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There is too much petty tyranny in Britain over ornee staff, too much clock-watching and too much chat-slashing by people with a little authority, Norman Haden, young Staf- fordshire business man, told the British Association.

Just back from Canada, he said that there he saw typists knitting and reading during periods of in- activity. Pie asked the boss if that was a good thing, and the boss re- plied: "If we tried to stop it the girls would take their knitting to the women's room." Mr. Haden said he'd looked round since get- ting back and thought there was a lot of wisdom in the Canadian system.

» , An explosive rocket

LUCK which fell accidentally from a fighter aircraft near Ipoh, Malaya, burst in a Malay school in which 1400 children were seated.

Only one teacher and one boy were .injured.

Rocket A new British rocket

plane engine which uses hydrogen peroxide'as fuel will be on view at Farnsborough dis- play. Details are still on the secret list. ,

Brawl Five men have been

arrested in Valletta, Malta, following an attempt to horsewhip Dominic Mihtoff, left wing Labor leader, in a bar. Bottles and chairs flew during a short, bitter fracas.

Shelter.1 -Norway"authorities have

I started blasting, four vast atom bomb shelters .out of solid rock. They will hold 13,000 of Oslo's 275,000 population.

Defence Canada's Government

is asking Parliament to vote another £177,669,642 for de- fence. Already approved, £170,758,928.

Cleared Police with clubs drove

thousands of film fans out pf St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral, Cairo. The people .were there for the funeral" of Egyptian star Camelia, killed in Friday's air crash, but when the coffin reached the cathedral door it was announced that the funeral had been postponed to allow her mother to attend. People, shouting pro- tests, refused to believe the an- nouncement. Camelia starred with French actor Eric Portman in "Cairo Road." The fact that Camelia was a Roman Catholic

surprised Cairo's Moslem world, j