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Abhlaxdi: Fbidat, JcltS. [Before Mr. S. Beddome. P.M., Mr. S. Tomkinson, and Inspector Hamilton.] TfLL JUBISSICTIOK (CRllflJTAI.).

.uixcaxx. — Uvckard barson pleaded guiliy to a charge of feloniously stealing a pair of boots the property of Peter Hirvey, at Walierville, June 21. The Court sentenced him to one mouth's imprisonment with hard

STEALING a COAT. — Louis Hahn, a boy about 15 years of age, was charged with stealing a coat the property of August Weinert, near Mount Lofty. He pleaded not guilty. It appeared the coat had been hung on the door of the house occupied by the prosecutor, on the Mount Barker-road, near Fordham's. The following morning it was missed, and afterwards found at the house of the prisoner's father, at Crafers. The prisoner had been seen about the place on the evening the coat was hung out. On being apprehended he said he had found the coat. In answer to the Court, the prisoner said he had picked up the coat; he was sorry he had   not taken it into the house. His Worship the Police Magistrate said the Court found him guilty of stealing the coat, and sentenced him to be imprisoned and kept to hard labour for one week. He hoped it would prove a warning to him. False Pretences. — Henry R. Garrett was charged with obtaining £1 10s. by false pretences from Edward Clement, at Gawler Town,' June 3. -He pleaded not guilty. The particulars of tbis cose, which have already' appeared in our Polite Court report, are, that the prisoner went to tbe house of the prosecutor and hired a horse for a week to go to the Burrra. The prosecutor charged him £i 10)., but the prisoner said he was short of change, and asked for a blank cheque on the Bank of South Australia. One having been procured, he filed it np for £5, and tigned it 'H. B. Garrett.' He also pave the prosecutor a note to Mr. Morgan, solicitor in Adelaide, and t -Id him to take the cheque to him and he would cash it. Prosecutor took the cheque and gave the prisoner £1 10s. He then left, and on tbe cheque being presented to Mr. Morgan, he repudiated it. It was afterwards taken to the Bank bat wo* refused. The prisoner said he believed Mr. Morgan would have cashed tbe cheque for him, as be knew he was expecting money from England. The Court could see no excuse for the way in which the prisoner had acted. He was sentenced to six months' imnrixontnent ivith hard labour. Glexelg. — A correspondent has sent U3 ths following: — 'A public meeting, convened by the Mayor, was held in the Town Hall, Glenelg, on Thursday even- ing last, for the purpose of considering the best means of establishing a good day-school in connection witb the Central Board of Education. Mr. S. P. H. Wright, Mayor, was called upon to preside, and appropriate reso lutions were proposed end seconded by Mr. J. B. Neales, M.P., Rev. J. B. Titherington, Messrs. Wickstead, Colley, Dehane, Hitchcox, Muirhead, Barnett, and Hodge. The want of a thoroughly efficient school within the reach of all classes has been long felt, but is now about to be supplied, Mr. Caterer, who has for the last two years conducted a similar school at Port Adelaide, has removed to Glenelg, and the meeting, after hearing handsome testimonials to his efficiency and ability from Dr. Wyatt and Mr. Wickes, unanimously resolved to support him by every means in its power. Mr. Colley kindly offered the gratuitous use of his large room for the first six months, and a liberal subscription was entered into for the purpose of providing desks, benches, and the other necessary school apparatus. It is also intended to establish a reading-room and mechanics' institute, and, as a very moderate sum will be sufficient to provide all tbe requisites lor a school, it is proposed that the sur- plus funds shall be devoted to that very desirable object.' Laying the Fouxdatioxstoxe of a Bible Cbsistiuc Chapel.— A correspondent sends the follow ing :— ' On Thursday, 21th June, tke' foundation-stoue of tbe Bible Christian Chapel, Cairler Town West, was laid by D. Garlick, Esq., \V. Duffield, Esq., being un avoidably absent. Mr. J. E. Keen gave out a hymn and read a portion ot the Scriptures. Prayer was offered by Mr. W. Fursman, and a sermon preached by Mr. J. Howe. About 250 persons were present at the Cvremouy. A public tea was provided in Mr. Martin's store, Uawler Town, at which a'.iout 160 s it down to enjoy the kind ness of the ladies of the Bible Christian Church on Gawler Plains and Peachey Bolt. The public meeting was held ia Mr. Moir's church, U.wler Town. About 300 persons were present. Tbe meeting waj addressed by Messrs. S. KeeD, J. E. Keen, J. Williams, J. Leonard, M.A., J. Bowe, W. Furs-man, and E. B. Edsrecombe. W. Duffield, Esq., kindly returned from tbe Port to pre

uue over tnc meeting, mr. a. neen statca mat tive rears and four months ago the first missionary in con iection with the Bible Christian Church opened the Jawler Mission. He found but three members who for nerly belonged to the eburcb ; these were joiued by E. B. Edgecombe and wife. There was then n ? place of rorship ; now there are 12 chapels in tbe Mission, tOO members in church fellowship, 250 Sabbath cholara, 50 Sabbath-school teachers, 16 local ireacber?, two minUtera' residences, three schoolmasters' rcttages, costing £ I»3o0; while the debt on all the build ups is about £1,200. During the pant seveu years tbe Binle Christian Church has added 800 souls in this colony lo the Church of Christ, built 37 chapels, six ministers' residences, four schoolmasters' cottages, costing upwards )f£15,O0U; while the entire debt is under £5,000. The proceeds of the tea meeting, with the collection, amounted to £49 5s.' Chapel Axxiversabv. — The following is from a correspondent:— 'The first anniversary of the Bible Christian Chapel, Blumberg, took place on tbe 30th May. On that day two sermons men preached by Mr. W. Funman, Bible Christian minister. But in con sequence of the drenching rains which fell on the follow ing day, the tea u.eding was put off till Monday, the 7th ultimo, wh?u a pretty fair company assembled in tbe chapel, and cheerfully did justice to the good things whicV were gratuitously provided by the ladies of that locality. A public meeting followed, presided over by Sir. Lillard, and addressed by Messrs. T. Leaiie, A. Leane, and W. Farsmon. All things considered, the proceeds were moderately good.' Sabuatu-Scuooi, Asxiversaby.-— A corres pondent writes as follows: — ''Th6 first anniversary of the Sabbath-school iu connection with the Bible Christian Chapel, Mount Torrens, came off on the 20th and 21st ultimo. On the Sabbath two appro priate and impressive sermons were preached— that in the morning, by Mr. W. Fursman, Bible Christian minister, from 2 Tim. iiU U, 15 ; and that in the even in?, by Mr. Tuck, Uaptist minister, of Kenton Valley, irom Ecc c. i., 4. On the Monday the 'children were regaled with cake and lea, gratuitously provided by the ladies, ai.d mo;t i-ertaiuly was very good.- The tea meeting wu sup» riuteuded by the rnini?ter's wife, and great nuii.bers of the parents and other friends took, tea with the iittie ones, aud many a good wish **U5 ci pressed rrLtive ;-- btir rbiny race. Tea being o:er a. public meetiag coiu;uuiccd, Mr. T. Lt&ne, u: Uiumbtr^, in the chair. Sjveral very interesting speeches were delivered on the subject of Sabbath-schools by Messrs: Tack, Fursman, A. Leanp, Gi'lard, and the Chairman. The proceeds of the meeting furnished a handsome sum for ths defraying of pievious expenses aud the purchase of children's rewards.' ' RiTEETOJf. — A correspondent haB sent the following :— ' A meeting was held,according to notice, in the Schoolroom of this rapidly increasing township, on Monday eveuinsr, the 21st of June, for the purpose of electing twe Churchwardens for Trinity Church. The chair was tiken by the Ikv. F. P. Strickland, the re spected minister. Mr. John Hortland and Mr. Thomas Ward were duly elected to serve for the ensuing year. Much discussion took place relative to the Church, which is an ornament not only to Biverton but to South Australia. The Churchwardens, with their Minister, were highly gratified at the earnestness exhioited by the iahabitauts in support or their Church, observing from the books that the pews aro all occupied. A vote of thanks was passed to the worthy Chairman, and the meeting gepai ate d.' Plutders-steeet Schools.— At the half yearly examination of the pupils attending the above schools, conducted by Mrs. and Miss Foulger. the fol v!!r£? ??*^ wore awarded.— Boys: W. Farrant, T. ¥S£?f% ?$?**'' *? Ranald, H. Paisons, J. a! b!'h r u8^11' B-KiPpl«t, M. Zlenone, G. Parsons. Ut^S.'a^£faaa' s' MMte'« J- p^u' H Expoets of Colomal WisE.-The Sydney I»pen ?*£ *** 'Mr. Hutchison, of BridgVJtreet agent for the Messrs^ Macorthur'. wines, has forwarded by the overland rou te three cases of wine to London; The favourable opinions formed aud pronounced on Australian wines by the best connoisseurs in Europe must, no doubt, hate nude many persons in the mother country anxious to taste them.' As an eucoura»eraent to other exporter*, we extract the following from the London Timis: — 'So HOBS Madeira — AFunetalcor- respondent suys that it is now in open question whether any more Madeira wine will ever be produced. None has been maJe since 1831, and there are now only some 7,000 or 8,000 pipes «pon the entire island. All recent attempts to manufacture this wine have utterly filled, and pumpkin vines now adorn the old grape arbours, once covered with abundant clusters of rich grapes.' Thb Peotest against Phantom.— The ?embers of the Jockey Club met on the 2nd of July, to take into consideration the protest by Mr. Formby against a black horse, cilled Phantom, as having run for and won a stake at Clare, as a four-year-old, whereas he, Mr. Pormby, was prepared to prove that the horsa was more than that age. Tbe members present having beard tbe evidence produced by Mr. Malcolm in support of the horse's age being correct, alto that produced by Mr. F-*rmby in support of the protest, decided tbaf Mr. Malcolm had utterly failed to prove that the sge of Phantom was four yean; bat, oa the-contrary, that tho weight or evidence west to iprove that Phantom ii a fiT«*7W4ld»