's— constantly on hand. . ? JOSEPH STEALING & CO., - 347-llv15 Sole Agents for South Australia. elOALS.— Best English ..and Newcastli ' (N.S.W.) Coals can be had in any quantity, a H. SIMPSON'S Coal-yard. Port Adelaide; or P.££SWICS'SlGieai«U-Btre«t. . 1?

MERCHANDISE. ON SALE SHERRY, Amontillado, Duff Gordon's, &c, - Port, Gin ? ' ' Stout, Whitbread's London . . P Do., . Harper's Bottled ' '';: J Ale, Ind, Coope, & Co.'s Burton, No. 3 — - tl Do., do. Bottled, in pints and quarts t- Do., Flower's Stratford-on-Avon . * Starch, Berger's, Jamaica and African Gmger o Cornsacks, Woolpacks, Orebags, Seaming o Twine ' . ft Charcoal Tinplates, Brass Furniture, Glassware &on Bedsteads, Flooring Tiles, Slates, Cement » Ewbank's Patent Nails, Wood-Screws, Cut . Floor-Brads ?„,.,,,. ' Iron Safes, Shovels, Weighing-Machines J Bolts, Locks, Chain, &c. ' b FRANCIS CiARK & SONS. tc 319mwfcv Blyth-street, Adelaide. R 0,N SALE— 200 Casks DUTCH HER- § , -? RINGS, in yefv fine condition c Lochfine do., in nrkins and haU-barrels dj New Season Ling Fish, in 1 cwt cases ' M 250 Cases BATTY'S OILilEN'S STORES as b under— . ? in Red Cabbage, in 3 dozen cases, pints Walnuts, pints and quarts, 2 dozen cases th ? Assorted Pickles, 3 dozen cases re Salad Oil, (J dozen, half-pints ? tL Ditto, 4 dozen, pints . - . tu Ditto, 3 do., quarts - . -jji Colman's Starch and Blue Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney Soap . York Hams and Bacon — CTeland's Cheddar and Dunlop Cheese . T Colonial and Irish Butter . : 'L J Belmont Sperm Candles ...' th Ogilby's do. . do ? f0 West of England do. and Neva nj SheUard's Tobacco and other brands. : n 361cy P. McRQSTD3, 139, Rundle-street.. . .' ABBOTT'S CELEBRATED STOUT, § -JL New Brew, in splendid condition, justlanded. ft, Cteret, Sauterne, Luiueurs : hi Champagne, Port, Sherrj* th - Saw-Mill Benches, Bottling Machines Finished Ladders, Lancewood and Ash Shafts fa Spokes, Felloes, Cart Arms, Bungs de Portland Cement, Plaster of Pans ar American Buggies, Cornsacks, Ml 25 lbs Woolpacks, full 10 lbs., Europe Cordage Hoare & Company's Celebrated London Stout Allsopp's Pale Ale, ) bottled by Friend and ar Barclay's Brown Stout, ] Co. in fine condition. WM. YOUNGHUSBAND & CO. |n . - ' \ ? 317mwsc ? wj GALVANIZED IRON.— ON, SALE, J by the undersigned— Morewood's Galvanized Iron, tinned and un- th tinned Tupner's ditto ' hii Scotch ditto . D Also Piping, Guttering, Ridge-Capping \ -Hi Nails, Screws, Rivets and Burs, &c. to * PADMAN & CO. Gawler-place. Sfllmwfc. -^ ' ? -*? ? ? . — -st, BUSINESS NOTICES. ' DICKLES, SAUCES, JAMS, &c, an - : FREE FROM ADULTERATION. an The great Medical Journal, the London Lancet, fn l the 4th February, 1854, declared the samples of _ essrs. Crosse & Blackwall were entirely free from. Tl; jpper, and this statement was afterwards fully mfirmed by the Analytical Chemist, Dr. Hassall, wi his work on Food and its Adulterations. P' CROSSE & BLACKWELL, of Soho-square. Ai andon, who have many years enjoyed the high, rnour of supplying Her Majesty's table with en-Manufactures, wish to call the attention of coii imers to the great superiority of their PICKLES, MJCES, JAMS, TART FRUITS, POTTEl) , EATS, and other table delicacies, the whole of GJ hieh are prepared with that strict attention to _ lality and purity, for which they have been so -r ng celebrated. Their SAUCES are universally I- Imitted to be the best exported, and those who .-f; ive once tasted them never Teturn to inferior J nds. C. & B. use none but the best ingredients an i their various preparations, and although pur- to1 lasere may not be able to obtain them so cheaply SI i thagoods shipped by other Manufacturers, the E] ipenonty of quality will be found to more than LI impensate for any increase of cost. To buy a Ls leap article because it is cheap is merely to de irow money away. C. & B.'s ORANGE MAR- Cl :ALADE cannot be equalled; it is made in P* [LVER PANS, entirelv 1 rom the Seville Orange, wj heir MUSHROOM CATSUP also is the very best tat can be obtained from the famed Leicester- .to' lire Mushrooms. - an The above, and all other articles of Crosse and Fi lackwell's manufacture may be procured of toi torekeepers in Adelaide and throughout the Aus ?alian Colonies. . pr C. & B. are wholesale Agents for Lea & Perrins' fORCEBTERSHIRE SAUCE. ? 103wt97 P» ^UREIS AT HA ND! ?J HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. - 34; CORBUTIC ERUPTIONS, AS SORE HEADS ~ AND SCROFULOUS SWELLINGS. T If tliis powerful Ointment be well rubbed into 'J_ le parts affected, all skin disease will be speedily at vercome. It acts not by repression, but repul- cn ion. It enters the system as salt enters meat, nd operates not locally only, but constitutionally - urifying the whole system, neutralizing all de- - raved liumours, and effecting a radical and T Dmnlete' cure. The Pills should be taken as an _£ uxiliary to the Ointment, as they are so prepared w s to act in unison with it, facilitating and con irmins the conquest of the disease.. )IPHTHEFJA, ULCERATED SORE THROAT, _ AND QUINSEY. -* Tlie above complaints have for twenty years I ieen treated with Holloway's Ointment and Pills ^ rith perfect success. The cures have been so tl( emarkable, speedy, and numerous, that these l»j ften fatal diseases are more easily cured by these bd ledicines than even the common sore throat, if aken in time. 4 THE KIDNEYS, STONE. AND GRAVEL. 1 In these complaints the Ointment almost acts -I ike a charm, prodding it is very effectually rubbed tl: iver the regions of the Kidneys, which it will' 3M wnetrateandcive almost immediate relief, while a he Pills should be taken according to . the printed, tli lirections, when the most extraordinary cures may - -e effected by this means. ? ? 1 JAD LEGS, BAD BREASTS, SCROFULOUS J SORES, AND GLANDULAR SWELLINGS. Jl In such cases the Ointment operates surely and st rith a rapidity that resembles magic It should aj -e rubbed into the parts affected, after they have -een fomented with lukewarm water. The unifying and curative powers of this marvellous - mguent have neyer failed. Any old sore, wound, 'I -r ulcer always yields to its influence, and hi cases J if bad breasts or milk fevers its action is wonderful. tf Glandular sweUmgs may soon be reduced- by fol owing the printed directions. a THE ACTION OF THE HEART. DROPSY. w This last named disease is commonly preceded _ » j- irregular action of the heart and 'difficult res- p uration; which symptoms1 are alwa;.'s severe, and ivergo from bad to worse, unless proper means of r :ure are resorted to. In Hollowayfs unrivalled )intment and Pills the dropsical patient will ever ~ ind succour; the present relief derived from the „ ise of these remedies is marvellously quick, and J; perseverance in the steady application of this i* amous Ointment invariably results in a cure. ** Chey act with such energy on the circulation and ibsorbent system, that the dropsical fluid vanishes, ind the sufferer finds all the oppressive symptoms j laily decline, till natural health returns. G()UT AND RHEUMATISM - May be cured with the greatest certainty if large * juantitjes of the Ointment be well worked into the u »mplaining parts, and this perseveringly done for *? iome : time. It is no use to smear it on the skin & nily; it must be got into the system. Take as nany Pills nightly as will act two or three times j luring the 24 hours; eschew the use of coffee, and ill stimulants. When these complaints are leaving ? :he system the virulence of the complaint frequently - t seems to increase. , - _ : r INDISCRETION OF YOUTH. : Sores, ulcers, and swellings camrith cert aintr be ? :ured if this Ointment be thoroughly rubbed all round the complaining parts twice or thrice .a day, . keeping them covered with lin'Sn rag spread with ? the same. ?::?:.; ., ( : The Pills must be taken according to the printed I directions. The blood being in an impure state, ] perseverance is necessary. From humane motives letters of advice will be answered gratuitously. To save carriage, the Pills and Ointment should be obtained in the neighbourhood of the sufferer, and ' not from Holloway a Establishment. ; ? Both the Ointment and Pills should be used in :. ; the following cases:— j Bad Legs Cancers Scalds i - Jad Breasts Contracted and Sore Nipples ] Jums Stiff Joints Sore Throats* ? \ Junions Elephantiasis Skin Diseases Bites of Mosqui- Fistulas S?urvy_ toes & Sandflies Gout Sore Heads Coco-bay Glandular Swel- Tumours Chiego-foot -lings Ulcers * ; Chilblains Lumbago Wounds ? j Chapped Hands Piles , Yaws { Corns (soft) Rheumatism ' - „„, Agent at Port Adelaide-Mr. SCAMJIELIi. V There is a considerable saving by taking the larger sizes. * i . * ?? * . N.B.— Directions for the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each Pot. ' ' 2*v i -r ? ; ? : ? r- ? ? ' ' ? . --'? - C { ' ? ~. — TT ? ' i '''-' Just Received, J TTOMCEOPATHIC r MEDICINES . Jl, ..;?{? -=? ?(?:?? ;mCASES,^.-.: -;.'. '-X \. at a . .. f ENGLISH RETAIL PRICES, - . . ??-.. ? -At .:?--:?.??..': ? PLATTS'S, . , . , ? .:?:.-? :?' Homoeopathic Warehouses, -? . ? 4q * ' 95 and 97, Hindley-street^ XTOTICE. — GENERAL .PRINTING -i-^f OFFICES.— Letterpress and Copperplate Printing bi every description executed in the' most superior style, and on the most reasonable terms, at Ithe REGISTER arid OBSERVER General PBGfT jsg Offices, Grenfell-street Fancy Printing in Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Inks of any and every colour, arid on any Coloured Paper or Card. Posting and Hand Bills got out on the Shortest Notice and in the most Showy Style. Concert and other Pro grammes executed promptly and cheaply. Books, Forms, and all the work required by District Coun cils, Agricultural and all other Societies, executed with promptitude and on reasonable terms. Bill Heads, Mill and Cart Notes, Business and Address Cards, Circulars, Cheques, Chemists' and other Labels, Magazines, Periodicals, Music, Catalogues, Mercantile Price Currents, Pamphlets-Deeds with Plans of Property, and BOOK WORK and JOB PRINTING rs GENERAL. . The possession of the Most Extensive and Com plete Printing Establishment in South Australia, ' and the' engagement only of the most skilful workmen, wS enable the Proprietors to execute ?work, in a'style not to be surpassed, with the utmost expedition, and on the cheapest terms. . SPECIMENS. OF PRINTING of every desenp ' tion can be seen by applying at the above offices. i \ Orders received -at the officesin GrenfeU-street, t? by the Shipping Reporter at the Port, and by the various Agents of the Ikftitff ft&d Wtfrrer m rim ana country. icy t

BUSINESSjJOTICES.   J. M. WENDT, in returning thanks to his Friends and the Public for the very     liberal support they have given him during the past six years he has been in business as a WATCH-   MAKER and JEWELLER, begs to acquaint them that he will REMOVE, on or about the 18th inst, to more commodious premises, namely, 84   RUNDLE-STREET, next door to Messrs. Kings- i borough & Upton, opposite the Sir John Barley corn. where he solicits a continuance of the support - so liberally awarded to him.   68, Rundle-street, Adelaide       January 9 1861     [3EDF0RD CLISBY, in returning . LV thanks for the extensive patronage enjoyed C hhn suice he comirienced busmess hi 1849,*begs » inform the Musical Public he has on Sale a t plendid Assortment of Flutes, 1 to 8 keys; ,' larionets, 6 to 13 keys; Military Fifes, &c. Sic, j I of his own finishing; Flutinas, Accordions, ( oncertinas, Violins, Bows, Guitars, Organ Accor- s ons, Tamborines, Cornopeans, Saxe Tubas, Bas- r ions, Reeds, Strings, Portable Harmoniums, ridges, Music-Paper, &c, &c. ; and Tutors for all struments. N.B.— The Flute Taught, and Lessons given in ? e art of Tuning the Pianoforte, to enable persons . t siding in the country to tune their own pianos, ' ereby saving the high charges., of travelling .: ners. Flutmas, Concertinas, &c, Tuned and i jpaired' as. usual. ?; - ?- . \ Musical Repository, 68, Rundle-street c December 31, 1860. 3U6mwfll .. - E E H I V E S TO R E . — .! J SAMUEL COHEN, in returning thanks to .S e public of Gawler and his friends hi the Country . c r the very liberal patronage extended towards - m for the last rune years, begs to intimate his ? ' tentionof -, ... ? , ;-'??., i $?: : -RETIRING FROM3USINESS : ' \ February, being determined upon' visiting' irope in the hitter end of that month; he has . ? erefore to request that all parties indebted to ' m will pay their respective accounts on or before I e 1st Feoruaiy.' ? - ' 7 -I b. 4C. begs to intimate that with a view to a cilitate his departure at the time named, he has . . ternunedtoClosetheEstabUshmentatChristmas, ? id will . , ? . REOPEN ON NEW YEAR'S DAY, 18C1, ' .( . with -, . .V STOCK REMARKED, . I id for Positive Sale at Prices very s CONSmERABLY BELOW PRIME COST. ; c lese Sacrifices will continue for one month, ?? lena . . i- u SALE BY AUCTION ' n list dear off the remainder. b i C. wishes to impress upon the public mind at this advertisement is not intended as a ' PERIODICAL PUFF, - . t is a bona fide and legitimate J CLEARING-OUT SALE. ' si is Lease expires shortly, and he has determined A make a. , n '?:.i^ ViERY GREAT SACRD7ICE d th a view to the Clearing Off of every 'particle of b ack-dniring Fehruarj'. . a Those who wish to satisfy themselves and -= *' BENEFIT BY THE, SALE i requested to call on and after New Year's Day, t d they will be astonished at the Stock to choose A im, and the . . UNPRECEDENTED LOW PRICES. Ii tose who for many years have patronized the n BEEHIVE ... I II now be enabled to lay in a Stock at such J ices as have never before been paid in South C istralia. al REMEatBER— CLOSE AT CHRISTMAS, REOPEN 1st 6 ? JANUARY, and ' tl FINALLY CLOSE ON 1st FEBRUARY, fora ei IAND SLAUGHTER AT PUBLIC AUCTION. - ? 36lcvt5c ^ PLRST-CLASS BOOTS AND SHOES, J Warranted, Wholesale arid Retail. ' s F. W. LOWER begs to inform his Customers d the Public that he has just received, ex Bris- - iVi Westburn, and other late arrivals, the MOST | FPERB ASSORTMENT of BOOTS and SHOES J TER DIP.ORTED INTO SOUTH AUSTRA- p A^ consisting of all the most recent fashions in si .dies' Kid, C:ishmcre, Satin Fnancais, and other scriptions of- Boots; Children's Kid, Memel, i Dtli, and Cashmere ditto; Gentlemen's Dress ' ttent Kitl, French Calf, &c. All first-class and & irranted Goods. . a F. ^y. L. has also received a large quantity of j iv-priced Goods, consisting of Ladies- Coloured e d Black Cashmere Elastic and Lace Boots, ditto tl ench Cashmere Elastic Shoes, and other sorts d j numerous to particularize. All well sewn, and will be sold at extremely low f ices. : Inspection will convince any one that this is no q Remember the Address — - ? ? LOWER'S GOLDEN BOOT, , T Jcv King William-street, and 55, Rundle-street. )OOTS LOWER THAN EVER.— ) Colonial-made Wellingtons (Wallaby fronts) 32s. per pair, and all other Goods equally cap, at ALFRED SILVER'S, 132, Hindley-street west 2(5!-c Nest door to Mr. Graves's, grocer. -i )RASS CASTINGS. —Mill and J ?* Machine Brasses, of every description and st metal, at ls. 9d. per lb. ? ? , GEO. WYATT, ; 291cv Adelaide Foundry, North-terrace. ? ) ATHS.— The ROYAL, i .VICTORIA J FLOATING BATHS for Ladies and Gen jnien are now open to the Public, adjoining the ridge, Port Adelaide. Plunge and Shower Baths, . I. ; Towels, 2d. ; Season Tickets, £1 ls. ( 320wsc C. L. LUEHRS, Proprietor. ) )EM0VA L.— T. BARLOW, and ^ SONS, COACHBUILDERS, beg to inform . ieir friends and the public that they have RE OVED from Hindmarsh-square to new and more itensive Premises, RUNDLE-STREET, opposite j te Tamtock buildings. ? 2Stiuiwftl0v308 ?- -^ 7 AST TORRENS WINEMAKING ! -i AND DBTILLATION COJIPANY '' (LI- ' 3TED).-F0R SALE, at their Cellars, Nelson- 1 reet, Stepney, about 7,000 gallons of HARVEST I id other WINES, of the Vintojre 1859. ? i Apply to J. F. FREU15ENBERG, ~- i 301tl9rwh23 .Manager. i CE.— ICE on SALE at the ICE ' - MANUFACTORY, Franklip-street; price 2(L 1 3d. per lb., according to quantity. -. - - ' Subscribers of £1 ls. per month, and resident in - delaide or the Environs, will receive 30 lbs. eekly in two deliveries per week. Subscriptions .: nyable in advance!. . ? ? : ' Ice-Chests for Sale. 277c .' TARPAULINS. TARPAULINS.— L BIPORTANT TO FARMERS. JOSEPH ALLEN; Tent and Tarpaulin' Maker, I, King William-street, has on -hand a large 3sortment of the above, at very low prices, from )s. upwards. . . ? N.B.-^-Orders executed on the shortest riotice. ?.?:.:? ..r--' ?^??- ?'?? ?? ?? '- 347cv ; ? rO SETTLERS .- and' Others.— FOR SALE, aPATENT CONDENSING APPA RATUS' (complete), with all the Latest Improve lents, ex Schan Jehan,' capable of condensing ,000 Gallons . of. Pure jErated Water -per day. ipply to Joseph Coleman, Exchange Hotel, Port ? '_ ? 5cv rO GROWERS and CONSIGNORS of FRUIT.— The undersigned are prepared to teceive CONSIGNMENTS of FRUIT. Accounts endered anjl cash remitted with punctuality. KNIGHT BROTHERS, ? ' Western Market ?Melbourne, November 28, 1860. 349tl2 rO MILLERS,^ENGINEERS, &c.-- .LEATHER BELTING, Machine-Wire, Mill Mils, Brushes, Rivets and Burrs, Patent Packing, Ungine Oil, Wood Shovels, Catgut, &c. . Galvanized Waterpipes of various sizes. t MARTIN & SACH. ?3&itl2rmwf4 80 and 82, Hindley-street ? X'O MOTHERS, SURGEONS, and -L- NURSES. -^CROAVDER'S PURE ''FLUID MAGNESIA, warranted superior in quality to any imported, and sold retail by most Druggists and Storekeepers, in quart botttles, at 3s. each (half price of Murray's), and wholesale at the Manufac tory, Franklin-street. ,1a; O BOOKBINDERS and Others.— FOR- SALE, a MACHINE for PAGING ACCOUNT-BOOKS, CHEQUES, &c, &c, with the latest improvements. ? . -- - ?.?-.. ;; 32Sq . JOHN HOWELL,. Rundle-street. OAlkLATEURS in OLL PAINTING. —A fresh Supply of Material at*. - ' &9q R S. WIGG'& 12, Rundle-streetl mO -.: ARTISTS and Others:— OILS, I-.-L-I .OIL COLOURS,' TOOLS,- BRUSHES, PALETTES, and EASELS, - &&, in great va riety, 'at;- ? .?? - ' 'i '-' '- ' ''?'?? ?' '? : ??-.?'?' --?-??? ? ;-;6318q = 'PLATTS'S, ffi and 97, Hindley-street - mo ADVERTISERS intheREGISTER X -—The following is the SCALE of DISr COUNTS on Advertisements in the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN REGISTER (daily paper), which has been in «se for upwards of six years :— On 3 insertions— lid. in the Shilling, or 12Jper cent ? ?'' , ' , .T:,'.\ ? On 4 uis^rtions— 2d. in the Shilling, or 165 per cent. ? ': '...:. :, -.' '.', ? .? On 5 insertions— 2Jd hi the Shillhig, ,pr 20J per cent. ' ' ?;;:''.''.-.-? -;' =-' '.''..':'..!....', ?' On 6, 7, and S msertions-r 3d. '.in''the! SMIline;*. or 25percent. '^; ' '.,'.'?';'' ?'.' , '???': On 9, 10, and 11 insertions— 31d. hi the Shilling, or 29ipercent. ??-??-'- ;_ . On 12, 13, and 14 insertions-^4d. hi the Shulinfe or 331 per cent. . ' : ' ' ? ? On 15, 1(5, 17, and 18 insertionsr-ild. mtheShiling, or 37*- per cent. ?' .... On 19, 20, and 21 insertions— 5d. hi ,the ShiDing, or, 41| per cent. - ' - : On 22 and 23 insertions— SJd, in the Shillhig, or 451 per cent .'.-. . :.- ? . Mo-7H, or 24, 25, and 2& hisertions--6d. hi the Shilling, or 50 per cent. . .: Six Weeks, or 39 insertions— 6id. hi the Shilling, or 54i per cent. _ .--..? Two Months, or 52 insertions— 7d. hi the Shilling, or 58} per cent . ': ' ' , Titree Months, or 78 insertions-T-8d. in the Shil ling, or 661 per cent ' ' J ;. , . The Scale of Charges is as follows:— - Two lines _ ? OneShiffing, \ - Three lines ? One ShiULng and Sixpence, Four lines ... „. Two Shillings. ' : ? FjveUnes ... ... Two Shillings arid^ixpence Six lines ? Three Shilhng8. -. - EaeU (wo lines more Sixpence,

___ :biisinessihotices. i_i_.-v pENUINE KEROSLNE OLL.— A ' ^X Fresh Supply of Best American Kerosine - 3il just received, of very superior quality, price of ( rhich is considerably reduced. ?? ^ Cost of burning guaranteed not to exceed 2tL for i our and' a half hours for the small size burner ierosine Lamp, and 3d. for four and a half .hours or the large size burner. . -i The h'ght given by the Kerosme Lamps, if this )il is used, is most beautiful, and quite equal to J IIS A large lot of American Brooms also just to . tandVand to be sold oil' at a Reduced Price. -, 3 N SALETby the Undersigned^— Brass j] ; Force. and Lift and other PUMPS, Lead tl 'ipnig. Sheet Lead, Zinc, Glass, Raw and Boiled tl )ih White Lead. Varnish, and Colours of every de- T enption, at Reduced Prices. Expenedced Work- qi aen sent to any part of the Colony. ? . _ HALL & CO., ' - 16, Hindley-street, next door to the' 266cv - Blenheim HoteL _?_ ^RDER FROM YOUR GROCER, J SQUARE'S SOAP. 5c ; ; ^N SALE (may be seen at the Pirie-. ?! street Brewery), Splendid WATER-TANKS/ \ \ apable of holding 400 Gallons. - ; ' ' 7'12v , 3~t¥t ers. oysters.^'-;. Finest and Largest Port Iincom, at- n TUARTS DINING ROOMS, 83, Riindle-streef, ^ pppsite the King of Hanover. N.B.— A Fresh Supply every day,: 357't81 p 71HRISTMAS PRESENTS, «i. ' CHRIST3IAS PRESENTS. M NEW YEAR'S GIFTS. g, NEW YEAR'S. GIFTS. d! Just Unpacked, an Immense Variety of - IRITISH and FOREIGN FANCY GOODS of the 1 atest Designs and most Beautiful Workmanship, J t '- ' ? ' ...... ? 'N C. P. EYMER'S; 45, Rundle-street, jj 354c : Opposite the Globe Inn. _ ^COTT'S CREEK FIREBRICKS.— I -3 ENGLISH & BROWN beg to inform the 'Vl 'ublic that they have on Sale and keep a regular C upply of FIREBRICKS, manufactured at Scott's reek Smelting Works, near Nairne. ^ These Bricks have been fully tested, and are in l se in the above Smelting Furnaces, and arewar inted to stand as well as the best imported Stour ridge or Welsh. 33Brmwfcy . ENGLISH & BROAYN. 'vi A GENTS IN M;ELBOUR'Fe;— £ ?A.' Messrs. GORDON & GOTCH, of Colh'ns- k( ;reet west ? Melbourne, ? have been appointed ' gi -GENTS in Victoria for the Register and Observer ? ot ewspapers, and are authorized to collect Accounts He.'- Advertisements and Subscribers' names will oi e received by them, and -will meet with prompt pt ttention. oi fEFFERSON STOW, AUCTIONEER, ' I VALUATOR, LAND and COMQIISSION at -GENT. . : '? -' ? -' ? . pi Communications' to be addressed to 'the 'Globe .. in, Rundle-streefc , 320c BONES BOUGHT in Large and Small / Quantities, at L. MEHRTEN'S Steam Bone V rushingMills, Dulwich, near the Racecourse, or t-i iF.WURM^, Grenfell-street. iJ Parties wiUing to buy on .Commission, in To\vn r Suburbs, can enquire for particulars at either of j, le alwve places. ? ? . ? ? ' ' '? ! ? - Always on hand, GENUINE BONEDUST, Tl ither at the Mill; or Store of ' ?; . Y 32Smwf tSt FRED, WURaf, Grenfell-street ^ f-AGS. RAG^.— The Highest; Pricey M *J given for Old Rags at the Store behind the ivingsBank, King William-street ??;??? -m i 4 December 14, 1800. ' ; ? 350c. ri) REGISTER AND OBSERVER LV GENERAL PRINTING. OFFICE, GREN- - ELL-STREET.— The' Cheapest and most Exten-- 1 ve Establishment in South Australia. , ?- . 1 . , J ^ ENERAL PRINTING OFFIQES.— '! JT PKIN11NG of EVERY DESCRIPTiON ex-: hi :uted NEATLY, CHEAPLY, and PROMPTLY h i the REGISTER and OBSERVER GENERAL ' REfTING OFFICES, Grenfell-street, the most ' / stensive Establisliment in South Austraha,' where V le most skilful hands are engaged, and every en- w eavour made to give satisfaction. ; lev, T H E O D O L I T E. — FOR SALE, Mitford's Traversing Theodolite, with Staff   omplete.       338q JOHN HOWELL, 4, Rundle-street. . THERMOMETERS for Household Use,   Brewers, and Chemists   Do., Maximum and Minimum     Ship Barometers       Cottage Barometers, 21s     Handsome Portable Barometers   Pocket Microscopes.     226q E S. WIGG, 12, Rundle-street.     PIANOFORTES. PIANOFORTES.—   C. PLATTS has ON SALE—     An elegant Collard & Collard Cottage, 6 7/8 octave. A beautiful 7-octave Cottage, in handsome rose-   wood case, carved trusses, check action, &c.,     by Schluter.                   Two very handsome Rosewood Semi-Cottages,   by Retzman and Notting & Co. And several others by Holdernesse, Broadwood,   Stodart, &c., all at very low prices.     * * * Pianofortes to Let on Hire. 304q     STEREOSCOPES AND STEREO- SCOPIC VIEWS, quite new, and very cheap.   DEHANE'S,         4q King William-street.       WHITE ANTS.— GAS. TAR: —The !n Tar resulting from the manufacture of Gas rpm Resin 'Oil isiound effectual in preserving -^ Pimber from the ravages of the White Ant and is s -eing used for .that purpose, by, the Telegraph De- r -artment to protect the posts carrying the wires. Che Tar wuTbe found invaluable for treating the ? wttoms of posts in fencing, joists, &a, in flooring. ' Jokl at the JRegister and Observer Officss, in quan ities not less than 5 gallons, at 2s. per gillon ; and - n single gallons at 2s. 6d. per gallon. The vessels or the tar to be brought ? jcv ^ WANTED to PURCHASE, a good I ^Second-hand BOX MANGLE. Address, stating price, to H. S., office of this paper. x ' PRINTING INKS.^-FOR SALE, at. t( L... the Register and Observer General Printing t Dffice, Grenfell-street, the following Printing Inks, ( it English prices:— # *\ Black, at 2s. 6d., 3s., 4s., 5s., andCs. i Dark-Blue, at 3s. c . Cobalt Blue, at 3s. 6d. ? Red, at 5s. ., ] Green, at 3s. ? ' ' . . - Superior Red, Blue, and Green, for Cards and . Circulars,, at 8s. (tq 10s., 6d.. - ] 'DRAPERY AKD CL0THHTG~ .j JANUARY ARRIVALS OF J DRAPERY.-G- & R. WILLS & CO. bee to inform the TRADE that thev have now landing ? Forty-six Cases anil Bales ex V.erulam: Fifty-four Cases, Seven Bales, and Thirteen Trunks, ex ?? Countess of Fife; Sixty-six Cases, Nineteen Bales, J Thirty-three Trunks, ex Hamilla Mitchell. J The whole of the above being the purchases of 1 Mr. George Wills in the British marke s, they J respectfully request an inspection of these Goods.' : ? 8cv PETER CUMMING AND . SON respectfully intimate that they have Just Opened a Large Assortment of—1 »? BLACK and1 DRAB SATIN HATS - Drab Merino, ) DrabSheU, -in Wide and Narrow Brims. ; Mixed Alpacas, ) ^ ' Also, : PANAMA, CABBAGETREE, and FRENCH FELT HATS in great variety. BOYS' and YOUTHETFELT HATS and CAPS in the Newest Style. Their »miINERY~l3H0W-R00M is now replete with every Novelty for .the Season jn CRINOLINE, STRAW, BRADD, and other FANCY BONNETS; also, LADH^S', MISSES', and CHILDREN'S HATS, in Violet Queen's, and Turban Shapes. „. RIBBONS, FLOWERST.FEATHERS, HEAD DRESSES, andA WREATHS, MOURNING BONNETS, CAPS, &c, always on hand. ?They have also Just Received a Large Stock of FRENCH MUSLIN FLOUNCE DRESSES of the Newest Designs; MOHAIR and other SUMMER MANTLES. All carefully selected by Mr. Alexasdee Cumiikg in the British Markets. 21, mNDLEY-STREET, and KAPUNDA. 1 ? -???.. ^5,^ SELLING OFF.— BANKRUPTS STOCK OF DRAPERY,. CLOTHING, &c. | JOHN HODGKISS & CO. are now SELLING OFF the Entire STOCK-IN-TRADE of Mr. J. J. CoBBUf (Insolvent), just purchased by the Adver tisers at a Discount of THIRTY-THREE PER CENT. ?'??'?. '. ' In addition to the above J. H. & Co. will offer several large lots of Summer Goods decided Bar ^fote- : JOHN HODGKISS & CO., . 26, Rundle:street, opposite the Norfolk Arms. ? ? ? , ? 345cv_ LOST AND FOinn). FIVE POUNDS REWARD.— LOST, on Saturday last, from Globe Inn, Gawler j Town, Five Horses, viz. :— One Black MARE, I branded A with ~- over off shoulder, B. off thigh; One Black HORSE (very fat), Roffthigh; Chesnut MARE, R off thigh: Chesnut COB, R off thigh: Chesnut PONY, R off thigh. One Pound per head on delivery at any of Rounsevell's Stations, xv. ONE POUND REWARD.— LOST, between io o'clock on Saturday evening and 7 o'clock Monday evening, £11 (two Fives and a One), old Notes. Whoever will bring the same to Mr. R. G. Clark, North Adelaide, or to this office, -, will receive the above reward. ? 8'9 TEN SHILLINGS REWARD.— LOST, in the neighbourhood of the Mechanics' Institute, a small GOLD LOCKET. The. above reward will be paid on delivery to D. arid J. Fowler, 45, King WuUam-Btreet 8^9^ F'OUND, on Monday, 7th inst., a Roll ' of BANK NOTES. Enquire at F. H. Fauldjflg's, 5, EuildJe^stieet, X - '?? ) .{--_ ;..:..: -...?'^??.-.:.;^::-.v.icj'

COMPANIES AND SOCIETIES. \TATIONAL BANK OF AUSTRAL IA ASIA.-A BRANCH of this Bank will be ? )PENED at MOUNT BARKER on 'Wednesday, nd January next, under the temporary manage lent of Robert Nairne, Esq. i FREDERICK WRIGHT, Manager. Adelaide, December 27, 1860. 363t31v i DER MA N E NT EQUITABLE t L BUILDING -AND INVESTMENT SO- v EETY.— The MONTHLY MEETING for the ALE of SHARES wiU be held at the Office of the i ociety, 39, King William-street, on Wednesday, t ;h instant, at 8 o'clock p.m. 4a9. ? F. J. BOTTING, Chairman. 3ER1VIANENT LAND AND BULLD- * - ING ASSOCI ATION.-The usual MONTHLY EETING and SALE of SHARES will be held at ie Thistle Inn, Weymouth-street, on Wednesday, -', te 11th instant, at 8 o'clock precisely ; after which pro Directors will be Elected in place of those dis- J ialified. * t] 7'9 GEORGE SnT.LER GALLEY, Secretary. - h EDUCATION; ^ 2EMINARY FOR. YOUNG LADIES; - 3 169, RUNDLE-STREET. :? ?. Miss PHTTJJPS and Miss JAMES beg to 1 inounce that the Young Ladies of their Esta- J ishment will Reassemble on Monday; ; the 14th j PHE YOUNG LADIES of Mrs. e WHTTBY'S ESTABLISHMENT are ex- - :rted to Reassemble on Monday, the 14th inst. \ Two vacancies for Boarders, weekly or otherwise. ^ Camngton-street, SonthAaelaide'. ? 9'14v. ? a( HAVISTOCK COLLEGIATE AND ^ L COMMERCIAL SCHOOL.-The Rev. P. L ERCER being about to leave the Colony, this :hool will NOT be REOPENED after the Holi- 1 \ys. ? . -??''? x J 1EM0VED, from Strangways; House, }| Ward-street to Wilcox's Cottages, STRANG- - AYS-TERRACE, Mrs. HAY, TEACHER of y, USIC and SINGING. . . - - 9mwf21 J. dTRS. T. B. BARNARD wilf lie happy a M- to receive her PUPILS at her Residence, ai rard-street East near the New Congregational A lapel, North Adelaide. ..:;.?- ?. ai January 7, 1861. . ???- ???;: 914 , ?. 1TEYM0UTH- STREET SCHOOL, ' rt ADELATDR ' ' : /» . Conducted by Mr. R. C. Mitton. «: \ / The course of tuition comprises -Reading; \ riting, Slate and Mental Arithmetic, Grammar, jpgraphy, History, Algebra,. Geometry,'Mensu- tion, Land Surveying, Slapping, Drawing,' Book eping, Vocal Music, Latin, .Jne Modem Lan- o [ages, the 'Elements *of. Physical Science, and — her subjects of general utility. ' ' ? ? ' -* 1 The following is extracted from the last Report J the Board of Education :— .' This School is sur-- - ssed by none, either as regards the attainments its conductor, the extent of the educational urse supplied, or its high state of organization id discipline. The good ettects of the system are Linirably seen in the remarkable progress of the' ? Sils.' - . ? ? '?' ~ .; ; .t uties resumed January 9th. ' ? ; ;. I ; Terms on application.. .. . 366'19mwf23 ' : ^AWLER PLACE, Rundle^treei— T ESTABLISHMENT FOR THE EDUCA ON OF YOUNG LADIES. - ?= : ????. Conducted by Mrs. FERNELEY.r ! - : ; The Duties of the School will be Resumed Mon-' y, 14th instant : . '-?:'-:~$2il : rS. HENRY DAVIS'S v ESTAB-! [ LBHMENT. FOR YOUNG LADD3S, orth and East Terraces. ' ; -^ , i-,t. - The Duties of the School will be Resumed on ohday, January 14, 18b'l. The' Terms . f or a superior EngUshr Education, ^ th Latin if requbed, are— '' ? ' - .-l^--^:' ??* ? -,; - 1 To Morning Pupils '..: .£3 -3s. perquarteri J To Boarders ? £14 14s. --',.:» ?-? ? . ?'?-.. ---f- ' ' ' ? ;; 366-J4vl2 ? ; ^RSKINE HOUSE, GLENELG.— \ It The YOUNG LADDSwUl REASSEMBLE ter the Cliristmas Vacation on Mondays the 14th o , January,- 18(51. :MISS FORSAYTH will be at a -me every Monday and Saturday during the olidays. , 'v ; ' 348cv A ^ LENELG EDUCATIONAL INSTI- - T TUTK— The Pupils of this Establishment ( ill Reassemble on Monday, January 14, 1861. ' ? K 3glcv. . ; ? J. MOBDEY MITCHELL.. foRTH ADELAIDE EVENING J ~ SCHOOL, JEFFCOTT-STREET.—TheSchool c ill be R&OPENED on Tuesday next, Jan. & L48 a i D E L A I D E I N S T I T U T~I O N J[ i- !.-? ' FOR THE ; ?'? ' EDUCATION OF YOUNG LADEES, Penningtour-terrace, North Adelaide. - Lady Superintendent, Mrs. J. SLBELL. ' Tiic Institution will be Reopened on Thursday, te'lOth January. . ..- . 359tl6v5-12 'u i DELAIDE EDUCATIONAL LNSTI- ? X TUTION.— The Duties 'of this School will : Resumed on Thursday, January 17. ?' f A few vacancies for Boarders. ??'-'- 319v ' ;;... .OUTER YOUNG. j PHE -Rev. F. EVANS will be prepared 'i «-' to take PUPILS at his Residence, Wood- i; ille, on and afterthe 14th instant 2mwfl4 , ':? ^cotch schoolTIsturt-street. Pi —The Pupils attending this Estabfishment ; illEeassemble on Monday, 7th January,- 1861. - 363mwft7 ? W. it LAURD3, Master. ^HAJKLTON. HOUSE, GLENELG.— ~- JOSS MITCHELL, as Successor- to' the [isses DEANEjbegsto iinnounce that herPupUs ill Reassemble on January 16th. ?' V . . ?' Prospectuses may beliadon application; and at Figg'a, Rundle-street^- and at Ilarshall's, Currie treet- ' ' ? -- '?' ?' ^ftBriiyfcY .;-. THE FELLENBERG CO5IMERCIAL i- SCHOOL.— The Duties of this Institution ?ill be Resumed on Monday, the 14th January. 4twfml4 ??-; ..,-. . ;J0HN MARTIN. ,. V/TR. F. BASEDOW'S ENGLISH and JJ- GERMAN SCHOOL at TANUNDA will teopen on Monday, the 14th instant A few Soarders can be admitted at the usual terms. ?'' ? - '.' - ? ' ' ' ' ? 2w9vl2 ,. COLLEGIATE SCHOOL OF S o'' PETER, ADELAIDE.— All mbricys due to he Governors, will be received by. Mr. Pitt k-bbett,^as Acting Treasurer, Church Office, King Villiani-street whose receipt will be a sufficient ischarge, and all payments will be made and very information given by that gentleman. . TERits (Payable Quarterly in Advance). ; ' ' tor Boarders, including Tuition, Washing, V , ; ' . arid Mending of Clothes^ per quarter ...jE13 16 0 One Guinea Entrance Fee for new Boys. ' ': )ay Scholars, per quarter ..... v:.. : '..*.. £3, 3d: One Guinea Entrance Fee for new Boys. /' Extras— One Guinea per quarter for German,' French, or Drawing. ? ? . ? .. The School will reopen on 20th January, next *' 3tk5mwfllvl9__ G. W. HAWKES, Hon. Sec. '? MRsTGIL¥ERT'S'liLEcYrSEMI NARY FOR YOUNG LADIES.— The Duties of this Establishment will be Resumed on Honflay, Januarj' 11, Mrs. Gilbert is assisted -v C9mpetent Teachers. ' The Modern Languages, - ilusic, Drawing, and Painting taught by Profes iors. Terms moderate; number of Pupils nriiited. ? ? - ... 4mwfl8 ? PROFESSIONAL, : ; READING ALOUD.— MR. T. P. i HILL' (Professor of Elocution at St.' Patricks College, the Church of England Grammar School, the Scotch College, &c, Melbourne), liuifig his stay in Adelaide, will be happy to. give INSTRUCTION in ELOCUTION on the system which has led to such successful results in the neighbouring colony. The highest testimonials. Address office of this paper. 8c rr*HE ~ READING-DESK AND~THE X tPULPIT.-Mr. T. P. HELL will LECTURE on the above subject at an early date. - 8c A-feTIFICIALTEETHrfroinlOs. each. AK^-Mt. MEYERS, SURGICAL and ME CHANICAL DENTIST, 39, King William-street date of Bold-street, Liverpool), supplies Artificial Teeth, on the principle of self -adhesion, and are fixed without wires or causing the least- pain. A Single Tooth from 10s. ? A Set do. £10. ? Filling, Scaling, and Extracting. ? : ^ '??* Please observe the Address— 39, King William street near the Exchange^ ? 352c HOMEOPATHY.— Mr. KIDNER can now be CONSULTED. at his Residence, Dorsetta-terrace, Flinders-street, from 9 o'clock till 3 o'clock daily. ? 352tl2 TO THE WORKING CLASSES.— Mr. GEORGE, DENTIST, King William street has, in consequence of. the tunes, made arrangements to operate between the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. at HALF PRICE. _ ? : 335c pORNS.— CORNS 'EXTRACTED by \J Mr. EBEN3TEIN, without cutting prpain. Pulteney-street, three doors from North-terrace. . ^____ ? ?.''.? 307t3l M~ R. GEORGE WARREN, LICENSED SURVEYOR, GAWLER. .; ? . ? ? 2wcv MR. J. A. BRUCE (late of the Burra Copper Works. Kooringa), ASSAYER.and ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, Leigh-street, Ade laiae. 279mwft32. SURVEYS UNDERTAKEN.— C. T. HARGRAVE, C.E., Licensed Surveyor. Ourrie-street opposite Bank of Australasia.. ,.-??? ? , ' '... ,230mwft48v41; ] CONVEYANCES. '\rORTHHKN: COACHI&— F. OPIE, Vi in returning thanks to his numerous friends and the public generally for their. support during the last twelve years, would, beg to intimate; that he still continues running to the undermentioned S laces regularly, as hitherto,- with the addition of is new Covered Coaches. .' ??'.-'' - List of Fabes. From Kapunda to Burra .„ .... ;- ... £0 5 Q i ' . .. ' to Clare ? ... . 0 :5 0 i h « -? to Mount Remarkable.. .. 1 .5' D I ? All intermediate stations in proportion. . N.B.— Parties wishing to «end Parcels by thoK . Conveyances will please to mention 'Per Opie's i C9ach.' ??...? -. 7-J8 | '. - i -?! ' ?' V . I __ _ j

''? ^ AMUSEMENT8. ? i; NORTH AMERICAN CIRCUS. POSITIVELY THE LAST WEEK * THIS EVENING, January 9, EQUESTRIAN, GYMNASTIC, ACROBATIC, IND TERPSICHOREAN ENTERTAINMENT. ; Messrs. WORRELL & GARDINER having uade arrangements to visit the principal towns of he colony with their Troupe of Equestrians, beg i q announce to the Citizens of Adelaide that they j rill remain ONLY ONE WEEK LONGER u this City with their talented Company of Eques rians, Gymnasts, and Acrobats. SATURDAY, January 12, A SELECT MIDDAY PERFORMANCE, 'ositively the last time previous to their departure. Dress Cirtle, 5s. ; Boxes, 4s. ; Pit 2s. ' Doors open at half -past 7; commence at 8 o'clock. ? , ? 9c . l/fUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT.— J/A. Mr. R. W. KOHLER begs to announce j liat, assisted by Mr. CHARLES H. COMPTQN, ' e will give a Series of CONCERTS at ' NORWOOD, January 9th ? ..' KAPUNDA, January 10th ; CLARE, January 11th : BURRA, January 12th and 14th. ;? ? For further particulars see programmes. ? 7c i ? ' W'OTICR-^RAFFLE.— Those Gentle- | -* men who have subscribed their names to the ' LAFFLE for the ORGAN, at the Norfolk Arms, ] re mformed that it will take place on Thursday rening, January 10, at 8 o'clock sharp. - ' 810 : G.JAMES. ] ^IGNOR and SIGNORA BIANCHl J having finished their successful Opera Season , t the Theatre Royal, Melbourne, 'WTLLLSHORTLY ' lRRWE with the ROYAL ITALIAN OPERA ( 275c * SIGNOR BIANCHL LTAMBURG HOTEL.— The SECOND ] Li- : GRAND BALL will be held on Thursday, ? Jthinst Double tickets, 5s-. ; Single, 3s. Dancing 1 ) commence at 8 o'clock. ? 7'10- , \ DELAIDE RACKET AND FIVES ] ^ COURT, VICTORIA-SQUARE. ? '' : . Open to Subscribers on Monday, Tuesday, Thurs ay, and Saturday. Subscription, £1 Is. per ? maun, in advance. Visitors, Is. 'each admission. .' und on Wednesdays and Fridays to 'the public; . Imission. 6d.. t 353c! ??- A7ILLIAM SO\VTER, Proprietor. .-?: \ INSUBANCE NOTICES. ;: CHURCH OF ENGLAND LIFE \ J ASSURANCE INSTITUTION, Capitai* OneMilmoit. ? ; FRANCIS S. DUTTON, Agent,' . ? . . . Rundle-place. lc ' Government Bonds Purchased. :; 3 ERWENT AND TAMAR MARINE - ASSURANCE COMPANY, HobartTown. Capital, £100,000. Established 1838. : r ' ' Directors: ' . J H.B. Tonkin, Esq. I George Saher, Esq. l John Brent Esq. I IsaaCWright, Esq. - ' . , , R. Cleburne, Esq. , . ' ] .' DlBECTORS AT LADNCESTON : .St. John Browne, Esq. | William Gunn, Esq. * ? , * ' : ' ? Trijstees ? ' E. JJManley, Esn; | Hi Tonkin,' Esq. ' ' . ; .: ? Manager; ? , ?? ' '' :i l Alfred Gariett, Esq. , . ?- -., Accountant: , i ? .' ; ' Mr. Rohert A. Dixon. 1 : ? '? Surveyor at Port Adelaide, Captain Alexander Janueson. ?: ;. Agents for eflecting Insurances at— : ! Launceston— C. J. Weedon, Esq. Melbourne and Geelong— Messrs. Henty & Co . i Sydney— Messrs. Towns &Darley. : ? dauns paid in London if required. ] , RICHARD J: WRIGHT, Agent, 1 Ic ? Gilbert-place. ? '- ( E- OYAL FIRE & LIFE INSURANCE LV ? '? ???'' ? ? COMPANY.. . ?; CAWTAii, Two Millions. Fire Branch.— Insurances granted at Moderate 'remiums, Agents being duly empowered to settle ; [aims in the cslony. , , i I Life Department.— English Rates of Premium j nly charged. Bonus at last division' of profits, ' bout 2 per cent per annum on amount of Policies. Medical Referee.— W. H. Sholl* Esq., M.R.C.S. lCRAAIAN, MAIN, LINDSAY, & CO., Agents. : lwhmtcv ? ?? ..'..'??'.. = ^PECIAL NOTICE TO FARMERS. Standing CROPS~of grain, agricul ?URAL PRODUCE. FARMING STOCK»_lftI- : ?LEMENTS and UTENSDLS of HUSBANDRY, ah be INSURED against LOSS by FffiE upon pplication at the Office of the LIVERPOOL and X3ND0N FD2E and LIFE INSURANCE COM ♦ANY. '??????- . , ., ' F. J. BECK & CO., Agents. Currie-street, November 20, 1860. 2fmwcv MARINE INSURANCE. ADELAIDE LLOYD'S ASSOCIA CX ' TION OF UNDERWRITERS. : ' WiL Peacock, Esq., Chairman. Thos. Graves, Esq., Deputy Chairman. Marine Risks taken at current rates, and policies ssued immediately on account of the same. - ' '' CLABIS FOR LOSSES \. ' irompUy settled hi cash without deduction. ' , -- ., :' ? H. COWD3, - = :.? ? Broker to the Association. ; Grenfell-street. January, 1860.=. 32'44mwfc . \7ICT0RIA FIRE AND MARINE .T . ^INSURANCE COMPANY, =? - - '- - J! ' Estabhshed 1840. - Empowered by -Act of the Legislative Council. .? Capital; £1,000,000. . Chairman of the Board of Directors: The Hon. Henry Miller, M.L.C. ? ;?! r Secretary: Joseph Collie, E3q. ? jHead Office— 82, Collins-street, cast. The undersigned having been appointed Agents or: South -Australia. of the above 'Company, are irepared to accept Proposals for Fire' and Marine Risks, at the current rates of premium, and to issue Policies at.'once in accordance therewith. Claims settled promptly without reference out of ;he colony; arid Losses on Marine Policies paid in London if required. ? ' ? ^_ , ': G. A. & H. BARTIEET, Agents, lc ? . Grenfell-Btreet. Ti OYAL INSURANCE COMPANY.— 1-V LIFEfBOJNUS.— At the last Annual Meeting of this Company a Bonus was again de clared to Policy Holders (insured with profits) equi valent to 2 per cent on .the amount of their Poli ces for each year .they have been current '??' ' ? : :-; y ??,? _ .EXAMPLE.... .,-,...;':? Policy 'i^|^]^;^;Wg?»' 'No. Lnsurance. ^ Age Premiums Vs&l ; ~ ;v ':'.!?? '' ''£??? ? £ s: d. . ?:''-£'..: r; ;2277 Oct.14,1854 1000 25 132 10 0 100 ; , This ia(a continuation' of success.lnever, we ;be lieve,' any Life Office..;.- :.,;' ?.'...?; ; ? Persoris insuring their lives have the guarantee of a very large-paid-up capital, while, the expenses of management are very moderate.' , ? ;, ? ': To receive the full Bonus at the next quinquen nial division of profits persons should 'effect in surances before end of the current year. ' - . ; ACRAJVIAN. MAIN, LINDSAY, & CO., Agents. November 13. 1860. ? '-'y lev : ?' XTORTHERN ASSURANCE ;.COM-« ll' PANY OF LONDON Subscribed Capital..-. ? - ..^-£1,259,700;; v ; , Invested Funds ... . ... i* 386.062 . ; FIRE DEPARTMENT.— Insurances are effected on every description of Property on liberal terms, , and Policies, issued immediately on. acceptance* of risks. Insurance oh Mills effected at the ordinary rate. ' ' ' ' -?- . LD7E DEPARTjyiENT.— The Directors havjng decided on resuming this branch of their opera tion^ in the Australian Colonies, the undersigned are empowered to receive proposals for insurance of first-class Iive3 at the low scale of premiums adopted by the Company hi England. All Claims are settled in Adelaide, no reference home being reouired. ELDER, STIRLING, & CO., Agents for South Australia; ' ? Adelaide, September 12, 1S5!). 'lev: T IVERPOOL AND LONDON FIRE XJ AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Empowered by Acts of Parliament. . Subscribed Capital, £2,000,000. Accumulated Capital, £1,150,000. Losses paid in the Colony: No reference home required. , Life Department— John Woodforde, Esq., M.R.C.S., Medical Referee. Fire Department— James Macgeorge; Esq., Sur veyor. ' : ?-''?:?' Tlie many various modes of effecting LIFE ASSURANCES, so as to make Jwovision for a family, or to accomplish some financial object, with the Rates upon FIRE Risks,1 can be obtained on application to . ...' -? ~ ???:;' J F.J.BECK&CO.,Agents.- Currie-street ? lev TMPERIAL FIRE INSURANCE CO. JL Subscribed and Invested Capital, £1,600,000. Insurances at Current Rates and on Vessels and Cargoes in Harbour. All claims settled in Adelaide on proof of Io3s. EDMUND W. 'WRIGHT, Agent. 17, KingJVillianvstreet Adelaide. Engine-Hquse, Barlow & Sons, Rundle-street. ??- - - ?-?.-?- - '-- ? - - ? lev SOUTH AUSTRALIAN INSURANCE COMPANY (LIMITED). King William-street, Adelaide. ' For effecting Insurances against FHJE. ? -Agencies at every township in the colony. Chairman, George Young, Esq. Deputy-Chairman, J. M. Lixklater, Esq. Money Lent on Mortgage at 10 per cent, lev ? R. E. TAPLEY,. Secretary. . TTOBART TOWN and LAUNCESTON XI MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY. . (EstablLshed 1836). AsMng Morrison, KL.C. Wi ham Crosby Thomas Giblui. . Jolin Foster. MANAGER- . : ACCOUNTANT: Thomas MacDowell ? Michael Evans. : - -AGENT AT LAUNCESTON: L . James Peters. ', ' AGENTS AT jrELBOUBNE: - :', . ' ' ?'?' Downing, Griffiths, & Co. ? AGENTS AT OEELONC: ? ; . . Swanston, -Willis, & Stephen. SURVEYOR AT PORT ADELAIDE: r'-.-.- - Captain BL Simpson. The undersigned liaving been appointed Agents for South Australia are prepared to accept Marine Risks add issue Policies. juan ana R ^ ^^ & ^ ^^^ JCY ' ' 1- Aaejaide and Port,

! MUNICIPALJANI) DISTRICT , ; councils. 'i7lect0rs of robe ward.— -Li On the 2Gth November, I860, the Election for- Stationmen took place by ballot It was pro posed by Councillor Oslwrne thnt Councillors Clark and Birrell should act as Scrutineers. The return by those gentlemen were five for John Richards. The following will show the correctness of the Scrutineers' statement :— 'We the undersigned positively state and are prepared to affirm that we on Monday last, Nov. 2(5, 1SO0, did vote twice for John Richards as Stationman for Robe Ward. 'F. W. Thomas. . 'JohnColton. ' ' ? 'E B. W. Glandfield. 'Geo. Pannell. . ' -'*??;''??- ?? ? 'William Osborne. -:' '- ' 'RobertO.' Fox. - t. , 'John Williams.' I hereby certify the above as a correct copy of the original how in my possession. ? xr; £ ?:-. .,-? . 'F. W. Thomas.' ^LECTORS OF ROBE WARD! *-J . ., . TAKE NOTICE. The Requisition to Birrell to Stand for Hind marsh Ward was professed to be signed by upwards H 400. Now, the total numbei that voted for him jras under 200. The Electors finding a better Man !iad come forward verv justly accepted hhn and rejected BirrclL ? ' TURNED HIM OUT, ' . md left him forsaken and dejected. Will the in lependent Electors of Robe Ward have such a LCepifsentativeT . ; ECHO ANSWERS NO! NO! NOl In a paragraph in Birrell's Placards will be found :ne following:— . .,. .-,-?. ,:::.., 'Wliois tlie really straightforward and honour ible Man. &c, &c. ; . ' ' „ , ' ' 'ROBERT BniRELL.' Now this straightforward and honourable Man tiasbeen twice pulled up for SELLING BREAD LIGHT WEIGHT. S6 much for Robert Birrell's intensions to honour. ,:- .REMEMBER FRIDAY, 11th instant, m at the Scotch Thistle, Kennode-strcet, and the Melbourne Inn, Melbourne-street and ? ; -; .: . . ,. VOTE FOR WILLIAJVrs! :::-: A MAN OF HEAVY WEIGHT. xk ELECTORS OF ROBE , WARD.— ? Mr. WILLIAMS'S COMMITTEE will Meet Phis Evening (Wednesday),' at 8 o'clock p.m., at ihetRoyal Oak, O'Connell-street. ? : x ROBE WARD ELECTION.— Mr. „ : BERRELL'S COJLAI1TTEE sit daUy at the oUowmg places :— The Lord Melbourne Inn, Melbourne-street. The Huntsman's Hotel, O'Connell-street The Wellington Inn, Wellington-square. , The Scotch Thistle Inn, Kennode-strcet. The Kentish Arms Inn, Stanley-street C'lOv -..,? UNICIPAL CORPORATION, CrTY OF ADELAIDE.-CITY ASSESS MENT.— The Aldermen, Councillors, and Abscs lors of the several Wards will sit as under to hear xunplaints lodged in reference to the Assessment atelymade, viz.:— ? ? At the City Council Chamber— ; f Gawler Ward— Wednesuay, January 9, at 11 a.m,'l Hindinarsh Ward— Wednesday. January 8^ at lalf-pastl. ' Grjjy Ward— Thursday, January 10, at 11 a,m. ?At the Queen's Head Inn, Kermode-street— ' ' .' Robe Ward— Thursday, January 10, at half lostl:- ?- '-? -?-.?? ?'? ?-????. By order of the City Council, n ? ? r AV. A. HUGHES, Town Clerk. cTown Clerk's Office, January 5, 1861; ' 5w9 - pORPORATiONi OF ADELAIDE.-^ Vy The OFFICE for; the REGISTRATION of DOG3 will be OPEN for the purpose of Registering jetwuen the hours of half-past 9 and 12 on each lay. ? ? ' ??' ' ? ' ' ' ?*- - ...,,., . ? ..; W. A. HUGHES, Town Clerk. Towp Clerk's Office,- January, 4, 1861. 7mwfl8 MITOHAM DISTRICT.rNOTICE That the hours for BURNING STUBBLE tefrotn 10 a.m. till 8 p.m., commencing 30 days lfter this date, each field to be ploughed round for ;he width of 12 feet. ;? ? u ? .'.': ... W. FABIAN, Clerk. ??? Dated January 5, 1861. ? xv PTTBLIC NOTICES. NOTICE— All Persons INDEBTED to WILLXAM BLACKLER are requested to pay the amount before February 1, 1861, when all unpaidwill be handed to Solicitor for recovery. 9mh38 WILLIAM BLACKLER, Port Hotel. ~'^~FUNERAL NOTICESr THE FRIENDS of the late PHILIP LEE, Esq., 'are informed that his REMAINS will Heave, his late residence. Glenclg, .this Iday, Wednesday, January 9, at 1 o clock. x ; INSOLVENCY NOTICES. T THE undersigned, HENRY HELYER JL, FORDHAJI, of Naime, in the province of South Australia, Chemist and Druggist, now out of business, do hereby declare that I am unable to meet my engagements with my Creditors. Dated at the hour of eleven in the forenoon,' this eighth day of January, in the year of our Lord one thou sand eight hundred and sixty-one. , H. H. FORDHAM. Witness— John B. Spence, Official Assignee. Filed in Court this eighth day of January, in the year of bur Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-one, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon. ; % ? jpHN B. SPENCE, Official Assignee. TN THE COURT OF INSOLVENCY, J- ? South' Australia.— WHEREAS adjudications in Insolvency have been made against the under mentioned persons. Notice is hereby given that the Comiuissioner.has appointed the followingVlays for. Meetings in each Estate to be held at the Local Court-House, Victoria-square, Adelaide; tit t' ' first of which m'eetings the Insolvents are require to surrender and make disclosure of their estate and effects,. and the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their d?bts, and vote in the choiccof an Assignee or Assignees, and at the last sitting the insolvents are to finish their examinations : — JAMES GILES, of North Adelaide, Miner, on Saturday, tho first day of December, and on Satur day, the fifth day of January, 1861, at eleven o'clock. ? SAMUEL DODDEMEAD, late of Noarlunga, Butcher, on Monday, the third day of December, and on Monday, the seventh day of January, 1801,' at eleven o'clock. . ? WILLIAM FRANCIS the Elder, of Dry Creek, Farmer, on Tuesday, the fourth day of December, and on Tuesday, the eighth day of January, 186*1, at eleven o'clock. WILLIAM AUGUST WEINGARDT, of Mac cleslield, Chemist and Druggist on Thursday, the sixth day of December, and on Thursday, .the third day of January, 1861,' at two o'clock. ? JOHANNA WAINWRIGHT, of Peachey Belt, Farmer, widow and administratrix of Thomas Wainwright, of Peachey Belt farmer, on Thurs day, the thirteenth day of December, and on Thursday, the tenth day of January, at eleven o'clock. - HENRY ROWLING, of Spring Creek, near Hamilton, Farmer, on Thursday, the thirteenth day of December, and on Thursday, the tenth day of January, at twelve o'clock; - - - MARIA LAKER, of Port Adelaide, Con fectioner and Grocer, on Friday, the fourth day of January,' arid on Friday, the Just day of February,' at eleven o'clock.^ - . - _ i ? r '?- JOHN & -SPENCE, Official Assignee, j r GOVERNMENT ADVERTISEMENTS ? Central Road Board Office, Aidelai-iei' January 8, 1861. 'VTOTICE is hereby given that from and iy after the JGtli inst. any Persoa.or Persons found RIDING, DRIVING, or otherwise INJURING the Formed or Raised FOOTPATHS on anv of the MAIN LINES of ROAD in this Province, will l-e PROSECUTED. By order of the Board. ' 916vx HENRY J. ANDREWS, Secretary. SALE OF CROWN LANDS. Thursday, January 24th. The following portions of Crown Lands will be offered for sale by public 'auction, at the Land Office, Adelaide, on Thursday, the 24th of January, 186'1, at 11 o'clock. Deposit 20 per cen t :-- Country Sections.— Upset price £1 per acre. County Adelaide— About one and a half miles south by east of McLeod's Hill Trigonometrical Station, Hundred of Kuitpo. ?Lot Sec. Acres. Lot. Sec. Acres. 21250 :m 91 I County Gawler— Between two and three miles west of Teinpler's, Hundred of Mudla Wirra. 21251 ? 500 117 21254 509 '87 21252 507 !«) 31255 510 103 21253 50S 180 21256' 511 104 County Light— About two miles west by north of Mount Despond, Hundred of Moorooroo. 21257 837 112 | 21258 SB . 140 County Light— About two miles south by east of Templers, Hundred of Nuriootpa. 21259 309 !)8 | County Eyre— From one to two and a half miles north and north-east of Keynes's Hill Trigono metrical Station, Hundred of North Rhine. 21260 448 5S 21269 45S 66 212fil 449 Ki 21270 453 ]12 21202 ' 450 12(5 21271 460 53 21263 451 103 21272 461 . 68 2264 452 117 21273 462 70 21205 453 04 21274 463 llf 21266 454 91 21275 464 93 21267 45(5 123 2127(1 465 112 21268 457 125 21277 4«7 100 County Sturt— North of and adjoiningthe northern boundary of the Reedy Creek Special Survey, Hundred of South Rhine. 21278 317 70 21282 327 41 21279 320 42 212S3 328 104 212S0. ' 323 80 21284 331 79 ' 21281 320 82 21285 335 75 County Stanley— Between six and a half and nine and a half miles north-east of the Village of ? Clare, Hundred of Milne. ? 21286 727 11!) 21297 742 86 ' 21287 728 82 212IJ8 743 100 1 21288 729 176 21299 748 -88 ? ?? 21289 ? 730 75 21300 749 115 ., 21290 731 86 21301 750 88. ; M291 733 100 21302 759 142 i. 21292 ; 734 12S 21303 764 182 21293 735 77 21304 766 94 ' 21294 736 121 21305 770 233 ? 21295 740 58 '21306 771 406 21296 - 741 .63 . County Burra— About two miles west and west by i south of Mount Cone Trigonometrical Station, ! Hundred of Kingston. 21307 . 26 277 21310 . -29 149, 21308 27 ' 164 213U 30 237 81309 $ W

LAND AUCTION NOTICEB. -= GREEN & WADHAM'S '* JANUARY LAND AUCTION SALE will be held in the LAND MART, ON January 25. FRD3AY. JanuaiyapL Parties, aro requested to forward particulars of Properties intended for the January Auction Sale on or before the 10th January. .'. -357cv TENDERS.^ -. HHENDERS for BUILDING a MINIS ? JL TER'S RESIDENCE at YANKALILLA vvill be received up to the 24th January.' Plana and Specifications may l-e seen at Mr. Corlett's, Wakefield-street, Adelaide: the Rev. Mr: Flock ut'aWiUunga; and the Rev. H. Bath's, Yan kalilla. Sealed Tenders to be forwarded to the Rev. H. Bath, Yankalilla. The Trustees do not bind them selves to accent the lowest or any Tender. January 4, 1861. ? 911vl9 MONEY. MONEY TO LEND. T OANS NEGOTIATED. ?U . CASH ADVANCED. ' ' In large or small sums. ; GREEN ti WADHAM. ' Exchange Land Offices, King William-street ...»?,'??.'?..? ? ' ? lev ONEY TO LEND, ou Mortgngo or Deposit of Deeds, and Bills Discounted. - - JOHN RICHARDSON. ^LingWilliam-street ? lcv_ MONEY TO LEND on Mortgage or Deposit Titles taken under Torrena's Act. EDWARD W1UGHT, Gresham-pliice, opposite National Bank. ^SECTIONS BOUGHT for Resale on Right- ot Purchase on favoumble terms. ' ' - , LANDS BOUGRT and SOLD on' Commission. - RUNS BOUGHT und SOLD. Tracings to cus tomers free. PROPERTIES REPORTEDuponandVALUEQ. a „ _ ? lcy__ MONEY TO LEND, 'at moderate ratea of interest, and on deposit of title-deeds or otherwise. Apnly to KEPERT & EDMUNDS, Solicitors, 59, King William-street Adelaide, Jr96 ? and Port Adelaide. . Ttf ONE Yto LEND on Freehold Security. 1»X FENN & BRUCE, Solicitors, 30 _12SvI9 Greshaiu-atreet, Adclaido. MONEY TO LEND on Property under the operation of the Real Property Act. :; ? ??-.''?? J. E. MOULDEN, 2fmwcv ; ? jis, King William-street. MONEY LENT ouFrooliold' and 'other Securities, Advances made on Produce. LAVINGTON GLYDE. ? Green b Exchange. 2fmwcv ._ MONEY TO LEND on first-class Free' . hold Security. '??'„?!?'«?.? VML BAKEWELL, Solicitor. . . North-terrace. ? ? ' ? '? ? lev ONEY to .LEND ou Mortgage of ' Freehold Estates. Apply to 334159 LAWRENCE &KN0X, Adelaide. M'''' '^O N E Y T O L e'n D . — ALFRED ATKINSON, Solicitor, . 303c1 .. ?????;?? KingWilliam-Btreet. ; PBODUCE. TO SHI PP E R S and Others.— - ? PRESSED HAY FOR SALE, delivered at the Port or elsewhere. Apply to ' 8c RD7LEY WEBB Ac CO., Grenfell-Btreet . 'VTOARLUNGA.— WHEAT STORED. ±y and ADVANCES MADE, if required, lev ? ALEXANDER BIRRELL. T7NGLISH and CAPE BARLEY PUR J-i CHASED at the Highest Market Price for Cash. . ? - : NICHOLAS MAY, Maltster. Grey-street, Adelaide. ? 356c '- TDRINCE'S WHARF, PORT ADE- ~ -L LAIDE.-WHEAT, OATS, and BARLEY STORED on very moderate terms. Advances made, if required. - Wheat-Purchased for Cash. -' ?' E. O. COLLINSON. _ January 7, 1861. , , 8'lOvl0 ?WHEAT AND GRAIN STORE!— » ~ R. G. BOWEN, having those cxtenBive Pre mises in Weyinouth-street (recently occupied by Tapley & Co.) now in his own hands, is prepared to STORE WHEAT and all kinds of FARM PRO DUCE, or FLOUR, on the usual terms. Produce Stored with R. G. B. Advanced on, if required, and Insured against Fire at a moderate rate. For further particulars, apply to R. G.B., on the premises, or to 343-12rmwf t!8 ' ' QILES & SMITH. WOOL PURCHASED, or Advances ~ made on shipment lev . W. PEACOCK &8ON. HIDES, SHEEPSKINS, SHANK BONES, TALLOW, &cM PURCHASED by the undersigned in Adelaide, or by their Agent, J. Burnell, jun., 'at Kooringa. ' ? lev,; i .: W. PEAQOOK & BON. T^O, BUTCHERS and .Others.— An HIGHEST PRICE given for GREASY WOOL, SHEEPSKINS, &c JOHN TAYLOR & CO;; Thebarton, 1860. , lev HOTELS ^ AND LIVERY STABLES. '' pOLONIAL WINE, Wholesale- and ' V-/ RetaiLattho ' 301W8C HAMBURG HOTEL, Bundle- gtreet. SPOETING. ' THEBARTON' RACES.— Tho . X -SETTLING for these Races will take place at the Globe Inn, on Thursday. 10th, at 7 p.m. All Accounts ajtairmt the Committee inuBt be .sent in to the Secretary by noon on the 10th inst. 8-10 .:? ? E M. BAGOT. HOBSES, CATTLE, VEHICLESr&o7 - HORSES. HORSES. HORSES,^ Twcnty good IlnrnesH and Saddle Hones FOR SALE or FOtt HIKE, Cheap, at J. HEED'S, Albion Hotel, Morphett-street. ? 9c. HORSE-TEAMS WANTED . — Two Four-Horse Teams Wanted; permanent iob. Enquire Victoria Hotel. ? B12 OUnST DAIRY COWS, in Milk, V-^ always ON SALE. Also, WORKING BULLOCKS and STORE CATTLE. Address ; A. G. BURT, C5c Green's Exchange, or Gawlcr-plaoe. '* ~~''' ~~ 'MESSAGES. ?': TOHN and JAMES MAGUIRE, from ?€J . County Cavan, Ireland, are requested to com ,muriicate with the undersigned, who have impor tant 'Information to convey to them from their Friends at Home. -- i; - 9fllv KINGSBOROUGH & UPTON. * ? EMPLOYMENT WANTED. WANTED, by a Young Person of respectability, an ENGACiEMENT to pro ceed to England, either as Lady's Companion or as Attendant on a Family. Address P. Q., office of this paper. ? 7w9 WANTED, by a young Person, a ' SITUATION as SHOP WOMAN; is willing to serve a short time without remuneration. Ad dress M.P., Post-Otlice, Norwood. ? 8'9 PERSONS WANTED. TO DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS.— WANTED, firet-rate SALESMEN. A liberal (salary to competent hambi. Apply in first instance by letter, stating real name and ad'lrcss. last Bi ra tion, &c, to Z., care of Messrs. Skelton & Co., Gresham-Htreet. ? -? 6o O DRAPERS' ASSISTAN TS.— ' WANTED, a good SALESMAN at Kan garoo House. Be ?WANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT. V T Apply, with reference to last employer, to Mrs. Luxmoore, William-street, Norwood. 356c _ WANTED, a. DRAPER'S ASSIS TANT. Apply at 45, King William-street ? : ? _2c W '''ANTED,' a strong active GENERAL SERVANT, for the Country. Apply at No. 41, King William-street. ? 83 W 'ANTED, a BOY to attend to Horses, and make himself generally useful. For address, apply at Crane's Btables. [8c WANTED, a~good GENERAL SER VANT. Apply to Mrs. Beddonie, Kent terrace, Kent Town. ? 7» ANTED, MALE or FEMALE COOK ; also BOOTS. Enquire,. Mr. Bowen, grocer,' Hindiey-street_ ? 9'U WANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT, English or Scotch. Apply to Mrs. Birrelt Kensington-road, NorwwiL ? x_ WANTED, a General FEMALE SER VANT. Apply at Smith's Livery Stables, Rundle-street. ? - ? £_ WANTED, a thorough GENERAL ? SERVANT, and a NUllSEGIBL that can Sew well Apply to. Mrs. Malcolm, near Wood ville. ? Jiil_ TirANTED. a PERSON capable of W Speaking fluently the English and German Tinmidtres and of cooil business habits, to take rHAEGE of a COUNTRY STORE. Firstrate rpferen^es reiiuired. One who has been in a Situa tfon before *»» ^ preferred. Apply by letter U- A? a; care of Mr- Lowell, bookseller, Adelaide ANTED, a LAD, to Mark at ihb Adelaide Billiard Saloon, GilberM^w. . x F( ' . LINDaUitt.