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Family Notices

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? BIRTHS ? ALLISON.— On 28th March, at Women's Intermediate Hospital, to Mr. and Mrs. Ron Allison (nee Locker)— a Daughter (Dlannc Dorn). BEATTY. — At Goondlwindi Hospital, on 21st March, to Mr. nnd Mrs. R. P. Bealty — a Son (Kenneth Sydney). DOOLIN (nee Hobson). — At Goondiwindi General, on March 21st, to Beryl, Wife of Richard Doolin, Myall Downs, North Star — a Son (Graeme Francis). DltAPKR (n=e Deanl.— At Berllda Pri vate- Hospital, March 27. to Cynthia & Keith — a Daughter icarmel Shirley). A Sister for Beverley & Barry. FIELDER, (nee Christmasi.— 25th March, at St. Luke's Hospital, Roslyn Gardens. Sydney, to Cecilia and 'Rusty' — a Daughter (Robyn Loreeni. GARTH ? At Women's Intermediate Hos pital, on 27th March, to John and Alma (n:o Connelll. of Buranda — a Son (Peter Vance). A Brother and Mate for Lawrence. IIAMANN. — Women's Intermediate, 2S/3/47, to Dorothy (nee Carney I, Wife of R. M. Hamann, Goodall Street. Ked son — a Son (Peter Francis). Brother for Ronald. HAMLYN.— On the 25th March, at Boothvllle Private Hospital. Windsor, to Mr. -Ss Mrs. Ron Hamlyn (nee Alma Makin) — a Daughter iGlenys Joy). Both wsll. KEFFORD.— At St. Aubyn's Private Hos pital, Kingaroy, on 23rd March, to Mr. and Mrs. Noel Kefford. 'Bona Vista.' Kumbia— a Son I Garry Noel). LEEDING. — At Brisbane Women's Hos pital on 25/3/47. to Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Lecding, Caboolture (nee Jean Brown Tenterfield)— a Son (Ian Leslie). Both well. MANNING ? At Janolma Private Hos pital. 27th March, to Mr. & Mrs. L. P. Manning;. Ekibin Rd., Annerley — a Son A Brother for Bruce and Graham. MILLER.— On 26th March, at Women's Intermediate Hospital, to Alison (nee Reimersl, Wife of Dr. Robert Miller, Coorparoo — a Daughter ( Julie). MORLEY.— At Janolma Private Hospi tal. 26th March, to Mr. & Mrs. C. Mor ley (nee Clarki, Weston St.. Coorparoo —a Son (Robert Alan). ORGAN-MORE.— At the Maleny Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, on the 27th March, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Organ-More— a Daughter (Coral Edith). Both well. SCHILLING.— -At Janolma Private Hos pital. 27th March, to Mr. & Mrs. Les Schilling. Dunellan Street — a Daughter (Carolyn Helen). ? ENGAGEMENTS ? GARRAIIY— GEHAGHTY. — The engage ment is announced of Maureen, only Child of Mr. and Mrs. J. Geraghty, Cecil Plains, to Daniel, eldest Son of Mr. and Mrs. M. Garrahy, 63 West St., I LOYD-JONES— STEPHAN.— The engage ment Is announced of Patricia Margaret, uiuest DaU6htJr of Mr. and Mrs. Max Stephan, of Hocking Street, Nambour, to William (Bill) Birdsall, eldest Son of Mr. and Mrs. W. Lloyd-Jones, of Baffle Creek, Rosedale. FIIILLlbS— HEINER.— The engagement is announced of Clare, eldest Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Hclner, Bulimba, South Brisbane, to Dave, Son of Mr. J. Phillips and the late Mrs. F. A. Phillips, Toowong, Brisbane. ? ? DEATHS ? DALY.— On March 26th, 1947, at St. Vin cent's Hospital, Melbourne, Brother P. E. Daly, Christian Brothers, Toorak, oo loved Son, Brother, Brother-in-law, Uncle, and Cousin, of Mr. and Mrs. P. Daly, Dinmore Street, Moorooka, Julia, Tom, and Mary Daly, Mr. and Mrs. K. Giles, and Carmel, Ann, and Mrs. »I. Fitzmaurlce and Family. LEIPER.— On the 29th March, 1947 at Brisbane General Hospital, Cyril Robert Leiper, eldest Son of Mrs. N. L. Leiper and the late Mr. A. Leiper, of 70 Brook- field Road, Kedron. Private Cremation Monday. 31st March 1947. Alex. Gow. Fun eral Director.     ? IN MEMORIAM DALDERSON. — In loving memory of my dear Wife. Mary Agnes, who passed away 31st March, 1944. Sadly missed. Inserted by her loving Husband. Stan. BALDERSON.— In memory ol Mary Agnes Balderson. who departed this me 31st March. 1044. Always remembered. Inserted by Hilda, Bob, and Family. BROWNING. Gladys.— In loving memory of our dear Daughter, who passed away March 31st. 1946. Many a lonely heartache, Many a silent tear; But always beautiful memories. Of the one we loved so dsar. Inserted by her lovinB Mother. Father. Brother, and Marion. BROWNING. — In memory of my deal Friend. Glad, who passed away March 31st, 1946. Forget you Glad, we never will; you live with us In memory still. Inserted by Edna and Roy. CHAMBERS. — In the loving memory ol my dear Wife and Mother, who passed away 31st March, 1945. No better mother ever lived. Nor one so true and kind. Her equal in this weary world We very seldom find. Her heart was always in her home, She tolled and did her best. Until there cam: a sudden call; God took her home to rest. Inserted by her loving Husband and Family.

CUHEN. vioiet May. — in iuviiie memory of my dear Sister and our Auntie, who passed away March 30th. 1945. Always remembered. Inssrted by her loving Sister. Pearl Jones, & Family. COHEN. Violet May.— In loving memory of our dear Auntie VI. who passed away March 30th. 1945. Sadly missed. Inserted by Horace Leah & Family. WOMAN. — In loving memory of our dear Father. Father-in-law, and Grandfather. Waltor Thomas, who passed away 31st March, 1944. Life moves on. but memories stay. inserted by his loving Son and Daugh ter-in-law. Charl and Lil, and Grand children. Verice, Neville, and Merle. DREYER, Bertha. — Cherished memories of our dear Mother. Mother-in-law. & Grandmother, who passed away on March 31st. 1946. Sweetly she sleeps, while others sigh, Softly her peaceful head doth He. Happy in Heaven, God's glory to share, Free from ajl sorrow and earthly care. Inserted by her loving Daughter, Clara, Son-in-law, Fred. & Grandchil dren, Gwen. Ron. & Bevin. FOORD, William Dickie.— In ever sad and lo'-ing memory of my beloved Hus band, who passed away suddenly al 'Medzow,' Khartoum St.. Kedron, 31-st March, 1940. Emily M. Foord. , FOWLER.— In loving memory of my pal Harold Fowler, who was accidentally drowned at Miami., on the 31st of March, 1945. I had a pal, good and true One I could always look up to. Loving and kind in all his ways, I will remember him to the end of my Insert^ ' by his Pal, Noel McNulty. FOX. — Token of love and remembrance lor our beloved Mother. Maud Fox. who was taken to rest on March 31st. 1942. Our dearly loved Dad, who died Jan. Fondly remembered by their loving Family. GILHESPY. — In sincere memory of Sadie, who passed away 31/3/40. To have, to love, and then to part, Is the greatest sorrow of the human heart. Inserted by her Pal. Mary. GRISSELL. — In loving memory of my dear Daughter and Sister. Ruth Ann, died 31/3/46. Just one year ago to-day Since our darling passed away. The end was sudden, the shock severe: We little thought the end was near. Only the ones that have lost can tell Tho sorrow of parting without farewell. By her loving Mother and Brother. Len. GRISSEI.L ? In loving memory of our dearest youngest Sister, Ruth Ann. died 31/3/46. Ever a lonely heartache. Often a silent tear; But always a beautiful memory Of one we love so dear. By her loving Sister. Brother-in-law. Niece. Nephew. Estelle, Reg., Lynettc, Graham HINTON.— In fond memory of Henry Charles Hinton. 31st March. 1944. Syd. Adrian. HODGES.— In loving memory of my dear Husband (Tom) Arthur Leslie Hodnes, who passed away at Roma, on 31st March, 1946. Fondly & lovingly remembered by his Wife. Elsie. MURCIIIE. Malcolm. — In loving memory of our dear Dad, who passed away 31/3/42, also our dear Mum, Mary Annie, Who was called to rest 11/8/29. We have them in our memory, God has them in his care. O'CONNOR. — In loving memory ol Michael Joseph O'Connor, who passed away 31st March, 1943. Sadly missed by Florence and Stewart. rASCOE. John Adrian. — In loving mernors of my dearest Husband & our Father. Father-in-law. & Grandfather, John Adrian Pascoe, passed away 30/3/46. Lovingly remembered : Inserted by his loving Wife. Laura, Si Children. Isabclle fc Jack. Una & Hugh Eileen & Bill. Jack & Alwyn. Kevin & Yvonne. & Jim. PETERS.— In loving memory of my deal Husband nnd loving Father of Edna Charles, Andrew Peters, of Kamaruka Mitchell. „ ., , . Sadly missed. PETTY. — In lovlng_ memory of my deal Husband & our Father, Father-in-law & Grandfather, Alfred Petty, who nasse- away 30th March. 1946. Inserted by his loving Wife an- Family. ? POTTER. — In loving memory of ou dear Mother and Grandmother, wbi passed away 31st March. 1935. Though life brings much that I altered: And time brings much that is new 'Xhere Is one thing that never alters The memory dear Mothsr of you. Inserted by Molly, Les, Ray, & CUM QUICK. William Henry.— In loyini memory of our Father. Father-in-law and Grandfather, passed away 30tl MInEefted4by Nell. Bill, and Family. ' READE, W. E. (Bill).— To the lovin memory of our Son and Brothei drowned at Maroochydore on Marc Thou hast passed on to that unknowr We. who are left, shall remember thc- Mother. Father, Ede. Fred, and Wyr BOWE.— In loving memory of my dea Wife, who passed away March 30th. 194: Gone, but not forgotten. Inserted by her loving Husband.

IN MEMORIAM SHEEHAN. Kathrlne Gavin.— In lovlnu memory of our dear Mother, who passed away on the 30th March. 1944. Three long years have passed away. OU' love Is still sincere; We never have & never will Forget you Mother dear. Inserted by her loving Sons and Daughters. TONES.— In loving memory of my dear Husband and our Father, John George, who passed away March 31st. 1946. Always remembered by his loving Wife.   TONES. — In sad and loving memory of our dear Father, Father-in-law, and Grandfather, who fell asleep on 31st March, 1946. Sleep on-dear Father, for it is true You suffered much and told but few.

But One who knew you needed rest,   Was God above, and He knew best. Inserted by his loving son, George, Daughter-in-law, Mabel, and Grandchil- dren, Norman, Lawrence, & Desmond. TONES, John George.— In loving mem- ory of our dear Father, Father-in-law, and Grandfather, wh0 passed away 30.3.4 an1?? SK^SMf SlIent hear-«ch'' wi&olS'. aia£afaraenwde,iIOVCl1 '^ Dearly loved. Inserted by his loving Daughter, 4-n.2ra' Son-in-law, Ernest, and Grand children, John and Lenora (Low then. TUTTON, Doris Parkinson.— In loving «ejnory of my dear Wife and our ^45her- wh0 Passed away on 30th March, .Inserted by loving Husband, and Ena, 3prls, and Chas. WEST. — In loving memory of our dear loved onis. Avis, passed into God's can 31st March. 1946. aged 16 years; Tom, at sea. 3rd May. 1942. nged 18 years „ ?. Sadly missed. Unseen they are still with us, . Borne day the mystic veil will draw aside. Our road will stretch away Into the AnduntrledW'' take thls path *° neW With confidence, because we will walk with you. BrotheBrdBllfI°'r always by Mum- DBd WEST.— In loving memory of Avis Grace West, who passed away 31st March, 1946. Gone to the beautiful Mansion of God. Safe in the arms of God. „ Inser'cd by Doll, Gert, and Family. WICKMAN.— In loving memory of dear Dad, who passed away 31/3/40. and dear Len on 23/2/40. Lovingly remembered. Inserted by Mum, Vi, Arch, Bub, Arthur, Marie, and George. ? ? ROLL OF HONOUR ? BRITTAIN-JONES. Lyndhurst. SX3107. formerly 2/27 Bn., 102 Corn. Depot.— Lost life drowning Caloundra, 29th March. 1946. JefferrtCd by Matcs' Reg- Mcldon- Alan FLUTTER. — In loving memory of my genr son and Brother, Pte. John Thomas Flutter, who died of wounds. March 31st,, Like the Ivy, so our love clings to thee* inserted by his sorrowing Mother, Bisters, and Brothers. I-OWLER.— Sacred, loving memory of jur beloved Sons, 76056, L.A.C. Fowler, Harold Francis, discharged Australia yid New Guinea, lost his life Miami, 3.. 31/3 '45; also 425009, Fl.-Sgt. Fow ler. Gordon Charles, lost his life over Mannheim. Germany. 23/9/43. Ihey were brave and noble sons, Whose worth can never be told; jnd alone knows how we miss them. Dearly loved only Children of Mr. and Mrs. Fowler, Boundary St., West End. I-OWLER. — In sad and loving memory of our d:ar Friend, Harold Francis Fowler, who lost his life March 31st, 1945. Always In our thoughts. Inserted by May, Elaine, Beverley, 8nd Gordon. FOWLER, — In sad and loving memory o: iny Friend, Harold Francis Fowler, who lost his life March 31st, 1945. A beautiful life, full of kindly deeds, A helping hand to all In need; Always sincere in heart and mind, A beautiful memory to leave behind Inserted by Connie. FOWLER. — In loving memory of our dear Friend, Harold Francis Fowler, accid:nt ally drowned at Miami, 31st March, 1943. Inserted by his loving Friends. Mrs. Snow nnd Family. KIMBER. — To the loving memory of our dearly loved only Son. Brother. Brother in-law, FliKht-Licut. Donald David Klm ber. R.A.A.F., R.A.F.. killed In air opera tions over Yugoslavia, 31st March, 1945. He has gone to meet his Maker. Full of the charities of youth; Serving his fellows boldly, bravely, Fighting a battle for the truth. Inserted by his loving Mother and hl'ARKSMAN.— In proud memory of Hond S5arksma'' killed ln action Buin Inserted by Jeff. TAIT — In remembrance of my sincere Friend, Flight-Sergeant David Tait. killed at Saramo, New Guinea, 31st Mnrch, 194». Jim Yates. ? BEREAVEMENT NOTICES , , MRS. DAVIE3 and FAMILY, of Car lyle Street, Red Hill, wish to THANK Relatives, Friends, and Neighbours for floral tributes nnd kind messages of sympathy in their recent sad bereave ment. Please accept this as our per sonal Thanks. MRS. L. E. RAUBER and FAMILY, Buchanan Road, Nudgee, wish to THANK Relatives and Friends for floral tri butes and kind messages of sympathy in their recent sad bereavement. Please accept this as our personal Thanks. ' FUNERAL NOTICES ? BARNS.— The Relatives & Friends of Mr. James Agnew Barns (Torquay), formerly of Gymple, Mr. Henry Barns (Gympie), Mrs. R. Snook lYarramani; Mr. James Barns (Goodna), Mr. Ederton Barns (Nanangoi, & Miss Peggy Barns (Tor quay), and Miss Violet M. Willington iSandgntei are invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved Wife. Mother, and Sister, Mrs. Lilian Pearlie Barns, to move from St. Stephen's Presbyterian Church, Maryborough, This (Monday)

borough Cemetery. J. KIRK & SON, Funeral Directors. BOWLES. Miss Mollsi ? The Relatives and Friends of Miss Bowles, of Atlas Hotel. Stanley Street, South Brisbane, are invltsd to attend the Funeral of her beloved Sister. Miss Molly Bowles, to lenve St. Mary's Church, Peel Street, South Brisbane. This (Monday) After noon, at 3.30 o'clock, for Nudgee Ceme tery. Mass at 6.30 a.m. K. M. SMITH. B2C95. CONROY. Andrew J.— The Relatives and Friends of Mrs. E. Conroy and Family, of 39 Allenby St.. Spring Hill, are in vited to attend the Funeral of her. be loved Husband and their Father, Andrew Joseph Conroy, to leave the Funeral Chapel, Wickham Strest. Valley, This - Monday I Afternoon, at 2 o'clock, for Lutwyche Cemetery. K. M. SMITH. B2695. CROSS. Mrs. Catherine, Cranmore St., Red Hill.— The Family of the late Catherine Cross desire to Inform Rela tives & Friends that her Funeral is ap pointed to leave the Parlour., 400 Wick ham St., To-morrow (Tuesday), at 10.30 a.m.. for Lutwyche Cemetery. METRO POLITAN FUNERALS. FITZGERALD.— The Relatives & Friends of Mrs. C. Fitzgerald, of Artnur Ter race. Red Hill, Mr. & Mrs. F. E. Fitz gerald & Family (Manly), Mr. & Mrs. Walter Griffiths & Family (Mary borough) are invited to attend the Fune ral of her beloved Husband, their Father, Father-in-law, Grandfather, Brother, Brother-in-law, & Uncle, Wil liam Michael Fitzgerald, to leave the Funeral Parlour, 45 Adelaide St., City, This (Monday) Afternoon, at 2.30 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery. CANNON is CRIPPS LTD., Funeral Directors. GHISLANUI. Luigi.— The Funeral of Luigi Ghislandi. of Incham, will leave tho Funeral Chapel. Wickham Street. Valley, This (Mondayi Afternoon, at 2.30 o'clock, for Nudgee, Cemetery. K. M. SMITH. B2695. GRACE, Mr. Searle Townlng. Brown St., Windsor. — The Relatives & Friends of Mrs. M. E. Grace & Family are respect fully informed of the death of their be loved Husband, Father, Father-in-law. & Grandfather. The Funeral is appointed tn lenvn Parlour. 400 Wickham St.,

lo-morrow iruesaayj, at ii.ju a.m.. iui Mt. Thompson Crematorium. METRO POLITAN FUNERALS. , , HENDERSON.— The Private Funeral of tho late Alexander Henderson, beloved Husband of Agnes Henderson, of Dray ton Court. Hardgrave Road. West End, will move from Alex. Gow's Iruneral Chapel. Petrie Bight. This (Monday) Morning, at 10.:i0 o'clock, for the Crematorium. Mt. Thompson. No Flowers. ALEX. GOW. Funeral Dlrec KELSO, Mr. Carl Albert, 9 Sexton St., Petrie Ter. (1st & 2nd A.I.F.).— The Relatives & Friends of Mrs. C. A. Kelso & Family are respectfully informed of the death of their beloved Husband & ?'ather. The Funeral is appointed to leave the Parlour, 400 Wickham St., To day (Monday) at 3 o'clock, for Lutwyche Cemetery. METROPOLITAN FUNE LcFEURE.— The Relatives and Friends of Mr. W. A. LeFeure are invited to ittend the Funeral of his beloved Wife. Louisa LeFeure. to leave the Funeral Parlour 45 Adelaide Street, City, This iMonday) Morning, at 11 o'clock, for the Toowong Cemetery. CANNON & CRIPPS LTD., Funeral Directors. , LERGESSNER. Francis D.— The Rela- tives and Friends of Mrs. D. Lergessner and Family (Robe Street, Grange). Mr and Mrs. D. W. Lergessner and Family (Herbert Street, Recfcliffe), are invited to attend the Funeral of her beloved Husband, their Father, Son and Bro- ther, Francis Daniel Lergessner, to leave St Columba's Church, Wilston. To-mor- row Tuesday) Forenoon, at 10 o clock, for Lutwyche Cemetery. Mass at 7 a.m. LERGESSNER, Francis D.- H.A.C.B.S., St Josenh's Branch, Kangaroo Point: The Officers and members of the above Branch are invited to attend the Fun- eral of their deceased Brother, Francis Daniel Lergessner. to leave as per Family Notice. By Order of the President. MACANGUS. Jock. Yarraman.— The Fun ?ral ol the late Jork Macancus will take Dlace from the Church of England, KlnKaroy. for the Kingaroy Cemetery. To-day. March 31, at 11 a.m. Request attendance of J. L. Browning. J...K Browning, Chris Browning. R. J. Ballj-y, & Families; also Friends & other Rela MAHER, John J.— The Relatives and Friends of Mr. nnd Mrs. J. T. Maher »«» ond Mrs. G. J. Maher. Mr. and Mrs. V. B Maher. Mr. Frank Mahcr. Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Rostron,. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Goodland, Mr. and Mrs. G. Stewart and Families, are invited to at tend the Funeral of their b'loved Father. Fathcr-ln-law, and Grandfather, John ?loseph Maher, of 68 Windsor Rd..,Ri-'' Hill, and formerly of Gymple, to leave tho Funeral Chapel, Wickham Streei. Valley. This IMonday) Forenoon, at 11.30 o'efock. for Lutwycrn Cemetery. K. M. SMITH. B2C95. McFADYEN. — The Relatives & Friends of Mr. & Mrs. T. McFadyen, Mr. & Mrs. O. Britten, Mr. & Mrs. R. Leonard (Cairns), Mr. & Mrs. J. Burrows, Mr. & Mrs. J. McFadyen & Families are invited to attend the Funeral of their dearly beloved Father, Father-in-law, & Grandfather, Thomas McFadyen, late of Wynnum, to leave the Funeral Parlour, 515 Stanley St., Sth. Brisbane,   This (Monday) Afternoon, at 2.30 for the Bulimba Cemetery. GEORGE DOWDEN PTY., LTD., Funeral Directors. J3416

FUNERAL NOTICES   FADYEN.— The Relatives & Friends -f Mr. & Mrs. L. Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. 3. Scanlan, Mr. £z Mrs. H. McFadyen ind Families, and Mr. W. McFadyen ire Invited to attend the Funeral of heir dearly beloved Brother, Brothcr n-law, and Uncle, Thomas McFadyen, to leave as per above Notice. IILNER, Mr. Charles Edward. Rees St.. Celvin Grove. — Tho Relatives and Friends if Mrs. C. E. Milncr are respectfully nformed of the death of her beloved iusband. The Funeral Is appointed to eave the Parlour, 400 Wickham St., I'o-day (Monday), at 2 o'clock, for Too yonsr Cemetery. METROPOLITAN FUNERALS. ROGERS. — The Relatives and Friends If Mr. C. E. Rogers. Mr. A. Rogers, and vlr. '& Mrs. K. V. Burnett are invited ,o attend the Funeral of his beloved Wife, their Mother and Mother-in-law. L,avalette Louisa Rogers, of 11 Patterson Street. Auohenflower, to move from Mex. Gow's Funeral Chapel, Petrlo Sight, To-morrow (Tuesdayi Morning, it 10 o'clock, for the Crematorium, Mt. Thompson. ALEX. GOW. Funeral Direc tor. itai'i'H.— The Relatives & Friends ol vlildrert Smith, late of Beaudcsert, be oved Wife of Mr. H. N. Smith, darling VIother of Doug, Aub, Selwyn, Ray nond, and Cedric, are respectfully in cited to attend her Funeral, to leave he residence of Mrs. J. Moore, Kal mr, after Service, commencing at 12.45 J'clock. This (Monday) Afternoon, for ;he Harrisvlllp Cemetery. S. W. ABELL, Funeral Director, Boonah. SOLOMON. Mrs. Rose E.— The Relatives ind Friends of Mrs. Rose Elizabeth Solo mon, of 58 Peterson Street. Woolioon sabba, are invited to attend her Funeral, to leave the Funeral Chanel. Wickham Street, Valley, This (Monday) Forenoon. at 10 o'clock, for Bulimba Cemetery. K M. SMITH. B2G95. WARREN-WATSON.— Relatives & Friends of Mr. Henry Warren-Watson, of Emu Vale, Warwick, dearly beloved Father of Emily, Sadie, & Maude, are invited to attend his Funeral, to leave the Method- ist Church, Warwick, on conclusion of service commencing at 12.45 o'clock. This (Monday) Afternoon, for the Warwick Cemetery. JOHN HISLOP & SONS. Funeral Directors. FUNERALS, CREAMATIONS TOHN HISLOP & SONS, Cremation & J Funeral Directors. 544 Petrie Bight, 2Ity; Peel St., S. Bris. B8705. J3780. BRISBANE UNDERTAKERS PTY. (Tom ?£- Foley), Geo. Hartnett. Funeral Direc tors. 537 Stanley St. Phone J1037 or J2982 at any hour. ?METROPOLITAN Funeral Service, 400 1-X Wickham St., Valley. B3990, ^4733 Special all night service available. FLORISTS, MONUMENTAL ASTER BRIDES. Order your attrac tive wedding bouquet now from Ex uuslve Florists, Pty., Phone B4732. Alter hours J6780. BERMUDA Art Florists, opp. SJ;. Mar 1 tin's Hospital, Ann St. B42U2. PLEMENTS ART FLORISTS (est. 1893), --- artistic floral designs, 131 Stanley St., nr. Victoria Bridge. J2498, all hours pLAYPHANS, Brisbane's Smartest Flor \J ists, T. & G. Building, 209 Albert St., Brisbane, lor Funeral Tributes at shortest notice. Phone B9118 and JYl7a(, after hours. ORCHIDS, Brisbane's Exclusive Flower Shop, Adelaide St., opp. City Hall. Our specialty— Wedding, Theatre Bou uuets. Wreaths at shortest notice. Phone B9118 and JY1787, after hours. QTH. Brisbane Art Florists, H. Over O son, 769 Stanley St. Wreaths, bou auets. J3649, after hours JY8122. ?pETERSEN Bros, and Craig Pty., 337 -L George Street, specialists floral tri butes, cut flowers. B7358, after hrs. B0391. IRIS, Isles Lane, bouquets, wreatns, floral emblems. B4719, after hrs. F9059. E. W. ROSE & CO., 'Excelsior1 Art Florists, 250 George St., 214 Wick ham St., B8674, after hours Twg. 280. rpHOS. PERROTT & SON for dlstlnc JL tlve floral work, 272 Queen St., opp. GP.O., and 38 BOwen Bridge Rd. B0391. TTIRY & BROWN, Petrie Bight, next JTJ Gow's. Wreaths, bou. flowers. JY4201. VALENTINE FLORISTS, Teachers' . Bldg.. 83 Elizabeth St. Cut flowers, wedding bouquets, wreaths, deliveries made. Phone B8177, after hours JL8215. T&'LEURETTE floral finesse finds fav JC our. Try us. 266 Wickham Street, Valley. B9455, after hours JY8455. TMTAGNOLIA ART FLORISTS, opp. 1'X Roma St. Station. Flowers, bouauets, & wreaths. Special attention to country orders. Phone B8151 and M8343. A NDREW L. PETRIE. Monumental -ij- Sculptor, Cemetery Gates, Toowong, Brisbane. Price on application. Twg. 39.