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—Z ? i~ T70B POBXLAND; AHI^MEL- ' ' mik—li'T'* _T BOURNE.— The clipper itBamer . «S|^tf^. WRITE SWAN,; -j 1 ' uSBX-Am irinr'fW''TMnon'I'OMd-T-I6Ul ' Inst. at 3 o'clock. WM.P.KIBKWOOD. ~ Prntt 60t per ton, «ad the frei^it prepidi. Tto I rial ? ' ' ' -? 71 S '- I -. „ K j^ QTEAH to POST LINCOLN and { (BMKi^i IO POST AUGUSTA.— The Screw J - SsSSfc 8*amer MABJON, J Captam^Ward^rill sail on Monday next,* the 15th in«., and js intended to taD in futon for the .above ports every alternate Silnrday, at 4pjn.' Grod* for shipment bj the Marion wfll be stored free . of expense at the Fort, and most be alongside not later | than 1 o'clock pjn. on sailing days. ,. 1 Pot freight or hostage, apply to * . i JOSEPH STILLINQ SCO, Town and Port; or j J. DABWiiST. Gilbert-place. 70 '** \ ,»1-i; T-LACK BALL LINE OP BRITISH ] 3§|Sv X- ASD ATraiBALIAN PACKBT3.-For « fla^HVEBPOOL. forwarding Pasieogen.Oold, ' - *BB& and Wool to London. — The celebrated . Clipper ship ' ? SHOOTING STAB, i 1375 tons register. William Aleoci, commander, will be dUpatcaed from HobsoE's Bay en ot about Taesdaj.fllh ' ?* April, 1858. * ? ? The superior sailing; qualities of this splendid clipper an toawell known to require referring to in an adver tisement, and her accommodations for all classes of passengers are not surpassed by any ship on the berth. j The second-class accommodations are in the poop, and are most comfortably arranged. This -class is supplied . . with a good table and steward's attendance. The inter- , ' nediata passengers receive a liberal supply of the beat . J ' {revisions. ,. ? - WooL— The Shooting Star is now ready to receive , shipments intended for the July sales, jalso tallow and - other goods at enrreat freights. ? n ?. ? ? ? ?. \ . Boats are in attendance at the Railway Pier to take Intending passengers to and from, the ship free of charge. Orders to be had from the ondenljcned. . Bates of Passage: - . v ? Saiocra, as per agreement. t Second Cabin (Inchidiajr steward'* attendance), £35. . , * : . '. . ' - Intennediaie, £25 and £20. ? Tor plans of cabins, dietary Kales, and fall inform** aon,appJrta 8878 HACKAY, BAINES, ft CO. ?'JiW T?OB LONDON DIRECT.— The fine fist- . j£$& J? sailing clipper British-built barqne ' «»«&? , MELPOMENE, li' ' it*, . 373 tons, Captain Lanreason, bavin? the I . whole of her. dead weight, and the greater part of her ' ? canto engaged, will meet with qnickaispatch. t For freight or passage, apply to the Captain, on bond; ( PHILIP LEV! ft COn King William-street. Adelaide. Match 5,1858. ? 65ao -?llrk 'DOB K-»DON1— The fine (A 1 tor 10 ' aurokvi J- ' years) barqne ntgX& ANSIS FORSTEB, jSSSSSm ^ tons register, Captain Clarke, now honrly i ftpected, wfll be placed on the berth, and have quick dispatch, for freight, apply to 1 JOSEPH STILLING ft CO. February I7.185& 58cr ^4jU. T70S. KTHG GEORGE'S SOUND and jSfkfS. X S WAS RIVE B. -The clipper schooner CHaS^ ALICE MARTIN, tSSSCi Captafn Wellsman, will p sitively sail for - _the above port on Tuesday neit, the 9th March. ] for freight or passage, apply to . J. NEWMAN. Port. 1 85ct ? J. PAR WENT. Gilbert-place. HklcV T?0E SYDNEY DIRECT.— The welt * j&v£S* J- known favourite dinner brier fEKaJfr JOHN OBMEBOO, JBS5S» T. J- Shier, master* will sail for the above .port with f tnni9diatfl din)2tch« . ? For freight or passage, apply to tie Captain, on , board; or to , J BLACK ft WEIGHT. Grcn/en-street, Adelaide, ] 62ac and Leri's Wharf, Port. J T70B MELBOURNE WHABF DIRECT. - v JD —The Aberdeen clipper brie & DEOVEB, Ev 174 tons, J. H. Lovett, commander. ' line vessel is no? taking In cario, and will be ' dispatched on Wednesday, the 17th instant. i For freight or paasaire. apply to 71-*e B.S.W.SANDFjBD,Lipson-street,Port. ^-gW rpo FOLLOW THE DBOYEB,— POtt ' ^Mfiv 1 MELBOURNE WHABP DIBECT.— ? 4£hs^p The clipper barque £3S& GENEBAL JESUP, ; 193 tons. William Gar, commander. * This bvourite trador is expected to arrive on Monday next; 15th. instant, and will be dispatched as above three ' days after arrival. Her passenger accommodations are unrivalled. j For freight or possas^, apply to 71c B. S. W. S.1NDPOED, Llpson-rtreet, Port. 'TpiEL OF WINDSOR, from London.— Hi This Yeasel havmg arrived, CONSIGNEES are re quested to Pass Entries for their Goods forthwith in terms of Bills of Lading, which imwt be presented at the Offices of the undersigned and marked before delivery caa take place. Any Damage must be pointed out to tbe Captain be rare goods leaving the wharf, or no claim will be allowed. PHILIP LEVI & CO., Amnti. Addalde. March 10, 1SB8. '72a8i SIE THOMAS GRE3HAM, from London. —This Vessel having arrived, CONSIGNEES aro requested to Pass Entries for thsir Goods for thwith in terms of Bills of Lading. Anr Damage must be pointed oat to the Captain before goods leaving the wharf, or no ' claim will be allowed. PHILIP LEVI 4 CO., Agents. . Adelaide, March 10.1958. - 72aS4 -\rOTIGE.— EAEL. OF WHTDS0R,' X\ from London.— CAPTAIN BBOWN wfll NOT r be ANSWERABLE for any DEBTS contracted by the CBEW of this vessel. Adelaide. March 10, 1859. ? 72aSI TVTOTICE.— SIE THOMAS GEESHAM, ?Xl from Lonaoa-CAPTAIN MANMNG will NOT be ANSWERABLE for any DEBTS contracted - by the CBEW of this vessel Addaldg. March 10. 1858. ? 72a34 SHIP HOPS, from London.— NOTICE to CONSIGNEES.— Tha Cargo of the above vessel is this day beinir discharged on Collector's order, and all Goods for which Entries have not yet been passed . will be Bonded at the expense and r*k of Consignees. SAMUEL DIXON 4 CO, Agents, 81c ???'.: - Town and Port. QHIP CLAEEffDON , from London.— This O Vessel having commenced dlscharsinsintoLiKhtere. to enable her to set over the Bar, CONSIGNEES are requested to Pass Entries immediately. Holders of Bills of Lading toOrder must present them 4 at the offices of the undersigned. Captain Martin will not be responsible for any Goods damaged unless the same be pointed out to the Chief Offiier before leaving the Wharf. . jqq .???-. ? ? PAPMAN&CO. SHIP, GLAEENDO N.— CAPTAIN MABTIN will NOT be RESPONSIBLE for any DEBTS contracted by his CBE W. 70c SHIPS1 FOSTEES got out on the shortest notice. A. large supply of coloured inks, coloured - paper, and new Jobbing tjpe, just received. Apply at ' the *WM«r»-iind OUtrvir rfencra! Printing; Office. . MEBCHAHDISE. f\S .SALE at the Stores of the under* \J ilgned Hoeiery Gloves Haberdashery' : ' CobuTTfi, Alpacas, 4c. ? ', Mixed Alpacas White and Grey Calicoes, Ac. ? Printa ' Cotton and Silk Handkerchiefs Wool, Cashmere, and Satin Hooda ' ' Hats and Cloaks * ; Favell&BociBneld'sSloBC . ' ' SSbbons' BttbonVelTeti Lace - P. S. Cleaver's Perfumery and Fancy Soaps Hair', Nail, and Tooth Brushes 'Men't. White and Begatta Shirta ? . FancT Goods, Trimmlngi, 4c, 4e. Berlin Woftlsand Patterns Crochet Cases, Cottons, Ac. White, Mourninfr, and Coloured Floweri Stationery, Wrapping Papera, *c, Ac cVdeapeb t co. LdjrjMtrtet. Met OH SALE by the tinderaigacd JUST LANDED— 300 Cat es GESEVA, In red and green cues 150 do. Lowndes'sOldToin 8 ton* Soda Ash, barrels Bean Cases BTack Moreens, Moleskin Trousers' snk Warp Alpae& Coats. White Cotton Hosiery Cases SwUs Front Befratta. Shirta Cases Military Clot n Caps Cases HoDbwa 'a Medionet Bales Bine Serge Shirta Cases Women.'* Stays ? Cases ShephenlPJajaSulU.. * ' Cases Beaufort Tics Cases Coffins'* American Axes - Trunks Boots sad Shoes. IQe ? MASKS t CCw Cnrrifrrtreet. Olf SALE by the underaigned— ' . ? u300,IXX1Havannab.Cinn - ----- syxw Manila dittp,Nola 3 - nvoieea of Crockery ? ? Invoices of Lailes*Boota DUto Calicoes. ;, - ? 4flcv65 ?;'.,- H; WPBg & CO.,Gswler-place. '-' -/tEHEVA, BUM , GDI', in Bids. AX^Cl«re^ll[adeira; Port-Wine f, -? T Bridie's Bottled Porter - - * ' SewtnffTwme, Canvas, Tarpaalina * * * Branbags, Ortbiai Woolpacks - . * ? ' ' JeltH«ts,DraD' Black, and Brown ? aW.-SflTe?4Ca.'saiwrfedCTothlHgT Shirta, Hot* Trousers, 4c. ^ Etaaefitoftcklng. A-scorr ^J KyOntreet. ? 37™cr AOLE -BEAlSfl) ' TOBACCO.— A fresl im^oftbia&vooritoarliclejustreceiTediiifirst : ... MSo-/..- WM. YOTjyGHTISBAND. JUN-. & CO. * fiETLQTit PLANTATION COFPEE. ,' -\J Xhe Cargo es. Marion, a sn^rlar sanp';, 0? ;', -flJiLE. Appljto *-?- » '- ? WILLIAII NICHOLSON .. CO., ** m*74 ' 13, Fliniers--tw!T. :,:!?'! cares. »- ,m——~———— ? 5 --tftOALS.— Best 2r.~li;h zid :^v c;st! 1 \J (S£.'&.) Coals en -- r~-i a^r- -:--*J-=t « i -CT- . H.sT:rTT'3c-' -t-.ti ret \ ' . -a. ?=* 'IjIOE S A L I, a I o Hcr=-po~e ' -E THP.\:J!:r-l' rZPJZ, r. -J-Urd b - Mmrs., Zzz , . ' ? -^-'~ 'a ''* - *°° ''' D '? 'TI l ~-J' - ca .' 'tT-E3T ':rci':n. -.-'i i^w souti [* . Jj Yf\hZ3 CO ir, -' 3 03 SaL, Apply ta EIT.7, DU i3-TXS i CO,, TCiTOj OT U3a OAiC i wO^ ?ort,

UlfDEE MAKtTFACTUEES.— COBN'- i : BAGS, BBAN-BAGS, CANVAS, TABPAU- J ilNfi WOOLPACKS, and TWINE, ON SALE by the E mdenJsned . ^ . 61ac MACDEBMOTT, DUTTON, i CO. li SOUTH AUSTRALIAN WINES FOR BALE.— The undersigned having completed his - artre purchases of 8outh Australian Tunes, is happy to late that he has been enabled to select the best sorts J xrth of old and new, and can therefore with confidence S ?eeommend them to consumers as the choice Wines of E South Australia. Pj To be sold by the cask or by the dozen. « H. NOOTNAGEL, F Gawlcr-place, and Bundle-street east, near ci S22t20irscv , . Tavistock-street. ? CJTEPHENS-PLACE, EUNDLE-STEEEr r IO! — GOODE BB«3THERS. WHOLESALE DBA-. - ?RRS.-4a, beg to inform TOWN and COtTNTBY T JOYERS that Uiey are now UNPACKING, at their L SEW WHOLESALE WAREHOUSE, Stephens-place, !S6 Packages of DBAPEBY GOODS, BEADY-MADE JLOrHING, BOOTS and SHOES, 4c, 4c., ex Bavena- ,; They have also now in port additional shipments of - Soods, ex Biyal Dfcdem and Earl of Windsor, and ai idviees of further shipments, ex BacheL ' ? M ? M March. 10,1858. ? ^c ~^ 'bIHLDDi'& MATERIALS' = TTICTOEIA STEAM SAW-MILIfi, t J ' FBANKUN .and GBOTE STBEETS, near h« bi Port-Office, Victoria-square. fir CHARLES FABB begs to announce that the above ti ire now in full operation, being the LABGEST and V aOSTCOMPLETE SAW-MILLS in the colony, capable M 5f cutting logs of enysiie up to 43 inches deep. . tc Having enlarged his premises, which now extend from franklin-street to Grotf-itrret, he is enabled to STACK _ MTT QUANT1TT of T131BEB requiied to be sawn, md which may remain three months without charge. . . -I The M His consist ofa vertical frame, capable of work- hi ng-40 saws at ones, a self-acting beneb for breaking Sown Lo^s, and two circular saw-tables. ' Dealers and Builders can have their timber sawn on I ts arrival without the slightest delay. Purchasers caa .^ shoose their own log* and have them cut to order. ; ... Price^er 100 superficial feet, in Deal 5s. , ... Do. do. de. do^ in Cedar 10s. . . ' ' ? ' ~— - «? 9J .-. Also, ON SALE, at the lowest prices— d( CSDAE. DEAL, AMERICAN PINE, and SWAK el SIVEB MAHOGANY, in logs and boards. . ? ... SINGAPOBE CEDA2, in planks and boards. ai Bed, White, and Pine DEALS, Ux 3, 13x3, 18x3, n 11x3,9x^9x3, 8x3, 7x3 and 7 x 2|, aU lengths. Prepared FLOOBING, 8 x 1J. 8x|. and 8 x\h. , &] STBINGTBABK QUABTEBINGS and BATTENS, . Colonial and V.DJL Broad and Narrow PALINGS, SandS ft. = POSTS and BAILS, Bed and Blue GUM. . . ; s j SUINGLES and LATHS, F1BB BBICK3 and J riLEs.-- ; ???? ? . ; : ? ;_??' ? .-. : ?? Portland, Boman, and Kecne's CEMENT. Y Best Bangor SLATES, S4 x 13, 2» x 12, 20 x 12, and WxlO. . . . . , PLASTEBofPABIS. ? Veined, Fossil, and White MAEBLE CHIMNEY- . PIECES, various pattercs. . - BeristerGBATES, ditto. . . ai HOOP IRON, lTu. and 1} nch. »74cy . CHABLE8 TABB . I FOB SALE by Private Contract, DEALS. ^ ex Ousat the lint— ON SALE, at the Stores of . he nnderigned^City Auction Mart, by erder of the pro srietor, Mr.J. F. Boss — . ; ? ? : j-; B»t Bed Deals, 11X3, 9X3. &X 3, assorted lengths, : iom. 6 to 23 fcet, ex Oscar the First, from Gottehbnrg. ' E. SOLOMON & CO. - February 27, 1858. : 60c h — s JBTTSISESS ffOTICES. | BILLIARD BAGATELLE TABLES.–   The undersigned has on hand six of the above   Tables, of the best Colonial Manufacture and latest   Improvements, with Slate Beds, Gum Cushions, Ivory   Balls, &c. &c.   irjk JOHN KELLET, Weymouth-street.     PUESES and liADEES' BAGS.— A large JT Assortment New Patterns, ex Boyal Diadem, I iVholesale and Betafl. at the LONDON BAZ\AE. r2a38] ALEX. CUKNLNGHAM, 131, Bundle-street. TIOYS. TOYS. TOYS.— 5,000 Boxes JL Toys, New Patterns, ex Boyal Diadem, Wholesale md Retail, at the LONDON BAZAAB. : rZaUOj ALEX. CUNNINGHAM, 131, Bnndle-«tre9t- UEUIT BASKETS.— A variety of Baskets, £ for Fruit, Eggs, Flowers, 4c, 4c_ wholesale and ?atafl. . , tSq PLATTS. PIANOFOETES and other MUSICAIr JL INoVBUMENTS BECJEIVBD FOR SALE on 3OMMISS1ON, at the New Premisa of 323a. K 8. WIGQj No. 12. Bundle-street. ALMOND and BEOWB' WINDSOE . SO AP.— A freah supply just received at 49|_ ? HILLTEB'S 'DE10EM, EEFOBM, EEFOSM your XAJ TAILORS' BILLS. GO TO JUBTS, Navy and Military Tailor, \Q4, Hindley-street. - 13o DO-ALL, GENEB AL PBOrTEB, ? 47. Eng William-street. Adelaide. 211c JT.SHAWYEB,GESEBAL.PELNTEE^ ? Gawlcx-Blflce. Adelaide. . 67c T TIEQHK^. LTTRPTTES. T^EQTrFS,— -Li 10,000 dozen fresh Murray Elver Leeches, whole sale and retail. Apply at the Huntsman's Hotel, North Adelaide. ? 62 M MATT IN &. MATTING.— ON SALE, 2.800 Yards BED and WHITE MATTING, Cut to order, at Is. 6d. per yard, at; - . * MAYFIELD-S, 12c Furniture Show Booms, 89 to 93, Bundle-street IEKMAN & SON'S PIAHO3.— The nndersiened bavin? been appointed AGENTS in Adelaide by Messrs. KIRKMAN 4 SON, Pianoforte Manufacturers to Her Majesty, and Mr. CROCKEB haviDgbrou?ht out with him their FIBST SHIPMENT, they would particularly call the attention of tbe Public of South Autralia to this consignment of finUIau Instrument*, which are nude expressly lor the hot climate of Australia. ? CB0CKEB & HAMILTON. , Hindlcy-street. _ 68-95v93 mo ADVEETISEES in the 'ADELAIDE X OB3ERVEE.'— The following is the scale of Charges for advertising in the Asixixnz Obsuvxb: — For four lines or under, three shillings, and sixpence for each line thereafter. A discount of 20 per cent, al lowed on advertisements ordered by the quarter. For the convenience of fanners' aavertisemsnts of lost cattle and horses are inserted at hair the above rates for each insertion, namely:— For eight lines or under three shillings, and sixpence for every additional two lines. Orders for the discontinuance of ad ertisements can not be attended to after Wednesday evenings, and all such orders most be in writing. Ossnnt Office. Grcnfell-slreet, January 1. 1853. SILTEE, BOOT and SHOE ? MANUFACIUBEB. 97, Bundle-street, in re turning thanks to the public for their kind patronage during the past three years, begs to assure them that he will use his best endeavours to secure their future favours; also, to inform the public generally that he has now aUnt-class assortment of (roods (arrived per Boyal Diadem) expressly made to his order by one of the first names in Manchester, which he confidently recommends to their notice.. Warranted firm in the sewing. - A. B.'» Colonial Work, being well known, requires no comment. Wholesale and Betafl. 68a77 ROBEET DODGSOIT (Snccessor to S. E. Hall), Phrmber, Painter, and Glazier/Leigh-street, Wholesale and Betan Dealer in— ? '- SheeWead.Lead Piping, Deep Well, Force; Lift, and p other Pumps ; ' Plate, Stained, Figured, Crown, and Sheet Glas*; in all sizes *?-' - ' PalDt^ Oils, Colour*. Varnishes, 4c.. PStch, Tar, Bosin, Chalk. ? Cementa, Plaster of 4c. , Paperhanmgi in great variety. 18*107t HOMEOPATHIC MEDICINES.-Fresh and large supply of Books and Medicines. LanriefaDomesticMedicine Arnica Cerate Laurie's' Epitome of Do- Calendula Cerate mestic Medicine Araicated Plaster Tincture of Arnica Calendula Plaster Tincture of Calendula Accident Cues Tincture of Bhua Toxico- 'Epitome Cases. dendron - A large assortment of Cases, containbur from 1 dozen Tubes and upwards, of the followi-e; Medicines :— KuxVomiea .Bryonia ' PnlsatilU - CarboVg. Sulphui HeparSuIph. Belladonna- ' ? Phosphorus - Aconite; - - - Ipecacuanha, ? . 4c, 4&, 4c. 65q ?-' ? PLATTS. PEESENTS.— ELEGANT, and USEFUL ? ABTICLES, specially adapted for PBESENTS, on view or on sale:— PAPIEBMACHB' Writing Desks, ?Workboies, Cro chet Boxes, Card Boies, Card Cases, Backgam mon Boards, Inkstands, Work Baskets, Card ; Baskets, Teacaddies, Portfolios, Ladies' Cabi nets, from 2 to 10 guineas. SILVEE Christening Cups, Card Cases, Penholders, Pen Cases. Pencil Cases, Tablet3, Chains, Fruit Knives, Grape Scissors, CakaBiskels, Paper Knives, S«a!s, Vinsi^rettcs, Thimbles. GOLD Albert Chains, Brooches, Seals. IVOBY Table ts, Card Cases, Dice Boscs, Bool; Mar kers, Papar Cutters. BOSEVTOOD AND MAHOGANY Writing Desks, ? DresriB? Cases, Cribb?.ac Boards and Boxes Work Boies, Glove Boks, Inkstinds, Book Stands, Book Slides, Book Stops, Eeading Desks. GLOBES, 3 inch«s to 13 inches, Ath'w, Maps on rollers. MUSICAL ISSTBUHEXTS.— Pianos, £.'7 to £85: Violins. £?: to £12; Flutes, £1 to £10 ; Concer tinis, £t to £5; Accordions, Flatinaa. ABCHEEY.— Ladies aad Gentlemen's Bows, ArrorrB, Quivers, Gourds. TasseU, llarkers, Tarzeti. and Stands. Stereoscopes, letter Balances, Transparent Slates, Em boss:d Cards, Perforated Card?, Manuscript Books for - 5Tns:c A!bam3, Scrap Books, Colour Boic3 (from S3. to » £3 C3.), Boies of Chalks. ' BOOKS, In ornamental binding a very larje selection of the best authors, arecayst which n-.ay be enumerated— The ? Lordcftbs Isles, mainineeatlj illnslrated by Birbct - Foster, and Gilbert; the Lady of the lain (Author's J edition), illestrated ; Lalla Rhock, illustrated by Kenny Mellows, Co-irWid, cad others; Aurora Leijjh; Both irell; tha Floral Souvenir j the Floral OlTerlnc: ; Fioirer Piintfc?, illustrated, in twelve lesnns; the LansdoiTBe ? SbaispcaK; Aliioa's Europe, S vols.; Art Joamal, ia e volumes ; Illustrated London Xctjs, iu volumes ; Punch, P;.-.v£? Booi?, Hjnin Books, Testaments, Churoh Ser j ?jt-.a-: 'p-jailj Prajers, Family Bibles. j 'zi3'\ PLATTS (Establilacd 1S39). B'USGTE5~-CASU33CraCUL^3,BIL]£ ? «KA1'.J LA3'LS, HAND3ILLS, and evcrj i de^rip^'ori ?ri:it.n^ roi cut in tho neatest uijU and Cif i''f '''*Tttji A j^reat variety of nes Faasy 'Vj p i;d E-::d2r3 iecetr.W imported. Apply atth( gtgintr mi Oinner Csssal Pric'iag OSce. . ? * *-

BXT8IHES3 H0TICE8. ' [\ VTOTICB OF BEMOVAL.— The under- 1 [31 gicned begs to inform the public that he intends lEMOVING to his NEW PEEMISES, opposite Messrs.. i mnminsj & Sons', which will be Opened on Mondaj, the 5th instant. JOHN BUEBOWES, TVatelima^er and Jeweller, i 71J2v 42, Hindley-stnet. i VTOTICE of KEMOVAL.— BCTTEFISCH _1 and TILEJIAKN beg: leave to inform Country ? torefcecpera aad the Trade in general that they have i lESIOVED from Gresham-street to more commodious i remises in GEENTELL-STBEET, lately occupied by c [essrs. Chubb, Hill, & Co., opposite tbs Albion Steaa loar-Mili, and, thanking for past favour?, solicit the . )ntinuance of tbe Bsme. ' Adelaide, March 8, 1S53. 6V72 CH0MA8 FAX, LEATHER SALESMAN i forthehouae o* Peacock k Son, Grenfell-etreet spyard, Importer of Grindery and Shoemakers' Ink,' eich-strcet, Adclsids. Ki- — The Trade supplied wholesale, on liberal te es. . Observe— Tho Bsebive. established 18 W ISZjt HHE undersigned have this day ENTERED . ' L INTO PABTNEBSHIP at CLABE as MILLERS ? id COBNFACTOBS, under the style or firm of BALL idBANDT. ? ? - ? HENEY BALL. ' LOUIS BANDT. Clare, December 23, 1357. ? 3S0b86t . rMAD.GE, FANCY BREAD and BIS ? CUIT BAKBB, late of Eobe-tcrrace, Adelaide, j egi to return thanks to. his numerous customers and ( lends for their past liberal support, and would inform - lem that he has REMOVED to the PARADE, NOE- ] rOOD, near the Gold-diggers' Arms, lately occupied by [r. Sprinfcet, and hopes by strict attention to business - meet with a continuaace of their favour. [March 6, 1858,, C CHARLES SPRINGET having disposed ' of my Bcsinees taMr. J.MADGE, stiff solicit for im the favours hitherto received by me. Pirade, Kotwood, March 6, 1853. ? 67c 1 Off CJR BTI.IT AS, FLUTINAS. ' J ... ;.. . ACCOBDIONS. ??? : FLUTDfAS, CONCERTINAS, ACCOBDTO3TS. | ACCOBDIONS, JEUTINA8, CONCEETINAS. ' , The largest assortment ever yet offered to tbe public, 1 id remarkable for the soundness of the workmanship, ilicacj and power of tone, combined with exquisite and : aborate finish in the construction. These Instruments are in neat variety as to compass . i well as price, but the whole are offered at much lower itea than from any. other importation. ' A selection, of Instruction Books and new- and popular [uric for the abova. PLATTS. i *** Country Dealer* supplied. ? 225q SB. DOBINSON, PLUMBER, ! ? FAINTEB, OLAZIEB, and PAPEBHANGEB, ?:?...? . ? 135, Handle-street, ' . ( Hsolesale and Betali Dealer in Sheet Lead, Galvanized i Iron Gatterin?, Paints, Oils, Colours, and Varnishes. ] , Pitch, Tar. Besin, Chalk Whiting, Piaster of Paris ' .' Brushes, Paperhaceinira, 4c Beer-Engines, Pumps, Waterclosets, &a, Made, Fixed, ad Repaired. 1 Ornamental and Sl^n Painting, Writing, Gilding:, and tecorating upon Glass. - ?? ? . . N.B.— Careful and experienoed Workmen sent to any artoftheeolony. 23*112 ^RAPEB^^FCTOTHIffG. ~ , I«IMES '. DRAPERY MART, Rundle .'? street-GAOLT 4 SCOTT (late of North Ade- , tide) berto acquaint 'their friends and the public ' anerallT, that their NEW ESTABLISHMENT is . TOW OPENED, replete with the MOST CHOICE and rOVEL SELECTION of USEFUL and FANCY ; -BAPEEY GOODS. They would invito partienlar ttentionto beirvery elegant and varied assortment of { lonnets, Bonnet Bibbons, Feathers, Flowers, Wreaths, ?arasols, a very superb lot of Sewed Muslin and Lace tollars, Habitshirts, Sleeves, io, 4c; Dresses, Shawls, lantles. Hosiery, Gloves, Boots, Shoes, Baby Lin3n, iaciea* Underclothing; House Furnishing, te. G. & S. would also state they have a superior lot of tors', Youths', and Gentlemen's Ready-made Clothing;, Ibirts, 4c. Msny of the above Goods will be offered onsiderably under market pries, their motto beta? not 0 be undersold by anx house- in the trade. 348a'50c PS0F£S3l6irAI. fc/T E. Gr. G E 0 E & E, IU. SUBGICAL AND MECHANICAL DENTIST, , : 33, Kbifr William-street, Adelaide (Over Allen's, hairdresser) .' ' ' Hoars of attendance from 9 till 0. Private residence. Chapel-street, Kensington. f46c AJTR. PHILLIPS, SURCilON-DBNTIST, IjJL begs to inform his Patients that he is on his ctura to Adelaide, and hopes to arrive early in Feb xiary. -?:-??? ' ? ? ? ?? ' ? January 23, 1863. ?;'.?-.?; . - TSmef KT'OTIOE OF «REltOVAL.-Dr. LI ' HANCOCK begs to acquaint his Patrons that he las REMOVED from FranUuvstreet to GAWLEB- . 'LACE, the late residence of Dr. Sholl, now occupied by' nj8.Moogie. t, . . ; 65a75 DR. J. P. HANCOCK may be Con salted at bis Residence, Gawler-phce, every norninz from 10 to 12 o'clock, and in the evening from 1 till ?A o'clock. . ? - Advice to the Poor gratis. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings only, from 9 to 10 o'clock. - * 65a77 TVEE undorsi^ned may be consulted daily JL at his Office m Qrot«-streat, on all matters co' leeted with the practice of his profession as a CIVIL BNGLNEEE and ARCHITECT, and will furnish Pl*n*, Spedficatious, aod Estimates for, and saperlntend the jonstructlou o;f Works and Buildings of every descrip tton. asvm G. 8. KINGSTON. PUBLTCATIOiS A3^D 8TATIQyiEBV T YELL'S PRINCIPLES of GEOLO&Y JLJ Lyell'g Manuel of Geology Hfesias'a Geology Poruock's Geology Bichardson's Geology and Pabeontolosr. -' S9q ... ,.- . PLATTS. A TJTHENTIO SHEET ALMANAC for J\. 1858.— The Largest, Best, Cheapest,, and Fullest Almanac is ntiw In course of publication by ; 368-i '...'.. PLATTS. SHIRLEY. JANE EYEE. SHIRLEY. JANE EYBE. . SHIRLEY. JANE EYBE. SHIRLEY. JANE EYBE. SHIRLEY. JANE EYBE. SHIBLEY. JANE EYBE. 'Thiee shillinga and sixpence. 43q ? , ? . ' PLATTS. TTTHITE MASK, by Mrs. Thomson TT ' History of a Flirt Man at Arms, by G.P.B. Jamea Ethel ChnrchiQ, bj L. E. L.. Hairy Hamilton, or Adventures Afloat and Ashore, by Captain Stewart Being vols. 167, 168, 169, 170, 171, of the PARLOUR LIBBABY. 66q , ' TLATT8. BOPS OF WATER: their Marvellous and beautiful Inhabitants displayed by the Microscope. ' ' ' _T,__Q 43-i ? ? ? , PLAITS. /~1HEAP EDITIONS OF FIRST-RATE \J WORKS.— The greatest variety bat - 48i ? JILLIER'S. OLLENDORFFS aERMAN GRAM : MAR(twoParts);OLLENDOBFF«FBENCH GRAMMAR. 58q . HILLIER'S. . SHILLINa .BOOK for a Shilling, Stock being cleared out without advance. 806q . PLATTS. 85, Hindley-srreet. AUSTRALIAN CRICKETERS' GUIDE for 1856-7. Fairfax & Co, Melbourne. 331oj ? E.S.WIGG, Adelaide, PUNCH'S ALMANAC, 1858. . 62q- ? PLATTS. SB1ALL SELECTION of VERY . NEW MUSIC— Crinoline Polks - ' Chinese Polka . Empcroi's Galop ' . '. Czarina's Schotttsche First Love Waltws . Court Card Quadrilles Annie Schottische. 358q ? . PLATTS. Just published, at the Branch OSes of the Begister and Ofaeruer, Hinflley-street, price Sixpence, mHE seventh: annual report JL of the CHAJIBEK of COMMERCE, road at the Annual General Meeting of tho Chamber ou the 3rd August, containins a great mas3 of valuable statistics, and other important in formation. COUNTRY EDITION OF THE SHEET ALMANAC Just published, at tho BegUter and Obitner Offices, GreufeU-strcct, and to hi obtained oi the Agents in Town and Ccvaniry, price Sixpence, THE KOYAL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN SHEET ALMANAC 1'OE 1SS3. COXTBXM: Signals tiseil at the West- terrace Signal-Station Eclipses for 1853 Feasts, Anniversaries, kc, for 1853 Principal Articles of tho Calendar Calendar of ? tho Dajs of the Weelc, Month, and Year. Eemarkable Days, Bisinjand Setting ot the Sun ana Moon, Regulation cf Dial Tim?, Moon's Changes Government of Soutn Australia, includinj;the Executive, the Parliament, Officers of the Civil Service, Judges ' and Law Officers, Ac, with their Salaries District Councils— N.imc3 of Chairmen and Councillors, Clerks, Times utid Places of Meeting, Pounds, Ponr.dsse-fee?,±c. Farmers' ar.d Gardeners' Calendar for 1853 Customs Tariff Adelaide Cattle Hariet Lcc-d Courts— Dajs of Meeting and Names of Magis trates Registry OEees for Birth?, Deaths, and Marriage*, Dis trict Registrars, Fees, Reardations, &c. List of Ploughing Matches in'lS57 Information regarding Timber Licences, Depasturing Lrascs, ic. Central Eosd Board Associated Chairmen of District C-mncila Poundage Fees, as fixed by Act Chamber of Commerce Table of Dispatch r-.nd Arrival of Tnlnnd Mails. K a ALE,, at W. H. HILLiEE'S, Hind lejaticet^ Appiications for Pastarage Applications for Purchase of Lsnd : J&sters' and Servants' Agreement* Xpprcntiscs' Indeiit'STes Emisration Fonaa Cart Notes - ? ? ' ? Rills cf lading ' ' Bills of E-zriaacrc in triplissle Bcamen's Adrinoe Note* r Writs of Suxmous ' s - ? SobpaBna r Ca. Ca. ? ' ?' l Mesne Process. ? ' Memo gf Mortgage/' . - _. .;-': « ..-'?; ? ? ' S--j£-t'i-Ji £. !,' .';:„' . .. , x . t. '- rj«X»sJt'flha , J ** »

PUBLICATIQIfSAlD STATIONERY TO MERCHANTS and COMMISSION i AGENTS.— A full supply oi LETTS'S DIARIES for 1SSS, with every variety of Baling, &e. PLATTS. K.B.— Loose PERPETUAL Protecting Covers with Sprint? La. ks and Duplicate Keys for the editions trene raiiy in use. ? 324q A CCOUNT-BOOKS.— Now Unpacking, a -ti. large selection of the Tery cheap Account-Books - which gave such great satisfaction last year. Every * rariety of Ruling and Binding, and specially adapted t« Mlouial trade. 26q PLATTS. TO MERCHANTS and Others.— Scale of Mercantile ChaTges. as fiamed by tr.e Chamber of Commerce, with the Tariff of South Australia, now on Sale at 48q ? HILLIER'S. A DVANTAGEOUStoSTOREKEEplfiS. i±. — DWABF INK, 9a. and 123. per Gross. - 13q PLATTS. EW CHEAP EDITIONS.— - ? Frank Fah-leigh Lewis Arundel ( Harry Coverdale's Courtship Fortunes of the ColriUe Family. 49q ; PLATTS. B~~0SN'S PUBLICATIONS at English i Marked Price.— Standard Library, Ckssical 1 Library, Soieatific Library, Illustrated Library, Anti- - [juarian Library, Boon's Extra Volumes, Bohn's British Classics, Library Cyclopaedia, Cabinet Edition of British - Poet*, Classic Tales, &c, &c PLATTS. ; ?.» At printed prices. 220q j A M I L Y HERALD, ? LONDON JOURNAL, ! Volumes and Pans. 680; PLATTS. - ?W'AUTICAL ALMANAC for 1858 on Sale j 7lq ? - --??? PLATTS. 1 , pHILDREK'3 BOOKS.— A Tary large . \J variety, at cost price. Indestructible, Mustratod, Moral, Religious, ic_ tee. , 879q ? PLATTS. j FROM the RELIGIOUS JRACT SO- -\ CIETY 3,280 bound Volumes ? , 33 1 packets of Books, and about , 6,000 Small Books, at 6d. and under. Just unpacked, and now selling at London published prices, by 331q E. S. WIGG, No. 12, Itundle-etreet , THHE SOUTHERN SPECTATOR; a ; JL Majrazine of Eelipous, Philanthropic, Social, and General Literature. Published in Melbourne on the 1st , Df every alternate month. Price Is. Published by W. Fairfax & Co., Melbourne. ] 321q E. S. WIGG, Ajrent in Adelaide. , N OTE PAPER and ENVELOPES.— The ! largest and best assortment just unpacked, per Ravensworth. 4Sq ? HILLIEB'S. : TOVra EDITION OF THE SHEET ALMANAC. Just published, at the Offices of the Register and Obterver \ newspapers, OreufeU-strcet, and to be obtained of - Town and Suburban Airents, price Sixpence, THE ROYAL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN SHEET ALMANAC FOB 1858. COSTKKTS : Signals used nt the Wcat-tenace Signal Station, pro- ( perly coloured _ . ( Eclipses ia 1853 *?' Feasts, Anniversaries, Ac., for 1853 -; Principal Articles of the Calendar Calendar of the Days of the Week, Month, and Tear, : Eemarkab'.e Days, Rising and Setting of the Sun. , and Moon, Eejrulation of Dial Time, Moon's Chanzes ' Government of South Australia, including the Executive, the Parliament, Officers of the Civil Services, Judges ' and Law Officers, -Scc, with their salaries South Australian Customs Tariff . , Wharfage, Harbour, Moorinjr, Light, and Tonnage Dues Eates of Klotasre, Towage Bat--s for Steam-tug : Bules and Ee-ralations at the Wharvea Storage of Gunpowder Custom-HouM, Port Adelaide - . ? Adelaide Cattle Market— Dues and Begulatioas Lecal Courls— Days of Meeting and Names of Magis trates . Central Bo;d Board - ; Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages - Municipal Corporations— Mayors, Aldermen, and Coun cillors, Officers, ic South Australian Magnetic Telegraph Charges Banks, Chamber of Commerce, 4c, Licences for Public Conveyances and Wator-Carts ,, - ? ''? ? Poundage Fees as fixed by Act Fanners' and Gardeners' Calendar : ' ? Table of DisDatch and Arrival of Inland Mails. : , - ? TLLUSTRATED MELBOURNE NEWS I contains splendid Illastrations— ' ,,,.,. Presentation of Colours to the 40th Eegbnent ? ' ? Great Cricket Match . *' LaUal Falls : *? : ' . BallatHockin's : .-*?£?? Scene from the Christmas Piece : Portrait of Sir J. F. Palmer, President of the Legis lative Council ' English, Scottish, and Australian Chartered Bank Ballarat Hospital ~ - View on McCulIum's Creek ; „/. . Crown Lands Office ? ?!.'-- View of Ballarat from Golden Point ? ?-? Telegraph Office, Williamstown ; Eureka Stockade Monument - Chalmers Church . . Blandowaky*s Encampment on the Lower Murray, Forming an admirable series of Illustrations of Colonial Life to forward to England post free. PLATTS, 47q Ajrent for the Illustrated Melbourne News. STARTLING ANNOUNCEMENT. — In consequence of the expiration of tbe lease of the premises so long occupied by the undersigned at No. 95, Hindley-street, and in order to avoid tli e expenses of removal, he has determined to offer to the public the whole of his Stock of BOOKS at cost— ENGLISH PRINTED PRICE. Of PABLOUB and RAILWAY LIBSAET, and other POPULAB LITERATURE, there i3 at least 50.000 VOLUMES, by the most celebrated authors— Jaraes, Dumas, Bnl wer, Ainsworth, Hannay, Mrs. Gore, Mrs, Crowe, Farmy Fern, Grant, Marryat, Mary Howitt, the Authoress of 'Emilia Wyndhaxn,' Miss Mitford, Captain Reid, Miss Martincau, Herman Melville, Gleip, George SandJMiss A. M. Porter, Cooper, Hon. Mrs. Norton, Victor Hugo, Washington Irving, &c., &c, &c. Storekeepers, Country Dealers, and District Libraries, will fisd this a most favourable opportunity for re plenishing their stock. PLATTS, 95, Hindley-strcet. ?«* The Wholesale Stationery Department will be conducted at the new Stores, North-terrace, opposite the Railway Station. 204q 'jl/TARRIAG-E with a DECEASED WIFE'S JLtL SISTER.— PAMPHLETS on the above subject, containing ths opinions of Lords Denman and Wham eliffe; the Revs. Bickersteth, Chamjncys, Goodhart, Nolan, Minton, Jenkins, Cookcollis, Dale, Gumey, and Dr. Hook; also, E. B. Denison, barrister, and tho . Knight of Kerry. On Sale, at 6d. each, at 339q E. S. WIGG'S. APS of the COUNTIES of the COLOMY. SOLD BY APPOINTMENT. - County of Stanley and part of County of Buna, County of Russell. Caunty of Light. Sketch of the Country north of Mount Remarkable. New North- West Country. Sketch of the Northern portion of South Australia. 43q ? HIUJEB'S. HOMCEOPATHY FAIRLY REPRE SENTED. By WILLIAM HENDEBSON, M.D., Professor of General Pathology in the University of Edinburgh. 70q HE HORSE : By Youatt. New Edition, Revised, with Observations on Breeding Cavalry Hones, by Cecil, with illastrations. 42q ? PL ATI S. WTSBSTER'S ENGLISH DICTIONARY unabridged, revised, and enlarged, by Professor Goodrioh, various editions. : 89q ? PLATTS._ .XETTS'S DIARIE3 for 1858. — JUST JU EECEIVED, in great variety of form and binding an assortment of LETTS'S DIARIES for 1859, Early application is necessary to_ procure particular Nos, the supply of some being but limited. 314q PLATTS. LARGE ASSORTMENT of CHIL DBEN'S BOOKS, just unpacked, from Nelson and Sobs, Edinburgh and London, 321q E. S. WIGG, Rundle-street Just Published, at the Office of the Begiittr and Obterver newspapers, Grcnfell-street, price One Shilling and Sixpence, mHE ROYAL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN X BOOK ALMANAC FOR 1853. Contests: Principal Articles cf the Calendar, Fixed and Moveable Fcasta, Anniversaries, Eclipses, &c., for 1858. Signals used at West-terrase, Port, and Pilot Stations. Calendar of tho Day, Week, and Year, Chanees of the JSIoon and Sun, Addition to and Subtraction from Dial Time, Remarkable Days and Events, Blank Spaces and Pasres for Memoranda. Farmers' and Gardeners' Calendar. The Government of South Australia— List of all G«7em« raer.t Officers, with their Salaries, &e. Justices of the Peace for the Province. Registration of Births, Deaths, and Marriages— Regis- tration Districts, Officers, Fees,&c. . Law Courts— General Information. , Tbe Royal Family. Chamber of Commerce ana Banks. Municipal Corporations. South Australian Railways and Telegraphs— General Information. ' Licenets for Public Coureyaccea, Waier-Carts, Carts p'ying for Hire, Weighbridges, Timber, Crown Lands, £a ? Adelaide Cattle Market. Piouehintr Matches in 1857. Port Adelaide— Tariff, Tonnage Duea, Rule3 and Regu i lations at Wharfa, Wharfage Dues, Harbour Dues, Light Dues, Mooring Dae3, Rate3 of Pilotage, Storegs of Goa powder. Sailing Directions for Outports. Leasing Runs— Xew Regulations. Newspapers. Dbtriet Councils— General Information, r Poundsjre Fees. 1 Mercantile Charges. Land and Share Agents' Chaiges, Vaccine Institution. General PostOffice. , ,,, , : Table of Arrival and Departure of Inland Hails. Notes of the Year— General Progress— Political ASaira Pubiic Works— Population— Revenue and Expendi : tare— Land Sales, .?-..? Agricultural Rctunss for 1637. Memoranda for the Year 1857. ? mo 'DISTRICT COUNCILS.— HANI) J. BILLS and all dascripticas of PEINTING an BOOKS required by District Councils furnished on ti ('most reasonable terms. Apply at the Eaekttr as - |--#«T«f General Pristis^jSca,

&AKD AHD HOUSES. ~ && iS E Ji & W AD H A M. LAND AGENTS ? and ' ' ? ??? land AuenoNErrs. ; LAHDED PROPERTIES VALUED. : „ LANDED PROPKBTIES -* * SURVEYED. PLANS famished end TOWNSHIPS laid ouf, Fl*r» if Townships, Hundreds, ic^ &c, througioai tkc XJLOHY alirars open for inspection. HODSF.S, STORES, LANDS. 8ECTIONS, 4c_ LET or LEASED, . : EXCHANGE LAND MART, And Land Offices, Kiag Wiilism-stieet. - * timiins, ~\ LAND f kslbocxei. GBKEN irD WM.GaEE£ & \ GEI^.BAL COM- 4 30, WADHAJI, MISSION I QMUI conns E5GWM.8T.J Oi PICES. L STBKKT. JOVEBHMENT ') F010^1^6^ 'a accortlanea wiia the SECTIONS fis^nietians of parties absent from J Adelaide. JOVEaiTsIENT \ Purchased and let on Ljase with SECTIONS J right of purchase. JOTaBFMENT ) P^01^0^. aad any proportipaof the S-vIitA3 j for short perjjs- SPECIAL NOTICE. GREET & YTADHAfl'S ADVESTISEMENTS ippeat only in the ' B£G I3TEE' Newspaper on MON )AYb and THUESDAYS, aad in the 'OBSERVES' if Saturoav. lav ' GREEN & WADHAM. Litn-? tgeniii. NORTH ADELAIDE.— TO he LET, for six years, or any less term, a HOUSE of Nine Jooms. with two-stall Stable, Cellar, Shed, 4c., and an Icre of Garden. Apply to C. A. Wilson, Supreme Court; ' P. Ottaway, Victoria Hotel, Hindley-street; or T. Eld idee, Wellington Inn, North Adelaide. 71**7 FTNLEY PARK.— TO be SOLD or LET, '; U a Stone HOUSE of Five Booms, with Cellar, stable. Garden, and a Well of good Water. Enquire of Hr. YV. Easther, on the premises. 05c pOUNTRY RESIDENCE.— EAGLE ON r KJ THE HILL, MOUNT BAEKEE-ROAD.— 'A. ' rOBDHAM takes this opportunity of thanking his friends and the Public generally for their kind support ince his residence at the abjvc Hotel, and to inform hem that having just completed consider able additions ., 0 his premises, he is enabled to oQ'er iraprov d accom- . nodation to Visitors desirous of a slay in the Hills, com )inini; the advantages of comfortable rooms and attcn iou, cool evenings, and the most beautiful scenery in the solony. 70aB2 T EFEYRE'S PENINSULA.— To DAIRY xJ MEN.— To be LET, a BLOCK of about 300 Acres - m the Peninsula, near the site of the proposed Port Welaide Bridge. Apply to Arthur Hardy, King William ttreet, Adelaide. 311ac LENELG, FACING THE JETTY.— I VICrOKIA-PLACE, Corner of Emily-street and 1 Durham-street.— Three Frontages to be SOLD or LET vith EIGHT of PURCHASE ; also part of Lot 89, Mrner of the Adelaide-road and Smith's-terrace. i ipply to ) ARTHUR HARDY, 26ae Kin? William-street, Adelaide. REWERY and FARM FOR SALE.— , FOR SALE, the Lease of a Brewery and Farm ( n the Country. Apply to H. Gilbert, Es.}., Adelaide; )r to B. M. Eobsop, Po-t Elliot. ? 69'82v &UMERACHA.— TO be SOLD, at a moderate price, SECTION 6330, containing 129 J icres, tbe greater part (food Agricultural Land, with .] apital Stone HOUSE, Garden, ic^ &c. Title, the Land ' jrant. Application to be made to A. Shannon, near rruro; or John D. Cave, Gumeracha. 61cv EKSINGTON.— TO be LBT, the - PKEillSES recenUy occupied by Mr. T. C. ' i}hubb, consisting of Six-roomed Dwelling-House, with ' ' Stable, Csich-house, &c, Garden stocked with Fruit less and Vines, and Well of good Water. For further particulars, apply to . 37ev ROBT. HAWKES, King Traiiam-gtreet. TO BLACKSMITHS.— TO be SOLD, at LANGHORNE'S CREEK, on the Main Overland : Road to Victoria, a BLACKSiIITH'3 SHOP doing a good business, and a HOUSE of two Rooms, with one acre and three-quarters of Land in Lucerne, and a Well of aever-failmg good fresh water. The Stock and Tools may be taken at cost price or at valuation. This is an ; excellent opening for a Macliine-llaker. For further i particulars apply to William W. Bljth, North-terrace i Iron Yard; or to William Bain, Langhorne's Creek. 62-!V FOR SALE, the EMU INN, BLACK SPRINGS, a fine twelve-roomed Stone Heuse with Stable.-, Outhouse?, &c.; Garden, one of the best Stockyards between Adelaide and the Burrs, with 79 Acres of LAND. Good Run for cattle. On the main road, 16 miles from Kooringa. Doing a very good busi ness. - - Stock taken at a valuation. It is held on a Lease for twelve years. Ground Rent very low. Apply to - J. STANVORY, Proprietor; er to       717yc - T. & J. E. TAPLEY. Adelaide.   -pO,beIiET, in Cliapd-street, NORWOOD, 'JL near ^ the Maid and Magpie, a STORE, doing a steady business. Apply to Mr. Brown, on the premises.             TO be SOLD, the Proprietor intending to proceed to England, the Beautiful and Compact   ESTATE of GLENSLOY, about four miles from the TOWNSHIP of MOUNT BARKER, and nearly the same distance from HAHNDORF, BALHANNAH, and   NAIRNE. The property contains 160 Acres of first-rate Land, but little cropped ; has fine Running Water all the year, and a Garden in full bearing, of about two acres. The whole is substantially fenced and subdivided. For particulars apply to Allen McFarlane, Esq., Wellington Lodge ; or to Messrs. Andrews & Bonnin, solicitors, Adelaide, or Mount Barker.   A portion of the purchase money may remain on mortgage at a low rate of interest.     Wellington Lodge, March 11, 1858. 72cv   FOR SALE, that commodious Two-storey DWELLING-HOUSE, in RUNDLE-STREET EAST, No. 260, containing five Rooms, Shop, and Work shop; to be sold cheap. Apply to 71-4 F. SCHULZE, Hotel Europe. TO be LET, a Four-Roomed COTTAGE, with OutKi-tchen, twc-stalled Stable, Hay-House, and Cart-House; a large Garden well stocked with Fruit Trees, and a Three-acre Paddock, situate at MITCHAM. This Property embraces one of the finest views in the colony. Apply to John Wilkinson, com factor, Pirie street. ? - ? 64c TO be LET, by the year or longer term, the Superior DWELLING HOUSE. No. 212, TAVISTOCK-BUILDINGS, Bundle-street east, con taining twelve Booms, Cellar, Pantries, &c, lately oil painted and papered. In the rear, Verandah, extensive -Yard and Garden-ground, with entrance from Tavistcck street. For particulars enquire of Mr. Kuox, at Messrs. T. Magarey & Co.'s office, 90, Currie-street east. [6 lac 0 be SOLD by Private Contract, One Hnndred and Seven Acres ?ood LAND, well fenced, with a Two-storey Stone HOUSE, Slats Eoof, with a Cellar and Eight Booms, one Acre of Garden enclosed with paling1, seven miie3 from Adelaide, bounded ou the one Bide by tbe Gawler and WakeGeld Great Nsrth-road, on the other tide by the Gawler Railway, half amile from the Dry Creek Station, twe miles from the North Arm. Credit for half of the purchase mosey, if required. Apply to Hr. D. Brady, Virgins, near Port tiawler. . . 19acv TO be LET or SOLD, with long Credit if 'required, either in one lot of say 300 Acres, or sub divided into three, the FARM of Mr. C. E. PEN'FOLD, MAGILL; and at a, future date the whole of tbe FARMING STOCK, alive and dead. A!so,a PROPEBTYat BRIGHTON, consisting of One' Acre of Land, fenced; Two Cottages, Well of good Water, and Sheds; close to the sea. 65acv79j TO CAPITALISTS.— TO be SOLD, by private contract, a highly desirable FREEHOLD RESIDENCE, containing Twelve Rooms, situato in Barton-terracp, NORTH ADELAIDE, surrounded by a well laid-oat Garden an acre in extent, together with Stablinfr, Coach-home, &c. The whole is encloses! by a substantial stone wall, with iron palisades in front. The above property is beautifully situated, commanding a delightful prospect, and would prove a good investment for a gentleman retiring: from business, a merchant, or tradesman. Apply to Hr. Thomas Williams, on the premises. 71*7vx GLEN OSMOND.— TO be LET, the HOUSE built for the late D. Macfarlane, Esq. Immediate possession. Sc ARTHUR HARDY, King William-street. STAR HOTEL, HINDLEY-STREET.— To be DISPOSED OF, the LEASE of the above valuable HOTEL, and adjoining STORES and PRE MISES. Cash or Credit. Apply to , 62c A. H. GOUGE. mO be LET, a superior Five-Boomed COT JL TAGB, situated in Lelerre-terraee, NORTH ADELAIDE. Apply to H. W. Perjman, jun., builder, &V North Adelaide. ' 70 '2 0 be LET on Lease, SECTION 62, adjoining the Globe Hotel, Port Elliot, at Cs. per week, with the Right of Purchase at tho eiplration of 14 or 21 years. Also ALLOTMENTS 35 and 3S, in Barnard street and Rosetta-terraee, at S3. per week each, and for the same period. For particulars, apply to John Brid^art, Towa^end Cottape, Bowden. 63'7-i O bo LET, in the ADELAIDE CHAif BEK3, King William-street, tha OFFICE lately occupied by the Official Assignee, containing Four Large Well- Ventilated Rooms, with a Fireproof Strong-Boom. Apply to Mr. George White, oa tha premises. . January 28. ia58. ? ; ? 28c TO bo LET, a COTTAGE and SHOP ; also, a sabstantially-built STORE, ia LEIGH STREET. Apply to Draper & Co. 35o TO~be LET, HOUSE of eight Booms, Cellar, S able, Gig-house, good Well of Water, Garden, &c, now in the occupation of Mr. Joseph. Skelton, KEST TOWN. Possession to be had on LHh March, Apply to H. Johnson, Gold-diggeis' Aras, Norwood. [43a 0 be LET, a STORE, in CUEEIE STREET, lately occupied by Messrs. I. S. Henry and Co. Apply to FOX, LLOYD, & CO. January 1, 1S53. 1c 0 be LET, in IsORTE KENSINGTON, a HOUSE or Six Rooms, with StaWs, aod 21 Acres of Land. Apply to Mr. Ransom, Kensington. 6So TT\ESCEIPTION of a MARE in the posses jls sion of the Police, which will be Sola if noi claimed before tha 12Sh April, 1858 :— Brown Marc, blacfe points, star on forehead, large snip oa nose, age 7 years off, 15 hands 1 inch, hijjh, no brands. P. EGERTON WARBURT0N, Commissioner of Polica. March 11, 185S. 7Jws83s100t93 NE POUND REWARD,.— LOST, at thi latter end of January, from Mr. Fisher's paddocl ? at the EceJbeds, one Dark-brown Cob PONY, very ehcr ^ docked tail, square, rather thick mane and foretop 4 blotch brand on shoulder. The above reward will b 4 paid on delivery of the Mid Pooy at €, Wader's, botcha | (tyrrie-Etrcet, . 63a

KDiriCIPAI AND DISTRICT ^ ;; COOJfOiLS. ? : ;?: {. VTOAELTJNGA DISTRICT COUNCIL.^ -1 BALANCE-SHEET from ls^ September, 18S7, - 1st March, 1868:— - De. 0 caslfbalance, 1st September, 18S7 ... £327 19 II Bates received ? 4J 14 0 Do. do. foi 1858 ? ... 10 IS 4 Government aid ? ... ??? ? 91 - S 0 Licences and fees ? « 8* 1 6 Poundage fees ? 010 0 £185 0 9 March 1, to balance in hand ? ? 230 8 3 yEumb's new road, land, fencing, and bridges ? ? &? 6 10 Tinecomb's new road, land and fencing 61 2 .3 Big-hai new road, fencing ? 28 15 0 Seaford road, by Beyer, grabbing stump* t 8 0 Elsdine road, fencing side of bridges, and side-cuttinjf ? 4 IS 0 Clarden Ranee, roafi furveying ? ' 11 12 0 Wickham's Hill, road fencing ? ,8 0 0 Maclaren Vale, building four log bridges 18 19 0 Do. crossing at Lurch's Swamp 5 0 0 Do. do. at Section 128 ... 1 00 Do. do. 2 crossings by Parns 14 0 0 Section 339, new road, surveying ...... ISO Tin box for deeds ... „. ~. ... 118 0 Three sections added to map of district ... 110 Stationery ... ? - .'..; .... 14 2 Clerk's salary and collecting rates... ... 9 19 10 Advertisements' .„ ... 1...$- ... 8 19 8 Balance ' ...' ... ... ...' ... 230 8 8 £185 0 8 r ,m ,7-.v-'- 4 ?? p. H0LLINS, Chairman. We have examined the above, and compared the juchers therewith, and found it eonect - - . : : , . j , ; ' J. G. HOLMES, I .„,,„.„; - ? - GEO. GREIG, 7*idlh«. UthMaich.1858.: : xvj AMUSTiTffENTS. POBI T H E A T.B E.— In consequence of the immense patronage eitowedupon , . .-.??--?.' THE ED0UIN FAMILY. ' t the above Theatre, the Company will perform THIS EVENING (5atnrda-), March 13, * AT THE PORT, istead of at the Victoria Theatre, Adelaide, as previously iverUsed. ' ^^ , I :THEVICTOBIA THEATRE - ; : open as usual . : ; : ? OH MONDAY^ V ; x BURTON'S NATIONAL CIECFS.— SATTTRDAY. MARCH 13. ; MIDDAY FBTE, . - - ; AND GRAND JUVENILE REPRESENTATION. For Families, and Persons residing in- the Country, lie Doors will open at a quirtcr past 1, . and tbe Enter* linments will ojxnmence at 2. Children and nurses alf-priee. . . THE USUAL TIME AT NIGHT. Another of the Exhibitions that hale elicited so much pplause from the thousands that attended during the reek. .....: x 'ARMTNSTER HOTEL, Pranldio street— Tne First MONTHLY BALL will \ke place on Wednesday, 17th March. Tickets— 3s. 6d. ; oubledo. Ss. :, . ,64*75 ( DAILWAY TAVERN, BOWDEN.^ST. LV PATRICK'S DAT.— A SELECT BAIL will be eld at the above Hotel on the 17th inst. Dancing to ommence at 8 o'closk. Single tickets. 3s.;. double, ;s.6d. To be had at the Bar. ? 71J5 DAFPLE. RAFi'LE.'-The Memberalor LV the Raffl-j at the Gasler Arms, GAWLEB 'OWN, for Mr. Themas's Brown TrotUnjr MARE, are sminded that it takes placa on Monday next, tha 16th f March. ? ?'. . ? ?.?...?; .?.'??'..? ? Xv 8PQBTING. i 5.0 U T H E R N R ACE S MARCH 18 and 19, 1858, : ;. - Judge--W. B. Edmonds, Esq. Stewards— A. Birrell, and Thos. Atkinson, Eiqrs. FIRST DAY. FlBST RjlCB. Maiden Stakes— Two guineas entrance, wlvh — BOvs. .elded ; open to all horses that have never won public noney. One mile and a distance heats. Weights tbe ?am« as Adelaide. The winner to pay two guineas to he Fund. ''','?' Seco5D Rac*. ? Southern Plate— Three guineas entranee.'with — sovs. idded; opento all horse*. Two mile heata. The win ler to pay three guineas to the Fund. Adelaide Town Plate weights.- - ? - . ; ?.-.?:. ;. .. v - 'THIKBBACB. ? ' '? 'L-; '? '. Farmers? Parse— Three gntaeas entrance, with — «ov». idded; opea to all horses tool fide' the property of Settlers south oT Tapley/d Hill and west of Port Elliot for at least three months previous to the Race. Two mile heats. The winner to pay -three guineas to tbe Fund. Adelaida Towjt Plate weights. - ; ' '? FoukihBack. ' ' ' ' Hack Stakes— One gnisea' entrance, vith — sovs. added ; open to horses the same as qualified for Farmers' Parse. One mile and a half heats. Catch weights. Post entrance. ?. ._?.:. , , ? . ,, ?-?'-' .-?'-- SECOND DAY. ? ;? t . FiksiRacx ' Ladies' Purse— Two guineas entrance, with. — sots. added; open to all hones. One mile and a half heats. The winner to pay two guineas to the fund. Adelaide Town Plate weights. The winner of the Southern Plate or Farmers' Pone to carry 7 lbs. weight extra. SkcosdRacb. * Hurdle Bace— Three guineas entrance, with — sovb. ad Jed; open to all horses. One mile snd a half heats, over four jumps four feet high. The winner to pay three guineas to the Fund. Weights same as Adelaide. Thud Bias. ? , , Hack Hurdle Race— One guinea entrance, with — sovs, added; over same course as Hurdle Race ; open to all horses qualified as for Farmers' Purse and Hack Stakes. Catch weights. Post entrance. Foubth Rics. . ' Beaten Stakes— Two guineas entrance, with — sovs. added; for all hones beaten during tho meeting. One and a half mile heats. To be handicapped bj the Stewards, or whom they may appoint. GaSEBAL EULES. - ' Jockey costume insisted upon. All disputes (if any) to be decided by the Judge and Stewards, whose decision shall be fin- '. .. To be run under tho Rules of t-^ South Australian Jockey Club. - . f No person shall ester a horse unless a subscriber of at least two guineas to tho Fund, except for Hack Stakes. Three horses to start for each Stake, or no race. No person to erect a bosth or sell any kind of liqnor, unless a subscriber of at least five guineas to the Fund. The entries to take place at the Jolly Miller Inn, Noarlunga, on Wednesday, tho 17th day of March, be tween the hours of 7 and 9 o'clock p.m. The start of the first Race in each day to bo at 12 o'clock precisely. 65s7*v HENItY JOHNSON, Secretary. SOUTHERN RACES.— The RACE DINNER will take place at the Horseshoe Inn, NOARLUNGA. at 6 o'clock on Thursday next. Tickets, 5s. each, may be had at the Horseshoe Inn, at the Jolly Miller Inn, and of tho Stewards. 72J6v E 02SES. CATTLE. VEHICLES, &c. IVTOTICE.— FOR SALE, a Bay HORSE, J- 'I 5 years old, quiet in saddle and harness Also, a Black DRAUGHT HORSE, 4 years old, 17 lunds high. Apply to J. Davey, Lord Raglan Hotel, Weymouth street. 7q-»2 HOTELS AED LIVERY STABLES' OTEL EUROPE.— The undersigned begs to acquaint the public that ho Las to-day taken the above well-known Hotel, in Grenfell-stxeet. By Btrict attention, and good and cheap Wines and other Liquors, he hopes to receive a portion of the public patronage. 71Ji F. SCHULZE, Hotel Europe. BOARD AFP LQDGIHG. W 'ANTED, a respectable young Man to BOARD and LODGE, in Jeffeott-street, North Adelaide. Apply at tb.8 Wellington Inn. 7oJ2 EMPLOYMENT WA2JTBD, TITANTED, by a respectable Female, s -V SITUATION as HOUSEKEEPER; has had colonial experience. No objection to the country. Address SI.P., Norwood Post-Office. 71a4v ? FEESQIflS WAITED. DEYNELLA SCHOOL.— The Committee tJK of 'ho Eeynella School Society (under the Board of Edaeitionl are prepared to treat with a MASTER foi the above, which it ia intended to open at the expiration of the Easter Holidays. A married, party would be pr* ferred, as a female school is required. Communication! 1o be addressed to the undersigned, Post-Offict Rcvnella. 63sm74v ? THOMAS YOUNG, Treasurer. 'ANTED, an ACCOUNTANT ; one whe possesses a thorough knowledge of the princl plc3 of Bookkeeping, and aptitnde ia elueidatin-- anc adjusting intricate accounts, will be liberally (reatei with. Apply by letter to A. B., at the IJransh Office o: thi3 paper, Hindley-street. 7x '2 W 'ANTED, a young Lady competent k ,™*-n s.QPe,rinten-l the MILLINERY DEPART MEJ«iT. Apply to R. B. Lucaa & Co., HindJej-street. ? ^2^ W 'ANTED, a WET-NURSE. Apnly to Dr. Moore, Bniidle-street. 7f& ¥jTANTED, a thorough good COOK . , « . A??1? to WUUaia Blackler, Port Hotel, Per Adelaide. Ifr'% WANTED, a respectable young Woman a: .,,., KURSE. Apply to Mrs. j. Richardson, Nortl Adelaide, between the hoars of 10 and 2. 70J2 W 'ANTED, a steady Person as NURSE - MAID. Apply to Sirs. E. WriRnt. jua_ S nth terrace. ? ^ yle 'ANTED, a GENERAL SERVANT Apply at the Land of Promise Ina, Hini niarsn. ? ? yg'i WANTED, two respectabla~Giri3 a H0USE_AID3. .Apply at the Britanni Hotel, Port. 7«c 'ANTED, a good General BLACS SMITH for Shoeing Horses and Jobbing Worl English or Scotch- preferred. Apply at the Eranc OEce of this paper. 7l*'27 T&7ANTED, DEITER3 fer Horss an T T Mule Teams, to work between the Burra Copp Worki and Gawler Town. Apply at anj time st tt said Works, or to Mr. Eseott, at the G airier Sallwr 1 Termiaas, on the 25th instant. JAJitES HA3IILTOJJ,Maaa?er. ? Burra.Coppef Woskn, February 20, 1658. E5cv WANTED, by the Advertiser, a SIOK in tha Country. Address, stating particular

EELIQIOirs H0TICE8. 1 T. PAUL'S CHURCH.— An EVENIlfa ' 8ERVICE for th8 new District or St. Paul's hai been commenced ia PULTEKEY-STREET SCHOOL BOOM. To-morrow Evening an Introductory Sermon will be Preached by the Hev. A, R. Russell, and a Col lection made to defray certain preliminary expenses.' ? Tbe Momini- ahd Ereuinar SerTices at St. John's Chnich will be cont_u:d_ usual. ' The above Services will be conducted by the Minister i of St. John's Charc'n, assisted by the Rev. Thos. Sabine, i Curate of St. Paul's and St. Bartholomew's. x PUBLIC HQTICES^ ? :' ' I?AST TOSRENS.— FAREWELL _ DINNER to CHAREES BONNEY, Esq.— Th« Committee appointed at the Preliminary Meeting of Residents iu Norwood and Kensington and Electors of East Torrem, beg to announce that in consequence of difficulties in obtaining suitable accommodation within tbe District, they have made arrangements with Messrs. Aldridtre -£ Bayston to provide the Dinner at White's Assembly Rooms, on Friday neit, the 19th instaat. The Hoe. John Baker has consented to take the chair. Dinner on the table at half-past 6 precisely. Tickets (12s. each) may ba obtained at Aldrldge and Bayston'g; East Torrens Hotel, Magill; Glyndelnn, Payuehatn ; White Hcrse, Kensington ; A. Greenwaj's, Norwood; or of Messrs. L. Glyde, M.P., W. PUgate* P. B. Cirlin, J. H. Clark, or of the Secretary. 7iJSv wi LLI Ail KAY, Hon. Sec. BONNEY TESTIMONIAL.— Gentlemen . who hare kindly undertaken Collections to carry' out the above object are respectfully requested to com municato the progress they have made. ! J. B. NE ALES, Chairman and Treasurer. E C. LONUSON, Secretary. . ' ' Adelaide, March 5, 1858. ? ? 6AdT: , T^HE undesigned, being about to retire from JL business, requests that all Claims upon him may be sent in for examination and settlement on or before the 25th instant; and also that all Accounts one to him may be settled before that date, or they will be placed in the hands of his Solicitor for collection. JOHN TREWENACK. . Wjatt-rtreet, Adelaide, March 9, 18M. ? 69o T^HE undersigned requests that all CLAIMS JL upon him may be' sent'in for examination md settlement by the 12th day of April; and also that all Accounts due to him must be BetUed before that date. H. W. PERTMAN, JUN. Lefevre-terrace, North Adelaide. ? 7f« NOTICE.— If Mr. MACNELLY, formerly Tallowchandler in this city, docs not CLAIM the PANS and FRAMES, &c., left with me when he went to Melbourne about six years since, they will be Sold, within ' three weeka from this date, to defray expenses. . THOMAS CROCKER, BeUowsmaker, W4?} ? Angas-street. ? WILLIAM SMITH, Shoeingsmith for Robert Bowden, Hindiay-street— As yon have beenround to some of my customers, finding fault with . my work, I shall be proud to ACCEPT your CHAL LENGE to SHOE a HORSE or HORSES for £60 to £10. ?? ? 6878 ? P. ROWE,Weymoath^treet. /CAROLINE SIMS is requested to Band her \J address to the Rev. T. Q. btow, who has news of importance for her. 8970t*9 COMPAHIES^AHD S0CIETIE8. ORTtCULTURAL and FLORICFL TURAL SOCIETY.-The NEXT EXHIBITION of BLOWERS, FKU1TS, and VEGETABLES will b« held at WHITE'S ROOM, King WLllam-ttreet, on Thursday, the 25th March next. Lists of prizes and further particulars may be ob tained by application to the Secretary. NATHANIEL SUMMERS, Secretary. Febmary 26,1888. ? - 58-84r67c ALBION LAND, -BUILDING, AND . INVESTMENT SOCIETY'. The Directors of the above Society respectfully announce that they have agreed to tbe generally expressed wish of the Shareholders, and decided to admit new Members, or increase the number of Shares of the present holders, without fine or addi tional entrance-fee, until the 12th April, by which arrangement an opportunity is offered to persons becoming Shareholders to participate in all the advan tages of a well-established and economically-conducted Building Society, cither as investors or purchasers. NEARLY SIX HUNDRED SHARES arc already subscribed for, and an equal distribution of profit will be made upon all Shares held on the 12th April, after which date the amount named as profit upon each Share will bo the Entrauce-fee upon all new Shares. . SSilOOr SAMUEL ALIEN, Secretary. ? TEHBES8. ^' INTENSION OF TIME.-To BULL XLJ DERS.— TENDERS are invited fox the EREC TION of THREE STJRES and THREE DWELLING HOUSES at Kapunda. Drawings and specifications may be seen and all particulars kuown at the Architects' Office:, Angas-stroct, Adelaide; Murray-street, Gawler Town ; and at Messrs. Cossins & Brewster's, Kapunda. Scaled Tenders may be delivered in Adelaide on Toes day, the 16th instant ; in Gawler Town, before IS at noon, on Wednesday, the 17th instant; and at Kapunda on the same day, before 6 o'clock; p.m. . ....?' Tha proprietors do not pledge themselves. to accept the lowest or any tender. ? . * ' GABMCK 4 ABBOTT Architects. Adelaide, March 9, 185a , ^ 687ST HTENDERS will be the under X signed until noon of Monday, the 22ud instant, for the MAKING of about ?i'X) Lineal Yards of the ADELAIDE-ROAD, in the Town of GLENELG. - Flan and Specification nsay be seen at Mi. ? Hodge1*, Glenelg. . ; ' . . W. B; TnGLEY,to!rn Clerk. ; - March 10. 1858. , 7Q-81 TRINITY -HOUSE.— TENDERS for IRON MOORING BUOTS.— Tenders for the above will be received at the Trinity-House, until half -pa*t 10 on the ISth instant. . ,. v Particulars to be had on application to the Secretary, between 10 and 4 o'clock. 72a-5 B. DOUGLAS, Master. EDUCATION. MR. R. B. WHITE (from the Royal Academy of Music) begs leave to announce his return from England, and to state that he is pre pared to (jive LESSONS on tba VIOLIN, PIANO, and in SINGING. Letters to ba addressed to Mr. B. B. White, Professor of Music, care of Mr. George White, Assembly Rooms, King William-street. ? , ' FebruarTlG, 1853. 47^4t72 \ NGASTON ENGLISH and GERMAN -OL BOARDING SCHOOL, conducted by Mr. Nesbir, assisted bj a besiceni Tsicheb, a native of Germany. Terms can be had on application. ? TMBrt ipO LICENSED TEACHERS.— A. -THaiter, JL desirous of Exchanging a Town School for a Suburban one, may hear of a favourable opportunity by applying at this office. x MONEY ' SAMUEL ALLEN, King William-street, has MONEY TO LEND, In gums ot £100 and up wards, at icasonable rates. ' - ? SECTIONS BOUGHT, and LEASED with Bight oi Purchase on easy terms. Apply to SAMUEL ALLEN. Febmary 12, 1858. 4fe T710R SALE, Fire SHARESin the SECOND JD SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BUILDING SOCIETY. Three years and three-quarters paid. ? - - '? I ' 6773 ? THOMAS JONES, Pawnbroker. O.EHERAL AGENCY OFJFiOK.— \JT TO PABMEBS. MONET. MONEY. MONEY. INGLMy]-^'*1* ^ANS for Farmers and others 4C0i ^JoaaTonrahle terms at low interest , LAND. .LAND. LAND. [j/q^yUeLL LANDED PE0P£BnE3,H0UflES, *co. T **:. JOHN -)Buy, SelL 8TCBE, tnd ADVANCE upon INQLEBY Valliinds of PBODUCK, Goods, orMerchan 4 CO. Jdlie. -CHABGE8LOW. ; DEUT8CH WIBD GE3PROCHEN. ' , JOHlTlNGLEBY ft CO, 60, Cnrrie-stieet, opposite Leigh-street, Cmwscr ? Adelaide. ? . . . . JUHN RIOHARDSOU, SHAltiJ AtT M0NE1 BROKER, HOUSB AND LAS . tGENT. ? MONEY LENT on HeTtfetgcs and approrcd Scontit ; and Bills Discounted'. ' '' ' j LAND and ESTATES VALUED. ] ; nacw. King Wiillam-strsst. ? 1»t' ; r|1H.ili undersigned make liberal Adyaq6ei 1 i upon all COLONIAL PRODUCE eonsfjfosd U tr.eir friends In Loiidoa and Liverpool. , ... ' BLACK & WRIGHT, Grcnfell-street, Adelaide, 1 77cv Lcvi's Wliarf, Port. ; I mjtiji dOfJTH AUSTKALIAM LAND i X AKD BCLLIOU OFFICE. r Tetcporary Loans on deposit of Title Deeds. . Mortgages for a term, at low interest. Gold Bougbt at the highest price. ? ' i lev CHARLES SIMEON. HindleT^treet ' ' MONEY TO LEND. LOANS NEGOTIATED. CASH ADVANCED, In large or small sums. GREEN & WADHAH. Eichange Land Offices. Sing Vfilli^m-stTeet. 193qv ' lyfONEY toLESD, in any sums, on good JxL Freehold seenritj, at moderate rates. Mortgags or deposit, , ROBT. KAW£ES, lung William-street. I March 8, 1858. ? C3ev ONSY TO LENP, on Mortgage or Deposit of Deeds, ANDREWS & BONNIN, Soliciioru, * 313ct ? 73, King William-street. MONEY TO L E 2* 3. Apply to PEN.N* k W2AEIXG, SoSiciipre, '* 37'11S? Eicnmgg-chsmbj-TS^AdgiatGe. ONEY to~LEND on Morf^S13 flad Deposit. Apply to ,__t * It. I-. COLLE1, L-ati 'r-;'- 131037 No. 73, King \7iUiam-itrcct. Accldds. ,. C0H7EYA3JCEC ? ^ nHEAP TRIP' to SALI^BLPY nd - \J BACK', Faro =-'. 6d, oniSOSD^ n t, ± i I 15th lSig.-1'he Pablio are respectrtf t j r |l I * the FOUNDATION-STONE of tbe Nl v I I 'i 'N ie CHAPEL at SALISBURY will be LAID on 0 L'\ ,y iWXt, the I5th tosiant, after rybieli a loLLIC £n' MEETING will be hc-!d ia tha Largo Eo-a. * i Railway Station. 1 A SPECIAL TRAIN will ieavs Adeialdo oi 2 oV t and remro st S c'cloek p.rt., cailfnif at North idda'Je S J TicStcts may be obtaiaed on Epplicatton et the difl c . I Eailway Siatfoas, , C3-71T ^jiirioqrcntk, -., , .;.-;. . ?

LASH AUCTIOH HQTTCE9. A BBTHAOT OFORKKfil iWADHAM'S «.v MAB0H «-^-» LARD ABCTION SALS, TobcluridiaUw «, -J'4N» MABT. ON FRIDAY, MABCE 1»ib, 1888. , -^.^L^ntlcaUn ?«? csnent adnrtis«ments is Lot.. -jTOWN PROPERTIES. HODSB and UMu, GJientmt, BOOTH ADB - IjAiak. ? ' . . .' ? . ''ADELAIDE? ^^ Yotm^treet» «-OTK 9. HOUSE and LAND,Young-st,NORTH ADELAIDE 1Um ^WtS^ land» I*J«wtem«e, NOBTH - —iBSliSt ^ '* ^ '?? 60»»8ODTH 17. TOWN ACEK 645, GUkn-rtreet, SOUTH ADE '-''* xiAXDE. ?. ',. % ?* ? ' . . ... 19. Br Oisu ov en Tusi Asnsnu, I* Bi W.Knto. BLOCK of LAND, O'Connell-itnet, NOBTH * ADELAIDE. ? ? 23. HOUSES and LAND, NOBTH ADELAIDE. Lot. HOBUBBANPEOPEBTIIS, i 1 Bx Omi n m Motwien. ' FORTY ACRES, part of 8«oUon;4«, YATALA. ,6. -, Bx Own or cm Mobtoaom. * COTTAGE and LAND, BOWDEK. 11. ALLOTMEMTSof LAND, NAIL -WORTH. ,1J. ALLOTMENTS of LAND, WALKEBYILLE. SO, 21, 84, Bx Odu o» «m Tubs Awsm, ? I» Bi W. Knro. HOUSES and LAND. Port-road, BOWDSN. 2U SECTION 974 (part of) 06 Acre*, CROYDON. 18. BUSINESS PREMISES, B0WDKN. 28. HOUSES and LAND. Allotment 627, BOWDSN. Lot' OODNTBTiROPEBTIW. L BEVENTY-RIGHT ALLOTMENTS, without re serve. TOWNSHIP OP VICTOBIA. JL IMPBOVFD 8ECT10N, No. 27, MOBPHETT VAliK# ':?, BxOx&noitnKoBToiQU. HOUSE and LAND, Township of LITTLE a - \ ' HAM PTON. * 7. Bx Oinia o* m Honsion. .HOUSB and LAND, MOUNT BARKER NOBTH. 8.BECTI0N 8277, NlDety..ereu Acres, PABA 10. IMPROVED SECTION (32 Acres), ONKAPA* 'oINGAft . i ' « 14. SECTION 3084 (82 Acres), MUNSO PABA. 18. COTTAGE and LAND, Township of 8ALISBUBY : 24 IMPBOVED FABM (78 Aoret), KOHDOPA . ' BINGA. - - . X. SECTION .SH (without rttem), LEKEVBE'S PENINSULA, (For roll partioalars ate current admtisenunti In REQI8TEB and OBSERVER newspaper! on Monday, rhunday, and Saturday.) . - -. UREENft WADHAMiLandAwnts. Eichtnge Land Offloe,Klny William-street. Tescr PEOBtrCE. ^7 ; ' ? ? ' PRODUCE Q.ENERAL AGrENOY OFFICE.— WHEAT. . WHEAT. WHEAT. THREE SHILLINGS PER BUSHEL ADVANCED ON WHEAT. LIBERAL ADVANCES on FLOOR, BARLEY, ? OATS.&e, Farmen requiring Bags willpteaM forward partlen. lara,^ - .??.- ?-. ? . ? ? ? ? ?? ? ? ? *? ? - - O-The 8AME WHEAT delWered to the SAMB ? BAGS. MARK your Wheat ' - t JOHN INGLBBY ft (XX, 9mwscv Farmers' Agenta, to, CaniMtreet pLARE STEAM FLOUR.MILL8.-The \J- FABMEB8 and BETTLER3 of the North DU triots sre re#pcctfully lnlormed that the nndenlgnsd have thii day taken the above Mills, and they ire pre pared to attend to any quantity of GB1BT WORK, tc. : Wheat Purchased at the highest market trloei for Cash.:.' . . .? ? .. .:.: ..-;...;,-??. . ? FLOTO, BBAN, POLLABD, 4o, oT; tb» Cneit a.ualitjalwajion8alo. ? ? ? BALL* BANDT. Clare, December 23, 1857. ? S6Ost70T GREENOOE CREEEB— The vndenigned is a Purchaser of WHEAT, t-ATS,and BARLEY, at the highest market price. , His commodious Store is cow ready to receive Produce on Storage at the usual rates. 36cr - ' ; GEO. BBUNSKILL. -pARKSIliE MILLS.— WHEAT' PUR X CHASED at the. highest market price for good samples. Storage of Wheat by special agreement. Grist dono at moderate prices, and punctually attended to. 8-83v,, - . DANIEL FERGUSON. TXTHEAT. WHEAT. WHEAT.— The ?; VT undersigned are PURCHASE R8 of best samples of WHEAT, at the HIGHEST MARKET PBICE, « will STORE on the following terms i— ? STORAGE, id. per bushel per month. ! BAGS LENT without charge if returned within one month. : .... , ? ? ? ?? ' . ? INSURANCE against Loss by FIRE, Cd. per 100 busfcali per month. An extra charge of Id. per bushel for delivery if not sold to them, such delivery to bo made from Wheat of a quality equal to, bat not from, tbo Wheat originally received. :; CASH ADVANCES made on WHEAT STORED. BEEBY & DUN8TAN, . .Albion Steam Flour Mills, ? -^ Grenfell-sircet. . , Oor TT7HEAT STORED, by the undewigned, :' V » - at id. per buihel per month, and BAGS LENT to bring in wheat for storage at ld.caoh, Initranoe against loss by fire, 6d. per 100 bushels per month! Stored Wheat sold to other parties will be subject to a farther charge of Id. per bushel for dollvery, .which delivery will oe made from wheat of a quality equal to bnt not the same as that originally received. Wheat purchased for csib. ..: ,^','J..-k ,- ; ,.i = G. D. BISMEY, '? . .LfiOv Crown Mills, Victoria-square. TITHE AT and FLOUR STOBEB it TV CHARLES SIMEON'S STORE, Qrcnfell-itrMt, near the Xtgkter and Obterver OfBoe. . Terms an i— id. a bushel per menth ?Id. for weighing and receiving Id. for delivering. ?? Liberal Advanoes made on Grain and Flour stored. If not purchased, parties will receive their own Wheat or Flonrback. Apply above, or at the Office in Hlndler-street. - flcr ? QHABLE3 SIMEON. TJITHEAT, BARLEY, OATS, Bought bj ?vT the aDdejrsignedst tho blffbeat market price fer cash. '_ ?? . ? W.B. TURNER, 81, Hindley^lreet. GrilntftOnBtoredattheojaalcaargei, SSOer T7ET HB A T. ? WHEAT. WHfiSAT. — TV imperial mills, huetlk-squabe. The Highest Market Price givca at the above Mills. '?'?*? *? / ? ? 2S2fl» 'HEAT. WHEAT. WHEAT.— Th« ? nndenigaed an Porchairn of Wheat at market price for cash, Grist Ground on reasonable terms, and Wheat Stored For terms, see Hits at Mill. ' - BBaXENBIDGE ft BHITff, : f, ? ??' Mount Barker Mills. Moont Barker. Jannary 1,1858. ,»106 1&/HEAT. — Tho undersigned is a Barer at YV the highest market prlee. - 83S0T ABRAHAM SCOTT, Biyth-etreet. 1TTHEAT. WHEAT. WHEAT. IT -Wheat Bought by tha nnderslgnad at the Highest Market Price for Cash. Ban lent for wheat purchased. Wheat stored at the usual rates. - ~ v ' A.8.BAIRD. Kmtootpt Wheat Store, Pee. 28, 1887. ? WfWv WHEAT, BARLEY, and OATS Pur chased at the Highest .Market Prkei. Ad TanoesSoaade on Wheat Stored. ? 8S2f7C3 00WIEftA8PiyffALL.Grenlelk»reet., B' ARLEY. i BARLEY. . BARLEY.— The Highest Market Price paid by the undesigned for English and Cape Bute. ... «m BARCLAY, arenUn-street, 00m Neit door to Mean. Elder, Stirling,! Co. CiOAEF HAY, CHAFF HAY, CHAFF XJ HAY, bytha Too orCwt, at the Brecknock Arms, Ktog William-street,' 67o ; EDWIN DKACON. A?B BARLEY.— WANTED, 500 Bushels of Cape Barley, of (rood sample, for which the highest market price will be given. __._.. King Wniiam-ttree^ Febmary fl, 18S3. 89er ^ WbdL.— The nnderaigned either pttrohase '^?^'^W.PEACOCKftSON. GrenfdUtreet,JanCTPy,lBIM. , , lor TTirbdL, TALLOW,, HIpES, 4c^ Pur. 77cr chMcdbf ' BLACK t WBIOHT. OOL, HIDES, aad TALLOW.— JOHN TAYLOR. Tbebarton, tonttaaea to rir« the highest markstprieefcr tbeaboveszttdlM,. lEATB. FOOT OIL algajion BALE.: ^ 1 f., jb - -?? Win OOL. HIDES. BELEBPSKJHS.— The- undersigned ii a Porehasar of -WOOL, HIDES, and SHXBP8KUTB, or wlOaak* Ubml ADVANCES on auch Prodoce coiwign«d for Sale to Ms friends, Messrs. B.GoJdsbroofli*Oo^ Wool Sr«ken llelboumo. , ???,-,. TBEDBBICE BOW, Ko.S, Exchftnge-buDdIng»,Gilbert-plaoe, -r - - - Adelaide, December lj, 1867. - -? Utev 0 WrCHSRS and , Otha».^--Highait price far . -. , , : .-?. . -; Greasy Wool . . - S ,. : U - Sheepskins {.:?,.. HUee . . . - t. « ?' Tallow. — . -\ o w. peacock: k son. Grcnfell-itreet ., . after 0 VINEGROWERS.— The underfigned !i a Pcrchiier cf good WINE (JBAPJSa in any ru ntit' - --^.j* Tp 7,-i j JAT.I £5 ITONEO, Grocer, OrtaMhirtmt. c^_ -zz in meTbo1tb-»b.— ? ~ - . CO^DOII & GOTCH, of Gb&UMfawt , - , ?-, bten appointed ACBtlflB l»-r , , -r --?-.'«/ end ObtsH*r aenpagmj saw ; i. _ - I m ? Ik', accounts dee. ii&nttMiURU ' tr 1 z . s' i tat* will be teot/hni tjr *w,aa4! ' » .urrjipUtUoUoa, - ? _\ ?'?