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ELECTION NOTICES 'rpHE ELECTIONS AGT3, 1815 to 1344.' X (Section 38.1 NOTICE OP ELECTION. Electoral District of EAST TOOWOOMBA I. JOHN PATRICK LEE, hereby notify ?hat 1 have this day received from His Excellency tho Governor a 'Writ of Election' commanding me to proceed to the Election of a Member of the Legis lative Assembly of Queensland, for the Electoral District of East Toowoomba. I further notify Uint Monday, the Thirty-first day of March Instant, hav ing been appointed the day. and Muni cipal Band Hall, Toowqomba, the place of nomination of enndirtates, I will be in attendance at - the Municipal Band Hall at Toowoomba, be:ween the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and 12 o'clock noon. on Monday, the Thirty-first day of March Instant, being the day of nom ination, for the purpose of receiving the Nomination Papers of Candidates. Nomination Papers may, however, be de livered to me at any time or place be fore noon on Monday, ihe Thirty-first day of March instant. In the event Df the Election being contested a poll will be taken at the undermentioned Polling-places on Saturday, the Third day of May next, commencing at a o'clock in the forenoon, and finally clos ing at 6 o'clock In the afternoon of the same day. The last day upon which additional Polling-places may be ap pointed is Thursday, the Twenty-seventh day of March Instant, and the last day upon which existing Polling-places may be cancelled is Monday, the Twenty fourth day of March ins. ant. POLLING-PLACES: Brisbane (City Halli, Drayton (Schooll, East Too woomba (East State Schooll, Glcnvale (School), Gowrle Road (Gmelkes Re sldencei, Harlaxton (School), Harris town (School), Helldon (Court House), Middle Ridge (Schooll, Murphy's Creek (School), Newtown West (Newtown Park Shedl. Postman's Ridge (Public Halli. Rangeville (School), Ruthvcn St. North (R. A. Taylor's Residence), South End -J. G. Schaumberg's Residence i, Too woomba i Municipal Band Halli. View Glen (Vayro's Residence), Wellcamp (Bchonli, Welalla (Railway Gatekeeper's Residence). Wilsonton (Schonli, With cott iSchooli. Wcstbrook (Schooli. Dated at Toowoomba this Twrnty fitth day of March, 19*7. J. P. LEE, Returning Officer. ??rpHJE ELECTIONS ACTS, 191.1 to 1944.' JL . (Section 38.) NOTICE OP ELECTION. Electoral District of TOOWOOMBA. I. CLARENCE ROBERT NOYES. hereby notify that I have this day received from His Excellency the Governor a ?'Writ of Election' commanding me to proceed to the Election of a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Queens land, for the Electoral District of Too woomba. I further notify that Monday, the Th.rty-first day of March, instant, having been appointed the day, nnd Toowoomba the place of nomination of candidates. I will be In attendance at the Court House at Toowoomba be tween the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and 12 o'clock noon on Monday, the Thirty first day of March, Instant, being the day of nomination, for the nuipose of receiving the Nomination Papers of Candidates. Nomination Papers may. however, he delivered to me at any time or place before noon on Monday, tne Thirty-first day of March, instant. In tlu' uvent. ol the Election b-Uns con tested a poll will be taken at the under mentioned Polling-places on ? Saturday, the Third day of May next, cnrmK'nc ing at 8 o'clock In the forenoon, and finally closing at 6 o'clock in the after noon of the same (iay. The last day upon which ndd tlonnl PolllnB-places may be appointed Is Thursday, the Twenty-seventh dny of March, Instant, and the last. dn.v upon which cxlstmit Poilinij-places may he cancelled is Monday, the- Twenty-fourth day of March. Instant. POLLING-PLACES: Brisbane (Cily Halli. Harlaxton West (Outen's Store. 211 Ruthven St.). Newtown (State schooll. North School (State. School). South End (Club House. Groom Parki. The Maltings (Malt Housei, Toowoomba (Soldiers' Memorial Hall). Toowoomba Hospital (Secretary's Offlcei. Too woomba Railway staiion (Waiting Room i. Willowburn (Recreation Hall, Mental Hospital i. Dated at, Toowoomba this Twenty fifth day of March, 1947. C. R. NOYES. Returning Officer. THE ELECTIONS ACTS, 1815 to 1944.' (Section 38.) NOTICE OF ELECTION. Electoral District, of OYMPIE. I, WILLIAM ZOINIG PETERS, hereby notify that I have this day received from His Excellency the Governor a 'Writ of Election' commanding me to proceed to the Election o£ a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Queens land, for the Electoral District of Gympie. I further notify that Monday, tne Thirty-first day of March Instant, having been appointed the day, and Gympie the place of nomination of candidates. I will be In attendance at the city Council Chambers at Ovniple. between the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. nnd 12 o'clock noon, on Monday, the Thlrly-flrst day of March Instant, hems the day of nomination, for ;lie purpose of receiving the Nomination Papers of Candidates. Nomination Papers may, however, be delivered to me at any time or place before noon on Monday, the Thirty-first day of March Instant. In the event of the Election being con tested a poll will be taken at the under mentioned Polling-places on Saturday, the Third day of May- next, commenc 1ns at 8 o'clock^in the forenoon, and finally closing at. (1 o'clock In the after noon of the same day. The last, day upon which additional Polling-places may be appointed Is Thursday, the Twenty-seventh day of March Instant, and the last day upon which existing Polling-places may bo cancelled Is Mon day, the Twenty-fourth day of March POLLING-PLACES.— Single: Brisbane (City Hall), Cedar Pocket iSchool), Chaisworth (School), Coondoo (Schooll, Cooran (School) , Cootharaba Hill (High School). Corella (Railway Sldlnci, Curra (Schooli, Deep Creek (Cootharaba Road School), Goomboorian (School). Gymoie Drill Hull, flvmnln Wnsnltnl. rjvmnin

Railway Station, Gympie Soldiers' Hall, Gympic Town Hall, Jones' Hill (School). Kybontj (Schooli, Lagoon Pocket (School), Monltland (Schooli, Mothar Mountain (Schooli, Neusa Vale fSchooli, North Deep Creek iSchooli, One Mile (Schooli, Red Hill (Oddfellows' Halli, South Side (School). Tamaree (School), Tandur iSchool). Traveaton (School), Veteran Hall, Wolvl (School). Group: Oymplc z, Beennm Range (Schooll, Bell's Bridge (Bills' Residence), Green's Creel: (Mabe Post Office). Ross Creek iSchool), Sandy Creek Hall, Scotchy Pocket (J. Bambllng'g Rcsidencei. Wil son's Pocket (School). Central Polling plnce — Gympie Z. Dated at Gympie this Twenty-fifth day of March, 11)47. W. Z. PETEUS. Re turning Officer 'fPHK ELECTIONS ACTS, 1915 to 1944.' ?*? -iscctinn .Ifl.i NOTICE OP ELECTION. Electoral District of MURRUMBA. . I. ALEXANDER MILNE ANDERSON. r-f.rchy notify that 1 have this day re cdved from His Excellency the Gove nor, a 'Writ of Mention' commanding me to proceed to the Election of a Member of the Legislative Assembly o( Queensland, for Hie Electoral Distric of MURRUMBA. 1 further notify Hint Monday, the 31sl, da.v of March. In stant, having been appointed the day, and Redcliife the Place of nomination of candidates, I will be in attendance »t the Court House at Redcllffe. be tween the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and IS o'clock noon on Monday, the 3tst day of March, instant,, being the day of nomination, for the purpose of re ceiving the Nomination Papers of Can didates. Nomination Papers may, how ever, be delivered to me at any time or place before noon on Monday, the Thirty-first day ol March, instant. In the event of the Election being con tested a poll will be taken at the under mentioned Polling-Places on Saturday, the 3rd day of May next, commencing at 8 o'clock In the forenoon, and finally closing at 6 o'clock in the afternoon of the same day. The last day upon which additional Polling-Places may be ap pointed Is Thursday, Ihe 27Ui day of March, Instant, and the last day upon which existing PollinB-places may be cancelled Is Monday, the 34th day of March, instant.. POLLING-PLACES: Albany Creek. Bald Knob, Becrburrum, Becnvah. Brlble Island. Brisbane, Buderim. Bunya, Btir pcnBary, CabooJture A-Y. cnboolturc Railway station. Caloundra, Dakabln. Dayborough. Diamond Valley, Dlddillt bah, Elimbah. Eudlo, Forest Glen, Glass Mountain, Glrnvlew, Harrison's Pocket, Histhvale, Hunchy. Ilkley. .KaUancur, Ko&blc Creek. Lacey's Creek, Lands borough. Maroochydorc. Moolooln/ba, Moolnolah, Morayilcld. Mount Glorious. Mount Mellum. Mount Nebo. Mount Pleasant. Mount Samson, Narangba, Ocean View, Palmwoods, Pelrle. Hed cllff', Rocksbers. Samford, Samsonvaj Scarborough. Scarborough North. Strath pine, Upper Cabooiture. Wamuran, woody Point, woody point School, woombye. Group: Cabooiture Z, Bra c»lba, Deception Bay. Moodlu, Toorbu Point, Twin View, Whlteslde. (Centrn Polling Place — cabooiture Z). District Central Polling-Place, Woody Point Dated at Woody Point this '24th day of March. 1947. .A. M. ANDERSON. Re turning Officer. 'T-HE ELECTIONS ACTS. 1915 to 1944,' X (Section 38.) _ NOTICE OF ELECTION. Electoral District of BUNDABERG. I. JOSEPH HAROLD FOWLER hereby notify that I have this day received from His Excellency the Governor a 'Writ of i-lectlon' commanding me to proceed to 'he Election of a Member of the Legis lative Assembly of Queensland, for the Electoral District of Bundaberc. I further notify that Monday, the Thirty-first day of March, instant, having been ap pointed the day, and Bundaberg the Place of nomination of candidates, I wll be In attendance at the Court House at Bundaberg, between the hours oi 9 o'clock, a.nv and 12 o'clock, noon on Monday, the Thirty-first day of Marfl), instant, being the day. of nomi nation, for the purpose of receiving the Nomination Papers of Candidates. Nomi nation Papers may, however, be de livered to me at any time or place : Mtore noon on Monday, the Thirty first day of March, Instant. In the : -event of the Election being contested, ' » poll will be taken at the undermen tioned Pilling places on Saturday, th; Third day of May next, commencing at i 8 o c'ock In the forenoon, and finally closing at B o'clock in the afternoon of the same day. The last day upon ; which additional Polling places may be Rpnointed is Thursday, the Twenty seventh day of March, Instant, and the last day upon which existing Polling \ 'laefs may be cancelled Is Monday, the Twenty-fourth day of March, Instant POLLING-PLACES: Single. Alrcy Park, Barsrara, Barolin, Branyan, Brisbane. Bundaberg, A to Y, Bundaberg Central School, Bundaberg East, Bundaberg Hos pital. Bundaberg North iperry StrceU, Bundaberg South, Bundaberg South-eaa ? SH?5atber? South-west, Bundaberg West, Burnett Heads, Clayton. Elliott. Falry , mead. FalrymeBd Mill. Gocburrnm, Goodwood, Kalklc, North Bundaberg gtate school, Oakwood. State High School, Thabcban. Woongarra. Group: Bundabcre z, El'lott Railway Station, Welcome Creek, Woodgatc, Central Poll Ins Place. Bundaberg Z. Dated at Bundabcrir, this Twnnty-fli fe^er.1947' J' '? F°WLER- RC' ? LEGAL NOTICES ? T Hereby notify that I Intend to apply p- at the ensuing sittings of the Full gy!Wr° of ?hrtt|Sprte0meDrnCC05.rrtB8o1 JaMboW CO^'preJeM «ms: -Loch Etive,' coronation Drl Tppyong, Btlobnne. Description; B' flfR^SKL**! Bachelor of Laws. Dated / this 2flth d»y oi Msrcfi, 1817.

? ELECTION NOTICES 'rpHE ELECTIONS ACTS, ,1915 tn 194*.' .1 (Section 38.) ?; NOTICE OF ELSCTICN. ? Electoral District of NANANGO. . I, JEREMIAH PATRICK DONLEVY hereby notify that I have this day been duly notified of the Issue by His Ex cellency the Governor of a 'Writ of Election' commanding mo to proceed to the . Election of a.. Memtwr of the Legis lative Assembly of Queensland, for the Electoral District of NJ\n»n«o. I further notify that Monday, the Thirty-first day at March, instant, having been appointed the day, and Kinsaroy the place pj nomination of candidates, I will be in ii tendance at the Court House at Kinga roy, between the hours of 9 o'clock a.m. and 12 o'clock noon, on Monday ? iho rhlrty-flrst day of March. Instant, belns the day of nomination, for the purpose of receiving the Nomination Papers of Candidates. Nomination Papers may, however, be delivered to me at any time ar place before noon on Monday, tho rhlrty-first day of March, Instant. In the event of One Election being contested -. poll will be taken at the under mentioned Polling-Places on Saturday, he Third day of May, next, commenc ing at 8 o'clock In the forenoon, and lnally closing at 6 o'clock in the after noon of the same day. The lust day anon which additional Polling-places may ae appointed is Thursday, the T7,'er.ty seventh day of March, Instant, and, Mia last day upon which existing PolHne olaces may be cancelled Is Monday, the Twenty-fourth day of March. Instant. POLLING-PLACES. — Single: Abbey wood, Benalr. Benarliln. BliickbnU. Boon dooma, Boonclooma School, Boyneslde. Brlgooda. Brisbane, BrooUlands, Buck-, and. Burrandowan, coolnbunia. Craw ford. Cushnie. Durong. Durong south, EUesmere, Goodser, Green View, Haly Creek. Hlvesville. Home Crpek, Inverlaw, IroilDot Creek, Kingprny A to Y. Kinea roy Hospital. Klnleymore. Kumbla. fCunloon. Maldenwell. Muiar, Mannuem, Mpmerambl, Nanango, Neumsna, Nukku, Proston. Rocky Hill, Sandy Ridges. Speedwell. Taabinga, Taromeo, TIngoora. Upper Y&rraman, Wengenville, West Boole. Wlenholt District Hospital, Won al. Wooroolln, Woroon, Yarraman. Qroup: Klnsaroy Z. Boonyouln. Dan Rore. Glencllff. Qooua, Gordonbrook, Hlllsdale. Keysland, Meandu Creek, Mount Stanley Road, Nanango Hospital, Stonelands, Taronn. Wooroolin West, Central Polling Place, Kinnaroy Z. Dated at, Kingaroy, this Twenty-fourth day of March. 1D41 J. P. DONLSVY, Returning Officer. ? PUBLIC NOTICES ? 'DEPARTMENT' OF PUBLIC LANDS. 1) Brisbane, 24th March, 1947. Atten tion is dliected to an application by The Ciown to correct Deed of Grant No. 80833. of portion 309, parish of Albert, Johann Wilhelm Enkelmann. Grantee, by the insertion of the correct area and description In the manner described & published In the Government Gazette of the 22nd March, 1947. A. JONES, secretary for public Lands. 'PENSIONERS, MONTHLY MEETING. BRISBANE. MARCH 31st. 3 P.M. INVALID AND OLD-AGE PENSIONERS. Wesley House, Ann St.. City. Discus sion: 'Pensioners and Politics.' Join up now for a decent pension. Entry fee I/, dues 1/ per Quarter. Honorary Secretary. H. W. Lcary. 23 Brickfield St.. Windsor. N.3. F W. Memmott. /vUEENSLAND RAILWAYS. Train ser VJ vice, Gayndah Branch. As Mount Lawless Bridge will be repaired on Fri day. 28th March, a train will leave Monto, 9 a.m., Friday, for Maryborough. The 2.55 a.m. train from Maryborough tn Wctheron will run on Friday, but. there will be no connection beyond ucilirron: on Baturday. 29th, a mixed train will leave Maryborough 2.55 a.m. lor Monto. The road service between ?vctheron and Gayndah will be with drawn after Thursday npxt. Goods for he Gayndah Branch will be accepted In accordance with railing day plan as from Friday. 28th: on and after Mon day, 31 si March, the regular train M'.r vice will operate between Maryborough and Monto. L. E. OXENHAM, Acting IHE COLONIAL MUTUAL LIFE AS -L SURANCE SOCIETY LIMITED. It Is the intention of the Society after one calendar month of the date hereof to Issue a Special Policy in place of 'ollcy NO. 435737. on the life of ALLAN HENGIST BICKLE. which is, stated to iave been lost. Dated at Brisbane this Twenty-sixth day of March. One thou sand nine hundred and forty-seven. iSignedi w. TRAVERS, Manaaer for Queenslnnd. ? TENDERS ? 'BRISBANE CITY COUNCIL. SUPPLY JtJ OF SOIL TOP DRESSING. Tenders, appropriately endorsed, are Invited nnd will be received by the undersigned up to Noon on Friday, IRth April, .1947. for contract No. Wlti/1947— 'The supply & Delivery of 4750 cubic yards of Soil Top Dressing for various Parks.' Copy of (Uidcr fo:m, specification, and condi tions of contract may be obtained from ic Secretary, Department of work;. Room No. 26«, Second Floor, Town Hall. The lowest, or any tender not neces sarily accepted. Tenders will be pub Icly opened In the Council Chamber Immediately uftnr closure. J. C. ?.bAUtiH'ircn, Town Clerk. riOMMONWEALTH DISPOSALS COM V-- MIES1ON. TENDERS are Invited for tin Purchase of NON-STANDARD KETCH AK.477, 'RASPUTIN.' lying at PORT MORESBY. Dimensions: 63ft. x 17ft. x t. 6tn, Built In 1938. Po-wered with 4 cyl. Vivian Diesel Engine, 80 h.P.. 600 r.p.m., said to be serviceable. (Not Pet ters Atomic Engine as previously adver sed.l Hull in poor condition. Inspec on may be arranged through Common wealth Disposals Commission, Port oresby. Tender Schedules are not avail able. Offers to purchase, which close ai 2 p.m. on MONDAY, MARCH 31, should be enclosed in a sealed envelope en orsed. 'Offer to Purchase Non-Standard Ketch 'Rasputin,' and addresssd to the Commonwsalth Disposals Commission, SmaUcriifi. RccMnn.v Nicholas Bulldlne. 37

Jwanston Street, Melbourne, or to com nonwcalth Disposals Commission, Port Moresby. HOMMONWEALTH DISPOSALS COM U MISSION. DEPARTMENT OF THE ?iAVY. TENDERS are Invited lor the 'URC'HASE of STEEL CARGO VESSEL, \.V.2315. 'DAGMAR,' lying at BR1S JANE. Length 106ft., Beam 30ft. -61n.. Moulded Depth 10ft. Powered with 3 tonaidson -k Tlppett Marine 100 h.R. Jlesel Engines. Electrical-Gardner Die -el Generating Set 18/24 KW 100V. D.C :argo Capacity 200 tons. Built 1S45. In spection may b; arranged with the Naval Uithonllcs at Brisbane. Forms of Trader i;ay be obtained from -The Naval Office n Charoe, Brisbane, or from Common wealth Disposals Commission. Coronation ouse, 113 Edward Street, Brisbane, O. renders, which CLOSE on WEDNESDAY. Hh April. 1947, should be enclosed In a icaled envelope 'endorsed 'Tender for the purchase, of Steel Cargo Vnssel A.V.U315 'Dagmnr,' and addressed to Ihe Secre ary. Department, of the Navy, Victoria Barracks. St. Kilda Road, Melbourne. COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA. y~J Tenders, closing with the Director :-f Works. Department of Works and Housing. Ten-tea House, no CrCnk Sire*1-. Brisbane, at 3 p.m., on TUESDAY, 18th April. 1947. are Invited for ALTERA TIONS AND ADDITIONS. REPATRIA TION SANATORIUM, KENMORE. Plans, specifications, and tender forms are available at the Office of the Director of Works. Department of Works and Housing, Tcrrica House, 130 Creek Street, Brisbane. Tenders are to be enclose! n envelopes endorsed with the name of the work. NELSON LKMMON. Minister for Works and Housing. fiOMMONWEALTH DISPOSALS COM \J MISSION. DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY. TENDERS are Invited for the PURCHASE of AUXILIARY KETCH ??TAIPAN' (Teak built), lying at FRE MANTLE. Length overall 81ft.. Beam 20ft., Draft Loaded 7it. llln. aft, 5ft. lOln. fwd. Powered with 275 h.p. Her cules Diesel Engine. Tonnage: Gro^s 107.37, Registered 42.53. Inspection may be arranged with the Naval Authorities at Fremant!?. Forms of Tender may be obtained from Commonwealth Dis posals Commission, Coronation House, IIS Edward Street, Brisbane, Q. Ten ders, which CLOSE at 2 p.m. on WED NESDAY. 23rd April. 1947, should be en closed in a ssaled envelope and en dorsed 'Tender for the purchase o Auxiliary Ketch 'Taipan' (Teak built).1 and forwarded to secretary. Department of the Navy, St. Kilda Road, Melbourne, SCI / 1OMM0NWEALTH DISPOSALS COM V- MISSION invite offers lor 6 PORT ABLE HANGARS. Offers are Invited lor the purchase and removal, ex store, Brisbane, of six dismantled Portable Dorland Hangars, «' x 38'. constructed of tubular steel with canvas covering. THese building' could be adapted to take corrugated iron. Offers, -will close on Tuesday, 8th April. 1947, and should be addressed to the Regional Manager. Commonwealth Disposals commission. 'Coronation House,' 113 Edward Street. Brisbane. Full particulars and permit to Inspect on application. CALLING TENDERS. 15 MARINE EN GINES and PARTS. 6 Garwooi Marine Engines, R.H. (Used), 5 GarwoO( Marine Engines, L.H. (Used), 1 Garwood Marine Engine, L.H. (Used and Repair able; Large quantity of Garwood Marine Spares, inspection: 5 B.O.D., Liverpool, N.8.W. Contact; Mr. F, D. Wilson, M0423. Exl. 427. I Fairbanks Morse 80! li.p. Marine Diesel Engine. Unassembled In 15 packages (New). 1 Fairbanks Morse 500 h.p. Marine Diejel Engine, 5 cyllnder model. Unassembled with Aux illary Hill Diesel Engines (New). 2 O.M. 500 h.p. Wlnton (Cleveland) Mtylno Diesel with reverse clutch, reduction gear. 8 cylinders. Straight, crated, and assembled. Engines left and right-hand, and fitted with J.O.E.S. reduction gear box. Inspection at Meohanical Equip ment Pool, Lelchhardt,,, N.8.W. Contact Mr. F. D. Wilson, MM33, Ext. 427. Tender Forms are available from the undermentioned Secretaries. Tenders, addressed to Secretary. District Contract Board, 428 George Street, Sydney, in (New South Wales); 485 Bourke Street, Melbourne. In (Victoria); Bank of N.S.W. Chambers, King William StreRt, Adelaide, in (S. Aust.) : commonwealth Bank Building, Perth, in (Western Aus tralia); T. & G. Building, Collins Street, Hobart, in (Tasmania). Close 2 p.m. ^A&rto8AUWV£?bNAL ELEC V-- TRICITY BOARD. Tenders, suitably endorsed and addressed to the under signed, arc invited for the Supply and g|AVDer^MER^DANFDO£EAPD°i;lr» frPoemlfinaetlOo?flc?,Bo4£a/t4Ue SSIrS? !«? Street, Rockhampton. Tenders close at Noon on Saturday, 19th April, 1947. G. A. Williams, Secretary, Town Hall. RocK the Office of the Secretary, District Con tract Board. 2nd Floor, Coronation House, 113 Edward Street. Brisbane, are being invited for the purchase of a Quantity of Steel Boiler Tubes, ex Hand wlck, N.S.W. Tender Schedules may be obtained upon application .at the Of fice of the Secretary, District Contrac Board, 2nd Floor, Coronation House, 113 INIUM INGOT. Tenders, closing at 2 p.m. on Friday, 18th April. 1B41. at the Office of the Secretary. District Con tract Board. 2nd Floor. Coronation House. 113 Edward Street. Brisbane, ere invited for the purchase of approx. 10.0001b. Aluminium Ingot* ex Victor! Tender Schedules and full perlicuUm ire obtainable nn application to the Sftlce ot (lie secretary, District Con tract Board, at tha jwidreas thown BbOTB.

TENDERS ^ T-JEFARTMENT OF THE TREASURY.— JL/ Tenders are invited and will be re ceived at the Office of the Local Repre sentative, Commonwealth Stores Bupply and Tender Board, 212 Mary Street, Brisbane, up till noon on Tuesday. 15th April, 1947, for the Overhaul and Main tenance of Typewriters in use In Com monwealth Departments I_n _the Bris bane area for a period ol 1 year, dat ing from 1st July. 1947, to 30th June, 1»48, vide Schedule No. Q927. ? Tender Forms may be obtained at the Office of the Local Representative. Common wealth Stores Supply and Tender Board. 212 Mary Street, Brisbane. K. H. CRAWFORD, Local Representative, Com monwealth Stores Supply and Tender Vepartment of supply and j shipping.— disposal of gas STOVE & HOT PRESS.— Tenders, clos ing at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. 15th April, 1947, at the Office at the Secretary, District Contract Board, 2nd Floor. Coronation House, 113 Edward Street, Brisbane, are Invited for the Purchase, ex Naval Store, Brisbane, of one only Gas Stove, Double Oven, 12 Burners, Plate' Rack. 571n. x 291n. x 361n., with teat controls: also one only Bain Mar e lot Press, gas heated, with double elid ing doors, double shelves In each com partment, 6 food containers, 3 . heating trays, Min. x 72ln. x 30in. Items are In used condition. Tender Schedules and full particulars are obtainable on ap Hllcatlon to the Office of the Secretary, District Contract Board, Coronation House, 113 Edward Street, Brisbane. DEPARTMENT OF SUPPLY AND ' SHIPPING. DISPOSAL OF ELEC TRIC FANS. Tenders, closing at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, 15th April. 1947. at the Office of the Secretary. District Con iract Board. 2nd Floor. Coronation louse. 113 Edward Street. Brisbane, are Invited lur the purchase ex Brisbane Naval Store, of a number of Electric Fans, D.C. only: also various Spare Parts for Fans. Tender Schedules end full particulars are obtainable on ap plication to the Office of the Secretary. District Contract Board, Coronation House, 113 Edward Street. Brisbane. IIEPARTMENT OF SUPPLY AND J SHIPPING.— DISPOSAL OF MARINE GLUE, PITCH, AND LIMESTONE CHIP NGS. — Tenders, closing at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. 8th April, 1847, at the Office of the Secretary. District contract Board. 2nd Floor, Coronation House, 113 Edward Street, Brisbane, are being Invited for the. , Purchase and Removal Quantities of Marine Glue, Pitch, and Limestone ChiPPines, ex Brisbane Depots. Tender Schedules and full particulars are available upon application at the Office of the Secretary, District Con tract Board, at the address shown above. TkEPARTMENT OF SUPPLY AND I SHIPPING. SUPPLY OF AVIATION FUEL AND OIL FOR R.A.A.F. Tenders, closing at 2 p.m. on Friday, 18th April, 1947. at the Office of the Directorate of Supply. Department of Supply and Shipping, Chancery House, 485 Bourke Street. Melbourne, are invited for tie supply ol Aviation Fuel and Oil lor the R.A.A.F.. during the Period, 1st Sep lember, 1947. to 30th June. 1950. Ten der schedules and further particulars may be obtained upon application to the Office of the Secretary. District Contract Board, Coronatlpn House, 113 Edward Street. Brisbane. '* Tender Sche dules will only be Issued on lodgment of a Deposit of £50, and then only to i accredited Representative of a gen cSrection'' transmission line. 1- The Wide Bay Regional Electricity Board invites fresh tenders for the ercc ion of a 66 KV Transmission Line from Maryborough to Howard In accordance with Specification No. 38/47. Copies of le Specification may be obtained from le Secretary of the Board, P.O. Box 163. Maryborough. Queensland, who will receive tenders, suitably endorsed, until 9 a.m. on Monday, 14th April. ALEC W LORD, Manager. 7«SK SHIRE COUNCIL. TENDER FOR -Ei TIP TRUCKS. Endorsed Tenders arR re-invlted, and will be received up to Noon on TUESDAY, 15th April. 1947. for two (5) only Heavy Duty Tipping Trucks, cc-.uplete with Drivers Steel cabin; four (4) cubic yard TlP puik Body and Hydraulic Hoist. Tyre equipment— Duals on rear 34 x 7 Heavy Duty and Spare: front tyres, 7.50-20. Time of delivery to be stated. The low est or any tender not necessarily ac cepted. R. J. Irwin, Shire Clerk, Coun 1 Chambers, Esk. 20/3/1947. 71 SK SHIRE COUNCIL. TENDERS, li BRIDGE. Tenders are invited for the construction of a Tandem Timber Beam Bridge on Driven Piles— 10/30ft. spans, Roadway 12ft., with approaches over Buaraba Creek-Esk-Gatton Road. Plons and Speclflca'ions for the above Bridge may be seen at the Council Chambers, Esk. Tenders, suitably en dorsed, and accompanied by a prelim inary deposit of 2V= Per cent, of tender price, close with the undersigned at 12 Noon on 15th April, 1947. Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. R. J. Irwin, Shire Clerk, Council Cham bers, Esk. 24th March. 1047. 71SK SHIRE COUNCIL. CONCRETE -Hi MIXER— FOR SALE BY TENDER. Leplastrler Barrel Mixer — 7 cubic feet, 8 h.D. 'Novo' Motor. May be inspected at Council Depot, Esk. Highest or any tender not necessarily accepted. Tenders close 15th April. R. J. Irwin. Shire Clerk, Council Chambers, Esk, 24th M' CAbi ROADS ACTS, 1920-194.1. ' Quotations are Invited lor th« following:— CALLIOPE SHIRE: supply and Delivery of Timber Girders for Bridges over Machine and Wurdovig Creeks, on tho Miriam Vale— Gladstone load. Material to be delivered F.O.R. 3enaraby or Station nearest Supplier. Job No. 27.11.12 and 13. Quotations In envelope, endorsed 'Quotation no. 676, ose with the secretary, Main Roads Commission. Brisbane, at 12 Noon on Tuesday, 8th April. 1947. Specifications and conditions of tendering available from le undersigned. Lowest or any auota tlon, or any part of any quotation, not necessarily accented. J. E. ENGLAND, Secretary. M R.C Brisbane, 21st March,

3OSTMASTER-GENERAL S DEFAK'i IT MENT. — Tenders are invited, and vlll be received at the Office of the Deputy Director, Posts and Telegraphs, Jrlsbane, up till noon on Tuesday, 15bh ipril, 1947, for tho Purchase of Garage Equipment required at the P.M. a. Jarases, Brisbane, Bocfchampton, Mary loroueh, calms, Townsvillc, and Too voomba, vide Schedule No. Q929. Ten ler Forms may be obtained at the Office -f the Superintendent of Stores and Yansport. 212 Mary Street, Brisbane. I. C. STEWART, Deputy Director, Posts ind Telegraphs. TENDERS are Invited for the Supply and Installation of the Public Hall. Mount Larcom, of an Electric Lighting ?lant, comprising 110 volt generator o ipprox. 2KW Direct Current, dlrec :oupled or V belt, driven by 5 h.p. Diesel )r Kerosene Engine, complete with iwitehboard. Installation to consist of aylng founditions, erecting, and con lcclInB mains to existing switch box, situated approx. 100ft. from engine room. Tenderers to slate approx. date Jf installation, and to be endorsed 'Ten- W Lighting.' Further particulars may ?'? obtained from the undersigned, with *'hom tenders will close at 6 p.m. on Monday, 7th April, 1947. Lowest or anv ender not necessarily accepted. W. .1. ?5. RIDEOUT, Secretary. Mount Lar ;om Public Hall Committee. THE STATE ELECTRICITY COMMIS SION OF QUEENSLAND. Tenders ire invited on behalf of the Townsyllle. Caprlcornia. and Wide Bay Reglona 31cctrlclty Boards for the 6Upply of ELECTRICAL MEASURING INSTRU MENTS As TESTING EQUIPMENT. There ire three different specifications as fql ows: — Specification No. 54 — Wide Bay leglonol Electricity Board, Specification 55 — TownsvlUe Regional Electricity Board. specification 86 — Caprtcornla leglonal Electricity Board. Tender Jorms. Specification, and lull informa ion are available at the offices of the State Electricity Commission of Queens and. Parbury House. Eagle Street. Bris bane. Staled Tenders, which must be sndorsed. 'Tenders for Electrical Meas uring Instruments and Testing Enulp ment — Wide Bay, Canrlcornia. or Towns villc,' as the case may be. close at the offices of the Slate Electricity Commis sion of Queensland, at 3 p.m.. on Wed nesday. 23rd April 1947. H. NEIL SMITH. TCHEB STATE ELECTRICITY COMMIS SION OF QUEENSLAND. Tenders are invited, on behalf of tha Regional Electricity Boards of Wide Bay, Capri cornia, »nd TownsvlUe, for the Supply. Fabrication, Delivery, and Erection of Structural Steelwork, in buildings. In cluding coal bunkers for three 131 elec tricity generating stations, situated as ollows: Wide Bay Regional Electricity Board, Howard; Caprlocornla Regional Electricity Board, Rockhampton; Towns ville Regional Electricity Board, Towns vlUe, Tender forms, general conditions, specifications, and drawings may be ob tained from or inspected at the offices ot the State Electricity Commission of Queensland, Parbury House, Eticle Street, Brisbane, and may be inspected at the ?espective Board's offices at Mary jorough, Rockhampton, ana Townsvllle. Tenders, signed, sealed, and suitably endorsed, will be received by the under signed until 3 p.m. on Wednesday. 30th April, 1947. H. NEIL SMITH. Secre WARWICK CITY COUNCIL, TENDERS, STEAM ROLLER. Tenders, suitably   endorsed, are invited and will be re- ceived by the undersigned until 10 a.m., on Saturday, 12th April. 1947, for the purchase of the Council's 12-ton Rust0n- Hornsby Steam Road Roller. The Roller is in working condition and may be in- spected at the Council's Debot, Warwick, by arrangement with the City Engineer. Highest or any Tender not necessarily accepted. R. F. W. SMITH. Town Clerk. Town Hall. Warwick.   GARDENING, LAWNMOWERS A TTENTION, Is your lawn mower out ?i\ of order? If so. consult F. W. Hodges, pine St., Hamilton, all scissors and gardening tools sharpened, We call and deliver. Phone M6111, all hours. A Grade garden soil, top dressing, tree Jtx of nut grass. 4 yards £3. 5 yards £3/10/: ashes, 7 yds. 25/: tan bark 4 yards 25/, 6 yards 35/. M8B51. A 1. Best top-dresslns, free from nut ?iX. grass, 3Vjyds. £2/5/: ashes & breeze 5 yds. £1.6. Bryant. 9 Grantham St., Dutton Park. A. Garden sail, top dressing, 3 yards £2, turf £1 per 100 square feet, lawns laid and levelled. J«440. Exser vicemen. A. Grade scarden soil, top dressing, free ot nut crass, 3 yards £2. 4 yart i'2/lO/t ashes. 5 yards £1. F7542. A . Lawnmowers serviced, overhauled, x\ repaired, scientifically sharpened oi precision machine, picked up, returnee 48 hours. Work guaranteed. F. Chalk, Station Rd., Nundah. MY8542. A GRIC. Lime, |n alr-tlght containers, A 24jn. x 7In., lor 5/, delv. by Bryce, suburbs, 1/ extra. Queensland Pastora Supplies, Bowen St. A LL fertilisers, agricultural sprays, ?TV. dusts and Insecticides at Jeans, 289 George St., next Lennon s. f~1HOICE virgin garden soil, with leaf V_- mould and plantash content, 4 yds. lor £2/10/. delivered: turf also sup plied. Rillff BB5SO r JIGGING forks 15/6. at Hancock & ' Gore, Ltd., Ipswich Rd., Woolloon pARDEN lime, 101b. bags at 1/: V3T fertilisers, 71b. packets at !/!? IA 1/9. 1/10; sulphate of ammonia. 71b. pkts., 2/2: rotary turf edgers, 7/9 ea.: also garden implements of all descrip tions: garden stakes and garden bar rows, at Brown & Broad, Ltd.. New L* eAWNM0WER3 sharnppsd Ac r«pa!reo\ culled for & delivered. Rogers' Motors. 1C4 Bennett's Rd.. Norman Park. Ring J84U. ROTARY turf edger. an Ideal tool lor cement paths, etc., price 8/fl. i ironmongeries Pty« Ltd., 163 Queen 6 Brisbane.

JRNITURE, MACHINES. REPAIRS , T Qualco Furniture Co., bedroom, *j dining, kitchen, lounge suites, guar anteed construction, keenly priced, cash or easy terms. Inspect at factory show rooms, 148 Melbourne St.. between 3 and 4 tram stop. West End line. J3463. A T Qualco Furniture Co.. 4ft. by 2ft. t» dropside cots, complete with 3-lnch rubber tyred castors, £3/10/; safety non tip high chairs, 33/6; playpens( 3B/; com modes, IG/6: bassinettes, 32/6; cotcttes, complete with mattress £3; fitted child's lowboy, £7; lacquered bedroom suites, £19/ 10/. Inspect at factory showrooms, 48 Melbourne St., between 3rd & 4th tram stop, west End line. , VAIL yourself of our 3 months' free i. ol Interest plan, we carry r com plete range of everything for the home. Crockery, soft furnishings. Manchester, floor coverings, suites of all kinds, radios, pianos, beds with wires, wires supplied with all bedroom suites, dining and kitchen suites. Globe Furnishing Company. 631-7 Stanley Street. South Brisbane. All enquiries J1446. ..Very nice cedar dining room suite, f\ £.85, on show at 700 Ann St.. Val. Icy. BDB86. A . Utility Chair, useful in any room, x\ attractive, upholstered In various lades, conwy, sprung scats, only £2/15/. at -Muslo Masters, 200 Queen Street, Brisbane. . RRANGEMENT3 for selling your fur rl nkure can be made by ringing B3191. . MAZING LOUNGE SUITE sensation /I return to old times, beautiful Genoa velvet, moquet. and floral tapestry, also occ. tables, etc., and accessories. DAL TONS, cnr. Merthyr Rd. and Brunswick St... New Farm. . . Limited number 8-nlece walnut dln xi ing suites. £28/10/: also beds. Ice chests, ic cots. W. T. Dulley. No. 10 tram stop, New Farm B4543. , A BSOLUTELY new, well-filled? Kapok t\ mattresses & pillows, now available at Dodd -fc Dutton, stone's Cnr. JB455. . LL classes of mattresses remade at ' Hopkins' Bedding Co.. 5 M?rivale St. South Brisbane. Some day service, we call & deliver. J1735. -EI)DING. mattresses, kapok, wool, J- fibre, or Duplex, also cushions & camp mattresses, old mattresses re made, same day service. We call & deliver. Hopkins Bedding Co., tv Merl vale St., South Brisbane. Phone J1735. BEST fibre mattresses, at Dodd k Dutton. Stone's Corner. J845K. 1ASH and no fuss. Will buy any un yj used lurniture. P.O. Box 13. Wool toonsabba ?^ASH Sale for all classes of furnl V-J turp A: goods. Phone BoOfll. 'tRAFTI'S. Furniture Mauutacturers, -?an Stanley St., Sth, Brisbane. Phone ?^RAFTI'S for bedroom suites, dining v- room suites, latest designs. piRAFTI'S lounge suites In the latest v^ tapestry &. Genoa velvet. piRAFTI'S, office furniture specialist. vj 511 Stanley St., Sth. Brisbane. 'IRAFTI'S, manufacturers of all classes vj furniture, 511 -Stanley St.. Sth Bris bane. J1049. 7IOR fale, one full size silky oak cot, -V wire mattress. & kapoc, also child's high chair. Hack. M6115. i'URNl'1 UBE and lounge suites .e JL1 paired, re-sprung, re-covered. M746B. injRNITUHE French pollshfd in vour JL1 own home by trudesmaii. M6526. j'OR sale, double bedroom suite, orao - tlcally new. Ring BS419, 7'OR sale, 3-plece lounge suite and ? lino., best offer, between 3 & e p.m. Apply Mrs. J, McVInlsh. Ipswich Road. Moorooka. n LOBE Furnishing company. All Roods VI available easiest terms. If thinking o( furnish Ins will he pleased to talk matter over with you. We arc eager to arrange special plan suit you. Splendid ranee ot Roods to . select trom. only ouallty lines handled. You can Pur chniis with periect ease of conscience trom thir old established firm. 631-7 Stanley Street South Brisbane. INOS., kitchen dressers. kitchen Lj chairs, carpets, etc. cotterell &t Inswnrth. Arcade Lane, rear A.M. P.. off Edward Street, B4934. TVf ATTKESSES. MATTRESSES, MiH i»X tresses, remakes a specialty, col lected A: delivered lies, same day. Write or phone Hastings Bros. (ex-A. I.F.I. 73 James St., Valley. Phone B9497 IV/rATTRESSES remade, same day *er Itj. vie;, cash on delivery, filled with kapok, flock, or fibre, George Pickers tv, Co.. Pty.. Ltd.. 608 Ann St., Valley. Phone B0208, or write to Box 83, P.O., Valley. NEW wire spring mattresses & stretch ers. Joy Mattress Coy. (Q'ld.). manu facturers, 48 Pctrle Terrace, Brisbane (Paddington or Bardon tram stop 4i. PH. B7101. DAY cash on the spot and far better XT than auction room prices. Save your self both cartage and commission. Phone BOUNDS BELOW CITY, new kitchen . suites, with 4 chairs, £16/10/; new walnut double bedroom suites, at £26/ 10/; double beds, £5/1/6; 3-drawer duchess, £4/19/11: large kitchen caol nef:, £8/17/8; large combination ward robes, £6/12/6: refectory style kitchen tables, 75/; babies' cots, 54/6; and lac aiiered children's lowboys. £8/17/6 DoJd & Dutton, Stone's Corner. J8465 CELL, four rooms, almost new, good J5 quality furniture. Phone M3208. CELL dining table, lust varnished, one D chair, 30/. CZ18. C-Mail. OELL 2 dining tables, 1 silky oak. with O refector legs, £5 for 2, or sell .-eporntnly. B2240. (JELL kitchen cabinet, 2 chairs, table, r- £R: double wooden bed. wire &. fibre matlros, £5; dining-room suite, £8. Ring B8051. CELL Singer sawing machine, tailor's i3 model, 31K20, perfect condition, :24. CZ48, C-Mall. CELL combination wardrobe duchess, «-» single Resto bed, complete, CZ41, C OEWING Machines for sale. Singer or £- Werthelm, fixed head. Guaranteed perfect order, B92B3, QEWING machines repaired, guarantect -J equal to new, moderate prices. Send machines in, we. do the rest. We also purchase machines. Q.P.S., Bowen St. QILVER A'-Vi DInins-room Suite, cotn '~ nlft'. enunl lo new, cheap Appiy 116 Elizabeth Street, near Albert Street

corner. ? . . „ -?? --? ? ? UINGER sewing machine wanted for ~ cash. ..Will pay good price. Box 13. f.O., Woolloongabba. TO sell, cedar sideboard. Apply 17 Hawthorn St., Woolloongabba. TRADE in unused furniture, etc., on new goods, balance on easy terms. ?rice given without obltnatlon. A phone :all to J1446 assures you of tills ser vice. Globe Furnishing company. 831-7 stunlev street, south Brisbane. \tTANTED to buy sewing, machine. -V singer preferred. Phone J8067. YXTANTED drophead sewing machine. -V good order. M6903. XW ANTED furniture, crockery, etc, lot W Hats. B8460. WANTED to buy Singer or Werthelm »- drophead sewing machines. Queens land Pastoral Supplies. Bowen St. Phone B3137. ? WIRELESS REQUISITES A .B.C. of rndlo was learnt by Cram ri mond'6 over twenty (20) years ago. :ranunond engineers rank amongst the )cst ,n Australia to-day when your et needs attention, pliont crammoni iodlo, B0427 (2 lines), or call No fl Jueen Street, near Victoria Bridge. A Satisfactory and economical solu n, lion of vour radio trouble 1? assured f you phone B0427 (2 lines). Crtim nond engineers know their business from \ to Z. They are not only eftlclent. but :onsclenl!ous, quotations furnished. Cars .all all suburbs. A T LAST! RYMOLA Post-par RaOiot A now available, a Queensland pro iuct. on display at 476 Queen St., Petrle aight, and The Radio Centre, King 3eorge Square. A New Farm Radio Service. T, Shor ii Ing. prompt guaranteed repairs, no ;xtra charge for service other suburb* B8148. A Let Greenlees & Co examine rour A faulty radio. They have satisflef thousands ol customers in the last 20 years with competent work and tai Jliarscs. Rins B8459. or come In to 129 -\nn St.. opp Albert Street Methodist Church. A LL Radios, Irons, toasters, etc., re ia paired by experts, at Newton's. Stone's corner J7798 A . ALL LOCALITIES. REPAIRS to ii radios, guaranteed, day and mcht service, valves, batteries GRAY'S RADIO SERVICE. B5093. AVAILABLE for Immediate delivery, best makes of cousolc and mantel radios. Will make the highest allowance on sutl able piano or player-piano with cash ad justment^ G. J.^Grtce Ltd.. 90-92 Queen T5ALMORALaiRADIO SERVICE, R. H, L- Thomas- A.M.I.R.E.. 10 Rlddell St., Bullmba. JY1759. for efficient servloe. BREVILLE 6-valve vibrator. . battery operated, dual wave,_ mante £39/n/r Brisbane. King & King, Ltd,, OAR RADIOS. The new 'Ferris' 6-valve long range, only 3% .amps, battery drain, early de lvery. RYMOLA RADIO & ELECTRICAL PTY.. LTD.. 478 Queen St., Brisbane. B6341. CARNEGIE'S, 62 Queen Street, have tne largest stocks of all leading makes of mantel & console radios, select vour larilo now from Carnegie's range Ph. 52758. 'Ij^OR a really high-grade fiooi moaei, ? see the new Queen 6-valve broad i.,a set, priced £28, at J. T Grcen ces./c .Co., 129 Ann St.. opp. Albert St. Methodist Church. TJiOR sale, 6-valved dual wave Alrzone J? wireless, perfect. Ring M5733. 'IJ'OR sale. Midget 4-valve portable X1 radio, as new, £13/10/. CX86, C Mail. MONARCH Battery Sets, £22/8/. complete in every detail. RADIO SUPPLIES UNLIMITED, Downstairs, T. & G Building. NEW Breville Console, J-valve,,, dual wave. £36/17/. King & King. Ltd., I3ADIO men, we check, is calibrate test Ji equipment, special items made to order. National Radio Laboratory 280 Wickham St. Phone ilO24. J RADIOS, ultra modern Melodeon con sole and mantle model, dual wave receivers, 100 p.c. Jn appearance, effi ciency and performance. Call and In spect, at The Empiro Trading. CO;, 4t Floor, Wooiworth's Building. Adelaide Bt. SELL Fisk Radiola, portable, exceiuiu tone and condition. Ring B7131. 7 SELL brand new latest table model, fixed valve Radiola. 8 short wave bands, bandspreadlng, which tunes over seas with ease of locals, beautiful set. Sacrificing at £30. Phone MY6143. SELL five-valve dual wave portable wireless, perfect order. B53S4, SICK RADIOS made well again »f the Kaaio Hospital of Brisbane. M.08SI. TASMA Radio, from £111/13/4. As easy terms available at RADIO SUP PLIES UNLIMITED, Downstairs In T. A: G. Building, THE Wizard, four-valve dual wave mantel radio, the ideal low price, all purpose radio for world wide reception, £18/10/. confidential, easy terms. Cou pon Furniture Co., Fivoways. W'gabba. '1XTONDATONE' 8-valve dual wave VV tonsole and mantel model radios now available for Tmmedltite deliver: Seo them at Buzacous (Qld)., Ltd., 4' Adelaide Street. Petrle Bight. B3501. ? OPTOMETRISTS ? A. Optometrist of Renown, bringing perfect comlort and satisfaction with eye instruments from England i U.8.A. L G, Worfold, L.O.Q.. 2' Brunswick St.. Valley Corner. BB270. A ?« W- CARLTON-SMITU, Ma' 87 il Highest English Diploma hi Exam, 127 Queen St., opp. Hunter's Shoe Store g|cEn ^urVn^111!^8- 'terra. O Optometrist.. 238 Oeorge St., Brls OPECTACLE Repair Specialist. Prompt, o courteous, expert attention. L. G Worlold, 375 Brunswick St., Valley Cor ner, 375 Brunswick St.. Valley. W ?..???» DOBBYN, personal servlet. No

PIANOS, INSTRUMENTS, REPAIRS . All piano & player tuning, repairs, refelting. tubing, etc., expertly done, ill suburbs. S. Shearn, late 2nd A.I.F.. Henderson St.. Bulimba. JY2343. A T Paling's you can sell your piano A outright or as part payment for Charles Hope Cold Flame Electric Re rtgerator. reconditioned player or piano Phone B2155. or write Wv- E. Palias a 'o.. Ltd.. 88-88 Queen St., Brisbane. ALLISON, world-famous piano. Just ar rived from England, at King ic King Ltd., immediate delivery. A. Piano, pianola, gen. reconditioned tuning, rsieitlng, tubing, bellows, polishing, all makes, all work gntd. In spection & quotes free. Ph. David. .15018. A LL makes of pianos purchased for -fi cash by Whllehouses, the Piano Specialists. Highest prices given. Phone B4361. ALL the best makes of player pianos available at . Whitebouses. Terms arranged to suit L Becnstein grand piano, In perfect t\. order, for sale, no reasonable offer (.?fused; privately owner. Inspect at Car legles Showrooms or ph. M8939. L-EST casn prices paia lui suitable L» piano and players by Carnegies. 62 Sueen Street. B2758 BROADWOOD Pianos. New models ot this famous piano now on view at Whltehouscs, the Piano Specialists. BUY a piano, perfectly reconditioned and guaranteed like new, from vVhttehouscs, the Piano Specialists. Rea sonable prices and easy terms. Estab lished over 50 years. BUY a dependable reconditioned piano or player-piano from Paling's and be assured of satisfaction, w. H. Paling & Co.. Ltd.. 86-88 Queen St.. Brisbane. 1ARNEGIES. 62 Queen St., 'foremost l~- for Pianos.' have a limited number Jt reasonably priced pianos and players for Immediate delivery. Terms arranged inspect; now. Phone B2758. rvRESDON Violin (private sale), 2 !-»„ bows; also diamond ring. CX78, C viail. DROUYN k ? Drotiyn. Modem Music House. 187 George Street. Brisbane. Specialists in plano-accordcon, saxo phone, and all orchestral Instrument repairs TiOR private sale, nearly new piano, 1? , In perfect order. Apply to C. Han loll, 547 Stanley St., South Brisbane. :fOR sale, full size violin, in good *- order, over 30 years old. Apply CZ51. -Mall. 7-OR sale Relchlnbecker Kll-electrio - steel guitar. In excellent condition. Apply 3« Bowen Bridge Road, Valley, sr Phone L4061. 70R sale, player-piano, excellent con 1 , dltlon, 100 rolls. Apply CV44. c Mail. IfOR sale, German piano, perfect order. Apply 366 Wynnum Road, Norman Park p ERMAN Iron frame piano, equal new, vT £125 or offer. Estelle 'Cormack. 12310. PRICE'S, 00-92 Queen Street,, aris. KK bane, will pay the best cash prices [or suitable pianos or player pianos. LfAVE you a silent piano in your TJ home? If so, why let it deteriorate jnd reduce its value? Seli It to PAL ING'S Phone B2155. Call or write and n-range an Immcdlal? valuation Cash settlement. Z\ AVE you a 4/4. 'A. or Mi size violin n In good condition? King's will pay you cash. Phone B3111. [RON frame piano wanted, moderata L fixed valve Radiola, 6 short wave ;/'ING & KING, new Scandalli Dlano IV. nccordlons. 120 bass and 96 bass, cash or terms. PIANO or pianola wanted, will oay cash. Phone B1674. PIANOS at The Globe Furnishing Co.. 631-637 Stanley St., South Brisbane. Stciner & Stuttgart. £95 Frlncke Leip zig. £95 cash or terms. PIANO wanted for sale, will take de l liver* right away P.O Box 12. Woolloongabba. PIANO wanted. One that hasn't had much Use, Cash deal. C. Robinson, c/- Mrs. H. Luck, 'Adllngton,' Corl nplla s:reet, Hendra OELL iron trame Wertheim Piano In O very good order is appearance. Phone F0849. -«*?? (Specialising in pianos oiiij— white- O houses carry the world's best Dlano agencies and tne largest stock of re conditioned pianos In Queensland QTELZNER Pianos. New models of this C7 popular piano now on view at Whltehousec, the Piano Specialists. WANTED iron frame piano, cood order, about £30 M6903. WANTED mano. particulars of mate and cash once to Weston Box 237D. O.P.O WANTED reliable piano, any maKe Phone J1446 WANTED to buy good piano, suitable »' advanced pianist, State best price for cash, to Vivian, Box 14a, G.P.O , Brisbnne. 'iATIANTED to purchase portable organ. W contact Box 1915W. G.P.O.. Bris WHITEHOUSES are Queensland's only Piano Specialists; and hold thn highest recommendations In the State. Patronised by 4QG, 4QR. 4BC, 4BK, 4BH, 4BU and «P. the City Hall. Al bert Hall, and all the leading Schools nnd Convents In the State. For all types of pianos or piano service con snU Whltphnnses. Est 18DS ? REFRIGERATORS. ICE CHESTS AT 'UiHALEX' KiifHlUKRATOrtB lor an domestic As commercial require ments. We can supply domestic machines and commercial upright cabinets in all sizes, also shop class display counte.'s, coldrooms. etc. We install with main tenance & service. BRITISH GENERAL 3LECTRIC CO., 371-3 Adclalda Street. Phone B.1561 (after hours J651S) A. At Howards, the beautiful stream lined Charles Hope Cold Flame Kero sene-operated Refrigerator, five years' guarantee with every unit. Howards Ad., 317 Adelaide St., Brisbane, and at Nell St., Toowoomba. A. Proprietors of cafes, mixed bU6l n.'sses., butcher .shops, notch, board Jill; houses, eti?.. .-.houlri consult. Howard*

-td.. Queensland's Leading Refrigerator House, about their refrigeration' require ments. We have a full range of the :amous electric commercial unlti. Howards. Ltd., Adelaide St.. Brisbane, and at Toowoomba. rt inspection will prove the Charles -t\ Hope Cold Flame Electric Motorlesi Refrigerator is superior in every way =ce ft at Palings, 86-88 Queen Street. Brisbane. A TTENTION. C. & W. Refrigeration A. Service Pty.. for efllolent repairs & overhauls to all makes of commercla and domestic refrigeration equlpmenl Phone J7103. all hours. ACME, REFRIGERATORS, day 4: night service. Complete overhauls, reduco, compressor, motors and 2 controls, re paired. Special guaranteed summer ser vice. J7316. A. AT REFRIGERATION SERVICE. For a genuine engineering Job and no nonsonfie. ring B828R. D. H. Farvtmonrl A T Newton's, Stone's Corner, immedl ?t\ ate delivery, u.M.T. Icykold Ice chests, cash or terms. .17798. T-UY General Electric or Hotpolnt re -E- frlcerator, defective unit no objpe tlon. Phone B0421. pENTRAL REFRIGERATION SERVICE rtnJlpV'ik*''*1 makes, attention same day IjIUod. M.t739. F ELECTRIC Refrigerator for sale, owner -J leaving March 30. John Fcnton, Amecs St.. Broadwater Rd., Mt. Gravatt. pOOD used electric silent Salesman VJ for sale, inspection invited. People's 3nlscp. Ertward 8t. ? T-'EROSENE Cold Flame Frig, for sale, AY periect condition, best offer. Gor dons. Onslow St.. Doomben. CELL cream oil steol porcelain lined ►J Ice chest, £10, or near offer. Ring B89B1. ? DRESSMAKING, LADIES' WEAR MILLINERY RENOVATION. Let US re-make your old hat Into the lates model in 1 week. Special service to coun Se?hC^nt,36p^Uni?Srr5?#nery- 69a Ellza' A HATS, TURN OLD' HATS TO NEW, £* Be your own milliner. Make lutes Parisian & American creations, save pounds! Make your autumn models now. Expert designers & master milliners |-°NWNAh^ ^?ItSLtINE0RWY aCOlLhLeE«n ftIO.OrneC;rc?.Pn^al^73B2ant B'dB- Oliem A . MARLYN HATS,, renovations, rc ?ry modellniB, specialists. Hand-mada hats to order. Country orders, Manor's Chambers, wickhom Street, Valley, ant p'M?OB64°5lti C°Urler BWlS- 0V6r A THE BLOUSE 8ALON has boautl «? nilly .tailored blouses of distinctive deflgns, In lovely fabrics and colours. Will make to measure. 1st floor, Des mond Chrs., 303 Adelaide St. A . EVERYTHING IN DRESSMAKING, ?fi Tlie Paris Pieators, Room 3. lit fir.. Old Courier Bldg., Queen St. A , Dttlcla Collins, Hat Stylist, lotmeny ^i Sydney & Melbourne, now of Mona Sugrue salon, Sth iloor. Penneys' Bldg., will exnertly rtmodol. . b each, or dye your Btraw hat. 3 days' service. B7U98 A T 'Dressart.'1 385 George St., soquina, xl teadlns, embroidery, button, ant buckle covering. A . New address, Leda Frocks, I5;i f\ Elizabeth St.. City, upstairs, Hagen & Blackburn Building. Your own mate, rials made to your requirements, wed dins and evening frocks and daytime wear. ou4Uo. A limiting experts, smocking '?crochet, faggottlng, exquisite hand made shawls, layettes, gloves, woollies. Cmuuen's Dressmaker. Room 103. Strant Bid. A. Hosiery repaired, buttons, buckles ?p. covered, buttonholes, hemstitching, dry-cleaning. NELLA SALON. 21 Bris bane Arcnde. B6303. T5ABIES', children's wear. Beautifully ?*-» smocked frocks, attractive boys' suits, bonnets, play suits, shawls, few winter coats, toys, gifts, plastic trainers, novel ties. 'LITTLE FOLKS' Salon. Old Town Hall Arcade, Queen St. TJEADING done, come and see me. at JJ.,82 Ridge street, Oreenslopes. CHCT?7REC)-Mal!Ir0Cke '''^ lr°m 6A CORSET repairs' by Marie Hume, cor , ? setlere, Adelaide St., opd. Anzac Sq T-O not discard that ill-fitting or out JJ of-dato frock, have it modernised by Felix Mending Service at Grctelie Salon. 147 Wickham St.. Valley, almost opp. Rex Theatre. ISO you wish to save Coupons una IJ Money, and avoid having expensive materials spoilt and wasted, or paying high prices for Costumes, etc., when your tailored coats, ensembles, etc.. can be perfectly cut, fitted, and finished un der supervision of expert Ladies' Tailor (late of Farmer fi Co,, Ltd., Sydney). Be assured of satisfaction at 'Modern De signers,' 2nd Floor, King House. 1-VRESSCUTTING, making, littini. Ha. i-f ishing, etc. No charts or tedious drafting. Cut by tape measure only. Leading llrms and Government Depart ments have selected this Academy. 'Modern Designers.' principals, j. doui las, late 2nd A.I.F., ret. M.E.. and A. gtOU8^6,02n^|rrbveVn?0^UaSres1.QUFeeew XJ ting. etc. _A future career and in dependence. The same thorough cor respondence and private tuition and Il lustrated courses as supplied by us to. the commonwealth Government Hehaoll tatlon Service Is given ,our students. Prl $5°RrEs|i?AK?N0^' effi, ^Ittm^'etC. X/ Make immed ately. model frocks, suits, lingerie, children s wear, etc., with a perfect cut and. Jit; learn all the secrets of perfect fitting sleeves, drap inBi bias cutting, pattern cutting, and S,e, i?ni'1Kl under, supervision ol fully qualified experts In high-class dressmak 2nnBd J?|S». KfnmESHou^0dera ™*™*' T)RBSSMAKING SERVICE. OUr stall A-', of experts will Rhow you how tu make your own materials Into iroeKs you really need Make while you leari ANDRE RENNARD' DREB8MAKINO COL IjBOE, 4th Floor,, CommonwMltb B*n Bldg., Queen 6t. (next. O.P.O.). B4733.

DRESSMAKING. LADIES' V/EAR I IRESSCUTTIKG. Makmc. Pattern De '?f slan, flttlne. and Its problems Tailor ng coats, costumes, etc. Thorough cor espondence courses for beginners & irofessional courses. The advanced easy vay cutting to perfect measurement &. leslgn by tape measure. Country ladies vrite for booklet, 'Modern ocsisnets' Vcaclrmy, Kinu House. QUMn St. EXPERT tuition dressmaking, small li classes, private home, Holland Park. :Z29, C-MaiT. HAT Remodels! See Miss Crawlora. - Brisbane's leading renovation spe :iallst at Janice Hats. 324 Brunswick 3t., Valley (4 doors from stationi Coun ry orricrs carefully executed. JTATS dyed, bleached, remodelled. «ny AJ-slr.e. any style, weekly service. Coun try orders carefully attended to. Mrs. O'Brien, lop of stairs, 1st Floor, Bris bane Arcade. [BAN RUSTLE FROCKS made outlons i» covered, hemstitching, embroidery. -pp. Civic Pictures, upstairs. Valley. EILA CLANCY. exclusive iinncrit?, -i linen, gloves, handkerchiefs. 1st floor. Kothwell Chs., Edward St B671U. Jf ARJORIE DAW. 1st Fir.. Rothwell'.i t»J- Chambers. We make to measure for mildrcn of all ages. B0308. .TAUREEN'S Frock Salon for exclusive »JL frocks. Bih Floor, Helndorll House. DMOCKINa MADE EASY. Learn all ~ smocklns stitches. 'A tree pattern' )f child's smocked frock or romper suit ivlth each copy of 'Dainty Smocking Made Easy,' 1/3 copy. Also all varieties leautlful needlework and embroidery, in ?erfect New-art Needlework Books, 1 '3 :ppy, at all needlework department stores. VIELENE Salon, 4th Floor. City Mu tual Building. Queen Street, have a wide and varied range or frocks and suits. Inspection invited. XT ANTED spare-time knitters, do chll ™i£'&U*\rmn and cardlIRns \riLLOW Salon will make frocks, cos » ' tumes, bridal, & evening gowns. trom your own material in five days. :ut. fit. workmanship suarantecd. Phone YOUNG lady, take in sewing, must ho cut out from shop or factory, chll flren's wear preferred. CX41, C-Mall. CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES A . Specials. Large quantity surplus Oi army navy, air force clothing, no coupons, reasonable prices, In flrsl ass condition, air force blue blankets 15/, heavy army blankets 12/6. Amcrl :an rubber capes 10/6, army overcoats 6/, army tunics 12/6. air force tunics W, khaki drill air force tunics 12/6. Beresford's Surplus Supply stores, 178 Qiven Terrace, Paddington. A RMY service hats 7/6. new, cotton A underpants, Aertex 2/6. AU Force -lue socks 4/11. new mattresses, fibre 25/. new cot and pram feather pillows 2/3. other Items too numerous to mention. Inspect our stocks: country orders. -lease add freight. Beresford's Surplus Supply Stores, 178 Given Terrace Pad dington. tram stop 7. opposite pictures. A IR Force khnki pullovers IB/, white A drill coats 10/, khaki berets 2/6. khaki worklni! coatshlrts 7/6, khaki sabardlne trousers 14/3, nib and brace overalls, 18/11, new wool cotton singlets, sizes 36-44, 5/11. Laconla white all wool double blankets, sli«lHly soiled, 49/11. new khaki shorts, 11/6, khnki drill trsrs., new condition, 10/6. Eeresford's Surplus Sup A LTERATION8, Renovations, shortest A notice, ladles' and sent'., taken. Jressmakins Salon, root Atcherley Pri vate Hotel, 513 Queen St.. near Customs House inquiries Invited. B5008. A ? Repairs & Renovations, prompt scr A vice. Room 36. 3rd Floor. Extnn House. 331 Oucen St. A . Suits. Suits Suits. Any number A wanted urgently. Simon's, 137 Stan ey St.. _ near Bridge. Dealings oonllden A' LL KINDS OF SKINS dressed by lat est chamois process and made up nt-o latest neckwear, capes, coats, and bed runs. Send, with confidence, to Queensland's oldest established furriers, J. JACKSON f- SON. King George Square. Brisbane; established over 46 years. Phone B186R. ALTERATIONS ALL Clothing, Shirts, Suits. Frocks, Holes and Tears, in visibly darned iot patched. Hosiery re pairs expertly done in two days. FELIX LENDING, at Gretclle Salon. Valley, almost opp Rex Theatre. BLACK ? Frocks, winter Coats. Suits, Evening Dresses, Short Dinner Presses, made model lines, hardly worn. fit slim person. 5ft. 5. Inspect Volley. B5908 dally, sven.nfs. 'IOX & SONS Tanors. Rumnant oar ±j ccIk. boys' shorts, enough 2 pair, 25ln. waist 10/, coupon free; ditto. 32in. waist 16/. coupon free. Ask for uaDer uattern free. postaKe 1/ extra 129 Queen Street. DAY Si CO.. Tailors, ladies' ft gent's own material made up. no delns Exton House. 3rd Floor 337 Queen St.. Brisbane. j^OR aalc, a.w. weddlnu frock, satin J: (.lip. nnd veil. N.C M3298. TJiOR sale, gent's dinner suit, new, waist 1? 32, inside l-'g 20. Phone M7339. IJTOR sule, beautiful satin wedding dress, J. suit tall person, women's size, £18, Apply Mrs..K. Allen, Wickham St., New market. 'IVOR sale, summer lace wedding frocK. ck^Mafl!'' 'l '' W°man' APn'y Ir'OR sal:, brown fur coat, o.s., good ' order. £7. CZ32. c-Mall. TJ^UR cape, new American fox. King X M4473. TV/fODEL Frocks. Suits, Lingerie, ev 1X1 wear, children's wear, etc., 4 trocks for price of l when you leatn to make perfect fitting garments. A staff of experts will help you with your dress making problems Have more, better frocks; save coupons and money Imme diate results assured, easy terms, private tiition. 'Modern Designers.' and Floor. King House. RAINCOATS, In plastic, all colours aud sizes, outstanding quality and de sign. Be smart and keep dry In one of our weather proof garments. Inspect at Empire Trading Co.. 4th Floor. Wooi worth'B Bids.. Adelaide Street. QELL Fmk Model Bridesmaid's Frock, ~ bust 32ln., height 5ft. 41n., £8. CX3, C-Mall. SELL cent's navy dinner suit, fit mar. 5ft. Bin., nearly new. CX97. C-Mall. SELL brocaded satin wedding gown, new, 331n. bust, height 5ft. 81n. CZ14. C «'ELL dress suit, as new, for man 5ft. 10in.. 30ln. chest, suit Easter wed ding, best offer. J6052. CELL gent's grey suit, good order, fit i^ 5ft. 9in., £4. CT84. C-Mall, CELL full-length brown lur cont, last ^ year's, O.S. fitting, no coupons, £12. Ring M8:U3. CELL Dinner Suit, fit man 5«. 101D « 36 chest. £8. J6410. UMOCKED child's trock or romoer. O suit pattern free with easy copy o 'Dainty Smocking Made Easy 1/.1 conv. e,t all Icadtnu Ocot. Stores. QPORTS. trousers for your, Easter holl *J .days. In light grey, blue grey, fawn, and brown worsted, available at mice Norman Rlckards. Phone Toowong 22:12. TiHKIady is dyeing her old frocks with ? Gllscal Dyes. Save money and coupons. A I. all Oljseal Chemists— 24 shades, 1/ packet, rpo sell, srty tailored suit, S.S.W., kuoci 1 condition, no coupons CX17 C-Mail WANTED Boy Scout's hat, In good con -V tiition. size SVi-W*. Ring .16466. '\X7ANTED loan full-length lace veil, 7tii Vv Juno, every care taken, by respon alble person. CZ35, C-Mall. ? ^ POULTRY. DOGS, BIRDS A. AUSTRALORPS. W. LEGHORNS, day-old chicks & pullets, Mahaca Poultry Form, now booking orders. M. H. CAMPBELL & SONS, Albany Credk, Aspley. Ph. Strathpine S4. A. Immediate delivery. 3 day old Aus trnlorp, Black Orpington., white Leg horn -b R.I. Bed Chickens, guaranteed scxed pullets, unscxed, ic cockerels, all pure-bred, from Government blood tested stock; also choice pullets (no culls) of above breeds on point first lay Delivery arranged anywhere, c.o.d Phone Twe. 361. Country clients writ' price list, Box 947M. G.P.O.. Brisbane. A USTKALOHP day-old ciilcKs. oiuuii. ?t\ tested stock, avail. June to H^u tcmber. D. Hill. Mandalay surfers' Paradise. Phone 84. A US'lRALUUf &, White Leghorns, now A booking orders. Feb.. Oct.. delivery. K. H. Gisler, Wynnum Rd.. Wynnum. Phone Wynnum 402. TJR.1TA1N NEEDS MORE POULTRY. An X- increase tn price by the British Ministry of Food for Australian boiKi fowls is good news. Our price and ser vice are sood, prime hens l/l per lb.. cockerels 1/5, young ducks 1/2, turkeys 1/6. Our trucks will collect, weigh, and nay you cash on the farm. 8. Wallace -fc Son, Railway Av.. Rocklea. .JY4flOO. pANARIES. finches, lovebirds, parrots, J-/ cages, etc., good stocks always on hand. Call or write for price list!. F. Williams. 25 Cordelia St., South Bris bane. .11971 COCKER spaniels, Bcxley Kennels, rood puppies available. McGarry, Sack ville SU Greenslopes. J6888. pOMMON pigeoiib wanted. 1/ eacn V- Freight paid J. Kingston, not Ll42.iy-,/?-pO M6880 pONSIGN vour h:ns. ducks, cockerels. V. turkeys, to Brielu's, Denhams Poul try Section, 64 Roma St., Brisbane. Ibiko quantiiies will bp collected within 'its pokio Austraiorp ana White Leghorn y^ full, 4 .weeks old pullets, available for early delivery. £11/10/ 101). CB -lO. £1/10/6 dozen; 11)47 catnlouue Co^-lo HRtcherv. Toowoomba. DUPLEX strippers and trimming charts available from David Phar macies, next Lcnnon's Hotel, George St., Brisbane. FOR sale, 8 Austraiorp hens. Ring M3ulo. IJEALTHY^ mateoups. neelci Biue ? l Cattle. Kelpie Cross, champion work ing strain, 30/ each. Carrion* oaid Bert Kinc Kenmure ]fRI8H setters, pedigreed puppies. I verulam Kennels. Lamont Rd., Wil ston. M7311. IRISH (Rad) Setter Puppies for sale P^onc M5761. KEEP your dog happy, healthy, and friendly with that wonderful tonlo !or dogs of all breeds, Baxter's Alterna tive Mixture. Keeps coats sleek and ci°emlsisAsk for Baxter-s- 2/fl Bot A' XiELu half-bred Scotch terrier dog, O child's pet, £2. 58 O'Kcefe Street, SELL. 'Red Setter puppies For oar ttculars rine LI 475 CIMPSON S CANARY A; Parrot 'Seed. O are mixed by an .expert, your blrdf cun have no better alet. All stores ^yY ANTED home two cats and kittens WANTED up to 50 White Leghorn and Australorn millets on point of fay. Please ring JY5156. 6 Months old Pedigree Cocker Spaniel Bitch for sale. Phone B8791. between 0 ».m . and 6 p.m ? SEEDS. PLANTS, BULBS AMAZING climbing tomato, bears a whole year, yields 2001b., has 20ft. runners, loaded with large red tomatoes, disease and drought resistant. Sensation In America, 2/0 Pkt., posted N.S.W. Seed Co., Boy 4100, G.P.O.. Sydney T^EUTZIAS or Weddlne Bells, very XJ beautiful flowering shrubs, white bells, strong plants. 2/ each, postage extra. THOS. PJJRROTT -Je SONS, in StrPBrlsbCanSn Ur°8' & ° ' 337 Gcoriie TJRETTX nVaclnths 2/8 bib.. Lache ^'nallas 1/ bulb, Rainbow freezla bulbs 1/8 dozen. Ranunculus, anemone bulbs 1/ dozen, sweet pea. Iceland poppy. luDln, cineraria, primula, stock, phlox seeds 1/ packet; Giant pansy seeds 2/6 packet. Roses, 3/ each; no catalogues. Noorons Nurscrr. Toowoomba. WErrfit,ock D.D.T. Rucldc, Pesoruf. ^V KUlsem. Bordea\ix. Arscnate of &g sf a',!' Mtei Emman'y Brw. is Cralf, 337 (Jeorso 6L Brlsb»ne.

? MISCELLANEOUS ? A RMY DISPOSALS, B.A.L.M. Paint £* icinover. lucquer. G.I w.a«h Oasjns. namel Juts, china cups, too] boxes, coo ler ic tin tunnels, exllnBUI.sticrs. ?cmcni nonnorlt. chlltfi-en't play tables isth healers, stoves, v/ood. octroi, kero. 'z primus types, mosquito nets, .-vslisva .vl.-slpir.s. cnrr.t)ln« «e»r, sinult -bcdh. ifflce equipment. STANLEY TRADERS. Stanley Wharf. Stop 2. Stanley St. B4341 A RMY. surplus uoods ol all desenp ri tlons, tents & tlys, tarpaulins, tools, laraware, beds and bedding, blankets, oldliis stools & armchairs, mass taolcj, lothlnu, new condition, no coupons, ivercoats 25/, trousers. S.D 12/6, & voollcn pullovers, 12/6; flannels, lon'tt leeves 7/6.- ground sheets 6/ ana 10/ Country cllenis. please add trciBht Why mrns. Doris Si., West End. 13 tram stop A Wool ::!rnlols, all .sizes. 5/U; La ci conia white wool blankets, 72 x 80. lightly soiled, 49/U or.: Air Force blue ergn -rsrs.. 20/; Kodak bromide star, lossy. 9x95 .gross, hermetically sealed in. 50/ tin; English concentrated paint. r.ake 8 galls., lew,, drums. £2 drum: 2tt. lin. wooden bed, wire mattress, 35/; American fibre mattresses, 3tt £2. 5HERRYS, 70 Ann St., Brisbane. A . White Ant Ai Borer Remedy. 17/6 A callou, 4 gallon tins 50/; weed, scrub, Sc tree killer, concentrated, 1 gal on makes 50 sallons. 17/6 gallon, 5 gt»l on drums £3. Rat & mice extermina tor harmless to humans, domestic anl mnls, rtc, 2' bottle. Advice free, ail -m problems. Call or write, F. Wil jfs7l' 25 Cordella Sl' Sou^li Brisbane. A . Optometrist ot Renown, bringing A perfect comfort and satisfaction with u'e Instruments from England and J.S.A. L. G. WORFOLD. L.O.Q.. 2iO Brunswirk Street, Valley Corner. B&270. A T Carter's Store. Lognn Road, ni'ar A.D.'shon St. Marquee tents. 20 1 US. ft'llh inner & outer roofs, aft. walls: also icnts, 14 x 12, wtth lly and ooles. £7/10/: ind bell tents AT Carter's Store, Logan Road. 2000 i 44-gal)on drums, from 4/; also 600 4 trIIs., and hundreds of others to olck [rom . A T Carter's Store. Logan Road, an t\ other consignment 800 rolls wire netting, fl/fl roll, at store; also blankets, svercoats, and military trousers. A LL fancy costumes, evening suits for A hire, Geldart, 130 Oueen SI. B9D14. A SCOT TURKISH BATHS, City, men's t* section, roof garden, ladles' dept., Sth floor. Ascot Chbrs., Queen, Edward St. B4344 A. Premier Blmds now -supply louvre panels, painted and fitted to your veranda or windows, prompt delivery, easy terms If desired Phone M4B29 (or quotations A. Free Pattern 01 Child's Smocked Frock or Romper Suit with each copy of 'Dainty Smocking Made Easy,1' 1/3 at all Dent. Stores. A. 6 PER CENT. D.D.T. scientific spray for all household pests, procur nhle m pints, ',b galls., 1 gal., and 4 calls. Manufactured by NORRIS AGENCIES, 639 Ann St.. Valley. A. Choice pears, suitable dessert and cooking, 20/ bushel case; kitchen use, apples, 10/ oushel case, freight nay able by buyer. Cash with order. D. S. fry, Box 52, 'Appletrees' Orchard. The Summit, S. Line Qld ALL makes of fountain pens, recondi tioned by Geo. Dickson. 'Pen Spe cialist,' Basement. Moses Ward -fc Sons, opp. G.P.O., 300 Queen St. Phone B8574. APPLES, Oranny Smith, best grade 18/ bushel; 2'Z.iln. at 15/: kitchen use 8/: cash on rail this end A. skuse The Summit. A PPLES, second grade. B/« bushel J. JI B. OrcPiihow. Applethorpe. A. ROTO DRY CLOTHES WINGER and Dryer. Demonstrations at the GLOBE FURNISHING CO.. 631 Stanley St.. South Brisbane. J1446 AND HE OPENED THEIR MIND,' Luke 24-25. This Public Address will be delivered In the Temperance Hall, Edward St., Sunday. 7,30 p.m., Brisbane Chrlstadelpliian Ecclcsla Al welcome No collection A. Whatever' your watch problems, a repair or a purchase, consult L, PARREN PRICE, The Watch Specialist, Penney.' ? BldB.. Brisbane (take Queen Street lift to 2nd floor). A PPLES. domestic grade, Granny A Smiths, 10/ per bushel, freight paid J. H. Keehn & Son. The Summit. Q. A LL Kinds 01 sjmrcciiiliu ana repiui A work carried out by qualified ex nm tradesmen, scissors, shears, razors, Knives, and all cutting instruments, aurglcal supplies, Ltd., top. Customs House). Queen Street. Brisbane. A PPLES. A limited quantity of kit A chen Brade apnl-'s always available. 8/ a bushel, 4/6 a half-bushel case, cash with order. Buyer pays freight. G. U. Fry. 'Joloray' Orchard, P.O. Box 111. The Summit. 3. Line. Qld. A. Imperial 'typewriter for sale, perfect order, £8/10/. 16 Melbourne SI,, No. 1 tram stop. Ring J5261, further particulars. BABY scales for hire, reliable makes. Call or Phone Surgical Supplies Ltd.. 428 Queen St., opp. Customs House. 'OASS Drums, side arums, (tuurfls -D drums, complete with extras; boxing ring, complete; boy's cricket bats. C-H- terell & Ainsworth, Arcade Lane, rear A.M. P.. off Edward Street. B4934. BRING your watches, binoculars, ana Instruments, we buy. repair, ot ex chance. C/- Malouf, 16 Melbourne Streyt. No. 1 tram stop Da.v. Phone J52G1; night. B5737. BARKER'S SALVAGE DEPOT. rear 'Gabba Post Office. Phone J5952. TJARKERS. Tents by world famous X- British maker, 18ft. x 15ft.. outfi .includes fir, poles, ropes, valise, etc. BRASS bucket spray pump, complete with 20ft. hose and nozzle. Price 10/ each. Ironmongeries Pty.. Ltd.. 15: Queen Street. Brisbane. T3UGS COMPLETELY EXTERMINATED D by fumigation only. Don't waste money and energy when our methods are so successful. The fumigation specialists. INSECT ERADICATION CO., -fi Ge.jrce St., B9125. Wn also eliminate all other pests. BiK Independent. A future career ? in - dress cutting, pattern cutting, adults, children's wear, dressmaking, designing, fitting, etc., by tape measure. Thoroug correspondence courses. Country ladles, write for particulars of the Most Ad vanced Professional Course In Australia, also private tuition. Be assured of suc cess at 'Modern Designers,' 2nd Floor. King House, Queen St BflOlO. TJORERS AND WHITEANTS completely -£- eradicated. All work done by ex perts. Inspections free. Replacement re nalrs done. Results guaranteed. Insect FTHrtleatlon Co., 46 George St. B0125. TDOWLS, sell set Dunlop rubber. 6 ^* Inch, tested. 1047, £6. Ring evcnlnu. pA*SH REGISTERS WANTED, high cash v/ prices paid. Phone B0636. the National Cash Register Co , Pty.. Ltd . 108 Elizabeth Street. Brisbane. pATEHING exm-rts. siuisiactlon guar v nntrnd. Phone M2541. pLOCKS. 8-dn.v k electric wall * V* mante) models Try Kins *? KIok. CLOCKS. K-da.v. chimltm. Enfleld clocks, ultra modern design, perfect per lormanrp and efficiency, outstanding value. £7/12/8. Call and Inspect, al Em pire Trading Co.. 4th Floor. Wooiworth's Bldg.. Adelaide St.eet pOCKROACHES. R. A D1BHS .*. SONS V guarantee complete eradication 01 these pests, also flies, buns, sparrow line, rats, white ants, nnd borer!., or any In sect pest or rodent Phone J4455 for OOKt'EE, Melba nurp coffee, processed daily tn our modern mills, delivcroi oven iresb direct, to cafes, hotels, storeo. Wholesal: prices, superior quality and t^nMce. Southwicks. 488 Queen Street. COUNTRY dealer wants furniture, tools, old cars, sundries, etc., price & particulars lo CX50, C-Mail. pUTLERY Canteens, excellent quality V_/ silver and stainless steel knives, ful service of everything. Keenly priced, a £14/14/. Empire Trading Co. C CROCKERY, large range of dinner ser J vices, utility sets, and afternoon tea sets, all British manufacturers, of high standing. Keenly priced. including 40-mece dinner sets, at £5/7/6. Empire Trading Company, 4th Fioor, Wooiworth's Building Adelaide Street. PUT film muKuzincs, 'A-piati: 1111a d \ i. v^ retiuir^d. Apply H. A. Snupe, B2CI61 rvAINTY Smocking made Easy A xJ book teaching all smocking stitches and a free pattern of child's smocked frock or romner suit. Price 1/3 copy, al all Leading Department Stores. 1 DINNER iz entree Plates, In laburnum JL/ ii lupin petal, also cups & saucers, sets of jugs, celeste salad sets, teapots, pottery, vases, etc. At Townells. 508 Stanley St., W'Gabba. Phone J2667. DINNER set, blue Wedgewood, good condition, sell, best offer. Ring Wyn. T\OIjL8, nrams, sleeping heads, fcld XJ dies, tool sets, mechanical toys, all wanted lines, at Rosendorffs, 45 Ann I iiOLL HOSPITAL repairs wigs, f rocKs, LJ spraying, at Reid's. 468 Queen St.. Fettle Blunt. Phone B0127 DRES8CUTTING, makirni, etc., with out old-fashioned charts, tedious drafting, or complicated methods, thpr ough correspondence tuition for begin ners, also advanced pattern cutting, ladles' tailoring, etc. The easier, quicker, accurate way 'by tape measure.' Coun try ladies, write tor particulars of the best private or postal tuition. 'Modern Designers' Aead;my, 77 Queen st DRESSCUTTING mnktne. fttttnis. pat tern cutting, frocks, coats, costumes, etc., private tuition only. Cut by Uno measure only. Lu&ainK tirms & Govern ment departments have selected this aca demy. Vacancies March, Anrll, May, June; days, cvenmss. Sats. Modern De signers. 2nd Floor. Klne House Prin cipals, J Douglas (returned M.E., late 2nd A.I.F). and A. Douulas. TT'ATLNG or cooking apples. Granny JCi Smiths, 12/0 bushel case: clean, kit chen grade. 10/; cash with order. T. ic M. Downs. Gladhill Orchard, cottonvale. lT'CLECTRIC Slimming Tablets, Rlt i-J .yourself ot superfluous fat harm lessly, yet quickly. Price 4/6 (14-day coursel. Mclnnes, the Chemist (opo. Rex Theatre. Valley) TjiXCLUSIVE infants', children's wear, xU etc. The cutting, making, etc., taugh by correspondence or private tuition, by tape measure. Success assured. 'Modern Designers' Academy. 2nd Floor, King F' ERROUs''n8Ulphate? us^cTror sanitary purposes, will absorb noxious smells, valuable as fertiliser. 4 drums, a V-, cwt. £1, free on rail, or delivered city For ward postal note with your order. Ohcmos Co . Coronation Drive. Mlltnn. FOR sale, cream silk parachutes, cmim to new, approx. 64 yards. £12/10. each. 42 Ross St.. W'nabba Phone Tj'OR sale, faplndrler & Rour.v Wringer I and Rlnser, latest model, all alu minium. Immediate del.. £8/7/6. in stalled Be sure to compare before buy lnc an- other Sole agents O.P S Bowen St. FOR sale. Child's Pram, hluh chair, and walk-about. Phone F8031. TT'OR sale, goli bag and seven sticks, iEeJl'feU^BJfS!: ore-*ar make' hardly IfOR sale, Exakta camera, 2.8 lens, ? good order. Reply Box CV64. C-Mall. TfOR SALE. ROTO DRY clothes wrinu X' ?rs. all aluminium and absolute: lustproot. The Roto Dry Is beyond com parison. Prfco £8/0/a FOX PRODUCTS. ]45 Upper Melbourne fit. West End. 15452. T'OR sale, pair new pinkinc scissors. - button, machine dyes and moulds. Sinner buttonhole machine attachment. Hilton. Caravans. Green Park. Glenora Street. Wynnum. T^OR constipation ana haemorrholdal Jl\ conditions, use Chemist Roush's Thick Liquid Paraffin (American). 26oz. 3/6, 1302. 2/, 807.. 1/6 (postage extra), at the main CHEMIST ROUSH PHAR MACY, 45 Queen Street, and branches. ThROCKS, ladies' and children's dret.s JL' making special postal course for be ginners, from 30/. For country ladiea, write for particulars to seordary,

? 'miscellaneous ? ^OR suit one gas stovctte, good con- ' L dllion. also Mawson lor chont. two . 'lock, enamel linnfi. Codd. Frances n Lvcnue. EaiTle Junction. t FOUNTAIN! peiiN :-?:)!. 11 cd niw, ..carr-;: L' au, ? cl:p.s. told nibs. Lucky Noltui. IhetnisL casket. Aurnt. Quren St.. Val. %. SMITH PTY.. LTD.. 82-84 Ann St.. JT reliable teut nnd tarpaulin makers. peclaliMK flitus. flys, motor covers, tar aulms. water & mail bans, blinds, jwau : chilli covers and beach umbrellas ^IFfs. Always nice range at Austral C* Gilt Shoo. Pennpy's ^rcade. Adelnide pOOD stronc, 10 x 10 tent, for $n'c. Or Blrkmyre top and extra thick sides. » Stoff. Daisy Street. Wynnum. ~\ RAFLEX Cut Film Magazines, nuar Ul ter nlatc *nd five by four, reunited, ipply H. A Snapn. B29C.1 APANESE sniper's ritlc. Mauser, rx ^. ,cel'ent_ condition, high powered, .25, -14. U^iOO, U-.Milll. / ITCtitN acuius. with wtisnis. .H li each; also garbuge bins, galvanised. S/6 each. Ironmongeries pty.. Ltd.. 152 Hucen street. Bnsoanc INO. shortage overcome. Chief slam *-* gloss again available In 4 timber col mrs. mahogany, walnut, silky oak. and naplc. We are Pleased to advise on all loor problems without obliKation. Phone, all. or write. Chief Polish Coy.. 508 10 Stanley St.. South Brisbane. Tram Stop 7. Phone J2B92. ? ISTEN 10 4BK. 4,30 p.m.. everv - Thursday ' UCKY Door Ticket No. 396. Vcrezo JLj Benefit. Holder contact Mrs. H Singleton. 10. Princess St.. Petrl_- Terrace. IV/f ARTIN's Snivago Depoi. 12 Vulture I'J-St.. End. tram stop 10. no cou )ons required for clothing. K.D. trons :rs 10/6, heavy blankets 12/0. K.D. coat ihirts 7/6. riding bteeches 15/. Air Force ivercoats 35/. new pullovers 12/6. vomen s house or street frocks 30/. re :on. boots & shoes 12/6, military over ?oat*. 30/. cotton underpants 3/. athletic ngiets 2/0, mnttresses 20/. pillows 2/. vhite coats 10/. new khaki work gloves 1/6. leather laces 2d. Tialr. MODEL frocks, suits lingerie, dainty Infants', children's wear. For only iu cost or materials. Have morn, better ? \ '?. .Qualified experts teach you from st leaspn, tht easy way. Success as Kin fi J,M°nern Designers.' 2nd Fir.. Tl,I'OLASSES, good news, Immediate de i'X livery quantity 44-gal. drums. 42/6 Bowen/(iSt..'OBniS!On drUm' 0P'3' PAINTS, 5-uai. tins, dark green only. Albert es?' AP? 116 EIizabetn Sl- 110ar OERSONS Interested own welfare, de -?? oates. politics, economics, current topics, contact CZ61, C-Mall. IJHOTOUKAPHS copica, enlarged coi 746K.U'fi'dp.O3.';OfB^51|?a1nely- P°581- B°X piCTUKLs frnuiea promptly, carefully A_ta,5,tefully, highest quality workman sh'P guaranteed. Book and Art Trea sury^Sth Floor. A.M.P. BuildlnB. PICTURE framlnis nt the Moreton Gal PhoiiPrlF4889-MP Baf'en'cm' Hwird St. pLASTECINE, pastel crayons, mathe ;t,i ,matlcalc ?cts' T squares and slide gftan-ce ^.'V.fSk ^^''.t ^ W&NS?.'' cantWB?°WS;!!1aba- keep,,,, Wenlf^'da^a!5^'.^'^.,^''1 oriw T' Q.P.S.. Bowen St., Branch at Denhams ware goods0 ' fOr a' hnl'd' Q'LAND Jumble Sales. Ann Slri-el. op posite Fire Station, Sale, Friday. 10 a.m. Mocks include Ukelclc and button Accordeon. IJIMi^faS Spectacles of Distinction. XV Consult WORFOLD, Optometrist. for 'le^Co^'e'r5' B28'270BrUnSW'Ck Str°el' Va'' KUBBER STAMPS. S. SMITH ic SONS, in. 'J10 0£'8lnal firm, only one address. 168 Ann St.. next. Canberra. B6134 (JACK nnd store TrucKs. fitted steel ►-J or rubber wheels, are available at ?v*.'J}S?.llP^eS»10441.8 BrUn5W'Ck 8trCet' GANITATION dlitlc.ultics overcome os ?J Hygela. no emptying or unpleasant ^sks, comfort 0/ septic at fraction of cose, can Be Installed where septic Impracticable. Doakin ic Co., Col. Mutua BIK-. next G P.O..' Oueen St. B5416. S5ELL, first-class marquee. 25 by 13. im bl,rk,'nvi'e top. 3 camp beds, collap sibln table, petrol stove. M4605. SEL£L4 /'my^3' complete, doll's suite. CELL single eiderdown, half sovereign. *-- post cards. Blue Mts. views. CZ38, C-Mall. (JMOCKING. all varieties of stitches In SL Dainty Smocking Made Easy,' 11 'Free Pattern' of child's smocked frock or rompnr, suit with each copy. 1/3. a all dept. Mores. CILVER & NICKLE PLATING, all kinds £5 o? articles done. 'Cardlox.' rear 130 Adelaide St. opp Finney's. CEE the new Breville hand-operated kj washing machine, 11a hard scrubbing or hand washing. £8/2/6. King ic King. Lid., Queen St., Brisbane. QPECTACLE rtcnair Specialist. Prompt, 10 courteous attention, L. G. WORFOLD, 275 Brunswick Street, Valley Corner. QTUDENT urgently requires copy of O Adiun5' CnnstituMontU Histovy o EmrlBMd. CW74. C-Mail. (SUNGLASS ANNOUNCEMENT. Till Jlst -3 March discount 33 per cent, oft a regular prices. Genuine clearance all styles. WORFOLD. 275 Brunswick Street, Valley Corner. HPAPESTRY. green fawn. rusl;. and -L multi-coloured, excellent, value at 12/6 yd. Empire Trading Company, 4th Floor. Woolwnrth's BldK., Adelaide Stree rpAR-PAULTN, 18 x 20. Theodore. it( X Logan Road, SV'sabba. J3454. rjlIN plate for sale, 8 x 28 inch, cylln J- ders, suit toy maker, etc.. also tir discs. 2 and S'A inches. Hagel. 67 An nerlny Rri.. after 5,30 p.m. 'POP prices uiven Idle cameras. Lucks X Nolan, Chemist. Casket Agency. Bris bane, Ipswich. UNDER YOUR OWN SUPERVISION, al your old Office Records, Books, Cor respondence, and Papers destroyed foi pulp, free of charge. Help build a loco Industry City calls only, ring L4242 and ask for our carrier to call. CARDBOARDS PTY., LTD.. Fleming Rd., Herston. TTNIVERSITY Student wants 'Develoj U Mental Anatomy,' by Arey. any con dition. Phone MY6464. TTEEVIC makes carpets like new. On( V tablespoon to a gallon of hot water, dried with a damp cloth, removes stains nnd brightens up the colour, 1/81/: oacket, all stores. 'VERMIN, eliminate ali vermin, Vermus » Spray kills bugs and destroys their cans. Rid the household of pests. Ask for Vermus S. 'Fraser. Walton. & Co., Clt.v Buildings, Edward St., Brisbane, B8278. WK'T D° Pflr'' by 8'rCy- W^S.caT &&». ^CT1 Accer. Phone F8006. X\T ANTED a wheel chair... In good con »* dihon. urgent. Write tn Mrs. F. Woollntt. No. 10 Evelyn St.. PaddliiKton. WANTED full set left-hand golf clubs, three woods, nine irons, good order, nay Bood price. CZ3, C-Mail. AXrANTED to purchase: Constitutions »- History of England (, Roinar Law in Mediaeval Europe ivinogrudoffp Ancient Law (Malnei. Source Bookc o: Constitution History, from 1660 ( Dykes 1 jatln Literature (Mackall). Modern Eng lish Usage (Fowler). Phone U7877. \\J ANTED to ousf old style cluim caM »T net, cedar preferred. Phone B9886, \\TE W'H buy all classes ul second 1' hand tents. Phone J5061 Wheelbarrows, strongly bunt, with .»» onEle Iron and steel tray. Prloe 3i)/ each. Ironmongeries Pty., Ltd.. 152 Queen Street. WILL sell lovely beaded evening ban. hardly been used. 32/6. CW42. C Mall. 1 LB. Beads, Mixed Colours, suitable J dressmaker. £2/10/. Austin, Lamina ton Ter., Dutton Park. 2 Golf Clubs. No. 3 mashie, 25/. Mrs. Austin. Laminston Terrace. Dutton Park. ? BOARD. RESIDE NC E ? ANNE Halnuway private Hotel. Bea and brcukftist J/G- Weddinus and social lunctlotis caterea for. C'ornoi Geoiue and Churlotti; Sts. Phone B6180 A STOR 1-TiyuLe Hotel, Astor Terrace A Bed, bruakfHbl. B7753. A CCOMMODATION. Theatre Royal A Hotel, Elizabeth St., tantf 12/ day dlnins-ruom open to the public, B6183 A CCOM.. service, suit men. Kcnross A. Upper Kdward Street, next Federa Hotel. B61I2. AT Bunyas ' 61 Coronation Drive, per mancni.s, casuals, bed, breakfast B5938, city area. A .Refined business girl requires iui ?fi board, any suburb. Please write AVAILABLE, board, suit gent., share room, south side, 35/. Lewis Agency Strand. PJUaiNESS woman seeks hoard, qtuet ao83x°.mG'p*ondSOr- 'ri:a prc'erred Bov BUSINESS girl requires board, any suburb. Reply. stating terms, CX91, C-Mail. /Comfortable home for one or twe v.^ business girls, with board or use con veniences, near city. CZ15. C-Mall. C 'WEALTH engineer student, remark full board In quiet home. Salisbury, Moorooka district preterred Away nt repular intervals, cut lunch All replies answered. CT74, C-Mall. tjiMPlRE Hotel, cm Ann & Brunswicn Xl- Sts., accommodation by day or week Dining-room ouuii to public B2125. IT'X-dERViClsMAN, radio anncr., re 1- quires ? ooard lodciiiB quiet prlvat( home. CW97, C-Mail. 1j-ULL board wanted by gent., must bt X: close to city. Apply CZ20, C-Mail TfULL board required public scrvici twB^c'-MW Clty- Pr'Vate BrClCrrCU tflNGSLEY Private Hotel, George St. JlV. near Gardens, single rooms, bed A breakfast trom 35/ per week, large twu or large double rooms, bed and brcakfas irom JC3/10/ Pt;r week. T\,| AELYN CONVALESCENT HOME, 13! iVl AdKlhldi; St.. Claylield. M204J. 11,1 ARR'S, TANK ST., CITY Room onlj HX 4/6 (including Ua or coffee am '«lElTH^V^AY Shp°rTvarfe 'Tio'teT V3?& jy Quai, opun to cuMiulv nil meals T^ROFESSIONAL gentleman require! ? bJaid and loduinK. private hom Clayfield. Hamilton CV:i5. C-Mail REFINED business slrl urcnnMy re quires hoard, away week-ends. Ap nlv CZ63. C-Mail. REFINED eem requires lull Doarti private family, urgent. c\V63. C Mail. 13ESPECTABLE young man require; l\ full board, any suburb. CV7, c Moll. t- ESPECTABLE young ex-serviceman Jtl would like board, with private home, Mayne or Bowen Hills. CZ34. C-Mall 1VVVO refined business girls urgently re. . quire board. CZ«3, c-Mall. 'trACANT accommodation in private » respect home, handy train. CZ5 C-Mail. VERONICA Guest House, 401 Edwarc St., bed and breakfast Phone B7I50 ~WANTED by refined lady, Govern. '» ment position, private board, wltl homely people, near tram, references Wanted'' full board with nrlvati , , family by younu gent., non-drinker with washing If possible, handy Vallc: preferred, or city, or on tramline, abou: £2 n week. CXT1. C-Mall. YOUNG man, teetot., wants board lr private home, single room preferred Protestant. Meth.. handy to city o trams, soft washing. Apply CX79, C Mail. ? PRICES WANTED ? TOBICE wanted for clearWB one 0 J- . more acres lRnd., Phone JL8388.

? HOLIDAY RESORTS ?:?' HOUSE'; fiat required. one weeK. Easter, South Coast resort, prefer bly Coolansatta. Ring Raven, B703S. letween 9 and 5. ? UtML'I.tESERT . ? -1NG Sullivan's Grand Hole! for flrtt -V class accommodation: Sunday aia» lers a specialty wtiBit; lsi-ANw r \CEAN Beach Guest House, ex. bescn, / fishing, surfing, ex. cuisine, S«t. lance. Houses, flats to let ph. Brlble 7. ? BAIJCARA 3ETREAT Guest Hovise B&rgara, rlR ? i. BundabcrB. facine sea, adjolnlns :olf links, surfing, fishing, septic, hvr.. iood tnble. ideal winter resort, tariff C4/4/ Phone 41. Bareara. , HtlRl.riGU HEADS UTO cabins, furnished lor four. «.!.. A water, and good showers, £1 week ends., not Easter. Rlne Thornton. J4341. 3LUFF HOTEL, few bookings avail J able April tnklnc bookinc iot Mar VTEW furnished flat. 2 bedrms.. closi li surf. 50/, after mld-Aprll. modern :pnvcEicnces. F. Z. Jones, Burlelgh Heads P.O. CUKKHMIIIN AT Currumbln Hotel, tarllt £4'4/ A wkly., ouen to non-residents tor breakfast, luncheon, dinner, nightly sup per dances with Currumbln Playrocn Orchestra, day or night tennis, surfing. ishlnti. boating. Hotel is renowned for its good table. Ph. Twoed Heads 139. office hours. Sun., Mon.. Tiics.. 9 io 130. 5.30 to 8.30 Wed.. Thurs.. Frl. Sat. 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. COOI.ANGATTA A . Self-contained flat, beach irontace, A April 12th. Ring M3867. -£aCH House, superior boiird ic resi X- dene?, all meals supplied, booking* -.v letter only. R. T. Peak, prop. BURNISHED FLATS to let. rood. cons. -^OSGOOD. Tweed Heads phone 40. H.O. Box 10. j^URN. houses, flats, mod. cons. H. E. . Twigs ic son, coolangatia. Ph 97. '^URN. flat, el. stove, Iron, hot water, X1 available now, during & after Eas ter, situate opp. P.O., Main Street: Rln« -*J0. H. Sassc. C'calta. / IRRAMOUNT Iiupsi House, hot water. i\ septic. Mrs T. Harris. Tweed 32. ^RBANSON'S Guest House, opp. sta \' tion, superior hoard & residence, all meals served. Phone Tweed Heads 64. 421. LEONARD'S, iiuaresa ooaung. oess ^ bath, septic Installation, Q'land. all meals supplied. Tel. 162 Mrs. L. Peak. CALOUNDRA A for good houses, /lats. ring or writa A Roy Henzell. Caloundra. Phone 23. A CCOM. Semloh, bus term.. Dluuf £* beach all meols, quiet. Sept. phons SALOVNDRA Letting Agency Houses, Vj flats to let. W. J. Lamkin. Ph. 59. pALOUNDRA House. excel, meals. Vj Phone 79 CTLAT vacant to April 2nd and from - April 12th. Phone Caloundra 15. [ZING'S Guest House, sup. accom.. I* also flats to let. Phone 53 uEA View cabins avail., clean & com O pact, accom. four, surf & lak« frontage. Partic. J3007. Booked Easter. DUIM.O f OGWOODS Holiday Farm.gooa food. Latest. Write Logwoods pty., Eudlo. NCL. jetty View Guest Hottse. directly op tt nosite Manly baths, accommodation available, bus and train service to and from city, comfortable rooms and first class table. Call, write, or Dhone Wyn. 1MONTV1LI.E PLSTON Guest House, tariff £3/3/. Xj bowls, tennis, riding, s. pool. h.w. Mnson A Butler. Phone 2. Vf ANJALDA GUEST HOUSE, h.w.. sep 1'Xtlc. swim. pool, tennis, tariff £3/3/. Incl. m. vt alt. teas, ex. table & ace no yacaiioirs Easter ,1. Porter, Vh 3. VfAYFIELD. ev. accom., howls, tennis, MX h &, c wnter All. Dtlqer. Ph. 12. _„„ nlAKOOCHYUORK [i'OR casuals, bright and Jlean accom X1 modal on at. Nonmus Hall, slop No. ^Marooch^ydore Phone 241. or wrlta FURNISHED 'house avaflable,' Easter, block from surfing beach, £4/4/ wk. Write or wire P.O. Box 46, Maroochy dore. UEASPRAY Guest House, under new p management as from 22nd Feb. Surf Ing, swimming, fishing, first-class table, Kid. fish meals a. specialty. Book early. Phone 232, N Oliver MUCKADHXA JV/fOCKADILLA' Bore Baths now tun In 1-X conjunction with hotel, under man agement con. Varcln, providing good table & accom. Tariff £2/10/. bath Tree. A PALM REACH CCOM. Palm Beach Hotel, newly turn., all meals. Burleigli Heads 111. POINT LOOKOUT ' SAMARINDA Guest House offers lull board, all mod. cons., surfing, fish ing, exploring. Ph. B0339, Pt. Lookout 3. __ RF.DLAND BAY TT'OR midweek lunches and dinners, X: enjoy the excellent cuisine at Red land Bay Hotel, In lovely surroundings, overlooking Moreton Bay. Golfing and fishing available. Sunday dinners also a specialty. Reservations, ring Red land Bay 231. George Walker. Drop. RF.DCMFFE A . Seabrae Private Hotel, completely ?fi. rufurii., all modern cons., full tariff, families specially catered for, splendid sale swimming, fishing, tennis, & golf, ' at Peninsula course, advanced bookings now accepted, book early. Phono Red TjiLAT vacant, from 31st, March for a ? X? month. Ring 114 Margate, Redcllffe. /~-OOD Easter camping-ground, prlvato vr property, water fe conveniences. RillB B5752. HOLIDAY houses. A few cancellations . -Easter bookings. Ring Margate Houss & Land Agency. Redcllffe 238. XTOLDAN Cuurt, Margate Beach, Hah XX nvailnblfi 20th March, one month, septic & garage, bath heater. Ring Redcllffe 3:si, . HOUSE to let. holiday purposes only, from I2t,h April, 5 mln. bus, beach. CW49. C-Mall. MARGATE, Somerset, s.c. flats, cabins In gardens & cottages. We KueclallsB in week-ends. Mrs. Bennett, Phone 78. Tl/TOORILIM Flats, Sutton's Beach, next I»X Blanch's Store, hot & cold water, bus stop 32. D. v Hlckman. proprietress. SCARBOROUGH ttELF-CONTAINED furnished flat, eleo kJ trie stove, vacant from 17th May. Ring J5354, before 0 or after S. SANDGATE A T Seavlew Hotel, Shornclllfe, superior xx accom., excellent cuisine, £3/3/, all meals, phone Sandgate 2, reservations. piRANBROOK, Upper Esplanade, leading V^ xuest house T. R. Brudenall. Ph, 33. SOUTHPOBT A. Houses and Hats to let £». U. Jerks acent. Phone 430. A VAILABLE Easter, fortnight from -ii- March 31st, flat, s.c. elec. conv., n-w., septic, accom. four. Phone 413. pANCELLATIONS. waterfront flat* vj available now, fortnightly or longer, Phone 296, Snuthport. l^XCELLENT accommodation available. 11- Phone Grand Hotel 384. t Have Hllolrn.nts for sulu. £40 lo £80, X town area. Southport. Particulars Nor man E. Watts, agent Esplanade. Phoris Snuthnort 150. ' T3OOMS to lei. for Easier, use con XV veniences. PUone 422, Southport. SELI'-CUNTAINBU nun Hat, vacant Irom May 6th. electric stove, nil convs,, Main Beach Ring J5354 before 9, or after 5. (JTAN'IUN Guest House. Esplanade, o souiliport. Phone 175. Central posi tion, moderate tariff, excellent cuisine, Mrs W Jas, Huuhes, prop. SURFERS' PARADISE QPEND a Holiday 111 me sunshine at O Uncle Tom's Cabins ic Flats, com pletely self-contained, hot water through out Reservations, Surfers 131 \X7iANTED house or flat from 3rd April 1 V lor one week, any Soutb Coast beach. Ring J2857. YALTA Flats, absolutely s.c, own hot showers. Ideal two. Write. Phono 132. Sl'KINGUROOK ATURRAMURRA GUEST HOUSE. a» Canyon, nearest falls, & best views, elec. 1., hot water, septic, own dairy, good table, swimming, shop attached. Phone 16. OUNNYBROOK Farm Guest House, e.l. lounge, verandas. Mrs. statham Ph 3 STANTIIOIIPE MO1OMINDA Guest House, under new maun., refurnished, excellent citl sine mod tariff, perfect health climate. TOOWOOMIIA AT Rutland!!, loiidinn guest house, opn. park. Hardens, nx. cuisine, sew. Sabarlu Thompson. Phone 910. TEWANTIN /'1ANCELLED house vacant 7th April Vj for 3 weeks. RIiib 42, Tewantln. I A Williamson, house aim nau to ?J let el. light and tennis, rowing boat. Book early. Phone 52, Tewantln, TACK PARKYN'S up-to-date holiday tl llaU houses, river Iront.. c.). Ph. 25. BTAMBORINK MOUNTAIN ONA Vista Guest House, EaglB Hclehts Ph North Tamborine 302 IfAGLE HclRhts Hotel Tambortns ij Mountain, Queensland's best con ducted country hotel, hot ic cold water, tariff £8/5/ wkly.. 18/ dally, bookings through Queensland Tourist Bureau or direct to 227 North Tmnoorine No vacancies Im Easter R A Crlsdee. Prop. tf OTEL InRlethorpe. mountain resort, n under now maiiaijcment. excellenl cuisine, hot & cold water, but to door. Book through Government Tourist Bureau or rinu North Tamborine 235. Mr and Mrs C. G Carr OCEAN Vitw Gut-si Huu» « Plats. Mr». Walsh Ph 267. Nth Tamborine. TiAMBORINE Mall and Passenger Ser vice from Kini! George Square dally. BooklnR office. 16 Roma Street noxt Hon- winder HntPl B397) rpO let. furnished cottage, rcfrlgera X tor, septic. Apply Marsh, Second Avenue, Scarborough. IETTING turnished flats, accom 4, e, ' lisrtH. septic, hiring motor launch, row & motor dlnRhlcs. Barnett. Ph i. „ VICTORIA POINT O ELF-CONTAINED flats to let, e.l., O from 26th March to 11th April. WOODY POINT FiURNISHED flat to let, Woody Point, £3/10/ per week. Box 1807W, G.P.O. NOKTIIEKN WVIiltS. nitUNSWICK IJRUNSWICK HEADS' AW. Wralghf* PhoSrS3iPC&lHtr8lnF '' Mulll'''lmby. BYRON House. B.vron Bh.v. nolliinT residential and Hats Phone 100 SYDNEY /.J.RESHAM Hotel, Sydney Ist-class ac ^^ com., fonv . sit., conv Meutre, shops. cm York. Drultt Sts E j Hopkins. PROPERTY EXCHANGE BRISBANE-SYDNEY, wTTi exchang* furn. 2-bedroom self-contained flat, select suburb, handy transport, lor lurn. or unfurn. flat, cottage, Sydney. Pleasa contact Box 475H. G.P.O.. Brls. B1603. Tf-XCHANGE tenancy, fully lurn. mod. Xj Clayfield Home, 2 beclrms. ic s.o., rent £4/10/ p.w, (option to purchase it desirable) for fully furn. maisonette or good flat, Clayfield district only. DOUGHTY & GRAYSON. 236 Elizabeth. T^XCHANGE mod. Ashgrove home. XLi built 1 years, handy tram Sc school. 2 bedrms., lounge, d. rm.. kitchen, etc... rates £12 per an. £1200. for similar home in any uood suburb same value. DOUGHTY & GRAYSON. 230 Elizabeth Street. B031G. EXCHANGE two-bedroom home, Ked rou. approx. valuation £900 for three-bedroom home south side, cash ad justment either way; agents and owners contact CZ25. c-Mall. rpxcHANGE. splendid Kedron 7-rmd. *-- home, handy transport, for similar In Aldcrlcy. Kelvin Grove, Newmarket. W. R. Qoakes. 160 -Wickham St. B0381. piXCHANGE family home, Annerley, 3 ?-* bedrooms, larne sleep-out, handy to tram, train, schools, for 3 bedroom*, modern home, north *id», CW62, Oi MBil. , ;

BUSINESS INVESTMENTS. A .DRINKS. ICE CREAM, Confcc O- tlonery. Small Goods, fruit, vess., rood country town, shop, llvinc quarters, ?ent £7 cm., lease, 2 refrles, Peters ltser, 2 scales, cash res., m. mixer, showcases, lull plant, trade to £180 3.W.. open short hrs.. plant val. £1200: £1450, plus .stk. RAY WHITE. A .COUNTRY SERVICE STATION' .V A- Oaraee, good a»3nclc.s. f.h. bldB . on railway, lease, nouse. available, la/ p.w.. ill nee. emiip. Owner states net profit £12-£]5 p.w., stk. Bunr. £100. £950. or nr. offer. RAY WHITE. A . F.H. GENERAL STORE, rich coun ?**- try district, shop. Irp. dwell.. 2 acs., »ll ri'A. equip., trade £300- £550 p.m.. Btk €S0O. Good ajrenclcs. £4600. RAY A . DELICATESSEN, busy city stand. ?** rent £4/15/ p.w., sublet returns £2 P.w., good lease, nil ncc. plant, val. £1000. trade £100 p.w.. owner definitely taking £30 p.w.. £3185. Inc. stk. RAY WHITE. I A MOUNTAIN GUEST HOUSE, ?-storey -t\- wooden bldB.. 25 bedr.. lounges, din ing, kit,., bathrm.. etc., 15 acs, of val. land, grow anything fully film., h.m1. system, Irrigation, bowline green, tennis court, golf course, swimming pool, re frlg.. cold rm.. 1345 utility, * other equip., tariff £3/3/ p.w.. Income tax figures available, finance available. Ap prox. £6500. RAY WHITE. A. SEASIDE 'MIXED & LIGHT Re frcshments. Ikc. {hop, cood dwell., Sc flat to let. rent £3/15/ P.w., sublet ever, approx. £2 p.w., 5 yrs.' lease, nee. equip., trade £80 P.W., slk. guar. £150, good quotas, £1400. RAY WHITE, next A' .' £4600, FREEHOLD STORE. In good suburban surroundings, best value ottering since pre-war. Valuation price of rand and buildings plus £1500 Block Sc bis modern assets equal sale price. Takings £250- £300 wkly.. cash trade. Hours 8 a.m. -5 p.m. Unsurpassed. Bole agents. H. F. PAICE Sc CO., 233 Albcrl Street. B9366. . A . £550 GARAGE, repair work only, 'A near Atichenflowjr. profits easily £12 wkly., big plant, vendor has good steady business, sale due Ill-health, good oppor tunity for mechanic. H. F. PAICE .t CO.. 233 Albert St. B936G. A. £ 1270, CITY CAPE ic MILK BAR, central position, 2 refrlgs., cash reg., fas Move. etc.. profits £:i5-£40 wkly. Furthsr parties. H. p. PAICE Sc CO., 233 Albert. St. B9366. A. £650. TEA ROOM, city area, nicely situated, elec. stove, wireless, Sc Juus. also fully furn, bedrm.. profits £12 wk. Further parties. H. F. PAICE & CO., 233 Albert St. BD366. A. £475, LOCK-UP MIXED, good posi tion. bUF stop, refrlg.. scales, Sc KOod clean attc., all inc. In Dries. Illness force.', owner to sell to-day. Contact- early. H. P. PAICE & CO., 233 Albert sC B936H. A. £1600, CORNER MIXED, lovely big A. residence, takinss approx. £160 wkly. Complete plant, lease, etc., o.k. Oppor tunity for expansion here. Ideal family concern. Further parties.. H. F. PAICE ic CO., 233 Albert St. B0366. A . £2500, MIXED, beautllully fitted. A. cxcell. plant ic stock, exquisite resi dence, Sc- situated In delightful suburb. Just llstsd to-day. Circumstances force quick sale. Parties, to bona fide buyers. H. F. PAICE & CO., 233 Albert St.. B93B6 A . £500- £5000, MIXED, leasehold and A freehold. We can meet your require ments. Prospective buyers, we invite you to consult us. H. F. PAICE it. CO., 2SS Albert St. B9366. A. North Coast Butchery, having re frigeration and necessary plant, very prosperous town, with shop in main street, doing 2'/a bodies, shfop, calves, pigs, excellent scope for smallgoods, suit able rental, lease. Price £450. Genuine sale. SHORTT Sc CO., 371 Queen St. A. Bouthside Milk Hun, 80 Billions, £850. or will sell part ot run; also prepared sell farm of 5 acres with com fortable home. £1400. SHORTT & CO. A. Freehold Brick Butchery, on main road, close Brisbane, 2 'A bodies, 4 sheep, also calves, pigs, refrig. and ne cessary equipment, freehold £1000, or lease £2 p.w. £550. SHORT1' ic CO. Al. A LEADING GARAGE, freehold. Central city position, turnover ex ceeds £20.000. net profit £3000. Audited P. & L. A/c. Balance Sheet can be in spected in onr office by (tenulne en quiries only. Price £10.000 Plus stock at val. GARNET R. BUDGE, Highgate Hill. J3037, J3428. Al. MIXED BUSINESS, in busy sub urb, 6-hole refrig, Sc all plant, .stock £300 guar. Takings £125-£I60 p.w. Re.nt £2 p.w., lease 2'/j yrs.. with op Nice accom. Fully furn.. 2 bedrms.. i /out. kitchen, lounge. £1675. GARNET R BUDGE. J3037. J3428. A 1- FREEHOLD BUTCHERY Business, ?**. in thickly pop., near city suburb taking £180 p.w. Excellent plant, good shop. £3000. GARNET R. BUDGE J3037, J3428 A. SEASIDE GENERAL MIXED, with spacious accommodation, overlook Ing bay, trade up to £400 weekly. 5 years lease, stock £400. refrlg., 2 sets scales, bacon cutter, cash register, show enses, etc., same hands past 10 years selling on arcuunt III health, tccenl £1850. NAGEL ic COMPANY. Extou House. B3044. A. SERVICE RUN. NORTHERN Rivers, minimum running expenses, audited [inures .show handsome profits, no bit ter Investment offering for £5000, NAGEL ic COMPANY. Exlon House, 337 Oueen Strpct. H3644. (Est. 1013. 1 A. GOOD MILK RUN. 3HOWS lucra tive Income for small capital outlay. If you are thinking of buying we can Offer three of Brisbane's best. NAGEL fe COMPANY. Exton House B3644. A . SOUTH COAST GUEST HOUSE. -c». popular and well established, Ions lease, showing excellent returns, sellinc because of illness for £1500. NAGEL i: COMPANY. Exton House, 337 Queen Street. B3644 lEst. 11)13.) A . SEASIDE GROCERY. FRUIT. & A. Milk Bar, takings £350 per week, stock guaranteed £450. estimated pro fits £60 per week, rent £1/10/, lease can be arranged, well equipped, good Plant & fittings, accommodation avail able, fully furnished, for rental, price, £3500. A. J. OHYE & CO.. 3R4 Oueen St., Civic Buildings, opp. G.P.O. B5409. A . Cash Buyers for City, suburban, .£1 Seaside, mixed and milk bars, wait ing to purchase. For quick sale for ward particulars to A. J. OHYE Sc CO., 284 Queen St., Civic Bldgs., opp. G.P.O. B5409. A GROCERY BUSINESS, takings £125 to £135 per week, stock £000, to bacco quota £53, rent £2/10/ per week, double-fronted shop, refrig., 2 sets scales, bncon cutter, 1927 Chev. tru K. Price £1570. A. J. OHYE ic CO.. -2S4 Queen St., Civic Bldgs., opp. G.P.O. A. ' BUTCHER'S BUSINESS, refrlR., . scales, register, takings £50 week, rent £14 cal. month, big shop, lias all necessary equipment, doing 4 carcasses week, situated in large cuili try town, price £480. A. J. OHYE ic CO., 284 Queen SI., Civic Bides., opp. G.P.O. B540S). A. NORTH QUEENSLAND Photo grapher's StuUio, comprising ru.ep tlon room, studios, finishing rooms, dark room, all fully equipped with firs class plant ic fitting*, suitable married couple,, average takings £175 per month, stock £60. no residence, hilt acommodation easily arranged. selling on account Ill-health. A genuine pro position at £900. A. .!. OHYE &CO.. 384 Queen St., Civic Bides., opp. G.P.O. B5409. A NICE LITTLE MIXED, lock-up shop, with kitchen, taking* £70 per wr.ek. stock £200. rent £1/5-', fi years' lease, excellent, plant. Insured for £740, for quick sale £850. A, ?)? OHYE & CO.. 584 Queen St., Civic BldgE., opp. G.P.O. B5409. A. QUEEN ST. DRESSMAKING, fully equipped, laree showcase. street front, absolute zift. £165. FLYNN. HILL,

& ALCORN (next Courier-Mall). A. SOUTH COAST PHOTOGRAPHIC Studios, fully equipped ic staffed; £1400. FLYNN, HILL. & ALCORN. A. BUTCHERING BUSINESS, near Dalby, doing 3-4 bodies, 8-10 sheep. 1-2 pigs, freezing plant, mincer, sausago filler, brine pump, cash register, 2 sets scales, yard Fcales, hooks, knives, etc.. good lease, £850. FLYNN, HILL, Sc AT PORN A. LEADING NORTH COAST But chery. 80 acr... with own sluughtcr yard. main street shop, doing 3 bodies. 9 sheep, 2 calves, 2 pins, talcing J.3D0 p.m.. Itood lease, low rent, £450. for quick sale. FLYNN, HILL, Sc ALCOUN. ticxt Courier-Mall. ,, . A. WANTKU BUSINESSES of all de scriptions, good clientele waiting to buy. Bring your businesses to me lor quick sale. A. F. Best Mate A.I.F.I. 300 Queen St.. next Courier-Mall. A . BUNDABERQ, SUPER MIXED, A good accom., new [rig., furniture, showcases & plant, stock £150, takings av. £60 P.w., rent 30/ P.W., w.l., w.o.. £1470. VICTOR MAGEE, Clayficld tram terminus. M4938. A Home-made cake shop, lock up. rent 12/6 P.w., well equipped, sood de livery truck, ill-health forces sale. W.I.. W.O.. £400. CV57. C-Mall. A ? PETROL DEPOT & Carrying, large A- country district, bulk store (10/ week rent.t, powerful 3-ton truck, -turnover £100 mth., beautiful 7-roomed house, n&^iess^dwenin2!.50 DAY£T M& Nambour; also 9 Wharf St.. Brisbane A. Brisbane's leading all-night caf;. offers working interest to any person capable of attending counter, banking buying, hours expected to work 12 a.m. to 8 p.m. Reference required, assets £1600. Money returned three months If not satisfied; wages £5 weekly. Price £575. Meals supplied. E. SMITH, 3rd floor, Rothwell's Chambers, Edward St. A I. HOY. Attractive well-set-up tea lounge, eood opportunity one or two ladies, hustle to HERBERT HO ARE. auc tioneer, Ipswich, night Corinda. A .CITY CAFE, takinc £140 wl:., long A- lease, r2nt £3, all new plant, incl. 8 hole refrlg., cash reg.. etc, fluorescent lighting & good living accom., only £1475. A bargain. DANIEL OMODEI. Martin Chambers, Roma St.. opp. station. 139525. A. FISH & CHIPS, with Tefrlu'., cooker, etc., net profit stated by vendor to be £30 wk., & Bond living nccom.. rent 30/. £800. DANIEL OMODEI, Martin Chambers. Roma St., opp. station. A. FREEHOLD MIXED, takinc £150 A. wk.. Bt-d. stock £500, 2 ri-friK. & ex cellent plant. 2 bedrooms, lounge, kitrlnn etc.. large 2-storled buildlnc. Price £3400. DANIEL OMODEI, Mnrlin Cham bers, Roma St., opp. station. A. FRUIT & MILK BAR. taking £no A wk.. lonEHeai-e. low rent, 4-IioIp re prrfcS ?WeAP&e- d\W'&m'S!?S: ^'^^HSLri'pRjv^Ttyo^P^AL01^ A. residencs, with ten wards and operat ing theatre, well equipped, fully fur nished, as going concein. in prosperous country town, within three hours by car from city. Fullest, particulars and motor car inspection. Knight. Pinncys' BldK. I A Baby Salon, low rent, takings £sn to LA. anal good suburb. £1600. PARKER. McLeod's. 161 Queen St. B9.I19. I A . HARDWARE BUSINESS, busy Irani tfVstop, beautiful 6-room accommoda tion) long lease, rent 35/, stock £400, owner states profits £10 week. £800. PARKER. B9319. - , , . A . Picture show, drinks bar, ownei A. states profits £10 wk., rent £1, stock £100. Bie possibilities here. £700. PARKER, 161 Queen St. B9319. A REALLY GOOD MIXED for £900. plus stock. Right away from opposi tion. No d -livery or credit. Beautiful display refrlg.. 2 sets comp scales, bacon ?cutter, showcases, and all other neces sary plant. Good dwelling attached, rent only 25/ p.w. MAKER BROS.. Na tional Mutual Bulldinns. B491U. A SUPER SEASIDEn SHOP, Mixed, iV owner will, suar, £170 P.w., really much greater, Irc. plant, irond nccom. A bargain at £1875. McDONOUGH & CO.. '^CtFA-;it.P^Idg£2T3040MCDON-?UG

BUSINESS INVESTMENTS A . LADIES' HAIRDRESSING Business, ?iV Northern coastal town, well equipd.. 7 cubicles, all furn. & equip.. living accom. Price £510. G. T. BENNETT & CO., 332 Oueen St. A ? LEASEHOLD BAKERY, Warwick -tX district, long lease, bakehouse and residence, 2700 loaves. Price £1600. G T. BENNETT & CO ? ? ? ? . DOWNS BAKERY & General S'.ore, A p. |., fi-rmd. house, shop, bakehouse, petrol bowsers, takings £6000 per yr. Parties., G. T. BENNETT At CO. . . FHOLD. PICTURE THEATRE. -tX handy country centre, subject lease 3 yrs., £13 wk. Price £3600. G. T. BEN NETT ,fc CO. . . CREAM RUN. K'lnga'ror* district. ?fi selling a'c. owner's Injury. Income over £1000 annum. '42 Chev., first class order, mail contract, house avail. £2250. G. T. BENNETT -fc CO. A . RUN-DOWN CAFE, suburban cen i. tre. well cqulpd., good stand, lease, dwg. Must, sell this wk. £750, or offer. G. T. BENNETT & CO. A . GUEST HOUSE, F'hold., Income A. £16/10/ wk., fully furn., handy pos. Price £2300. G. T. BENNETT in CO. . . MIXED. Ashcrove dlsl., takings -tX £100 wkly., away from opposition, srock £200, refrlg.. scales, utility, etc.. very nice dwg. Price £1250. G. T. BEN NETT * CO. . MIXED, thickly populated suburb. *- takings £145 wk.. no credit, no de livery, stock £300. refrlg., scales, A: all necessary plant, 3 hedrms.. dwp.. fully urn. Price £ 1650. G. T. BENNETT At , '. CLAYFIELD DISTRICT, takings A £70 wk., could be greatly lmpvd., stock £150, rent £2 wk., refrig.. cash rcg., scales, etc., nice dwg. Price £1050. G. T. BENNETT ?& CO. , . F'UOLD, P.O., Newsagencr, General ?**? Store, within 15 mis. radius Bris bane, takings £700 mth., large shop. 2 storerms., detached dwu.. freshly painted, refriK., scales, utility truck, slock guar anteed £B00. Price £4200, G. T. BEN A . TEA LOUNGE, trirlvlne township. t. close Brisbane, takings £10 to £20 wk., rent £2. good profits. Price £450. for quick sale, or would rent furn. & t'oodwill, £5 wk. G: T. BENNETT & CO. . COUNTRY BUTCHERY,- selling a/c. -cL ill-health. 4 yrs.' lease, rent £3, 7 bodies, '15 sheep. 8 pigs, all plant. 2 trucks. Price £2000. G. T. BENNETT * CO. , . LARGE GENERAL . STORE, pros XA. perous Northern Rivers centre, trade £800 mthly. Price £3000. Incl, stock. G. T; BENNETT & CO., 332 Queen St. A . HENLEY & KEEPING invite buyers A. inspect list of businesses, mixed, fish, sandwich, garages, & others for sale. Inspection by motor. A.M. P. BIdg. lone B5420. . HENLEY il KEEPING, A.M.P. BldK.. u have clients wanting to buy garage &' service station up to £4500. Beauty Salon to £1800, Freehold Mixed to £2500, Newspaper Business to £4000, Leasehold Mixed .to £1600, Drapery, Milk Bar. or Cafe. Ring B5420. A . GARAGE & SERVICE STATION. A. main highway, about 10 miles city, petrol sales 5500 gls. month, & increas ing, big stock & comprehensive plant, cheap rent, lease. Price £3000. HENLEY & KEEPING, A.M.P. Bldg. , . Two Freehold Mixed Businesses, in A. good district. Priced at £2500 each. Both well established, having full & complete plants, one with h'hold. fur niture. Full . particulars, HENLEY & KEEPING. A.M.P. JBklg. ,. ATTRACTIVE Mixed for £875, on A. £500 deposit, balunce easy terms. P.G. windows, tiled front. Takings. £-.o. no delivery, rent 23/, refrig.. 2 sels scales, etc.. stocl; gum-. £200. Residence suit couple. HENLEY & KEEPING, A.M.P. BldB. . SEASIDE MIXED, corner shop, four A windows, trade £100 week, stock Kuar. £300, tobacco quota. Residence suit couple, rent £1/8/. lease, refrig erator (new), scales, etc. .Price £1400, ncludes good h'hold. furniture. HEN jEY fi KEEPING. A.M.P. Bldg. . PROSPEROUS SCHOOL SHOP, lock ?ix up, rent £1, lease, same owner many years, who says profits £20 wk.. aree refriK. -b Nizer, -fe extensive plant, rade in school lines only, stock £100. tobacco quota. Vendor is 111, -otherwise would not he selling. ? Bargain price £1060. HENLEY fz KEEPING, A.M.P. f' SOLID MIXED, in selfict district. A. large corner shop, with accommoda tion, rent £3/10/, good lease, trade £120, practically no delivery, 2 retries., scales, b. cutter, m.m. mixer, wireless, some h.h. furniture, tobacco Quota. Price 150, plus stock, about £250. This is cheap. HENLEY & KEEPING, A.M.P. dg . 'BUSY MIXED, in picked position, ?ex trade £150, no 'delivery, stock £300, tobacco quota £60, good plant, rent £11/7/6 month, lease, accom., 2 jedrms., etc. Price £1565. HENLEY & KEEPING. A.M.P. Bldg. A . CITY CAFE, reut £0/15/. Price -. £1200, W.I., W.O. Details from HENLEY & KEEPING, A.7U.P. Bldn. A . CITY LADIES' HAIRDRESSING ?'X Business, same hands many years, tsoud position & clientele. Price £750, uv will consider partner on a half share JUSIs. HENLEY & KEEPING. A.M.P. Hide. A . GENT.'S HAIRDRESSING. 2 chairs, Ol 2 elec. clippers, taking £26 p.w., iood ' position. Price. £545.' FAROU IARSON BROS., Old Courier Bldg., Sueen St. B4723. , . CAFE & MILK BAR, WITH Accom £X modatlon. situated best suburban centre, taking £100 p.w., exceptionally well fitted, lease o.k.. scats 40. An ex cellent business, & well worth inspection. Price. £1000. FARQUH ARSON BROS., Old Courier Bldg., Oueen St. B4723. ,. £1550. SEASIDJi ICE VENDOR'S ?£X run. sole rights, very compact, run, books open to any Inspection, 2 trunks, 11)27 Dodge. lOcwt. and 1946 lbcwt. DodBe. Soth in perfect order. DON. J. CAME RON, A.M\P. BldK., B8878, B6972. , . £1060, WELL KNOWN DRY CLEAN A. ING business and laundry. Jg3. plant and equipment, rent £2/18/ per wk.. net profits per week £20. finance avail. DON, J. CAMERON. , . £750, GENT.'S BARBER SHOP, with XX' accommodation, rent £2 per wk.. good plant and furniture. £50 stk. KUar. Good tobacco quota. DON. J. CAMERON. . £600, LADIES' SUBURBAN Hair A. dressing salon, good clientele, rent 17/0 per wk., good plant. Incl. cold wave machine, elect, w. machine, blowers, etc. 'WtoPaM?* bargain, mixed. l with residence. 2',i yrs.' lease, £150 stk. guar., good plant, incl. retrig., sculcrf, jacuu sllcer, etc., showing £15 per wk net. Finance avll. DON. J. CAMERON. . Brick flats, good corner position, lew A. minutes G.P.O., comprises 10 flats and 2 shops, returning H par cent. Price £ll,U00 (National Security valuation). Building hus good basement storage and with moderate expense could be con verted into' suitable commercial premise*. IORTT & CO., 371 Queen St. .,.--?„ i . FREEHOLD SUBURBAN BAKERY, -fx est. 50 years, present owner 2o years, 2 large D.F. shops, one large residence, ully furnished. 54 perches land, large -akehouse and mod. equipment, doing to 7500 loaves, plus smalls. Price. £5000. or near offer. Sole Agent, CLIFFORD KELLY. 174 Albert St. (opp. Metro) A CITY MILK BAR. AND GRILLS A (only milk bar in block), renowned dense & popular shopping block. all modern appointments. -fc conveniences, vendor Guarantees his net profits £30 wkly.. accommodation on premises, tax returns & auditor's figures to bona lide buyers only. Buyers, this is a 'sound in vestment. £2500, Solo 'agent. CLIFFORD KELLY. 174. Albert St. (OOP. Metro).

A CITY MILK BAR, SANDWICHES. E ft. CAKES, etc., heart of city, attrac- - Ive shop, cheap rent, money practic- j lly secured in assets, vendor guaran- c ees his net profits £15 wkly.. on trial c f required. This is a genuine forced i ale owing to illness. Price £1200. Sole . uent. CLIFFORD KELLY, 174 Albert j : (opp. Metro) i L BARGAIN, MIXED BUSINESS (in '1. wrong hands, badly run down), ]ar«c ttractlve tiled fronted shop, beautiful ; Isplay windows, tram stop at door, cor ler position, 2 retries., scales, m.m. J iiachincs, s. oases, -etc., stock euur. £200. aklngs £130' weekly, lease, rent vlglit. .' esidence. A .genuine eift at £1300. , [iTWORD KELLY, 174 Albert St. (opp. j \. DON'T bo through* your life ever ! chasing mirages, consult C. D, ED- ' VARDS. for established A' . GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to secure ex freehold garage and service station. :ey position city, owner states net profit , E3000 p.u., books open inspection. Par culars to bona fide buyers only. ALLAN [?ROTTER, Nat. Bank Chbs., 180 Queen Ar!eDIRECT NEWS and General Store, A. main highway, within 20 miles BHs -ane. modern d.f. shop, with spacious welling, fully furnished, takings av. C140 p.w., low rent, good lease, modern t'tr-'ed'. £300.' ' ALLAN TROTTER. Nat'. Bank Chambers, mo Queen St. ... . A ? FREEHOLD BAKERY, -RslabUsheii /X many years, to be sold on account, trustees of deceased estate. Full pdt r,l ulars to bnna firic buyers only. ALLAN TROTTER, Nat. Bank Chambers, 180 Ae.e1ock-UP MIXED & DRINKS BAR. A Good plant, refne.. scales, b'cutter. showcases, radio, utility, good fittings etc. Trndi £75-£80 wk. Stock £220. guar. Tea. sugar, butter, & tobacco ouotas. Good lease & rent o.k. £980. WARNER & WATERS. Rothwell Chas.. ATaSPLENDIO OPPORTUNITY, blocked Newsround & Mixed, refriK.. scales, etc. Trade £60 wk. Stock £200. tobacco £C0 mth.. lease &. rent o.k. Fully furn dwelling. Studebaker car. £750. Let us motor you to inspect. WARNER & WATERS. Rothwell Chs.. Edward St. A . MONOPOLY. STEAM LAUNDRY, all A. the latest modern equipment, 4 years' lease of premises, lomter term available, employs 5 girls, 1 man, make grand fumtly business, one of the best North Const towns, greatest Bltt of ull times, £1500, which includes the outright pur chase all plunt. Don't delay u minute. Sole AKents. McBAIN .t CO.. Nambour. AN ATTRACTIVE CAFE, busy centre, fully equip., tak. £95 week, can be Increased, 2 hedrms.. rent £3 week: l'ase 3 years with option. Quick sale. £1500. VICTOR MAGEE. Clayfleld train terminus. M4928. A . Oxy weldinc & electric welding busi A. ness, full worklnB plant, including mbcI. Price, quick sale. £220. .1. CON WELL. Bank of Anst. Chs., cr. Queon *. Wharf Sts. A. FREEHOLD mixed resiripntlal. sub urb, trade to £140. stock £200, 5 hole refric scales, etc.. 3 bedrooms awellinB. Price £2500. .1. CONWELL. Bank of Aust. Chbs., cnr. Queen & Wharf Street?. A. MIXED, no opposition, trade £100, stock £200, plant, refrlg.. comp. scales, b.c. etc.. nice dwelling, low rent. Price £950. plus stock. J. CONWELL. Bank of Aust. Chbs., cnr. Qusen & Wharf S\1e SANDWICH SHOP and milk bar. A. h;art city, very modern plant, rcf., cash reg., etc., wonderful sandwich trade, any trial. £900. A. F. BEST (late A.I.F.I, 300 Queen St., next Courier-Mail. A . City Library, big volume modern A. books, been going 12 yrs., exc;llent clientele. This is a genuine business. Price £750. A. F. BEST (late A.I.F.), 300 Queen St.. next Couri;r-Mail. A . Ladies' halrdresslng saloon, beauti ix fully equipped, with modern plant, shop, and flat, lone lease, easily Im proved. Ill-health compels sale, price £850. A. F. BEST (lute A.I.F.). 300 Queen St.. next couner-T.lail. A. P. CAMERON & CO.. Pcnncys' BldE., Quoeu St. I3.r,8li2. have cash buyers waitiini to !nsp?ot bakeries, mixed bus - liCFses. cream and milk carryinc busi nesses. Phone and representative will csM !Ar. 'CHEAPEST MIXED EVER Offered, A. taking £90 per week, display re iric . scales, etc- tobacco quota. Frlr.*1 £.150 the lot. ALLAN BALL. B5310, OI 3ZB Adelaide Street. V ' .

BUSINESS INVESTMENTS A. OLD ESTABLISHED BUTCHERY, on . tramline, lease & rent o.fc., good Plant, trid-! 3 bodies 20 sheep, porkers, icalirs, & smalls, £1300. R. S. MELLOY, ith fir., National Mutual BldB. B9707. A. BAKERY BUSINESS, same owner 45 yrs., an opportunity of a lifetime, frice £1Go0. . Parties, this office inly. Ft. S. MELLOY. 5th fir., National Miituul Buildinn. B0707. A.:.. .CXry FRUIT BUSINESS. .'.... l -y... jpi.t. A. excellent business. Full details al. our uillce. Price £2000. B. F. CANNIFFE f'TY.. LTD.. OPP. G.P.O., 270 Qu;cn SI. A. HERE IS A GOOD BUSINESS, trade £200 wk.. all over counter, sub. new district, G. & G.. stock £550. 3 refrlKcra :ors, residence furnished. Price £2000 the ,ot. It's itood. be early. B. F. CANNIFK'O. P'i'Y.. LTD.. opp. G.P.O. A. THIS ADVERTISEMENT may catch your eye. and you are on the eye 31 selling. Give us a rinj and our tpe Jialist will call. FLYNN. HILL. A; AL CORN. next to Courier-Mall. B6221. A. SUBURBAN CAFE, furnished, liv ini: nccom.. lease 4 yrs., rent 50/. trade run down account illness. 2 elect. 3vens, refriB.. tables, chairs, est. suit able pastrycook. mother & daughter. £850. H. H. SKIPPER. . O.K. Bldgs., 117 Queen St. A. 1MCTURE.SHOW BUSINE88. £IB75. at. seaside town, trade £100 per wk., las extensive plant, refrigerator holds l^U jottlcs drinks, also dance hull n?xt, door, ease and rent o.k., larpc profitr.. Don't [all to inspect, this gold mine. Further particulars see us. DANIELS, Ascot Chambers, Edward St. A. FRUIT SHOP, taking £70 p.w., 5 yr. lease, rent o.k. Price £950. C. 3. EDWARDS, Union Bank Chas. A. Garage & petrol station, turnover 10 to £11,000 p.a., petrol 5000 gal. acr month, oil 80, 4-yr. lease, small ?ental, splendid Plant. Price £2500, plus itock. C. D. EDWARDS. A GOOD SUBURBAN BUTCHERY, rent £1 per week, 3 bodies average 6001b.. 15 sheep, 3 lambs, veal & pork. Excel rnt refrlEcrullon, cash reg., comp. ccale uid all equipment. Price £9n3. C. L-. aUWAMDS. Union Bank chambers. A COMPACT BOTTLED MILK . HUN. A doing 4(1 gallons. Nnnclah district. K real snap, £450, terms considered. C. A EDBVLOCKSFOUR FLATS, handy sea /.» side resort, returning £8 p.w., be iide owner's flat. Price £2600. Finance irranged. C. D. EDWARDS, Sole Agent. AN opportunity for person to acquire possession of a genuine drapery uisiness, nice shop, two windows, cheap ent. profits £10 weekly or more, clean itock. Price £300. Purchaser can buy £100 stock or more If desired. Apply lext door to McCaul, Dentist, Nundah. lr W. Nickel, Agent, opposite. A . Holrdresslng Salon, ladles' & uents.'s. IX leading suburb, excellent stand, all :quipment. Including drier & nonelec rlc machine, takings stated £22 P.w. £600/ Cook, Sherwood Rd.. Sherwood. U7B78. BAKERY for private sale, will sMl free hold or lease In western country town, available from 1st July. Partl :ulars, apply P.O. Box 12, Bell. ?OAKERY BUYERS, Suburban Learse J-- hold & Freehold, trades 5000 and 5700, offers required. SOUTHERDEN & =O.. 303 Adelaide Street. BAKERY. COUNTRY, small delivery, 2200 loaves, opening smalls, mixer, sood premises. £1100 asked. SOUTHER DEN Ac CO.. Bakery Specialists. CAFE. N.Q. town, lease 0 years good accom.. fully equipped, profit £40 week. £3100. Les Smith, Arcade. Rock liinnnton riAPE BUYERS I Don't miss this Ideal Ly position in solid country town, iiandy o Brisbane, fully equipped -k going con :ern. Price £950. Particulars from J. W. Zwts'er. Kilcoy. Photie 27. C1OLMAN Ac CO. Excellent garage and ' service station, city, central pos.. -500 gals, per month, good plant, incl. tithe, battery charger, valve grinders, 'lc, 8 petrol pumpa, good frontage »nd vorkshop. leasehold,, books' open to )n pection, average takings £1200 month, ?rice £3500. J. W.- COLMAN, & CO.. ipp. Civic Theatre. Valley. L1171. nOLMAN & CO. SUBURBAN Garage U and General Engineering, 'situated in tramline, a large and spacious work hop, rent £3. lease 6-/x years, plant, ?alve facing machine, 2 battery chargers, amp. press, spray painting plant, He., ilant value £1200. weekly takings £125. kn attractive proposition at £1800. Ad ^OLMAN &VCO. Yoc'k-un mixed, round *-/ suburb, long lease, cheap rent. Plant ncludes refrlg.. good' scales, etc.. Block C150 guar., vendor will stay with pur haser for 2 weeks and guarantee tak ngs at £150. Bs early. Address as ^OUNTRY STORE, freehold, large shoo u and dwelling, trade £120-£150 wk., ftc« cSd ^WN'TnrcOuffi 3STATES, penneys, Queen St. DRAPERY BUSINESS, good stock and fittings, Ideal, position, takings £75 i.w., jjrice £1200. R. A. GAY, Lutwyche. tJ-'LECTRICIANS! Electrical business ll- to suit qualified man. city position. idling elec. fittings, radios, etc., tak iig £140 weekly. Stock iipprox. £500. 'rice. £800. plus slock A.V. FARQU rlARSON BROS.. Old Courier BUI*., ^uenn St. B4723. ITiX-SERVICEMEN only, Fruit and Con lii fectlonery Business, owner entering lospltal, £ no: R. A. GAY, Lutwyche. ,12827. ITiACTORY site for sale, on 8 acres, nd L1 jacent railway ttatlAn, in factory irea, Brisbane suburb, buildings com jrlse 13.000 square feet floor area, e.l., rater, telephonic communcation through ni-t, modern brick offices, complete with nodern furn. &?. lighting switchboard. !t.c. Price £5000. Ring MY6554. ? l^OR SALE. Hardware and Furniture 'u Business, sugar -town, suit auc loneer and commission -. agent, good -penlng- young man; p.very 'consideration dven right man. Apply P.O. Box 81, 'Ij'Or' sale .brlek long distant Cream X Run, books open, returns £100 per month, urgent sale, mall contract. Must sell. Contact L. M. Hatch, Auctioneer & Commission Agent, Pomona, Ph. 43. TT'OUR picture Theatres for sale or 11 lease, one city, one suburban, two Lountry shows. Particulars bona fide Enquiries. Write Manager, Bank New South Wales, Wynnum. T7-ROOK MANUFACTURING Business. -I? City. Old &. well known. All modern equipment. Vendor other interests. Per sonal interview principals only. Approx. price £2000. Sole agent A. E. KEENAN. 175-177 Edward Street (late 1st & 2nd ~li'»RONTAGE leasehold flats on choice -f beach frontage, excellent returns, books open full investigation. Further particulars MamuU House lc Land Agency. Kodcliffe 238. GARAGE SERVICE STATION, also second-hand car sales, pood posi tion. 1 inlle G.P.O. Excellent plnnl. Eood lease, wonderful opportunity, live man £2000 cush. Further particulars. FISHER, sole agent, - Colonial. Mutual Y^UEST HOUSE. SITUATED ' IN NEW VT Farm, very nice appointments, lease 10 years. Tent £5. showing about £lb p.-r week, hot and cold water, refrlgera. tlon. 'price £1500. ANDY FERGUSON. A.MP. Buildings. Edward Street, Brls bane B251D. BOME-MADE CAKE BUSINESS, handy city, excellent, quotas, taking £30 P.w. & showing £10 p.w. clear profit. Price. £450. FARQUHARSON BROS.. Old Courier Bldg.. Queen St. B4723. I Am a genuine buyer for freehold ser vice station, with residence. Brisbane, north or south coasts. Ring MY62D6 or A. Evans, Bilsen Rd., Nundah. INVESTMENT, freehold of five houses, annrt nneitinn. spnfrnnt. Ail tPnallten.

:4150. G. S. Wilson. Phone 619, Sand LADIES' and Gent.'s Halrdresslng Salons, with billiard room. solid puntry town. Full particulars. CW.86, LARGE carrying business with modern frehold residence, 9 rooms, fully em iloyed, garage, storage, spare ; engines, lark, etc. Particulars Box 1790W. G.P.O. LICENSED CREAM RUN, MAIL Con -i tract, Petrol Depot, «fc Freehold Cot aee, rich, progressive dairying centre. full price. £1850. Gross income approx. t:i40u (very dm. Best year £1948. Mull :on., £78 p.u.. 3D0-400 mis. wkly. il'iind nvw H.1J. Dodte. Business shov: ng £800 net. Price. £18M. HAKWSON Si EOTHWKLL, Nat. Uanli Chbs., ISO Jueen St. (between Woolworlln. ii Pra ji.i'aNUFACTURING confectionery Busl Wx ness, a vise, yearly turnover £8500. Uxcpllent equip., sood quotas. Price, ''1500. Further pars, to «en.' buyers DOUGHTY 6c GRAYSON, 236 Elizabeth 3t. B0316. '\TILK Run, sacrificing owing to 411 1-X health, must sell, no reasonable offer refused, dally sales _ 82 gallons. TVdlLK RUN. doing 80 Eals. bottled, J.YL compact, area, north side, Chev. truck. rrlcp. £850. First to inspec will buy. FARQUHARSON BROS., Old courier Bldg.. Queen St. B4723. MILLINERS. THIS OUTSTANDING mil linery business must be sold, situated nicked position, close country town, easy hours, unlimited renovations on hand clearing £7 weekly without effort, first class equipment with excellent sewing machine, all for £160. RJngM2237, nights and mornings. TVTILLINERY salon, central position, 1VL cheap rental, exc3llent. opportunity for capable person. Price £175. Includes stock and small plant. Roland Abbot Agency. Union Bank chambers. MIXED business' at seaside, refrigera tors, bacon cutter, scales, slock, fur niture, lease, tobacco quota, sood takings, £900 or near offer. CT67, C-Mail. MIXED Business, with good dwelling, taking £140. stock £300. Price £1550, will exchange for house property. Brisbane. CZ43. C-Mail. TV1 IXED BUSINESS, d.f. shop, doing 1VL£7O week, low rent, long lease, slock. £200. uood plnnl. £800 or offer. A. B. COLT & CO . A.M.P. Phone BC488. MIXED, dolne £11)0, stocl; £200, nice shop and dwelling, trade could be easily ?ncreased by £50 week, £12011 A. B. COLT & CO.. A.M.P. Phone B6488 MIXED Business Wanted, doing £100 to £150 week, with living quarters, prompt Inspection. Box 1790W. G.P.O. 'Mf IXED BUSINESS, handy city posi 1V1. tlon, excellent accommodation, rent £2'10/. This is a run-down business, and would suit, live wire. Price, £820. FARQUHARSON BHOS.. Old Courier BldB.. Queen St. B4723. MRS. Doyle's Dressmaking Business, at 44 Days Road, GraiiRC. withdrawn. Sold by WARNER A; WATERS. RINU .lohn E. Kenneay &. Co., F9744, . F833H. evenings BU48!). SEASIDE' mix^d. well established, cor ner position, neat, shop and dwellinc. sood plant, opportunity at £850. Roland Abbot Agency, Union Bank Chambers. B2753. SELL Mixed Business, good accommo dation. Price, £1200. includes stock, plant, furniture, good lease, low renta First time offered, open one week. CZ47, ''-Mail SKILLED watchmaker & jeweller re quires purchase established business, good suburb, cash transaction. Write Box 1789W. G.P.O.. SMALL GOODS Run. 1938 utility, all necessary, equip., bacon cutter, etc., netting £10 p.wk. Good proposition. Price, £525. FARQUHARSON BROS., Old Courier BldB., Queen St. B4723. SOUTHPORT. GUEST HOUSE, old es tablished, premier position. 5 yrs. lease. £1450. or will exchange for coun try store or hotel, adjustments either war. MORGAN. Estate Asent. Stop a. ?r?SAJ,?BdR0IN!E MOUNTAIN, for sale, X guest house, freehold, half-acre land, per water, refriK. , hot water system, fully furnished, accom. eiBhtcen, worth Inspecting. Price, £2400. Apply H. E. BC-hopp. Phone 270 North Tamborlne. mAMBORINE MOUNTAIN, for sale, J--four flats, with fifteen acres land, perm, water, fully furnished, cood loca tion. Price, £3000. Apply H. E. Bishopp, Aurtlnneer and Commission A cent,, Phone 270, North Tamfrorlne.

BUSINESS INVESTMENTS ? rpHIS IS WORTH LOOKING INTO, as J- this mix?d business has proved it self, double frontage shop, storeroom. 7-roomed dwellliiB. long lease. £250 stock, £140 per week takings, all plant,, refrigerator. Price £1650. Any trial; utility could also be purchased. DANIELS, Ascot Chambers, Edward SI. V ANTED BUSINESSES ol all Kinds, lease or freehold. Buyers waiting, 30 years' experience. Advice freely Klven. VICTOR MAGEE, Clayfield tram term inus. M4028 V ANTED businesses for lale, retail or wholesale, manufacturing or part nership. Buyers from £500 to £10,000. Estab. 25 yrs. A. E. Keenan, 175 Edward St. B3420. Late 1st and 2nd A.I.F XMNTED by retired farmer for cash, -\ block of flats or property, city or seaside. Phone particulars B5803. V ANTED block of flats, also maison ette, brick preferred, any cood sub urb. VICTOR MAGEE, Clayfield tram terminus. M4928. V ANTED by genuine private buyer, Freehold Service Station. Contact WANTED newsagency, with or wlth » out shop, private sale. CV49, C Mail. V ANTED a sound ' suburban freehold -V mixed, with dwelling. Will pay cash, or can offer large seaside home vacant possession. In part payment, plus adjustments either way, private buyer. rwm. C-Mail. VsrANTED - Blocked Paper Run, direct VV from owner, approx. 9000 weekly. V ANTED two blocks of modern flats for genuine buyers, we have ar ranged a sale of Hampton Court Flats. Bandgate Rd., Albion, for £22,000. and lave other buyers waiting to inspect propositions of this class. A. J. OHYE & CO., 284 Queen St., Civic Bldgs., opp. XTANTED urgently mixed or fruit i W business, will pay cash to £1500. VANTED' country butcher's' business. r lease or freehold. Full parts, to TOWN and COUNTRY ESTATES, Pen jif ANTED nice little business, suitable W lady, must have living accomo good cash buyer. Send details to H. H. SKIPPER, O.K. Bldgs., 117 Queen St. VE hereby withdraw from all agents, our freehold premises situate 6th Avenue, Sandgate, same having been sold. N. -fc M. Hilton. iriLL buy small mixed business, ap W proxlmately £1000 or under. Owner, send me all your particulars. CZ49,- C Mail. HOUSES FOR SALE, WANTED 'a VACANT POSSESS. HOME, Corindtt, A fully furn., i mins. bus, , B mins. train, s beds., rates £5 %-yr. (S4 pers. ^MO^N^F^LY-FURN'. VACANT AY WHITE A CLEVELAND HOME WITH POSSESS., /'x.miu. train, 10 yrs. old, 2 beds., s.o.. lounge & din., elec. stove, 24 pers. £1400. AV WHITE ? A NEW ? LISTING, ' BOWEN HILLS, A handy tram & train, suit guest house, 5 beds., l..-Sc s. vers., ? double sewerage, sar accom. Let at £2/12/6.- £2000. BAY WHITE. ? ; , LBION HOME, 3 min«. tram, 3 large A beds., lounge & din., large ver.. .(2 oers.. let nt present. £1550. RAY WHirE;AgH BUYERS WAITING FOE A vacant or tenanted homes. List to day with RAY WHITE, next G.P.O. A. NUNDAH, Main Sandgate Rd., A family home, 3 be_drms., lounge, din ing-rm.. kit., bathrm., front and side vers., b0 pers. land, tenanted 30/ wic. Price £951). G. T. BENNETT & CO., 3.S2 Queen St. A . CORINDA, vacant possession, handy A. bus & station, furn. home, with 3 oedrms.. lounge rm., breakfast rm.. kit., 6 bathrm., E.L. & water. 32 pers. The ot, £1150. G. T. BENNETT & CO., 332 ucen St. A . CLIENT prepared to pay £5000 A. cash for house suitable for con valescent home, Immediate possession not required. G. T. BENNETT Sc CO.. 332 Q^jj-j-^'y PROFITABLE Invest A ment, furnished. Redcllffe home, with vacant possession, 5 blocks land, small cottuse, let 22/-j p.w.. and ma terial to complete 2 fiats, already half completed. Vendor will sell al valua on: £2900. FLYNN, HILL, & ALCOKN (next Courier-Mail). B0221. A . WAVELL HEIGHTS. ''The. Busl A. ness Man's Rural Retreat,'' situated on 3','u acs., excellent subdlvisional land, high, prominent position, good roads, handy transport. Substantial income at present from flowers. Confidential par ticulars from FLYNN, HILL. Sc ALCORN (next Courler-Malli. B6221. A . HOME SELLERS, Note 1 If In doubt A as to what your property will realise under existing conditions, phone or call and we will give you an Immediate ap proximate value of the maximum amount obtainable. Our adviceand services are available on a basis of no sale no charge. FLYNN, HILL, (a.. ALCORN (next Courier-Mail). -B6221. A'. KALINGA I Large home, tenant A will give possession' for smaller

lome, handy transport, gas. sewerage, )2-perch allot. A snap at £975. FLYNN, HILL. & ALCORN. A . POSSESSION IN THREE MONTHS, A- large residence, ideal convalescent Dome or guest house, 64-perch allot ment, in popular northslde suburb, ten nis court, 8 bedrooms, verandas, lounge, dining room, enamel bath, fuel and elec. itove. hot water system, BaraRe. Price £2100. NAGEL & COMPANY, Exton louse. B3644. A . NOW IS THE TIME TO SELL that A. house property; take advantage of our 33 years' experience and list your property with us for un immediate sale. NAGKL & COMPANY, Exlon . House. 'a^'HONE BM44 and we will do the A rest. ' NAOEL ic COMPANY, Exton A'°'SepHONE B3O44 ana we will drive a -cash client to fti&pect your tenanted or vacant : home to-day. * NAUKL & COMPANY, Extuli House, 337 Queen Street. B3C44. lEst.- 1913. 1 Al. GENTLEMAN'S TWO-STOREY BRICK HOME, vacant possession, south side, 3 bdrms., s'out, sun porch, mthroom. and toilet upstairs, hot water throughout, reception rooms, kitchen, shower rooms, toilet and billiard room downstairs, garage, lovely grounds. £5500. GARNET R. BUDGE, HlghEate Hill. ,13037, J3428. Al. VACANT POSSESSION. MARGATE, new home. .1 bdrms., livlngroom, kit chen, bathroom, laundry, garage, cler. stove, elec. bath heater, fully furnished £1.125. GARNET R. BUDGE. ,13037, J3428. Al. VACANT POSSESSION. Ml,. Grav vatt, new home, 3 bdrms., dinlnK room, lounge, kitchen, wired for rlec. stove. Price £1200 without, bath, stove, copper. GARNET R. BUDGE. J3037, J3428. Al. VACANT POSSESSION. Southport. charminE home, handy Main Beach and river, fine views, spacious home, fully furnished, every convenience. Price £1875. GARNET R. BUDGE. J3037, A. 'WE HAVE SEVERAL CLIENTS willing lo give tenancy of modern homes if you wish to sell yours. Also several exchanges. Drop in. RAYMOND SPINKS & CO., Woolworths Bide., Ade alde St.. B(i9(i(l. A . BUY OR SELL at an old estab XX llshed Real Estate Bureau (25 years' experience). Expert adviser in all departments. R. S. MELLOY, 5th Fir., National Mutual BldE. B9707. A. ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW of 7 rooms,- commanding view, handy bus and station, septic, recently puinted, will exchange for home, similar value (£1400). R. S. MELLOY, 5th Fir., Na tional Mutual BldK. B0707. A. Several cash buyers waiting to pur chase tenanted and vacant posses sion houses. For quick sales forward particulars to A. J. OHYE & CO., 284 Queen St., Civic Buildings, opp. G.P.O. B5409. A. NUNDAH DWELLING. 3 bedrooms, lounce. dining room, kitchen, fron and side verandah's, septic, tenanted at 30/ per week. Price. £950. A. J. OHYE *, CO . 5R4 Queen St., Civic Buildings, opp. G.P.O. B5409. AHendra, closp to bus and train. 55 pchs. fe furn., garage, w.l.. w.o. Price. £475. Full particulars. F. G. PEARCE PTY.. LTD.. 252 Gcoree St.. A. NICE COTTAGE! At' Maroochy dore. newly painted, with front & side vers., fully furnished, some brand new, Including wireless set is Ice chest, el. lovely garden, flower & vegs., nice suites, bedding, glassware, china, and cutlery. £900. C. D. EDWARDS. A. NICE 7-r. house, hlch pos., sewered, gas stove (let for 27/6 p.w.). Wll give vac. pos. if buyer can find tenant suitable accom. Price, £950. C. D. ED WARDS. Union Bank Chas., Queen St. A . LOVELY 8-r. house, wide vers., e.l., ?£X hich pos., 1000 W.L. layers (accom. for 3000 birds), near main Southport Road. 22 miles out. £2700. C. D ED WARDS. Sole Agents. AN IPSWICH BARGAIN, cont. 3 lounse, breakfast room, kitchen, bathroom, fuel stove, laundry, 1 mln. bus & school, water & e.l. con., early poss. Price £800. VICTOR MAGEE. Clayfield tram terminus. M4928. A. WANTED1 URGENTLY, home pos session, about end June to £700 cash. JAMES LAIDLAW. 243A. George St.. Brisbane. B023R. A LLAN GRAY. Pier Avenue. Shorn £\ r.IIffe. has cabh buyers, for homes * Investments. Sellers, please forward par ticulars. Phone SandRate 651.

HOUSES FOR SALE, WANTED A . HOME FOR BUSINESS and exser A vlcemen. gratuity accepted to build in brick, wood, or fibro. For finance, builders, plans, A: permits, see COLIN THOMPSON, the specialist in modern home designs, basement. National Mutual BldB. Ph. B2675. ext. 13. A . LIST your vacant, possession or -rx tenanted houses to-day — we sell to morrow. YATES. BARTON, fiz CO.. New Zealand - Chbrs.. 334 Queen St., nr. Creek St. B4905. A . COOPERS PLAINS, cnr. pos., 12 A acs.. well fen., pt. cleared. 2 wells. G.I. house tank, e.l., excellent soil, creek frtBe.. £800, or house & 6'/i acs., £500. YATES, BARTON, Sc CO., Real Estate Consultants. 334 Queen St. B4905. A ? SHERWOOD, hew home, completed -ex end of May, 2 bed., d., 1.. k.. b.. urick fireplace, sundeck, h.w. sym., tiled baih., con. foundations. £1550. YATES, BARTON, & CO., 334 Queen St. B4906. A. WANTED SEMI-MODERN larBC family home, suitable doctor, within 3 or 4 miles Women's Hospital, up to £3000. VICTOR MAGEE. Clayfleld tram1 terminus. M4928. A M private cash buyer, home, vacant ?ix possession, chandy transport, Camp bell. B4951. A RETURNED SOLDIER wants buy A house, any suburb, to £1500. CV73, A. IMMED. POSS., Corinda, 3 bed., 1., din., kit., baihr., ver., 64 per ches, fully furnished. Price £1400. J. Con well, Bank of Aust. Chbs., cnr. Queen & Wharf Sts. B7548. A. CORINDA, vacant poss., fully furn.. ,3, good outlook, handy bus it train, '/« acre land. £1400. McDON OUGH ic CO., A.M.P. BldB. B3040. AM cash buyer southslde home. £2000. CT85iV-CtM1nnCy northslde home lf rea' ADVANCE to 85 p.c. to huy or build -^x your home, in contact with builders; Plans prepared. L. Rowlands. M5308. BRAND new home for sale, possession in 3 weeks, handy to Sandgate. LYONS & CHESHIRE. Rlnc S'gate 376. T5USINESSMAN. just arrived in Brls -??- bane, requires home urgently. B9263 BujPjir&2.HMici:' Ior Do5s'si0'}' p. MILLIKEN. Albert House. 12 miles K-f city, seaside, beautiful view, home, - bedrms., lounge, dining, breakfast rm., kitchen. 32 pers. £2500. -1. MILLIKEN. Nice Cottage, seaside, 16 V^ pers., give as part payment for house, Hendra. or vicinity. £350. p. MILLIKEN. Almost completed, V lounge, S.O.. dining, bedroom, kit chen, bathrm.. cement paths, 32 pel's. plAMERON BROS., BS373. B3018: \J Tcneriffe, corner position, suitablo ndustrial site, 4 good cottages, return ing over £4 per week. 85 pers., approx. 180 x 132 feet. £3500. '1AMERON BROS. urgently require *-- houses, vacant possession or Invest ment, all suburbs, clients waiting. flASH BUYER for home, 3 bedrooms, y not loo far transport. Will pay up lo £1150 cash. MB250. 1'\ESPERAT15 buyers waiting purchase ???- freehold property, pay lop market price. Inspect ic take possession any ffiRcn'TY1.? 3SP«?.3S?ii pstG' [?\OCTOR requires house, immediate J possession, Northgate vicinity. £1500. Phone JY8467 [J'OR sale, vacant possession, Clontarf. L new home, close to beach and golf links, good position. 40 perches land, comprising lounge and living-rooms, 2 hedrooms, sleep-out veranda, kitchen, uel stove, bathroom, enamel bath, chip heater, interior painted, undcrhouse con creted, car accommodation. Price £1500, ncludes refrigerator and furniture. ISLES. LOVE, & CO. PTY., LIMITED, 233 Adelaide St. B2711. ? FOR sale, vacant possession, large re sidence, 46 x 42,. -with shed 60 x 50. o minuter from station. £3000. half cash. HAMILTON. Q.N. Bank Cham bers. George Street. pORDON PARK, close tram, dwelling. v» 32 perches, subject tenancy. Price £550 cash. Further particulars, Union Trustees, 400 Queen Street. pREENSLOPES (2 mins. tram). Imme V* -dlate possession, well constructed semi-modern h.w. home, compr. 2 b.r., s.o., louvred vers., lg. lounge, dining room, kitchen (mod. gas stove), bath room, set-in tubs, gas copper, telephone, large garage, on 32 perches. Price. £1695. Sole ueents, P. A. FITZPAT K^73.B' ''eFIVe WayaiPetr'e T.f OLLAND PARK AREA, nrarlng com -LLpletlon, wood and stucco house, containing 3 bedrms., lounge, dining room, kitchen, and bathrm., 24 perches. Price £1200. Further particulars. STUART CAMERON, Union BHnk Chas. B6513. IMMEDIATE Vacant Possession, Dea X gon, 5-bedrm. home, large dining room, lounge room, newly painted, fully furnished, 1 acre land. Price £1750. Full panic, COLONIAL ESTATES. Cur ran's Corner, cnr. Edward, Adelaide Sts. TMMED1ATE Vacant Possession, .L Mnorooka. 3-hedrm. home, fully fur nished, including hot, cold water, re frigeration, phone. Price £2000. For full particulars, COLONIAL ESTATES, Curran's Corner, cnr. Edward, Adelaide Streets. Phone B7662. IMMEDIATE POSS.. JUBILEE TERR., small rnttaep.. 3 hrs . Inline'! and din

ing-room arched, kitchen, bathroom, nice allotment, 1 min. bus. £8.75 cash. Sole Agent, FISHER, Colonial Mutual Bides. IMMEDIATE Possession, southslde, sub stantial new, modern home, 2 brs., s.o., lounge, dinine, plastered, papered, elec. stove, copper, h.w. system, garage, concrete paths. Valuation, £2075 cash. LARGE home, all conveniences, corner position, handy train, near suburb, tenanted. Roland Abbot Agency, Union Bank Chambers. MOOROOKA, DWELLING with furni ture, stucco front, tiled roof, porch verandah, lounge, dining rm.. 3 bed ims., kitchen, tas stove, laundry under same roof, garage under house, 32 per ches, let at present lur £2/10/ per wk. Price £1050. B. P. CANN11'FK PTY.. LTD., opp. (J.P.O., 270 Queen St. \/l OTHKR & uauuiuei- irum North, Li.t- anxious buy home, Brisbane, any suburb, pay cuiili to £1000. Reply CW30, C-Mall. NEW home, completed in one month, another in four months, H-i mile.s past Holland Park tram terminus, bus lo [rani, 2 bedrooms, lounge, dining room, kitchen, cleep-ont, set-in tubs, concrete stumps. £1300. Box CX98, C-Mail. T^ORTHGATE (near station), vacant ?'-- possession. lRe. h.w. home, includ. 3 b.r.. s.o., large lounge, dining room, kit chen, bathroom, telephone, on 32 perches well laid-out lawns, gardens. Ptice. £ 1650. P. A. FITZPATRICK & CO.. at Jh.e Five Ways. Petrle Bight. Phone PRIVATE cash buyer for home of 3 bedrooms. CZ44. C-Mall. RING .lohn E. Kennedy & Co.. F9744. F8338, evenings B948B. 'DIVER frontaBe, attractive brick CV home, 2, kitchen, bathroom, combined lounge ic dining room, sep tic. £2120. Cook, sole agent, Sherwood Road. Sherwood. U7878. EHVER lront, property wanted, private L cash buyer, can wait possession. CL48. C-Mail SALISBURY, neat cottage, high corner position, 3 mins. train, 7 mins. tram, contains 2 beds., sitting, dining-room, etc.. e. light, 32 perches. Price substan tially reduced to £425. Sell subject to tenancy. ALLAN TROTTER, Nat. Bank Chmbs., 180 Queen St. SELL seaside fibro house, fully fur nlshed. V, ac. allot., cnr. position. Apply CW37. C-Mall. COLID old house, In residential area, 0 handy tram, shops, etc., only £400 cush, tenanted. DANIEL'S, Ascot Cham bers. Edward Street. 1T11I3 IS A REAL BARGAIN,- 10-rmd. . house 16 bedroomsi, solidly con structed, hardwood, weatherboard, imd Iron house, sewerage, business, residen tial area, handy tram, would make an excellent Biiest house. Price £1350. DANIELS, Ascot Chambers, Edward 'St.. Brisbane. URGENTLY required, furnished home, vacant possession. 3 or 4 bedrooms, and s.o.. handy tram, any good suburb cash. CV47. C-Mall. VACANT POSSESSION. 2 minutes tram, nice modern home. Particu lars, personal inspection. £1350. K. COLEMAN, Q.N. Chambers, Georse, Tur \\T. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, South '» side, newly built, all clcc. home, fully furn., 2 bedrms.. S.O.. lined and ceiled, lounge. dining room, garage, etc.. papered walls, h.w., refrig., phone. 1 min. bus. elevated position. Price £2375. W'GABBA. ESTATE AGENCY, 733 Stanley Street. W. W'GABBA., opportunity to secure well constructed dwelling at valua tion, 4 bedrms., lounge, dining rooms, etc., front and side verandahs, sewered 32 pchs., needs minor repairs, possible arrange possession. Price £895. Sole Agents. W'GABBA. ESTATE AGENCY. 733 Stanley St. WANTED by mechanic, transferred Brisbane, house, any suburb, for cash. Phone particulars. F8280. ?\XfANTED for cash buyers, homes in »V all suburbs, send full particulars to SHARP ic MUSGRAVE. 262 Queen Street, opo. G.P.O. B0141. WANTED, with vacant possession, within reasonable period, house in KOOd residential area. CP75. C-Mail. ATlf ANTED to buy small cabin or house -- and allotment, at any seaside town. CT6S. C-Mall. WANTED small house for removal, urgent. CW53, C-Mall. 'WANTED Collage, Doombcn. Hendra »»? district, about £1500. Parts, (o TOWN & COUNTRY ESTATES. Penneys; Oueen St. B6770.

HOUSES FOR SALE, WANTED \\T ANTED comfortable home, any sub p'h'on'rb, nirnlshed or unfurnisHed. cash. \\rANTED~ brick or brick foundation ^^.iHUise. about 1500 sq. ft., cash. ixV'ANTED houses for Investment, fur » » nishorl or unfurnished. Eade, Fifth Avenue, Kedron. M3610. ISnANTED buy modern home, any price, ' * cash buyer. Lewis' Agency, Strand. J it) /o. Y\71ANTED to buy for cash Rood class '» home, in Brisbane, up. to £1000. 'artlculars, CX42, C-Mail. WANTED purchase small house, outer -» suburb, up to £1500. Apply Post naster, Clayfield. WILL BUY ANY HOUSE Bet posses » t slon, desperate, cash. Inspect im nediately. Ring B9390. WYNNUM. New residence, 6 rooms, * * bay views, immediate possession, £2000. or will sell furnished. TOWN b COUNTRY ESTATES. Fcnneys. Queen _ LAND FOR SALE, WANTED A. EKLBIN, bus passes, area 62 pers., a2 Price £140. G. T. BENNETT & CO. A. WYNNUM NORTH, 3 mins. bus, 8 mins. station, area 32 pers., price V05NORTSG^NFoT'minisCs-?at.oBlr,06a8rea s*& n-6. p&b£105- G- T- BEN- A . ROCKLEA, 5 mins. station, area A-2i pers.. price £90. G. T. BEN NETT &z CO. B20G8. AT HAWTHORNE RD.. 24 pers., wide „„ *l°Pl- 4 mins. tram, £145. RAY WHI TE. A T SALISBURY, Freney St.. level, well R^YdrwHrWHes: 47rt- flonls' £4° ea' A. OXLEY HEIGTHS, Stephenson St., WHITE PerS' 6eft' front' £5S' RAY A. INDOOROOPILLY. 24 pers., close bus, £125. RAY WHITE. A . CRIBB IS., 2 sites, 23 pen*, en., A-fX handy bus. £65 ea. RAY WHITE. . CANNON HILL, Shrapnel Rd.. cnr., 32 ners.. £85. RAY WHITE AL&^ra*!*t»(&.S?w throUEh A. LIST your land to-day, we sell lo «„ mSrr?w'J YATES. BARTON, & CO.. C?eWekZsat!rdB& 334 QUee' 8l- ('r A. COORPAROO, 28 p.. wide frtg., „„ close tram & school. £150. YATES, BARTON. & CO.. Real Estate Consul tants, -334 Oueen St. B4905. A. TOOWONG. 30 p.. 79ft, frtg.. part -tX fen., on bus route, 3 mins. tram, close school, bus. e.l., ic w J'280. nr & I-ATESB4&ARTON * ™ «°- A. ZILLMERE. several choice 24 p. to' 32 P. allots., close stn., e.l.. it. w. avail., from £50 tu £li5 ea. Call ht uillce lor lilho. YATES. BARTON, ic CO., 334 Queen St. B4905. A . BARDON. hill top posn., 38 pers., A excellent front, £130. B. C. & K. H. HENZELL, 6lh Fl., A.M.P. Bldg., Edward ic Queen Sts. A . CAMP HILL. Mayfield Estate, ?cx Orana St.. water, light. 32 pers., £o0: Koondara St.. 24 pers., £75. HEN ASELL. Gth Fl.. A.M..P. BldB. . NORMAN PARK, high posn., views, good front.. 24 pers.. £50. HEN SELL. 6th Fl.. A.M.P. Bldg. A . ST. LUCIA, high side of Highland S;Temcc, 40 Pers., 39ft.- front., £350. KENZELL. fith Fl., A.M.P. Bide. A. OXLEY, .1 mts. stn.. 8 by 40 pnrs. JX. allots., c.v. £100, price £126. HEN ZELL. 6lh Fl.. A.M.P. Buldg. A . VIRGINIA, 24. pers.. close to schl.. ?ck train. £75 ea.: another, 32 pers., £130. HENZELL, fith Fl., A.M.P. Bldg. A . HENDRA, 55-perch allotment, wit -d. temporary dwelling erected thereon, £475. NAGEL & COMPANY. Exton House, 337 Queen Street. B3644. (Est. ALLOT, for sale, Northgale, 32 pers., 5 mins. train, £130. Ring Twg. 1255, after 6 p.m. A . REDCLIFFEI 3 allotments, nicely A. situated, with good views. Price £100 each. C. D. EDWARDS, Union Bank Chas.. Queen street. A. CORNER position, pick of Wavell Heights, £275. MCCARTHY, 3rd Floor, Nat. Mut. Bides. B4981. A1.I.OTMENT, Bnuie Passage. pick front, near jetty. Apply p. S. Nichol son. Brlbie Island. T-ANYO, 32 perches, close station, £90, -L- SHORTT & CO. BUILDING Sites required In all sub urbs fur cash buyers. Send lull particulars to SHARf ic MUSGRAVE. 2B2 Queen Street, opp. G.P.O. B0141. PALOUNDRA Land. We have 5 new v-- estates opening un. Wise people make (he first reservations nnd eel, the pick. Hen/.Pll. Caloundra. 23 or 24. OALOUNDRA, wanted suitable building allotment, vicinity King's Beach, veteran llfesaver. urgent. M3468. ?PAMERON BROS.. B5373. B3913. vj Wynnum. four 32-perch allotments, handy bus, £150 the four; sell two separately. CAMERON BROS.: WINDSOR. Brookes St., 32 -perches, level. £400. PAMERON BROS.: ZILLMERE. suitable vj. factory 'site or home, 250 yards from station, ]9 acres, water and llKht pass.

£1500. iPAMERON BROS, have clients who '^-- urgently require building blocks, all suburbs. CHELMER, 2 nice level allots., in good position. .12 perches, £170. F. P BLIGHT, 182 Roma St. pURRUMUNDI Estate, on Currumundi v- Lake. Caloundra. 100 allotments. Re servations being made this estate. Hen zell. Caloundra 23 or 24. DICKEY Beach Estate Extended 130 allotments. Now reserving for buyers pending fixation Treasury prices. Right on good surf beach and high. BcnzeU Caloundra 23 or 24. JjiOH sale, 2'J,t acres land, fenced, two - acres cutllvatrd. Blackwood Roii'l. wynnum. Apply M. Brown. Wondiill Road. Wynnum West. f ANDOWNEKS. We have numerous JJ uen. cash buyers for unit, slles in all suburbs. Let us liuve pars, when we will eilect a speedy & satisfactory s»(. DOUGHTY Sc GRAYSON. 2J(i Eli zabeth St. B031C. 'VTKW Golden Beach Estate. No. 4 and J-- 5 suction. 160 allotments. Nos. 1 und 2 sections sold out. Now rescrvinn for buyers pending Treasury prices. There is no better. Henzcll. Caloundra 23 or 24. SELL approx. 44 perches. Atkinson, ? - Piddington Street, St. John's Wood. Ashcrove. SELL, one 32 pch. building allotment, adjacent railway station at Geebung. 25 miles Central, ideal dwelling or shop nositlon. Phone MY6554. QOUTHPORT ALLOTMENTS. hlzh --J position, overlooking town and Broadwater. wide frontage, 20 perches, Sub-Treasury fixed prices £20 to £80 The best buy on the coast. PALM BEACH CO., LTD., A.M.P. Building. HPARINGA. 32 nchs., good position, X £200 R A. GAY, Lutwyche. M2827. 1TRGENTLY wanted south side ouna «J ing site, about £200. Be hands transport. CV19. C-Mail. '\X71ANTED bids., suit reasonably tear OZ5S.8t!!(!l&I1a1U.Cbelmer l° C°rlnda- B°X W7TANTBD allotment, possible Lutwyche, »- Chermside, or adjoining suburbs, to £120. Reply J. W. Rossiter, 'Ba- Ijara.' Chelmsford Ave., Lutwyche. W7TANTED about 20 pchs. of land, :,»„' vicinity Mltchelton or Gaythorne. -M7360. WANTED purchase allotment, not under 32 nchs.. outer suburb. Apply Postmaster. Clayfield. flVUTHDRAW my property nt Wynnum )»» North from all agents. D. Couch. W0THDRAWN from all agents my land, 'V wandall Rood. H. S. Richardson, Wynnum. 20 Acs., fenced land, main road, for sale. £250. Wynnum Agent, C. E Thompson. Phone Win, 538. 1 Acre 33 perches, Cannon Hill, Auction I 11 o'clock Saturday. Retd. Airmen's Auctioneers. 607 Stanley St. Ph. J45B0. ? HOUSES TO LET, WANTED A. TO LET. Furn. House. Upper Mt Gravatt. « mis. Brisbane. 3 bedrms.. lounge, ver.. kit., bathrm.. & telephone Rent £2/10/. Box CZ54. C-Mall. A . Officers of the Shell Company wish A Tent unfurnished or furnished housr Division'. B^ teIePh°nE T°dd- Sta' A. Your rents collected, personal atten . lion. A. A. Dulley, 'Estate Agent. 710 Brunswick St.. New Farm. .B4543. A DULT family, faclne eviction, desper -tx ately need unfurnished house, handy transport. BVX years present address. Please ring Junner, B2761 A SCOT, tenancy, unfurnished house. A. available April. , Exchange for same or flat, Sydney. Apply Box 1445T, G.P.O, jnrishnnp. Phono B2151 (business) T5USINESS executive, widower. Daugh JJ ter business, son college, furnished, unfurnished convs., . city or country Rent no objection. CX51, C-Mall. TfXCHANGE. tenancy of house, 3 bed -Ci rooms, etc., 22/6, for house up to 3o/. any suburb, double gate entrancn necessary. Ring B0007. MY position desperate, evicted, will houscSOmB202fi llC'P W'h laru'e fomlly O.WNERS of' large family home, with every convenience. In good suburb, and handy to city, will rent partly fur nished to approved tenant. Available soon. References required. Apply to CutiJ, C»Mftll. POLICE Constable- and -wife rea'ttrfc _,hou6R or fim. furnished, unfurnished.

HOUSES TO LET, WANTED RESPECTABLE couple; girl 13, wani house or flat, Buranda cr Stone t Corner, urgent, references. Phone J6140 ilNG John E. Kcnnsdy & Co.. F9744. -X F8338. evenings B9489. GHIRLEY DECKER, Sandgate, Commls 0 slon Agent, Valuer, etc., sellers ease forward particulars. TNFURNISHED house, half-house, flat: *-- urgently required. Govt. employee, wife, child, to 35/. last tenancy eight years. CX93. C-Mall. WANTED for reliable tenanls, fur -» nished & unfurnished houses & ats, references submitted. Full par ticulars to SHARP ic MUSGRAVE. 262 ueen St., opp. G.P.O. B0141. \T ANTED flat or house, furn.. unfurn. » ♦ any suburb, young married couple from -Sydney. J C. Wood. Evelyn St. VANTED furn. house or flat, engin eer, ex-serviceman, about to bt married, pay up to £4 p.w. CV2, C VANTED for adulf family, uniur nlshed house, with three bcclroomi and usual conveniences, not, necessarils modern, Clayfield. Coorparoo, or Green slopes districts for preference. Rinp Mrs. E. F. Sunners, J4520. X7ANTED permanently, unfurnishea M house or S.C. flat. 2 bedrooms, otitei suburb, Ashgrove preferred, handy trans port. CV6. c-Mail. jirANTED, permanently, house, fur -- nished. unfurnished, or flat. CZ7. C-Mail. ?TIT ANTED lo rent house, option of buy »? Ing furniture, any suburb Ring B6007. FLATS AND ROOMS A FLAT to let. 1 bedrm., s.c, furn.. A. refrig.. £4/4/ p.w. RAY WHITE. A. EXCHANGE tenancy, 1 bedrm., s.c. flat, furn., for 1 bedrm.. s.c. flat. 1 unfurn. RAY WHITE, next G.P O. A. Married business couple, no chil dren, excellent references, require modern flat or house lo £4/10/. ten ancy guarante.'d. Please phone J2609. A. WE URGENTLY REQUIRE ful . nished flat or house, to £4/4/ week, couple, no children, excellent creden tials. FLYNN. HILL, ic ALCORN. B6221.

A ? Can kind person please help cir ri, pentw. wife, must have house, naif, louse, flat, handy tram. CV59. C-Mail. A . Ex-A.l.F. officer, wife, urgently re 'X quire flat, furnished or unfurnished Sing B8fil8 or B7269. A . TRONT. double room for business, ex. couple, 25/ each, with breakfast, hot -ath. riverside. Hamilton Rd.. Hamilton 114130. A Flat or Holf-housc preferably un. furnished. rrquirp.d by married -.ouple. no children, non-drinkers, quiet =W 65. C-Mail A . Flat or House wanted by exservlce cX man and wife, to 50/, urgent. Phono 35205. Mr. Golden. A Double room to let, 2 men, serviced. rX morning tea tray, electric hot and :old water. O.K. Apartments, Barry 'arade, Valley. B6806. A CCOMMODATION. double, furnished. CX serviced room, cooking, laundry con 'eniences, 100 Bowen Terrace, New Farm lear Story Bridge. Phone B3258. AERON. 67 Grey Street, serviced double rooms, country visitors, pcrmanents :lose city. BARDON or adjacent suburbs, furn unfurn., half-house or flat, wanted oy ex-serviceman, marrying in April F9092. BUSINESS girl requires self-contained flat ior self and two brothers. Ring ..ambert. B104U, between 9 a.m. und i p.m. BUSINESS girls, excellent accommoda tion with morning tray, lovely home. ?ICRiint surroundings. Murdoch. 81 Enoii ?ern Terrace. Red Hill. F9772. COMMONWEALTH Public Servant from Melbourne, former R.A.A.F. officer, irgently requires unfurnished s.c. flat or louse. Please ring B3584. ext. 2. nOUPLE. marrying end of May, desire 0 small furnished flat. CW6, C-Mail DOUBLE flat wanted, handy Ipswich Rd. Depot. CZ46, C-Mail. DOUBLE roqm to let, morning tea, own linen required. J4919. EX-R.A.A.F. bank officer and Scottish bride, desperately require furnished flat or half house. Phone B33B3. 9 to 5. 1/XCHANGE tenancy large flat, rent I.J 35/, handy to city, for house in outer suburb. CS88, C-Mall. JT'LAT urgently rcqd., young exservlce - man and wife, no children. Unlver »ity student. Rins M2463 between 9 a.m. -nd 5 P.m. M6536 after 5 P.m. I BURNISHED single room, suit man, - penny section. 57 Thomas St., Wea Snd. GENTLEMAN requires modern, turn., S.C. single flat, near city, must have :ar accom. Full particulars to Box 1805W 3 P.O.. Brisbane. pENTLEWOMAN (French), own private CT house, will let two comfortable louble bedrooms, one opens on a ver indah, morning tray, quiet, superior ac :ommodation, references most essential. Interviews from 10 to 12 a.m., or from 1 p.m. till 8 p.m. 'Thorbury,' Main Wenue, Windsor. HOMELY rouplc, marrying shortly, require flut, furnished or unfur ltshed, soon as possible. Ring J3983. after ;lx, or write J. Ensbey, fl Colvllle St., Nusl End. KODAK (A/asla.l. Pty., Ltd.. 250-252 Queen Street, Brisbane, requires un iiirnlnhcd flat, 35/ to 40/ per week, foi pmnloyee. Apply- Assistant Manager. f ET, 2 rooms, conv.. 2d. tram city. £1 Li wk. each, private home. CX92, C-Mail. MODERN Brick Rooms, casuals, coun try visitors, city area 37 Peel, St.. NEWLY-MARRIED ex-serviceman and wife urgently reoulre furn. or un urn. flat. Ring B0554. IVTEWLY-MARRIED couple reaulre seU L.T contained flat or half-house urgently, iny suburb. F8527. UUBLIC servant, ex-serviceman, and i wife, no children, require flat, any suburb. Phone L1749. 13EFINED woman requires furnished J.V flat or unfurnished, good tenant, New Farm preferred: CZ39, C-Mail. RESPECTABLE, young married couple require unfurnished flat or half douse. CX87, C-Mail. 'RETURNED, limbless, ex-serviceman XV and wife, want furnished flat ur gently, near tram or bus. pay £2/2/ CS90. C-Mail. RING John E. Kennedy & Co., F9744 F8338. evenings B9489. ROOM to let. close city, business per son or student preferred. Phone L4075 SHARE Room, city. 12/6 week. 75 Blrley Street, off Wlckham Terrace, rpo let, part nice home, large' bedroom, X use kitchen, refrigerator, modern bathroom, conveniences, £2/10/ weekly, Has. light included. CZ1, C-Mttil, riiO let. self-contained flat, handy tram, X E. Biis., 1 month over Easter. CW0, C-Mall. riio let, two furnished rooms, with use X of kltclu-u, for adult, respeclablt oeople. 138 Park Road. South Side. HMO let. April, well furn. f'ette. b'room X lounge, k'ette, 35/, good locality CZ60, C-Mall. TTRGENTLY wantec, flat or single U room, use conveniences, respectab working girl, must be handy tram. CZ37, C-Mail. ff RGENTLY required by young mar yJ ried business couple, no children smnll. s.c. flat, handy transport, reason able rental. Phone B3561. B a.m. -5 p.m URGENTLY wanted. self-contained flat by Dutch ex-serviceman and wife, good locality. Will pay £2/10/ CW47. C-Mail. WANTED urgently, double room oi flat, handy Albion Rd.. Ring M2D11 WANTED flat by young married couple. Rent In advance. Phone M1857. XV ANTED furnished flat, quiet couple, ''no children, excellent references, please help CX5, C-Mail. WANTED by New Zealand married couple, going lo reside in Brisbane, furnished flat or house phone F8171. 'WANTED small unfurnished selfcon -V talned flat, in Christian family, near city \1 possible, for ladles. CJ97. C-Mall ?WANTED by M.C., both working, fur -' nished flat, near, tramline. CW22, C-Mail. ? WANTED furn. double room, suit couple. south side, 35/. Lewis Agency. U7076. WANTED furnished single room, BoWr Mills, husiness g|rl, £1. Lewis Akpiicv. 117(176. ?\VANTK1) urgently self-contained flat i- two respectable working girls. RUm Shlnele Inn. B0839. WAR Widow, tolng business, requires Czknc---Mali'. ?h'r' mt bU5lnesS gU1 YOUNG man requires bed and break -i fast In private home or boardlne house. Easter week. beginning Apr second. Reply CS89 C-Mall. 'VOUNG married couple, one child, ur X gently require furnished flat, hall house, or rooms, own cutlery, crockery bedding, pie. CV6, C-Mall. 555 Gregory Terrace, offering furnished rooms to country is casual visitors hot and cold water In each room, - doors from tram. opp. Museum Pbom ELECTRIC AND GAS APPLIANCES AT Howards, Ltd., immediate delivers ol Eicon fans. Brinsmead air cir culators, and desk fans. Howards. Ltd., 317 Adelaide St., Brisbane. AVAILABLE for immediate delivery, electric irons, kettles, clocks, reac Inc lamps, etc. Don't fall to inspect our ranee of the latest electrical eouip rnent for the home. Buzacott's (Qld.l Ltd.. 443 Adelaide Street. Petrie Bight. T^LECTRlc chrome-plated brass kettles, Hi suitable for all household require.! mentsi £4/19/. Available at. Extons, cnr, Wlckham and Constance Streets, Va ley- Enquiries at 282 Queen Street: also at Toowonmha. IjILECTRIC iron, new stocks. Just ar Ei rived. 37/6 complete. King & King. £U (11. 17LECTRIC Erillcrs. equipped with two Xj elements, oven toaster, etc.. cabinet in stainless steel, each carries coin D.anoe5',,.?lVirarlt'!e' Immediate delivery at £3/13/11. and £9. Call and inspect. Empire Tradlne Company. 4th Floor. Woolworth's Building, Adelaide Stree Brisbane ITLECTROLUX three-brush floor CXBH^Mal/' SRlC' PPrfect cont'»0'' TJOCKING bath heater, Dux sink sale bVtM HumDhrpy Ra6 W' for HOT WATER SYSTEMS supplied aim ,,- ' .^'W1*^' wsT 'ranged U f AIllrhdourIs1^T'3134Maln 8l- Kan*'°° Po'»t LARGE gas stove, 4 top burners, drillers, perfect order. £9/11)/. Raval dene, Hlpwood St., off Rogers St.. Gregory Terrace. N^S,i3?Sfk«dOrBriaS?tr1l,e.'ie85llInllorS KeSS& £T&S. £g'M' Bre a'llable NEW stocks of electrical stovetles, £6/17/6 and £9. King & King. TOLBERK Cake Mixers (new), complete with 30 and 50 quart bowls am chopper, and mincer, potato sllcer. frui extractor, and vegetable appliances, fo sale. Realand Ltd.. 68 Queen St.. Bris bane. Phone B8069. ? ?\7\ACUUjft Cleaners, Tcchnico Aeroplane V finish, with all accessories, secom to none In appearance, performance, ant efficiency. Demonstrations given daily nt The Fmplrc Trading Co.. 4th Floor. Woolworth s Bide., Adelaide Street. \XTiANTED to buy gas stoves, any con -V dltlon. Ring Mitchell, J7564. 10 h.P. electric motor and starter, switch, sliding top. ball bcariiiB bench and scales. Apply 773 Ann St.! 6 &:? %&!§,£ v2tc.bTnto,Do!*

FARMS, PASTORAL A . C. D. EDWARDS. Union Bank ^A. Chas.. Queen St.. for Unsurpass:d Lists of Farms. Same address 19 years. A - LOVELY 8-r. house, wide vers.. e.l A. hluh pos.. 1000 W.L. (layers (accom. for 3000 birds), near main Southport toad. 22 miles out £2700. C. D. ED T^Mk'A^&fkND. off Remand A Bay I 24 acres. 3-r. house, ins. £200. 7 acres cleared and could be rcplougheii lor crops. Good loam, su.t papaws. pinih. vegs.. etc. (beach lrontaBel. £450. dep. £160. C. D. EDWARDS. Sole Agents. A ? ATTRACTIVE 7-r. house, fully fur A. nishrd. on 82 acres, freehold, with 120 acres leased nearby at 10/ ,P.»'n -erm. creeks, 47 Jersey cattle, 2 plBS. 2 lorses, «0 fowls, new truck, 10 acres r;ult... for lucerne, saccaline. etc. £2300 C. D. EDWARDS. Sole Agents'. „_„„„„ A . CASH. TURN your UNIMPROVED A. or neglected land into cash. We can do it lor you. C D. EDWARDS. ^?.^ET^E^BRIS^A^^^VICH. A 139 ac. f.h.. perm, creek, new 5-r house, ins. £450. small patch cane, benns. ic tomatoes, lmpls.. vast quan tity firewood, saw bench it engine. . horses iwlll carry 30 cows and make Kood milk supply). £1200. IGood tin nncel. C. D. EDWARDS. Sole Agents. A . ATTRACTIVE Island property, half A. hour by launch from Gladstone! 5bfj acs.. f.h.. 6-r. house, wide vers. on 3 sid:s. concrete underneath, dip, 24 cows 138 hfrs . steers, and calves i. 2 bulls, 300 acres cleared nnd rung. Ideal lor attcmnK and tropical fruits, nice sand - leach. Gift at £1800. C. D. EDWARDS. A? MILK*' FREEHOLD Sc RUN, handy -ex Bris.. 63 acs.. 34 cows, all equip., re turns £203 n month. Elec. It. on house. Pric; £3000 C. D. EDWARDS. Solr Acents. Union Bank Chambers. A . £1000 YR. INCOME, this Nth. Coast A. banana larm. 5'J acres, furn. 7-r. house, 10 acs. cavendish bearing, work er's hut. perm, ck., 2Vi mils, school. £2400. RAY WHITE. A . DAIRY ic BANANA FARM. Nth. -ix Coast, 155 acs., 6-r. house. 900 Caven dish bunching. 1100 planted Oct.. 11.000 pines, 2 horses. 30 dairy slock, farm plant. £1800. RAY WHITE. A - NTH. COAST PINE & CITRUS, 159 A. acs., 6-r. house, bails, sarage, dairy, pack shrd, perm, water, 5 acs. pines. 1 citrus, 11 female stock, rotary. £1900 ACCOMMODATE 1500 HD. POULTRY. Birkdale. 8 ac. farm. Eood house, pack shed, garage, lrrig.. 1 ac. tomatoes, 1500 s'berries, good high pns., 4acs. cult., farm plant. £2050. RAY WHITE. A. SEASIDE POULTRY FARM, 16 acs.. 3-bcdr. house, furn., e.l.. 600 poultry, 3 acs. cult., farm plant, horse, bananas & napaws. £200. RAY WHITE. A . SHOW BURNETT FARM, nest In A. dlst.. 120 acs.. BOod home & outbldgs.. 100 acs. cult., no nut grass. wat?rcd ck. & well, 70 acs. could be irrlg.. good dalrj/ lerd. ext. plant, tractor, milk plant, etc. VS. ml. rail. Call for details. £5000. RAY WHITE, next G.P.O. A. Several Cash Buyers waiting to purchase In all districts. Particulars appreciated. A. J. OHYE ic CO.. 284 3ue:n St.. Civic Buildings, opp. G.P.O A.°9NORTH QUEENSLAND MIXED Farm. 405 acres freehold, all ex cellent soil, permanent water, frost free, new irrigation plant, Fordson tractor, etc.. 14 head mixed dairy cattle. 1 bull, house, men's quarters, packing shed, tobacco barn, etc., good district. & rainfall Ideal. Price £1050. Cash or terms, on £650 deposit. A. J. OHYE ic CO.. 284 Queen St , Civic Bldgs., opp. G.P O B5409 A. MUDGEERABA DAIRY FARM, 59' acr?s. will carry 160 head, rates £2.( pep annum, house of 5 rooms, cream ic milking sheds, cow shed, no stock or Plant. Price £22:-5. on £500 deposit, balance in 16 equal instalments. A. J. OHYE Sc CO., 2R4 Queen SI . Civic BIdBS.. opp. G.P.O. B5409. A. MT. BERRYMAN PROPERTY. 370 acres, f.h., small house, of 3 rooms, high blocks, cow bails, etc., 30 acres cultivation, under crops Sc cow fe'd. 35 cows ic heifers, 2 bulls. 3 horses, etc. all necessary farm implements. For quick sale. £1450 A. J. OHYE Ss CO., 284 Queen St.. Civic BldRS., opp. G.P.O. A8S4.0!)CHEAP MILK SUPPLY. ,190 acres, good flats, about '-i well clearcq Biassed, paspalum. .20 acres cultivated feed cane, etc.. good large ; home, sheds yards, dairy, watered, engine pump, al farm plant, engine, c. cutter, 40 dam cows, horses, milk van passes dopr £2600. well worth inspection. JAMES LAIDLAW, 243A George St., Brisbane B0238 A. RICH RIVER FARM, 40 miles city 128 acres, all Improved, 45 acres cul tivated, lucerne, etc., all suitable lrriga tion, good 7-roomed home, large sheds balls, barns, dairy, yards, bII farm plant m. rake, waggon, e. c. cutter, dumper etc., 34 good class cows, 4 horses, pigs 300 fowls. £3250. Well ? worth inspec tion. JAMES LAIDLAW. A. CHEAP MILK SUPPLY, 300 acres . well improved. 10 acres cultivated leed, water, running creek, could irrigate balls, yards, dairy, nice modern home all necessary plant, s. tractor, 40 cow: nnd heifers. 3 horses, £1600, milk sole at door. A genuine bargain. JAMES LAIDLAW. A HANDY POULTRY FARM, 8 mile! city, 8 acres, well Improved, house, ? rooms, good sheds, city water, part lane ready to plough, 100 fowls, l cow, utillt: truck, all plant, £1550. well worth in spectlng. JAMES LAIDLAW, 243A Georgi Street, Brisbane. B0238. A . RED SOIL MARKET GARDEN. II xx miles city, large, newly, painted rest dence, enamel bath, septic, e.l.. 6 acre; beautiful soil, well and windmill, excel lent outbuildings. NAGEL ic COMPANY Exton House. B3644. A. HANDY MOUNTAIN FARM, smal crops, flowers, dairy, and poultry, 6i acres ivine scrub land), fully equipped 15 dairy stock, 300 fowl?r- attractive 3 bedroom residence, £2500. NAGEL A COMPANY. Exton House. B3644. (Est 1913.) A. LIST YOUR FARM with Us for 1 days, numerous cash buyers waitlnc quick sale practically assured. NAGEL fi COMPANY. Exton House, 337 Queei Street. B3644. (Est. 1913.) A. POULTRY ic SMALL CROPS. 91 acs.. facing main highway, withir 5 mis. of beach, 6-roomcd house, first class poultry, sheds, accom. 1000 birds 600 younB layers, rotary hoe. £1750 R. S. MELLOY. 5th Fir.. National Mutua Bldff. B9707. A. FOR INFORMATION regarding pri mary producing properties consul a firm with 30 years' experience ii farms. R. ,S MELLOY, 5th Fir., Natlonu Mutual Bldg. B9707. A. Would Malm Splendid Stud 'Farm 320 acres, freehold, well -watered 220 acres cultivation. scrub country heavily grassed, Rhodes grass, nlee home outbnlldinBS, mile school, 500 acres, dr; paddock, 200 ucres red soil, peanut land £2900. BODYCOTE & COOK. Mltndllb bera. A. 556 Acres, scrub and forest. 90 acre cutivutlon, good wuter, subd. 14 pad docks, nice home. 61 dairy cattle, milk ing machines, farm machinery, horse. Pics, 4 miles good town. £3600. BODY COTE & COOK,. Mundubbera. A. Good Red Soil Scrub Farms, suit -ex able 'for peanuts, grow 50 bags' t acre, get In while land is cheap. BODY COTE Ac -COOK, Mundubbera. A HIGHLY PROFITABLE, mostly Scrub . fruit. 40 ac. 3 ac. choice pines i 3 ac. papaws, large crop showing. IV ac. ready for beans, comfy cottage, sheds, perm, creek.. 15 acres standln scrub, frost free, .grant return Increas Ing. £2500 or near offer. DAY If GRIMES, Nambour, & 9 Wharf St., Bris bane. A. MIXED FRUIT BARGAIN, 20 ac, near Nambour. 4 ac. good pines, ac. bearing bananas, 6 ac. virgin scrur no frost, eastern slopes, comfy home tools, excellent prospects here. On! £1800. DAY ic GRIMES, Nambour also 9 Wharf St., Brisbane. A. GRAZING, PLUS FRUIT, 1220 acres conveniently situated, perm, watei loamy soil, heavy carrying country, am some good nine and citrus land. £1586 Deposit £750. Balance easy. DAY & GRIMES. Numbour: also 9 Whurf St. Brisbane. A. THIS IS SO GOOD we neve ihoiiKht the owner would sell. Run Fruit Farm, In very best part district no frost, beside school, handy bitumen 16 acs., 1 acre pines, 1000 papaws, lash ings fruit hiiugini!, fine home, buildings all plunt, 12 ucs. cleared, painted up 11 Pines, would realise almost any figure Valuation £2073. Owner's price £2075 Quick. Sole Agents. McBAIN ic CO. Nambour. A. FINE MIXED FRUIT, 159 acs.. I acs. pines.' 100 citrus land, sullabli dairy, pines, bananas, good timber, l: head stock, d. horse, rotary hoe, Jnr. fine summer crop pines showing now good 6-rmd. home, some furn.. bails am. packshed. Quick! It can't last Nambour S°le 'Benls- McBAIN ic CO. A*? BEAUTIFUL RANGE DAIRY. Ill acs., pick of Blackall Rsfnge. pasp. kikuyu, beautifully sheltered, sweet coun try. 4 acs.. cult... 53 head slock, 2 acs bananas, just bunching, milk machines splendid Irrigation plant for winter small crops. 4 permanent creeks. 7-rmd house, balls, yards. 2 garages, barn horses, pigs. Sacrificed price, famil.i reasons. £3400. McBAIN ir, CO., Nam A . 'THE MOST BEAUTIFUL Residcncf -£\ on Montyille, magnifxent gentleman1! home, best views In district, glorious lur nllure, carpets. refrigerator, perm watar, hot water, septic, concrete oath* everything the heart desires. It's per c5'. aNambou°r- SOle AElnU McBAIN & ASPLEY, 4'/a acre poultry farm. BOod 6-rmd. home, very solid sheds & runs 1000 young layers, new Bedford gTyI- L/utwy°cne.bUM28'2t7 £28°°- R' A' A.ManRivei,£roSfeeBCflSfil/:yonISri3 miles Central Hull, Warwick, 338 acres, hlRhly Improved. 100 cultivated, anothci um be, balance grasses and crops, trac tor, nnd all necessary machinery, nne: almost new, 45 cows and springers, stuci A.I.S. bull, also 12 heifers, mllklny machine, separator, etc., £4500, term.s E; A. Ellwood, sole Agent, Warwick. A -TO-DAY'S SPECIAL!! Lease. 53 acs., -fX perm, water, ideal for dairy and small crops, house, furnished, e.l.. 5 ^ails an,d outbldfis., necessary plant. A-SSg» ,SId3c^.,?pcgiWA««: l.h.. choice chocolate sol!. 700 rose trc™. pines, seneral small crops, perm, water, elec. irrlgn. plant, rotary hop. nnd ncces 5Sry,lm1icmlmts' nlcc 5-niid. house, fully ^S'^hed. bus passes door, £2R00. WAR ward st WATERS- Rothwell Chs., Eo AVh'iNNYB,ANK SPECIAL. 7 acs., f.h., ^x choice soil. perm, water. irriB. plant, mains and spray lines, ready to plant 'n.dprs returns over £1100 per annum Rotnwe5!? ChiF '^Sw^rd1 S?R ^ WAT^R™ A-withMSDIAT-Ey°SSESSION. 46 acs.. tJi,™», Tiv' flats, 17 miles city, perm house' bRjnroVh'ients c°ns'st pf 4-rmU A'nT-? LU,M #?nc & sm!l11 cr°P 'arm, 35 te?m'»'le!S»''^ tpla1i3it,aCtSrarT,'i!jfe 3abJ.rkB-ILO- 'koKgrV^T? A ? fEXMONT, small crop farm, 15 ncs , |f;|SeS^s#pS McieW, ££.?: £&? £12no' BIL6

? FARMS, PASTORAL A-s?ree?: =$'!?'* CO.. .3M -J5S5 i . ? GAYNDAH DISTRICT, H4 ml, A. school & rail, 305 acs., well impvr ib acs. cult., 45 grade .lerseys, horsei ^??pCf.s^'jtSKs- oulbld85- ™-: 1 . COOROY, BANANAS & s'croos on £X main road, 30 acs, 12 for s'crops, 2 art! raunj? bananas iMons., Cavendish I, 3 lit elled, perm, water, house, 5 rms., sheT horses, plant. Price £700, for quirk sou A .PINEAPPLES. Maryborough district.; A. 4 mis. rail., 36 acs., 22 acs. pines a i young, estimated crop 4000 c/s, 2 acs lanunas, 7 acs. cane, good house, p l ' sheds, working plant. Price £5000 ' A . SLACK'S CK.. on main road, ', ml A. school, 8 acs. house. 4 rms , shed vacant possession. Price £350 fll A ? GLAMOKUANVALE, milk suvroly A. closj to school, 4 mis. rail. 70 acs' well impvr., perm, water, 25 cows, horse' house. 6 rms.. out bides., large plant Prtn! £2500. G. T. BENNETT & CO.. 332 Quetn a'?VaRMS. We have enquiries for fnrmt A. m ull districts. Send particulars of your farm to G. T. BENNETT & CO., 3'j A ' J hc}'ebA Wlth()raw my property. rtod« j.V. Road. Chermside. same having bppn .sold byG. T. BENNETT & CO. Ssd, D W. Lucas. A WANTED for cash clients waiting A inspect, poultry farm, good home £1500; Milk Supplies £2000 to £40nn' Fruit and Small Crop Farms £1500 and £4000. Dairy Farms about £3000 or so nuyers anxious to inspect JAMES LAID. LAW. 243A George Street, Brisbane, B02J8. A . Good small crops proposition, u A miles Brisbane. 7 acres sandy loam cleared. ' excellent supply water, spray lines, efficient plant, inc. rotary hoe comfortable dwelling, tradesmen call' SJM-11^1 cad s5ioD handy- n70°: A-acFe^t-2=0lami.crrfromm^y.fB^mo3^ e.n equipment. includinB truck, also orchard of papaw and passion fruit, JC5250. For full parties.. Colonial Es tates, Curran's Corner, cnr. Edward Adelaide St. Phone B7662. '-*»', A. P. CAMERON & CO.. Penneys BIdBS Queen St. B5862. Invite farm buyers to Inspect their new list of doU|. try. small crops, orchards, dairies, and milk supply farms. Prices from £700 uo BEAUDESERT farms for sale, supnij milk to Brisbane, new farms listed Apply L. Moran, Vcresdaie Hotel. Phoni C.' MILLIKEN, Albert House, 25 yrj agency business, 50 yrs.' land expert ence, specialist In farms, pastoral cilr & suburban properties, also exchanges, Ments Tasmania to Cooktown. C. MILLIKEN. handy city. 5',i at, 300 yds. from Railway, good coun try, 3 ac. cull., house, O.B.. fowl pent, plant, horse, cow, 200 fowls, exchanci for a house. C. MILLIKEN. B0 mile,' city, 130 ac, 80 ac. river flat. cult, lexcell lu^ cerne land I. well equipped, 36 cows, horses, , £4000, returns during drought £62 month. C. MILLIKEN, 800 ac, large amount milling, other timber, creek & welk fAnCedMll0LICK^e; £,63°?\lcn.Stionegd f,Sf Kj rent £35. rates £15.-2000 ac., runt open plains, brigalow. Iron bark, fatten^ Ing, house, 6 rms., shed, hut, 7 pdks 3 bores, all equipped water holes, lai 9 months, £4600. C. MILLIKEN. 14 miles city. 10 ac . - acs. tomatoes, beans, passion-fruit Ideal for poultry, irrig., implements! house, 2 bedrms.. livlng-r., kitchen, vers., horse, cow. £1650. C. MILLIKEN. 12 miles N. city. 5] acs.. handy rail .& school, 5 cull pdks., 2 grass pdks., prac. frost free, machinery, house, 5 rms.. O.B.. good wat?r. £1400, or accept house part pay. C''e° MILLIKEN. 20 miles N. city. 11 ac. small crops, house, 3 bedrms , s.o., lounge, dining, kitchen, bathr.. cottacp, 12 fowl sheds, chicken ic hatching shedi, garage, barn. e.l. Sc power. 72 fruit trees Implements, water laid on, £2665, terms £1500, cash or take house part pay Cm-!.n MILLIKEN. North Coast, 83 sc, house, implements, plant, 23 costs bull, young stock. 2 horses, pigs, £1500 on £1000 deposit. Cl, MILLIKEN. 22 miles N. city. 5 at. ' high & level, 2 minutes school ,s railway station, walking distance bar only £100. CLOSE Rockhampton. 620 acs.. al grassed, well Improved, good house half-mile frontage fresh river. 60 cattle mile school, chance lifetime, £2700. Les Smith. Arcade. Rockhampton. BAIRY FARM One hour Bris.. 2!! acs.. f.h.. supplying cold milk, stoci approx. 70 hd. Full plant, includes milk ing machine, dip. perm, water, aooi house. £3200. TOWN and COUNTRY ESTATES. Penney's, Queen St F. P. BLIGHT, Farm Salesman testab llshed 1919). Buyers waiting loi all kinds of farms, market Gardens, etc 182 Roma St., opp. Station. B8905 171. P BLIGHT: About 2 acres at Oxlej I? handy transport, good hieli land suitable poultry, etc.. electricity avail, able. £00. 171. p. BLIGHT: Upper North Coast. 401 ? acres, 20 under cult., small bouse men's quarters. Growing fruit and smul crops, good irrigation plant and equip ment. £1000. deposit £650. I7i. p. BLIGHT. Suburban line, i ? miles . G.P.O.,-^ good transport. II acres, practically all cleared, half ben cultivated, small area under com am pumpkins, house 4 rms., sheds, Reducn to £490 . for quick sale. TTiARMS. Good Scrub Farms, fmn Jt! £1250 to £4000. Les, Smith, Arciwit Rockhampton. TT'OR sale, 13 acres, with larpe hom X' and all Improvements and plum MY6373. ~tr. D. Stevenson's milk farm. 48 ?.a. -Cl Wondall Road, Wynnum. withdrawn Sold by WARNER, ic WATERS. T Hereby withdraw my farm proper!: X at Kin Kin from sale from all agent-1 Signed Chas. L. Benbow. I Hereby withdraw from sal? from 2! agents my farming property at Mai Bate. P. c Rossiter. TVTAG. fattening property. 150 nils. Bru -LVL bane. 3500 acs. freehold, 10 paddocks running water In each, irrlg. plant, r'wa: siding adjoining, homestead fully (urn, refrigerator, piano, wireless, phone, el light, septic system; another, good houst 'Farmall H.' tractor, approx. 550 hlEh class Polled Herefords Includ., 8 etui bulls, 32 pedigree breeders, 11 how? £20,000. DOUGHTY Sc GRAYSON, 2J Elizabeth -St. B0316. MOST Up-to-date in Queensland, Btui Hatchery, all electric, 4 incubator (26,000), 2 brooders, green feed cutters egg washing machine, up-to-date pen with modern bungalow and 9 acre: watered by bore and mill, water Jili on to fowl pens and garden. Appl: MURRY and POLITCH, Sale Agents, 5 Russell Street. Toowoomba. Ph. 1771. GATES, 230 George St. Cliermsid; ' 4 acres cultivation of good soil vltt creek, town water, e.l., li-milenev tram. £400. terms if required. OATES. Partridge, off Beaudeser Road. 40 ac. citrus land. 160ft. bore good dwelling, Ideal permanent income with citrus, ground easily cleared week ends, trees growing while one sleep' £450. £50 dep, £2 mthly. /'\ATES. Woodridge, 4-roomed wcatne.r V7 board house, high stumps, 10 acre) beautiful sandy loam, fenced. 2 acrei have been stumped. £325. half rash. rvATES. Oxley, Kie Blunder, 46 acres V 2 large sheds, balls, 4 cows. 3 horsef plough, harness, etc., abundant water creek forms one boundary, e.l. lc bui service promised. £100, half cash. ' /SATES. Ml. Gravatt, Holmead Rd yj V/z acres. 6 room, dwelling, idea! small crops Sc poultry, £550. , AATES. Outstanding Pig farm. 11 \J acres, 30 pigs, truck, Bulimba creei, well-built concrete house, lined & ceiled e.l., 5 acres cultivated & Irrisation plant, bargain, £1640. rjATES. Acacia Ridge, 2 miles Run w corn Station, bus, 1 mile, 119 acres, £350. £50 dep. C\PPORTUN1TY for beelnner, neglected f poultry Sc small crops farm, 3 acs.i with shack dwelling, & furniture, - miles to city, bus & train, £835. Cook. Pherwotiri Rri.. Sherwood. U7B78. 'PINEAPPLES. 5 acres young pines, A oldest 2 years. 60 young citrus trees, 2 acres ready for beans, good new 6 roomed house, 2 sheds. Implements, horse, all. 27 acres, £1800. HILL 6 SON, Nambour. '?'AMUOltlNE MOUNTAIN For Salt. X Twelve Acre Small Crop Farm :n profit, perm, water, irrigation tractor. This is one ot the best farms on the mountain. BOod house, with view. Price £3000 H. E. Blshopp, Auctioneer ani Commission Agent Pnone 270. North Tamborlne. rriHEODORE District. 2600 acs., P.L.S, X with Improvements and stock. £3800. About £2000 deposit. Full parts, from TOWN and COUNTRY ESTATES, Pen ney's. Queen St. , 'VACANT possession, farmlPt. with n'-J V house, almost completed, fnwts * pines, bus to door. Apply Lynns * Cheshire, phone S'pate 27C. , WANTED soori scrub dairy farm, 'Vabout 300 acs.. Blackall Ranse dis trlct^must be well stocked. Jerseys pre ferred, and well Improved. Stnd Ml particulars early to Chandler Sc Russell, W'ANTBDBl'n to 20 acres land, Improved or unimproved, suit small crops, landy suburban rail, water for ?irrlsj- tion. and e. licht essential, with or without house. Reply CW27, C-Mall. \ir ANTED Small Farmlet, handy Brl. »V bane, about £500 cash. Krt1 Agency. Strand. B7676. . \\T ANTED, Small Crops Farms, e°l»{ -- concern, large and small, buyeri waiting. HAMILTON, Q.N. Bank Cham bers, GeorBe Street. , , „... \\TE hereby withdraw the sale of our - - Beaudesert property from all agenli. J. C. and M. A. LanBbecker. TXTYNNUM Farm, ll'A acs., cood home, -V main road, irrigation, small crops, e.l., town water, cows, sheds, ea'oe£ sale £2(100. Wynnum Agent, C. *? Thompson. Phone Wyn. 538. ? - HOTELS FOR SALE, WANTEP_ A. HOTEL FREEHOLD, 100 miles from Brisbane, licence fee £20, twin' £35- £4(i p.w., wood & fibro bulldlnj, refrlg., ic furnishings, immediate posse.. slon. Price. £2000. FARQUHARSON 'IROS., Old Courier Bide.. Queen 61. B\123' LEASEHOLD, NEAR KINCAROY. A. lease 18 months, licence £7S. taklri £l!(j bar, rrnt llpht This Is a deli;M fully lald-out hotel, and an extra soiroi business. Price. £1850. I'AROUHARSON IROS.. Old Courier Bide OU«' sl' X-^EASEHOLD, 40 MILES BRISBANE' iV bitumen road to door. If^se 3 years. Icence. £111 takings. £140 bar, £» house, large beer quota, rarticu ''? well furnished and one of the nlces propositions we have offered t°'*2gS ?ime Price. £300(1. FARQUHARSOT 5ROS.. old Courier . Bide- Queen St. X-23' £8000. Freehold Hotel & UJM A- Hall, store, Butcher's Shop, yjcani block, rrain shoppins centre, prosresu' country town, same vendor 3o £«'.-; ^nchmbErs.,S^?rd3Sdt. 'IKlt'^ A^EfeP'st.A^hrg splendid refrigeration, billiard ta»K. new Eas and wood stoves. Pr''''^ H m«leaSVsevMB'- parker: ^^EL S,0 takings £80 weeK. ^ 11 refrigeration. £2000. P'''1 McLcod's BulldliiB. B1I319. npuneys. T°QVuNe£ OTJMra » WANTED1!- WANTE^ l' Both freehold * »T leaseholds, old clients »iaIi|?S-pHfc Sfl'b. :Wrlirs..°r0.tSBVde.s!!- !??'& Wffifaef.rffihO.«b«°Jfo;2^' Full particulars to CT70, CM.H1