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His Excellency the Governor and Lady Le Hunte gave a dinner party at Govern- ment Hou»e on Wednesday evening. The guests weie the Commissioner of Insol- vency and Mrs. Russell, the Master of the Supreme Court, the Clerk of Parliaments and Mr?. Halconib. the Under Treasurer and Mrs. Gill, the Inspector-General of Schools and Mrs. Stanton, the Vice-Chan : cellor of the Adelaide University and Mrs. I Barlow. Miss Daman, Miss Swete. and the

Hon. Victor Hood.

Mr. Kingston will at the end of the week leave "Melbourne for Port Darwin, accom- panied by Mrs. Kingston, and will probably remain in the Northern Territory for a couple of months.

His Honor Mr. C. J. Dashwood. Govern- ment Resident of the Northern Territory, has been granted three months* leave of ab- sence on account of illness. His medical adviser has ordered him south for a change. During the present period of the year the work can be carried out by the secretary and other officials, so that there will be no necessity to appoint a substitute.

Brigadier-General Gordon, the Victorian State Commandant, who has been absent on sick leave for two months, during which he underwent a serious operation, has now recovered sufficiently to be able to resume duty.

Sir George Shenton, President of the Western Australian Legislative Council, will entertain members to-day on the occa- sion of the opening of the new Parliament of that State.

The Adelaide Lyric Club intended to give a reception to Paderewski when he comes here in October, but the great pianist has set his face against receptions, and so the formal welcome will have to be aban- doned.

By Wednesday's express Messrs. J. M. Reid (president), W. W. Forwood (vice president), and R. B. Cuming, delegates from the South Australian Chamber of Manufactures, left Adelaide to attend the first annual meeting of the Federal Connell of Chambers of Manufactures of Australia, which is to be held in Brisbane on August 3, 4, 5, and 6, and following days if neces- sary. The matters to be discussed are many, and of deep importance to manufac- turers and producers, and will doubtle« occupy far more than the four days al- lotted. An attempt will be made to fix the date of the second annual meeting ot the council, to be held in Adelaide during the currency of the Industrial Exhibition next year.. The delegates were accom- panied by the secretary (Mr. P. H. Evans).

Sir Harry Rawson, Governor of New South Wales, and party arrived at Brisbane by special train on Tuesday night, and left by the northern mau train for Rockhamp- ton, where he will board the New South Wales Government' yacht Victoria, and make a cruise along the coast.

Dr. Paton, the veteran missionary, suffered severely on the' passage to New Hebrides by the steamer Tambo, and has been or- dered to return to Melbourne, where he will arrive next month.

The following passengers will embark at Largs Bay^o-day on the RJMÛS. Egypt: For London-Mr. N. W. Jolly, Mr. J. Entwistle. For Port Said-Mr. A. E. Beveridge.

Mr. G. Tallis, the well-known theatrical manager, who recently entered into part- nership with Mr. J. C. Williamson, arrived in Adelaide from Melbourne by the ex- press on Wednesday, morning.

Mr. Christopher Coulson, a well-known resident of the Merino district, Victoria, died on Tuesday, aged 87. He was for many yeara head groomsman in the stables of the late Queen Victoria, and was the trainer of the noted horses Agronomer and King Alfred.

,Mr. J. Entwistle (secretary to the Colo- nial Mutual Fire Insurance Office) leaves to-day on a trip to Europe. On , Tues- day evening, at the York Hotel, the chair- man of the Fire Underwriters' Association (Mr. R. A. Paxton) gave a farewell dinner in honor of Mr. Entwistle. The departing gentleman was entertained by his fellow insurance managers on Wednesday after- noon. The gathering was presided over by the chairman of the Fire Underwriters' Association of South Australia, who, in proposing the health of their guest, referred to Mr. Entwistle's unfailing tact, courtesy, and geniality, and wished him an enjoy- able and profitable holiday. Mr. Entwistle is a popular member of the Adelaide Bowling Club, and the president (Mr. W. H. Wadey) and Miss Wadey entertained the members, of whom there was à large gathering, at the clubhouse at Victoria drive at midday, so that they, could bid bon voyage to their comrade. The presi- dent, ex-president (Alderman Johnson), and vice-president (Dr. A. Lawrance) re- ferred in enthusiastic terms to the excel- lent manner in which Mr. Entwistle had carried out his duties during his two years' occupancy of the office of secretary. Mr. Entwistle fittingly, replied.

Mrs. a'Beckett, widow of Dr. a'Beckett, of Ashfield, Sydney, died on Saturday within a month of completing her 90th year. Her husband was a distinguished physician in Sydney many years ago, and was a bro- ther of the late Gilbert a'Beckett, a well known contributor to London Punch. Mrs. a'Beckett, leaves two sons -* Mr. M. E. a'Beckett, solicitor of Wentworth Court, and Mr. W. C. a'Beckett, formerly m'ember for the Bogan, and now Liberal candidate for Castlereagh. The late Mrs. a'Becketc was a sister of the late Arthur Elwyn, who was for many years editor of the London Quar- terly Review, and in his day a famous lite- rary man. Mrs. a'Beckett years ago laid the foundation-stone of the Unitarian Church, Sydney.

Mr. A. F. Walter, proprietor of the Lon- don Times, wrote to a correspondent concerning that daily under date of June

10:-"The control of the Times has been in

my hands for a good many years past, it is there now, and there it will remain until events over which mortals have no control fihall place it in the hands of my successor. Until that happens, you may rest assured that no outside influence of any kind or of any origin will ever be per- mitted to affect the character of the great institution which was founded by my great- grandfather 120 years ago, which has never for a moment passed from under the con-1 trol of his lineal successors, and which I,

in my turn, have the honor and responsi- j bility of conducting to-day."' I