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i^HABLE3JENKINS,AUC7riONEEEand \J G©n3BM. COMMISSION AGENT, attends the Catti* YaixDFR an early hoar every Saturday maming.te taka entries, of Stock, Drays, &c, intended for the aay*i gilt. HO CX1XG2 JOt SXT2Y. C. J. invariably obtains the highest Driees which can fee vouched for BY ANY PEESON WHO ATTENDS THBYABBS. The ESTABLISHED MONTHLY SALS it BALIS. BURY takes pl*oe on the Erst Mondaj in every month, Always on Sale Privately— Hor&ea and vehicles of trery description. Canmtmicttioiii may be addiesKd to the can of Mr, H. H. Blckfcrd, Htodley-rtreet. ' C J. will be happy to attend Salt* of General Her* ?ihmifiie. ffuraitare, Stock, Land, *e* in Town or Country. ? SlTmfcv THIS DAY (Friday), January 2, 1857. BABLBY. WHEAT. HAY, MAKES AND FOALS PIGS, FARMING IMPLEMENTS, 4c, 4c, &c {!*'; , — — /^?HAETjES JENKINS has receive^ in -' \J ' stnctlons from T. H. Beare, Esq, to atll by ' auction, Tbii Day (Friday), the 2nd January, at 11 O'clock, at nil Residence, :'*^ '? *- -*NETLET FARM, near RICHMOND (The old Halfway House to the Bay, 1838) 1 Thefollowinz Lota, on account of the Owner tearing tho district— Stack of ENGLISH BARLEY, the prodaee of 20 Acres, say 500 Bushils J$c Stack of Cape Barley, about the aarae quantity 'i'jStack of Wheat, the produce of 7 acres, orer ISO -. e boaheli ?J- Stack of Hay, about 10 tons : Stack of Straw, about 20 tons Chaffcutter, by Ransom & Simms Winnowing Machine, by Croukill ' , 3 Ploughs 3 pair Harrows lEoUer ? SearlBer. by CrosskfU t Mares and Foals Pigs Ac* 4c, 4c Samples of the Grain can be seen by applying; to the Auctioneer. The above Lots being sold for the reason above stated, layers will do well by attending the sale of the 2nd January. 1857. ? 381at2v On TUESDAY, January 6. COWS. HEIFERS. HORSES, PIGS, DAIRY UTENSILS, 4c. /1HABLES JENKINS will sell by auction \J on Tuesday next, the 6th January, at 11 o'clock at the Residence of Mr. W. Dinham (who is leaving the neighbourhood), midway between the late residence of B. B. Torreai, Esq., and the Smelting Works, near Alberton— . The following LOTS— 6 Cows, 2 Heifers, well bred 21 Pigs, aU sizes HorstDray, and Harness Dairy Utensils Sets of Harness, Stable Requisites, Ajn- Sundry useful Lets, too numerous to particu larize in an advertisement. The FREEHOLD PROPERTY to be SOLD or LET. ? lftflv NOTICE. npHE ESTABLISHMENT of the under X signed will be CLOSED THIS D -Y (Friday), January X WICKSTEED, BOTTING, TOWNSEND, 4 CO. TO-MORROW (Saturday), January 3. AT THE CATTLE YARDS. BY ORDER OF THE CHIEF SECRETARY. TO be SOLD by Auction, by the Government Auctioneer, at the Corporation Cattle Yards, on Saturday, January S, ax 12 o'clock — 0 POLICE HORSES, vii :- Warwick, bay Button, bay Nobby, chesnut Hash, black Grey Billy, grey Glennie, black Carlow, black Sam Ttrrj, brown A Filly, bay FREDERIC WTCKSTEED, Government Auctioneer. TO-MORROW (Saturday), January 3. TO DEALERS AND OTHERS. 'TTnCKSTEED.BOTTING.TOWNSEND, Y Y and CO. hare received instructions to sell, in the Mart, on Saturday, January 3, at 11 o'clock — A Qnantity of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, con sitting of— Tables, Chairs, Sofas, Washstands Looking-GIasses, Counter Forms, Bedsteads it, 4c, Ac On MONDAY, January 5, 1857. LEFEVBE'S PENINSULA. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEES. TTCpCKSTEEP.BOTTING.TOWNSEND, f V and CO. are instructed to sell, in the Mart, on Monday. January 5, 1S57, at 13 o'clock— ALL THOSE Two very Valuable SECTIONS or LAND, numbered respectively 1030 and 1119, situated onLEFEVRE'S PENINSULA, and containing together 20 Acres or thereabouts. These Sections are on the best part of the Peninsula, and very near the Port. For farther particulars apply to Messrs. Bagot and Labatt, solicitor to the mortgagees. On MONDAY, January 6, 1857. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEES. \\l ICKSTEED.BOTTING.TOWNSEND, t V? and CO. will tell by auction, at their Mart, on { Monday, January 5, 1957, at 13 o'clock— I All that House and Land in THEBARTON. nor or recently in the occupation of Robert Wade. The HOUSE is well built of Brick and Stone ; the LAND consists of Allotments 33,33,31, and 35 (having together a frontage of 272 feet by 104 feet deep), and is all fenced in. There U a well-stocked GAROEN.and a good WELL. Alto gether a very mug property. For further particulars apply to Messrs. Bagot and Labatt, solicitors to the mortgagees. On MONDAY, January 5. SPLENDID WARDROBE. \ ROSEWOOD CHEFFONNIEB. OIL PAINTING. 'TXTICKSTEED,BOTTINa,TOWNSEND, Y Y and CO. have received instructions to sell, at the Mart, on Monday, January 5, at 11 o'clock — 1 Splendid Colonial-made WARDROBE 1 Rosewood Cbefibnnier 1 very superior Oil Painting, ' Storm at Sea' 4c, 4c, 4c. On WEDNESDAY, January 7. HALF-YEARLY LAND SALE. PORTLAND ESTATE. HXAB THE RAILWAY TERMINUS AT THE PORT. \JU lCKSTEED.BOTTLNa.TOWNSEND, Y Y and CO. are honoured with instructions from thsi Proprietors to offer for sale, on the above day, at noon, at Bower's Portland Hotel— 60 ALLOTMENTS la this admirable property. The value of this property baa been much increased during the last six months, both by the number of buildings erected on the estate and by the bringing into the market of a large property seam opposite, the whole of which has been sold, and will doubtless be shortly covered with buildings. TITLE. A LAND GRANT. HALF-YEARLY SALE OF THE PORTLAND ESTATE, Wednesday, January 7, 1857, at noon. Plans may be seen at the Auctioneers* Offices, and it Mr. Bower's, Portland Hotel, on the Estate, where ? LUNCH w01 be provided. ? PRELIMINARY NOTICE. AS SOON AS LANDED. tOO CASKS GROCERIES AND OILMEN'S STORES. TJ|71CKSTEED,BOTTING,TOWNSEND, YY and CO. are instructed to seU, at their Mart, on ? day to be named— ?00 Cases GROCERIES and OILMEN'S STORES. On TUESDAY, January 6, at 11 o'clock. UNDER DISTRES8 FOR RENT. AT THE SIB JOHN FRANKLIN, FRANKLIN. STREET. THE HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BAR FITTINGS, AND STOCK. EDWARD MACCABEhas received in structions to sell by auction, on the above day— The HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BAR FITTINGS, aod STOCK-IN-TRADE. Tenns— Cash. 1'S EOTAL ADMIRAL HORSE BAZAAR, HINDLEY STREET. On SATURDAY, January 3, at 12 o'clock, TyrS. E. J. PEAKE will offer, as above, JJ3- the following Valuable HORSE 8TOCK— An Iron-grey Entire Cart Colt warranted staunch An unbroken Iron-grey Cart Colt A Pair of handsome Chesnut Fillies, with plenty of bone, in foal to a first-rate Cart Horse A very first-class high-bred Harness Horse Several superior Hacks, 4c. EDWARD JOHN PEAKE, 11 Land Agent and Auctioneer. On MONDAY, January's, 1857, at Soon. INVESTMENT FOR CAPITAL. A HOME FOB THE WORKING MAN. THE TOWNSHIP OF ASHBT. AT THB GRAND JUNCTION INN, NORTH-ROAD, ADJOINING THE DRY CREEK STATION, ON THE GAWLEE TOWN RAILWAY. 'lf'B. E. J. PEASE win sell this unique JUL Property, without reserve, as above— THE TOWNSHIP OF ASHBY b fortunately placed between two level crossings on the Otwkr Town Railway, adjoining the Dry Creek Railway Station, at a point where the North Arm Loop Line of Xafls must diverge from the Great North Trunk Line to ASHBY must are long become a nourishing place. Bemember— MONDAY, January 6th, 1857. Luncheon at noon. The Bed Rover Omnibus will leave the Royal Ad sairsl Yards at half-past 10 in, for the Township of Albbj. . - ' No reserve. ZDWABD* JOHZT PEAKE. Land Agent cad Am&utr. VwBtat»,UM, . ? ? IMP i . ' *.*-?? 1 1 - J

? .JfflgHgnP. - --.» THIS DAY (Friday),-January'2,at U o'clock. GROCERS AND OTHERS. 1 UITCHELL, POWELL, & CO. will sell OX. by auction, at their Mart, 117, Hinuley-itreet— -PICKLES, iilnts and quartl Salad Oil, Castor Oil ? *, Hams, Vinegar, Lard ..;-... a Coffte, Capers, Shot* k', '.-.:'.'' also, ? ' : i .'-????? . .? 24 dozen By&sa's Ale . . ... ? 10 cases Pale Brandy. ' ; . '. , THIS DAY (Friday), January 2, at 11 o'clock. , \fITCHELL, POWELL. & CO. will aell lxL by auction, at their Mart, 117, Hindley-streW— ' 3 COOKING STOVES, complete 12 Butler's Patent Revolvers : ' 3 pipes Harvest Wine . . . Pin diamond— lease of Books '? ? ' 6 Mts C*rt Harness . - 4a, 4c, 4c TO-MORROW (Saturday) January 3, at 12 o'clock. MITCHELL, POWELL, & CO. will sell 1V| by auc ion, at their Mart, 117, Hmiley-strMt— A large Assortment of GOODS. | Without reserve. ALSO, Dog-Cart, Mare, and Harness, complete, 119 2 good Hocks. ? ^ ? )n THURSDAY, Janua y 8. and following day, at 11 o'clock sharp. ? - PRELIMINARY NOTICE. TO DRAPERS, STOREKEEPERS, DEALERS, AND OTHERS. MR. E. MITCHELL'S CLEARING SALE. TITICTHELL, POWELL, & CO. will sell ( XlL by auction, at their Rooms, 117, Hindley-street. j on Thursday, January 8, and following day, at 11 o'clock iharp— The Whole of Mr. E. MITCHELL'S Extensive and ( Well-selected STOCK, without reserve. To avoid competition with parcels of Goods placed in ' their hands for Sale, the Sale will be absolute. Luncheon each day at 1 o'clock. Terms— By approved Bills, three, four, and six months. i Full particulats in Saturday's paper. TO-MORROW (Saturday), January 3. TO DRAPERS. GROCERS, STOREKEEPERS, DEALERS, AND OTHERS. E SOLOMON & CO. will sell, at the City ? Auction Mart, To-morrow (Saturday), January 3, at ll o'clock— A Large Quantity! of!GOODS,'without reserve, con sisting of— Groceries Draperies Clothing Croekery Hardware and Saws Baskets ? 4c, 4c.. 4c. ? On MONDAY, January 5. TO STATIONERS, SOLICITORS, PRINTERS, AND OTHERS. E SOLOMON & CO. are instructed to ? sell, at the City Auction Mart, on Monday next, January 5, at 1 1 o'clock— 1 Bale containing— '. FOOLSCAP PAPER, 13 and 14 lbi. 2C-lined Brier Blue Laid Copy, 17 lbs. . : On MONDAY, January 6. 1,000 BUSHELS MALT. IS BALES HOPS. TO BREWERS, SHIPPERS, GROCERS, AND OTIIERS. E SOLOMON & CO. are instructed to ? sell, at the City Auction JUart, on Monday next, January 5, at 11 o'clock — 1,000 Bushels MALT, Airn ? 19 bales Hops. V. D. Land, 18SC. ? On MONDAY, January 5. i TO STATIOXERS. PRINTERS, NEWSPAPER PROPRIETORS, AND OTHERS. E SOLOMON & CO, are instructed to sell, ? at the City Auction Mart, on Monday, January 5, at 11 o'clock — 1 Bale DE5IY PAPER, 12 to 20 lbs. ? 1 do. Double C.-own, 12 to 18 lbs. ? On MONDAY, January 6. 15 TRUNKS BOOTS AND SHOES. TO BOOT AND SHOE MAKERS, DRAPERS, STOREKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. E SOLOMON & CO. are instructed to ? sell, at the City Auction Mart, on Monday, January 5, at 11 o'clock— 1 Trunk Patent Half-Goloshed Spring-Side BOOTS 1 do. Children's Patent Straps 1 do. Infants' Coloured do. 1 do. Do. Patent do. 1 do. Women's Cashmere Pump Boots Patent Strap Shoes 1 do. Grained and Patent Strap Shoes 1 do. Patent Strap Shoes 1 do. Gentlemen's Calf Side-spring Boots 1 do. Do. do. do. 1 do. Women's Cashmere Boots 1 do. Gentlemen's Calf Wellingtons Do. Cambridge Shoes Do. Balmoral do. 2 do. Women's Kid Boots 1 do. Patent Slippers 1 do. Do. Alberts. On TUESDAY, January 8. AT THE PORT. CARGO OF THE JEUNE PROSPERE, FROM HOBABT TOWN. TO TIMBER MERCHANTS, BUILDERS, AND onuRs. E SOLOMON & CO. have received in ? structural to sell, on the Maclaren Wharf, on Tuesday, January 6. at 12 o'clock— The ENTIRE CARGO of the JEUNE PROSPERE, from Uobarv Town, consisting of— 292 Pieces Quartering, 8 feet 212 do. do. 9 do. 414 do. do. 10 do. 51 do. do. 11 do. 1,100 do. do. 12 do. 119 do. do. 13 do. 331 do. do. 14 do. 56 do. do. 15 do. 4 do. do. 16 do. 4 do. Joists, 5 X 3, 9 feet 4 do. do. do. 10 do. 83 do. do. do. 12 do. 12 do. .do. 6X3,9 do. 3 do. do. do. 10 do. ; 2 do. do.' do. 11 do. 351 do. do. do. 12 do. 112 do. do. do. 14 do. 3« do. do. do. 15 do. 1 do. do. 7X3,14 do. 91,000 Broad Paling, 5 feet 24,000 do. 6 do. 53,000 Laths 3 do. 61,0 0 do. 3 feet 6 inches. 40,000 feet Sawn Timber. The above Cargo has been selected for the Adelaide Market, and is well worthy the attention of ths Trade. Terms— Approved Bills at three month*. On~TCESDAY, January 6. AT THE PORT. ON ACCOUNT OF WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. EX ELIZABETH AND CICELY, FROM BATAVIA. 347 BAGS SUGAR. S4 DO. COFFEE. 77 DO. RICE. TO GROCERS, STOREKEEPERS, AND OTHERS. E SOLOMON & CO. are instructed to ?oil, ? . at the Stores of Mr. S. Mocatta, Port, on Tuesday next, January 6, at 12 o'clock, ex Elizabeth and Cicaly, from Batavia— A. 245 Bags SUGAR B. $0 do. do. X. 30 do. do. O. 22 do. do, P k S. 34 do. Coffeo 77 do. Rice. All more or less damaged by -ea water. On TUBSDAY, January 8. AT THE PORT. EX ORIENT. 16,320 BEST BED BANGOB SLATES. 14,400 DO. BLUE DO. DO. TO TIMBER MERCHANTS. BUILDERS, AND OTHERS. E SOLOMON & CO. are instructed to ? sell, at the Company's Yard, behind the Maclaren Stores, on Tuesday next, January 8, at 13 o'clock— 10,320 Best Red Bangor Viscountess SLATES, 18 X 10 14,400 do. Blue do. Ladies do., 18X10 On TUESDAY, January 6, at 12 o'clock. SIMON FAIRLIE is favoured with instruc tions by F. H. Faulding, Esq., who is leaving for   England, to sell by auction, at his Residence, North terrace, corner of Stephens-place— The Whole of his Valuable and Modern HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 4a, Jfcc., 4c, eomprijin*— Loo and other Tables, Chain. Softs Bookcase, Cheflbnnier with Eioretoire Bedsteads and Bedding XXD Th» uiual Effects of a Gentleman's Honwhold. ALSO, - A first-rate Patent Rosewood Cottage Pianoforte, .full compass, oblique action, metallic plate, and all the modera improvements. A nearly new London-built Dennett Side and other Saddles, Bridles, Ao. . ? Cata'ognes in a few days. ' 384a On THURSDAY, January 8, at 12 o'clock, SIMON FAIRLIE is instructed by Joseph Hall, Esq., whose family is leaving for England, to sell, at his Residence, Palmer-place, North Adelaide—   The Whole of his HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and EFFECTS, consisting of— Sideboard, Loo Table, Chest of Drawers Bookcase, Sofa, Chest of Drawers, &c., &c., &c.   ALSO, A handsome Rosewood Cottage Pianoforte, 6¾ octaves. 18

  On WEDNESDAY, Jataary f ', at/a V ddckr V . ', 0 BUTCHERS, FARMERS; BAIBY FARMERS, Ac.: CATTLE AND HORSES. .'''.\t[ ?? FAMES H. PARR hai receiyed instructions P to offer by aucticn, at the Cattle Yards, on the joveday— ?'';?? - About 100 Heal CATTLE, consisting of— 20 fust-rate Heifers, In calf to a pure-bred Durham Bull .:-,-.???.???? Cows and Calves, together or separately . . ' * Fat Steers, weight to Buit Farmers or Butchers Steers for workers ' ? - : Young Store Cattle, from 6 to 12 months old. - The above are all of the much approved FD brand. ? '?''??? . Aiao, About 10 nice Young Horses, in-good working con dition, broken in and quiet. . ? N.B.— 2 o'clock, Wednesday, January 7, 1857, at the attto Yards. '_ Positive *nd unreserved sale. - l*3v ~~~ LAND AND HOUSES. 'i E O R a E GREEN JT LAND AGENT and LAND AUCTIONEER. LANDED PROPEBTIBS VALUED. LANDED PROPERTIES SURVEYED. PLANS furnished and TOWNSHIPS laid out, Plans r Townships, Hundreds, 4a, 4c, throughout the IOLONY always open for inspection. ??;;:;'-H0USE8, STORES, LANDS, f SECTIONS, 4c., LET or LEASED. EXCHANGE LAND MART, And Land Offices, King William-street .™,t.™, 1 LAND f ^mL»^r,.« f GENERAL COM- -I WM. GREEN, a'™1 MISSION Jqubm.btkmt ?sun J OFFICES. (. mwRwrvT ') Purchased in accordance with the BPmmvQ instructions of parties absent from SECTIONS jAdej8idei *~ 10VEBNMENT ) Purchased and let on Lease with SECTIONS (right of purchase. ?mreoMurOT '- Purchased, and any proportion of the RP-5£nwir -Pttrchase-money advanced for kngo SECTIONS J for »hort period. SPECIAL NOTICE. MR. GREEN'S ADVERTISEMENTS appear he 'REGISTER' Newspaper on MONDAYS THURSDAYS, and in the 'OBSERVER' of Saturday lqv GEORGE GREEN, Laud Agent. FOR SALE, the beautiful and valuable ESTATE of FULLARTON, situated on the JLEN OSMOND and MITCHAM ROADS, which tound it for two miles, commanding a splendid view of be Golf, Town, Ac, and is only two and a half to three nlles distant from Town. ' The Estate consists of 230 Acres in one block, with lommodious DWELLING-HOUSE, OUTHOUSES, and jARDEN well stocked with Vines and Fruit Trees: ilso, good FARM PREMISES, consisting of Barn and Sheds attached to same. Stable, Cart Sheds, Cottages or Men, Stock and Stack Yards, Pirgeries, 4c, and is rabdivided into convenient sized Paddocks. Plans can be seen, and price, terms, and other parti culars ascertained, on application to the Proprietor, tfr. James Frew, on the estate ; Messrs. J, 4 R. Frew, Jren fell-street; and Messrs. Bartley, Bakewell, 4 Stow, Vorth-terrace, with the latter of whom the titles are leposited for inspection of purchasers, N.B.— If not dispose of in .one lot, will be cut up nto Building and Villa Allotments, to suit purchasers is per plan. ? 2S7aov T10WN LAND.— To be SOLD, a most JL Valuable LEASE of a Piece of Land, having leorly 50 years to run. being part of Acre 263, in fBANKLIN-STREET, and adjoining Mr. J. Bullock's iropeny, 60 feet frontage to the street by the depth of he acre. This street is sure to become one of the beat n the City of Adelaide in a short -time. Apply to T. Kelson, Glenelg; or ??:-.? ^ ? 35Qaov B. B. COLLEY, King William-street. rVLENELGh— Furnished and Unfurnished IX COTTAGES t« be LET by the MONTH. For enns, apply to 319acv ? R. B. COLLEY. STORE to be LET.— To be LET, a large and commodious STORE in LEIGH-STKEET, tor particulars apply to GEO. P. HARRIS, Hindley-street. November 17 185S. 32iao HOTEL to be LET.— The most convenient Hotel at GLENELG to be Let, affording every iccommodation for Visitors during the summer months, »ith good Stabling, Well, Sheds, Hayloft, 4c. ; indeed no upense has been spared in making the above every way iiiitable for carrying; on an exiensiva business, which it Till be sure to command alter the completion ot the netal road from Adelaide and the Jetty, which is ex lected every day. The above will be Let, to a suitable ndividual for the business, at a lew rental. None but inch need apply, as the proprietor will shortly have to eave the colony for a time on important business. Apply )j letter, to A. F. G., Branch Office of this paper. 350ac SUBURBAN BREWERY- FOR SALE. —A safe and good Investment for small Capi talists, Doing a good business, to which the Gingerbeer md Sodawater might be advantageously added. MITCHELL, POWF.LL, 4 CO. are instructed to sell )y private contract a well-known BREWERY, in a xipulous district. Plenty of good Water, with excellent Drainage, and Wood in abundance. Plant nearly new, md well bought. Terms— Cash, or credit on approved bills. For further particulars, apply to the AucVioneerg, 117, Flindley-street. 345-'7acv MOUNT GAMBLER. — FARMS to be LET. at a PRODUCE RENT, with the Eiitht of Purchase. Apply, this week and next, at the Office of L Scott, Esq., Adelaide; and after that date to the Pro srietor, at Mount Gambier. DAVID POWER, Proprietor. Octoberl, 1856. 277ftvf2 ECHUNaA GARDEN.— To be LET, the GARDEN at ECHUNGA.the property of Jacob 3agen, Esq., formerly in the occupation of Mr. Everitt, iut now of Mr. Russell, together with the Com Paddock, Mmtaining 17 Acres, at present leased with the Garden. For further particulars, apply to Mr. G. Sanders, Echunga Creek ; or to Edward Stirling, Adelaide. ? 331cv TO FRUIT-GROWERS and Othes. — To be LET. a SHOP, No. 33, HINDLEY-STREET. -pposite Mr. Graves's, grocer, with two Rooms, good Cellar, Yard, 4c. Enquire of M. Morris, Tinware Manufactory, No. 50, Hindley-street, opposite the Black Bull. ? 353tfcv VTORTH ARM, SECTION G.— ALLOT- H MENTS of LAND FOR SALE, consisting of WHARF FRONTAGES on Hindmarsh Reach. Also, BUILDING ALLOTMENTS. Apply to T. B. Strang rays, at Green's Exchange. 145cv SHOP to be LET, NORTH-PARADE, Port, now in the occupation of Mr. James Grosse, Ipply on the premises. 316c UBLIC-HOUSE.— To be LET, the ROYAL OAK INN, NORTH ADELAIDE. For jarticnlirs, apply to the Landlord, on the premises ; or o Charles Banbiiry, North-terrace. 322fl5 IVTORWOOD.— To be LET, & Five-roomed L l HOUSE, detached, with spacious Verandah, which nclades an underground Apartment, one acre Garden, ally cropped with choice Fruit-tree*, now in full -earing( with Paddock, and a good Well of water, sharp's Omnibusses pass each way half-hourly, fare 6d. Lpply to FLINT, DEANE, 4 CO, Bundle-street. December 22, 1858. 359c OR SALE, LEASE of a PUBLIC HOUSE in the Country, twenty years unexplred. Rental low. Apply to J. 4 R. Carruthers. 322cv TO be LET, a Five-roomed COTTAGE, pleasantly situated, NEW GLENELG. within five minutes' walk of the Beach ; the late residence of the Rev. J. B. Titherington. Terms moderate. Apply either to the Landlord, Mr. Harvey, Glenelg; or to the late tenant 381c TO be LET, two doors from Gold Digger's Arms, NORWOOD, a HOUSE and SHOP, con taining Four Rooms ; large Cellar, Store, Yard, Garden, good Well of Water ; lately in the occupation of Wailes md Hicks, grocers. Rent, 25s. per week. H. JOHNSON, 326c Gold Digger's Arms, Norwood. TO bo LET on LEASE, the substantial and well-built STORE, now in the occupation of 0. Cleve 4 Co. Adelaide, 28th July, 1856. 211c TO be LET, a Stone and Brick STORE and COUNTING-HOUSE, next door to the White Horse, CURRIE-STREET. Apply tp Barringer'B Livery Stables. ? 347p TO be LET, the IRON STORE in GAWLER-PLACE, lately occupied by the lato W. C. Douie as a Wine and Spirit Store. The Business and Futures may be taken by the incoming Tenant. For particulars, apply to Mr. Thomas Douie, on the premises. 340cv IKSURAITCE NOTICES. MONARCH FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY, Adelaide-place, London-bridge, and 28, Regent-street, Waterloe-place London. Cxkzu, Tbxbu HmrDBiro TgouaiSD Ponrss. (Estobhthed 1835.) , . . ' DiBkcroM ; Sir Joha Mnsgrove, Bart, and Alderman, Chairman. Francis Witham, Esq., Deputy Chairman. John Addis, Esq. John Humphreys, Esq. C. S. Butler, Esq., M.P. John Laurie, Esq. George B. Carr, Esq. Robert Main, Esq. J. G.Hammack, Esq. Sir Francis G. Moon, Bart. Edward Hugging, Esq. W. Scholefield, Esq., M.P. Mxhigbb: George H. Jay, Esq. Mbdici.l Rbfbbbi: F. buyer, Esq., MJ-. Subvxtob : Mr. James Macgeorge. JOSEPH STILLING 4 CO, Agent*. Adelaide. 884cv ? TVTORTHERN ASSURANCE COMPANY, JJl 1, Moorgote-street, London.— Established 1838. The Policies of this Company ore not only guaranteed by a Capital of £1,259,760, but also by the unlimited personal responsitmiky ot more than 900 Shareholders. The undersigned, Agents for South Australia, are prepared to etiect FIRE and LIFE INSURANCES on liberal terras, and issue Policies in both branches im mediately on acceptance of risks. Insurances on Mills effected at the ordinary rates. All claims are settled in Adelaide, &p reference home being required. ^^ HLDEB, STIRLING, 4 CO. Adelaide. 1st July. ISM. ? 18Scv TMPERIAL FIRE INSURANCE COM X PANY (Instituted 1803). 1, Old Broad-strtet, mi IB, Pall Moll, London. Subscribed and Invested Capital, One Million SU Hundred Thousand Pounds. Insurance* on MILLS effected at current rates. Insurances effected on Vewels and Cargoes in Harbour. All Claims are settled in Adelaide on r/oof of lots. A.J. WtflGHT, Agent. Exchange-chambers, King V»'illlam-Btreet, Adelaide. Bngine-hottM — Hindraarsh-square. ? 163qt A LLIANCE BRITISH AND FOREIGN iL FIRE AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY (Established by Act of Parliament.) Curitii— Frm MitLiosa Sihkioeo, . Offioei Bar&olQmew.loBe, London. Medical Referee; W Wyatt, £sq_ tLKCA. Losses by fire paid by he Agents in the colony, ProaMctases may be obtained on application to iwrfOlTiW'' t^Ageatj.amftllftiMt, .

^QtLOE.QF &$I0YM.^The QFEIOE i^l : ottheMUtDAL INBUBANCE .ASSOCIATION Is REMOVED to oytr Barnard's .. Exsnange, King ' WilliaBnitreet. ' ' ' ' ; ? : lOao- ,R.E.TAPI,liY.SfCT-!tttrv.' OBART TOWN and LAUNCESXON ! MARINE INSURANCE COMPANY, : . Established 1838. - - ' . , . siRSOToas: Askin Morrison, MX.C. John Walker, MJj.0. Edward Goldsmith John Foster Henry Hopkins. ? iuvaoxb: Accotnrturi! Thomas MacDowelL Michael Evans. Asnsr ax titorcsbioir: JohnMunro. Aemm as KXLsoTTBn : xenra At sxblotc Downing, Griffiths, ft Co. Thomas Ogilvie. 8UBVSTOB A3 TOKI JLDKLXIDBJ Capt. H. Simpson. The undersigned having been appointed Agents for South Australia, are prepared to accept Marine risks and Issue Policies. F. J. BECK 4 CO, Agents. 183qv ? Adelaide and Tort. LBION LIFE ASSURANCE COM PANY. Established A.D. 1805. ; MBDICAI, BSNB5SS. F. Bayer, Esq^ M.D. | Wm. Gosse, Esq^ M.D. Persons insured in this Office may serve hi Militia or Volunteer Corps within this colony without extra charge. For tables of rates, 4c_ apply to ? lBflacv ? ABRAHAM SCOTT. Agent TIVERPOOL AND LONDON FIRE JLJ AND LIFE ASSURANCE COMPANY. Empowered by Acts of Parliament. Subscribed Capital £1,600,000. Accumulated Capital £670,000. Losses Paid in the Colony. No reference home required. Life Department— John Woodfbrde, Esq., MJLCJ5., Medical Referee. Fire Department— William Wier, Esq.. Surveyor. The many various modes of effecting LIFE ASSUR ANCES, so as to make provision for a family, or to ac complish some financial object, with the Rates upoc FIRE Risks, can be obtained upon application to F. J. BECK 4 CO., Agents. Currie-street. 44acv iPORNWALL FIRE AND MARINE \J INSURANCE COMPANY, LAUNCESTON. Capital, £100,000. Established 1841. ABRAHAM SCOTT, Agent for South Australia. BUB-ASBSXS KB UCSIFX O- MM -AJTB KABOT PBOPO8AL8: John Newman : Cleland, Page, 4 Co., Port, W. B. Lnras, Kapunda. S. Drew 4 Co., Kooringa. ? , ? ? ? : ?. i Frederick Robert Hunt, Hahndorff and Mount Barker District. ' Duffield 4 Turner, Gawler Town. Goode 4 Alien, Goolwa. ? EKGUfBKEs— Pappin 4 Jones, Blyth-street. Annual Fire Policies expire 1st January, 1st, April, 1st July, 1st October 186acv PJJBLICATI(fflB AKD STATIONERY , X ITHOGRAPH MAP OF SOUTH AUS U TRALIA.-Me88ra. HIGQINSON & PAINTER beg to announce that the re naimng Stock of the above Map is on Sale, at the following reduced prices :— On Boilers, Varnished ? £10 0 In Case for Pocket ? 16 0 Plain Sheet, as printed ? 10 0 To be had of 'the Booksellers in Adelaide; Mr. A. Searle, Mount Remarkable ; Mr. E. C. Painter, Kooringa ; and H. HIGQINSON, 284tft7v .. Green's TRTp^Bnge Entrawce. This Day is Published, Priee 6d. (to be continued quar terly), ?'?????. rpHE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN UNION X MAGAZINE Tor SUNDAY-SCHOOL TEACHEE3 Edited by A. H. Davis, Esq, Under the sanction of the South Australian Sunday. School Teachers' Union, the profits to be develed to its objects. ? Adelaide: E. S. Wigg, Bundle-street, Sold by all the Booksellers. ? 17vx ~ . CHeUI* BOOK ALMANAC FOR 1857. Will be pubHshea on the 29th December next, at the. Stgitier and Obierver Office, Granfell-street, price One Shilling and Sixpence. rTlHE SOUTH AUSTRALIAN ALMANAC 4- for 1857.— This Almanac will' contain a great variety of mercantile and general information, carefully compiled from official and other sources. Advertisements received at the kegitter and Obureer Office, Greni ell-street ; at the Branch Office, Hindley street, and at the Branch Office at the Port, on the fol lowing low stale of charges, paid in advance:— Card net exceeding one-eighth of a page... £0 8 6 Quarter of a page ? 0 5 0 Haifa page ? 0 7 6 Whole page ? 0 10 6 Agents and others in the country are requested to send in their orders for the Almanac and Advertisements as early as possible. 'DECEIVED MONTHLY, and DELI Xv VEBED in any part of the Colony— Dublin University Magazine Blackwqod's Magazine ' Illustrated London News Ladies' Newspaper Chambers s Journal Lgpdon Journal The Train Titan Practical Mechanic's Journal ' . Lardner's Museum of Science Colonial Church Chronicle Family Friend Family Economist Sunday School Teachers' Magazine Baptist Magazine Pulpit Magazine, 291q PLATTS. FIVE POUNDS PER HUNDRED. ~~ TO STOREKEEPERS, DEALERS, COUNTRY LIBRARIES, Ac.— The price ot the PARLOUR AND RAILWAY LIBRARY is how reduced to FIVE POUNDS for ONE HUNDRED VOLUMES. The Stock consists of Ten Thousand Volumes, and is re plenished by every steamer. Every new work is shipped immediately on publication, lqv PLATTS. Hindley-street EEVES'S DRAWING-PAPERS Do. do. Pencils , Do. do. Boards Do. do. Books Do. Water-Colours, liquid, soft, and in cokes, separate and in boxes Do. Oil-Colours, and every requisite for Oil Painting. Also/Tracing Papers, Tracing Cloth, 4c., 4o. 273q ? K. S. WIGO, No. 4. Rnndle-street. X EDGERS, Single and Double, Private JLJ Ledgers with Locks, Journals, Day Books, Waste do., Cash do., Invoice do., Guard do. for Letters, Letter and Copying Letter Books, Order Books, Bill Books, Diaries, Manuscript Books, Account Current Books, Account Sale Books, Ciphering Books, Copy, Memoran dum, and Metallic Books, Carters' Keceipts, Wedg wood'8 Manifold Writers, Log and other Slates, Bilk) of dading and Exchange, Acceptance Forms, Loose Indices far Ledgers, Writing and Travelling Desks, Improved Bill Files. 256q PLATTS, 1 and 95. HJnd'flV-Btwt. T70LUME 28, ILLUSTRATED' LONDON T NEWS, handsomely bound, embossed covers, (rilt. 36tq ? PLATTS. W -RAPPING PAPERS, Wholetale and Retail. 3'8q ? BLATTS. 'VTEW MAP of VICTORIA, showing the -Ll Murray River, port of South Australia and New SoutL Wales. Price 9s. 273q ? E. S. WIGG. No. 4, Bundle-street AUSTRALIAN MEDICAL JOURNAL. -OL — Subscribers and the Medical Public generally are informed that the Journal will continue to be issued on the regular days of publication quarterly. The Com mittee of Management solicit the contribution of Original Articles from the sister Colonies; those for the next issue to be forwarded before 1st December to the Pub lisher, Mr. Buzzard, 181, Bourke-street, Melbourne. Subscriptions to be paid to Mr. E. S. Wigg, Adelaide, Agent. ? 333q This Day is Published, price 3s. 6d DISCOURSES on the SECOND APPEARING of CHRIST, and on the Changes Predicted by the Inspired Writers in connection with that glorious event. By Thomas Plattobd, Bcntham street Chapel, Adelaide. ' v 243q ? . ? PLATTS. Adelaide. MORRELL'S' REGISTRATION INK, just received direct from Fleet-street, and on Sale at 183q ? HILLIER'S. 10. Hindley-street. MUSIC— A quantity of PIANOFORTE MUSIC and INSTRUCTION BOOKS, for various Instruments, constantly on Sale at 2m ? HILLIEWS. 10, Hindley-street. JUST RECEIVED, and on SALE by the undersigned, the following CHEAP BOOKS:— Waikna The Absentee Headlong Hall Love and Ambition   Married, not Mated Whom to Marry Corinne Midshipman Easy Pottleton Legacy Marchioness of Brinvilliera The Smuggler WildSpqtts Solitary Hunter The Green Hand Hanceuvring Hidden Path' Nelly Of Truro Ida May. 365q ? W. H. HILLIER, 10, Hindley-street SINGLE NUMBERS ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS, One Shilling. 303q ? PLATTS. A COMPLETE SET of PUNCH, 29 Volumes, uniform Binding, for Sale. 225q ? PLATTS, 1 and 95. HIndlejrttreet. NEW and POPULAR MUSIC. 334q ? PLAITS. TjlREE by POS T— ILLUSTRATED X? LONDON NEWS. Single Copies, One Shilling each. 318q ? PLATTS. TLTEG DOD'S COOKERY. JJlL 325q - , ? PLATTS. TJLATTS'S ALMANAC for. 1857 is just XT- published, price Sixpenoe. ? 346q COUNTRY EDITION. ! ~ SHEET ALMANAC FOB 1857. Just Published, Price 6d., at the Btguttrwi Obterver Offices, THE ROYAL SOUTH AUSTRALIAN SHEET ALMANAC for 1857, Country Edition. COIfTEHTSt SIGNALS used at the West-terrace Signal Station CALENDAR for 1857, with Days of the Week, Month, and Year; Remarkable Days, Moon's Changes, Eirine and Setting of the Sun a-.d Moon, Dial Time ECLIPSES, Feasts, Anniversaries, Principal Articles of the Calendar, &c. GOVERNMENT of SOUTH AUSTRALIA, including the Ministry, Executive Council, Parliamentary Dis trict* and Returning Officers, Principal Officers of thfl dfi\ Service, with their Salaries, Judges and Law Officers TABLE of DISFATCH and ARRIVAL of INLAND MAILS CENTRAL BOAD BOARD and DISTRICT COUNCILS, with names of Chairmen and Councillors, time and place of meeting, Pounds, Poundkeepers, and Rates of Poundage POUNDAGE FEES as fixed by the Impounding Act LOCAL COURTS— Dajs of meeting, and Stipendiary Magistrate ADELAIDE CATTLE MARKET— Market and Auction Days, Dnes, Regulations, and Penalties REGISTRY OFFICES for Births, Marriages, and Deaths in Town and Country, with names of Registrars PLOUGHING MATCHES iv 1856 ? TIMBER LICENCES, Depasturing Licences, 4c. 80UTH AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMS TARIFF, Land and Snare Agents' Charges FARMERS' and GARDENERS' CALENDAR BANKS, 4c_ 4c. May be obtained of all the Couatry Agento of ti» stpntr vA Wwrf W|

Prai^ICATlOffS AITO 8TATOSEB.I ' TSBATOTG ^.PAPERw—Wliaattto'? ;l*»t U Turkey Iffii, Doable Elephant, Imperial, Heaiuia, and Demy, just reeeiwaVat - - 133q , : HILLIEB'S 10. Hindley-street. A TliASES.f-Butler'a Jilaaes of ANCIENT , and MODSBN GEOGRAPHY, just unpacked at ; HILLIER'S, 85q : . ?? ? ? u 1Oi Hindley-rtreet rpHE VICTORIA LAW TIMES and X LEGAL OBSERVER, 29s. per quarter, can b* obtained from the Agent, 316q W.H. HILLIER, 10. Hindley-street. pHEAP ILLUSTRATED BOOKS, \J in great variety, always on Sale at 246q HILLIER'S. 10. Hindley-«tm*. ILLUSTRATED NEWS, free by post, . Single Numbers, One Shilling each. 305q_| ? ^ ? PLATTS. rnHE ILLUSTRATED TIMES only costa JL 15s. per 273q ? E. S. WTOO'S. Ttnn^l«^iwf. INNETS SERMONS.— Forty-lour ber mons delivered in Exeter Halt by the Rev. T Binney, Brock, Aveling, Hamilton, 4c. ' ? SOSq ? PLATTS. ONE SHILLING per ? Number, the 'ILLUSTRATED LONDON NEWS.' Largfl quantities received by every mail. . -? ? 308q ? VPLATT8. BLAIR'S CHRONOLOGICAL TABLES Revised and Enlarged, comprehending the Chronology and History of the World from the earliest times to the Russian Treaty of Peace, April, 1856. 337q ? ?? . ? PLATTS. NO House in the Country should be without this Book. — DICTIONARY or DOMESTIC MEDICINE and HOUSEHOLD SURGERY. By Dr. Spencer Thomson. London, Groombride ; Adelaide. 334q ? ?' ' ? PLATTS. T ETTS'S DIARIES, 1857 -U 3ttq . -? ? PLATTS. X. I T T L E DOBKir, Nos. 1 to 8, jJU 285q - ? PLATTS. 1TTLE DORRIT, by CHAS. DICKENsT Nos. l to 8 just received. Subscribers and others can have them on application to W. H.HILLIEB, Stationer, 4o, . »3gq 10, Hindley^treet PUNCH. — Parties desirous of subscribing to PUNCH can obtain them regularly by every mail on application to W. H. HILLIER, Stationer, 4o 3ISq ' 10, Hlndley-atreet. LUSTRATED LIFE, CAREER, and TRIAL of WILLIAM PALMER, of Bugeley, containing Details of his Conduct as Schoolboy, Medical Student, Racing Man, and Prisoner; together with all the original Letters, authenticated Documents. 4c. 4c. On Sale at 3650. HILLIER'S, 10, Hindleystreet. IN HONOREM.— SONGS of the BRAVE, beautifully Illustrated, on Sale at ? 365q ? HI LLIER'S. 10, Hindley-street. BOOKKEEPING. — New and Praofcioal Works on this subject just received. 339q ? PLATTS. pUSTOM-HOUSE FORMS, BILLS OF \J LADING, 4a, printed and en sale. Apply for printing at the Rigitter and Obtetvrr Office in Grenfell itreet; and for ready-printed forms at the Branch Office a ?'indieT-i'treet. ASTERS AND SERVANTS ACT. ARTICLES of AGREEMENT between Mas ters and Servants, drawn* up in accordance with thi Masters and Servants Act,' on Sale at the Branch Offie of this vaner. HOTELS AND LIVERY STABLES. ST. VINCENT'S INN, BRIGHTON.— JEFFREY MOODY begs most respectfully to re turn his sincere thanks to his friends and the public of South Australia for the very liberal support afforded him since his occupation of the above House, and hereby intimates that ha has, at a considerable expense, made several alterations with a view to make his Establish ment replete with every comfort and convenience to those who may favour him with their patronage. Private Apartments for families or single persons. This Inn being located so near the sea, the luxury of a bath may be enjoyed, which renders it a favourite re? sort for Picnic Parties, Newly-married Couples, and. others who wish (o find an agreeable retreat away from the dust and turmoil of Adelaide. The stock of Wines and Spirits ore of the choicest and finest description, and the tables are abundantly sup plied with edibles of all kinds at the shortest notice. - Clean and comfortable Beds. The Stabling and Paddocks are spacious and well attended to. Charges very moderate. The Eclipse Omnibus runs daily between Adelaide and the above Inn, and twice on Sundays. ? 36lt3 OLDFAST BAY.— Mr. NELSON begs to inform* Visitors to the Bay that every accom modation, with Amusements, will be found at the BERKSHIRE HOTEL, with good Stabling, at low rates ; and being a short distance from the Sandhills, the premises ore secured from clouds of dust. 359ac BOARD AND LODtHlTQ. UNT'S BOARDING ESTABLISH MENT, BRIGHTON.-Visitors to the Seaside are informed that they can be accommodated as usual. 3ftla9TlO , ? CONVEYANCES. npHE Public are respectfully informed that JL on and after Thursday, January 1, CONVEYANCES will leave GAWLER TOWN for. SALISBURY, every iday except Sunday, at 7.30 a.m. and 3J0 p.rn^ meeting the 9.30 a.m. and the 6.3Q p.m. up Trains, and' will leave Salisbury for Gawler Town on the arrival of the 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. down Trains. Fares by Coach between Salisbury and Gawler Town, each way, 4s. ? ????? Passengers may be booked through by Sail and Coach. JOHN HAIMES 4 CO, Proprietors. Currie-street, Dec. 29, 1956. 3$if3v ARTIES TRAVELLING NORTH .of GAWLER TOWN will be booked as usual at the Mail Booking Office, Currie-street, and to Gawler Town only at the Railway Station. 2-5 JOHN HAIMES & CO.