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The Governor-General of New South Wales has directed the republication, in the Govern- ment Gazette of that colony, for general infor- mation, of the following notice, from the

London Gazette, relative to a treaty with Japan: — ' Notice. — A treaty having recently been concluded between Her Majesty and the Em- peror of Japan, whereby the latter agrees to open the Japanese ports of Nagasaki and Hakodadi to British ships, for the purpose of effecting re- pairs and obtaining fresh water, provisions, and other supplies of any sort that they may abso- lutely require, provided that they are furnished with a given stamp or licence, and it having been arranged that the certificate of registry of the ship bearing the royal arms shall bear or con- stitute such stamp or licence, the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade hereby give notice that all certificates of registry, issued under the Merchant Shipping Act, 1854,   will be printed in such form as to be recog- nised as bearing such stamp or licence ; and that for the purpose of meeting the case of ships already registered, a new and special form of certificate of registry has been pre- pared, which will, on application to any re- gistrar of shipping, be given in exchange for the existing certificates of registry, and will be in such form as to be recognised by the Japanese authorities.'

REPRESENTATION OF VICTORIA.— A Corres- pondent has sent us the following : — ' A deputation of the electors of Victoria waited on Allan McFarlane, Esq., at Wellington Lodge, on the 14th instant, and earnestly   requested that he would allow himself to be put in nomi- nation for that county at the ensuing general election, assuring him of an easy victory. That gentleman, how- ever, after cordially thanking the deputation for their favourable opinion of him, stated that he had no desire to be an M.L.C. under any circumstances; that at pre- sent there was such wonderful unanimity in the politics of the several candidates, that it mattered little who represented them; and that he believed he could be more useful to them in his capacity of Special Magis- trate, and respectfully declined to be put in nomi- nations. Destructive THUNDERSTORM. — On Friday, September 14, shortly after noon, the little villages of Watervale and Penwortham were visited by a violent thunderstorm. The rain descended in torrents for up wards of two hours, which caused the rivulets and water courses to overflow their banks ; and gardens, of which a great many belong to poorpersons in the district, have been completely denuded of their growing crops, and, in eome cases, the soil, as well as vegetables, potatoes, &x., were completely washed away. Mr. Badcock, of Water vale, had a crop of potatoes, value exceeding £30, entirely destroyed. The damage done to the garden of Mr. Horrocks, at Penwortham, is nearly three times the foregoing amount. The stones just put on the main road were washed, in some places, into fhe water-tables. So violent a storm has not occurred within the recollec tion of 'the oldest inhabitant.' Xoeth Adelaide Butldijjg Societt.— At the monthly meeting held last Wednesday the shares sold realized a premium of £27 10s. each. Lahge 'Vegetable. — A correspondent in forms ns that a plant of broccoli was cut a few days since in the garden of Mr. Goode, of the Goolwa Township, weighing 21 lbs. The soil is represented as a loose sand, ?three feet deep. Adelaide Ladies Ikstituxiox.— A very instructive and entertaining lecture on ' Botany ' was delivered by Mr. Francis at this institution on Mondaj evening. The leturer treated the subject, which wai amply illustrated by diagrams, in a popular manner, adding sevoral anecdotes of the fields ana woods, which much amused his youthful audience. Mr. Francis kindlj off-red to continue these lectures on a future occasion j the present discourse being considered only an introduc tory one. The next lecture, at this institution, will, we undcretand, be delivered on Monday, the 1st October, bi Mr. C. A. Wilson— the first of a series on 'The Evi dences of Design in Creation.' ? ? . PRESEiiTATidif. — On Monday last (says the GlatgoK Courier of May 28) an offering of 100 guinea! (subscribed by members of the congregation) was pre sented to the Rev. B. S. Oldham,of St. Mary's, in th( Bishop's School, Anderston. The presentation was mad- by W.StirlingvEsq^Kenmure, in ihename of the sub ecribers, and be aceompan'cd it with a graceful acknow Iedjmient of their great regard for Mr. Oldham as theii pastor, and tteir high sense of his faithful and zeiloui labours amongst them. [Mr. Oldham is the brother o the respected Manager of the Union Bank of Australii in Adelaide.]