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COURT OF rNSOLTEiror. '-iTtrforeHigHonor, Mr. Charles Mann.1

Chaxub Bo»nr, ton jobber and agent. ? Thb wMlhe day fixed for the final hearing. ' TheAttoroey-General appeared for the insolvent; and w» Pm*«r for the estate.

The Insolvent deposed that ho was married in July, 1855, and executed a deed of settlement in favour of his wife at the request of his father-in-law, dated the 2nd of July, 1855.. The deed produced is the instrument of settlement which had been carried out in terms of a deed subsequently made, and dated the 20th of December, 1855. Messrs, Creeth, Hicks, & , Creeth, of Melbourne, held three securities: 1st, an assignment of a life policy on his, (insolvent's) life for £2,000 ; 2ndly, a mortgage of 55 feet of land in Grenfell-street, Adelaide; 3rdly, a mortgage on land belonging to insolvent in Kent Town. Messrts. Conner & Phelan, Melbourne, held security over seven shops and stores, situate in Swanston, Latrobe, and Elizabeth streets, and there was not a deed of mort- gage. Messrs. Conner & Phelan held bills of insolvent's for £2158, and he informed them they might deal with the property they held as security 30 days after the bills became due. Insolvent had received no notice from Conner & Phelan, either of the dishonour of the bills or of any other kind. Had seen an advertisement in the Argus newspaper that Conner & Phelan had advertised the property for sale. That property included a   store which he (insolvent) had sold to Messrs. Creeth & Co, for £1,300. It cost him (insolvent) £7,000 in 1854, , and le thought there would be no difficulty In now getting from £3,000 to £3,500 for it. Insolvent had made considerable advances to Messrs. Dumaresq & Robin, Melbourne, and on closing their   business, Alfred Robin handed him (insolvent) the papers relating to their estate, and a collateral security for his (insolvent's) claim, accompanied by a power of attorney. The firm of Dumaresq & Robin had a heavy claim against William Frederick Blanchard, residing in Adelaide. Insolvent was instructed to get it in, when Mr. Blanchard threatened to go into the Insolvent Court if he (insolvent) preferred the claim, which he did not press. Messrs. Bartley, Bakewell, & Stow, the attorneys of Mr . Blanchard, applied for a commission to examine witnesses in Melbourne, which he (insolvent) believed was never sent, and in the meantime Messrs. Dumaresq and Robin became insolvent. The insolvent having deposed to the truth of the statements set forth in his schedule, and answered the ?sna questions, passed. Arponmmrra. Moxsat, Mat 11. Hour. ' Name. Object. 2 Aof. Fischer. Final hearing. Proof of debU. ft A. Thomas. Audit Fsnux.MATlfi. 1 W. Nmnn. First hearing. Proof of debts Appointment of assignees. % H. Hooper (Mount Final htaring. Barker). . Proof of debts. Moxdat, Mat 18. 1 8. Scone. Proof of debts. 1 H.Ambridge. Proof of debts. 1 T. Imkip. Audit. 3 T.Gepp. Hearing. Proof of debts-. Appointment of assignees