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AT £1000 A YEAR

Alderman W. Riddiford was re- elected Mayor of Broken Hill last night. This year will be his seventh in that posi- tion. Alderman G. Ryan was re-elected Deputy Mayor for a second term.

Alderman Riddiford was the only nominee for Mayor and Alderman Ryan the only one for Deputy Mayor. Ald, Riddiford has been Mayor for six years and has been associated with the City Council. for 20 years.  

Ald Riddiford was nomi- nated by Alderman G. Dial. The nomination was sec- onded by Alderman A. Baum.

Alderman Dial said: "If you have as good a year in 1955 as you did in 1054 we will have no regrets."  


Aldermen Baum, Flynn,   Dansie, Keenan, Lunam,  

and Ryan, and the Town Clerk (Mr. C. Crowley) paid tribute to Mr. Riddi- ford's fine work as mayor and wished him success in his seventh year as Mayor of the City.

Ald. Riddiford thanked the aldermen for their re- marks. He said: "If I have had any success as Mayor it is because of the co- operation I have received from the members of the Council. I have always had splendid co-operation from you."

He mentioned his 20-years association with the Coun- cil and said Alderman A Lunam had 17-years ser- vice.  

The Council decided that the Mayoral allowance of £1000 should remain.

Those elected to the com- mittees were. — Health: Aldermen G. Barnes, J. Keenan, W. Palmer, and J Orum, Works: Aldermen G. Barnes, L. Dansie, H. Lunam and A. Baum. Finance: Aldermen G.   Ryan, J. Keenan. G. Dial and A. Baum Transport: Aldermen G. Dial. L. Dansie and W. Palmer.

The Mayor is chairman of each committee.


SINCE 1888

The City Librarian (Mr. A. Coulls) has been delving into City Council history. His research established that the first council meet- ing was held on December 7, 1888. Weakly meetings were held at first and later they became fortnightly   and later still monthly.    

Since 1920, the Mayoral   term has covered the

period from January to December each year. In the period since 1888 Mayors of. the city have been:— 1888, Richard Piper; 1889, Zebina Lane; 1890, G. Morgan: 1891, G. Morgan; 1892, A. C. Topperwien: 1893, A. V.

Martin (Feb. to Nov.). D.   Creedon (Dec.-Jan.); 1894,     Patrick McMahon; 1895.

Geo. Thomas Lambert:

1896. John Souter; 1897, Holdsworth; 1898, George   Strachan ; 1899. Dunstan ; 1900, Jabez Wright; 1901, W. J. Retallick; 1902,   Thomas Jackson; 1903, Alex Hendry; 1904, J. H, Ivey; 1905, . F. R. Harvy: 1906, Thomas Ivey; 1907, C. Chester; 1908, J. H. Ivey: 1909, J. Long: 1910, F. R. Harvy: 1911, T. G. Marks: 1912, B. V. Brady; 1913, T. F. Hynes; 1914. W. B. Dris- coll; 1915, G. W. M. Car- roll; 1916, W. B. Driscoll; 1917, T. F. Hynes; 1918, T.

F. Hynes; 1919, J. H. Wicks;  

1920, J. H. Wicks; 1921, S. R.Gray; 1922, J. H. Wicks; 1923, Sam Townsend; 1924, Sam Townsend; 1925. A. S. Rawling; 1926, Richard

Dennis; 1927, Richard Den-

nis: 1928, Richard Dennis; 1929, W. C. Shoobridge;

1930, Richard Dennis; 1931,

Richard Dennis; 1932, H. C. Cleeland; 1933. H. C. Clee- land; 1934, E. J. Barnes;  

1935, E. J. Barnes; 1936, E.

J. Barnes; 1937, E. J. Barnes; 1938, G. Lambert; 1939. G. Lambert (died July

5, 1939, and Ald. P. Rowe assumed office); 1940, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, P. Rowe; 1948, P. Rowe (died July 20 and Ald. W. F.   Riddiford served for re- mainder of terms). Ald. Riddiford has been in of-   fice since then.