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t,:;,; ? shipping. , i V-'i' 'K-5^ QTEAM TO MELBOURNE DI i-Vm&T^ O BECT.— To sail on Thursday *«WKS&fiS^' next« tne oth instant.— The splendid *?% i m ' rBgtSsS^ ncw Jron screw steam-ship iSO tons. James Lowrie, .?wir.mander, carrying Her Jua wty'sMails, will be dispatched with her usual punc tuality on the above-named day. -. ftriWglitor passage app* ^ ^ _q_ & ^ - 28th March. ? B9'95 -'~^Z (T^T CJTEAM TO MELBOUBNE.— The -«723W t**S^v O GJ3.S. Shipping Co.'s steamship 'VaNrJix^- bosphobos, ;^«»jglSgg^ 530 tons register, B. W. Ashton, Esq., commander, will sail for the above port on Saturday, the 7thihit,atl2noon. : Jft**8™ °r PaSSaSe aPPlj t0 J. F. BECK & CO. ! i K« OTEA.MER TO MELBOUBNE.— fl**^-. O The favouritc.powerfttl.and swift ^^^S^& BtCamS ^VHITE SWAN, WO tons register, and 300 horse-power (actual), ad mitted to be the fastest steamer in the .colony, H. McEwan, commander, is appointed to sail in April as under':— . - From Adelaide. ' ' ? Wednesday, 11th April, 3 o'clock pjn. ':. ? , i Wednesday, 25th April, 3 o'clock pjn. '. - From Melbourne. . , ' 'Wednesday, 4th April, 3 o'clock p.m. ?. -Wednesday, 18th April, 3 o'clock p.m. Having superior accommodation for passengers and an fcF^gh1'ti''atthe White Swan Steam Packet Office, -»'M£%^mKV00T-, Agent; and G. H. FOX 4 CO., Port. ? n b —Parties intending to proceed to Melbourne on the ilth inst. are respectfully requested to secure their passages early to prevent disappointment. , . 95cv . - K5K T-LEASOBE EXCUBSION.— The -Sraa8Sf-5|^v _L steamer VJnS|1$IY^- MELBOUBNE. ^'-JSSegSC will start from the Port on Fridaj, April the*~8th, at 11 o'clock, and proceed down the Gait affording a pleasant day's Excursion. An ex eellent Band will perform on board. Befreshments on board. Fare, 10s.; children half-price. Tickets can be had from Messrs. J. Grosse and Jlisnelmorc, Port ; and in Adelaide from Messrs. Glandficld, Bundle-street, and Ubyon A Harris, Hindley-street. Only a limited num ber of tickets will be sold. Should bad weather prevent the Excursion, tickets will be avullable for a postponed Trip. ? 93' 6vJ m k»v r|\EE Steamer ?-SBBMftnJ*^ J. MELBOUBNE djflfcKvffv^- I11™1? completed her repairs, ii now ^dEfisSm&Mp open lor engagement to Tow Vessels In or ont, or may be chartered to proceed to any part of the coast, either on a pleasure trip or otherwise, ' For particulars apply on board, or to ? ?MoT W. Y0UNGHUSBAND.JUN..&CO. ' _tirv T70B LONDON, VIA CAPE OF GOOD tMSIv X HOPE.— The fine new 13 years ship 4**$^ NOBMAN, ?fflrfffii' 900 tons burthen, John Adams, commander, has been 'aid on the berth for London, and having the greater portion of the cargo engaged, will be dis patched Ui all April. This' magnificent vessel has been built expressly for fht Adelaide trade, and possesses snperior sailing qua lities, baring performed the present voyage Cram London in 89 days. ' ? -Her accommodations for passengers are or tne very best description. ? Tke rates of passage-money by this Tessel are as fol ?lows:— In the saloon, £70; second-cabin, £10; steerage, £25. ' i Joe freight of wool and gold, and farther particulars, ?»pplv to th. Captain, on board; orto _____ ^ ^ ?'' ?;. 23rd March, 1855. ? ? B3cr -.-il-k' T70B LONDON.— The gplendid first-class : '^EftS. ? Jt. fast-sailing ship . ? . : -fl»S$& 11ALACCA, 'TjoiMiM 1-000 tons burthen, E. B. Coleman (late of flu Sibella), commander. .'? TMsfeie ship will be ready to take in Wool for London in a few, days, her dead weight, consisting of only ,two thirds of her register tonnage, being now all on board. ? Tlje accommodation for passengers is of the most superior description. ? For light freight or passage apply to ; ?2c ~f WM. Y0UNGH0SBAND, JUN., & CO. : jTX-- T?0E LONDON.— The fine well-known ^®&«V JC brigantine Wt_«__r GEORGE GLEN. -ftu£i|^'» 350 tons burthen, has been laid on the berth . for London, and having the greater portion of her cargo encased, will be dispatched first week in March. For freight of wool or passage, apply to ELDEB&CO. 20th February, 1855. .Sic ? ____? T?0B SWANSEA DIBECT.— The fine fast* jJPEfV J_ sailing brig «gH^ HABRT, -TU.I..F — being- under charter, will positively sail for the above port the middle of April Has excellent accom modation for passengers at the following rate, exclusive of liquors (has only two state-rooms disengaged) x — Cabin, £15: intermediate, £25. Apply to GEO.M. GALLEY, Bundle-street; or to 89c T. C. CHUBB k CO., Grenfell-street.

J_\-\ 'nOR POBT LOUIS, MAURITIUS.— The SragKs. Jt? fine A 1 brig ; ' ' ? _§££_%? MABY GBANT. jJSjjSCj 162 tons register, daily expected from Hobart Town, -will sail for the above port immediately after discharging her inward cargo. Having a full poop, her accommodations for passengers ?re very superior. , ... For freight or passage, apply to ' .. ? JOSEPH STILLING & CO. Inarch 17, 1855. ? . , 86c /u ' TT'QE CALTiAO. — The fine, well-known, jjcfiati -I- fast-sailing ship fl»gg& AUSTRALIA, JBaSsEr C. F. Jansen, commander, will sail as above in about 10 days. For terms' of passage, apply to the Captain on board; AT t6*'- ?? ~ ? „ ? ' „ -DIPPEL, PBINTZ, & CHBISTEN, 79aC . Bundle-street. *l+; .-T?0B MELBOUBNE.— The fine brig J$£k J- union, Ajhh^^ 230 tons register, J. Gill, commander, will JpjyjjrT. load for the above port on discharge of har inward cargo, and sail in a few days. For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply to ' I FREDERICK FISHER, Gilbert-place; or 93c SABINE, BLUNDELL, & CO, Port

-ii-V F0B MELBOURNE.— DIBECT TO THE '3ffi*^. WHABP.— The fine fast-sailing schooner rafeg&r EAGLE, $ttSagj» 130 tons burthen, havini? greatest part of her cargo engaged — going to thc Wharf — will sail on Thursday, 5th April.- . \ For freight only, apply te i 93'5 3* vx* ~ R. TAPLEY.rori. -itv ? T?0E MELBOUBNE WHARF DIBECi— ^^?\;- -1- Th.e fine schooner \ ?j^^f. 110 tons burthen, J. Moon, commander, *ill tail for the above port iu a few days. Has first-rate 9C eommodations for passengers. \ - For freight or passage apply to FBEDEKICK FISHER, Gnbert-place; or ; .;«o. SABINE, BLUNDELL & CO., Port. . v ~.-U TJ^OB PORTLAND BAY DIBECT, havinff ^Affi«v Jj the principal part of her cargo engaged. ifwftR^ —The fine clipper schooner JipgSr \7XEN, 150 tons burthen, J. Winsborrow, commander, will be ready to receive cargo on Saturday next, and proceed to B«* with all possible dispatch. For freight or passase apply to ??'.-:' FREDERICK FISHER, Gilbert-place; or 83c SIBINE, BLUNDELL &CO., Port. ,-T^ T70Ii FREIGHT OB CHABTEB.— The 'jAftjfev' Jt; fine A 1 British-built ship J^lTff^i coppered and copper fastened, 317 tons ? Applrto Capt. Chalmers, on board ; or to WM. C. BUIK, Bundle-street; or 8$ct ? CAPT. SCOTT, Port. TTJLQRA. KEKR, from London.— This vesB 1 F being now rea^y to discharge. Consignees are par ^etdarlTTequested to P3ss their entries without delay. H.AYLWIN4C0. Itarch 6th, 1855. ? 67o TJLORA KERR, from London. — Captain Jj '?' Symonds will not be responsible for any Debta his Crew may contract. March 6th, 1855. 67c

TSS.NNET.— Parties having Bills of Lading fji to Order in this ship are requested to present them to the undersigned for endorsement. 8Sev W. C. BUIK, Agent. 'pd.NNET. from London. -Consignees will fj£ please take notice, that all goods not cleared onj-T_before the 30th instant, will be liable to £10 per dayijcnrarrapc, as per bills of lading. 89c 'XjT- S S E L, from London. — This vessel -jY ' being now alongside the Wharf and ready to discharge. Consignees are particularly requested to pass their entries without delay. H.AYLWLN4C0. -gindley-street, March 2, 1855. ? 62c 'trSSEL, from London.— CAPTAIN J Jt MESSEN will not be responsible for any DEBTS ^ contracted by his Crew. i Hirer. 3, x955. , . 62c inOQ COMMANDERS OF VESSELS V_|= TRADING TO PORT ADELAIDE.— The Proprie JFGb* of the Steam-tuR MELBOURNE beg to intimate to Commanders of Vessels andothers interested, that it isnot fheir.intentiou to conform to the Notice issued from the Trinity Board on the 21st last, whereby the Pilots are . hatructed to hoist siR-nals distinguishing between the Gorernment and private tug boats. TB« Pilots being paid servants of the Trinity Board, gndraxrangement would only tend to continue the mono poly of tujrgase in the hands of that body, as heretofore, to the exclusion of fair competition and private enter ?rirtC ~ Tie services of the Melbourne will continue to be af fii» disposal of all vessels hoisting a lignal for a iteam ^delaide, February'28, 1955. '68c mO CAPTAINS, AGENTS OF SHIPS, I ' AND THE TRADE. — HALIPAX-STBEET STEAM BISCUIT BAKERY.— The undersigned is now prepared to supply auy quantity of SHIP BREAD, jrom'one cwt. and upwards. Bread fronfthis' establishment wul be gruaranteed to b&maaufactured from the finest Adelaide Flour. fcOfders by post punctually attended to. ^ ^^ March Etli. ? 92mhc TT\b CAPTAINS and AGENTS of SHIPS.— Jr On SALE, at the Stores of the undersigned, Port -Ctorl's best Adelaide Steam-made Bread Ditto extra fine ditto ditto, in 100-lb. and 80-lb.bags. '' - ' PHILIP LEV!, 1- - . ' Maclaren Wharf, Port Adelaide, Mfc Match, 1855. ? 79eT /'1DSTOM-HOTJSE FORMS, BELLS of V; a Lading, &c, minted and on sale. Apply to Mr Wn.ttAKHmjjB,-?Begi5ter-'«nd 'Obaarrw' Qtsani yrfmtifw office* '~ ? — - -

; ^MERCHANDISE. ; ; ON SALE, by the undersigned— A Sodawatcr Machine, capable of thro wing'off 150 dozen a-day Sulphuric Acid A Steam Engine, 2 or 3-horsc power, of elegant construction and finish, very compact, copper connections, and everything complete, including furnace-mouth and bars ; was made to the order of the undersigned for their own use 2 Spring Carts, and 2 Bets of Harness for same Liverpool Salt in bags, and Table Salt in 2 pound packages Gunpowder Clover Seed, Timothy Seed, Byegrass, Garden, and Flower Seeds 4 tons of Arsenic Cigars, Eau de Cologne, Honey and Windsor Soap Tartarie Acid, Carbonate of Soda Powd. Calcined Magnesia ' : Patent Medicines, Castor Oil : Electro-platsd Tea Services, Swing Kettles, and Imperial Metal Candlesticks, &c. ' .'?? - ?' Ale in hhds., Jamaica Rum in hhds. Burnett's Gin and London Old Tom ? , Champagne in baskets ? ''?':? Waterproof Clothing, 4c, 4c, &c. FLINT, DEANE, & CO., : 95sl04ovx Tavistock-street, Bundle-Btreet. ON SALE, by tbe undersigned — ? ; A choice assortment of Velvet, Moire Antique, Silk and Cloth Mantles Boll JacconetR, Boll Shirtings, Lancashire Muslins, Stays, Bobcs, Petticoats, Gentlemen's Neckties, Blankets. Felt Hats, Oil Tablccovers, Sleeves, Collars, Shawls, 4c. Long Boots, Bridles, Hobbles, Girths, Wax Vestas. &c. Grey and White Shirtings, and S-i Grey and White Sheetings, Diaper Rugs, 4c. Cutlery, including Carvers, Bowie, Table' and Des sert, Butchers', Pocket, Farriers', and Open Knives Saws, Crosscut, Hand, and Iron Back; Drawing Knives, Turnscrews, Braces and Bits, Hammers, Gimlets, Files, Kent and Bread Axes, Hatchets, Socket Chisels, Firmer Gouges, Bellows, Ac. Prospecting Pans, Tin Plates, Japanned and Painted Tinware, Tea and Coffee Pots, Tea, Dinner, and Soup Plates Breakfast, Dinner, and Dessert Services, from Grain ger t Co., Worcester Oil Paintings. MATTHEW LODGE, 95c ? Iron Store, Gawler-place. ON SALE, by the undersigned — Brandy, Martell's, Hcnnessy's, U. V. Co.'s Ditto, U. V. Co.'s, in case, bottled in 1846 Gin, in hhds. and qr.-casks, Booth's, Bellinghom's, Pigeon's Ditto, in 1, 2, and 3 doz. cases, Booth's, Pigeon's, ' and Guernsey O. T. '. Geneva, in hhds. and cases Bum (Jamaica), in hhds. -' ? Sherry, Gieslcr & Co.'s; Duff, Gordon, A Co.'b Part, Quarles Harris's, Warre Brotherrs Burgundy, in qr.-casks , , Lisbon, in hhds. and qr.-casks Claret, St. Julien, in 1 doz. cases : . : Champagne, F. Giesler & Co.'s Hock, sparkling and still ' :. ?? ;-. Brass's Ale and Porter. ; ; :?.??:: Guiuess's Stout. ', I' , 86c H. AYLWIN A CO^.HIndley-gfreet.^ ON SALE, at the Stores 'of ttie ^under- signed — Befined Bape Oil, 5 and 10 gallon drums Soda Crystals Shag Tobacco, Snuff, and Kanaster Cigars— Manila and Havannah. Tartarie Acid, in 23 lb. jars Teas— boxes, half-chests,' and chests ' Arrowroot, in tins Dried-Prunes and Apples Raisins, in barrels Currants ? Chocolate and Cocoa '- Ac., . Ac, . ; Ac. 83all3 DIPPEL, PRINTS A CHBISTEN. ON SA.LE, at the Stores of thb uuder slgncd— Best BBH Crown Bar Iron, all sizes. - Galvanized, Corrugated, and Plain Iron, all numben Galvanized Fencing Wire . - Black AATire for fencing, and smaller sizes - . ' ' Zinc Sheets, all sizes and numbers ? Tin Plates, Charcoal and Coke Brass Sheets, assorted Sheet Lead , . Ac, Ac, Ac. -.i ' ?.?? ' '' ? 83all3 DIPPEL, PRLNTZ, A CHRISTEN. ON SALE, by the .undersigned— ; : ; White and Grey Calicoes, 30 in., 33 iiL, 36 in, and 8-4 ???..?- :???-?-?? . Prints, Flannels, Blankets, Counterpanes ; Jacconets, Shirtinps; Ac, Ac. Cotton' and Linen Ticks Haberdashery , . Hosiery Gloves . ?. i ' Plain and Fancy Bibbons Cotton and Silk Handkerchiefs : . J ' Cotton and Indiarubber Braces Carpet and Velvet Bags Straw, Tuscan, Plush, Velvet, and Satin Bonnets Straw and Tuscan Trimming Fancy Dresses

Silk and Cotton Trimmings. Black and Coloured Orleans Cobnrgs French Merinos, Ac. '. Caps,' Cap- fronts, Flowers, Feathers, Ac. Waterproof Legeines i Cachmcre and Woollen Shawls Cotton and Silk Umbrdlas Wrapping Papers another Stationeries ? Double Demy ! . . Combs, Brushes, Perfumery ? F. S. Cleaver's Brown Windsor and Honey Soaps Jewellery ; Saddlery Scrlin and Fleecy Wools fcrochet Patterns, Needles, Boxes, 4c. ?Black and Coloured Gros de Naples Satins, Satinettes, Parasols, Ac. Black and Coloured Cotton and Silk Velvets, ( Ac. Ac. Ac: C. DRAPER A CO. L6|gh-strcet. ? ' ? 87cv ;EX WYNAUD, LACRENS KOSTEB, Aa, Ae. ON SALE by the undersigned Grocery Stores ,? ? ? Perfumery, from A. Rowland A Son's Confectionary, Schooling's r Fancy Cloths \ . Glassware Crockery : ? Hops \ Gunpowder,blastingandcannister,firoia Curtis and Harvey's , . / Hats and Caps ? . Corks (wine and ginger-beer) Knifc-dsaning Machines - - ; . Aloes. ; :?? :-?? ? J-r ??? --?'??? :' ' ' Bicarbonate of Soda . :- Tartarie Acid . . ... ? SodaAsh ?; ???' i Soda Crystals . Castor Oil . ? : BlueTitriol . : ?..;? ??!? Brushes and Combs , Invoices of Ironmongery ? ? ? ? ' Corn Sack Holders . , ? ' Corn and Grain Crushing Machines Clocks and Shades ? ? Salt Whiting Fish, preserved ? = ' Toys Coals. , .-. ___ 866o H. ATLWIN & 00^ Hindley-«treet. ON SALE, by the undersigned — . ..: Hops,' best Kent, V.D.L., 1854 crop Currants, prime Zante, 1851 crop ? . ' Eleme Baisins, in barrels, Ration Sugar . Sydney Soap, in boxes and half-boxes , Tea, prime Congou, Orange Pekoe ? PicWes, Sauces, Capers, Ac Salad Oil, Jams, Jellies - : . ? Ale and Porter, in hhds., casks, and cases - Martell's and U.V.C. Brandy, in hhds. and cases, . . .Cognac ' . .:??:*? ' ; Sherry and other Wines, Old Tom, Cordials, Ac. Manila Cigars, Nos. 2 and 3, best Havanna - Matches, Baskets, Watches, Ac. Com Bags, 3-bushel, Seaming Twins Corrugated Iron, best Galvanized Fence Wire, Nos. 4, 5, 6 ISalt'Soda, Whitincj, Bcsin, Saltpetre, Ae, Ac KIRCHNER, GAEDECHENS, A CO, eo-USv Grenfell-street. ?

ON SALE by the undersigned, ex Iris, Tiberias, Jannct, and other late arrivals— , Gentlemen's and Ladies' Saddles, Bridles Martingals, Bits, Spurs, Whips, Traces ? 'Gig and Cart Harness. Mane Combs, Plough 'Reins ; Saddlers' Tools, Head Collars, Chain, 4c, Ac. Patent Weighing llachines (5 cwt.) with wings Holloware, Cart and Gi;r Sprinps, Gig Steps Axles, Cross-cut Saws, Hobble Chains Iron Bedsteads (French, Tester, Tent, and Four-post) Brushwarc of every description Enamelled, Belt, Horse, and Split Hides Moroccos, Hogskins, Roans, Ac, Ac, Ac 93-7aC E. T. SMITH, Blyth-street. . ON SA.LIS by the undersigned — Prime Cork' Butter, in first-rate condition. Pale Seal Oil for lamps in any quantity WM. MORGAN, late Boord Brothers. HJndley-street, 15th January, 1855. . 18c INVOICES of the following GOODS for SALE at the Stores of the undersigned— : Kent Hops ' ' . Bottled Beer, various brands ; : . Port Wine in hhds. A Bottled Wines, Sherry, Barsac, Ac. * Martell's Brandy in wood ?? ; , ,:.., Fine Ceylon Coffee, Native and Plantation Coir Matting . . '-i ? ? '?'? Oilmen's Stores, Coward's and Taylor Brothers r Brushwarc, Earthenware, Glassware,' Ac. , ' Plated Goods .'.-„. ih,. .,.'f. ' Pickled Salmon in tierces ??? . . . t Liverpool and Sydney Soap ? ' -u:*..-. . Haberdashery, Silcsian Tartans, Blanketa, Scotch Plaids, Sydney Tweeds, Ac . ''. Tobacco Pipes and Candlewick - ! ; Double Demy, Paper Hangings, Stationery, *c Scotch Bor Carte, Ploughs and Harrows Canvas, Tents, and Tarpaulini v Drues, Arsenic, Sublimate, Washed Whiting, Spirits of Tar, Washing Soda, Tartanc Acid, &c. , Hoop Iron and Rivets, Plaster of Pans English Coals, Wax Vestas, and Lucilers Loaf Sn^ar Saddlery, Furs Corn Sacks and Woolpacks. . : : JOSEPH STILLING A CO. March 23, 1855. ? 83alO9v97j p ALVANIZED TINNED IRON WORKS, VDT Cunie-street.— F. H. WHITE A CO. having recived large shipments of GALVANIZED IRON direct from the Patentees, arc prepared to execute orders for every description of Galvanised Iron-work, promptly, and at such reasonably rates as cannot fail to give satis faction. Curved Roofs, Straight Corrugated Roofs, Tiles and Verandahs of every description fixed by first-rat* workmen on the shortcBtiotice. The following articles, made under tho personal superintendence of F. H. W, are always on sale : — Water and Oil Cisterns, from 50 to 6,000 galls. BathB of every description. Wash Tubs, all sizes Well Buckets, House do., Rain-water Heads Bain-water Piping, Guttering of every description Ridge Caps, Water-pots, Toilet Cans, Ac, Ac JIJMUT1W1.1BK, 10-10&T

: ; MERCHANDISE. ^ [ FOR SALE, by the undersigned — ; Teas in great variety, Spices, Sugareandj . Byass's Bottled Porter and Ale Very Choice Port, Sherry and Madeira, in wood and : bottle . : ? Baltic Red Pine Bauks, 12 X 12 to 15 X 16, and 26 feet lon-» Com Sacks, Bran Bass, Flour Bags Tarpaulins, Sewing Ttvine, Gi? and Cart Harness English Oak Planits, Duchesses Slates Cases and Trunks Men's Boots and Shoes Prime Irish Pork, picked pieces for family use, in small barrels Collinges* Patent Gate Hinges, 3 ft. and 2 ft. 6 in. Currants, Matches, Blackintc, Mustard, Thumb Blue Ladies', Maids', and Girls' Boots and Shoes Invoice of Locks and Hinges, in great variety. 37c ? MACDERMOTT. DUTTON. A CO. FOR SALE, at tho Stores of the under signed.—. Zinc, », 10, 11, 13, 13 Tin Plates, best brands Hoop Iron Saddlery ? HIbbert's Eottled Beer . ? Brushwares - Jams ? ?? , -' . Pickles Sauces . , Eemon Kali (Soyer's) . ; Pipes . '?'?-. Lozenges Woolpacks, Ac, Ac. . . And other Miscellaneous Goods. ? J. GURNEY LAWES, Importer, Hindley-street west, 28ct Adjoining the Clarendon Hotel. T?0R SALE, by the undersigned, AMKKI X? CAN COOKING STOVES, of various sizes, adapted for ship or house use, for coal or woed.' 85c ? THO. M1TCHELMOBE, Port. FOR SALE, at the Stores of tho under signed, by the best London Manufacturers— ? 1 Dog-Carts ,,*te«*Wwm ? Gigs ?- ' ? J .: ,, Light-Carta .-. ;;;.-^;. . Children's Carriages, Ac ? ? ? . 366c ? H. AYLWlft A CO., Hindley-gtreat. POR SALE, GUINNES.S'8 STOUT, ex JO Lord of the Isles, Lanrens Koster, Ac— The undersigned have always on hand a supply of the above celebrated DUBLIN STOUT, in cases, from Messrs. Guinness A Son's, of Dublin. 356o ? H. AYLWIN A CO., Hindley-street. WISE FENCING. AGBICULTURAl. IMPLE MENTS, Ac. T70R SALE, at the Stores of tho under r? siimed Galvanized Wire, Nos. 4, 6, and 8, for Fenelng Iron Standards for Fencing, with or without Wire Iron Gates ' Hus*ey's Beaplng Machines Crosskill's Clodcrushers . ? Broadcast Sowing Machines Patent Churns Ditto Cheese Presses - Ditto Wine Presses Wire Camp Stools , . Wire Sieves. 18«cv . ELDEBACO. Cl ALVANIZED IRON WIRE fcrFENl \X CLNG, per Wynand, No.4 and'No:e. Atthe Stores of . - .» 3S8o ? AYLWIN A CO., Hindjey:street. ONGOU TEAS, ex Leo.— On SALE, at the Stores of the undersigned— 450 Chests Fine Congou , 700 half-chests ditto ditto. BAKEWELL A MANNING. Hindley-street, 27th March, 1855.' , . 86c HUBB'S FIREPROOF SAFES Chubb's Deed and Cash Boxes ' Chubb's Patent Locks On Sale by - T.C. CHUBB A CO., Agents ISle ? Grenfell-street. IRE BUCKETS : ; Water ^Hose-pipe, of. best Leather, with G.M. Screws, complete Mill Band, of various sizes. On sale by . __ 84o; -. T. 0. CHXTBB A CO, Grenfell-street. LAMIAS— Just received, MODERATEUR LAMPS and COLZA OIL. 356e - H: AYLWIN A CO., Hindlcy-siT PIANOFORTES, GARDEN ENGINES, Washing Machines, Drapery, Ac. ? 8thl72r , KELSEY A CHURCH, Peel-street. E I ANO FORTES.— Tho undersigned have just received, ex Flora Kerr, from the ominent of Messrs. J. Kirkman A Son, Pianoforte Makers to Her Majesty, a farther supply of their beautiful-toned and much-admired Instruments. They are in Rosewood, Mahogany, and Walnut woods, and manufactured ex pressly for the climate of South Australia. II. AYLWIN A CO., : 86c Agents to Messrs. J. Kirkman A Son, London.

T)OMEGRANATE MARMALADE.— A Jl ? small Invoice of the above has just been received, per Vesta, from Messrs. Schooling A Co., of London. 356c ; H. AYLWIN & CO., Hindlcy-street. 'INE and SPIRIT STORES, Grenfell '? street.— Always on hand — ' .. Brandy— Pale and Brown, in casks and cases, of the best brands. Bum (Jamaica), in quarter-casks. ? Gin— Pigeon's celebrated Cream Gin, In 1 dozen cases. Geneva in 2-gallon cases, Campbelltown Whisky, Guern sey Old Tom, and No. 2 Manila Cigars. . . Also, Port and Sherry of the choicest descriptions, selected expressly for this market. WILLIAM MILNE. 23rd June, 1854. 275qv A LLSOPPS CELEBRATED SYDNEY J\_ ALE' Baron Liebig's opinion of this uorivalled leverage for all climates, appropriately described by the Sanatory Commissioner of tho Lancet as ' Wine of Malt,' is thus adduced in a letter to Mr. AUsopp : — * The specimen's of jour Pale Ale, sent to me, afforded me another opportunity of confirming its valuable qua lities. ' I am myself an admirer of this beverage, and my own experience enables me to recommend it, in accor dance .with the opinion of the most eminent English physicians, as a very agreeable and efficient tonic, and as a general beverage both for the invalid and the robust. 'Justus Libbis. MGiessen,May6,18S2.' Maj be had on application from C. CLEVE A CO., - Solo Agents for South Australia. ' _14thJnlT. ? -l»5cv A LLSOPP'S INDIA PALE ALE, in cases, JfV ex Meteor bottled by F. Friend A Co., of London, on SALE by the andereijjna^. 247cv ... ?? C. CLBVE A CO. OOTS. BOOTS. BOOTS.— To STORE KEEPERS, SHEEPFAEMEBS, Ac— Just re ceived, ex Yanikale — — 300 Prime WatcrHghts . --- 200 Stout Bluchers ^ 100 dozen Women and Children's GOLOSHED and LEATHEE BOOTS. Plenty of large sizas, at ? T. JOHNSON'S, ... ; Boot and Shoe Warehouse, opno8ite the Exchange, Hindlej-strcet. Wholesale and Betail. 83cv fl ALVANIZED TINNED IRON.— The \j[ undersigned are now selling the above mUerali at tho following rates :— Patent Galvanized Tinned Iron Tiles from 2b. Cd. to 3s. each ' Plain Sheets from 60s. to 64s. per cwt. Corrugated Sheets, 5 to 8 feet long, from 68s. to 60s. per cwt. Ridging, Guttering, and Piping, from 6d. to Is. 3d. per foot. Screws, Nails, Eivets, Ac, from 8d. to Is. 6d. per lb. Welded Gas Pipes, all sizes, from 6d to 3s. per foot. Fencing Wire and Standards, at £35 per ton. Also, Plumbic Zinc, which answers all the purposes of Lead and Zinc, at 50s. per cwt. ; and the following made up goods for domestic nses — Washing-tubs, Pails, Well-buckets, Milk-disheB, Gold Washinz Dishes. Hand-bowles Watcrinir-Dots. Foot.

Sponge, and Shower-Baths, Pumps, Rain-water Tanks, and Chimney-cowla, Ac MOREWO0D, ROGERS, A CO., Patentees, King William-street. Adelaide, December 9, 1854. 345cv 'HEAPING MACHINES.-J. MELLOR \\i begs leave to offer his services to thc Fanners of South Australia as a MAKER of REAPING MA CHINES, and has the pleasure to append an acknow ledgment of his efficiency in the constructionof Machines of the kind which has been found bo essential to the advancement of thc agricultural interest in this colony. He understands that crop to the extent of eight acres per day has been reaped, Ac, by tho Machine. ' Gawler River, February 12th, 1855. 'Sir— Tho Reaping Machine we purchased from you bas given us great satisfaction; we work it with six bullocks, and for workmanship it needs no comment from us. For quantity and quality of woi k as a reaper, we think it needs no improvement. If you wish to make any use of this, through the Press, you are welcome. ' ? ? We remain, Sir, *c. ' E. B. EDGEC0MBE. : ; 'E.BURFORD. ? ' Mr. J. Mellor, Machinemaker, Morphett-street, ; 'Adelaide.' 82-lllv BONE MANURE.— Result of Analysis of . BURFOBD'S BONE MANURE. - ' : : In every 1,000 parts : — . i 290 Animal matter, almost wholly resolvable into : . ammonia during decomposition ''835 Phosphate of lime ' ,13 Phosphate magnesia ? \ . ?; 46 Free soda and common salt ? 198' Carbonate of lime ' . '? : : '' 163 Free lime : 48 Silica and insoluble matter ' ' 7 Loss during operation o 1,000 ' CHARLES JOHN DOLLMAN, Chemist, Currie-street. March 14th, 1855. ? 74hcv AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENTS AND MACHINERY.— MESSRS. TUXFORD are authorized to inform the Farming and Mercantile In terests they are the Manufacturers, Sole Consignees, and appointed Agents in South Australia for the sale of all the Improved Agricultural Machinery manufactured by Mr. W. CROSSKILL, of the Patent Wheel Works, Be verley, Yorkshire, and that all orders should be entrusted to them to ensure early completion and on the mnst reasonable terms. Sportsman's Hotel, Gouger and Grote-streets, Adelaide, September, 1854. r271hme 0 BRICICMAKKIW.-For SALE, one of Clayton's Patent BBICKMAKING MACHINES, capable (worked by a horse, man, and two boys,) of turning out from 15,000 to 20,000 Bricks per diem. For further particulars, apply to JOHN CLARK, Halifax-street Brewery. N.B.-^These machines have been in use in Melbourne, and hare been found to answer remarkably well. February, 1855. ««▼

MERCHANDISE. GEORGE J. DIXON & CO., next Union Bank, have on silc — '. HOOP IRON, Holloware, Tools Iron Ploughs (Garratfs), Roofing Felt ELECTRO SILVERP-LATED GOODS, of every description Clocks, WATCHES, finest LEVER and DUPLEX MODERATOR LAMPS, with extra Glasses English So?ps, Purified Oil, Cigars Britannia Metal Goods, Ac, Ac, Ac. 65thc BEER ENGINES AND FORCE PUMPS. —On SALE, at the Stores of the undersigned, ex 1 — Beer Engines (Warner's), 4, 5, and 6 pulls, Trith piping, Ac, complete Toree Pumps (Warner's), 31 and 4-lnch. 86c H. AYLWIN A CO. TITINIE RIFLES.— H. AYLWIN & CO. lYI have received, per Leander, a consignment of English improved Minie Rifles, double and single barrel, in cases, with bullets, bullet-moulds, Ac, complete. They are of the same description as used in Her Majesty's and the Hon. E. I. Co.'s service, manufactured by Messrs. Pritchett A Son, Goodman's Fields, London. This formidable weapon can be inspected at their Store, as also a copy of thc Certificate received by the inventors from Colonel Chalmers, Inspector of Artillery at Woolwich, and are of the same description as those now used against the Russian forces at Sebastopol with so much success. 86c BUILDING MATERIALS. 'DUILDERS and CONSUMERS of TIM Ij BER can be supplied at the following prices at the '? Ember- Yard of C. FARR, Franklin-street, Adelaide:— : 11 x 3 Deals, solid, lid. per foot. . ; 9x3 do. do. 8d. do. 7 x 2i Battens do. 6d. do. All other sizes in proportiou. ?? Mill-sawn at the shortest notice, at 10s. par 100 feet ' superficial. ifcv '.. \ _ EX NORNA AND BRISK. ~ JfiUNK-TLOTE' GLASS FRONTS, mth ' J/ plans; Window Glass of large size, 42 X 63 te ? 10 X 8 : Portland and Roman Ccraenta ; Plaster of Paris ; invoices of French Polish and Varnishes; Paper Hang ings; White Lead, and Paints of all colours; Brass, Lead, Zinc, and Iron Pumps, for cellars and wells; Plumbers' Brasswasc, Galvanized Iron, Ac; Coal and Stockholm Tar, Resin, Ac. 280c ? S. R. HALL, Leigh-strcct. BUSINESS NOTICES. T-OOTS AND SHOES.— M. LOWE \J Rundle-street, next to tho Norfolk Arms, begs to inform his friends and the public that he has just received, ex Jannet, a great variety of thc best English BOOTS and SHOES, made expressly to his order by those celebrated makers Homau A Co., consisting of Wellingtons, Ladies', and Children's, of all kinds, suitable to the present season, and which lie is prepared to sell at the most reasonable prices. N.B.— The usual good supply of Colonial Work always on hand. 89'95vx CHEAP AND GOOD SADDLERY.— JOHN BURNETT befrs to intimate o bia cus tomers and fripnds, and to inform the public in general, that he has just received additional consignments of ENGLISH SADDLES and HARNESS, which will b followed by other shipments of the best Goods to be ebtained in the home market. J. B. is determined that his prices shall be moderate, and to let notliing be wanting to ensure a continuance of the public favour. He can particularly recommend the strong Bush Saddles and Bridles of his own manufac ture, which will bo found generally superior to anything of the kind in the trade; the very superior saddletrees being made expressly to his order in ILondon, the other materials the best that can bs obtained in any market, and the workmanship warranted. Hindley-street, February 14th, 1855. 46'134v rpHOMAS FAX, LEATHER SALESMAN 1_ for the house of Peacock A Son, Grenfcll-street Tanyard, Importer of Grindery and Shoemakers' Tools, Leigh-street, Adelaide. N.B. The Trade supplied wholesale, on liberal terms. Observe— The Bee-HiTc. established 1840. [V181v GLENELG BAY. ~ ~ MR.. THOMAS NELSON. BREAD and BISCUIT BAKER, begs most respectfully brm the inhabitants of Adelaide and the Bay that he is about w erect Premises at Glenelg for the purpose of carrying on a line of business much required in that legality, especially during, the summer months, viz.. — BREAD, BISCUIT, PASTRY, CONFECTIONARY, Ac, for which, it is well known to many of the colonists, Mr. Nelson is not to be surpassed by any for supplying a first-rate article, not only during thc winter season, but in the summer also. REFRESHMENT ROOMS will be ready by the com mencement of next Summer for the accommodation of those visiting the Bay, to which every attention will be paid to make such happy and comfortable. BBIDE, SCHOOL, and other CAKES; PARTY DINNERS, Ac, on the shortest notice. SLEEPING ACCOMMODATION and STABLING will also be provided; in fact, everything that may be necessary in carrying out the above.

Mr. T. NELSON will be ready to supply the Inha bitants of Gleneljr, Brighton, and the vicinity with BREAD, BISCUIT, FLOUR, Ac, by the commencement of June next, and trusts that , he will meet with encou ragement and support. T. Nelson also takes this oppor tunity of rendering his thanks to the public for the very liberal support he has received from them in times past. ? .;f...' ? 90»U8 N~OTICE.— TO THE INHABITANTS OF NORTH ADELAIDE AND ITS VICINITY. WILLIAM KING, BUTCHER, Bowdcn, in returning thanks to his friends for favours received duringthe last eighteen months, beprs to inform them and the public in general that he will OPEN his NEW PREMISES in WATSON-STBEET, near the Wcsleyan Chapel, North Adelaide, on THURSDAY NEXT, the 5th of April, when he will be happy to supply them with Meat of the best quality, and hopes, by civility, cleanliness, and attention to business, to merit a share of their patronage and support. Orders punctually- attended to. Flour and Bran, warranted South Australian produce, at mill price. N.B. — Closed on Sundays. ' 91*'9v T)OBERT VENN, BUTCHER and GENE L\- RAL PURVEYOR of FRESH and CUBED PROVISIONS, SHIP CHANDLEE, Ac, Lipson-street, Port Adelaide, . Live Stock, Poultry, Ac, in any quantity at a few hours' notice. - 46cv A DEL AIDE SOUP AND CHOP HOUSE. J\_ — J. SHORT'S Dining and Oyster Rooms, Hindley-street west, next to the Castle Inn. /Board and Lodging, Cle&n Beds, and moderate charges. Tea, Coffee, and Soup always ready. Chops and Steaks ready at a moment's notice. Fresh Oysters every day. [89'180 rpo NORTHERN PUBLICANS ; and J_ STOREKEEPERS. — W. T. BLEECHMORE, Wholesale CORDIAL and SUGAR GOODS MAKER, begs to inform the above that he is prepared. to supply them with a superior article at town price. All orders carefully executed. .Auburn. Great Northern-road. 80'110vl74 MAIN'S CASTOR OIL POMADE.— Patronized by Lady Young, Ac This Pomade ghtfully perfumed, and is superseding the use of all other preparations for the growth and nourishment of the Hair. Prepared only by W. Main, Family and Dispensing Chemist, King William-street; and sold in pots at la. and 25. ? r7th98T JTMPORTANT TO HEALTH.— PATENT L WATER-FILTERS, highly recommended by the acuity. These inimitable Filters, from a (rreat improve ment in the media, will expeditiously render the foulest water as clear as crystal, and likewise remove the earthy and metallic properties so prevalent in it. They cannot be surpassed in the puritv or rapidity of the process, whilst for durability and efficiency they stand unrivalled. It is almost unnecessary to point out their inestimable value in this warm climate to Innkeepers, Captains, and Families valuing their health. To be obtained, with directions for use, At PUTCHER A BOUNDVS, Rnndlcstrect. N.B. — No connection with any other House in Ade laide. Goods packed by an experienced Packer, and forwarded to any part of the colonies ; and all orders attended to with care and dispatch. 38ae HE PUBLIC BATHS.— MESS KS- PYBUS A TURNER beg to inform the Public of South Australia that their HOT, COLD, SHOWER and PLUNGING BATHS, at the Waterworks, near the

t ora, are now OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, from 5 o'clock a.m. until 10 p.m. Plunging Bath ? ? £0 0 6 Private and Shower Baths, with use of Towels, Ac ? ... 0. 1 6 Hot ditto, ditto ? 0 2 6 Three hours in the day, viz., from 9 to lOo'clock a.m_ and from 4 to 6 o'clock p.m., the prices of admission will be One Shilling to the Plunging Baths. - February 8, 1855. 39C T) CLISBY, MUSICAL REPOSITORY, JlVj» Musical Instrument and Parasol Maker, Piano forte and Accordion Tuner, Ac. Musical Instruments, Ac, repaired. Rundle-street, opposite Parkinson's, Chemist. 9'99 TTUSSEY '&~SHAWYER, PRINTERS. XI Office— Private entrance next Mr. J. Richard son's Land Office, opposite the Southern Cross, King William-street. ? . g75q rpHE finest MURRAY LEECHES may be X had Wholesale and Betail, at PARKINSON'S, Chemist, Rundle-street, four doors east of Gawlcr-placo ? 75J105 JAMS. — 7 he undersigned is prepared to supply Families with tho following JAMS, of superior quality, made from the best fruit of the present season:— i Apricot, at Is. 3d. per lb. Orleans Plum 1 „!., „ „ «,' ? ..:? Green Gage | at Is. per lb, ? Jars to be paid for, but allowed full price on return. . The Jam maybe obtained in town from Mr. D. Nichol son, Hindley-street. A. H.DAVIS. Moore Farm, February 10th, 1854. »4mho RUIT. FRUIT. FRUIT.- Families, Hotel-keepers, Dinner Parties, and others, may be supplied with fresh FRUIT, twice a day, of every descrip tion and first-rate quality. Apply to F. ANDREWARTHA, Fruiterer, Ac . Two doors east of Royal Admiral, Hindley-street. N.B. — Good allowance made on wholesale terms. [19c /'1ABBAGE SEED.— MESSRS. FLETT \J and LINKLATER have received a small lot of DRUMHEAD and EARLY YORK CABBAGE SEEDS, grown by Mr. E. Hector, at Mintaro, which they can warrant to be genuine. Ounce packets Is. 6d. each. Adelaide, 2nd Aptil, 1855. xv CENTRAL WEIGHBRIDGE.— J. MELLOR wishes to give notice that his Weigh image has been tested by Messrs. Wyatt, engineers Nelson, Mechanist, and other gentlemen of high stand in?, and found correct. All Weights accurately tifcen. N.B.— Weighing Machines made to order. 82'lllv C1UALS. — best Knglish and Newcastle / (N.S.W.) Coals can be had in any quantity at 184c H. SIMPSON'S Coal-yard, Port Adelaide. HOUSE FIREWOOD'^ 'SALE, Tl40 Cords, old and of 2-feet lengths, stacked within e of Beaumont. Apply to Samuel Davenport, Green'ji Exchange. . - 9Qae

MERCANTILE NOTICES. I IIVINGSTON BROTHERS & CO., J GENERAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, elaidc, South Australia. ' x T\ G. BROCK.CUSTOMS and GENERAL If .' AGENT. Offices next door to Brock's Store, Qpson-street, Port Adelaide. 186qv IT C. DESCROIZILLES, ACCOUNTANT O.. and GENERAL AGENT, Green's Exchange, King William-street. lc HENRY BARTON, AUCTIONEER and LAND AGENT. Port Elliot ? 33cv T7LEMMING& ADAMS, AUCTIONEERS, F LICENSED APPRAISERS, and SWORN BRO KERS, Hindley-street, opposite the Eoyal Hotel. Valn utions carefully and promptly effected in town or conn try. ? 296c T ONDON AGENCY.— The subscriber begs J_i to inform his friends in South Australia that having removed to London with the view of engaging in mercantile pnrsuits, he will be happy to receive consign ments of produce, or execute any business entrusted to him, through his representatives at Adelaide, Messrs Elder A Co. A. L. ELDEB. 2, Penchurch-building3, Fenchurch-street, 10th July, 1854. 251qv PROFESSION AX. MR. G E 0 KG E, SURGICAL AND MECHANICAL DENTIST, ? Gawler-place. ? ... . .... 73p MR. JAMES MACGEOR.GE, ARCHITECT KingWilliam-street, opposite the Union Bank. [S9'143v JW. COLE, ARCHITECT and SUR . VETOR, Waterhouse's-buildings. .-...' 60qv R. WILSON, SOLICITOR,': GREEN'S EXCHANGE-CHAMBERS. ' 40-128 EETH.-MR. PHILLIPS, SURGEON DENTIST, from London, Bundle-street, opposite the Norfolk Arms HoteL ....,.?. 69U9 'jl/TR. D. J. O'BRIEN, SOLICITOR (at XTX Mr. Ferryman's, Watchmaker), King William street. ? 79thl70v EXPRESS NOTICE. PROFESSOR HALL'S PHOTO GRAPHIC PORTRAIT ESTABLISHMENT is now OPEN Daily, from 9 a.m. till 4p.m. North-terrace, adjoining Messrs. Wyatt's Foundry. ? ? 354o T\ AGUERREOTYPES. — M. DURYE A, I . ?/ _ from America, begs to inform thc citizens of Adelaide and vicinity that he has opened Rooms corner of King William and Grenfcll-streets. The Rooms having been arranged and lighted with special reference to their use for Photographic purposes, and completed with every regard to comfort, are now thrown open to visitors, where he will introduce the ART of DAGUER BEOTYPING, with all its most modern styles and improvements ; and will use every effort that his work pay secure the same reputation and decided preference in this city, ai the superiority of his PORTRAITS ob tained for him in the cities of Melbourne, Geelonjr, and Hobart Town, as well as in all the different continents. Mr. D. has made some valuable discoveries in his Chemicals, combined with fifteen years' practical expe rience in this art, which enables him to make Portraits not to be supasscd by any artist in Europe or America; and flatters himself that he can please the most fasti dious. Daguerrcotpes, Crayon Pictures, Halotypes, Stereoscopic or Solid Pictures, and the Instantaneous Pictures. A large variety of Plain and Fancy Cases on hand. Daguerreotypes, Paintings, and Statuary copied ; also Views taken of Buildinsrs, Scenery, Ac, Ac Da guerreotypes inserted in Lockets, 'Brooches, Rings, Ac. Dark dresses preferable. Sick or deceased persons taken at their residence. The public are respectfully invited to call and examine specimens. N.B.— Pictures taken in all weathers, and warranted to please, or no charge made. 62q 'pvAGUERKEOTYPES.— MR. DURYEA, \_f in tenderiajr thanks for the flattering patronage accorded him by the public of Adelaide, would respect fully intimate that his Rooms continue open irrespective of weather, sunshine not bein? necessary (as many erro neously suppose) to the production of good Pictures. Having just received from America at a large expense every necessary for executing thc largest and finest Da guerreotypes in the colony, including a large variety of Plain and Fancy Cases, Frames, Portable Stereoscopic Cases, Ac. With the above advantages, and the high appreciation of his Portraits, induces him to redouble his exertions to please all that may favour him with a call. Think not these Portraits by sunlight made, Shades though they are, will like a shadow fade. No ! when the lip of flesh in dust shall lie — When Death's giey film o'erspreads the beaming eye— These life-like Pictnrcs, mocking at decay, Will still be fresh and vivid as to-day. S. DURYEA, 92--4] Corner of King William and Grenfell-streets. '

'ONAMELLED and PLAIN ADDRESS __\ CARDS, equal to copper plate, and infinitely Reaper. Apply to Mr. William Hillikb, at the Tteautttr and Obterver Goneral Printing OlTicc. «, DRAPERY, CLOTHING, &c. &«.. . KENT HOUSE. fV-^A. & W, FIVEASH have now on X\/« hand a choice and well-aaortcd STOCK of GENERAL. DRAPERY. Dresses, Shawls Mantles, Hosiery, Gloves, Haberdashery, Fancy Goods, Ac, the, wlajleSmpoJted by them to suit the requirements of all climes. I Their stock of Bonnets, Millinery, Ladies' and Children's Ready-made Underclothing, Baby Linen, Ac, is well worthy the inspection of all purchasers. The Trade supplied on liberal terms. B. A. A W. FIVEASH, 15cv Kent House, Hindlcy-street East. O ON NETS. RONNETS. BONNETS.— T- Fifteen Hundred Plain and Fancy STRAW and TUSCAN BONNETS, on Sale, from One Shilling each, at . ? '?? ? MITCHELL A TAYLOR'S, 78c ?? Opposite the Royal Admiral, Hindley-street. T ADIES may be supplied with READY Xi MADE LINEN; also, Infant's and Children's CLOTHING of all kinds, at ' MRS. RANDALL'S, Rundle-street cast, opposite Tavistock-bcfldings: ?MILLINERY and DRESSMAKING. llq TTTATERPROOF CLOTHING. WATER Yy PROOF CLOTHING.-Just opened, a splendid assortment of Men's and Boys' WATERPROOF CLOTHING, of first-rate quality, and very cheap at MITCHELL A TAYLOR'S, 78c Opposite the Royal Admiral, Hindlcy-street, NOTICE EXTBAOBDINABY. npHE 'TIMES' DRAPERY MART, I RUNDLE-STREET. These premises will be taken down on Monday, 19th March, and rebuilt in three weeks. Thc whole stock will be removed to the PANTHEON, King William strect, and sold off without reserve. OBSERVE— The PANTHEON, opposite the OLD POST-OFFICE, now the GRBSHAM HOTEL. The NEW 'TIMES' DRAPERY MART will be opened with an entire New Stock of AUTUMN and WINTER GOODS, a larpre shipment having already arrived, ex TIBERAS, and further shipments are ex pected ex JOHN SUGABS, Ac, Ac March I4th, 1855. 74cv BOOTS AND SHOES. GOODE BROTHERS beg to acquaint their friends and the public generally that they arc marking-off a splendid assortment of the above Goods (ex Magdclena), Men's, Women's, and Children's, and which they are determined to offer at such prices as shall command a speedy sale. Bundle-street, and Kermodc-street, North Adelaide. 41c MEDICINES. TTOLLOWAY'S MEDICINES.— The unv. [X d«rsiimed is the Importer of tho Genuine Holloway's Pills and Ointment ; also of Steedman's Powders, Fluid Magnesia, Widow Welch's Pills, Mor risnn'n Pills, and other Patent Medicines.

25-114 ? JAMES ALLEN, Chemist. TT AYE'S VVOUSDELIAS PILLS and IN l\_ FANTS' EESTOBATIVE.— These celebrated Medicines are to be obtained of the Wholesale and Be ail Agent, JAMES ALLEN, Chomist, 26-114'| Hindley-street. ARR'S LIFE PILLS.— The extraordi nary properties of this Medicine are described b] eminent physician, who says : ' After particular observation of the action of PAER'S PILLS, I am determined in my opinion that the follow ing are their true properties : ' First — They increase thc strength, whilst most other medicines have a weakening effect upon the system. Let any one take from three to four or six pills every 24 hours, and instead of having weakened, they will bt found to have revived the animal spirits, and to havi imparted a lasting strength to f he body, ' Secondly — In their operation they po direct to thc disease. After you have taken six or twelve pills you will {experience their effect ; thc disease upon you will become less and less by every dose you take; and if you will regularly persevere in takirnr from three to six pilly every day your disease will speedily be entirely remove i from the systam. ' Thirdly— They are found, after giving them a fait trial for a few weeks, to possess the most astonishing 'and invigorating properties, and they will overcome all obstinate complaints, and restore sound health; there is a return of good appetite shortly from the beginning ol their use; whilst their mildness as a purgative is a desi deratum greatly required by the weak and delicate, par ticularly where violent purging is acknowledged to be injurious instead of beneficial. These Pills are particularly recommended to all per sons subjecting themselves to great change of climate. Officers of the Army and Navy, Missionaries, Emigrants, Ac, will find them an Invaluable appendage to their me dicine chests, as a preventative of the attacks of those diseases so prevalent in our colonies ; and there is no country or part of the world where it will uot speedily become an article of traffic and general utility, as it may be had recourse to in all cases of sickness, with confi dence in its simplicity and in ifs power to produce relief, On sale by C. P. EY.MER, Hairdresser and Perfumer ITir.dlev-strect. TH5 ' REGISTER' AND 'OBSERVES' GENEBAL PRINTING OFFICE. J ETTER-PRESS and COPPER-PLATE | j PRINTING of every description executed in the most snperior style, under the experienced superinten dence of Mr. WILLIAM H. HILLIER. Posting Bills of all descriptions got out at half an hour's notice, night or day. Hand-bills, Bill-heads, Mill and Cart Notes, Cards of Address, Circulars, Chemists' and other Labels, Catalogues, Mercantile Prices Current, Pamphlets, Deeds, and Bookwork, and Job Printing in general, on the most reasonable terms. ..._.. The possession of the two largest and quickest Print Insr Machines in the colony, with a quantity of new and wdl-assorted Jobbing and Fancy Type, will enable the Proprietors to execute work in a style not to be surpassed, and with the utmost expedition Orders received at the Office, by the Shipping Beporte at the Fort, and by the various Agents of the ' Begiafcr tnd' Observer' in town and oountnr.

PUBLIC AND LEGAL NOTICES. UBLIC NOTICE.— Whereas by A-lver tisements appearing in thc weekly and daily newspapers, Mr. Georpe Green has notified the Sale by Public Auction, on Thursday, 5th of April instant, of Property (Lot No. 11, Noarlunga), belonging to Mr. John James, of Noarlunga, and in mortgage to Mr. Joseph Bouch— This is to give notice, that Mr. Bouch has no power whatever to sell the premises in question, an I intending purchasers are hereby cautioned ag-aiust bid ding for the same. ALFRED ATKINSON, Attorney and Agent of the said John James. King William-street, Adelaide, April 3, 1555. [91J5 CENSUS RETURNS.- -HOUSEHOLDERS                   OF GREY WARD.— GENTLEMEN— Being anxi   ous that my Census Returns be absolutely perfect, I shall be obliged if anyone who has not received a Census Paper will send me his name and exact address by post, unpaid, x C. J. CARLETON, North-terrace. 'VTOTIGE.— A PUBLIC MKKTINtt will ±y be held, at the Horseshoe Inn; NOABLUNGA,' on Monday next, thc 9th instant, at 3 o'clock p.m., for thc purpose of taking- into consideration the DEVIATION of ROAD and NEW BBIDGE at Noarlunga, proposed by the Central Board of Main Roads. All parties interested are particularly requested to at tend. ? ..,???? SAMUEL HUGHES. 5 WM.MALPAS. Noarlunga, 4th April, 1855. xv Tt/TUNICIPAL CORPORATION.— City of _LtX Adelaide to wit.— In accordance .with the provi sions of the Ordinance No. 11, 1849, to constitute a Municipal Corporation, for thc City of Adelaide, Assessors of the undermentioned Wards in the said City, and Auditors of the said City, were, on tbe 2nd April, 1855, duly elected as hereinunder mentioned: — . ASSESSORS. Of Gawler Ward— Mr. Thomas Graves and Mr. George Dale Of Grey Ward— Mr. Arthur Henry nutson and Mr. Samuel Chapman. Of Hindmarsh Ward— Mr. William Christie Buik and Mr. Thomas Waterhouse. Of Rqba Ward— Mr. Ulysses North Bagot and Mr. Abraham Scott ? AUDITORS. . ? - . Mr. John Brown and Mr. Frederic Wicksteed. ? By order of tho City Council, WILLIAM T. SABBEN, Town Clerk. City Council Office, 4th April, 1855. x 'YamCE.— ENGLISH AND AUSTRA ll LIAN COPPER COMPANY (Patent Copper Company).— The MONEY ORDERS of this Company will be PAID, on and after the 1st February next, at the NEW OFFICE of the said Company, in King William street, Adelaide. Thc entrance is nearly opposite the Union Bank of Australia. For the English and Australian Copper Company, JAMES HAMILTON, Manager. Adelaide, Jan. 19, 1855. ? 19cv 'VTOTICE— All Persons Indebted to the II Estate of thc late Mr. THOMAS ABBOTT, of Muivno Para, deceased, are hereby requested to pay the amounts of their respective DEBTS to Mr. J. G. Coulls, of Hindlcy-street, Adelaide, without delay; and all per sons having CLAIMS upon the Estate are requested to forward them to him for examination as early as conve nient. JACOB ABBOTT,') Trustees JOHN HARVEY, I to the J.G. COULLS, ) Estate. Johit Eilis — Witness. Adelaide, 12th March, 1855. ? 'VTOTICE is hereby given that the PAKT \\ NERSHIP heretofore subsisting between us as Mail Contractors, Carriers, and Coach Proprietors is this day DISSOLVED by mutual consent. The Business will for the future be carried on by Mr. William Knox Simms and Mr. John Haimes, under the style or firm of SIMMS A HAIMES.— Dated this 2nd day of April, 1855. WM. K. SIMMS, JOHN HAYTEB. Witness— W. A. Wbabhtg. 91''5 . TT'ELONIOUS DAMAGE.— THIRTY J; POUNDS REWARD ON CONVICTION.— WHEREAS some person or persons did, Mween S.itur d.iy evening, the lOth inst., and the morning uf Tuesday following, on the Glen Osmond Mine, CUT a WHIM ROPE in two places, and thereby let down the buckets and produce further damage at the 0. G. Shaft of the said Mine. The above reward of jE30 will be paid by Mr. Osmond Gilles to any person giving such informa tion as shall lead to the apprehension and conviction of the offenders. Also,afurther Reward of TWENTY POUNDS.— The GATEWAY ENTRANCE to thc said Mine having been cut down and stolen on tho night of 20th January last, and the same offence having been repeated since, as well as on Saturday night last, when a DRAY CHAIN, used as a fastening to the said gateway, having been cut off and stolen therefrom, the further reward of £20 is offered by Mr. Osmond Gilles for the discovery and con viction of the offenders. NOTICE.— All persons found Trcsspassing. on the above Mine after this notice will be prosecuted. PETER MICHELL ANDREW. 51o Captain of the Glen Osmond Mine.

RELIGIOUS NOTICES. 'QRIGHTON CHURCH.— The OPENING O and CONSECRATION of ST. JUDE'S CHURCH, Brighton, will take place on Easter Sunday, the 8th instant, on which occasion Two Sermons will be preached in aid of the Building Fund ; that in the Morning by tho Eight Reverend the Lord Bishop of Adelaide; and that in the Evening by the Reverend Charles srarryat, M.A. Divine Service will commence in the Morning at 11; and in the Evening at 6 o'clock. 94'5v PITT COBBETT, Hon. Secretary. BENEVOLENT. ~ rpHELATE DR. KITTO.- Subscriptions I. already received in aid of the family of the late DrTKitto-^- ?'???? A. H. Davis ? ... £5 0 0 F.C.Davis...' ... ... ... 1 0 0 Alfred Davis ? 10 0 A. Forster ... ... ... ... 2 2 0 H. Jickling ... ? 2 2 0 Subscriptions will be received at Messrs. Flctt and Linklater's, Hindley-street, and at both offices of this paper. ' AMUSEMENTS. TTNDER the Patronage of His Excellency _) the Acting Governor and Mrs. Finniss.— At the request of many trieuds who were present at her last CONCERT, MBS. MITCHELL has determined to give another before her departure for Melbourne, for which purpose the proprietor has kindly placed the Royal Vic toria Theatre at her disposal on Monday, the 9th inst. ' Mrs. MITCHELL has also much pleasure in informing her friends and the public that she has prevailed upon the Amateur who so kindly assisted her at her previous Concert to give her his assistance on)this occasion. The Programme will appear in the papers on Friday. Tickets, 5s. each, to be obtained at Mr. Hillier's Book and Stationery Warehouse, Branch Office of the Register and Observer, Hindley-street, where Boxes can be secured, and at Mrs. Mitchell's, Grenfell-street. ^91--5k R. HALL, the GREAT WIZARD, lately arrived from London, begs to inform the c of Port Adelaide and its vicinity that he intends giving a Grand Entertainment in NATURAL MAGIC. introducing some of the Newest Delusions of the age, at the above Theatre, on Thursday Evening. See small Bills. 03-6 rpiVOLl HOTEL.— GRAND BALL on X EASTERMONDAY,April9. Tickets, including Refreshments, Gentlemen, 5s. ; Ladies, 2s. 6d. rJOH. SCH1RMER begs leave to state that he has well vontilated his commodious room, which will be illumi nated with Three Glass Chandeliers not to be equalled in the colony. The German Brass Band in attendance. ' The whole under the direction of Mr. Watts. Dancing to commence at 8 o'clock. 953m ? JOH. SCHIKMER. Tk/TAID AND MAGPIE.— GRAND BALL JVX on EASTER MONDAY. Tickets (including Befreshments), Gentlemen, 5s. ; Ladies, 2s. 6d. Dancing to commence at half-past 8. Chapman's Band in atten dance. 95.'9v T. BEDDIES.

DINNER TICKETS, BALL TICKETS, and all descriptions of Printing executed in the most superior style and on reasonable terms. Apply to Mr. William Hillxbb, Regirter and Obsercrr Goneral Printta* OffioB. BOARD AND LODGING.; A PARTMENTS, furnished or unfuraishcil, l\ with BOARD if required,' in the best part of North Adelaide. Address A. F., office of this paper. 91100 T' 0 be LET, Two FURNISHED APART MENTS. with BOAED, Norwood-parade. Apply at Mr. Hillier's Book and Stationery Warehouse,; Hindlej-street. ;8-to. 'QOARD and LODGING for one or. two f) GENTLEMEN at M. Walter's, nearly opposite Sturt Hotel, Grenfell-street. 68c mo FEMALE DOMESTIC SERVANTS. i_ — Bcspectablo Female Servants are informed thai SIRS. HUNT, of Hunt's Labour Office, King William Btreet, has made an arrangement by which they can be accommodated with comlortablc BOARD and LOD(J ING at reasonable charge while they remain unera. plnycd. Sirs. Hunt wishes it to bo understood that hei principal motive in making the above arrangement is not as a source of profit to herself; but to afford a respcctablf shelter to well-conducted female domestics. 118cv ~ Conveyances. HE MOUNT BARKER MAIL-CART will leave the Sturt Hotel, Grenfell-street, even ?noon, at a quarter before 3 o'clock, at which place Passengers and Parcels may be booked. r 6(-v ? DONALD GOLLAN. 1\/j'UUNT BARKER. — DANIEL BON I\J_ HAM be(?s to inform the public that he will continue to run his CART during the Winter to the above place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from the Southern Cros3, King William-street, at 12, returning ea^li alternate day from Low's Inn, Mount Barker, at I)™' having driven thc Mail-cart on this road for the last' five years without accident, and being well known for his attention to the Conveyance of Parcels, &c, solicits the patronage of the public, and hopes, by con tinued attention, to merit their support. 1 83-I04r92 7 _____ ^^gAGEg ? IF JOHN MYERS, formerly of Lowfold, Wisborough Green, Sussex, applies to Captain Chalmers, of the ship Jannet, now lying at Port Ace bide ; or to Mr. Wm. C. Buik, Rundle-street, he will hear of something to his advantage. 85ev TVRANCH OFFICE of the ' REGISTEli' X- —d ' OBSEBVEB' NEWSPAPERS.— MR. WM. HU.LIEB, Stationer and BookselleT, Hindley-street (the old Seguter and Observer office), is authorized to receive AdverfU emente, Ac Copies of tbe BegUter and Oiterva always on sale. A File for reference regularly kept. Order* for Job Printing recaved. by Mr. Htttiu

XANJ) ^AUCTION NOTICES, A BSTRACT OF GREEN'S / £_. ' APRIL LAND AUCTION SALE, To be held in tho ' LANDMABT, « THIS DAY (THURSDAY), APBIL 6th, 1855. ' (For full particulars see current advertisements.) U»t. TOWN PEOPERTIES. 2. HOUSE and LAND, GOUGER-STREET, SOUTH ADELAIDE. 8. BUILDING ALLOTMENT, WRIGHT-STREET, SOUTH ADELAIDE. 13. HOUSES and LAND, UNION-STREET, NOBTH ADELAIDE. 12a. ALLOTMENT, UNION^STREET, NORTH ADE LAIDE. 12b. VALUABLE BLOCK, UNION-STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE. |S 12c. VALUABLE FRONTAGE, Acre 72L PALMER- ' PLACE, NORTH ADELAIDE. . 11 HOUSE and LAND, GILBERT-STREET, SOUTH ' ADELAIDE. 16. CENTRAL SITUATION, portion of Acre 335, Vic- ] toria-square, SOUTH ADELAIDE. 82. CORNER ALLOTMENT, O'CONNELL-STREET, NORTH ADELAIDE. 26. BUILDING ALLOTMENT, FLINDEBS-STBEET, SOUTH ADELAIDE. 27. TOWN ALLOTMENTS, GILBERT-STEEET, S. ADELAIDE! * SUBURBAN~PROPEBTIES. 1. SUBURBAN BLOCK, SECTION 87, BAY-B0AD. 3. COTTAGEandLAND,SECTION252,FULLARTON. 4. HOUSE and LAND, CHARLES-STREET, NOR WOOD. 6. VILLAGE ALLOTMENTS, ISLINGTON. 9. ALLOTMENT No. 1, THEBARTON, PORT-ROAD. 11. BUILDING SITE, Edward-street South, N0R - WOOD. 1_. HOUSE, GARDEN, and LAND, near Payneham, on tho FOURTH CREEK. 16. STEAM-MILL, &c.,Torrons River, ATUELSTONE. 15a. HOUSE, LARGE ORCHARD, Ac., ATHEL STONE, Torrcns River. 15b. HUT, LAND, &c, SUCTION 811 (part of) ATHEL STONE, Torrens Biver. 17..BUILDING SITE, TREBLE FRONTAGE, NEW GLENELG. 18. HOUSE, GARDEN, and SMALL FABM, HAM MERSMITH. 19. COTTAGES and GARDEN, at and near WALKEB VILLE. 20. 5 ACRES near Woodville, MECHANICS' LAND COMPANY. 21. HOUSE and LAND, ELIZABETH-STREET, NOR WOOD. 24. HOUSE and LAND, HINDMABSH-STREET, GLENELG. 28. THREE ALLOTMENTS, 91, 92, 93. THEBARTON. 29. ALLOTMENT 665, GIBSON-STREET, BOWDEN. COUNTRY PROPERTIES. 6. TREBLE FBONTAGE, SECTION 1129, near POBT ADELAIDE. 7. SECTION No 2, BOSETTA HEAD, ENCOUNTEB BAY. 10. TWO SECTIONS, CYGNET RIVER, KANGAROO ISLAND. 13. SECTION 1473, 120 ACRES, near KAPUNDA. 23. VALUABLE FARM, SECTIONS 2257 and 2251, Hundred of YATALA. 25. VALUABLE FRONTAGE.SMITHFIELD.NORTU ROAD. 30. VALUABLE PROPERTY, HORSESHOE TOWN SHIP. (By order of the Mortgagee.) For full particulars see current advertisements. THE SALES commence at GUNFIRE. GEOBGE GBEEN, Land Agent. Exchange Land Offices, King William-street. 85cT BANKS, COMPANIES, SOCIETIES. SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BANKING COM PANY.— Incorporated by Royal Charter.— This Bank will be CLOSED TO-MORROW, being GOOD FRIDAY; and also on EASTER MONDAY. J. C. DIXON, Acting Manager. North-terrace, Adelaide, 5th April, 1855. x NION BANK OF AUSTRALIA.— This Bank will bo CLOSED on GOOD FRIDAY, the 6th, and on EASTER MONDAY, the 9th inst. NATH. OLDHAM, Manager. Adelaide, 4th April, 1855. 95a'7 CJOUTH AUSTRALIAN MINING ASSO O CIATION.— NOTICE is hereby given that tho ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the above Asso ciation will be held at the Office of tho Company, Rundle street, Adelaide, on Wednesday, the 18th day of April inst., at 11 o'clock a.m. precisely, for the purposo of receiving thc Directors' Report, the examination of the Auditors' Report and Accounts, the Secretary's Report of the. at tendance of Directors, to elect six Directors in the place of Captain Allen, disqualified, and Messrs. Kingston, Waterhouse, Beck, Hall,- and lilyth, who retire, to fix thc remuneration of the Auditors for tho post year, and such other business as may then be brought forward for consideration. Thc list of persons qualified for ^Directors is now exhi bited at the Office of the Association, and Shareholders will be required to give five days' notice in writiug of their intention of becoming Candidates, forms of which notice may be obtained at the Office. All proxies intended to have effect at the above meet ing must be lodged with tho undersigned before 3 o'clock p.m. on the lCtn inst. The Books of Transfer will be closed on the 17th and 18th inst. . By order of the Board, HENRY AYERS, Secretary. Adelaide, 3rd April, 1S55. 9V108v TVTORTH KAPUNDA MINING COM j_\ PANY.— At a Meeting of the Shareholders of £uis Company, held on the nineteenth day of March, 1855, at the office of tho Company, King William-stTect, Adelaide, under nn Act of the Governor and Legislative Council, intituled 'An Act to facilitate the dissolution and provide for winding up tho affairs of Joint Stock Companies,' being 5 of 1854 — SItABBnOLDBBS PEUSENT. Number of Shares ? '???.? ? held by each. James Watcrhouso ? ... 155 Henry Watson ? ... ... 40 William Paxton ... ? 80 Frederic Wicksteed, representing Mr. William AVilliams ? 8 Henry Aycre, representing William An derson Bryden, Peter Auld, Louis Joseph ... ... ... ... ... 90 Burnett Nathan ? 198 William Peacock ... ... ? 373 Neville Blyth, for self ... ? 30 And William Blyth ... ? 285 Tom Cox Bray ... ... ? 60 John Hector ... ... ? ... 50 James Smith, representing — Bowen ... 8 Frederick John Beck ... ? 140 Francis Henry Faulding ? ... 10 John Cornish, representing C. S. Penny ... 95 Richard Edward. Taplcy, icpresentingAnn Margaret Bickford ... ? 20 Thomas Bcynolda ? ... ... 18 , 1,050 It was moved by Mr. Waterhouse, seconded by Mr. Ayers— That Mr. Peacock take the chair. Carried unanimously. It was moved by Mr. Aycrs, seconded by Mr. Wick steed— That Messieurs Neville Blyth, John Hector, and James Smith be Scrutineers. Carried unanimously. It was moved by Mr. Nathan, seconded by Mr. Water house— That this Company be now dissolved. Carried unanimously. It was moved by Mr. Paxton, seconded by Mr. Bray That the foregoing resolution be not taken as an act oi insolvency. Carried unanimously. It was moved by Mr. Bray, seconded by Mr. Watson— That Messieurs William Peacock, Burnett Nathan, and John Hector be the Trustees for winding up this Com pany. Carried unanimously. . J WM. PEACOCK. Countersigned— Jomr Hbotob. Jambs Skith. ? 93alO4v

RIVER MURRAY NAVIGATION COM PANY.— Notice is 'hereby given' that the Char ter incorporating tho River Murray Navigation Company, in conformity with the Ack of the Legislative Council passed 9th December, 1853, having been signed by the Lieutcnant-Governor, the Shares of the Company will shortly be ready for issue to tho public : By order of the Directors, GEOBGE YOUNG, Hon. Sec. Adelaide, April 3, 1855. 73c ADELAIDE AND PROVINCIAL BUILDING SOCIETY. ? ? ? - . Tbubtbbs: r J. M. Linklater, Esq. -??? ?????.. Dr. Gosse ' Robert Hawkes, Esq. ? -' Dibectobs: ? '- Mr. F. IL Sotting - Mr. J:Pulsford ! W.Main James Bryan. j : C. Mayson i ''' ?-'??????? ? Skcitbtaey: Mr. Nathaniel Summers. ? ? ... Office: Waterhousc's-bnildings, King William-strcct. Amount of shares, £100 each, to be put up monthly to competition. Weekly subscriptioas,. 4s. per share. Weekly rent, 4s. per share. Entrance fee, 2s. ed. per share. This Society has been established on principles Iden tical with those of the New Equitable Building Com pany, the success of which, during its first year's opera tions, as shown in the annual balance-sheet recently published, is a guarantee of their soundness. Many, naturally anxious to join a Company so prosperous, have been deterred from doing so by the amount of arrears due and the increased entrancfi-fee arising from the accumulated profits; and it is to enable such to join a similar Society, and to invest their saving* in a way equally safe and profitable, that this new Society has been started. . Its principal features are sb fol.ow :— _ _ Payments may be made monthly, without fine. In vesting members may, at any period, withdraw from the Company on thc following conditions :— During the first year of the Company's operations £1 per share to be paid toward* preliminary charges. During the second year the whole of thc subscriptions paid m, less any fines owing will be paid out. During the remainder of the Society's term, half the amount of profits declared at the prcviotu half-yearly audit of the accounts will be added to the amount of subscription paid in. Members having borrowed thc amount of their shares, may at any time redeem their securities ic-Uhout any re demption-fee, by payment of the difference between the amount of their sharps and the amount of subscription paid in, the tchoU of the profit declared at the previous audit being allowed to the member retiring1. Legal expenses incurred in taking securities will be paid by the Company if the titles are found correct. Timo for payment of subscription, -tc., on Saturday evenings, between the hours of 7 and 9 o'clock. Shares may bo taken of thc undcrsi j*ned on each Mon day and Saturday evening, prior to the 21st April next, when the weekly payments will commence. NATH. SUMMERS, Secretary. March 31, 1855. 02cv T?AST TORRENS BUILDING AND 1N Vj VESTMENT SOCIETY.— The next MONTHLY MEETING and SALE of SHARKS will Ukeplace at thc Globe Inn, Kensington, on TUESDAY even ing, the 1st May, when 5 Shares will be sold. Tho entrance-fee till that date is fixed at 29s. per share, For further information apply to Mr. G.Mdndge Ken sington, or to Mr. Charles Edlin, Hilton and Co.s Printing Offices, Hlndlggg^ ^^ gecrotary-

? MONEY. - ' pi REAT HESSIAN STATE LOAN OF ? *.-'1 UT 8,725,000 DOLLABS.-To bo reimbnrwd w«l 16,688,510 dollars: or £3,400,000 sterling. Thfc Low is guaranteed by tho Government, and contracted by —I . smJnent Banking House of Messrs. M. A. Von BottacfcM ind Sons, in Frankfort-on-the-Main. Th« I ill n silt capital Prizes must be gained, viz. :— 14 of 40,000 dollars 60of4,000do_n * ? _ ' 36,000 ' 60 ' 2,000 ' 24 ' 33,000 ' 120 ' 1,600 ? 60 ' 8,000 ' 180 ' 1,000 ' * . tc., &c. Tho smallest Prize ia 65 dollars. T he naxt drawing will take place 1st of June, IBM. , ? The prico of shares is as follows r— One share for '' ? £latedtnir Six do. for ? £5 - Thirteen do. for ? £10 - Thirty do, for ? £30 ' Sixty-five do. for ? £40 ' Remittances can be made in bank notes, bills, or dnftt on Europe, Ac. Each shareholder will rccdva tho proa pectus, with full particulars; and after the dnwtafc the list of the successful numbers, which wul also m published in thc leading journals. The prixes will to paid in cash at Frankfort-on-the-Maine, Paris, London, New York, or any city in tho world. Special shares arc issued for Melbourne, valid fcc dl the Australian colonies. Apply without delay to Messrs. J. A. Schwarm— M and Son, Bankers, Frankfort-on-the-Maino, or thelt Houso, Messrs. Schwarzschild & Co., 20, Lombard-stm^ London ; or to their Adelaide Agent, Mr. D. G. BROCK, Custora-Uouse and General Agent, Lipson-street, Port Adelaide. Remittances which arrive too late will bt n- ' turned to the sender, or, if he prefers it, share* for Um following drawing will be forwarded. 60mhl54r .' ADELAIDE LAND and LOAN OFFICE. J £30,000 ready to be Advanced on Mortgage ; £5,000 on Deposit of Title Deeds, in small sums. ♦ ' SIMEON 4 S AMU EL, Agents, Adelaide ' Noto— Cash Advanced to Purchase Land, and Montr Invested free of charge. 83thTl8l MONEY TO LEND. ~ OANS NEGOTIATED. CA8HADVANCED, In large or small sums. __ GEORGB GBEKN. Exchange Land Omces^Kinif Wllliam-stroet. W19W ONEY to LEND, in small or large sums, and for short or Ion? periods. Intern! at current rates. WEIGHT BB0THBBS. , Exchange-chambers, King William-street. [i7S_tT 'Ey|'ONEY to LEND, in any amount, firora ilX £20 to £10,000, on Freeholds, Bnrra Share*. _d other securities. Apply to ' * T. B. BABNABD, ExcbJMgt. ' N.B.— Parties requiring nuistanpc in the Porch &;e tl Lands at the Government Sales will bo liberally trraitC - : with. ? Hie? MONEY to LEND, in sums from £5.0 and upward*, on Freehold and other KOurlUo* ... to J. BICHABDSON, J76qvl House and Land Agent, Kinir Wllliara-ttKwl MONEY LENT, in large or small samel, on all kinds of valuables, at ono half the ntt of ? interest of any other house In Adelaide. ' ' T ? . THOMAS JONES, 60#161 Pawnbroker, Woymouth-stroet. ONEY TO LEND.— Mr. JOHN T. BAGOT has several sums of Money to Lend oa : ;ago of Freeholds. ClarkVbuildlngs, February 14th. 1855. 4So lVfONEY.— MESSRS. BAR! LEY, BAKK JLtJL WELL, 4 STOW havo several SUMS of MONEY to ADVANCE on Mortgage. North-terrace. Jan. 27, 1855. JOct ? GOLD AND 'pboDUCb! ~ : goldTgold. gold. '' SOUTH AUSTRALIAN BULLION OFFICE, next door to the Exchange HoteL Hind ley-street. Price given for Gold-Dust this day Clean Victoria Gold Dust ... £3 17 0 per oi. EchungaGold ? 3 15 0 ditto. Assayed Gold, 23-carat ... 3 17 6 ditto. . ' ' ? MONEY. MONEY. MONEY.-Money to lend, la sums of £10 to £10,000, on freehold and other securitia. Government Sections Bought, and Leased with right of purchase. C. COLLISON. G. BAYLEY. South Australian Bnllion Office. Fob. 13. 303c rpHE undcrsifrned are Purchasors of WQOL JL and other PRODUCE, and make ADVANCES on Shipments thereof to London or Liverpool. Mr. Kibchjtbb being resident iu London, will bo harm* to attend to any business entrusted to his firm in Ade laide. KraCiLVER, GAEDECHENS, * CO., _Jo8o ? Grcnfcll gtrvtt. . W'E tho undersigned bog to inform tho public that we have RE-OPENED our STORE, » Pirie-street, Adelaide, where a supply of FLOUR, POL LA BD, and BBAN of our own manufacturinij will bo kept and sold both wholesale and retail. N.B.— Wo authorizo our Agent (WM. HILL) to buy, sell, pay, and receive, Ac., on our account. 61cv ? JOHN DUNN A SON. rpO MERCHANTS AND MILLKRS. JL Tho underaigneA is prepared to Sell Iho well known Mount Barker SEED WHEAT, delivered cither at Mount Bnrkcr or in Town. Samples may bo seen at the Stores of Messrs. Clevo'& Co., Curric-stroct or at HENRY HOOPEB'S, Mount Barker. Mount Barker, March 15, 1855. 75c TjiLOUfi.'FLOUR.— The undersigned bees' Jj to inform tho publio that ho has added to his Goneral Grocery Business that of MEALMAN and CORN-DEALER, and hopes, by selling Genuine Goods at Mill prico, to bo favoured with support in this branch of business also ; and tenders his sincere thanks for all out favours. *^ ' ? JAMES VIRGO, O'Connell-street, North Adelaide. : N.B.— All Goods delivered free of charge, within ttmettj. ? 61-188T ATS.. OATS. OATS.— For SALE at the Stores of the undersigned: — 1,136 bushels of Oats. Also, Livestock, dry fed, Ducks, Geeso, Fowl, Pigs, and Sheep, ?which can be supplied in auy quantity, at the shortart notice, and exported to any part of tho world. BOBEBT VENN, Shipping Butcher, 27c Lipsoii-strcct, Port Adelaide. 'HEAT.— J. DUNN & HON 'are'ptir- chaBorB of WHEAT, for Cash, at the highest market price, at their Steam-milL Mount Barker. W- ' . WHEAT, OATS, AND BARLEY. The undersigned is a purchaser of the above, . the highest market prices for cash. JOHN WILKINSON, '. Gilbort-place, near the Blenheim Hotel, ' 33cv ? Hlndley-strcet. .TirHBAT. WHEAT. WHEAT.— The . ' W highest Market Price given for Wheat. Wtatat . stored. W. B. MOBTLOCK, „ Adclaido Crown Mills, Victoria-square. [ Sth March, 18S5. ? W98 . TITHEAT PURCHASED, in any quantity, I YV for Cash, at the Light-square Steam-MUL H. WYATT. March 28th,1855. 88cr f TTTOOL, TALLOW, &o. — JOSEPH Y V STILLING * CO. aro purchasers of Wool, I Tallow, and other Produce ; and make advances on ship ? ments thereon to London or Liverpool. IHndley-strcct. ? tUn WOOL.— The undersigned cither purcham* or advance on WooL W. PEACOCK * 8OV. '

Grcnfeli-strect, December 26. 1861. MOov HOUSES, CATTLE, VEHICLES, &c. F OK SALE.— A BAY HOUSE broken to carry a Lady, and very quiet; 5 years. A Hand some TANDEM LEADEB, good in all kinds of harness and saddle; 5 years. A Chesnut PLOUGH HAKE' good in plough and cart; 4ycars. Apply to Mr. KesffM ' Sturt. K-7r ? HOTELS, LIVERY STABLES, &y rpiIE ST. VINCENT'S INN, BRIGHTON. I — TH0MA8 MOODY begs respectfully to inform his friends and the public general I y that he has taken and ' greatly improved the above premiaeii, lately in the oceu- v pation of Frederick B. Rumble, and is prepared in erery way for the accommodation of Visitors. This Houm U conducted in the English style, and no expense or exertion will be spared by the Landlord to render the House as comfortable as possible. A great advantage ' will accrue to parties requiring SEA-BATHING. - A GOOD TABLE is kept, and cleanliness and good order maintained. ???.?? The STOCK is of thc liefit description, thc Winet, Spirits, Ac, having been selected from the first house*. TheCHABGES aro ECONOMICAL, and cannot fail' to give tho fullest satisfaction. ? N.B.— T. M. has greatly improved the Stables, said tne Stockyard is very commodioui. 9W5t jniTAKS.PEA.RK HOTEL, CURRIE- ; O STBEET (opposite Cant's Livery Stable).— HARBIETT LAMBEET, late of the White Horn* Ctllar. begs to inform the public in general that she haa TAKEN the above HOTEL, and nopes by strict attention to business to secure that support which it will be her eon- . stant endeavour to merit. Wines, Spirits, Ac- of tta '- firad quality. 7«10» pi OLDEN HULE INN, PIKIE-STREKT \JC EAST, adjoining Mr. Bounscville's Livery SUMef. DONALD McFADYEN begs most respectfully to ac quaint his old friends and customers that he 3-m ***** ? the above Inn, and trusts by strict attention to bostoeesi moderate charges, and keeping only ftnt-rat« *rB**s. ? to merit a continuance of that patronage ho has enjoreo fur the last eight years. .,,,-. Good Stabling and Stockyards^ 9U»T . T) LE N 1 1 K I M 'h7 ) TrK I '., ~H 1 ND I.EY- ' h STBEET— T B. JONKS, fonnerlr of TinuwU thoMemntUeMramunHyandoAcn^hetaiTArai the ibove Spacious and Central!) -situated HUTfcL, and W9 by ptrict attention to business to ( secure th*£sa»- .. 2' Jw,.h it will be his constant endeavour to merit. and the entire accommodations are such as to MMBt general gatiBlaction. Private ftooms for Families, &c. An Ordinary daily at 1 o'clock. Thc latest dated Colonial and English Papcn.slmfl to bo seen in the Coffee-room. Private and Public Dinner Parties got up on the flhoitM ' notice in the best style. ? TOgj AT KuUNbfcVhLL'S HORSE and CAj£ RIAGE BEPOS1TOBY, Piric-street, the be**-, ? some and numerous array of VEHICLES ha_Mjjfv ' received the addition of an elegant new CXJi—BtC*_ . , capable of accommodating a genteel party of sis ts*Ml| ~ and tho stock will shortly bo further eofncittei If Carriage inado to order in England, and U|n*tt' t** Henrietta, from Liverpool. ??? ''-1 -