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-- ? ? . ? . — SHIPPING. ? 1 *k?k CJTEAM TO MELBOURNE. fTYnynr\ K3. The swift and favourite Steam TjUL/wi ALDEJGA, Japtain Hugh MacMeikan, will sail on Saturday aext, the 11th instant, at 4 p.m. Passengers per 3J0 train. - Apply to J. NEWMAN & SON, Port; _121-'31v: J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street. - 'i^T QTEAM 'kTmELBODENE.— CHfe%*-fs$v -o The Royal Mail Steamship 51sSjE£^ BALCLUTHA, . '^sac&tgtaw A. A. Harper, commander, will W sail on Friday nest, the 17th instant. r- EDWD. J. SPENCE,!Weymouth-street; E. & E. MAIN. Port. j ^Passengers also booked at the office of Mr. Bury, ' - No. 1, Exchange-colonnade. 130''7v 1 'Ivftv rpOWALLAE0OIN12H0UBS. fiSHWjfc^v ?*? —The Steamer ^ftffip^- YOUNG AUSTRALIAN, ^3SSSS» Captain Wells, will leave Port Adelaide for Port Arthur every Tuesday and Friday morning, after arrival of first tram, meeting Jewell's Conveyance, which will proceed direct to Wallaroo. Fares— Cabin, including Conveyance ... £2 10 Steerage ... ? 2 0 For passage, apply to S. P. Badman, Red lion, Bundle-street ; or to ? J. T. CRESWELL, Agent, Port ' The Young Australian will Tow Vessels as usual oetween the trips. 123mwfcv - -V ^ CJTEAM TO PORT LINCOLN jska*^F^© AND PORT AUGUSTA.— gjp^ffl^p^ MARION, riaptain McCoy, will sail on Saturday next, the 11th May, on arrival of the 3.30 p.m. train. Goods must be alongside not later than 12 o'clock on day of sailing. Freight on small packages and parcels to be prepaid or they will not be forwarded. JOS. STILLING & CO., \ mnmt , Vnrt . J. DARWENT, -Town and Port; ELDER, STIRLING. & CO., Port Augusta. ^ Grenfell-street. May 6, ISfil. ? 12o''31 n 'k*. ~I?OE GOOLWAandMTLANG. 1^^^. _F —The Steamer 9aSa50» sails on Tuesday next, at 5 p.m. Apply to E. & R MAIN, Port; or ACRAMAN, MAIN, LINDSAY, & CO. ? ~ ? 129'34 1 TvJk 'CURST STEAMER FOR DAR jHari-/f^ J? LING JUNCTION AND Vl^'Jilv^. UPPER MURRAY.— The 7^-*3SM*y MOOLGEWANKE, ?Japtain Johnston, is now loading, and will sail from the Goolwa on the 18th inst. All Goods to be forwarded per Sturt, leaving the Port on Tues day, the 14th inst '4 .122mh3Q'3* JOSEPH STILLING & CO. JkkbK 'P EDUCED FARES TO LONDON. ?/S§ aS\ **- BATES OF PASSAGE :- ?/ffifSffw Third Cabin, from ...£14 cSanwfc- Second Cabin, from ... i'4 Saloon, from ? 40 and according to special arrangement. FOR LONDON DIRECT. To saiL with the strictest punctuality, on Thurs day, May 30, ? THE KOH-I-NOOR, butft expressly ,for passengers, 1,400 tons, A 1 at Iioyds, Bristol-built, Thomas Gutherie, com mander. This well-known and favourite Passenger Clipper oners superior advantages to any other Ship on the Berth, at Ujtosually Low Rates; and intending passengers are particularly requested to inspect the really first-rate accommodations of this vessel. The Dietary Scales have been framed on the most liberal principle, rivalling the best London Ships. For Plans of Cabin, Dietary Scale, and full par ' ticulars, apply to L SOLOMON & CO., ' ^34, Collins-street, Melbourne; or to S. DE BEER, Shipbroker, 1, Queen-street, Melbourne; or to G. VON DER HEYDE & CO., lg--'45 -- Blyth's-building?, Adelaide. -Ch*. HTESSRST~MONEY WIGRAM JtiBBB®\ 1TX AND SONS' (of Blackwall Yard, JBBj£& London) LINE OF PACKETS.-FOR tggggg;. LONDON DIRECT, to sail from Hobson's Bay MAY 25rH.— The re nowned Clipper Ship SUFFOLK, 1,100 tons, Al at Lloyd's, J. B. Martin, Com mander. JOHN NEWMAN & SON, Port Adelaide; J. DARWENT, Grenfell-street, Adelaide. ? 130,'3'7.40v38 Jg. IJ1OR SYDNEY DDIECT.-The fine NS.'A Hamburg Barrrae -? . - K^ ALSTER, SEv Captain Bruhn, will have quick dis or the above Port, and has room for about 200 tons Cargo : and offers excellent accommodation for Cabin and bteerage Passengers. , Apply to lSSc ? B. AMSBERG v-c CO., Agents. ; -Tir* mHE NEW COLONY OF QUEENS *M®\ X LAND. — FOR BRISBANE, /5Ellft^ MORETON BAY, DIRECT.— The ITiiSmi fine British-built Clipper Brig ANN SANDERSON, Al, 500 tons burthen, having most spacious and commodious accommodation for passengers, will neet with prompt dispatch. For freight or passage, applv immediately to 124c T. E. BURY, I, Excliange-colonnade. -Tl» r\NLY VESSEL FOR MEL .fc&SF&v \J BOURNE. — The favourite i Ixa&fe Trader IU^SSTi'1 TOMATIN, ; Captain Grierson having the greater part of her . cargo engaged, will sail for the above port on Tuesday next, May 14. For freight or passage, apply to T. E. BURY, 24, King William-street; or to , H. SIMPSON, Port. 129';tt ~_T1- JTVNLY VESSEL FOR GEELONG. jb^gfS&y \J —The favourite Brig Jjj&£gfS& WEE TOTTDi ? ' ii ?nBr- having nearly all her cargo engaged. will sail positively on Thursday, the 9th inst. Good accommodation for passengers. Apply to ll§'29 ? ELDER, STIRLING, & CO. SHIP INDIA, from Gottenburg.— Captain FUNK will NOT be RESPONSIBLE for anyDEBTS contracted by the CREW of this VESSEL. PHILIP LEVI & CO. May 9. 1SCL ? 130*3 SEBASTIAN, from London.— This Vessel being now berthed at Levi's Wharf. C ONSIGNEES are requested to Pass their Entries a without delay. Captain Begg will not be liable for ^ Damage Jo Cargo unless pointed out on the Wharf before removal. Bills of Lading to Order must be ' presented to the undersigned for endorsement. 130'3 HERIOT.TULLARTON, & CO. SHIP TELEGRAPH, from London. — This Vessel having arrived, CONSIGNEES : are requested to Pass Entries for their goods in accordance with the regulations. Any damage , must be pointed oat to the Captain previous to the : removal ofgoods from the Wharf. Captain Hoggblom. of the Telegraph, will not be I responsible for any Debts contracted by the Crew of this vesssel. ? - J28'30 ? PHILIP LEVI & CO. rnELEGBAPH, from London. —All ! ' X Bills of Lading to Order are to be presented i at the offices of the undersigned at Port Adelaide, - or the Goods will be Stored at Consignees' risk and expense. pHmp ^^ & ^ u _May6,I861: ? I2T31 \ S~ HIPS' POSTERS and EVERY DESCRDPTION of PRINTING got out on the shortest notice, and MOST REASONABLE TERMS. A large Supply of COLOURED PAPER, . COLOURED INKS, and NEW TYPE. Orders received at the Bepister General Printing Office, ( Grenfell-street, Adelaide; and by the Shipping Reporters at the Port. lev ? MEECHAITOISE. 1 ON SALE by the undersigned— 1 Three DOG-CARTS (Thomas of Glasgow's ' superior build) Curled Hair Brush and Comb Ware j Port Wine, in hhds. and qr.-casks. f ExPhiUis. I 2 cases File Handles W cases Tobacco Pipes 22H Slate Slabs , 23 cases Marble Chimneypieces J 2 Pianofortes, Bowman's superior . 3 Omnibuses, Thomas's build 20 cases Ayrshire Cheddar Cheese 23 crates Amber French Quarts 42 bales and cases Stationery Boots and Shoes, &c. 66cv ? PETER CUMMING & SONS. ] ON SALE, at 34, King William-street— 1 SADDLES, cornprisingLadies', Gentlemen's, Boys', Bush, Racing, and Exercising i Saddles, Colonial, made to order ? Saddle-Trees, Web. Kersey, Prince's Check 1 Body Sides, Gig Collars, Collar Check, Hemp i Jqckey Bullock, Stock, and Wagon Whips tnsar Work, Sponge. Halters, Bush Bridles Kersey and Felt Saddle-Cloths, Girths TO^e?tL5aiher- Hos Skins. Seal Skins ?M a'd Brown Harness Leather $S ^ allsizes U5 t0 4'inch ! gS of air^^1'11^ ^a**. Trimmings. ? _=i5 ? _£AXES A. HOLDEN. j Rum, m hhds., 10 and 30 o p cases Gin, Booth's, qr. -casks. hhri« »^j Geneva. JDKl keTc^8' Rnd ^ Whisky, btewarfs, cases and bulk ?-? Srs^S^^^^^Paune Cigars— Manila, No. 2 t Aflsopp's Ale, pints and quarts -£_ * Burtoo Ale (on Treat) Taylor & Walker's Stout, lihds. Byass's Bottled Stout. _ a WILLIAM BLACKLER, Wine and Spirit Merchant, North-parade, Port. % 102c

| ? MERCHANDISE. ? ALEX. MACFAELAN & CO. have on SALE— Horizontal STEAM-ENGINES, 4 in. to 24 in. cyUnders Beam do., high pressure, and condensing, 8 to 40 horse-power Portable. 10, 14, 18, 20, and 40 do. Pumps and Pipes, U in. to 10 in. diameter, and mountings Tram-Plates and Flat-bottomed Bails for Pit-head Pulleys, Metallic Packing, Pijjlron Bone-Mill, Turning-Lathes, PunchingMa chines Tennant'sDirect-actingPatentSteam Stampers Flour-Mills, with engines, dressers, and smut ters, complete Spare Boikrs, Boiler-Plates, Angle Iron, and Rivets Reaping-Machine, Ploughs, Harrows, Grubbers Boiler-nvetting Machine, Printing-Presses, Iron Safes Round and Flat Rope for mines, Boiler Com position Fire-bricks, and 12-inch Square Tiles, for paving Gunpowder, Quicksilver, Varnish, Oils Leather and Rubber Belting. 13, Flinders-lane east, Melbourne. 130mwf58 \TOW LANDING, ex TELEGRAPH -L- and HASTINGS, and ON SALE by the undersigned— BLACK PARIS HATS (various qualities) Ladies' and Children's Plain arid Fancy Hats and Bonnets (some richly trimmed) ISO packages Winter Slops and Drapery A well-assorted Invoice of Boots and Shoes (men's, women's, and children's) Ewbank's Patent Nails, Holloware Galvanized Iron Pails and Buckets Double and Single Barrel Guns Blacksmiths' Bellows Fine antf Coarse Salt, Washing Soda (M0 bags choice Mauritius Sugars Company's Congou, in chests, halves, and quarters Jamaica Coffee (in tierces). White Herrings Shellard's Tobacco, in half-tierces West India Arrowroot Pimento, White and Black Pepper Castor Oil, in half-pints Patras Currants, in barrels Holloway's Medicines, in large and small cases Tpwnsend's Sarsaparilla Linseed Oil (Boiled and Raw), in casks and drums Case Brandy, Port, Sherry, Sweetened Gin Rotterdam Geneva, key brand Bass's No. 3 Burton Ale, in hhds. Pale Ale, in cask West India Rum, 33 and 12 o.p. Invoices of Toys, Cutlery, Gun3, ice, &x\, &c. ALSO, 40 crates of Crockery. 128c ? BURNETT NATHAN. ON SALE by the undersigned — BOOTH'S Case GIN, in or out of bond Rum, in hhds., . do. Bass's No. 3 Burton Ale, in barrels, of October, 1860, brewing Paraffin Lamps and Glasses. W. J. BAILEY, 130mwf49v45 Buck's Head, North-terrace. ON SALE— PORT and SHERRY, in wood and bottle Williams's Gin, in wood Whitbread's Stout, Burton Ale Tea, Tobacco, Currants, &c. Whybrow's Pickles, Herrings, &c. Berger's Starch, Candied Peel Castor Oil, Sperm Candles, Twine Colza Oil, Linseed Oil, Turps White Lead, Paints, &c. Cornsacks, Woolpacks, and Orebags Tinplates, Iron Bedsteads, Brass Furniture Ewbank's Nails, Wood Screws, Cut Floor-brads Flooring Tiles, Slates, Cement, &c. FRANCIS CLARK & SONS, 74mwfcv ? Blyth-street, Adelaide. PRIME NORTH WILTS CHEESK PRIME CHEDDAR CHEESE. PRIME, DUNLOP CHEESE. In tin and cloth, in very fine condition, now landing, ex Sebastian. .130c ? P. McROSTIE, Rundle-street. A FEW TONS INFERIOR OAT MEAL, fit for Poultry, ON SALE by llocv ? P. McROSTIE. (1OALS.— Best English and Newcastle J N.S.W.) Coals can be had in any quantity, at H. snrPSON'S Coal-yard. Port Adelaide; or D. KEKWICK'S. Grenfeil-street ? lc_ PALVANIZED IRON.— ON SALE, VJ by the undersigned— Morewood's Galvanized Iron, tinned and un tinned Tupner's ditto Scotch ditto Also Piping, Guttering, Ridge-Capping \N ails, Screws, Rivets and Burs, &c. PADMAN & CO. Gawler-place.^ ? 291mwfc HAY—PRESSED HAY.— The under signed have rented from the South Austra lian Banking Company their Capacious IRON STORE inNDLE-STREET, PORT ADELAIDE, uid are Storing Pressed Hay on the most reason able terras. GREEN PRESSED HAY of very superior imality ON SALE, per Bale or Ton, delivered at a moment's notice. JOHN NEWMAN & SON, Maclaren Wharf, Port Adelaide. Felmiary 1861. 45c BUSJOTESS i NOTICES. WALLAROO.— The undersigned begs to inform the inhabitants of Wallaroo Mid Kadina that on and after the 3rd of April next he intends to CARRY ON his BUSI NESS as a BUILDER in the abovenamed Townships and surrounding districts, and will be prepared to Tender for and undertake every de scription of Builders' Work. In connection with the above, S. H. will always have ON SALE a large stock of Well-Seasoned TIMBER of every description for Building pur poses; also. Corrugated and Plain Galvanized Tinned and Galvanized IRON for Roofing, with Gutters, Ridge-Caps, Rain Water Pipes, and every other article appertaining to this branch of the Trade. SAMUEL HAYNES, Builder, &c. March 11, 1861. ? 71tflG2 WA L L A R O O B~A Y. TIMBER, of various Sizes Bran, Has% Flour Potatoes, Bacon, Nails Palings, Battens, Laths, &c. Goods Carted to the Mines anil Township, and General Agency Business. 110-'31rl4wf30 ? JAMES HAY. . MESSRS. TIVER & COLE, BUILDERS, REDRUTH, near Kooringa, beg to thank the Settlers in the North for the liberal share of patronage with which they have been favoured during the past seven years, and liope by continued promptitude and care in the execution of all work entrusted to them still to retain the same. Messrs. T. & C. also beg to inform their nume rous friends thatthev have established a BRANCH it KADINA, WALLAROO, where they are pre [-ared to undertake any kind of building by con tract or otherwise. Communications to be addressed to Mr. Tiver, it Nankerris's Hotel, Kadina, or to Mr. Cole, Redruth. ? 123mwf35v59 TO '' MINING COMPANIES, SAWYERS, and Others.-FOR SALE, or TO be LET on Hire, a PORTABLE STEAM ENGINE (Clayton & Shuttleworth's), with Double ' Cylinder and complete set of Six-inch Pumps for ' iboutl' fathoms; Circular Saw-Tables and aawR, md Upright Saw-Frame and Saws. Apply to N. V. Squarey & Co., Adelaide. ? lOOmwfc jj FOR SALE, a 25-Horse-power J STEAM-ENGINE and MINING MATE RIALS. Apply to i SAMUEL DAVENPORT, : I30tfcv ? The Club, Adelaide. j WANTED to PURCHASE, One \ TUBULAR BOILER, of about 15 to IS - Sorse-Power. For particulars, apply to A. F. ? Christen & Co., Grenfell-street, Adelaide. [128'30 VICTORIA IRON AND BRASS ] » WORKS.-Establisb.ed 1842. 1 WILLIAM PYBUS respectfully intimates to iis former customers and the public that he has i 3pened his old Establishment in the above iranches, and solicits a renewal of their orders. ? 117-'38rl20-49 BRASS CASTINGS. — Mill and J Machine Brasses, of every description and , jest metal, at Is. 9d. per lb. ? GEO. WYATT, : 291cv Adelaide Foundry, North-terrace. \ TURPAULINS. TARPAULIN1:. -'- - -L IMPORTANT TO FARMERS. , JOSEPH ALLEN, Tent and Tarpaulin Maker, IL King William-street, has on hand a large Lssortment of the above, at very low prices, from ' tOs. upwards. N.B.— Orders executed on the shortest notice. i ? 347cv j BOOTS AND SHOES—. The LEASE of the undersigned having i B&pniED, he will, prior to making fresh arrange- i nents, or Removing to other Premises, SELL 1 ;he WHOLE of his STOCK of BOOTS AND SHOES. ' insisting of many thousands of Pairs of every i die and description, not at RUINOUS PRICES, ; jut at RATES so far BELOW USUAL CHARGES 1 is must ensure a speedv clearance. '- 'JOHN KITELEY, 82c ? (Late Bray's), 79. Hindley-street. HOUSE COALS.— Screened House Coals for Stoves or Grates delivered in any . jart of Adelaide in quantities of not less than ? ' CWt' WILLIAM W. BLYTH, 113'*42 North-terrace Iron and Coal Yard. ] TnHERMOMETERSforHo^ehQWU^e, ' X Brewers, and Chemists Do., Maximum and Minimum Ship Barometers Cottage Barometers, 21s. Handsome Portable Barometers Pocket Microscopes. : 226q E. S. WTGG, 12, Rundle-stree^ ; MlT^ORD'S^TRTVER^SliirG THEODOLITE, with Staff, &c complete, on Sale at _9q JOHN HOWELL'S, 4f Rundle-street. STEREOSCOPES AND STEREO ?^ SCOPje VIEWS, quite new, and very cheap. . DEHANE-S, *? JEiog William-street.

I BUSINESS NOTICES WILLIAM PUPLETT, GRASS HOPPER TEA WAREHOUSE, 67, Rundle-street, near Gawler-place, will be glad to make arrangements for a Regular Supply of good FRESH BUTTER and other DAIRY PRODUCE ? 130mwfcv38 RCARR, Freeman-street.— CHIM . NEYS SWEPT by Machine/ Orders in Town or Country attended to. ? 130tf263 JTIDMARSH & CO., SOAP and . CANDLE MANUFACTURERS. Sturt strcet, Adelaide. Fat and Tallow Purchased. Orders for Miners' Dips executed with dispatch. ? 45cv T~ B.~ SHEPLEY, SHIPPING and . GENERAL AGENT, WALLAROO. Agent for the Wallaroo Mines. ? 109''38 PURE MALT AND HOPS. — Try the WEST-END BREWERY ALE. 82c BLACKLER'S WINE and SPIRIT CELLARS, North-parade, Port Shipping supplied in or out of bond__ ? 102''fl2 WEST-ENlT~BREWERY.— Ask for West-End Ale, the most wholesome and inviting beverage in the colony, superior to English or any other Ale in South Australia. 123c .pREAT REDUCTION^irTTEATand VT COFFEE.-JOHN HARVEY, Weymouth street respectfully intimates to his Customers and the Public -generally that he is now Selling a really good Cougon Tea at 2s. per lb. or Is. lOd. in parcels, \ ' Boxes proportionably cheap. ? 103c O 'Asters, oysters, oysters.— A constant supply of Port Lincoln Oysters, Wholesale and Retail at UPTON'S DINING ROOMS, next to Mr. Gall's China Warehouse. April 11. ? 102-'92 FOR SALE, 8,000 Well-grown WINE VINE PLANTS, Malbecancl Seyms; almut 4,000 of each. Apply to James Doyle, Waterfall Creek; or, if by letter, to care of Mr. Elliot, Globe Inn, Rundle-street. ? 13U,35v45 TO AMATEURSin OIL PAINTING. — A fresh Supply of Material at 349q E. S.AVIGG'S, 12, Rundle-street. TO BOOKBINDERS and Others.— FOR SALE, a MACHINE for PAGING ACCOUNT-BOOKS, CHEQUES, &c, &c, with the latest improvements. 328q JOHN HOWELL, Rundle-street. TTOM0EOPATHIC MEDICINES, -LL from LEITH Si ROSS, at 57q ? PLATTS'S. HOMOEOPATHIC MEDICINES, from LEITH & ROSS, at 57q ? PLATTS'S. TT0M030PATHIC MEDICINES, AX from LEITH & ROSS, at 57q ? PLATTS'S. nnO MOTHERS, SURGEONS, and X NURSES.- CROWDER'S PURE FLUID MAGNESIA, warranted superior in quality to any mported, and sold retail by most Druggists and Storekeepers, in botttles at Is., 29., and 3s. 6d. each halfprice of Murray's), and wholesale at the Manu factory, Franklin-street. ? lc P ENERAL PRINTING OFFICES.— VX PRINTING of EVERY DESCRIPTION ex ecuted NEATLY, CHEAPLY, and PROMPTLY at the REGLSTER and OBSERVER GENERAL PRINTING OFFICES, Grenfell-street, the most extensive Establishment in South Australia, where the most skilful hands arc engaged, and every en deavour made to give satisfaction. ? lev WHITE ANTS. —GAS TAB,. —The Tar resulting from the manufacture of Gas rom Resin Oil is found effectual in preserving Timber from the ravages of the White Ant, and is being used for that purpose by the Telegraph De partment to protect the posts carrying the wires. The Tar will be found invaluable for treating the »ttoms of posts in fencing, joists, &c, in flooring. Sold at the Repiater and Observer Offices, in quan tities not Ies3 than 5 gallons, at 2s. per gallon ; and n single gallons at 2s. 6d. per gallon. The vessels for the tar to be bro lev DRAPERY AND CLOTHING, KINGSBOROUGH & UPTON'S GREAT CLEARING-OUT SALE will commence on Tuesday, the Kith instant, when the whole of their extensive Stock will be sub mitted for immediate Clearance, to make room for extensive shipments hourly expected per Hastings. For further particulars, see Handbills. Observe the Address— KINGSBOROUGH & UPTON, 105c 8a Rundle-strcet, Adelaide. HHEMPLE & MOREY having enlarged -L and improved their Premises, beg to state that their SHOW-ROOMS are now OPEN, with 1 the LATEST NOVELTIES of the Season, ex Hastings and other late arrivals. 119'3Iv45 ? 136. Rundle-street 'VTEW SHAPES in FELT and STRAW * HATS, the new Grebe Feather, Ostrich Feathers, Plumes. NEW COLOURS in Silk and Patent Velvets. NEW SHAPES in Chip, Straw, and Fancy Bon nets. PARIS MILLINERY, Head Dresses, Wreaths, and Flowers. VELVET and Cloth Mantles, the new Zouave acket, and Elegant Greek Vest, Ladies' Morning Jackets. EVENING and Ball Dresses, Opera Cloaks. NOVELTIES in Fancy Dresses, the new French Dromiet and Reps, Plain. Striped, and Checks. RICH Black and Gold Glace. Moire Antique. PARIS Kid Gloves, Ladies' Dress-Holders, Paris Wove Stays, and the new Paragon Corset. Note the address— TEMPLE & MOREY, 11.0-'31v45 ? 13G, Rundle-strcet. 'DiCH BLACK CRAPE, BladlPara'- ^J matta, Black Arab Lustre, and all other Materials for Mourning. Mourning Orders executed on the shortest notice. At TEMPLE & MOREY'S, J19^31v45 ? 130, Rundle-street. XTEW GOODS.— JUST OPENED by 1^1 the undersigned, a large assortment . of jadies' Fashionable Black, Brown, and Drab Cloth Mantles, Paletots and Jackets, Silk Velvets, fathers. Ribbons, Flounced and Plain Silks, iantle Cloths, Girls' and Ladies' Felt Hats in the Newest Shapes, a Superior lot of Rival Coutille Stays, with improved front fastenings, Flounced Wincey Robe Dresses, Trimmings, &c. 129°30a58 G. SHAW, 89, Hindley-street. WALLAROO MINES.— Parties pro ceeding to the above can be supplied with Outfits, Pilot, Vecuna, and Petersham Monkey Jackets, Overcoats Waterproof Clothing, Leggings, lankets, Rugs, and every description of Boys' and Men's Ready-made Clothing, suited to the present season, at Reasonable Prices. 129'30a5S G. SHAW, S9, Hindley-street. TUST OPENED, U AT PETER CUMMING & SONS', 21, HlNDLET-STREET. A. Large Assortment of LADIES' and CHIL DREN'S HATS, BONNETS, HEAD-DRESSES, DAPS, &c, of the most fashionable styles for the present season. ALSO, Cloth, Velvet, and Silk MANTLES of the newest shapes. ? . ? 108cv THRESH * ARRIVALS OF NEW, r CHEAP, and FASHIONABLE DRAPERY, At the TDEES DRAPERY MART, No 14, Rundle-street, opposite the Red Lion Inn. GAULT&SCOTTbeg to intimate to their friends ind the public that they have just received their NEW STOCK of WINTER GOODS, comprising :hc Latest Fashions in Dresses, Shawls, Mantles, Bonnets, Hats, Ribbons, Flowers, and all the useful articles in Blankets, Flannels, Calico, French Merino, Coburg Cloth, Alpacas, Sheeting, Towelling, &c. Men's, Youths', and Boys' Clothing, Hats, Caps, Sec., all of which will be sold at unusually Low Prices, as they have marked them low, and will aave them sold while they are new. 124''37v45j pHAPMAN'S UNDERCLOTHING W AND BABYLINEN WAREHOUSE, 102, Rundle-street. , MRS.CHAPMANbegs to invite the attention of ] the Ladier to her recent purchases in Melbourne, c rhich ar* now ready for inspection, consisting of : the RICHEST GOODS to be obtained in Infants' EOBES, CLOAKS HOODS, BONNETS, HATS, Mid every other Requisite in that Department; ' ilso Ladies' Underclothing, Dressing-Gowns, Pale tots, Jackets, &c, &c. % N.B.— Head-Dresses in great variety, of the s newest style. ? 129'42v38 GT. THOMPSON having succeeded ? Messrs. R. B. Lucas & Co. in the business i it KANGAROO HOUSE, Hindley-street. would J intimate to his Friends and the Public generally , that he has JUST OPENED a Large and Choice ' Assortment of WINTER GOODS, comprising the newest style in Mantles, Bonnets, Hats, &c. ; also, t \ well-selected Stock of General Drapery; all of ffhich he will offer at the lowest possible prices. j G. T. T. has retained the services of Mr. Jury ' to superintend the TAILORING DEPARTMENT, c Mid having a First-class Stock of WOOLLENS, ] tvquld invite Gentlemen to this very important . branch of the business, guaranteeing a perfect fit Mid first-rate workmanship. N.B.-KANGAR00 HOUSE, Hindley-street. - ? 12S-'31v AUTUMN DRE S S E S . — . JOHN HODGKISS & CO. are now offering T50 FLOUNCED NORWICH ROBES, 16 to 18 Sards each, at from 4s. lid. to 12s. 6d. per Robe. ?' These Goods will be found on inspection decided - Bargains, and well suited to the approaching Season. Note-JOHN HODGKISS & CO., - Blov ? 26 and 2.8. Rundle-street. ' 'DETER CUMMING & SONS reapect X7 fully intimate that their Stock of SEASON- -. ABLE DRAPERY, MILLINERY, READY- . MADE CLOTHING, HOSIERY, BOOTS and SHOES. CARPETINGS, HEARTHRUGS, &c, is now well sorted, and all at reasonable prices. \ 21, Hindley-street, Adelaide, and i Main-street, Kapunda. fificv ] O DRAPERS. —Bill-Heads, Hand Bills, Posters, aid every other description of Printing executed on the cheapest terms, at the Begisler and Observer General Printing Office, i GrenfaU-street.

VOLTOTEER NOTICES ITICTORIAN RIFLE ASSOCIATION. t Patron : His Excellency Sir Henry Barkly, K.C.B. The SECOND MEETING will be held af SANDRIDGE, on Thursday, 30th May; Friday, 31st May; and Saturday, 1st June. MATCHES. Open to all comers, with any rifles not exceeding 10 lbs. in weight, without hair triggers, magnifying sights or slings:— 1. 200 yards,' five rounds, standing. Prizes, j£20, £15, £10, j£5--3B0 entries. 2. 300 yards, five rounds, standing. Prizes, £20, £15, £10, £5-300 entries. 3. 500 yards, five rounds, from any position. Prizes, £20, £10, £5—300 entries. ? 4. 600 yards, five rounds, from any position. Prizes, £20, £10, £5—300 entries. Open to the 30 Australian Volunteers who have made the highest score in 2, 3, and 4 together. 5. 600 yards, ten rounds, any position. . Prizes, the Victoria Gold Cup, £20, £10. Volunteer Military Force Staff Office, Adelaide, May 9, 1861. VOLUNTEERS are hereby informed that the Colonel Commanding has been requested by the Secretary of the Victorian Rifle Association to send in a List of the Names of any SOUTH AUS TRALIAN VOLUNTEERS who wish to compete for the GOLD CUP,' Value £105, as well as 15 Money Prizes, open to all comers. ' Names must be sent in to the Staff Office before the 17th instant. F. BLYTH. x ? ColonelS. A. Volunteer Military Force. VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY.— VACANCIES In the above Corps for a few active able-bodied men. Apply to Major Torrens. -?? - ? 130t'4v XT' ASTERN SUBURBAN RIFLEMEN XL* will assemble for BATTALION DRDLL on North Park Lands, «n Mondays, 13th and 20th, at a quarter-past 4 o'clock punctually, in place of the usual Morning Drill. By command, x ? J. Z. SELLAR, Captain. VOLUNTEERS FOR EAST TOR V RENS.-A PUBLIC MEETING will be leld on Tuesday, the I4th May, at the Institute, Magill, for receiving the Names of those Persons who are willing to offer their Services to Govern ment for the Formation of a Volunteer Rifle Corps. The chair will be taken at half-past 7 o'clock, x HPHE MOUNT BARKER RE VIEW X AND VOLUNTEER BALL will take place on Friday, the 17th instant. xv AMUSEMENTS. LAST NIGHT BUT FIVE. VICTORIA THEATRE.— GREAT ATTRACTION for SATURDAY NIGHT. The Grand Comic Opera, ELIXIR OF LOVE: Supported by SIGNOR BIANCHI and Opera Company. To be followed by GRAND TRIO-SIGNORA and SIGNOR BIANCHI and SIGNOR GROSSI; from the famed Oratorio, 'Jerusalem.' The whole to conclude with a New Ballet, LE BRIGAND ET LA DANSEUSE; in which FRAULETN FANNIE and the LEO POLD BROTHERS will appear. ? .^^L^?6 small bills, jgf WHITE' S R O O~M~S7^ THIS EVENING (Friday), May 10. BROTHER R. W. KOHLER has the honour to announce that he will give a Grand VOCAL AND INSTRUMENTAL CONCERT on the above Evening, A LA JULLIEN, under the patronage of the Right Worshipful the 'rovincial Grand Masters of the Irish and English Constitutions of the Freemasons, Brothers the Hon. J. T. Bagot (Commissioner of Crown Lands), A. Hardy, Esq., and the Stewards of the late Masonic Ball. ? x MR. R. W. KOHLER'S CONCERT TO-NIGHT.— An entirely New and Novel Programme. x KOHLER on the ROCK HARMO NICON. ? x T7'0HLER on the TURKISH BELLS. JTOHLER on the iBUSH PIANO. KOHLER on the CORNE?A ^ISTON; ? x TZOHLER on the CONCERTINA, with AV Imitations of the SCOTTISH BAGPIPES. _: ? x ZOHLER on the FRENCH FLAGEO IV LETTE, FLUTE, CASTANETS, &c, &c. ? - ? x QIGNOR and~SIGNORA~BIANCHI, ^ and a FULL ORCHESTRA. ? x_ PORT THEATRE, FRIDAY NEXT, ^rT 10th.-GRAND ATTRACTION, OPERA ELIXIR of- LOVE, and GRAND SCOTCH BALLET by the LEOPOLD FAMILY. 128*30 Q O I R E E ~ D v I D I~E U.— ^-- PROFESSOR KOHLER will by request, [five a SELECT FAREWELL PERFORMANCE, in the Saloon of the Hamburg Hotel; on S3- FRIDAY EVENING, Ttf AY 10, 1861. jg» ? ? 129-*30 rpiVqLI~HOTEL.— DANCING This J- (Friday) Evening ; to commence at 8 o'clock. Admission free. _x ? JOH. SCHIRMER. A SELECT BALL will be held at the xi- ROSE INN, Sturt-street, on Monday next, L3th instant. Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock ?.m. Tickets, single, 2s. 6d. ; double do., 4s. 6d. -to be had at the bar. 12fr^J ? THOS. BOOTHMAN. DURTON'S NATIONAL~'CIRCUS U will shortly arrive with an entirely new Com janyand many surprising Novelties. 40cv HENRY BURTON, Sole Proprietor. ? PROFESSIONAL. MR. E. F. MACGEORGE, C. E., ? LICENSED SURVEYOR for MINERAL SECTIONS, &&, WALLAROO. Address in Town— Mr. James Macgeorge, Archi iect, King William-street. 84c ESSRS. A. & E. A. DELISSER, LICENSED SURVEYORS. Apply at the Office of F. S. U. Driffield, Grenfell itreet. ? 338tfcv MR. J. A. BRUCE, ASSAYER and .ANALYTICAL CHEMIST, Leigh-street, Adelaide. ? 105mwf287 A RTIFICIAL TEETH, from 10s. each. Q- -Mr. MEYERS, SURGICAL and ME DHANIOAL DENTIST, 39, King William-street ate of Bold-street, Liverpool), supplies Artificial eeth, on the principle of self-adhesion, and are lxed without wires or causing the least pain. A Single Tooth from 10s. „.„. A Set do. £10. Filling, Scaling, and Extracting. Please observe the Address-39, King William itrect, near the Exchange. ? 352c fkBSERVE THE ADDRESS.— Mr. U G. GEORGE, DENTIST, King William reet (upstairs), two doors from Muirhead's itornen ? 44c ETOMOSOPATHY.— MR. KIDNER, -X HOMOZOPATHIST, No. 3, Dorsetta-terrace, ? hnders-street. Consultations ? daily from 9 till 3. ? 122-51 JEFFERSON STOW, SHIPPINGand I COMMISSION AGENT, SHARE BROKER, WALLAROO. lOScv empioymenYwantedT^' XiTANTED, by a middle-agad Person, »' a SITUATION as HOUSEKEEPER, pply to C. C, office of this paper. ? 13O'l riTANTED, by a respectable young ^r T^oinan« a SITUATION as UPPER 3OUSEMAID or WAITRESS. Apply to S. T., -thce of this paper. x PERSONS WANTED. ~ I'O DRAPERS' ASSISTANTS.— A good Salesman and Window Dresser Wanted, it Northmore & Castle's, 131 and 133, Rundle street, Adelaide. 120c TO GROCERS' ASSISTANTS. — WANTED, a single Man. None but expe lenced hands need unto Wm. F. Webster, forth Parade, Port Adelaide. 128''3O I^O JOURNEYMAN BUTCHERS — - WANTED a Strong Active YOUTH. Apply a F. N. Scarfe, Parade, Norwood. ? 130*3 OFFICE BOY WANTED in a Lawyer's Office. References and Specimens of Appli cants' Handwriting to be sent to Mr. Wearing, 90, Ong William-street. ? x WANTED, a good GENERAL SER VANT, at 218, Tavistock-buildingg. x WANTED, a HOUSEMAID. Apply ? to Mrs. Milton, Government Offices, x WANTED, a COOK. Apply to Mrs. Hicks, Mitcham; or to Mr. Hicks, Currie street ? - 13O*'1 WANTED immediately, a thorough HOUSEMAID, either Scotch or English. \pply at Mrs. Nathan's, Ward-street, North Ade aide. ? ' ? i28c WANTED, a good GENERAlTSER VANT. Apply to Mrs. M. Alexander iYest-tcrrace. ? : ? 128-?3Q W -ANTED, a Single MAN, to Drive a two-horse Omnibus. No one need apply jnless he be of sober habits, good tempered, civil inil amiable. Apply at the Napoleon Bonaparte King William-street; or St. Leonard's Inn' Grlcnelg. ? i29-'3l ' ANTED, a COOK, who iinder stands Dairy Work and can Wash. Apply to Mrs. Torrens, Torrens Park. A good reference ffilllje required, }3Qb'3f

? ELECTION NOTICES. TO THE ELECTORS OF THE BURRA AND CLARE. Gentlemen— It affords me sincere pleasure to address you once more as your representative. ] thank you most heartily for the kindness with which I was received by you while visiting vou in various localities prior to the election, and for the energy you displayed on the day of election in re cording your votes in my favour, and thus contri buting te the triumphant result at which we have arrived. To my friends resident in the neighbourhood of Alma and Mudla Wirra, in addition to the thanks thus given to you all, I have to express ray regret that owing to an unexpected alteration in the day of election, I was unable to visit them personally, as I had intended. I am happy to say that their votes have shown that they duly appreciated the causes which prevented our meeting. In conclusion, allow me to assure you that, as of old, not only will your peculiar local interests de mand my best attention, but that in all matters where the interests of the colony are at stake, or where liberal principles are to be carried out to their legitimate conclusions, I shall be always found a warm advocate for liberal institutions and a determined opposer of class legislation. I am, Gentlemen, Your much obliged And most obdt. sen-ant, G. S. KINGSTON. Adelaide, May 9, 1861. xv RELIGIOUS NOTICED DIOCESANSYNOD.— ADJOURNED MEETING at 5 o'clock This Day (May 10). For' Notices of Motion, see yesterday's Register.x TTNITARIAN CHRISTIAN U CHURCH, Wakefield-street.-On Sunday morninpr next, the 12th inst., the Rev. J. Craw; ford Woods, B.A., will deliver a second and concluding LECTURE on the Oxford 'Essays and Reviews. Divine Service to begin at 11 o'clock. ? 129-30 BUSH MISSION. — The Committee wishing to extend the operations of the Society, are desirous of Engaging the services of an additional AGENT. Applications, with testimonials, addressed to the Rev. James Lyall, Adelaide, will be received up to Junel. ? , 121tf30v31 PITBLIC NOTICES. PROPOSED RAILWAY FROM ADELAIDE TO GLENELG. -NOTICE is hereby given that we the undersigned, Promoters of the proposed Railwav from Adelaide to Glenelg, intend to apply to the Parliament of South Aus tralia duringthe next ensuing Session for leave to introduce a BILL to authorize the FORMATION of the ADELAIDE and GLENELG RAILWAY, in the Province of South Australia; and that 011 the eighteenth day of April, a plan and section of the said Railway, with a book of reference thereto, showing the intended width of the said Railway, and the extent of deviation from the centre of the line thereof, was deposited in the Office of the Sur veyor-General ; and that it is proposed that such Railway shall pass through the Adelaide Park Lands, and through the several sections of land hereinafter mentioned, that is to say— the Prelimi nary Section numbered 2 (which comprises the Village of Mile End); Preliminary Section num bered 3; Preliminary Section numbered 49 (which comprises the Village of Hilton); Section num bered 50, Survey B; Section numbered M, Survey B (which comprises the Village of Richmond); Section numbered !)5, Survey B; Preliminary Sec tjon numbered 101; Sections numbered respec tively 2032. HMi, and 155, Survey B; Sections num bered 107, 154, and 155 (which comprise the Vil lage of Plymptom); and Sections numbered re spectively 170, 171, 172, and 183, Survey B; and through the several allotments of land situate in the Township of St. Leonard's and in the Town ship of Glenelg, designated in the aforesaid depo sited plan and book of reference. Dated the 17th day of April, 18(51. R. B. COLLEY, ) JOHN B. NEALES, ^Promoters. 109f30 F. C. SINGLETON, j 1 FAMINE IN INDIA.— Chamber of Commerce, May 7, 1861. The Chamber beg again to call the attention of the Public to this calamity, and earnestly invite further subscriptions, that another remittance may be made to Calcutta by the next mail on the 26th instant. 128mwf40v38 D. MELVILLE, Secretary. COMPANIES AND SOCIETIES. \TATIONAL BANK OF AUSTRAL IA ASIA.-SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BRANCH. —NOTICE is hereby given that a THIRD CALL of £lsper Share on the Capital Stock of the Com pany allotted on the South Australian Registry has been made this day, and that the same will be pay able on Wednesday, 1st May next, at the offices of the Bank, in Adelaide. Payment will be received, at option of Share holders, in cash, or half in cash and half promis sory note at three months' date, bearing interest at 7 per cent, per annum. By order of the Local Board, FREDERICK WRIGHT, Manager. Adelaide, January 30, 1861. NOTICE. The time for payment of the above Call is ex tended till Friday, 10th May next. By order of the Local Board, FREDERICK WRIGHT, Manager. Adelaide, April 9, 1861. 101mh30v SOUTH AUSTRALIAN SOCIETY OF ARTS.-The EXHIBITION of this Society will be finally CLOSED on MONDAY Evening next, when the Drawing for the Art Union Prizes will take place. On the same occasion, Mr. Whitridge will read a Paper on 'The Ideal in Art.' The Chair will be taken at 8 o'clock. By order of the Committee, JOHN MARTIN. Hon. Sec. ?*.* The Exhibition will be closed at dusk on Friday and Saturday next. 128fin32 PROSPECTUS OF THE SOUTH AUS X' TRALIAN GAS COMPANY (Limited). To l-e incorporated by Act of Parliament, and the liability of the Shareholders to be limited, double the amount of their Shares. Capital £30,000, in 6,000 Shares of £5 each, With power to increase the Capital to £60,000 by the issue of a similar number of Shares of like amount, to be ottered to the then existing Share holders before l-eing offered to the public. Payable— Five Shillings per Share deposit on application. Five Shillings per Share on allotment, and Ten Shillings per Share by calls to be made not oftener than once a month. Promoters : Hon. Henry Ayers John Hart, Esq. Hon. George Hall G. P. Harris, Esq. Hon. Abraham Scott J. Hodgkiss, Esq. A. Blyth, Esq., M.P. F. H, Faulding. Esq. R. I. Stow, Esq., M.P. T. Graves, Esq. P. Levi, Esq. G. Young, Esy. A. Watts, Esq. E. Solomon, Esq. S. Tomkinson, Esq. R. B. Colley, Esq. G. Main, Esq. For Prospectuses and Forms of Application, see Daily and. Weekly Newspapers from May 1st to 4th inclusive; or apply to r. b. Colley, 127cv Acting for the Promoters. MUNICIPAL AND DISTRICT ? COUNCILS. ? TO His WORSHIP the MAYOR of GAWLER. May 6, 1861. Sir— We the undersigned, Burgesses of the Town of Gawler, respectfully request you to call a Public Meeting of the Ratepayers of the Town for he purpose 01 taking into consideration the reso lutions Proposed at a meeting held at the Prince Albert Hotel on the 25th ultimo. And we further desire to receive explanations from the Council lors of the different Wards. ', Walter Duffield T.B.Mather y JamesFotheiingham Michael Whelan Patrick Farmer Thomas Martin E. Thorup David Hardy C. Cox David Birrcll M. Wachsmuth Henry Pearson Oscar Wehrstedt A. Kraedel Wm. Hains W. S. Taylor George Smith Wm. Challen ? Robert Milne Wm.Mowat George Nott . Andrew Quigg ; Geo. Coward O. Lynch . H, Eberhard John Dohrmann E. Liebmann Wm. Kinnear Thos. Wilcox Thomas Wagstaff RSchwan James Davey John Jones Samuel Davey James Woods E. Lodge Wilcox, Barker, and. Isaac Elder-field Wilcox - J.Carl Roich ' geo. Ward John McSkimming B. E. Deland John Paternoster Samuel Serle T. Lindow W.Dawson J. Ogilvy JohnLemmich W.Austin R. Howard T. Causby M. Benjamin John Glass ? George Stephens Samuel Bradly John Alderton Wm. Baines James Swann George Isaacs Wm.Pett Richard Pinson g;Gray G. Filsel Philip Cheek J.Allen Ernst Kopke Thos. F. Loutit J.Bemdge Andrew. C Walker Thomas Adams G. W. Cotton W. C. Harrison Jqhii Annells W. B. Pepperell J. W. Williams Thomas Penaluna Edwin Filsell David Joslmg W.Bown JJ-k^hurst T. Englebrecht George Patney F. E. Grundy Gentlemen-In compliance with1 the above Re SSratflfor,1 ,h?ye much Jleasure in Calling a rSunfcV0'$ fr^A/ERS, to be held at the Oddfellows Hall, on Friday, the 10th instant, at? r.Jf,,^iiPmi' « wl!ich most-9f the members of the Council will attend to consider the resolutions re ferred to and give explanations relative to their acts in connection with Corporation matters. I am, Gentlemen, 128-30 JAMES M^TltSo^^wler. DISTRICT OF MUDLA WIRRA — «n ? 4vPtU.BLIC MEETING of the Ratepayers of this District will be held at the Willaston Hotel on Monday, the 20th instant, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, to make arrangements for the Depas turing of Cattle in this District during the next year. By order of the Council,

MINING NOTICES. WIRRAWILKA MINING AND SMELTING COMPANY (Limited). Capital £50,000, in 25,000 Shares of £2 each, The working capital payable— 5s. per Share on application; 5s. per Share on 1st July: and the balance of 303. per Share, if, required, by calls of 5s. each, at intervals of not less than two months. Numerous samples of ore, with Mr. Brace's assays, 34J, 41, 55, 561 per cent., can be seen at Mr. Vvicksteed's office. On production of a receipt from the National Bank of Australasia, the Secretary will allot the corresponding number of Shares to each applicant in the order and for the amount of his application Forms of Application may be obtained and samples from the various lodes may be seen at the office of FREDERIC WTCKSTEED, Sec pro tern., No. 6, King William-street, Adelaide. For Captain Lean's Report, see Observer, May 4. ? 123c v KADINA MINING COMPANY (LIMITED). Capital £40,000 in a 000 Shares of £5 each. Bankers: South Australian Banking Company, Adelaide, Port Adelaide, and Wallaroo. For Prospectus see daily and weekly papers. For Captain Ey's Report, see Observer, May 4. A deposit of 10s. to be paid on application for Shares; a further deposit of 10s. on allotment; the balance, if required, in calls of 10s. each, at inter vals of not less than two months. FORM OP APPLICATION FOR SHARES. To Mr. , Sir— I request that you will allot me Shares in the above Mine, on which I herewith hand you a deposit of Ten Shillings per Share; and I agree to accept, on the terms of the Prospectus, all such Shares, and to pay all subscriptions on the same. Name ? Occupation ? Address ? Application for Shares to be made to FREDERIC WICKSTEED, No. 6, King William-street. BENJAMIN REED, Port Adelaide. 123cv J. S. DUNCAN, Wallaroo. ? KULPARA MINING COMPANY (Limited). Capital, £2^000, in 5,000 Shares of £5 each, pay able 10s. on application. 10s. on allotment, and the balance in calls of 10s. each, at intervals of not less than two months. Provisional Committee. -Messrs. England, Archer, O. A. Babbage, Samuel Wright. Mildred, and Prankerd, with power to add to their number. For Copies of Prospectus, see local papers to April 4. Maps and Prospectuses and Forms of Applica tion can be obtained at the office of FREDERIC WICKSTEED, No. «, King William-street. Form of Application for Shares. To the Provisional Committee of the Kulpara Mining Company. Gentlemen— I request that you will allot me Shares in the above Mine, on which I here with hand you a (lejHxsit of Ten Shillings per Share ; and I agree to accept, on the terms of the Prospectus, all such Shares, or any less number you may allot to me, and to pay all subscriptions on the same;' and that the business of the Com pany shall be considered to have commenced on the 25th day of April, 18(51, all expenses subse quently incurred by the Promoters or otherwise on -ehalf of the Company, or in carrying out the ob jects and intentions thereof, to be paid out of the working capital. Name ? Occupation ? Address ? Dated ? istil. For Mr. Mildred's Report, see Observer, May 4. Assays— Surface, 21; three feet, 27; 12 feet, 41 percent. ]23cv I)ORT LINCOLN MINING COM PANY (Limited). Capital— £40,000, in 20,000 Shares of £2 each. Five shillings to be paid on application; 5s. on allotment; a call of 10s. two months after allot ment; and the remainder, if required, in calls of not more than 5s., at intervals of not less than two months. Provisional Directors : John Beck, Esq. I Philip Levi, Esq. John Brown, Esq. [Henry Simpson, Esq. R. I. Stow, Esq., M.P. Bankers: The Bank of Australasia. For prospectuses and forms of application see daily and weekly papers from April 16 to April 27; or apply to PHILIP B. FOX, Broker to the Company, 119c ? 50, King William-street. ? PORT LINCOLN MINING COM PANY (Limited). NOTICE TO INTENDING SHAREHOLDERS. The accompanying Report has been received rom Captain Alfred Phillips, late of the Austra lian Mining Company, who lias just returned from a special visit of inspection to the Port Lincoln Mines. Specimens of Ore taken from the surface n various parts of the property may be seen at the exchange. The Assays are certified by Mr. T. A. Bruce, as follows : - No. 1. Hill's Shaft, 22J- per cent. No. 2. Paynter's Shaft, 31i per cent. No. 3. New Mine, Section 812, 40J per cent. For prospectuses, forms of application, &c, apply PHILIP B. FOX, 50, King William-street. REPORT. 'Adelaide, May 6, Ifi61. To the Proprietors of the Port Lincoln Copper Mines. ' Gentlemen— Having just returned from your Port Lincoln Copper Mines, my report on them is as follows :— 'In the new Mine on Section 812 the lode varies from 2 to 3 feet in width, and has been worked on from 30 to 40 fathoms in length. There are large heaps of refuse ore now at surface of green and blue carbonate of copper, from which a great many tons of 1(5 per cent, ore may be picked out, and a considerable quantity would be avail able for smelting near the Mine. 'Paynter's Snaft Mine is open from surface many fathoms in length. A considerable quantity of carbonate ores have doubtless l-een raised, and, iudging from the refuse ores at surface, it is a lode of good promise, and likely to produce much ores at some deeper level. ' At the Water Shaft Mine also from the refuse at surface it would appear that ores have been raised. The lode is from three to five feet wide, and there are now to be seen large stones of quartz al-out the place containing lumps of rich yellow sulphuret embedded in them. 'In the Whim Shaft Mine the water is within 20 feet of the surface. The horse whim is a good one, and available for the further developing of this Mine; the shaft also is well timbered, and in good repair. I am informed that this Mine is 20 fathoms deep. A cross-cut at that level is »lriven towards the lode, which, however, has not been cut; but small veins of rich ore were found dip ping towards it. The ground on this Mine is very soft, and favourable for producing copper ores. In the Hill's Shaft Mine evidently a considerable quantity of carbonates have been raised, the lode l-eing .worked away from the surface some 30 fathoms in length ; and from refuse ores now at surface, 1 may reasonably judge that the lode was a most promising one, and likely at a deeper level ta Imj worked profitably. 'My opinion as to the future development of this property is that it would bq desirable to put an engine of say 20 or 30 horse-power on the Whim Shaft to drain that mine; to employ six or eight miners therein, with a view of. cutting the lode at the 20, and six men in each of the other mines to continue the further sinking of one shaft at least in each of them, and let pitches on tribute in the old workings, of which, I suppose, several might be started,' and the raising of ores by that means be commenced without much delay. 'With the exception of the WhimShaft Mine all the other Mines may be sunk a great many fathoms deeper without the aid of steam-power. ' 'The Property is most favourably situated for shipping, there being an excellent road to Tumby 1 Bay, which port is only five or six miles distant, j Fuel is readily obtainable for smelting and other purposes. j 'In conclusion, I must say I am pleased to see in 1 the Port Lincoln Mines so many lodes of such pro mising character; and, wishing success to the * undertaking, ' I remain, Gentlemen, ' Your most obedient servant, 129c 'Alfred Phillips.' PORT LINCOLN MINING COM- ! PANY.— Prospectuses, Farm.s of Application 3 for Shares, and every information may now be had ' at the Office of - (. PHDLD? B. FOX, Skarebroker, 107c ? 50, King William-street. | C' HAS. SIMEON, SHAREBROKER. -MINING SHARES ON SALE.-Burra, \ New Cornwall, Duryea, Lipson's Cove, Kulpara. \ Application for Shares in the WIRRAWILKA ] MINING and SMELTING COMPANY (Limited) are to be made to CHARLES SIMEON, Agent, 107'36 ? Hindley-street. ; CHARES FOR SALE:— 1 ^} Port Lincoln Mining Company J Lipson's Cove do. do. New Cornwall do. do, 1 Duryea's do. dq. Kulbara do.' da Kadina do. do. Wirrawilka do. do. Finniss do. do. Nottle & McDonald do. do. National Banks 1 Shares of all descriptions Purchased for Cash. J PHILIP B. FOX, Sharebroker, 122c 50. King William-street. a JT F. ROSS, SHAREBROKER. ' ' ? Office— Gilbert-place, or Exchange-colonnade. 3 Buyer and Seller of— s Burras : Royal Mining Company New Cornwalls Lipson's Coye r Duryeas United Trades 1 City Mining Association. t; Applications for Shares made free of charge in t Companies now farming— r Kulpara Kadina .....??.. Port Lincoln I Wirrawilka. a Bills Discounted. Loans Negotiated. nnnn M , ? . 116cv ? J. F. ROSS, aharebroker. ? TMPORTANT TO MINING COM- ^ -L PANIEfl.— Prospectuses! Prahs, FormB of I Application for Shares, Scrip Forms, and every description of Printins used by proposed and old, established Mining Companies, printed at the - Register and Observer General Printing Offices Grenfell-street, Adelaide, on the most moderate - terms and shortest oqUw 4ft '*

? MIKING NOTICES. VORK MINING VENTURE.— The . Subscribers to the above are hereby informed that the List being now full, a MEEEStq ? £R held at the Masonic Hall, White's Rooms, on Tuesdav next, 14th May, at 11 a.m.. for the pur pose of electing Directors, and for other business For the convenience of Subscribers, attendance will be given at half-past 10, for the purpose of re ceiving the Subscriptions. 12Sfnit34 ? CHAS. J. BARRY, Broker. DURYEA MINING COMPANY (Limited). The Directors invite TENDERS fer the Situation of SECRETARY, stating the salary expected. Applications may be sent in to the Company's Rooms. 68, King William-street, not later than 2 p.m. of Fridav, the 10th current. 129'30 ROBERT TOD, Secretary pro tern. CrOVERNJCTNfADviBTISElONTS QUPREME COURT.— COOPER and *^.nm OTHERS v. ROSE and OTHERS. NOTICE is hereby given that I shall, through Messrs. GREEN & WADHAM. Auctioneers, Ade laide, on Tuesday, the fourteenth day of May next, at one o clock, under a writ ot fieri facias tome di rected, issued out of the Supreme Court of South Australia upon a judgment recovered in the said Court by Charles Rose, defendant, against George Lmdsey Copper, Ashley Edward Cooper, George Perkins, John Wallbrook, William Short Sarah Lavinia Ware, William Avery. and William Harding, plaintiffs, MAKE SALE and DISPOSE OF such LANDS, TENEMENTS, and HEREDI TAMENTS hereinafter described, as the said plamtifls or any person in trust for them was seized or possessed of at the time of the delivery of the said writ to me, or over which the said plaintiffs had then, or at any time afterwards may have, any disposing power, and which they might, without the assent of any other person, exercise for their own benefit. For particulars, apply at my office, or to Messrs. Bagot & Labatt, Solicitors, Adelaide. Dated this seventeenth day of April. ISM. WILLIAM R. BOOTHBV, Sheriff. SCHEDULE. Lot No. 1. All those Allotments of Land, being portions of nil that Section of LnndTfo. 346 in the Provincial Survey marsed B. forming portion of the Town of Nailsworth, which allotments of land arc respec tively mentioned 15, 7, and 9 in the plan of the said Village of Nailsworth, together with all Erections thereon. Lot No. 2. All that Allotment of Land, portion of the said Section of Land No. .'««, and being the allotments mentioned 18 and Gi in the map or plan of the said village, together with all Erections thereon. Lot No. 3. All that Allotment of Land, also portion of the said Section No. :«(!, and lwing the allotment No. (!4 m the said plan of said village, together with all Erections. Lot No. 4. All that Piece of Land, containing, by estima tion, five acres or thereabouts, being the southern most portion of thCfeaiil Section 0/ Land No. 34IS, and contains in width throughout, as well in front next the Great North-road as at the rear next Sec tion No. 474, fourteen rods and eleven feet, or thereabouts, and in depth throughout, as well on the north side thereof, next other part of the said Section No. 34(\ and on the south, next Section No. 347, ninety-six rods and eleven feet or there about, together with the Erections thereon. Lot No. 5. All that Piece or Parcel of tam!, part of a certain block or allotment of seven acres, portion of said Section No. 346, and being the allotments No. 57, 5S, 18 (originally No. 3), and No. 4 in said plan of Nailsworth, together with all erections. Lot No. 6. All those Allotments of Land, also portions of the said Section No. 31(i, and being the allotments Nos. 1, 2, and 5 in the said plan of the said village, together with all Erections thereon. ? llfi.30 TN THE COURT OF INSOLVENCY, J- South Australia.— WHEREAS adjudications in Insolvency have been made against the under mentioned persons'. Notice is hereby given thnt the Commissioner has appointed the following days for Meetings in each Estate to be held at the Local Court-House, Victoria-square, Adelaide; at the first of which meetings the Insolvents are required to surrender and make disclosure of their estate and effects, and the Creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, nnd vote in the choice of an Assignee or Assignees, and at the last sitting the insolvents are to finish their examinations :— GRACE ROBERTS HffiRN. of the Stone Hut, nearAngtistpn, Widow, on Friday, the nineteenth day of April; and on Friday, the seventeenth day of May, at eleven o'clock. GEORGE BEAN, formerly of Thebarton, since of Sandhurst, Tanner and Currier, on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of April, and on Tuesday, the twenty-first day of May, at eleven o'clock. AUGUST DEGENHAKDT, of Stepney.Licensed Victualler, on Tuesday, the twenty-third day of April, and on Tuesday, the twenty-first day of May, at twelve o clock. JOHN BURNETT, of Bowden, Stockholder, on Thursday, the second day of May, and on Thurs day, the thirtieth day of May, at two o'clock. JAJLES McENHILL, late of Robe Town, Con tractor, on Thursday, the ninth day of May, and on Thursday, the sixth day of June, at eleven oclock. WILLIAM HORATIO SHOLL, of Adelaide, Surgeon, on Thursday, the ninth day of May, and on Thursday, the sixth day of June, at twelve 0 clock. MALACHI DEEBLE, of Skillogolee Creek, Stockholder, on Thursday/ the ninth day of May, and on Thursday, the sixth day of Juno, at two oclock. JOHN B. SPENCE. Official Assignee. A DELAIDE WATERWORKS.— Per- ?£*- sons residing in North Adelaide, between Jeffcott-street and Lefevre-terrace, requiring SER VICE-PIPES to be laid on to their premises, are requested to give notice immediately. Forms of Application can be obtained at this office, and at Mr. Daniel Peryman's, Afargarct street. J. ENGLAND, JUN., Engineer. Engineer's Office, May 7, 1861. I28fm33v CENTRAL ROAD BOARD. ?♦ TENDERS. Centra! Road Board Office, Mav 8, lHil. NOTICE is hereby given that Sealed TENDERS will be received at the office of this Board, until 1 0 clock of Tuesday, May 21st, 1SC1, for tho execu tion of the following Works :— Advertisement No. 524. North-road, North-west Branch.— For forming and metalling alwut eight chain* of road, north of Forrester's, on the Gilbert. No. 525. North-road, North-east Branch.— For forming and metalling about 20 chains of road through Light's Pass. No. 526. North-east-road, South Branch.— For the supply and delivery of two and ii-half metal, between Bailey's Garden and the Wellington Inn. A sample of the stone proposed to Imj used and gupplied for repairs, under advertisements 524 and 525, can be seen at this office. Samples of the stone proposed to be supplied under advertisement 526, marked with the name of the person orpersons tendering, and the number of tho advertisement, must accompany each tender for that work. Specification and particulars may be seen by applying at the offices of the Board; and for No. 524, at Forrester's, on the Gilbert; and for No. 525, at the Hotel, Truro. All tenders must be made according to the form of schedule annexed to the specification, and have the word 'Tender,' and the number of the adver tisement to which it refers, legibly written thereon, as also on the outside. The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. By order of the Board, 130'lv'8 HENRY J.ANDREWS, Secretary. 'tenders. T^N^ERS. will be received by Messrs, X Wm. Degrayes & Co., within one month rrom the 12th Apnl, for the ERECTION of a 50 'lorse power ENGINE and FLOUR-MILL, at Melbourne, constructed on the latest and most improved principles, with Silk Dressing-Machine, Mid everything complete. Plans and Specifications to bo seen at 10 Flinders-lane east. 112c - E. J. SPENCE, Weymouth-stTeet. PORTABLE STEAM-ENGINE.— „ TENDERS are invited by the Duryea Mining Jompany (Limited) for the Supply of the above, lot less than 25 horse-power, with the necessary Pumping-Gear for 10-mch Lifts. Address Di ?ectore, at the Company's Office, 68, KiugWilltam treet. 120'3i ROBERT TOD, Secretary pro (em. r~ ENDERS are invited for TIMBER, ROPE, IRONMONGERY, and MINING TOOLS, as per Specification, to be seen at the Juryea Mining Company's (Limited) Office, 68, ftng William-street. 129'31 ? ROBERT TOD, Secretary pro tem. DULLOCK TEAMS.— WANTED to D HIRE, a Team of Eight Bullocks, with )river, for some months, to be employed at Wal aroo. He will be required to take a Load from Adelaide, Apply at the Duryea Mining Company's tem torary office, 68, King William-street. 129-'31 ROBERT TOD, Secretary pro tem. ? CONVEYANCES. D OUNSEVELL'S GENERAL STAGE IX BOOKING-OFFICE, Exchange-colonnade, Ling William-street. Rounsevell'a Mails Run ,130 Miles per week. ROUNSEVELL'S ROYAL MAIL COACHES re well known to be the Cheapest in tho World, nd not surpassed by any. They go to all parts of lie Colony at an average rate of Twopence per lile. No responsibility for Luggage unless in ured. . 105mwfcv31 HORSES, CATTLE, VEHICLE's~&c7 rO be SOLJ), a Pair of CARRIAGE HOPvSES, also a CARRIAGE and JAPkNESS, the Property of a gentleman lenviatf tie colony. May be seen at Nicholls'a Stables? lurrie-street. 126'7a9' rO BUTCHERS AND CATTLE DEALERS.-FGR SALE, about 70 Head of AT CATTL? and 2,fJ00 primeFat Wethers Will rrive at 3foorundee on or alwut the 11th instant HENRY jyOLTEXriN Lejgh-street, May 1, lffL mc ^UIET DAlltX-COWS, in Milk! ^, always ON SALE. Also, WORKING iULLOCKS and STORE CATTLE. Address A. G. BURT, 65c ? Green's Exchange, or Gawler-olace. P'6r SALE, Six ChoiceDAIRY COWS, L also a prime Young Bull. Apply to William hcary, Hilton,, ? )^mw{&l

LAND AUCTION NOTICES. GREEN & WADHA»rS LMAY AND AUCTION SALE will be held in the LAND MART, ov May 31. FRIDAY. May 31. p™ £ are JC(l?«ted to forward particulars o ___L&NpjynKEOTISES. ~ f^REEN & WADHAM, ^ LAND AGENTS and LAND AUCTIONEERS. LANDED PROPERTIES VALUED. LA3n)smivEyEDRT1E3 PLANS Furnished and TOWNSHIPS LAID OUT. Plans of Townships, Hundreds, &cT&c7 throughout the COLONY always open for inspec tion. HOUSES, STORES, LANDS, SECTIONS, &c LET or LEASED EXCHANGE LAND MART, And Land.Offices, King William-street Adelaide, -| LAND, f Londojt GREEN G. GREEN, wadW ^ .'ssr ^^GENER^COM-1 ^^ MELBOURNE, ) t SYDVEV W. GREEJJ. / MISSION ) R P. RICH GT. COLLIX8 ( 1 AKDSON STREET. J OFFICES. ( QE0B0E-8T. GOVERNMENT IP^nnfeJin accordance with SECTIONS -the instructions of parties ab ^^, ? ) sent from Adelaide. GOVERNMENT j Purchased and Let on Lease SECTIONS / with Right of Purchase. SPECIAL~NOTICE. GREEN & WADHAM'S ADVERTISEMENTS appear in the ' REGISTER' Newspaper on MONDAYS J and ^THURSDAYS, ancf hi the , 'OBSERVER ' of Saturday. ! lev GREEN & WADHAM, Land Agents. FOR SALE, OR TO BE LET, f\N THE TORRENS.— VALUABLE V/ FARM, RESIDENCE. &c, consisting of 170 «Sn^i-vrtTV?celK'nt LAN»-. situated near the §i&MlV9.ihvS!}d. coinmanding a large extent of §JX^l 1H,^T.AU?: together with capital HOUSh, well built of stoxk, containing eleven Rooms; also, Man's House, Six-stall Stable, Stocky aud, and other improvements; 7 Acres have lieen laid out as Garden and Vineyard. This property, from its proximity to town, and abun dance of water, must be invaluable to a STOCK HOLDER. It is known as Mr. W. D. KingsmuTs GREEN & WADHAM, Land Sts. Exchange Land Olhces, King William-street. ? 95mwfev TO MURRAY SETTLERS;'cIpi- TALISTS, nnd Others. — VALUABLE PROPERTY near PORT ELLIOT. -WCK)D- LANDS, formerly the residence of tho lute Colonel Baldock.— To be SOLD, the atwve Estate, consist ing of 450 Acres ot thickly Wooded Land, with \V ater running all the year; tho whole fenced ami subdivided. The Dwelling-House is substantially built of brick and stone, and has all the requirements of a highly respectable family residence. For further particulars, apply to Messrs. Law rencif Ac Knox, Solicitors ; or to SAM. WRIGHT King William-street, One of the Trustees under the late Colonel Baldock'B Will. Adelaide, April 27, 1801. mfcy TO bo LET, at Tempter's, a STORE, with Butcher's Shop and DwelUng-House, lards, and Garden; also, a Blacksmith^ Shop, with Cotiage and a Quarter of an Acre of Land, tiood situation for Business. For particulars, apply on the Premises, Post-Office, Templer's. ? mj-'Mv rpO be LET, SECTION 425, near the i OLD PORT. EDWARD WRIGHT, 31 lev Gresham-street, opposite National Bonk. rpO be LET, Largo Dry CELLAR, with in RING WILLIAM-STREET, near the corner of Kundle-street. Apply to F. H. Fauliling. ? 4jmwfcv_ TpOR SALE, SECTION 5010, HUN JL DUED of PORT ADELAIDE. 102 acres - tlso SECTION 15017, 47 acres ; :»s per acre ' lU9tfc W.T.VoSTEU.ClarKuUdings. rPO be LET, one of the best HOTELS . J- in the City, doing a large business, situated m the most central part of Adelaide. For parti culars, apply to Messrs. Carrnthen & Aylwin, wine merchants, Rundle-street, Adelaide. a3tfc T^OR SALE, in LITTLE HAMPTON J- good Stone-built HOUSE, several Rooms. w'th £a'fcn »i ft-» bearing, well of good Water an(! i4?. A,cr(?s °l Land- Kiiown as Dr. Forster'si and latterly in the occupation of P,. Boothby, Es-i p«rnIwitnICI}Iar8f T f^ apply t0 John Buhock, franklin-street, Adelaide. l.TOmwfc 'T'O be LET~oTsOLI-, a HOUSE~o7 Tnivv r;?°n!8- w'tJi Passage, situated in KENT 1 $? U'wlen well Stocked with Fntlt-trees and Vmes. Apply to William Johns. OawhS l)lacc- ? 130mw'5k rTW MINING COMPANIES AND Rooms), all newly done up, and. in good condition. Apply to Mr. John Cornish. . 12J)C ? 'T'O be LET, a First-class HOUSE of Six JH .n-F?T'& ANAy t0 Mr- c- H- Snycrs, Flag stall Hotel, Franklin-street. 119c M0NEX^— I— _— MONEY DISTRIBUTION WITH T,,rt PRJPS.-X20.000 for £l.-BixSha^ A; Thirteen Shares £10; Twenty-six Shares, i2l» Vuin^nc' p °'rfmpt0.f Drafts or w»»o«i» iiank-notes. Prospectus Kratis. 130mwf221v215SC 'g.'Ho^^^rt^njnn NATIONAL BANK SHARES WANTED to PURCHASE 20 129-'31i JONES BROTHERS, Weymouth-street. MO N E V TO ' lYn!)~ ? W. VERNON HERFORD, Solicitor, 1-2& ? Green s Colonnade. 'jVTONEY. ~M0NEY.' MONEYS « From £5 to £20 on personal security Money advanced on Mortgage or Deposit of Deed* on verv liberal terms. Bills discounted. Apply to ,„ SAMUEL ALLEN, J0^ ? _JW^iHWUliam-«t£:__^ MONEY TO LEND on Freehold Security. ? ANDEEWS & BONNIN, J**£ ? 73, KinK William-street. MONEY, in various sums, for Invest ment. Apply tn ,™ ™ LAWRkNCE & KNOX, Solicitors, 109 Mr ? Adelaide. ONEY LENT on Freehold and other Securities, Advances made on Produce _ , _ . LAVINGTON GLYDK Greens Exchange. 2frawcv 'jVTONEY TO^LEND on Property unde^ -*-*-L the operation of the Eeal ProDertv Act J. K MOULDEN, J ? gfawcv ? 68,KingWilliam4trect IITONEY TO LEND on Mortgaged 1U Depo8it.^me.^kenvund^Torrens'f Act. «w*t^**wBtp&tpP08|t? Ni}tional Bank. SKGTIOMj BOUGHT for Resale on Eight of Purchase on favourable terms. ? LANDS BOUGHT and SOLD on Commlminr oEUNSfreBOUGHT and SOLD TrXcB tocug. . 'wtOP^TIESKEPOliTEDuponandVALUEn. ONEY TO 'L E N i' BOUCAUT&WBEN, Solicitors, ?ffCY ? 40, King William-street. , ONEY TO LEND, ou Mortgage or Deposit of Deeds and Bills Discounted. ir- wn- *' . J0HN EICHAEDSON lung Wilham-street. ^^^j^ ]U-QNEY'TO~LEND^ large or small i^rreTSte^^^0110'8^0^ **-«* Exchange-chambers, 3^£S2S?M' ? . ? ? 3hfcv ?PrLSf^ CENT. __ MONEY TO J- LEJi Din Sums of £100 and upwards. IW'Q*, c I??10* & BRUCE, 102 ^ ? Solicitors, Gresham-Ttreet. L^ xt MONEY TO LEND. OANS NEGOTIATED. , CASH ADVANCED. In large or small sums. _ . T GBEEN& WADHAM Exchange Land Offices, King William-stree t . ? ' ? lev T F. ROSS, SHAREBROKER. *J ? Office— Gilbert-place, or Exchange Booms. Buyer of— ' National Bank Shares - ? Insurance Companies' Shares Iioyal Mining Company's do. lltev ? J. F. ROSS, Sharebroker. - pHARLES JOHN* BARRY, SHARE V and PRODUCE BROKER, ExchaneaAde laide, has always for Sale Shares in the followinc Mines:— 'h New Cornwall ? . Duryea ? Lips»n's Cove ' Kulpara United Trades Port Lincoln fit, &c, &c Country Residents may always receive the latest state and prospects of the market hy applying 1* above, without any charge whatever lifjcv - ??- 125