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Cyclist's Plan For Self Helb

CROM time to time there have been cotn ? plaints — I've made them myself— about the lack of sporting facilities in Brisbane. For a change, here's a practical suggestion of what could be done bv self helD.

Primarily the suggestion concerns cyclists, but other sporting bodies conceivably would be interested. It comes from Les Cecil, secre tary of the Queensland branch of the Pedal Cyclists' Associa tion. Briefly. Cecil proposes an in-r door cycling track close to the heart of the city, with provision for a movable dance floor and an ice skating rink. He claims a scheme of this kind could be successfully car ried out on a co-operative basis by amateur and profes sional cycling: bodies and others interested, with control vested in an elected board of manage ment. Cecil says he had contem plated a similar plan some years ago as n commercial venture, but has no axe to grind in ad vocating it now. However, if the interested bodies got down to the 'talking' stage he would be prepared to lend a hand in an advisory capacity. Says Cecil : 'After 30 years as- a racing cyclist I think it shocking that Brisbane, third city of the Commonwealth, has no racing track for its cyclists. 'Let's get together and give the talent we've got their chance to imorove.'

? Oldster BUISDABEIW claims Jim Griffon, 60, «.- llw jockey riding in /lii.slrd/in. He had his birthday last Thursday, and celebrated ? the anniversary by riding two win ners and a second at Bundaberg races on Saturday. One of the winners, Porgan, carried 8.2, so age had not added avoirdupois. Classic case of a jockey re taining his form at an age when most have retired was that of the late Bobby Lewis. Lewis was riding in Melbourne Cups after he had passed the 50 mark. ? Precaution T ENNIE} KENNY, off to England next week, aims to keep every pound of that mighty 10.6 of his. : Three food parcels, consigned to one, L. Kenny, already are on their way to Leeds. More will follow at regular in tervals. Kenny heard a lot from well wishers about the food situation

in Britain, so he took pre cautions. He also has a lot of friends with his .welfare at heart. Some ol these, fellow members of Burleigh Life Saving Club, will say good bye at a pri vate social, at the A n z a c Club' at 8 o'c 1 o c k to night.

L. Kenny

L. Kenny

? After Von CIXTEEN . YEAR - OLD Nudgee caddie, Colin Casey, is tipped by .his pals to follow in the footsteps of No. 1 golfer Norman Von Nida, by winning this year's Courier-Mail Caddies' Cup. Colin is shooting in the high 70s on Nudgce's par lnyout. and hns ihe advantage of having played in the first post-war cup last year. Cup this year will be played during; November on cuorscs to be fixed by the Queensland Golf Council. Each club can nominate two caddies for the event. ® Iii iMspute WHIT will they think of ** no.vl ilcpl.: A ?rorresponilent, l\lr. It. F, Kennedy, disputes the Sunday Mail mathematics on what a JZ1 investment, all up. on all Sat ii rrf«y's iBiuiiprs at Ratidieick mould /if i lip rhnlised. ' . .

The Sydney mes$a-ze claimed it would he. £1,229,851,000. Mr. Kennedy says we robbed the bookmakers of £,10'l¥i million. It shottld have been only £1,125,196,360. Mr. Kennedy suid: 'I'm a small bettor, but I wnnt the books lo have a few quid left lo pay me. when I win.' I think 1 can explain I lie. discrepancy. The Sydney mathe matician, worked' on afternoon paper prices. Mr. Kennedy on the ''official' morning paper quotes. Still, what's £104V- million when you're having a winning day. ? Mixed Day nOOMBEN'S biggest (lbs., not £s, and I don't mean John Dobbie) punter had a mixed day on Saturday. He 'claimed'1 bookmnker Bill McLeod for £10 each way Clip per at 33's in the Randwick Tramway Handicap. McLeod was about to write the ticket when word came that the horses had jumped at Randwick and the bet did not go on. For beinc a few seconds late, ? lhc4bif-: nuntcr (he weighs 28 stonc) missed a win of £410. Later' in the day. over a 'bottle of lemonnde. a friend told him 'one in the last' at Randwick, on which to make cood the loss. They met after, the race, and the big fellow was profuse in his thanks for the tip. 'What do you mean?' said his friend. 'Titanic didn't win.' The punier counted 10 very slowly before he replied: 'Titanic?-. I thought you said. Tamasha. I had a fiver on him. and he won at 25's.' , ?