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The Executive Council on Wednesday morning'made the following appointments to fill vacancies caused by the retire mcnt-of1 Civil servantswho have reached tht agerlinrit:

Registrar-General of Deeds Departmenu Mr. James Gordon, SJVL, to be acting solicitor to the -Registrar-General, of Tleeds Department.

Mr. Mortimer-Giles to be Registrar-Gene- ral of Deeds, Registrar of Building Societies, Commissioner of Trade Marks, and Regis- trar of Copyrights, first class, at £550 -per annum; in place of Mr. F. E. Turner, S.M.,

who retires on June-30.

Mi_Edwin Stow Berry-to be chief drafts, -man, first class, professional division, at £150 per annum; in place of Mr. M. Giles, promoted.

. Mr. George Wilfred Anthony to be first deputy registrar-general of deeds; in suc- cession to Mr. E. J. Heath, who retires on June 30.

Mr. Thomas George Blackwell to be second deputy registrar-general of deeds; in place of Mr. J.. M. Thomas, who retires on June 30.

Mr. Matthew H. Salter, to be third de- puty, registrar-general of deeds and record clerk.

Mr. Vernon Harridge Edwards, to "be fourth deputy, registrar-general of deeds.

Mr. Walter Ferdinand Gardiner, to be assistant chief draftsman.

Mr. Victors-Edgar" Russell Dumas, lo be receiving and corresponding clerk.

Gaols and Prisons. '

Mr. Thomas Farrell to be Superinten- dent of the Yatala Labor Prison, in place of Mr. R. H, Edmunds, who retires on

June 30.

Mr. William Henry Norcock to be" keeper of the Adelaide Gaol, iri succession to Mr. T. Farrell, promoted.

Mr. Alexander Gordon Strath to be keeper of the Palmerston Gaol, in place of Mr. Norcock resigned,


Mr. Joseph Harris to be retnrnmg-officer for the electoral district No. 3,.Torrens dis- trict, for the election of members of'the House of Assembly, in succession to Mrt J. D. Woods, who retires on June 30\

Mr. Arthur Clement Moody to be retirrn jng-ofBcer for the electoral district No. 11, Burra Burra district, for the election of members of the House of Assembly, in place of Mr. J. Moody, who retires on June 30. - " ,

Mr. Alfred Formby to be returning-officer for the electoral district No. 2, Port Ade- laide district, for the election of members of the House of Assembly, in place of Mr. X Formby, who retires on June 30. '

fMr. William Johnstone, SJ_., to be re- turning-officer for the-electoral district* No. 4. Victoria and Albert district, for the elec- tion of members of the House of Assembly, in place of Mr. H. C, Swan, S.ML, who re-

tires on June 30.

Mr. William John Hinde, S.M., to be re- turning-officer for the ¡Northern electoral district for the election of members of the Legislative CoundL' and. returning-officer for the electoral^distnet No. 10, Stanley dis- trict, for the election of members'of the House of Assembly, in .place" of Mr. J. P. Stow, who resigns on June 30. >

Destitute Poor Department.

Mr. Thomas Henry Atkinson to be chair- man of the Destitute Board, in succession to Mr. A..Lindsay, who retires on June


Mr. Edward James Tregenza, accountant,   to be superintendent and accountant."

Special Magistrates,  

Mr. William Johnstone, SJÜ., to be spe «ial,magistrate of the Mount Gambier Court of Insolvency, in place of Mr. H. C. Swan, &AI., who retires on June 30.

Mr- William John Hinde, S.M., to be a stipendiary magistrate and an officer o'f the first-class in the public service, in place of Mr. J. P. Stow, S.M., who retires on

June 30.

Personal Particulars. !

Mr. W. J. Hinde, who has been appointed to succeed Mr. Stow, joined the service on April 17, 1873, and served in the Chief Sec- retary's, Lands Titles, and Local Court of- fices. On September 2, 1891, he was ap- pointed clerk of the "Adelaide Police Court. He has been a keen student of the laws of the land, and has frequently occupied a posi- tion on the magisterial bench. Mr. Hinde, who was 4ff years of age in August last, was connected < with the Military Forces from 1877 to 1892. and on his retirement was

gazetted an honorary major of the effective retired list, and on the reorganisation of the Defence Force in 1896 was made a major on the active (supernumerary) list.

Mr. M. Giles, the new Registrar-General of Deeds, entered the Civil Service on Octo- ber 1, 1864, and became chief- draughtsman and third deputy registrar-general on July j 1, 189C. He is an able officer, and is much esteemed in the service.

Mr. E. S. Berry, who has been appointed chief draughtsman in the Registrar-General of Deeds Department, joined the service oh' December 22, 1868, and was promoted assis- tant chief draughtsman on October 1, 1882." By his capacity and industry Mr. Berry has earned the respect and esteem of his col- leagues and subordinates.

Mr. T. Farrell, who succeeds Mr. R.1 H. Edmunds as Superintendent of the Yatala Labor Prison, has an intimate acquaintance with prison* work. He entered the Gaol Department on September 22, 1864, and was appointed keeper of the Adelaide Gaol on August 1, 1896. The mantle of Mr. Ed- munds has fallen on_ shoulders that will sus- tain it with distinction and dignity.

Mr. T. H. Atkinson, the newly-appointed chairman of the Destitute Board, entered the department on July 1,1875, and was ap- pointed superintendent and secretary on June 1, 1897, at a salary of £330, . Mr. At- kinson brings to his new office a ripe know- ledge of the working of the department, and

a sympathetic appreciation of the difficulties .he will be called upon to deal with.

Mr. G. W. Anthony, who has been pro- moted First Deputy Registrar-General of Deeds, became a Civil servant on Tub/ 12, 1876, and rose to be searcher of titles on November 6, 1895. He is a hard, conscien- tious worker, and will worthily sustain the high standard attained, by. Mr. K J. Heath.



Gawler, June 29.

Previous-to hearing^the case Harris versus SheanLafc the Local"Court yesterday Mr. J- Fergusson (the presiding magistrate) re- ferred to the absence of the S.M. He stated that both he and his colleague thought that it would be better for an "action of that-sort to be heard by-an S_£ They did not -wish to shirk their duties -but it appeared to-them that? a considerable knowledge of law and usage on the part of justices- might be needed in such a cate. -As-the-S-M. was laid aside by fflness, they thought it would be well to adjourn the case if the parties-to thcaction were agree- able. Mr- F- D. Harria said he regretted with them the-absence of the S-M-, and

agreed that one or two qnestions of law might crop up. A difficulty, however, would be brought about by adjourning the case, as he had brought one witness from Adelaide, and another from Port Adelaide. If it was the wish of the court to adjourn he would leave the matter to his learned friend- He did not mind whether it was heard by the S.M- or the magistrates on the bench. Mr. S. B. Rudall while sym- pathising with the magistrates, said his client preferred to have the case disposed of. He did not tinnTr there would be much law involved in the case. It would be more a question of fact, with which they could deal probably as ably as the S_L If they adjourned >the case tiley might, not be able to get the S.M. in a fortnight. There were retirements of one or two special magistrates taking place, and probably be- fore the rearrangement of the districts some of the present SJM.'s would have to do extra work. It would, therefore, be an excuse for the Government declining to send the SJSÍ. to hear a limited jurisdiction case. A place like Gawler was entitled to the regular attendance of a S.M. Although the amount in the present case was not large, it might involve either of the parties in a considerable sum, and was as impor- tant as a £100 case. The S.M., he knew, was willing to come up, and he regretted his indisposition. There should be no cheeseparing policy m appointing SJdVs. Arrangements should be made which would allow a substitute to be sent in case of the indisposition of the S.M. Mr. Fergusson said that owing to the opinion expressed there was no alternative but to proceed

with the case.


Mount Gambier, June 29.

. Before the declaration of the poll for the district of Victoria and Albert, House of Assembly, took place to-day, the "re turnmg-officer (Mr. H. C. "" Swan, S.M.) was presented with a walk- ing-stick and an address from the members of the Mount, Gambier electoral staff. All the Parliamentary candidates also cordially, wished him long fife and happiness. At the Insolvency Court this morning MT. Daniel, on behalf of the bar, bade him farewell. Mr. Swan, in responding, said he hoped Mr. C.'L. Mathews, deputy returning-offi cer^ would "be the returning-officer at the next general election, Mr. Swan will leave Mount Gambier for Adelaide on Saturday next. _i_