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?:,%?-?- ssippDre. ?^?'-N-a. T?OB MELB0UB1TE, CaUInr at tfflWknE^ J- PORTLAND.— The new and . 'offivfi\f\^. powerful Steamship ?'ijirewSfijSSs* ADMELLA, C*ptain H. McEwan, commander, sails for Melbourne on Tuesday afternoon, the 30th but BBOWN 4 ISBISTER, . S3V4 ? Qllrert-place, Town. - i-hJlk QTEAM TO MELBOUBNS.-The ?^SBNyfiS^ ^ Screw Steamship VlSsBilV^. BUBRA BUBBA, 'vST&gS&BBg 350 ton?, A. A. Harper, master, will leaveon Saturday next, the 4th December, on arrival of 3-3^ train. For freight or passage, apply to 33V8 ? HALL A CO., Town and Port. tJLltvAv CJTEAM TO GUlCHEN BAY.— ;S*!SMrl3^ O The steamer ~4ntSagSttSJto F. P. Snewin, commander, will sail . weekly as follows :— i fxoic Foil Aohujob. I Faoic Gcicotk Bay. Tuesdays, at 1 o'clock p.m. | Fridajs, at 3 o'clock pan. , . ? Fortnight or passage, apply to * ORMEBOD 4 CX)., Bobe : or here to , WM. YOUNGHUSBAND. JUN., & CO. £ Town and Port Adelaide, September, 1S58. 254rmfcv -1 'tv^fcy TNDIGO DIGGINGS, irV%i UljJUfc iUJS. X MDBBAT.— The Steamer MbnBVIn?^. albuby ' . lii SmtBmim Is intended to be laid on for the above new Diggings, to sail first week in December. Passengers will be taken on from the Port to join the steamer at Goolwa, or can be taken on board at Welling- ? ton and Moarondee, at which places the Bteamcr will call I on her way np. r -For freight or passage, apply to . « 32Sc F. CADELL, Weymouth-stieet T KJ^ QTEAMER BUflYIP will leave the s cajaWkTfSs. O Goolwa for the JUNCTION of the «MgQB\I\^. CABLING about 1st December. -3?m ? 'iA jStto For freight or passage, apply to KLUKR, STIRLING, & CO., Adelaide : or WILLIAM BICHD. BANDELL. 331'6 '1 'tsj&v CJTEAMEE GEMINI will leave fSsmrf^St O Goolwa for JUNCTION of the MfrvHVlv^. MURRUMBIDGEE and SWAN y^_i^gfj'3& HILL about 1st December. for. freight or passage, apply to ? ELDEB, STIBLING, & CO., Adelaide; or WILLIAM BICHD. BANDELL. 331-*5 t 'T^jKajT CJTEAM TO ENGLAND.— FOE ISWBr*^ O BBISTOL, CALLING at PLY '^'tfiLfiS^- MOUTH to land Passengers.— The ~*i i nlisfls» splendid auxiliary screw uteam Clipper BOTAL BRIDE, 2,000 tons burthen, Alexander Newlands (late of the Champion of the Seas), commander, will be dispatehed from -Hobson's Bay for the above port at daylight on Saturday, the ISth December. An experienced Surgeon accompanies the ship. Fjlehs : Saloon, as per agreement. Second cabin, £35, including Steward's attendance. Third do., £13, £22, and £25. Fcr plans of cabin, 4c, applv to MILE;?, KINOTON, & CO., Melbourne. SAMUEL DIXON & CO., Cnrrie-street, 23?cv Adelaide. -iTa. T)LACK BALL LINE OF BEITISH AND jSHgffiS- XJ AUSTRALIAN PACKETS. — For ( 5jKgyw LIVEEPOOL, forwarding Passengers. Gold, \ fctSS» and Wool to London.— The clipper Ship SALDANHA, 1,665 tons register, Al at Lloyd's, Mathew Flynn, com mander, will be dispatched fiom llobson's Bay on Mon dsy, December 6. The superior accommodations of this vessel have pained her the Tepntatlon of beinir one of the moat corafortable pasiengor ships in the Australian trade. She is Hush decked, thus affording passongers the convenience of a splendid promenade over 2UO feet long. The saloon state- rooms are large and well lighted, and are furnished with every requisite, including bedding, ftc Second cabin passengers arc supplied with a good table and steward's attendance. Intermediate passengers £ will receive a liberal supply of the best provisions. Captain Fljnn is well known for his kindness and at tention to passengers. The ship is famished with iron tanks to carry an ( ample supply of pure water for the use of the pas- ) senzcrs. The Saidsnha is moored close to the Railway Pier, whtrreboats are in attendance to taka passengers to and from trie ship free of charge. Families going to England will find tub a most eligible opportunity for comfort. i Fares :— ' Saloon, per agreement. Second cabin ? £35 Intermediate ? IS to 25 Wool, tallow, Ac, at current freights. t For orders to inspect, plans of cabin, and other in- ' formation, aprly to MACKAY. BAINES, & CO.. Melbourne, or to 3i3J34 APBAMAN, MAIN, LINDSAY, & CO. .-I- T7OP. LONDON DIRECT.— The splendid I -4EW&V -I- Clipper Ship «£»«&? WATER NfllPII, Jtaajgaur Thomas Stewart, commander, will be dis patched from Jltlbonnie enrly in December. This vessel having made the passage last voyage in ' ninety days, via Cape of Gcod Hope, offers every facility for intending passengers. Her accommodation stands unrivalled. j Passage, including Steamer to Melbourne, £60. Apply to G. A.4E BABTLEEr, Grenfell-street; or to J. T. CRESWELL, Port. 331c ; --ilfV /~\RIENT.— Passengers' Luggage to be on j&'ffi&k \J board not later tban flth Dicember, on ff]|3£?£»r which day the ship will proceed to the ?SfiS^SZj Lightship anchorage, and finally sail on Monday, the 20th. JOSEPH STILLING & CO, Azents. - November 25, 1S59. 3-29a'55v si* 'TTrOOL SHIP FOU LONDON.— The 3$§|V W ORIENT, ^&*hQ-^ 1,132 tons register, Captain A. Lawrence, - jgbreeHi* will sail promptly on the 2 th December. For freight of wool and other produce, apply to JO3EPU SriLLlXO 4 CO. - November 21, 1859. 329a'54v _4~lrL 'POE SYDNEY PIKECT.— The A 1 biiij ;tf8^ -^ KESTREL, IfSttf&r Smith, master, with immediate dispatch. ' 35^sSt» lias priucipal part ot her cargo engaged. For freight or passage, apply to 326c J. W. SMITH. ' JU T?0R MELBOURNE WHARF DIRECT , j£fi&$\ JU —The Al powerful Brigantine 4$#3S& ALMEDA, J^ji.SiTr. Williamson, master, having nearly the whole of her cargo engaged, will have immediate despatch for Hie above port. For freight or passage, apply to BURY, DUXSTAN, 4 CO., Town ; or to DALE 4 CO., Agents, Port. November 23. 1859. ? 330a vx* T?0B YANKALILLA AND ILVPID BAY. j2e®gs. Jp —The Cutter Wg$& KANGAROO, i? 36 tons, 'Franks, master, will sail for the above places on Tuesday, November 30. For freight or pas* a?e. apply to P. LE MESSUKIEl:, Lipson-street; or to II. BANFOBD, Shipping Butcher, North-parade. ? 331'-t .-X^* T?0B POET ELLIOT AND ENCOUNTEE ^j^v JO BAY.— The Cutter ?^u^«uj K- Jenkins, master, will sail for the above Ports on Wednesday, December 1. For freight or passage, apply to J. DARWENT, Town ; or 331'5 B. k B. MAIN, Port. .T- T70U FREIGHT OE CHAETEB.— The ^E»v JD fine fast-sailing Brigantine ^^^ NORA CKELVA, ^Jjgg 172 tons register, now discharging at the Copper Company's Wharf. Apply to JAMES HILL, Exchange, Town; or 334J0 JAMES RAWLINGS, Port. '\fOTlCE OP CLAIMS.— All Claims L* against the Ship AEDENCRAIG must be sent in to the office of the undersigned on or before Wednes day, the 1st December, after which none will be recog nised. PniLIP LEVI & CO., Agents. Ade'aidc, November 27, 1S5S. 333**5 SHIPS' POSTERS got out on the shortest notice. A larze supply of coloured inks, coloured paper, and new jobbing type, just received. Apply at he Seg'uler and Ohienir Printing Office. MERCHANDISE. ? ON SALE by the undersigned— U.V.C. BEAJfD Y, in hhds., ?jr.-casks, and cases ' Brandy, various brands, in casca .Fine West India Bum, in hhds. and qr.-casks Gin, Booth's and Pigeon's, in hhds., qr.-casks, and cases Whisky, Islay and Campbellton, in bulk and case Geneva, in cases, anchor brand Superior Port Wine Sherries, Pale and Golden, of finest quality Champagne Claret Hock ? Bjai3's Bottled Ale and Porter Allaop'g At, bottled by F. Friend 4'Co. Burton Ale, Bass's No. 3 Truman's IOT Stout'; Mackenzie's Raspberry Balm ; Ginger Wine, the well-knowa Grape brand . Orange Vinegar Champagne Cider, bottled by George Jones Seltzerwater No. 2 Manila Cigars. ALSO, EED CAPE WINE urn VINEGAR, JOHNSTON, FUBNISS, 4 BLAKEWAY. GrenM-stret, October 18, 1853. 293acv OH SALE WINES and SPIRITS in wood and bottle Harper's Ale and Porter Iud, Coope, & Co.'» Barton Strong Ale, No. 3. Whitbread's Stont Groceries and Ironmongery Invoices of Draperv, Haberdashery, and Hosiery ComsackB, Branbags, Orebags, and Woolpaoki Jute, Sacking, and Seaming Twine Bedsteads, Firebricks, Flooring Tiles, 4c. 4c, FBANGIB CLARK ft SONS. 174acr ? Blyth-street. Adelaide. COROMAKDEL YALLEY MACHINE BISCUIT. CAPTAIN'S CRACKERS Adelaide Biscuit . Wine Biscuit Cream Biscuit Aberncthy Biscuit Nonpareil Biscuit. May he had in town of all the Wholesale Grocers, and ? 'ofmostStorekgepers throughout the country. 218aov GAPE 'WINS, CAPE: WINE, CAPE ;-WINE.— A Parcel of Red Cape Wine, in balk, :Joit' received by JOHNSTON, FUBNISS, 4 BLAKEWAJT. - ' Grenfell-Btreet, October 18, 1858. 293acv ? ' ' jpOALS, COALS, COALS, always ON SALE i^J in 8nT Quantitya ? ? :r S33M BUSY, DUNSTAN, 4 CO.

3HEBCHAITDISE. ? [HOESALE, at the Connting-hoaso of tlie j 0 undersumed, just landed— , Brandy, U.V.C, in hhds. and quarter-casks i 'Do., British lvhisky, quarter-casks ' Gin, Booth's, in quarter-casks and cases 1 Beer, Byass's bottled Ale and Porter, in pints and J quarts ' Do., Bryant ADavis's ' Do., Whitbread's . Do., Jeffrey's Edinburgh Ale, pints - Candles, Price's, and Neva Stearine ( Soap?, West of England, assorted J Provisions, Bacon, prime Family Pork ' Bag?, Cornsacks, Bran, and Gunnybags - Cordage, Manila Gram. Also, now landing, ex Granton— Try 4 Son's Cocoa, Chocolate, and Chicory. FOX, LLOYD, & CO. Grenfell-street, November 27. 1853. ? 331c FOR SALE, at the Stores of the uuder signed- IEEB.— Allsopp's Ale in hhds., Marian's do., Byass'a Bottled Ale and Porter. PIRITS.— Hennessey's, Arnold's, and other French Brandies, and Pale and Brown, British .do. in hhds. and qc-casks ; Burnett's and other brands Old Tom Gin in qr.-casks ; Geneva, key brand, in cases; «inest Jamaica Bum ha hhds. and qr.-casks; ' Whiskj in do. 7I2JES.— ofltey'a and other Superior Ports, two, three, and four grapes, in hhds. and qrs.. Medium Do. '' in qrs., Fine and Superior Pale and Golden Sherry in qrs., Marsala in do. 'OBACCO.— Barrett's Negrohead. iROGS.— Tennant's Soda Ash and Soda Crystals, Tar raric Acid, Arsenic aad Corrosive Sublimate. 20CERIES, 4c— Coward's Oilmen's Stores assorted, £ Sago, Coarse Salt, Sperm Candles, Ration Sugars, Teas, Oxford Cotton Wick, Lamp da. J UNDRIES.— Boots and Shoes, seasonable assortments, Box-Carts and Harrows, Cement, Roman and * Portlsoi.Comsaitai-Owijags^.Gxindery, Leather Cloth, L'aper— bag, cap, imperial brown, doable- J do., royil hand, double demy, coloured demy, bleache.. royal, grey, 4c.; Kaye's Pills, Europe Rope, Rosin, Sardines, Sheet and Bar Iron, Soap, - Liverpool and Colonial, Tarpaulins, Twines, ' hanked and shop, Tinplates, Fencing Wire, £ Woolpacks, Brewers' Isinglass. Whitincr, 4c., 4c. ' JOSEPH STILLING 4 CO. ^ Hlndlcy-street, October 5, 1358. 27Stlv303 \ ^LASS, OIL, AND COLOUR - Ca warehouse. . glass. glass. glass. ' Ex Creole, Atrevida, and other late arrivals— Chance's British Sheet, 16 and 21 oz., from 10 x 8 to 66x36 . - Also, the following Goods, viz.:— Invoices of best White Lead and Paints assorted : Noble 4 Hoare's Varnishes, Black Enamel ; Black Japan, French Polish, Patent Knotting, 4c. ! Plaster Paris, Glue, Beeswax, Glass Paper j Liuseed and Boiled Oils, Turps - Sheet Lead, Sheet Zinc, Lead Piping, Zino Piping ' Force and Lift Pumps, Deaglas'i American Pump , Perforated Zinc | An Invoice of Plumbers' Brassware, consisting of Water, Stop, Bib, Boiler, Tapping, Ball, and * Spirit Cocks, Washers and Wastes, Brass Strainers, 4c,, 4c. An extensive assortment of Paperhangings. ? Country orders punctually attended to. 185cv E. DODGSON, Leigh-street, n ALVANIZED TINNED IRONWORKS, { OT 92, KING WILLIAM-STEEET. ' ON SALE, at the Stores of the undersigned Straight, Corrupted, Galvanized, and Galvanized Tinned Iron, all lengths and gauges, at £id per ? ton and upwards Flat Metal in all widths and gauges Patent Tiles in all gauges ' Corrugated Water-Tanks from 100 to 5,800 gallons ] Pumpa, Baths, O.G. and half-round Gutters Bidgccap3, Rain-water Pipes, Cistern-Hsads Buckets, Watering-Pots, 4c, 4c. ] F. H. WHITE 4 CO., Importers, ' 92, Kins William-street. N.B.— Eveny description of Galvanized Iron RooSing 1 .led, by experienced workmen, in any part of the colony, l Agent at Gawler Town, Mr. Robert Howard. ] Agents at the Goolwa, Messrs. Good 4 Allen. 201acv - ^ELTZER'WATER, Quarts ainfPints ' J SUPERIOR CLAEET, Chateau la Rose FINEST COLONIAL WINES. At A. F. CHRISTEN & CO.'S, j 331a'57 ? Grpnfell-strger, nearStnrt Hotel. ] DUATKAU MARGAUX. — This fine ; CLARET, irennine at BCTEFISH 4 TILLEMANN'S. 33a-'i3 G.-enfell-strect. ' COFFEE, cx Maria.— Plantation Ceylon, ' -J a superior sample, 9d. per 1b. in bond. WILLIAM NICHOLSON 4 CO. 13, Flinders-street west, Melbourne. 333''3 nOAESE SALT OX SALE^by the under -J signed. 238cv JOSEPH STILLING 4 CO. TUST LANDED, 2G Casks PEARL J BARLEY. 331-*4 D. 4 J. FOWLER, Kin* William-street. DO A L S.— Best. English and Newcastle (17.3. W.) Coals can be had in any quantitv, at H.SIMPSON'S Coal-yard, Port Adelaide; or j D.KEK WICK'S. Kin* William-street, 27-lc , H I T E HERRINGS at BUTEFISCH 4 TILERMANNS, 321-31 Grenfell-street. POTATOES, POTATOES.— New Zealand, in prime erudition, at 320c HARRY 4 BAYLEY'S, Currie-strect. O DISPOSE OF, a CONSIGNMENT ex African.— The undersigned ara prepared to sell BRYANT & DAVIES'S STOUT, warranted sound, at -s. per dozen, delivered in Town or Portv 328c RIPLEY WEBB & CO. JUST LANDED, ex African, SHEET LEAD, Nus. i, 5, 6, in lots to suit purchasers. 328c RIPLEY WE3B & CO. T^HE undersigned beg to call the attention X of Iho Public to their Largo Stock of CHOICE PORT, SHERRY, BRANDY, &c, Genuine Lerorcsticr's 3HAMHAONE, CLARET (Chateau la Koec), 2.0C3 Dozen BOTTLED ALE and PORTER, quarts and pints, te., Ac. 2r3c RIPLEY WEBB 4 CO., Grenfell-strcet. 3UHDINQ MATEBIALS. \TICTORIA STEAM SAW-MILLS, V FEANKLIN and GKOTB STREETS, near Victoria-square. TIMBER of all dimensions, up to 13 inches deep, SAWN without delay Deal ? 4?. per 100 superficial feet. Balk Timber ... 8s. do. do. do. Cedar ? 10s. do. do. do. Carted from the Mill to any part of the City free of charge. Timber stacked for sawing, which may remain three months free of charge. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL TIMBER-YARD. American Fine and Baltic Deal, in Logs, Planks, and Battens, all lengths. American Tongucd nd Grooved Pine Lumber. Prepared Grooved and Tongued Flooring, 0 x 1J, 6 x }, and 6 x i. Ditto, Plain-jointed, 6 x J. Best Sydney Cedar, in Logs and Boards. Sofa Roll?, Chair and Table Legs, 4c, ready cut. Swan River Mahogany and Sin sapor e Cedar. V.D.L. Timber, Laths, and Palings. Colonial Timber, all kinds. Plaster of Paris. Portland, Roman, and Keene's Cement. Bangor Slates, 21 x 12, 20 x 10, &c. Marble and Freestone Chimneypieces. Register Stoves, 4c, 4c. 191e CHA LE9 FARE. BUSINESS NOTICES. ROYAL VICTORIA PLUNGE AND SHOWER BATHS, POET ADELAIDE.— C. LUEHHS respectfully intimates that those who wish to enjoy a treat and improve their health in the hot summer months should visit the Royal Victoria Plunge and Shower Batbs, Fort Adelaide, which are replete with every accommodation. The above Baths are now open for the use ef Ladies and Gentlemen, from the hours of 5 a.m till 9 p.m. Charges — Adults 6d«{Childr3n|un?erl2 years'of age^accompanied by their parents, half price. ' 326c TVTOTICE OF REMOVAL— A. EISCHER, 1M UPHOLSTEREE. 4c begs to inform his Customers lhat he has REMOVED from King William street to COENEB of CUERIE AND LEIGH S f REETS, where ail orders will be received and punc tually attended to. November 21, 1838. 330J8v'3 CARD.— SAMUEL LAWRENCE, AUCTIONEER, VALUATOR, LAND AND ERAL COMMISSION AGENr, 135, nindley atreet, Adelaide, opposite Mr. Graves's, grocer. [300cxv AN ASTONISHING REMEDY.— HOLLOWAY'S OINTMENT. IT EXPELS DISEASE. It is said [that all productions of human skill have their day, and are superseded by new inventions or dis coveries. Not so with this remedy. ' It is not for a day, but for all time, and in all countries.' And why ? Because it strikes at the generic root of all diseases in the blood, and medical ait can cceomplish nothirg beyond that. The Ointment, penetrating through flesn and fibre, like watei through a porous substance, reaches the germ or disease, such as Ecrofula, erysipelas, cancer, tumor, and all eruptive and ulcerous discharges in the circulation, and eradicates the taint at once and for ever in this climate. DADI.KG3. This Oiniment will cure any case of Bad Leg even if o twenty years' standing, or however hard or discoloured the De«h may be, or if swollen the size of a person's body, providing that the Ointment is well rubbed into the whole of the parts affected twice a day in large quantities^ and the parts kept covered with linen rags thickly sprcac with the Ointment. From this mode of treatment, n plentiful discharge of unhealthy humour will follow, until the wounds are all healed on the leg, or other part assumes its natural appearance. OLD WOUJTDS, SOBSS, A1TD T/LCBBS. The most inveterate cases of bad legs, scrofulous, cr other sores, nro cured, if of twenty years' standing, by the joint use of the Ointment and Pills. The effect of tUs unrivalled remedy upon virulent ulcers and sores Is almost miraculous. It first discharges the poison which produce suppuration and prond flesh, and thus the cures, which its healing properties a:terwards complete, are safe as well as permanent. It has a wonderful effect In the euro of sores occasioned by mosquitoes, sanduies, or giggers. - pilbs. This Ointment will care the wont cases of Piles if use- according to printed directions, even if of twenty years' standing. ? ? ' ' tjxqb avrt, ravra sons. In cases of King's Evi), where medicinal waters, lotions, and every recipe of the pharmacopejahave proved useless, the Ointment will accomplish a thorough cure. Fever Sores heal quickly under its influence, imd its relaxing effect upon contracted sinews is txulj wonderful . ...,.? ' ' - Agent for Santh Austral »- GEO. DALE, Wholesale and Retail Druggist ? 85, Hindley-street Ana Sob-Agents, at the following prices :-ls. 64, 3s, W^ and 6s, MflW?

BUSINESS NOTICES. O SEAT CHAMPION TRIAL of IMPLE UT MENTS and MACHINERY of the ADELAIDE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY, August 25, 1858. Messw. TUXFORD, IMPORTERS, have the dis inzniihed and irratifyingr hononr to announce to the 'ARMING INTEREST of AUSTRALIA, that every ?EIZE awarded at the above highly important Trial was or IMPLEMENTS and MACHINERY exhibited at rork and Imported by Messrs. Tuxford. Eight Firnt-Class Prizes, including Improved Ploughs,. JcariBers, Harrows, Subsoil Ploughs, Drills, Clod Jrushers, and the Special Prize of the above Society for he best improved, efficient, and economical Implement or Inverting the Soil, Tnxford's Double-Furrow 'Plough, -eceived this high and marked distinction of the Society. Gnrrett's Winnowing Machines, £15. Colman's Winnowing Machines, £16. Ransome's Winnowing Machines, £17. Rausome's Horse-power Thrashing Machines, £50. Garrett's Two Horse-power Thrashing Machines, £75. Basisome's Iron Ploughs, from £1 10s., with dozen Shares. Howard's Iron Ploughs,' from £7 10s., with dozen Sharer. Howard's, Ransome's, and Busby's Ploughshares, 18s. per dozen, at MESSRS. TUXFORD'S Establishment*, North-terrace, fronting the Railway Stations, and 323cv Grote and Gouger streets, Adelaide. B. D.OBINSON^~PLUMBER ? PAINTER, GLAZIER, and PAPERHANGER, ;i35, Eundle-strcet, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Sheet Lead, Galvanized Iron Gutteriusr, Paints, Oils, Colours, and Varnishes. - Pitch, Tar, Rwin, Chalk Whiting, Plaster of Paris Brashes, Paperhangings, &a. Beer-Engines, Pumps, Waterclosets, Slc, Made, Fixed, ind Repaired. Ornamental and Sign Painting, Writing, Gilding, and )ecorating upon Glass. Galvanized Iron Work of every description executed nth despatch at moderate charges. N.B.— Careful and exnericnoed Workmen sent to any laictjir the colony. ? 315,'20at^ IVrORTII ADELAIDE STEAM CHAFP Ll CUTTING MACHINE, Wellington-sqnare. — Dhe undersigned has now completed the Steam-Engine, ind is now prepared to Cut Chaffed Hay in any quantity it Reduced Prices, and delivered within two miles of Adelaide; Stores supplied at a Discount ; and has always -n Sale, at the lowest Town Prices, Flonr, Bran, Pollard, iVheat, Barley, Oats, Peas, Oatmeal, Canaryseed, and »ther Farm Produce. Orders by post will be promptly attended to. Te rms 2ash on delivery. JOHN HILL, 295t23v8 ? Wholesale and Retail Cornfactor. TMPORTANT NOTICE.— To BUYERS JL of CHINA, GLASS, and EARTIIENWARE. Tbe STAFFORDSHIRE COMPANY begs to inform ;he Public that they have TAKEN the PREMISES JORNER of LEIGH and niNDLEY STREETS, whicn :hey will OPEN on SATURDAY next with a LARGE STOCK of the above Goods, and they respectfully innoucee that as it is not their intention to keep Books, ill Goods must be paid for- on delivery, as the Prices .hey will charge will be so LOW that no Credit can be riven. Observe— THE STAFFORDSHIRE COMPANY, Corner of Leigh and Hindley Streets. 300c O WOOLGROWERS and Others.— TARPAULINS. TARPAULINS. The undersigned has for Sale Tarpaulins (all sizes), made rom the best Dundee Canvas, warranted the best ever mported into this colony. JOSEPH ALLEN. Manufacturer, 233cv 31, King William-street. TOOMAS FAX, LEATHER SALESMAN JL for the house of Peacock & Son, Grenfell-strcet Tanyard. Importer of Grindery and Shoemakers' Tools, Leigh-street, Adelaide. N.B.— The Trade snpplicd wholesale, on liberal terms. Obssrvo— the Beohive. eatablished 1810. 183-jv EE PROPRIETORS of the REGISTER nod OBSERVER GENERAL and FANCY PRINTING OFFICES, the most Extensive Establish ment in South Australia, are prepared to execute LETTERPRESS, COPPERPLATE, nnd every descrip Lion or PRINTING, in GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, md COLOURED INKS cheaply, neatly, and promptly A GRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT ES XX. TABLISHMEXTS, North-terrace, fronting the Railway Stations, and Grote and Gouger streets, Ade laide.— Messrs TUXFOED, IMPORTERS, respectfully icquaint the farming and general inturects of Australia that the greatest variety of IMPROVED and AP PROVED IMPLEMENTS and MACHINERY maybe obtained at reasonable prices, from Mcssm. Tnxford's Establishments, Grote an*l Gouger streets, and North terrace, fronting the Railway Stations, Adelaide. 3:3cr Q GOLDSACK, CONFECTIONER, KJ« BREAD and BISCUIT BAKER, 9?, RUNDLE-STREET (Opposite Mayfield's). 259ac W Y M A N, WHEELWRIGHT, ? BLACKSMITH, &c, corner of PuHcncy and Flinders streets, Adelaide. N.B.— Horses carefully Shod, Spring-Carts, Drays, &s., on Sale, and made to order en most reasonable terms. ? 329a'41v'52 MAIN'S CASTOR OIL POMADE.— Patronized by Lady Young,, ±c. This Pomade Is delightfully perfumed, and is superseding the use of a'l other preparations for the growth and nourishment of the Hair. Prepared only by W. Main, Family and Dispensing Chemist, King William-streetj and sold in pots at Is. and 2s. iO7bt 'PRESENTS— ELEGANT and USEFUL JL ARTICLES, specially adapted for PRESENTS, on view or on sale :— ROSEWOOD AND MAHOGANY Writing Desks, Dres Eing Cases, Cribbage Boards and Boxes, Work Boxes, Glove Boxes, Inkstands, Book Stands, Book Slides, Book Stops, Ueadinir Desk*. GLOBES, 3 inches to 18 inches, Atlases, Maps on --oilers. MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.— Pianos, £27 to £-6; Violins, £2 to £12; Flutes, £1 to £10; Concer tinas, .£. toJEo; Accordions, Flntinas. ARCHERY.— Ladies' and Gentlemen's Bows, Arrows, Quivers, Guards, Tassels, Markers, Targets, and Stands. PAPIER MACHE' Writing Desks, Work Boxe?, Cro chet Boxes, Card Boxes. Card Cases, Backgam mon Boards, Inkstands, Work Baskets, Card Baskets, Teaeaddies, Portfolios, Ladies' Cubi nets, from 2 to 10 guineas. SILVER Christening Cups, Card Cases, Penholders, Pen Case*, Pencil Cases, Tablets, Chains, Fruit Knives, Grape Scissors, Cake Baskets, Paper Knives, Sea's, Vinaigrettf s. Thimbles. GOLD Albeit Chains, Brooches, Seals. IVORY Tablets, Card Cases, Dice Boxes, Book Markers, Paper Cutters. 3San ? PLATT3 (Established 1839). T- EGISTER and O BSERVER 3-ENERAL JLX) and FANCY PRINTING OFFICES.-Every description of Letterpress and Copperplate Printing executed neatly, cheaply, and promptly, at this office, the most Extensive Establishment in Sooth Australia, where the most skilful hands are engaged, and ever endeavour made to give satisfaction. CRICKET BATS.— JUST ARRITED, a \J small but wcll-eelccted Assortment of Cricket Bats, consisting of Dart's, Cobbetf 8, Page's, polished, dovetail, spring-handle, &c. PLATrS, 219q 95 and 97. Hindley-Btreet. pHEAP PRINTING OFFICE V-- 18, Hindley-street, Adelaide. EDLIN, SHEERING 4 WEBB, late Hilton 4 Co. Every description of Printing executed in first-class style at VERY LOW RATES, to meet the times. 214cv TNVOICE FILES, suitahle for the Mer L chant's office, at 324q HILLIER'S, 10, Hindley-strcct. HH, HHH, HHHH, F, HB, B, BB, 3 and B BB, Refined Cumberland Lead DRAWING PENCILS, at 324q HILLIER'S, 10, Hindlcy-street. 'DLANOFORTES and other MUSICAL i INSTRUMENTS RECEIVED FOR SALE- on COMMISSION, at the New Premises of 323q E. S. WIGG. No. 12, Rundle-street. A LMOND and BROWN WINDSOR jL jL SOAP.— A fresh supply just received at 43g ? . ? HILLIEB'S A DYANTAGEOUS to STOREKEEPERS. XA. —DWARF INK, 9s. and 12s. per Gross. _12q ? PLATTS. QPECIMENS of PRINTING IN EVERY lO STYLE can be seen nt the REGISTER and OBSERVER GENERAL and FANCY PRINTING OFFICES, Grenfell-street, Adelaide, where all orders are executed neatly and cheaply, and on the shortest notice. ARRIVAL of SPLENDID ASSORT MENT of NEW GOODS, for Presents, and for Ornament, and for Use.— To Ladies, Gentlemen, Soli citor?, Hankers, Merchants, and Professional Men. Ladies' Dressing Cases, fifteen euineas, twelve guineas, ten guineas, eight guineas Library Stationery Cases, walnut, gold-mounted Oak Office do. do., oak, 'various sizes Envelope Caskets, walnut, gold-mounted, studded with rubies Blotters, in oak Secretaires, in oak Booh-Blides, in oak and in rosewood And other choice goo is of reliable manufacture and elegant design. PLATTS, 95 and 97, Hindley-street. ?«* These premises have recently been enlarged, and the Show-rooms contain a larger assortment of superior articles of taste and vertu than any other establishment. 264q TO ADVERTISERS in the REGISTER. —The following is the SCALE of DISCOUNTS on Advertisements in the SOUTH AUSTRALIAN REGISTER (daily paper), which has been in use for upwards of five years :— On 3 insertions ... lid. in the Shilling, or 12} per cent On. 4 insertions ... 2d. in the Shilling, or 16} per cent. On 6 insertions ... 2}d. in the Shilling, or 20* per cent. On 6, 7, and 8]3d- ^ the Shilling, or 25 percent, insertions ? j ^inMrtionT4 !.!} 3^- ta ttc SMnin*' or 29* V* cent ^rUons™d !*}^ tatheShilling.orSSlpercent. ^W^'rtio7^ f*H. I» *»«' Shining, or 37* per cent. ^insertions'!?.'1 ?} '? in the Shilling, or 41i per cent ^insertion'! !3 «* *» the shminS. « «» *** -** MSfase2rtto5n!s }8a- ** tb* Shilling, or GO percent STns^S.?rf!}^-totheSwl^.o'^Per«nt' T6?iSS 'I.W- ^theShniing,or58t percent ?fSwiSSSj^ totheShiUlng.or66iper(.ent The Scale of Charges is aj follow*:-. ? - Two lines ...... One Shilling. Three lines ? One Soiling and Sixpence. Four lines ... ... Two Shillings. Five lines ? Two Shillings an«. Sixpence. Six lines ? ... ... Three SMlangi, Each ttro lioee more Sixpence, aosor

IffSTJBAHCg NOTICES. _ A USTRALIAN MUTUAL PROVIDENT X3L ? . r SQCIETY. ' Principal Office, Sydney, New South Wales. ?? CKAIEHlir: The Hon. Thomas Holt, Esq. DBPUTT CH11EM15 : John Fairfax, Esq. , ACT0ABX JJTD SBCBBIiHT : Bobert Ihomson, Esq. The Directors of the above Society desire to call atten iion to the Table?, extracts from most of which will be found below. . ? ..'?»' Whatever table a member adopts he will participate Trom time to time in the Bonuses of the Society, which it the hut investigation considerably xxcbbdbd *=«*? PBB ckjtt. pbs Amron en the sum assured by the Life Assurance policies then entitled ttf participate— a result mequalled by the most successful British Offices. c BITRiCTS PB0H TABLXS. ... i Lifb AssiraurcB.— Premiums pyabie during Life tor £100, with Bonus Additians at death. Age. Premium. Age. Premium. Age. Premimn. £ a. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. 20 1 17 5 35 2 16 4 50 4 9 10 25 2 2 8 40 345 65 6 12 2 30 2 8 2 45 3 16 0 60 7 1 4 Lue Assttbutck as jjjovx. — Limited number -. of Premiums.^ ? . S Premiums to cease in £ -. 5 ? : ? i ? - % 3 . 6 Years. 10 Years. 15 Years. 20 Years. . ,; . ? ?:, ' . £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d ? . ' 20 6 It 2 3 14 10 2 15 6 2 6 1 20 30 8 5 8 ! 4 13 8 3 0 7 2 18 3 SO * 45 11 3 6 16 6 7 4 16 8 412 45 65 14 3 6 * 8 5 5 6 9 5 5 13 8 55 Rkvbbsiojtibt Amkuiiibs.— Premiums te secnre/£10 per annum, with Bonus Additions, during the list of - the lire of B, after the death of A. j? , ' '2* ' Age of A. V O ? ' ' ' i. 0 ? . ? _ - 25 35 45 65.; £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. | £ s. d. - 25 237 31 11 4 11617 16 4 40 1 11 11 2 4 5 3 5 7 5 18 4 ' f5 ' 1 0 10 18 1 1 19 2 I 3 12 S Endowment Agsurahcb.— Premiams tS secure £100, with Bonus Additions, payable on attaining certain ageB, or at previous death. ' i Previous Death, or at Age of a ? — I 59 55-60 65 ' ? J ? ; £ s. d. | £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. i 25 ! 3 10 4(2 17 6 292 236 35 6 11 G 4 15 C 3 15 1 3 3 3 45 10 10 4 6 14 11 6 16 55 ' ? j ? 11 1 10 EKD0W1TB5I3 POB CHiLDnEjf.— Premiums to secure £100, with Bonus Additions, payable on attaining , the age of 14 or 21 years, either with or without return of premiums in the event of the previous ' death of the child. With return oa Without rolurn on attaining age . attaining age. a ? a ? 14 21 14 21 £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. 1 659 396 1 5 16 1 337 6 9 19 2 4 15 8 5 ' 9 13 4 4 11 2 7 13 2 3 5 12 5 7 12 17 3 5 7 10 9 18 15 10 6 14 1 9 18 10 7 6 10 10 Dbfbbeed Annuities.— Protected to the extent of £104 per annum against all commercial reverses.— Pre- miuras to secure deferred annuities of £10 per annum, with Bonu3 Additions, commencing oa attaining certain ages, either with or without return, in the eveiit of previous death. Annuity to commence at age. 50 55 CO a ? ? ? j ; - - With Withont With Without! With i Wthout return, return, return, return. | return.j return. £ s. d. £ a. d. £ s. d. £ s. d. £ s. d.|£ s. d. 20 2 8 8 3 2 3 1 11 4 1 6 7,0 19 6.0 16 0 25 3 6 11' 2 18 9, 2 3 1 118 10,1 4 8j 1 0 4 30 4 14 6 4 4 io; 2 18 5 2 10 71 15 6! I 9 4 4O'l2 4 311 0 3 0 6 6; 5 16 0 3 10 6 3 0 5 The rates for other ages, and for every risk in which human life is concerned, aud every information, forms of proposal, &c, may be obtained either at tha principal office, Sydney, N.S.W., or from any of the Agents of the Society. ADELAIDE BRANCH. Medical Bbtsbbb : Dr. Gosse. xk PADMAN & CO., Agents. A LLIANCE BRITISH AND FOREIGN _OL FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. (Established by Act of Parliament.) CAPKAi^-FrvB Millions SiKBLiifQ. Office : Bartholomew-iane, London. Medical Referee : W. Wyatt, Esq., M.R.C.S. Losses by fire paid by the Agents in the colony. Prospectuses may bs obtained on application to 183q] FOX, LLOYD, 4 CO., Agents, Grenfell-street. MARINE INSURANCE. A DELAIDE LLOYD'S ASSOCIATION ./I- of UNDERWRITERS.— The undersigned take Marine Bisks and issue policies immediately on accep tance of the sams. CLAIMS FOB LOSSES on policies issued for the Association will be promptly settled, without reference out of the colony. COWIE & ASPINWALL, Brokers. Grenfoll-s ect. December 30. 1857. 3fl5e TVTORTHERN ASSURANCE COMPANY. X.1 1, Moorgate-street, Lon -'on.— Established 1838. The Policies of this Company are not only guaranteed by a Capital of £1.269,760, but also by the unlimited personal responsibility of more than 900 Shareholders. The undersigned. Agents for South Australia, ar« prepared to effect FIRE INSURANCES on liberal terms, aad issuo Policies immediately on acceptance of risks. Insurances on Mills effected at the ordinary rates. All claims are settled in Adelaide, no reference homo being required. ELDER, STIRLING, & CO Adelaide. 1st July. 1S58. 186cv O OYAL FIRE AND LIFE INSURANCE lAi COMPANY. Capital, Two Millions Sterling. FIRE BRANCH.— The Agents continue to grant, Insurances at moderate rates, and are dnly empowered to settle claims for losses in the colony. IN THE LIFE DEPARTMENT the Rates of Pre mium arc the same as those charged by the office in England, the large amount of bonus (i per cent, per annum) awarded to holders of life policies last year forming an inducement to persons to insure their lives . with this Company, equalled by few, if any, of the other English Life Offices. Mbdioal Rbpebbh— W. H.SholI, Esq., M.B.C.S. Eirouni-HousB, at Messrs. Barlow & Son's, Hind marsh-square. For further information, apply to ACEAMAN, MAIN, LINDSAY & CO, Agents. February 8, 1866. 2mtwhcv T IVERPOOL AND LONDON FIRE _U AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Empowered by Acts of Parliament. Subscribed Capital £1,600,000. Accumulated Capital £670,000. Losses Paid in the Colony. No reference, home required. Life Department— John Woodforde, Esq., M.R.C.S., Medical Referee. Fire Department— William Weir, Esq., Surveyor. ? The many various modes of effecting LIFE ASSUR ANCES, so as to make provision for a Family, or to ac complish some financial object, with, the Bates upon FIRE Bisks, can be obtained apon application to '. F.J. BECK 4 CO, Agents. Currie-street ' 91c* TMPERIAL FIRE INSURANCE COM JL PANY (instituted 1803), 1, Old Broad-street, aud 18, Pall Mall, London. Subscribed and Invested Capital, One Million Six Hnndred Theusand Ponnds. . Insurances on MILLS effected at current rates. Insurances effected on Vessels and Cargoes hi Harbour. All Claims axe settled in Adelaide on proof of loss. A. J. WEIGHT, Agent, Exchange-chambers, King William-street, Adelaide. Engine-house. Hindmanh-square. . * 183cv DERWENT AND TAMAR MARINE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Hobart Town. Capital, £100,000. Established 1838. Dibbotobs: . . Samel Moses, Esq. I Thomas Boot, Esq. Thomas Brown, Esq. J R. Cleburne, Esq. STilliam Ivey, Esq. Bibsotobs u Lauhobstoit : J. St. John Browne, Esq. | William Gunn, Esq. Tbustbb E.J. Mauley, Esq. | H. Tonkin, Esq. Muagkb: ; Thomas Hewitt, Esq. AocouinAST : Alfred Garrett Esq. Surveyor at Port Adelaide. Captain Alexander Jamiesou. Agents for effecting Insurances at— Launceston— C. J. Weedon, Esq. Melbourne and Geelong— Messrs. Henty ft Co. Sydney— Messrs Towns a Darley. Claims paid in London if required. RICHARD J. WRIGHT, Agent ' ltle. , ' ~' Gilbait-plaee. /CORNWALL MRE, AND MARINE V^ INSURANCE COMPANY, LAUNCE3T0N. Capital, 100,000. Estabubhbd 1341. ABRAHAM SCOTT, Agent for South Australia. rUB-AGBXIS JOB ' EBOBIPT 01 IIBH ABU KAIOT PBOPOSAXB: John Newman ; Cleland, Page, k Co^ Port. W. B. Lucas, Kapuuda. . 8. Drew & Co^ Kooringa. Francis Bobert Hunt, Hahndorff and Mount Barker District. Goode & Allen, Goolwa. . ; William Gray, Port Onkaparinga and the neighbour ? hood. . ; ? ?'??? EsanrsBM— Pappin ft Jones, Blyth-street Annual Fire Policies expire 1st January, 1st April, 1st July, 1st October. 18Sacv, SOUTH AUSTRALIAN INSURANCE COMPANY (LIMITED). . . Chaibkas— Wm. Peacock, Esq. ' . . Dbptw Chitbvitt— Geo. Young, Esq. . This Directors of this local Institution are fully pre 1 - pared to-tosnro Buildings, Stoct, Furniture, Machinery, and every description of property against loss or damage ' by Fire.: ? : Forms of application, and any information, can be obtained at the office, No. 11, King William and Gresham streets. ? ? B.E.TAPLEY, Secretary. N.B.— Money to be Lent on good Freehold Security at lOpercent, ?? M'ltftboT .

INSTTRAgCEJrpTICES. EOBART TOWN; and LAUNCESTON : MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY. Established 1836. '- !: / BIBKCtOBS: ' ? * Askln Morrison, M.L.C. Fllliam Crosby Thomas Giblin ? John Foster. Henry Hopkins . . ,, . ,, . icaitasbb:' ' ACcotnrrAirr: ] Thomas MacDowell. . ? Michael Evans. : ; agest; at lathtoksiot : - James Peters. ; - AGBBTS Al MBtBOUBKB! ] Downing, Griffiths, ft Co, ; . ? AGSXT AT GBEIOHO : ? Swanston, Wittis, ft Stephen. , , ' BUBVKTOB AT POBT ADELAIDE : ' ( . . Capt H. Simpson. The undersigned having been appointed Agents for South Australia, are prepared to accept Marme rUkB and ssue Policies. . ? . F.:J. BECK 4 CO^ Agents, 183qy : ; Adelaide and Port. f AUNOESTON FIRE AND MARINE i JLJ INSUBANCE COMPANY. , . '? Capital-£100,009. '?'-?? ''? ? Dibzctobs ;?=''? John Thompson, Esq. I W. Gardner Sams, Esq. John Fawns, E«q. I R. C. Gunn, Esq. ! George Wisher, Esq. . I .*. : : Sbcbbtabt— A. J. Marriott. ' Agents at Melbourne— Fallenstein ft McK'echney. - - '- Sydney— Messrs. Ho'.lisoa '& Black. Sd-bvbxob— Mr. James Macireorge. ilABiSB SnBvzTOB— Captain H. D. Dale, Port Adelaide. Port Agent, Mr. Alfred France. Particulars and Bates of Fire and Marine Insurance can -e obtained at the office of the undersigned. Annual Policies expire— 1st January, 1st April, 1st ' Tuly, 1st October. : ? FEEDEEICK FISHEB, Agent ' Offices— Gilbert-place. ? N.B.— The Old Scale of Fire Eate3 adhered to. [330ac HHUROH OF ENGLAND LIFE \J ASSURANCE INSTITUTI0N. Capital, Oirs Million. FRANCIS S. DUTTON, Agent, Bundle-nlace. 180o Government Bonds purchased. A NY PERSON giving the first reliable £i. INFORMATION of FIRE in Adelaide at either )f the Insurance Company's Engine-Houses, viz., in Sindmarsh-square or Blyth-street, and accompanying the Engine to the spot, will b« REWARDED. . Adelaide, October 25, 1868. ? 299ac ' PR0FESSI0NAI. rriO PERSONS with DECAYED FRONT JL TEETH.— Mr. GEORGE having discovered a White Nonmetallic Substance, which he thought available for Stopping Decayed Front-Teeth, has tried It in numerous cases for a twelvemonth, and can now confidently recommend it as not being .visible, not discolouring (itself or the Tooth), not being metallic, and as ^being so piastio that cavities may be filled with it which could not be filled with any other substance. Mr. G. GEORGE, DENTIST, King William-street, Adelaide, 268acv Four doors south of Hindley-street. 1\/TESSR3. PHILLIPS :& GURNER 1YL SURGEON-DENTISTS, North-terrace, beg to introduce a NEW COMPOSITION, of chemicallypre pared gum-coloured Gnttapercha, as a foundation for ARTIFICIAL TEBTH. This chemical preparation of Gnttapercha is. a great improvement to the usual method of fixing Artificial Teeth, as its slightly yielding qualities render it a more comfortable medium for the mouth than gold or other hard substances, while all un equal pressure or sharp edges are entirely avoided. Messrs. Phillips ft Gurner pay particular- attention to the irresularitiea of Children's Teeth. iei''91acv PUBLICATIONS AND STATIONERY TO ODDFELLOWS, FORESTERS, and other SOCIETIES.— Forms of every description Account Books, Contribution Books, Registration Books &c., &c, always on hand at HILLIER'P, 10, Hindley-streer. £3- Orders promptly attended to. 307cv TO STOCKHOLDERS, CATTLE DEALER3, and Others.— PAMPHLET jnst published on Messrs. BUCKNELL'S CASE.— Intro- duction of the Continental Spy System into New South Wales, and employment of Convict Eipirees as Agents in the system. By Adrian Wbstwohth Buckxbll. Priea One Shilling. By Post, Seven Stamps. 327q PLATTS. MUSIC. MUSIC— Now being assorted and catalogued, the largest shipment of New and Popular Musie hitherto received. Julliea's Album D'Albert's Album Bridal Album Jnllicn's Cadeau QUADRILLES— WALTZES- Traviata Peri Bonnie Dundee Spirit of the Ball ? Little Bo-peep Star of France Venice Lily of the Valley Como Faust Naples Traviata Bobbing around Dewdrop Fra Diavola Fairest Soronambula Bridal Lucia Warsaw Varsoyianna Lcs Chats ' Naples Varsovianna GALOPS- POLKAS— Lightning ' Hoop do Doodcn do Express Frozen Fountain Leviathan Sultan's Eugenie Bo-peep Queen's King Pippin Moldavian Princess Royal Pelissicr Drum Dewdrop Camp Popular Walhalla ALSO, New Song3— English, Italian, French, German Pianoforte Pieces (single and four hands), Oyerinres Sacred Song?, Oratorios complete — cheap editions Airs for Violin, Violin and Piauoforte Musio for small orchestras. PLATTS'S, 95 and 97, Hindley-Ftreet. Pianos, Harmoniums, Violins, Flutes, Accordions Flutinas, Concertinas, Violin Strings of reliable quality Violin Bows, Bridges, Pegs, Piano Tuning Keys, 4c. November 25, 1853 330q qpHREE HUNDRED and SIXTY DOZEN X SWAN'S COPIES, consisting of— Swan's Large Post Copies Swan's Small Post Copies Swan's Fine Foolscap Copies Swan's Large Ornamental Copies Also Post and Foolscap Plain Copies Post and Foolscap Cyphering Books Slates, Slate-pencils, &o. 303o E. S. WIGG, Rundle-street. /GOVERNMENT MAPS sold by authority, \A North of the Gawler Ranges County Gawler '. Light u Stanley 11 Russell. 271q BILLIER'S, 10, Hindlcy-street. GENERAL HAVELOCK.— JUST RE \JT CE1VED, per Ovprland Mail, a BIOGRA PHICAL SKETCH of SIB HENEY HAVELOCK, F.C.B., by the Rev. William Bbock. With a Portrait. 156q PLATTS. OR HOME and OYERLAND COR EESPONDENCE. The New Linear violet Tinted Note Paper. The New Linear Chamois Tinted Note Paper. The New Linear Roseate Tinted Note Paper. ONE SHILLING PEE QUIEE. Highly Finished Foreign Letter Paper, Cream Linear. Highly Finished Foreign Letter Paper, Blue Linear. For Colonial and Overland Correspondence ; manufac tured by Dobbs, Kid, ft Co., for 309q PLATTS. /CATHOLIC BOOKS, just received— \J Garden of the Soul Key of Heaven Daily Exercise, Catholio Piety Stissals, Douay Bible On Sale at 271q . HILLIER'S, 10, Hindley-street qVTEW BOOKS, just unpacked— JL 1 National Magazine Coffin's Botanical Guide to The Lollards ; Health Tracey Arthur Blane Mead's Sepoy Revolt Inside Canton Clara Morrison' De Clifford Parthinia Hector O'Halloran Catharine Randolph Hall's Princesses Miller's Rural Sketches Absent Man Heiress of Haughton Gold Worshippers Billets and Bivouacs The Divorced Will Watch .. . Howitfg Australia Experiences of a Clergyman Ties of Kindred Autobiography of Lutfnllah Colin Clink Agatha's Husband Owen's Life of Havclock Scottish Life Amy Herbert Defences of Lncknow Banker's Wife Wnthering Heights Gertrude Experiences of Life Mabel Vaughan Tales from Blackwood Earl's Daughter Greebry's Mathematics for The Street Preacher Practical Men Sfeire of Lncknow, by a Laay HILLIER'S, - ' 27lq ?'??' ? i- 10, Hindley-street ' Jnst published, in demy 8vo, cloth' boards, dedicatea (by special permission) to His ExMllency Sir B.G. MacDonnell, K.C.B., Govemor-m-Chief of the Pro yince of South Australia, Price One Guinea, pp. 480, THE ' PRACTICE OF THE LOCAL COURTS OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA, according to the Jurisdiction given to them by the Local Ordi nancaNos.6and6 of 1850. No.7 of 1851, atii No. 21 of 1S53, with requisite Forms, and a full and elaborate Index, with Addenda, comprising the Ordinance No. 15 of 1849, relating to Examinations, 4c., by Justices before Trial, and Annotations thereon, Critical and Explanatory together with a brief Practical Treatise on the Office and Duties of Coroners, including the Ordinance Jo. 7 of 1850. By Jomr Bams SHEPHsansoy, Cleric to the Bench of Magistrates and of the Local Court, Mount ' The plan of the Work as originally advertised has been considerably extended, involving fully double the quantity of letterpress, and the price has. therefore, necessan y been increased, but not beyond what a required barely to cover the expenses of publication. ' ? 'Subscribers and others requiring copies are respect fully requested to apply to Mr. Shepherdson, at Mount Barker. ^ ? EVERY REQUISITE aiways on hand for PRINTING in the most superior style, in GOLD, SILVER, COPPER, or COLOUEED INKS, - aJ ; the EEGISTEB and OBSEEVEE GENERAL and FANCY FEINTING OFFICES, Grenfcll-iirreet^ ? _^ : : LOST AffP FOUHD. , _^_ qPEN SHILLINGS REWARD.— LOST, a X rough DunH»lottredSkye Terrier BITCH PBPPY, about six weeks old. Apply to Dr.,Gos8e,GrenfcU. street. ? ? ? ?'??^' '?' *' CAME ASTRAY to Mr. Bailey's Garden, a DOG of the bull breed; The owner, may have the same by giving a description and paying expenses. If not claimed within 10 days will be sold. Apply Mr.   D. McDonald, Camellia Cottage, Norwood, near Maid and Magpie.        

, AMUSEMENTS. 'HITE'S- ASSEMBLY ROOMS. SIGNOECUTOLO , ' Assisted by MRS. CALDICOTT and MB. R. B. WHITE) . ? ? --will give his— ? - ? - ♦ SECOND GBAND CONCEBT : ] THIS EVENING (Tuesday), November 30, ( - Under the distinguished patronage of US EXCELLENCY THE GOVERNOR-IN-CHIEP, LADY MACDONNELL, and SUITE. ' ' ? PROGRAMME. ' . . PajitI.. 1. 'La Source'— Signor Cutolo ... ... Blumenthal. ( J. 'Maydewl1— MH.Caldicott. ... Stemdale Bennet i. ' Third Concerto '—Mr. E. B. White... De Beriot. I. tlnSegretto'-Mrs.Caldicott... ... Donizetti. 5. Fantasia on Vcrdi'a Opera 'II Trova tore,' arranged for the piano by : Signqr Cutolo. , An interval of ten minutes. | PabiII. ( U Scherxo on the 'Carnival of Venice,' o la MiskaHauser— Signor Cutolo. t. Violin Solo— Mr. E. B. White ... ... S.inton. J. 'Floating Away'— Mrs. Caldicott ... Blockley. i. Prayer from Rossini's 'Meite,' ar - ranged by Thalberg— Signor Cutole. I ? . The Concert will cbmmeuca at 8 o'clock. ' Front Seats, 5s.; Back Seats, 3». Tickets may re , obtained from Hr. White, Assembly- Rooms, King Wil- . liam-street; Mr. Platts, MK Wigg, and Mr. Hillier, stationers. x DRAPEILY AND CLOTHllf G. TIMES DRAPERY M'AUT, 14, BUNDLE-STREET. GAULT ft SCOTT beg to state to their Friends and Customers that, in additiou to their Large, Cheap, and WeH-assorted Stock of Drapery Goods, they have PUR CHASED, at a great discount, the ENTIEE STOCK of Mr.GlLBERT^Draper, King William-street (who has retired from bustnes), which they have just marked, and are now offering at such prices as must demand a speedy sale. ' ? G. & S. invite particular attention to the following Goods as decided bargains -.—Ladies' Dresses, Shawls, Monties, Parasols, Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers, Gloves &c; alsoasuperiorlot of Sewed Muslin Collars, at less than half original prices. Boys', Youths', and Gentlemen's Clothing equally cheap. -?; ? : .. ,-:- -—- ? 333cv NOTICE.— NEW DRAPERY ESTA BLISHMENT. WELLINGTON HOUSE, 131, Rundle-street, will he opened on Wednesday next, December 1, with a NEW, GOOD, and CHEAP Stock of GENEBAL DEAPEEY. NORTHMORE ft CASTLE, having bought largely in a glutted market for cash, are enabled to efier the Inhabitants -of Adelaide and vicinity a Choice Assort ment ef New Goods, at extremely Low Prices. ? ? ? - . '? ?? ? 331ej^j TMPORTANT TO FAMILIES.— JL MACGEOUGE & CO., WHOLESALE DRAPERS, 103. HINDLEY-STREET, offer a selection from a very LARGE and VARIED STOCK, at TRADE PRICES for CASH. West of England and Yorkshire Woollens will be cut in lengths to suit purchasers. Other goods must be taken in piece3, dozens, or articles. 33lao SPRING- GOODS JUST UNPACKED.— Dresses, Mantles, Parasols, Bonnets, Ribbons, Hats, ftc, at very low prices. EGAN ft GREER, 2960 Victoria Home, 28, Bundle-street THE VOYAGE HOME.— LADIES pro ceeding to England may be supplied with all Descriptions of UNDERCLOTHING, of the best Material and Needlework, at moderate prices, at 316c MITCHELL'S. Kermode-street, North Adelaide. IM P 0 R T A N T NOTICE. BANKRUPrS' STOCK. NEW GOODS. NEW GOODS. JOHN HODGKISS & CO. Take this opportunity of informing the public that they havo sow completed the MARKING OFF of several additional LOTS of GOODS, foiming part of the stock recently purchased from the Assignees of CHIPPETT ft CO., which the Advertisers have been unable fo prepare for public inspcctioi earlier in consequence of the pressure ofbuaineasduriug the past month. The portion of the BANKBUPrS' STOCK to which J. H. & Co. .now call public a'.tentinn par ticularly comprises a general assortment of Hosiery, Gloves, Lace, and Fancy Muslin Goods of the best makers, and in almost unlimited variety, The Advertisers make no pretensions to selling without a profit, but would cull attention to one or two reasons why they can afford to sell goods so ASTONISHINGLY CHEAP. The first is, the importations of Drapery during the past six months have been considerably in excess of the wants of tho colony ; hence glutted markets aud ruin ous sacrifices to importers. The second, that the Advertisers have not imported to half their usual extent, and have consequently been in a position to purchase the importations of others, in some instances at less than English cost These facts induce the Advertisers to belicvo they can offer advantages to purchasers of Drapery Goods equalled by few — surpassed by none. JOHN HODSKISS & CO., 323ev 28, Rundle-street. IMPORTANT NOTICE.-- W.A. BRYDEN, being about to retire from business, the public are invited to inspect his Stock of DRAPERY and CLOTHING, the whole of which has been re-marked at euch LOW PRICES as to effect a CLEARANCE within a very limited period. This opportunity will offer great advantages to Country Settlers and others who require to lay in a largo snpply, as in addition to tho very large reductions made in the price of every article^ a liberal discount will be allowed te purchasers of parcels to tho amount of £5 aad up wards. The Stock is large and well asserted, and the whole of the goods haviug been carefully selected by Sir. Bryden in the best English markets, expressly for his own trade, can be recommended with the utmost confidence. Observe the address— 15, Hindley-Btreet, opposite the .Blenheim Hotel - 282cv GO^liyMENYAD^imSEMENTS Colonial Architect's Office, Adelaide, Nov. 29, 18S8. fTlENDERS for REPAIRS and AD i DITIONS to the COTTAGE of the KEEPER of the PUBLIC CEMETERY, Adelaide; will be received until noon of 6th proximo, at this Office, where full particulars can be obtained. . i E. A. HAMILTON, Colonial Architect. TENDERS. ? TOWN OF KENSINGTON AND . NORWOOD.— The Town Council is dtsirous of receiving TENDEES for the BUILDING of a BBIDGE in Charles-street, Kensington. Plans and specifications may be seen at Mr. Moulden's Offices, 63, King William street, City. Tenders, sealed and marked 'Tender for Bridge,' and addressed to the Town Clerk, Couneil-Room, Parade, will be received until 4 o'clock on Wednesday, the 8th December, 1858. The Council will not bind itself to aocept the lowest or any tender. 33ifm40 J. ELDIN MOULDEN, Town Clerk. SPORTING. TT7ELLLNGT0N RACES to take place V V on the 1st and 2nd December. FIRST DAY. ? ? ' ? ? Fibst Racb. Maiden Plate— Open to- all horses that never won public money. Adelaide weights; mile and half race; entrance £i 2s., with — sovereigns added. Three horses to start or no race. Second Racb. Wellington Plate— Open to all horses. Mile and half heats; Adelaide weights; entrance £2 ?«., with — sovereigns added. Three horses to start or no race. . . Third Racb. . Hack Rsce— Adelaide rules. # SECOND DAY. First Eacb. Ladies' Purse— Entrance £1 Is., with — sovereigns added; Adelaide weights. Open to all horses the bon& fide property of persons residing within 15 miles of the coarse. ? ' . Secoitd Racb. Hurdle Race.— Open to all horses. Entrance £1 Is., with — sovereigns added; Adelaide weights. Three horses start or no race. Mile and half heati. ThibdBace. Beaten Stakes— Entrance 10s.; open to all horses beaten dnring the races ; Adelaide weights. Entrances for the first day's races to take place at the East Wellington Hotel, before 10 o'clock on the evening of tbe 3 1st November. All disputes to be settled by tho Stewards. 3i8J3iv. ' ROBERT DENFOP.D. NOTICE.— TO BE RAFFLED, the YACHT COQUETTE, by 100 Members, £3 each. Tickets may be obtained at the Blenheim Hotel, and Mr. T. Duryea's Rooms, King William-street 338-'31, T. DURYEA. HORSES. CATTLE. VEHICLES. &e. npHE -Entire Horse FORLORN HOPE _1_ will Stand to Cover at Paynehara this Season. Terms, £4 is. Apply to H. A. Payns, Payneham House ; or Al Payne, Noarlanga. ? Forlorn Hope is a bright chesnnt, 15^ hands high, by the imported horse Frank, dam by Abdella. Took the first prize at Adelaide Show in 1857. Late the pro* perty of Mr. Rowe. Paddocks if required at 3a. per week, without respon. sibility. ; ,? 231CY OR SALE, a Light, Strong-built PHAETON; a Pair of Grey. HOUSES, used to single and double harness ; and Saddle and Harness, ftc. Price £120. Cbesnut Cleveland Cart-Horse Gulliver, strong and stanch, with Tip Box-Cart, Horse Dray, and Harness, £70. Apply at Mr. J. B. Hagbes's, Wood Tille. ,.- .. ???,? ? ;:323ct SECOND-HAND DOG- CART. FOE SALE. Price, £28. Rons very light. To be seen at 78, Hindley-street. 313c T&ENTS IN MEL BCTUBNE.-- OL Messrs. GOBDON & GOTCH, of Collins-street ? west, .Melbourne, have been appointed AGENTS fa Victoria for the Register and Observer newspapers, and are authorized to collect accounts dee. Advertisements and Subscribers' names will be received by them and ?ill meet oUri trromnt. attention A DVESTISEMENTS in ADELAIDE J3L OBSEBVEB.— DISCOUNTS far REPEATED lNSEBTIONS^-From the 1st Jnly the DISCOUNTS on repeated insertions in the ADELAIDE OBSEBVEB ? will be as follow:— - , On 3 Insertions ... 1R in the Shilling, cr 12} per cent, ? On 4 insertions ... 2d. In the Shilling, or 16f per cent, On 5 msertions .„ 2Jd. in the Shilling; or 20$ per cent i ?Insertion^?. ...jM. inthe Shillinsr.or 25 percent ! ^SerHo'nS1 '} *& ** «'- Shilling or 29J per cent I ^.ertLS;.13 *t}*£ ta the ShilliDg, or 83| pet cent

MUNICIPAL AND DISTRICT COUNCILS. : . MUNICIPAL,'' CORPORATION, CITY . OF ADELAIDE.-NOTICE is hereby given hat the ANNUAL ELECTION for a COUNCILLOR in 3ACH WABD will take -place on Wednesday, the 1st lay of December next, at the following places .— ' Gawler Ward— Victoria Hotel, Hindley-street. .Hindmarsh Waxd— Start Hdtel, Grenfell-stieet Grey Ward— Prince of Wales Hotel, Angas-street, Robe Ward— Huntsman's Hotel, O'Connell-street The following members retire on that day, but are iligible for re-election : — . Gawler Ward— Councillor Wyatt Hindmarsh Ward— Councillor Thomas. Grey Ward— Councillor Clark. Robe Ward— Councillor Goode. Nominations for each of the above offices will bo re seivtd between the hours of 9 and 11 o'clock, and should the candidates be in excess of the number required to be jlected, the poll will remain open until 4 o'clock p.m. By order of the City Council, W. A. HUGHES, Town Clerk. City Council Offiee, November 16, 1858. ? 321ws'31tw'5 TO MR. JOHN KITELEY, Hindley street.— Sir— We ths undersigned. Citizens of Sawler Ward, respectfully request that you will allow jronrself to be put in nomination as a Candidate to repre sent this Ward in the Municipal Council, feeling assured, from your knowledge of the Oily, and general business habits, that yon are well qualified to discharge the duties of the office. . - Joseph Allen W. Vernon Herford D. Domtan James Whiting Jos. P. Boucaut J. m. Linklater W. Townsend Tbot. Johnson E.T. Smith - Sim!. Carosso Pappin ft Jones J. G. Coulls Joel Uorwood II, Cowell ? Riehd. Martin William White George Rogers John Jones William W.BIyth Chas. J. Dollman G. Phillips ft Co. Wm. Crabbe Everett & Paplett William SorrlU Ludwiif Twpp Wm. Feelchanne J. W. Hugall Alexander Pault Geo. Griffin C. Bowen D.Battams Wm. Dawson James Tyrie W. E. Perry John Harvey H. F. Leader Manoah Morris Gco. Shadgett Thos. G. Brown J. II. Marshall Samuel llorcom Wm. Harvey Campbell Benjamin Smith John Ford James Crabbt Edward Bailey James Whicker J. L. Buron James Scott Young Richard Marjoram W. G. Coembs John Burrows John Baker John Bummers Kicbard Binney II. Ayllffe John Dentin Squire Smith James Lewis Samuel Phillips August Knabe Thomas Peace Thomas Gepp T. H. Vied Julius Drcchslcr Thomas Graves Matthew Eaven George Henry Joseph Hutchlnson Wm. F. Long C. Dawes Robert Hall -JohnNowland William Palmer Saul Solomon Charles McClure J.W. CSmythe Walter Bermingham A. Matthews Charles Herman William Bament Henry B. Harmon W. Leaver, jun. G. Fellows J.Morris A. Stephen H. A. Crawford. Gentlemen— In answer to your invitation to allow myself to be put in nomination as a Candidate to repre sent Gawler Ward in the City Council, I have to state that it is with much pleasure I do myself the honour of acceding to jour request, and beg to assure you that If I am eleo ed, I will energetically :pcrform the duties that will devolve upo.i me. 1 am, Gentlemen, yours faithfully, JOHN KITELEY. To Messrs. Allen, Herford, Dunslan, and the other gentlemen signing tbc requisition. Adelaide, November 27. 1S5S. xk 0 MR. COUNCILLOR THOMAS.— Sir — We tha undersigned. Citizens of Hindmanh Ward, respectfully request you will allow yourself to bo again placed in nomination as a Candidate for the Re presentation of the Ward, being satisfied, from jour past conduct in the Council, that the interests of the Citizens will receive honest and diligent attention, Montellh & Muirhcad 11. L. Vo«z John Clark Thos. G. Haddrick William Lines P. MoUer Hunter, Stevenson, & Co. James Twigg Padman & Co. Henry Codtt McArthur, Kingsbo- Robert Hawkes rough, ft Co. John Davis F. H. Faulding John D. Hill J. W. Cole Thomas Barlow Alex. Hay George Barlow Thomas Walerhonso F. Nose George Slater W. Ronnsevell JohnBrenton J.N. Perry James Thomas Martin Manger K. S. Staccy . Joseph Perry, sen. J. T. Shawrer F. Darling H. Carew Taylor John Martins H. Schultze L. Roach Chas. Morgan Bobert Footner ? II. Heuzenroeder John Crimp Bcnj. Conigravo John Uounsevcll W. J. S. Stacey John Eggers Goode Brothers C. Ordemann Henry Elliott Joseph Bannister I. J. Barclay F. Goldring Wm. Parkin Henry Carr John Carruthera II. G. Chrhtcn E. Fischer Geor-e Perry F. Balthasar John Mitchell Thos. P. Sharp H. Vsn Einem James Robin A. Smith Thomas Wonnip Martin, Gaedechens.and C. A. Holm Co. A. Hoeber W. F. Brcnton F. H. Moller B. B. Smith T. C. A. Gerloff John II. Kaines II. T. Schrader William Ingram F. Schultze Chos. Everett W. Ohlmeyer F. H. Chambers G. Bungert Wm. Berry Wm. Kyffln Thomas James Porter H. Natcel John Scarborough John McDonald William D. Furze J. S. Osborn William C. Uren John De la Mare E. S. Wigg Alex. Smart Samuel Hill John P. Frolich D. J. Delaney George II. Priauk Alex. Macgeorgo H. S. Koppen John Ferryman G. Reinhardt Thomas Duubar Alex. F. Mudia George Dehane Thomas Dunk Thomas Counsell Jacob Victorsen George Grey Martin Eeuktnitz John Primrose Wilhclra Luoas Tnomas Tuoslatl CarlWetzcl G.Wood Jolin Lawrence Daniel Cbonlls Henry Havers Peter Stewart Alfred Bath James Howe James Mouro R. Cotton Alfred Simpson Henry W. Neale Henrich Seebo Saepbard Mnyfield H.S.Curuten Kobt Thos. Foale Gault & Scott Alex. Dowio Alex. Scott Joseph White. Grenfcll-street, November 27, 1858. Gentlemen— I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your nnmcrously-signcd requisition to allow myself to be put in nomination as Councillor of your Ward. Having represented yon lor three years in the Municipal Council, and taking the requisition as an indication that my services have been generally satisfactory, I have great pleasure in complying with your request, and, if elected, will discbarge the duties of the office conscientiously and to the best of my ability. I remain, Fellow-Citizens, youre faithfully, F.W.THOMAS. To Messrs. Monteith ft Mnirhead, J. Clark, W. Llnea, Hunter; Stevenson, ft Co, Padraan ft Co., and the other Gentlemen. '? signing; tbe above requisition. 333''fi pREY WARD ELECTION,— A MEET VX ING of the Friends and Supporters of Mr. COUNCILLOR CLARK will be held at the Hibernian Hotel (Mr. D. Young's), Carrington-street, This Evening (Tuesday), at 8 o'clock. ? x_ ?'DUEOTORS of KOBE WARD.— VOTE XL/ FOR Mr. GEORGE PANNEL, of Cover-street, Builder, as Councillor. 333'6 '^'dOMJAHIE^Agif BOCiJTIES] '' SOUTH AUSTRALIAN MINING ASSO CIATION.— thiety-sixth DIVIDEND. NOTICE is hereby given tbat a DIVIDEND ef ONE HUNDBED PEE CENT, on the Capital Stock of this Company (being £5 per Share) has been this day declared by the Directors of the Association, and that the same will be payable to the Shareholders on Wednesday, the first day of December next, between the hours of 10 and 1 o'clock, or on any Wednesday or Saturday afterwards between the same hours. The Certificates of Shares must be left at tbe offlco for examination at least three clear days previous to tbe Dividend being called for. The Boozs of Transfer will be closed on the 29th aad 30th inst ? By order of the Board, HENRY AYERS, Secretary. Adelaide, November 16, 1853 32l'f35v*31 'PERMANENT ALBION BUILDING X. SOCIETY.— The Third- MONTHLY MEETING of tbe above Society will be held at tin Norfolk Arms, Bundle-street, on Thursday. December 2, at 8 o'clock. The above Society presents a most convenient mode of Borrowing Money upon Property, as the intending borrower can join the Society at any time and Purchase Shares, with the certainty tbat his repayments will not extend beyond the period of five years. Shares can be taken and Rules or Prospectuses ob tained at the Offioe of the Society, corner of King Wil liam and Hlncley street*, opposite Waterhouse's. By order of the Directors, 324rmws'3f6v . SAMUEL ALLEN. Secretary. NEW EQUITABLE .BUILDING COM PANY.-At the MONTHLY MEETING, to be be!d at the Office on Wednesday, the 1st December, at 8 o'clock, Foot SHARES will be SOLD. NATH. SUMMERS, Secretary. November 29, 1858. . ? 33iJ6 A LBION BUILDING SOCIETY.— The OL usual MONTHLY MEETING of the above Society for the SALE of SHARES will be held at the Norfolk Arms, at 8 o'clock on the evening of Toesdty, November 30. : By order of the Directors, 324rmwg'31^v . SAMUEL ALLEN, Secretary. PEBBoMWAyTm ~~ W 'ANTED, a respectable young Woman as GENERAL HOUSE SERVANT. Must be a good laundress, and furnish reference as to character. Apply to Mrs. M. Salom, Lefevre-terr&ce, North Adelaide. , , ' ? 333^4 WANTED, a good GENERAL 8ER : VANT, who must be- able to Milk. Apply tc 1 Mrs. Fisher, Fallarton, or at the office of this paper. ' i 'ANTED, a FEMALE COOK Applj ? atSTBltVftLirery-stablej,Bnndle-street- ? x ! TfTANTED,.: a COOK Apply to Mrs. T.T Milton. Government Offices. : ? ' x W 'ANTED, a Young MAN used to Break ing-in Colts ; must be a. good rider and of stead] habit/, to ensure constant employment Apply to Mr, ' PeterJewell.»ttheSoatheniCrosB,KugWlUiam-(treetj or the Terminus Hotel, Gjwto Station, *

LAffP AUCTION flOTICKb. QUEEN a WADHAM'S DECEMBER LAND AUCTION SALH will be held in the LAND MABT on December 17, 1858. FRIDAY. December 17, 1868. Parties are requested to forward partlaulars of pro* Krties intended for tho December Auction en or befort iie 2nd December. 324«v LAND A1TD H0U8E8. p B E E «? k W A D H AM, yJT LAND AGENTS LAND AUCTIONEERS. LANDED PROPERTIES VALUED. LANDED PROPERTIES SURVEYED. PLANS rurnlshcc and TOWNSHIPS laid out Plans Df Townships, Hundreds, io, Ac, throughout th« COLONY always opes for inspection. HOUSES, STORES, LANDS, SECTIONS, 4c, LET or LKASBD, EXCHANGE LAND MART, And Land Offices, King William-street iDiiatDii, -^ LAND ( xiuoinuni GKEEN Airs I WM. GREEN, & y GENERAL COM- 4 39, WADHAM, I MISSION loxUTOOLUva xaram,ax. -? OFFICES. L ansn. OOVRRNMemt*) Purchased In accordance with the BECriONS ^instructions of parUes absent from j Adelaide. GOVERNMENT) Purchased and Let oa Lease with SECTIONS / right of purchase. GOVERNMENT ^ P^chasod, and any proportion of tha SECTIONS t parchase-money advanced for long or J for short periods, SPECIALNOTMJB. GREEN ft WADHAM'S ADVERTISEMENTS appear only in the 'REGISTER' Newspaper on MON DAYS and THURSDAYS, and in tho r' OBSERVER' of Saturday. lqv GREEN h WADHAM. Land Agents. TVTEWHAVEN, NORTH ARM. — Tho -LI IMPBOVEMENT TRUSTEES have commis sioned Mr. ROBERT HAWKES, King William-street, to DISPOSE OF their VALUABLE ALLOTMENTS in the TOWNSHIP or HEWHAVEN, by PRIVATE CONTRACT. First applicants will ham opportunity of choosing from 100 Allotments, the proceeds of which will be expended In works of local Improvement 32Ocv IRST-CLASS STORE TO bo LET— The Store adjoining that occupied by Messrs. Martin, Gaedechcns, & Co. Apply to 2720 ? JAMES ROBIN & CO. MOUNT LOFTY.— TO bo LET, with Bight of Purchase, a Well-finished HOUSE, Tank good Water. 32io ARTHUR HARDY, King William-street. OWDEN.— FOR SALE, COTTAGE and LAND, in the best part, a few seconds' walk from tbe North Adelaide Railway Station. Tbe Land com ptises six Allotments of valuable corner frontage, ilanted with Vines, &c. The House contains four Rooms and there is a Well of good Water. Will bo sold very cheap for cash, or on terms if desired. Apply to *99tc KOBT. HAWKES, King Wllllam-strect VALUABLE PROPERTY FOB LEASE. -The late MONTACUTE SECTIONS, 907 Acres, close to Adelaide. The undordgned la prepared to receive TENDERS till the 16th December for Loailng for a term of yean All those Valuablo SECTIONS of- LAND, comprising 907 ACRES, and known as the property of the bite MONTACUTE MININu COMPANY. The property consists of the following Sectioni :—No«. 5581, 6527, R512, 6513, 664 1, 6585, 6680, S587, 5691, 6691, 6515, containing in all 807 acres ; and parties deilriug to rent this valuable property may refer to the advertise ment of Messrs. Wiokstccd & Co.. in tho Eegitter of 18th May, for a fall description, ana the proximity to Ade laide will enable any one so disposed to go and Inspect personally this choice property. . . Tho Tenders are to state the term of years required, aud tbe rent per acre oiforod, aud bto to bo addressed to 327a'19v ME. A. BUCHANAN, Anlaby. EOR SALE, a BARGAIN, Cash or on Terras, a Woll-FlnUhad Brick nnd Stona RESIDENCE at QUEEN8TOWN. Apply to lllalte, house-agent, North-parade, Port 33la'a FOR SALE, that neat and commodious DWELLING-HOUSE in ANGAS-STBEET, Ade lalde, formerly occupied by Mr. Sheriff Nowenham, situate in tho beat part of Angas-atrcot, and let to a good tenant, at £8') per annum. Tho Land embraces the whole depth of the Acre, Also, ALLOTM ENT. 30 feel by 90, on Town Acre 640, GILLES-STEEET, belonging to tho same proprietor. Both for positive Sale. Apply to 330o ROUT. HAWKES, King Wlllhm-ntreet TO bo LET, DWELLING-HOUSE, Sir Rooms, NORTH-TERUACE, Adelaide. DWELLING-HOUSE, Four Rooms, WEYMOUTH STREET. DO. DO, Five do., KKNTTOWN. 330o ROBT. HAWKES, King Willlam-stroet. TO be LET, at PORT ADELAIDE, those eligible PKEM13ES In Lipson-strcot, lito in tha occupation of Hubert Venn, butcher. Also, the.House and Blacksmith's Shop adjoining the same. 'Apply to Hall & Co., Grenfell-strcet, and Port. 3ilo TO bo LET, those Handsome and Com modioiu BUSINESS PUEUISES, lately occupied by Mr. W. Gilbert, draper, KING WILLIAM-STREET. For terms and further particulars, apply to 331c ROHEUT HAWKES, King Wllllam-street. O be LET, at GLEN OSMOND, a good Stono HOUSE, wi'h six Booms, and a Garden. Apply to r30'6v'8 WILLIAM POUND, Glen Osmond. 0 bo LET, close to WOODSIDE, a Four Roomed Brick COTTAGE, with Garden, Orchard, Vineyard, Ac., and Outhouiu-B, comprising five Acres of Ground. Apply to Dr. Esau, Woodside. Woodaide, November 22, 1853. 328 '3ivo TO bo LET, thoso Magnificent and Commo dious SHOP PREMISES, at RUNDLE-STREET and CORNER or GAWLEK-PLACE, now in course of erection. Rent very moderate. Enquire at the Steam Saw-Mills, Easl-teriace. 3080 ? E. WENTZEL. TO be LET, very cheaply, a commodious RESIDENCE in KENT TOWN, in good rep»lr, well salted for a largo Family, a School, «r a Roaming honsc. Apply to Mr. F. B. Carlin, Kent Town, or Bnndle-strtet, Adelaide. ? 287ao TO be LET, with immediate possession, th* TANNERS' ARM3 INN, BOWDEN, near the North Adelaide Railway Station, at a low rental, for three or seven years. The Stock, ke., to be taken at a valuation. Apply on tho premises, or by letter to L, Groves, Bowden. 824a36v TO b» LET, the ST. VINCENTS INN~, BRIGHTON. The House contains eleven Rooms and there is a Well of good water aud 1 J Acres of Land also Cottage with four Rooms, Garden, Ac. Immediate poueiEion can be had if required. Apply on the pre mises, or at Mr. J. Moody's Cooperage, King William street. ?? ? 824a30r TO be LET, fora term of years, the HOUSE known as the HINDMAB9H BRIDGE HOTEL. Application to be made on the premises, or to 322c GREEN A WADHAM. TO be LET, at PORT ADELAIDE, th» WHITE HORSE CELLAR HOTEL. Apply toJ W. Smith, Port. 7Bo TO b9 LET, at WOODVILLE— A New HOUSE containing eight Roomi, underground Cellar and Tank: rent, £80. A Paddock of five Actes, good grass, can be had with the above if required. A HOUSE, containing eight Booms, underground Cellar. Stable, Ac.; rent, £60. Apply to W. L. Mackle, Wood ville or, Port Adelaide. 326o MONEY. MONEY TO LEND. LOANS NEGOTIATED. CASH ADVANCED, In large or small sums. GREEN ft WADHAM. Exchaaga Land Office*. King William-street 183qv TOHN RICHARDSON, SHARE AND O MONEY BROKEB, HOUSE AND LAND AGENT. MON E Y LENT on Mortgages and approved Securities and Bills Discounted. LAND and E3TATE3 \ ~LUED. OlEccB, King William-street. ? 133o SAMUEL ALLEN, HOUSE AGENT, has several 8UMS of MONEY of £50 and upwards for INVESrMfeNT, and several SUBURBAN PRO PERTIES TO be LET or BOLD. Apply at Office, opposite Waterhouse's, King William street ? SMrto MONEY TO LEND, in sums from £300 up to £3,00', at 12} per cent interest, upon Unencumbered Freehold!; Publio Batldlngi, Mills, and Pnblic-nooses excepted. This advertisement continued for one month. E. WEIGHT, JUN., Grcshara-strcet, 303'35v31 next Land Titles Commissioners. PBODUCB. COMPANY'S MILLS.— My Charge for VJ GRINDING WHEAT from this date will be la per bushel for quantities above 100 bushels; (mails/ lota Is. 3d. per bushel. JOHN STEVENS. August 29, 1858. ? ?40cv W'HEAT, WHEAT. WHEAT.— The undersigned is a Buyer of beit samples of Old Wheatat the Highest Market Price. ,8200 UBIFFIN CANT, Green's Exchange. 'HEAT, WHEAT, WHEAT.-The Highest Town Market Price, and 24. extra for Cartage, given by tbe undersigned at Port Adelaide. 316c ? J.W.SMITrT. WOOL.— The undersigned is a Purchaser, or will make Advances at half tho usual com mission. [829*361 E. SPICEB, Carrie-street TJC700L.— The undersigned either pturcluue YY er adTuceon Wool.^ nACQg^ t ^ Grenfell-sfaroet Jannnry. 1858. ? lew ^ TO BUTCHERS and Othen.— Higheet ^bt Greasy Wool : . Sheeptkins ....-., ? ? ? Hides ??-'?? ? ??? ? --'£ Taltow W PEACOCK 4 SON, Grenfell-street .. ,. ,. , ^ TO BUTCHERS and Others.-HIGHEST PBICB given for GREASY WOOL, 8HBEP 8K1N8'4e- * :J0HNTAYLOB. . Thebftrton, September, ? ' »^t