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TENDERS BUNDABERG CITY COUNCIL. Sup- Ply of Bitumen. Tenders invited lor the supply of 102 tons of 80/100 penetration bitumen, f.o.r. Bunda- oerg. specifications available from undersigned. Tenders, in sealed en- velopes, endorsed 'Tender for Bitu- men,' close with undersigned noon Mon., 13th Sept., 1948. L. J. Lucas, rown Cleric. 20/3/48. DRAYTON SHIRE COUNCIL.— TENDERS. PURCHASE OF ROCK DRILL: Endorsed Tenders, closing with undersigned at 12 noon Mon day. 13th September. 1948. are in vited for Purchase of One 'Warsop' Petrol-driven Rock Drill, Model D.A. The Machine, which is new and has been used for testing purposes only, may be Inspected at Shire Office. Drayton. during office hours. The highest or any Tender not neces sarily accepted. (Blgned) J. W. PEN DER, Shire Clerk, Drayton, 12th August, 1948. TTC)R Sale, About 350 sa. yds. Rub JP ber Floor Covering. Tenders close Monday, 30th August. 12 noon. Ap ply Secretary, Tattersall's Club. H.T. & L.T. CABLES, 11 K.V. METALCLAD SWITCHBOARDS-. ST. LUCIA UNIVERSITY. Tenders invited for supply of H.T. & L.T. Cables. . & for supply tz. erection of II K.V. Metalclad Switchboards, in accordance with specifications which may be obtained from Office of A E. Axon, Consulting Electrical & Mechanical Engineer. Parbury House, Eagle St., Brisbane. Tenders for Cables close at Noon, on 15th Sep tember, -5t for Switchboards at Noon on 29th September. Tenders must be in hands ? of Acting Secretary. Dept. of the Co-ordlnator-General of Public Works. Main Roads Building, Albert St., Brisbane, before respective times for closing. & should be en dorsed 'Tender for ..:.......... Uni versity of Queensland. St. Lucia.' The lowest or any tender may not necessarily be accepted. G. J. ROBERTSON, Acting Secretary. Dept. of the Co-Ordlnator-Qeneral of T rVrNQSTONE SHIRE , COUNCIL. Li Tenders, stating anticlpatedj time of delivery, arc hereby Invited for the supply of one Heavy Duty Pat rol Grader, with Hydraulic or Me chanical Control. Envelopes conta.n ng tenders to be endorsed 'Tender for Grader,' and in the hands of tho undersigned not later than 4 -.m., Monday, flth September, 1943. jovest or any tender not neces sarily accepted. W J. SMITH. Shire Clerk, North Rockhampton. 18/8/1948. fTlHE AUSTRALIAN ? GASLIGHT X COMPANY. Tenders, addressed to General Manager, received at com pany's Head Office, 477 Pitt Street Sydney, to noon Wed., Sept. 22. 1948, for purchase as and where they He at Company's Mortlake Works of steam-driven locomotives, trucks, and spare parti, comprising : 3 steam driven locomotives, in good running order; 62 trucks; spare parts for locos and trucks; 3 locos without boilers and chassis of which are in need of repairs. Particulars obtained on application to Superintendent of Stores at Company's Head Qfflce & Jlant can be inspected on application ;o Maintenance Engineer at Com pany's Mortlake Works. H. Tindale, nonernl MAnacer.

PUBLIC NOTICES ADVERTISE in Pink Pages Official Telephone Directory. Clr. 82.000, closing shortly. Forster, Advg. Coy., Union Bank Chambers. B0224. ?RRISBANE CITY COUNCIL. GEN JO ERAL NOTICE. Brisbane Citj Council having made sewers foi carrying off the sewage from each premises which, or any part oi which. Is comprised In or Is ad jacent to the land or abuts on the roads or parts of roads In which such sewers are laid. & which are Included within the locality here inafter described, hereby declarer that, on and after the First day of September. 1948, each premises which, or any part of which. Is comprised in or is adjacent to such land or abuts on the said roads or parts of roads, & which is within threo hundred (300) feet of the said sewers, shall be deemed to be sew ered premises within the meaning of 'The Metropolitan Water Supply Si Seweraae Acts. 1909-1924.' as ap plied to the council. , Tho locality hereinbefore referred to Is comprised in the undermen tioned area, viz:— Commencing at a point In Bound ary Rd. camp Hill, distant about 40 feet from its intersection with prydo St., thence across Boundary Rd. Si private property by lines bearing westerly distant about 130 feet, northerly distant about 70 feet. & westerly to a point In Brlnawa St. distant about 95 feet from its intersection with Albert St.: thence along Brlnawa St. bearing southerly distant about 65 feet: thence across Brlnawa St. & private property by a line bearlnc westerly to a point In Princess St. distant about 160 feet from its Intersection with Al bert St.: thence along Prlneess St. bearing southerly distant about 65 feet; thenca across Princess St. & private property by a line bearing westerly to a point In Tarana St. distant about 220 feet from its in tersection with Albert St.; thence across Tarana St. & private prop erty by a line bearing westerly to a point in Warilda St. distant about 220 feet from its intersection with Albert St.: thonce along warilda St. bearing southerly distant about 75 feet: thence across Warilda st Si private broperty by lines bearing westerly distant about 160 feet; southerly distant about 90 feet, south-westerly distant about 145 feet, and southerly distant about 35 feet: thenco along Bovelles St. bearing westerly and north-westerly to a point distant about 130 feet from its intersection with Carranya St.; thenco across Bobelles St. & pri vate property by lines bearing north-easterly distant about 165 feet. & north-westerly to a point In Carranya St. distant about 165 feet from its intersection with Bovelles St.; thence along Carranya St. bearing north-easterly distant about 25 feet; thence across Car ranya St.. &; private property by lines bearing north-westerly dUtant about 310 feet, southerly distant about 45 feet. & westerly to a point In Brown St. distant about 160 feet from. Its intersection with Bovelles St.: thence along Brown St. bearing northerly to its Intersection with Noble St.: thence along Noble St. bearing easterly to Its Intersection with Carranya St.: thence along Carranya St. bearing southerly to its intersection with Albert St.; thenca along Albert St. bearing south-easterly & easterly to a point distant about 170 feet be yond Its intersection with |ylvia St.: thence across Albert St. -te private property by lines bear Ing southerly distant about 140 feet, Si easterly to a point in Warilda St. distant about 140 feet from Its Inter section with Albert St.; thence across Warilda S. & private property by a Jne bearing easterly to a point in Tarana St. distant about 140 feet from its intersection with Albert 3t.; thence along Tarana St. bearing northerly to its Intersection with Albert St.; thence along Albert St. bearing easterly to a. point distant about 165 feet from Its intersection with Princess St.; thence across Al bert St. & private property by lines bearing northerly distant about 70 feet, & easterly to a point in Prin cess St. distant about 70 feet from its Intersection with Albert St.: thence along Princess St. bearing northerly distant about 10 feet; thence -across Princess St. & pri vatt property by lines bearing east erly distant about 120 feet, north erly distant about 55 feet, north easterly distant about 65 feet, south erly distant about 30 feet, & easterly to a point In Brlnawa St. distant about 155 feet from Its intersection with Albert St.: thence along Brinawu St bearing southerly distant about 65 feet; thence across Brlnawa St. & private property by lines bearln* easterly distant about 110 . feet, northerly distant about 130 feet. * easterly to a point in Boundary Road distant about 220 feet from Its in tersection with Albert* St.; thence along Boundary Rd. bearing north erly to a point distant about 21C feet from Its Intersection with Old Cleveland Rd.: thence across Bound ary Rd. & private property by lines bearing westerly distant about 13( Jeet, & northerly to a point in die Cleveland Rd. distant about 130 feel from its intersection with Boundary Rd.; thence along Old Cleveland Rrf bearing easterly to a point distant about 100 feet beyond its Intersec tion w»h Boundary Rd.: thpner across Old Cleveland Rd. & private property hy lines bearing southerly distant about 175 feet, easterly dis tant about 65 feet, southerly distant about 535 feet. & westerly to a point In Boundary Rd. distant about let feet from Its Intersection with Prrdf Sh? 'Sf^f0 f lon(t Boundary Rd. bear ing southerly to the point of com mencement. J. B, CHANDLER, Lord Mayor. J. C. SLAUGHTER, Towc Cleric

PUBLIC NOTICES SAMUEL ALLEN & SONS, LIMITED. 3 intend to Issue a new Share Cer lflcate to replace Share Certificate 4o. 214 for 50 New Issue Shares lumbered 459030 to 459079. whloh Share Certificate was Issued to ROY IARRIS CHANCELLOR SMITH and las been lost. THE MILLMERRAN DAIRY CO OPERATIVE ASSOCIATION LIMI rEO. According to the Rules of the Association. Applications are hereby called for the position of Auditors to the Association for the ensuing year. Applications to state remun eration required Si to be in the hands of the undersigned not later than 6 p.m., on the 9th September. 1948. By Order. O. PETERSEN. Secretly. MEETINGS BUILDING WORKERS' Industrial Union, Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and- joiners, Brisbane Branch. Member's of the Brisbane Branch of the above union are re minded that the next ordinary gen eral meeting will be held at the Trades Hall. Tuesday. August 24th. 1948. at 7.30 p.m. J. Sharpe, Branch President. A. Nlcol. Acting Secretary. QUEENSLAND SHOP ASSISTANTS' Union of Employees. A meeting of the Union will be held In Dun stan House. Elizabeth St., Brls.. 1st Floor, Monday night, 30th Aug.. 1948. at 7.30 o.m. Business: General. V. r. Hefferan. Secretary. QUEENSLAND Lacrosse Association. Vs Members are asked to attend a general meeting at Institution of En gineers' committee rooms, Wharf St., on Monday. 30th August. 8 p.m. LEGAL NOTICES IN THE COURT OF BANKRUPTCY, District of Southern Queensland. (No. 24 of 1948.1 Re ARTHUR MOSS and VICTOR HARRY MOSS, trad Ing under the style or firm name of 'Terrazzo Products.' of 861 Ann Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Date and place of first meeting of creditors : 31st August. 1948, at 2.15 P.m., at the office of the Official Receiver, Brisbane. J. E. TREGENZA. Official Receiver, Commonwealth Offices, Adelaide Street, .Brisbane 20/8/1948. ? GOVERNMENT NOTICES rpRANSMISSION BY DEATH. X 'THE REAL PROPERTY ACTS, ISfll TO 1943 ' ?'-' — y Notice is hereby given that appli cations have been made for the Re gistration of Transmission of Title to the Lands hereinafter mentioned. Particulars of such applications are Blven below In the following order: — (al Name of deceased proprietor: Ibl Date of death: (c) Name of claimant; (di Description and situa tion of land; (el Estate claimed to be transmitted: (f) Particulars of Will Dr otherwise. Any person deslrlnu to oppose must do so by lodging a Caveat at the Principal Office of the Registrar of Titles in Brisbane, un less the Lands are situated within Ihe Northern District, In which case the Caveat must be lodged at the Local District Registry at Townsvllle. an or before the FIFTH day of OC FOBER. 1948. (a) SAMUEL GEORGE POWELL. late of Balmoral, Brisbane. — (b) 24th 3ept., 1947. — -c» Florence Caroline Powell, of the same place, widow of deceased.— (d) Sub. 3. por. 573. par ish Kedron. — {el Fee-simple. — (f) Will dated 9th January, 1947. (a) WILLIAM PATERSON. late of Coorparoo, Brisbane. — -bl 1st Mar., 1948. — (c) Vivien Margaret (or Viv ian) Paterson. of the same place, widow of deceased. — fd) Resub. 114. =uo\ 6, por. 112, parish Bulimba.— lei Fee-simple.— (f) Will dated 12th Vlfly 1933 (a) MARY ANN BATTERSBY. late of Moorooka. Brisbane, wife of John Joseph Battersby.— (b) 28th . June. 1947.— (c) The Public Curator of Queensland, as Devisee in Trust. — (d) Resub. 1. sub. 10. por. 152. pur sh Ycerongpllly. — lei Fee-simple. — lfl Will dated 16th September. 1932. (a) ALBERT RICHARD HARRIS, ate of Tlngalpa. Brisbane. — (b) 13th Uay, 1948.— (el Margaret Louise Har ris, of the same place, widow of de :cased. — (d) Subs. 29 to 38, por. 51, parish Tingalpa — (e) Fee-simple. — If I Will dated 17th January. 1920. (a I HENRY GORDON (or GORDON HENRY) RITCHIE, late of Red Hill. Brisbane.— rb) 13th March, 1948.— re) Jane Ritchie, of the same place, spinster.— (d) Subs. 55, 56, pors. 505, 506, parish Enoegera. — (e) Fcc slmple— (f) wilf dated 2lst May. (a) GERTRUDE for GERTRUDE HANORAi FITZGERALD, late of Red Hill. Brisbane, widow. — (b) 3rd May. 1948.— (o) The Public Curator of Queensland, as Devisee In Trust. — (dl Sub. 15, por. 543. parish Enog sera.— (e) Fee-simple.— (f) will iat«d 20th November, 1947. (a) WILFRED REID, late of Cooroy. — (b) 29th Aug., 1947.— (c) Mary Alice Reid, of the same place, widow of deceased.— (-JV Allots, fl, 10. 3ec. 12, Town of Cooroy, and sub i. allot. 1, sec. 17. parish Brible.— fe) Fee-simple. — (f) Will dated 25th January. 1930. (a) FREDERICK (or HENRY CON RAD FREDERICK or CONRAD PRIEDRICH) EICKENLOFF. late of Belmont. — -b) 20th May, 1947. — (c) Sueensland Trustees Limited, as De visee In Trust.— (d) Allot. 7. st*. 5. parish Bulimba. — (e) Fee-simple. — (f) Will dated 16th November. 1046. (a) JOHN DONLON. late of Wind sor, Brisbane. — -b) 8th June, 1947. — io) Michael James Joseph Donlon. 3f Wlnton, as Devisee In Trust.— (d) Resub. 6. sub. 12, por. 105. and Ease ment No. 923457. parish North Bris bane; subs. 127, 128. por. 159, resubs SI, 52, subs. 31. 34, and resubs. 53. 54, sub. 34. por. 188. parish Enoggcra. -(e) Fee-simple.— (f) will dated 1st September, 1941. fal ROSE EDITH HODGE, late of Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, wife of Alfred Hodge.— ib) 2lst October. 1947 ? (c) Alfred Hodge, aforesaid, of the same place. — id) Resubs. 18, 19, sub. 1, . por. 272. parish Nortt Brisbane.— (e) Life estate.— (fl Wll dated 24th September. 1936. la) ROSE EDITH HODGE, afore said.— ib) 21st October. 1047.— (c) Clement Eric Alfred Hodge, of Kel «'ln Grove, Brisbane.— (d) Resubs. 18. 19, sub. 1, por. 272, parish North Brisbane. — (e) Fee-simple in re mainder.— if) Will dated 24th Sep tember. 1036. (a) THOMAS. MULLEN (or I*HOMAS MULLEN, Junior), late of Chelmer. Brisbane, and SUSAN MUL LEN, of the same place, his Ad ministratrix. — (b) 2nd November. 1926, and 19th March. 1946, respec tively. — (c) David Fannon Mullen, ol tho samo place, as Administrator of the lands left unadministered. — (d) Sub. 3, por, 11, resubs. 184 Xo 101, 194 to 203, and sub. 2. resubs. 192, 193, sub. 3, nor. 8, parish Oxley.— ie) Fee-simple. — (fl Letters of Ad ministration. (a) EDITH MARGARET IVERS, late of West End, Brisbane, widow. — (b) 12th April. 1948.— fc) Daphne May Ivcrs and Mavis Edith Ivcrs, both of West End, spinsters.— Id) Sub. 37. W:S. allot. 69, parish South Brisbane ? (e) Fee-simple. — If) Will dated 5th April. 1948. lai EVA STEPHBON. late of Too woomba, wife of Walter Harold Btephson.— ib) 21st October. 1948. — (ci May Harriet Barnard, of Ken sington. Melbourne. Victoria, wife of Harry Barnard, and Edith' Mary Askln, of Crow's Nest, wife of Cyril Askln. — Id) Sub. 39. resub. 3. sub. 1, suburban allot. 22. parish Dray ton.— (e) Fee-simple.— (f) Will dated ^VISWrO6- ARCHIBALD DOUG UAS, late of. Ascot, Brisbane — (b) !7th August, 15)47. — (c) Annette Eileen Douglas, of the same place, widow -f deceased, Edward Sholto Doug as, of Ascot. Brisbane, and Francis lugh Douglas, of Banyo, Brisbane, as Devisees In Trust. — (d) Subs. 67 to 71, suburban allot. 13, por. 2- parish roombul; resub. 3, sub. l, resub. 2, ind sub. 2, resub. 4, subs 1, 2. allot 18, sec. 10 land Easement Nos. 830746, (80993, 830747. 841233. and Easement -ver 2 07 pcirches, sub. A, allot. 19. ice. 10), parish North Brisbane.— (e) ?ee-slmple.— (f) will and Codicil lated 16th October, 1931. and 8th ?ebruary, 1938, respectively. (a) MARGARET KING, late ol Mooloolah, widow. — (b) 12th July, 1947.— (c) Eileen Mlllicfmt Wester jaard Nielsen, of The Summit, rife )f Hubert Cecil Westergaard Nielsen, -(d) .Por 141. parish Brible.— (e) ?ee-simple.— (d) Will dated 3rd May, la) MARGARET LEAR, latci Ol Petrie, widow.— (b) 16th May, 1948.— (c) Percy Alonza Young, of East arlsbane, as Devisee In Trust. — (d) Flesub. 3, sub. 5. por. 23, parish Red :llffe — je) Fee-simple.— f) will dated !0th July. 1941. (a) LOUISA JANE DOUGALL. late -f East Brisbane, wife of Frederick Robert Dougall.— (b) 21st Oct., 1946. -(c) Frederick Robert Dougall afore said, of the same place, as Adminis trator.— (d) Sub. 91. eastern allot 127, parish South Brisbane.— (e) Fee ilmple. — (f) Lcttprs of Admlnlstra l0(a) WILLIAM ARTHUR DEAN, late of Toowoomba. — (b) 13th Sept.. 1946.— (c) Margaret Dean, of the same place, widow of deceased. — (d) Pors. 97v, 98, parish Clifton; allots. 8, 9, sec, 3, town Goomburra. — (e) Fee-simple.— (f) Will dated 31st March 1924 M?a?hHENRy ANGUS SUTHERLAND, ate of Venture Downs. Corfieid.— ib) 23rd March, 1846.— (c) Queens and Trustees, Limited. Arthur Cole nan Dlbdin, of Hamilton. Brisbane, ind Arthur William Fadden. of Too »ong, Brisbane, as Devisees In Trust. -Id) Resub. 233, sub. 2. por. 26. mb. 232. suburban por. 27. and of mb. 2, por. 26, sub. 605, suburban 3or. 29, parish Enoggera. — Ie) Fee ilmj)le. — (f ) Will dated 13th July. (a') MARGARET RAWLINSON. late }f Bundaberg. widow. — Ib) 20th 'oizust. 1947. — (c- John Thomas Raw linson, of Hughenden, as Devisee in rrust. — id) Resub. 2, sub. 1, resub. 1, sub. 1. por. 16. parish Bundaberg. — (e) Fee-simple.— (f) Will dated 16th August, 1947. (a) WALTER JOHN SAYERS. late if Bundaberg.— ib) 19th February, 1948.— (c) Lydla Elizabeth Bayers, of Bundaherg, widow, and William Her aert Sayers. of Rockhampton. as De visees in Trust.— (d) Resub. 2. sub. l. resub. 3. sub. 1. por. 16. parish Bun Jaberg.— (e) Fee-simple.— (f) Will iated 8th May. 1937. (a) WINIFRED LONERGAN, late ]f Wooioowin Brisbane, widow. — (b) Jrd Dec, 1947.— (c) Nora Doughal, of the same place, wife of Michael Doughal. — (di Sub. l, resub. 32, sub. I, resub. 33, sub. 3, Dor. 195, parish Bnpggera.— (ej Fee-simple,— (f) will lated 7th February, 1941. „(«» WILLIAM SCOTT, late ol Klngaroy ? Ib) 13th May, 1945. — (c) Margaret Ewing Scott, widow, and Euan Scott, both of Klngaroy.— (d) Por. 381. parish Wooroolln.— (e) Fee simple.— (f) will dated 10th April. -a') THOMAS JEFFORD TUCKER, late of Kedron. Brisbane.— (b) 9th May. 1947.- (ci Henry John Tucker, n Blloela, and Frank Tucker, of Ellesmere, via Klngaroy, as Devisees In Trust.- (d ) Resub.^ 18. sub. 18. por. 4. resub. 16. sub. 19, por. 4 sft!5! i5E°ra.S 9S8U.bSpar4/,h1BK^: (a) THOMAS JEFFORD TUCKER, js aforesaid.— (b) 9th May, 1947.— (c) Robert George Tucker, of Ked ron, Brisbane.— rd) Por. 4«. parish rarong.— (e- Fec-slmplt ? J\) Will lated 18th December. 1946.

GOVERNMENT NOTICES (a) ELIZABETH BERRY MUL- CAHY, late of Maryborough, widow, —(b) 28th January, 1948.—(c) Norma     Mary McIlhagger, wife of George Al- bert Philip McIlhagger, and Trevor Michael Mulcahy, both of Mary- borough, as Devisees in Trust.—(d)     Allot. 7 of sec. 99. city Maryborough. —(e) Fee-simple.—(f) Will dated 6th     February, 1937. (a) MARY MARGARET HAIDLEY. late of South Brisbane, wife of Abel Haldley. — (b) 4th January. 1946. — (c) Elizabeth Mary Hickey. of South Brisbane, widow. — Id) Resubs. 65 to 70. 73, 74. sub. 29, por. 77, parish Nundah: sub. 200. W.S.A. 74, parish South Brisbane. — (e) Fee-simple.— (f) Will dated 11th January. 1944. (al GOTTLOB WELLER. late of Ravensboume.— (b) 12th April, 1947. — (c) Bertha Harriet Weller. of the same place, widow of deceased. — (d) Pors. llv. 12v, parish Ravensbourne. —te) Fee-simple.— (f) Will dated 12th December. 1933. (a) THOMAS PATRICK NOONAN. late of Buranda. Brisbane. — Ib) 2nd October. 1947. — (ci Robert Palmer Knowles. of South Brisbane, and Wil liam Joseph Kennedy, of Coorparoo. Brisbane, as Devisees In Trust. — (d) Resub. 69. sub. 2. por. 110. sub. 169. sec. 1. por. 51. parish Bulimba.— (el Fee-simple.— (f) Will dated 23rd June, 1946. (a) MARTHA LOW. late of Green slopes, Brisbane, widow. — ib) 15th July. 1947.— (cl Jacob William Low. of the same place.— (d) Subs. 30 to 32. part por. 110. parish Bulimba. — ie- Fee-simple.— if) Will dated 8th September, 1943. (a) HELEN PARKER, late of Ash- grove, Brisbane, widow. — (b) 27th November 1947.— (c) Lillian May Cas- sell of the same place, wife of Reg- inald Cassell. — (d) Subs. 240 to 246, por. 649. parish Enoggera. — (e) Fee- simple.— (f) Will dated 9th January, 1936. NORTHERN DISTRICT (a) HENRY JOSEPH WILLIAMS. late of Eton North, near Mackay. — (b) 16th March, 1940.— (c) Annie Wil liams, of the same place, widow of deceased. — (dl Sub. 3, resub. 2, sub. 1. por. 534. resub. 2. sub. 2. por. 534. parish Ablnsdon. — (ei Fee-simple.— lfl Will dated 1st August. 1941. (a) ALEXANDER STRATHDEE. late of Irvingdale, Ayr. — ibl 20th December. 1946. — (c) Alexander James Strathdee, of Ayr, Wallace Mclntosh. Strathdee, of Brisbane, and Daniel Bruce Strathdee, of Ayr. — Id) Sub 3, resub. 48A. sub. 45, por. 281, parish Antlll 1 one undivided fourth share In) ; por. 585. subs. 6, 22, 24. 31. por- 431, parish Jarvisfield. — (ei Fee simple. — (fl Will dated 11th February, (a) WILLIAM PORTER, late ol Home Hill.— (bi 4th February, 1947.— (ci William Robert Porter and Wil liam Norman Bojack. both of Hnme Hill, as Devisees in Trust. — (dl Pors. '63. 269. sub. 5 to 7. por. 469. sub. 2. por. 151. parish Inkcrmann. — (el Fee-simple.— (f 1 will dated 14th January. 1947. (a) JOHN EDWARD LAWLER. late of CnplnR siding, via Proserpine. — ib) 15th March, 1944. — (cl Eric James Stindcrland. of the same place. — (d) Por. 250. parish Macartney. — lei Fec slmple. — (f) Will dated 2nd January. (a'l ROBERT BELL BURNESS. lato of Cloncurry. — Ib) 23rd June. 1939.— (c) George Hartley Burncss, of Proserpine, as Devisee In Trust. — (dp Subs. 1, 6. sec. 3. resub. 2, sub. 2, Por. 11, parish Cloncurry. — (e) Feu simple.— (fj Will dated 22nd June (a') HENRY FRANCIS LEE, ]ate ol Cooktown.— (b) 30th Aucust. 1947.— (o Emily Alma Lee, of the same place, widow of deceased. — (d) Allot 17, sec. 15. town Cooktown. — (e) Fee simple.— (fl Will dated 11th August, (a) MASSIMO VEDASTO, late oj Victoria Estate, near Ingham. — (In 11th June, 1947. — fc) Rosa Vcdasto. of the same place, widow of de ceased. — Id) Resub. 7, sub. 2, por. 17, parish Cordelia.— (ci Fee-simple.— Ifi Will dated 3rd July, 1946. , (a) ELLEN MARTHA WOODROW, late of Mackay. wife of Daniel George Woodrow.— ib) 27th May, 1948. — (c) Daniel George Woodrow aforesaid, of the same place. — (d) Sub. 20. por. 81, palish Howard. (el Fee-simple.— (f 1 will dated 5th December, 1936. (a) EDGAR VENABLES. late of Innisfail.— Ibl 14th February. 1945.— (c) Isabella Venables. of the same place, widow of deceased, and The Union Trustee Company of Australia, Limited, as Devisees in Trust. — id) Allot. 8, sec. 24, town Innisfail (one undivided moiety in); resubs. 1, 2. sub. 1, resub. 3, sub. A, nor. 18M. resub. 1, sub. 8, sec. 2. sub. B. sol. Z18, parish cirdella; subs. 20, 22, 20, por. 314, parish Garrawalt (one un divided fourth share in); resub. 2, sub. 4. sel. 3. parish Trebonne. — (c) Fee-simple.— (f \ Will dated 29th Sop tcmbcrt 1943. R. J. THOMSON. Registrar of Titles, Registrar of Tltlep' office, Brlfbanp 21st August. 194B. ? t_ MOTOR CARS, TRUCKS A. Collisons. 1937 Cliov. sedan, ,„„ -3360-530, accept p^., £187.exch. 1928 Rover Sports roadster, Q348-658. accept p.p., £92. exch. 1939 Ford Uteo Q291-160, accept P.p.. £254, A. ' Collisons. 1942 Willys Jeep, Q432-307, accept p.p. £225. exch. 1939 Ford De Luxe sedan. Q434-091. accept p.p., £275. exch. 1939 Vaux hall tourer, unreg.. accept p.p., £198. exch. A RMSTRONG Siddeley Agency -O; avail for Southern Old. Apply Collisons' Used Cars, Brisbane. A . Collisons1 Used Cars, Kangaroo ?£*? Pt., Stanley St., Brisbane, Ips wich, Toowoomba, Murwlllumbah. buy, sell, exchange, sell on commis sion. 100 vchlclcis avail., at all times. J5340. A . WANDS USED CARS buy, sell. /*? trado In, exchange, or sellcars. & trucks on commission. Phone J5759, Abi Anneney Rd., South Brisbane. .Ford, 1942 model sedan, ©420 .331, for sale, accept p.p., £486. auflnitely no extras. Lucas Garage, 43 Musgrave Rd., Red Hill. \ TTRACTIVE 1940 Pontiac de Luxe ^ Sedan, colour black, red uphol stery, small mileage, car is as new accept p.p. £530, extras include wireless, flower vases, Q359-368. Alf Claybrook. 110 Racecourse Rd.. Ascot. A USTIN tourer. 8 h.p.. 1947, p.p. /x £420. ace. same, owner leaving for Eneland. V. Whelan. Pelham St., off Cavendish Rd. Ph. XU1759 A . AT WANDS MOTORS, for sale ?rV & exchange. 1939 Ford V8 sedan, not leglstered. accept p.p. £275. 193' Chev. »edan. not registered, accept A . AT WANDS MOTORS, 1934 spe x»- cial de Luxe Plymouth roadster, not reg., ace. p.p. £176. exch.. 1931 Chev. couSg ute., not reg.. ace. p.p. i. looi exen. A . ALSO AT WANDS. 1942 Pontiac -^ ute.. not rcg. accept p.p. £375. exch., 1928 Chrysler ute.. not reg.. ace. p.p. £91. J5759. 82 Annerley Rd.. Sth. Brls. E-UY cars, trucks, any condition, u, befv,nPrlces' Inspection arranged. wiflilV or er Duslne5s hours l^AIMLER & LANCHESTER Fluid £» »LmVo%'Tteyd; I\ds3f&; §u?44b9utors- 333 Adclalde EkODGE 1934, good condition, UX '884, p.p £236. Nobbs, 286 Given Terrace, Paddlngton. 'PXCH. for utility or car, 1937 Ford ?L-i 3-t. truck, recondlt. Mercury motor, good order. Bortoiottl, Com mercial Rd., & Doggett Rd., Tene rlffe, after 5 P.m. TTiX-SERVICEMAN wants car, Chev., ?CiPlymouth, Ford preferred. Ring LiIdOI, dally, TJiEDERAL TRUCKS still avail, for -E immed. delivery, complete with mported cabs, sizes 3 to 5 tonB. En quire from Queensland distributors. Annand & Thompson, Newstcad. Brisbane. PVVRGO, 1940 Coupe , Ute., Q446 ?Er682, p.p. £320. good cond., sale, exch. lighter type. Goford, 112 Race course Rd.. Ascot. M5268. XT' OR sale, 1938 Hupmobilci sedan, In X? perfect order, privately owned, rcgd. No 276-707, p.p. £470. will trade small car or utility part pay ment. Apply S. McComskey, Belfast Hotel, Brisbane. T?OR sale, 1939 Dodge 20-25cwt. X) truck, well shod, mechanically sound, done 38,000 miles, original owner. Westaway & Walton, Moo FOR sale, '48 Ford VB 5-ton truck, fitted with cab. platform body. 2-speed rear axle, has done genuine 8600 miles, £B0O or offer. Ace Scr vlco Station. J3785. TTIOK sale, 1933 Chev. utility, Q383 ?T 596, p.p. £115, ace. same, re conditioned motbr. Apply R. Stuart, Wilfred St.. off White's Rd.. Lota. 'I7IORD VB 1937 coupe, Q256-824, me X' chanlcal new, small mileage, genu ine sale at p.p.. £200. R. Goddard. 245 Main St.. Kangaroo Pt., garage down lane. INTERNATIONALS Intro. O'land by JL F. J. Holland. 28 yrs. ago. Place 3rd. for new KB models now arlv.. also spare Pts. & reps. F. J. HOL LAND, International Truck Dist.. 14 Roma St.- (2 drs. fr. Ann St.l. B4534. JUST arrived, big shipment Singer Super-Ten Saloons, with com pletely imported English coachwork. available for Immediate' delivery. Overland Ltd.. 295 Wickham St.. Valley. L2311. f?'S5 International truck. '45 model, -IV- small mileage, duals, reduction, recently overhauled, must sell, Ill health, £620, or offer. Apply Qymple Creek Sawmill, or Phone 65. Cabool ;ure. A/TORRIS '46 8/40 tourer, accept iri. p.p.. £392, Q417-335. G.Thomas, 225 Lancaster Rd.. Ascot. XU2892. ']\JEW Super-Ten Singer Saloons, .1* with completely mported English coachwork. now available for Imme diate delivery. See these superb Eng lish cars at Overland. Ltd.. 295 Wickham 8t.. Valley. L2311. CELL 1930 Essex Challenger tourer, £? Q434-416, good cond., ace. -p.p., £103, or exch. Handasyde. 283 Corn wall St.. Grcenslopes, stop 22. SELL 1940 Vauxhall Wyvern Sports Tourer, Q408-404, faultless cond., ace. p.p., £224. or exch. Handasyde, 283 Cornwall St., Greenslopes, stop CELL 1937 M.G. Sports, 6 cyl.. O Q268-970, O.H.d., accopt P.P., £J50. Any trial. Cullen, Churchill St., Gracevllle. CELL 1942 White W.A. 18 42passen p ger buB, excell order throughout, mmed. delivery, £1800. Phonei Ace Service station. South Brisbane, SELL Armstrong Siddeley sedan, 1933. Q373-095, ucc. p.p., £146 LX1519. Bates. 11th Ave.. kedron™ CELL 1940 Dodge sedan, excell. O condition.- Q430-0O5. ace. p.p £446. will exch small sedan. McKln non 11 Ewart St.. Paddlnufon. CELL sedan. 1928 Singer, OE907, O new tyres & tubes, camping body, accept p.p £109. J6884. J. Hlckev, 583 Main St.. Kangaroo Pt. CINQER Super-Ten Saloon, big car k-5 comfort & performance, light car economy. Imported, complete with English coachwork. now available for immed. delivery. Overland, Ltd.. 295 Wickham St.. Valley. L23U ftEyin^3?,.AustlB 10 coupe utility. ^.Q«2ir°RlnVdNre..fcUwl«^ sor. M556& after 6 p.m.

MOTOR CARS, TRUCKS SELL 1933 Ford roadster, Q170-345. ~ perfect order, ace. p.p. £122. iIcKmnon. 11 Ewart St., Paddlngton. SELL 1939 Hudson sedan. Q436-277. ' p.p. £326. accept £285. Mc Clnnon. 11 Ewart St.. Paddlngton. SELL 1927 Chev. ute., Q399-201, ace. 3 p.p. £77. McKlnnon, 11 Ewart ^ELLad938StFSrd'V8 coupe utility, 3 good order, condt.. reg. O387-393. cc. p.p. £208. Ross, 133 Wickham It.. Valley. v 2ELL 1931 Austin tourer, perfect 3 order & contd.. reg. Q449-540. ice. p.p. £82. Ross, 133 Wickham it vftllcy ' 2TUDEBAKER De Luxe Sedan. 1929 3 model, perfect ordor, Q438-567, i.P., £119, accept same, or exchange laby car. Moran, Sandgate Road, 'irrtnla. Ph. MU1287. 2EMI-TRAILER, McGrath, L, O. 5 Clapperton iz Co.. S81A, A.M p. 1Mb.. Edward St. B7260 3ELL 1926 Vauxhall utility, Q366 3 369. p.p. £57. E. Price, 43 Sheriff It. Petrle Ter.. after 6 p.m. 2ELL 1934 Bulck 7-pass. sedan, 3 Q395-674, equipped 2 spare wheels, lew tyres, excellent condfn. through iut. accept p.p. £336. Transport Jfflcer, A.N.A.. Ann St. SELL 8 h.p. '47 Standard. Q435 3 838. P.P. £485, no extras. In pect. Dobell & Co.. 47 Creek St. SELL 1940 4x4 Dodge Recon -5 nalssance waggon, excellent con litlon. accept p.p. £315. ©448-497. 1. J. Roper. Edsar St.. East Brls lane. J5988. 2ELL 1946 8 h.p. Austin tourer, 3 O424-431. 8000 miles, p.p. £407. ihclbcrg, 142 Stanley St., J1185, working hours. 2ELL 1947 Studebaker 22-passenger, 3 touring coach, fitted with relax ble seats, public address system. As adlo. gcnulno 30,000 miles, & In ixcell. order throughout, immod. de lvers. £1350. Phone Ace Servlco Station, south Brisbane. J3785. SELL 1937 V8 steel cab utility, 3 O249-601I. ace. p.p. £172. Me Unnon, Nicholas St.. Windsor. BELL 1930 Essex utility. ©362-369, 3 excel., ace. p.p. £110. no extras. dcKinnon. Nicholas St., Windsor. SELL 1928 Whippet tourer. ©90-080. 3 aec. p.p. £78. McKlnnon. Nlcho aa St., Windsor. JELL 1935 Studebaker sedan, orlg 3 lnal condt., ©305-771, ace. p.p. E215, exch. lighter tourer. McKln lon. Nicholas St.. Windsor. SELL cievelandf utility. Q427-724, uoori order appearance, ace. p.p. C67. plus new hood Ac body. MW1205, itlller, Racecourse Rd.. Ascot. rRUCK. 30cwt.. G.M.C.. 1941 model, not pegged, ©41 1-260. extra good irder. Holden. B2007. Strand Bldg. USED Motor Cars & Trucks. Truck. KW.D. WaukeshB. 38 h.p.. petrol notor, 900 x 20 dual tyres, perfect irdcr. £1100. Bnker Motors. Albury. IIJANTED light car. condition 'V more lmportnnt than model. ;'W103.1. WORTH'S Car Sales, Ann St., Val »- ley, opp. T. C. Beirnci. offer the ollowing for sale and exchange: 19J0 pord A Utility, Q211.958. p.p. £87; 939 Morris 8/40 Utility. £293-693. I.P £101. IXT'ORTH'S Car Sales, 1938 Hillmen »V io h.p. tourer, Q356-834, p.p. E178: 1935 Austin. 7 tourer, Q237-408. ).p.. £117: 1938 Vauxhall Wyvern iedan, Q325-434. p.p. £208; 1938 Dodge 3-ton table top truck, N.R., iccept £285. WORTH'S car Sales, 1942 Stude., 3 i- ton, table top, long wheclbascs ;ultable for wool or wheat hauling, ir horse transporting. N.R., accopt E395. Easy terms arranged. WORTH'S Car Sales, 1937 Singer 14 h.p. sedan, &441-744. P.p. C200; 1938 Morris 8/40 tourer, QMS OS, p.p. £154: 1929 Silver Annivers iry roadster, Q3SI7-283, P.p. £133. tTtriLLi pay top pr:ce for Chev. 4 or WlA Ford. B7303. yi^ANTED to buy car for cash. WARD Motors buys cars, utilities. 438 Wickham Street. L2679. WANT 1940. later sedan, good con -- dltlon, will pay extras. Ring lolman, B8374 after 7 p.m. WTD. buy home, will exch. 1939 »- Ford Prelect sedan, ace. p.p.' E210, Q298-742. W. Brlnkworth. Box !3. Valley. WANTED Chev. 4. 19S6-27-28. John Him. Senior. MU2093. X\T ANTED, to buy, cars, trucks, late tt models, in cood condt. Parties. ^.saMwW1010'' parramatta WTD. cars & truck for snare parts. Ton prices paid. Allans, 874 ftnn St., Valley. U595. VTTTD. buy Jeep or Blitz truck. VV Phone M6486. WANTED sedan 14 h.p.. prefer Chev.. yauxhall, Plymouth, must -e in good condition throughout, \pply A. Kerr. c/o. I. Small Land :rs Pocket. Lower Nudgcc. 1945 KS5 International truck, per fect condition, mileatre 17,000, ace. i.P. £625: also Q.M.C. 6 x 4 rc :ondltloned, ace. £600. take 4x4 iruck or car trade on either. T. Doolan. chinchilla. 1940 Citroen Big Fifteen, fitted new Ferris radio, spare sleeves, pls ons, gaskets, front wheel drive, tor sion oar suspension, recently re :ond.. ©437-149. not listed, accept £600. Fowkes. Round, -t Murchie, 3undaberK. 1943 F.W.D. HEAVY DUTY truck, 1 fitted new 10.60 x 20 tyres, winch, lot registered, p.p. £750. accept £750. Fowkes. Round. & Murchie, IC30 2-tbn international, 0229-398, p.p. £130: 1 1938 2-3-ton Dodge. i.P. £234. 0290-428. Sell both best Jffcr beiow p.p. M. Grlpske, Nlnd «.. Southoort. Phone 340. 1928 Studebaker car. Q363-455. prl 1 vately owned, p.p. £113. will nc :ept £100. no extras. S. Gunders, Harjlsvllle. Phone 2. 1940 Hudson de luxe sedan. Q424 973. p.p. £429. good order. Ap 3ly J6092. 02 Willys 30cwt. truck. £120. ? 'Hawthorne St.. New Farm. WIRELESS REQUISITES A. ALL LOCALTIES. REPAIRS to radio, day and night service. jRAY'S RADIO SERVICE. FM4162. A . Elect. & Radio Repairs and In A stalls. Kennedy & Mlddleton, 12877, M3707. FW1565. AVAILABLE for Immediate delivery, best makes of consoic & mantel radios. Will make the highest allow ince on suitable piano or olayer Jlano. with cash adjustment. G. J 3r!ce. Ltd.. 90-92 Queen St.. Brls. ALL RADIO REPAIRS by experts. C. E. NEWTOWN. Stone's Corner. ICU2798 E»ALMOBAL RADIO SERVICE. R. » H. Thomas. A.M.I.R.E., 10 Rid iell St.. Bulimba. JY1759. BREVILLE 5-valve dual wave radio gram, walnut case, with Garrard siec. motor. King's Music Hse. BOTH pLEARANCE sale. 8 now S-valve U porUule radios. £21. B. McDon ild. Guild Theatre. 104 Adelaide St.. Rrlslinne. B6889. DOWNSTAIRS in T, & G. Building, latest models available on easiest lerms in town at RADIO SUPPLIES UNLIMITED, downstairs, In T. & G. Biilldlnir. Albert St. POR sale, 3-4 valve portable radio. C £10. Hayes. JY1051. cxt. 9. be ween 10-11 a.m. I/OH real Radio Bargains this week C don't miss out on ihose at RADIO SUPPLIES. UNLIMITED. Downstairs, n T. & Q. Building. FOR skilled radio service, ring B8459. Old seU brought up to late or traded In on a new one. J. r. Grcenlees & Co.. 129 Ann St., )nn. Albert St. Methodist Church. ifOR sale, silver ash wireless. & JC. verandah lounge. M. Corbett. -51 Lancaster Rd.. Ascot. I?OR sale, Music Masters portable E radio, two months old. new con iltlon. CP59. C-Mail. pREENLEES & CO., have a most IT efficcnt 5-valve 1948 console or 'loor model, which sells at £25/4/. :omc In and sec It at 129 Ann St. YfUST sell Radlola wireless, per 1»1 rect condt.. offers. CJ49. C-Mall. PHILIPS battery wireless set, ex 1 cell, condn.. new batteries, beau iful appearance, for sale. Twg. 1120. OADIO Dept. The Zenatone Con l - sole radio, specially made for 5'land conditions, 19 gns. Easy ' erms. Exclusive to the Coupon Fur-- ? ilture Co.. 5 Ways, W'sabba. OADIOS repaired quickly, cheaply, K & efficiently, at RADIO SUP PLIES UNLIMITED. Downstairs. In r. & G. Building. RECORDINGS made In own home * X from 10/6. Efficient Radio Ser 'Icc. Suburbs. Earway Radio. J5179. RADIO repair service. Ring J1341. IV expert technician calls, auotes epairs. Coupon Furniture Coy., Pty.. M.. 5-Ways, W'gabba. JELL cabinet wireless, good condl S tion. £5. CL23. C-Mall. SELL Stromberg Carlson radio, 3 mantel model. £22, sell for £19 ir nearest offer. Miss Peacock, cvo drs. Finch. York St., Nundah. rASMA, latest models Just arrived and available on Easy Terms at IADIO SUPPLIES UNLIMITED, downstairs. In T. & G. Building. Gl deposit Si SI weekly buys a good used radio at RADIO SUPPLIES JNLIMITED.- downstairs In T. & G. iullrilng. ? LOST AND FOUND LOST bunch keys, viulnlty city & Windsor. Substantial reward. flc62, C-Mail. f OST, by ex-serviceman, wallet, Li vie. Regent Theatre, containing totes Si membership card. Reward. ' Mark, J2311. LOST, Friday, between Bretts i Wharf & 193 Brisbane St.. Bul mba, Kent's chrome wrist watch, flth solid chrome band. Ph. JY1830. teward, LOST, horn rimmed glasses. Petrie Tee., Friday. Reward. FM4131. LOST, Friday, lady's gold wrist watch, city or W'gabba, engraved m back, A.E.. 17/2/42. Reward. Ring LOST small purse containing £1 note & key, between Ascot & /alley, contact CR78, C-Mall. STOLEN, on Thurs.. 19th.. from 3 C.T.A. Bids., Charlotte St., en rance, gent's bike, painted green, ?Scout.' Reward. Dabelsteln, 40 Nel nn Btrnnt. Coomnron. J2862. 9 to 4. 'ERSONAL, MISSING FRIENDS A Young lady, 20, desires meet edu 17 ©3uednEJtlt' Intr0' OK-C- Club. ATTRACTIVE girl, 18, own ticket, , seeks tall, well-educated partner. ^jjGeorge's Ball, 30th. CR75, C RESPECTABLE farmer, own farm, Burnett district, wants house? :eeper, under 40. fond of children Sc SSSff fjifiui! t0 tol ' suftab * SUBSTANCE awaiting information 3 as reqd. Shadowy. CR12. C-Mail. TULL lad. 19, wishes meet attractive i- girl, outings, v.m., etc. Photo de ired. Write CR59, C-Mall. WILL any person knowing tha whereabouts of Florence Kath een Smith, nee Rellfy. formerly of , Jargreaves Avenue, Chelmer. Si of Vharf Street, Brisbane, kindly com nunicate with S. T. Duell. Solicitor. 9 Queen St.. BrlsbarTe. WANTED to adopt baby boy,' pre Wferably from birth. Mc64. C-M. ORKING man. 50 years, like make acquaintance female com lanlon. about 30 or 40 years, view nat. CR89, C-Mall. nrir.L board baby free, indefinitely. »» on South coast CLX18. C-Ma(l. irOUNG. attractive, lntellrient, re- . X fined girl desires correspond : entleman with private means, view natrlmony. CLX10. C-Mail.